A Week With Adam Lambert?

Now here is an interesting idea, give the American Idols a whole week to spend with Adam. Letting Adam take them through the ENTIRE weeklong process would be a gift to them. They would have his help with song choice, arrangements, costumes/clothing, etc. BRILLIANT!! Can you imagine the results from THAT mentoring? Take a listen to this…


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  1. absolutely right, adam should spent at least a week to give the contestants complete mentoring and guide them how to dress up properly. take it from an expert, adam lambert..

    • love2adams says:

      I totally agree, and Adam would need to be paid at least one million dollars (after all taxes paid). The show can afford it and he would be worth ever penny and more.

    • I do not want to see Adam doing mentoring & shopping with the Idols at this time. He is just starting to get his own career going. He has too much talent to be teaching now. I want Adam to be doing world tours, making videos, winning Grammys. Playing stadiums. He has plenty of time for teaching 10 years from now. Besides, after Adam, the talent on Idol is just a snooze. He did what he could with these kids. Adam has something that just CAN’T be taught. And that’s STAR QUALITY.It’s up to them
      Adam needs to do his own thing! He has a good 10 years of Suprstardom ahead of him!!

      • Elle, I agree with you 100%!!

      • I totally agree. Let Adam do his thing, shine like the superstar he is and have the world appreciate him for his beauty and vocal talent! He’s in the UK now because his CD hasn’t even been released yet there. So much more to come. He gave the idol contestants such good advice that they didn’t take, why subject HIM to more of that? And please, let us NOT support the idea of his becoming a judge. Even if he would sing every week, which of course he wouldn’t, he should be free to tour and promote his singing.
        Does anyone remember last year when Simon said that Kris’ song/performance was like having ice for lunch? No substance, no wow factor – so the American voting public obviously does not overwhelmingly vote for the most talented. And those folks who won, who are now….doing what? Adam graciously thanked Idol for giving him the platform to lauch himself from. It’s time for him to leave it behind, and I am now thankful that he did NOT “win” because he has so much more freedom to be himself! As far as his management, I don’t know exactly what his mom’s role is, but in one of his interviews he said she moved to LA to be with/near him, and she is at all his TV appearances, so hopefully she is at the core of people who are looking out for him.
        One last rant,then I’ll quit. As one who watched Elvis almost from the beginning, I HATE seeing Adam compared to Elvis. Although Elvis had the “it” factor, he did not have one tenth the real TALENT that Adam had. So Elvis,RIP, and Adam, ROCK ON!

        • love2adams says:

          I, too, spent the last year puzzled by the “American voting public” and was so disappointed by the perception that America was so homophobic. This perception follows Adam on interviews around the world so it does matter.
          I feel so much better about the majority of the American voting public after reading Kerry Kolsch’s book, Adam Lambert, Second to None. Last night I spent all night staying up reading the online book. I only feel very sick about the behavior of 3 or 4 thousand Arkansans.
          Before everyone jumps up with:: it is over, forget it, etc. I feel that since I literally spend a couple of hours each day on Adam music, fan sites, etc then why not learn all there is to know. I would love to have this book put into paperback and be available in the supermarket. I would love to see reviews in People, etc. If the facts are NOT as stated in the book then I would welcome being given that information.
          Yes, Adam did not need the win, he is still a superstar. But why let the American voting public be thought of as cruel and homophobic to the world and have Adam constantly be questioned by the media when there is really a very simple explanation. I am so glad I read the book.

      • I have to agree with you Elle, Adam has just started along this path of his new career. He needs time to enjoy what he is doing now once he has established at least some of his dreams then fine, like he said on GMTV’s interview this morning he wants to focus on his singing career before he does anythin else.

        He is so unique which is fab its refreashing to see someone who wants to sing there own songs and have there own style which he has.

        Adam is gonna make it along way as he knows what he wants to achieve and the way he wants to do it, he has shown that he is honest and true to himself.

        I wish him all the luck in the world and hope to see him in concert sometime very soon

      • LuvAdam476 says:

        Elle I agree with you 100% and then some. The only thing I disagree about is the 10 years of Superstardom ahead of him. Adam has much much longer than that, and not only will it be Superstardom, but ADAM LAMBERT will become the next LEGENDARY MUSIC ICON. He is on his way there. He has something that cannot be taught, learned or phased into. The star quality, charisma, etc is something this extraordinary man was born with!


  2. scootersmom says:

    That would, in reality, amount to Adam producing the whole show himself, at least, the part we as audience are interested in. There is NO doubt that Adam could direct and produce the whole thing, he’s a genius at this, just look at his own idol performances next to any other idol who’s ever been.

  3. I seem to remember reading last season that the Idols pick their song choices 2 weeks in advance. So by the time they’re in front of the mentors, I think they’re pretty set in how they’re singing. It takes a more experienced/mature vocalist to make changes that soon to performance (I think!). Not trying to defend the lukewarm cast, but I don’t think they can fit into this parameter. Yes, Lee smiled more, and Crystal went with the electric guitar. Other than that, I didn’t see any real changes before and after Adam.

    A whole week with Adam, or any mentor that actually gives more than “that was great” comments to the contestants would make a huge impact!

    Carol, Glamb #7

  4. scootersmom says:

    I’m interested in what you Adamites think about this: Is it time for Adam to drop the last name in his promos and appearances? Elvis did it, and we damn well know Adam is as well known now as Elvis was around the whole world….Just….ADAM!

    • Wait are u saying Adam is as famous as Elvis??!! WTF? He just started….calm down lol

      Also, I think that Adam’s name is too common to just go by one name. I mean whose name is Beyonce or Rihanna or Elvis or Madonna. His name is way too common to just go by Adam.

      • Libraglam says:

        As I remember reading somewhere that Elvis also went through alot of hardship before he started to get some attention like ADAM right now and then he gradually got embraced by the world !!! It is not something that happened over night, but there was HEAT and an Intense heat started from there. We cannot compare ADAM with the old ELVIS when he was already at the stardom , it’s not fair to ADAM. We have to compare what ADAM is.. right now with the time that ELVIS had started just like ADAM. YES a MILLION YES, there was HEAT and an intense HEAT that ADAM has generated as much as ELVIS, not because of ADAM’s look but also because of his giflted vocal ranges and his talented creativity of a true artist (someone who lives for the ARTS- you can see his passion when he is singing). He is UNIQUE. If America knows how to do business , America should jump into the market of promoting ADAM as any unique other talented artist in the past. Sooner later, all the producers from other countries will jump in and take over it. Economy is not doing well and the music industry right now (even the media) just don’t have investors who are willing to jump in and investing in this as quick as in the past when the economy is doing well. (I WISH i am a multi millionaire…i will jump in and promote ADAM). I think ADAM just started not in the very good time (he should be born 15 yrs earlier when stock market boomed) but he could be one of the artist who can contribute to the economy now while nobody want to spend anything….!! I am sure his future will be NO LESS than ELVIS (at the time Elvis was promoted a as KING of Rock n Roll ! ) Believe me….(tip: “every single” famous professional artist “around the world” this day ALL ADMITTED that ADAM has unique talent that they have not seen for many decades—-> That tell us all about … “his future” !!

    • I love his whole name and his last name is why we are GLAMBERTS

    • Anyone I talk to, all I have to say is Adam, and they know Exactly who I am talking about. NOW maybe that is because he is the ONLY Adam I talk about. Don’t know….just sayin’.

  5. Judy Lushman says:

    As much as I gush over Adam, I don’t think he can drop his last name yet, because everyone does not know him yet. This is why he is touring the UK and Europe. But, it won’t be long before they will say his first name and everyone will know who it is. Examples of this besides Elvis, is Rhianna, Madonna and Brittany.

  6. I don’t think Adam mentoring for a whole week would be good FOR Adam. I don’t think the AI singers from this season will perform much better (even with the help) -most of them didn’t take his suggestions as is was. Also after a day with the singers he had such a migraine, he had to go to bed and ended up missing the Muse concert-which I am sure her really wanted to see. Even if it fit into his busy scedule, I think it might be taking advantage of Adam’s good nature and maybe even his mental health.

    • Migraines are hell…I have them….sometimes last for days…have had to get shots for them before..Bless his heart after he worked with them and he might have felt too much responsibility for their performances and they didn’t listen to someone who knows how to do it the right way

  7. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Nothing can save this years contestants. They could all move in with him and live his life… they would still suck.

    • I totally agree with you Lila and Sally. Adam could spend all his time with them and he still couldnt make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! Crystal is great and has natural talent, Lee will grow in confidence and be one of the final 3, Mike is good but I dont know and Casey is gorgeous and can sing but will he get there? They’ll all get their chance to make a name for themselves when they do the top 10 concert. I do wonder if the crowds will be the same… I doubt it.
      If the contestants had eyes they would have watched last season and seen what Adam did. They would have heard him changing things up. Adam is grateful for the idol platform but eventually he will be so much bigger than idol and people will say “where did that young man come from” and even now some people say that.
      Today at church I commented on one of our worship leaders glam glittery pants and apart from accepting the compliment she said but did you see idol last night with that guy Adam…. oh yes I said. I had txt from hundreds of miles away from friends who were saying wow. We all know his talent, now world let us introduce you to….
      Mr Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!

      • What is it everybody sees in Crystal – with the hair, the piercings, the guitar, she just comes across as a busker singing the same sort of song each week – boring!!! I really don’t see what the fuss is about – Casey also is not that great looking and has only had a couple of decent performances and Mike is so overrated, I wish they hadn’t saved him. Katie and Aaron have great voices but I wish they had waited about 5 years to audition (although the show may not be around then). Lee has the best voice and I hope he makes it to the final – he and Shiobhan are the only unique talents – at least they do different things each week but I’d like to see more dramatics from Siobhan like the Paint it Black song – that was cool. But really none of them shows the experience or talent of Adam.

        I wonder if it’s just me or is anyone else wondering what’s so great about Crystal and hoping she’s not voted as the AI of this year?

        • Crystal surprised me with the little cry at the end
          of “People get ready” – I thought she had a nice voice
          but was very bland before – maybe there is more to her
          than we see. Lee has the best voice imho, but again,
          no stage presence. The season is ho-hum to me.
          I can’t believe Shiobhan had the nerve to compare herself
          to Adam.
          Superstars like Adam just don’t come along every day!!


          • It was Kara who compared her to Adam after Paint it Black – unfortunately she hasn’t done anything like it since. This season is ho-hum to me also – too many people hiding behind guitars – there’s no exciting visual element to that.

            • When Adam was mentoring Siobhan, she said to him,
              ‘I’ve been told I’m a lot like you” reality check girl….

    • Oh Lila you are so right….after Adam has been there there is nothing else to look forward to…IDOL will never be the same without Adam…I wonder if these kids feel the pressure of living up to Adam’s performances…those are some big shoes to fill and no one can do it….

    • Lila you said it the best….nothing could save these contestants.

  8. If Adam is going to spend a whole week with the Idol contestants I’m going to audition!! 🙂

  9. I know that Adam has said he would like to mentor again this season. Hope he does, but I’d rather see him get on with his career. He’s earned his right of passage. Boy, he’s earned it.!!
    I know that this is one AI Tour I will not attend. If the producer is smart, he’d offer him tons of money to do it. That’s me being selfish, as I do miss him on AI., but I’m looking out for him, also. hahahaa… It’s never going to be the same for me.I have Adam to thank for that. Our date with Adam is June 4, 2010 in Wilkes Barre, PA

  10. We promote ADAM all the time…and we are not millionaires. I can’t tell you what fruitful results you
    will achieve! ADAM is working his butt off…nonstop….worldwide…to get the exposure he needs and
    so deserves! ….dedication sure helps!

    I feel the Idol talent this year needs as ADAM says “Coffee”!…..With exception of a couple they are alseep, no enthausim, no ummph, no stage presence and they do not raise the bar
    at all! ( I reckon GoLightly was their Idol this year). ADAM gave them advice and few listenend …
    so what difference would it have made to have spent a whole week with them (and other
    mentors don’t anyway)?…..ADAM brought the ratings up but he cannot achieve the impossible if the
    talent is’nt there in the first place.

    ADAM IS ADAM……He is unique in every way and so I struggle with the Elvis idea!….Yes, I guess
    he resembles the look at times and definately the greatness and so prehaps that’s what people
    see. I do know ADAM has an aura that surrounds him just as MJ did….an aura of superstardom
    that is of pure brilliance….and I know that first hand. It’s a priceless trait only ever reserved
    for few, (including Elvis). The world already is crazy over ADAM….he is taking the planet by complete storm everywhere he ventures…… and the glitter just keeps falling!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Glamaus, it is good to see you posting again, it has been awhile, mind you I have not been here everyday either.

      First off, I agree with you 100% about not compring Adam to Elvis, I myself don’t see any resemblance except for maybe hair colour. Adam is his own man, has his own talent and as far as I am concerned (my opinion only) he is better than Elvis ever was. Oh what sacrilige to utter those words, but as I said it is only my opinion. Adam is unique, there is no-one else even remotely like him.

      I loved seeing Adam back on the Idol stage just so I could see him perform on that platform. I really wanted to see the look on Simon’s face when Adam had finished singing but alas that was not meant to be. I certainly don’t want to see Adam tied to either being a judge on that show or being a mentor for a whole week. As you said, I don’t think it would have made any difference because the talent is just not there. That has been obvious since the top 10 were first introduced. Only Crystal has any real talent, the rest as far as I am concerned are just so-so.

      Glamaus, I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago now (well almost) thanking you for the wonderful picture you sent me. I just adore it and it has pride of place on the wall where my computer is, so I can look at him posing there from the Mardi Gras, he looks gorgeous. Mind you he is not on the wall by himself, there are quite a few other pictures of Adam up there as well. I could just look at him forever. Thanks again, for this wonderful picture and the CD you got Adam to sign for me. I am forever grateful and love you heaps.

      Dianne, Christchurch, New Zealand.

  11. None of the contestants this season deserve a week with him! H’e so far and away more talented than all of them put together, that it’d be a waste of everyone’s time. He has a tour to get ready for, so unless the $$$$ was HUGE, I think it’s a silly idea. Idol is on its way out anyway. Can anybody really imagine it without Simon?

  12. Adam was supposed to go to a concert the night that he mentored them in Vegas, and did not go because he had a migraine. He tweeted this. And it was a Muse concert, who he loves, and he has never seen them in concert, and he had to miss it. They gave him a migraine after ONE day, there is no way I would ever expect him for any amount of money to be with them for a week!

  13. I think it’s a great idea. However, if Adam does it for a week I imagine they will need every mentor to do it for a week.
    I think this is the premis to Simon’s new show, where this one person gets mentor by one person from start to finish.

  14. Adam has spent most of his life, including childhood, performing and he really is a master at it! Many bloggers & reviewers were negative about Adam being a mentor, but I knew he would be fantastic at it!!! Also, just coming off of the Idol show himself, gave Adam invaluable experience to pass on to the current contestants!!! I heard that he often gave great advice to Season 8 contestants. I think it would be amazing if he could work with them for a week!! Even someone like Crystal, with a fantastic voice, could benefit from some of Adam’s beauty tips!! I (just wish that she would wash her messy hair!) Siobhan has a great voice, but Adam could help her make her performances more exciting. I think he really could help most of them with song choice, performance skills & style! I would love to see it happen!!!!

  15. American Idol is dead. No one can compare to the level of talent that Adam brang to the show and that is what everyone is desiring. Not going to happen. He raised the bar so high that everyone is bored with what we see this year. I predict it won’t survive.

  16. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    They just need to give Adam his own weekly show and let him just sing & talk, he is the ultimate performer, cutest personality, best conversationalist, and everyone that meets him falls in love with him, and I dont just mean sexually either, he is one of a kind ICON and hopefully in the future will get the respect for his talent that he deserves!!!

  17. One week mentoring? Ha – ha ! He could almost be their babysitter. But Slezak’s idea(he of the luscious, fruity, red lips) is still a huge tribute to Adam —– like some desperation to further gear up the show. Among the mentors, Adam alone was candid and relevant, so it’s no wonder why Slezak has this idea. But no, no, we no longer want Adam to mentor, because we want him on the stage where he belongs. On the stage where he can heal many aches and pains — where he can even get Grandmas and Mamas DANCING AGAIN. Yes, it’s not just MUSIC AGAIN, but also DANCING AGAIN. Forget the Arthritis, here’s the panacea, come and dance again. Forget the Anxiety and Depression, come sing and dance again. Keep the serotonin/happy hormones flowing ! Also the antipain hormones- enkephalins and endorphins flowing. To the youngsters, Adam’s songs is the real deal, and also the new Wave of the future, with it’s musicality and intensity —— not just grunts or incomprehensible sounds. Now, MUSIC THERAPY is in with Adam’s music.

    • Your words so resomate with me. He is healer, a Magical Shaman.
      There are actually quite a fw people with beautiful voices but to touch people in the core of their being and to change there lives with that voice is a whole different story alltogether. He is a live wire and plugs those who are ready right back in!

  18. Brilliant idea, but he needs to show the world, what a great artist performer and singer he is. If he had a week to spare with nothing else to do, yes. Although this bunch of Idols is a waste, even Crystal try and teach her to dance or look difference and change her image totally. Impossible.

  19. kellym11 says:

    I don’t usually write on this site but I follow every word written each day. I think that Adam would land up in a hospital if he had to mentor these people for a week. Adam seems like a perfectionist and not getting the most out of them would really frustrate him. He should continue with his career and hopefully he has good people backing him. He should have a good person managing his money. You hear of famous people in the arts losing everything due to poor management or even thievery. As you can see, I sit and think about these things.
    As a side note, does anyone know what happened to Jeannette? I know she was one of the original Glamberts and was offended by his AMA performance. Perhaps she can be enticed to return and “give him another chance”. What he did was explained away many times and I hope she accepted what he said.
    He seems to be an extraordinary person and a great talent.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Jeanette left for personal reasons, not just that she didn’t like Adam’s AMA performance, she has since been to the Fantasy Springs concert and loved it. There was a lot going on in Jeanette’s life at the time of the AMAs plus a lot of conflict on this site at that time too and I think it all took its toll on her. She is an amazing person and really did a lot for this site which did suffer a bit when she left but I am pleased to see that it is back up and running smoothly again thanks to Sue and Carol and all the others that do the hard work behind the scenes.

      • Diane, thanks for letting us know about Jeanette.ai truly hope things are going much better for her these days. I dind’t think it was just her dissappointment with Adam’s performance at the AMA’s….she ha always appeared to be an open and thoughtful person. I wish her the very best. It would be nice if she would come back and say hi every once in a while.

        I am so very grateful to Sue and Carol and each of you who contribute to keeping this cite alive and kicking for us….you ladies “ROCK”.

        Hug’ to All,

        Nana #

  20. Adam was a gre, at mentor, truthful but not harsh. Spending a week witth the idols and taking them through the process would be good if the talent was there, we were spoiled by having Adam as a contestant on AI last year, our expatations cannot be fulfilled again, not for a very long time. Adam is unique, he is a true artist, he does not copy anyone, he has his own ideas, most of all he has fantastic vocals, I compare him to the great artist such as Michael Angelo because his performances are a work of art that can only be created by a very talented artist. I think Adam should carrry on promoting his music, this is very importan at the present time in his career, the AI contestants should watch some of Adam’s performances and learn but not copy.

  21. This current crop of Idols would be a waste of time. Siobahn, is the only one willing to experiment with sound and looks. The others are set in their way. Stand like robots and sing

  22. Bellelinda says:

    In my humble opinion the idol contestants this season all have great voices BUT their song choices and presentations have been their downfall. They needed individual help in these areas so that their vocals could be showcased in the best possible way for each one. They can sing but do not know how to perform with perhaps the exception of Casey. Everyone else looks like a deer in a car’s headlights….they have glazed eyes and look at the floor more than their audience. This is the chance of a lifetime for all of them and I wish them the very best. However they all look scared to death and need to get a grip on the opportunity they they are throwing away with their lack of confidence.

  23. That’s a bit much to have someone mentor for an entire week on EVERYTHING!! The show has always had stylists to help dress them, and this year is no different. But it seems like most of the contestants are not taking advantage of any stylist expertise. I’m sure if the contestants wanted to step up their style, even if they didn’t quite know how to do it, the stylists are more than able to help them, if the contestants want it. I think that most of them are just not really into it. And they have to be who they are. This is not like a play or movie where the costume dept. tells you what to wear. If they just want to wear a shirt and jeans, then they have to live with the consequences of that choice. If they want to wear unattractive locks (I’m looking at you Crystal), then that’s their choice. They do have to be true to themselves, however much we might not like it. Although I think Adam would do a fantastic job at mentoring for a whole week, I think it’s way too much to expect one person to mentor on every single aspect & detail. It might be better to have an additional group mentoring session where he could give everyone some staging & singing tips. They could ask questions and maybe ask him to demonstrate some things. Then maybe he could work with them a little more on their individual arrangements, like how he suggested Tim to sing the end of his song in falsetto. Of course, Adam could have done that and wowed us, but apparently Tim either didn’t like it or couldn’t do it well enough or was too nervous. I thought it was a good idea, but Tim didn’t take him up on it. It does seem like the show itself could offer to help the contestants a little more with song selection, without telling them what to sing. Maybe they could group the songs into ranges and determine each singer’s range, which might make it a little easier for each contestant to focus on songs in their range. And if someone from the show could help them with the type of song, based on the judges’ comments, like “sing something younger”, that might be helpful. Have someone show them the group of songs that would fit in that category, and then it’s up to the contestant to go with one of them or not. A lot of what Adam does is innate, and you just can’t give someone else charisma and talent. Plus he has been performing for many years, and you can’t teach all that in a week. If everyone was as good as or the same as Adam, then it wouldn’t be special. So bottom line, maybe increase the mentoring some but I also think the show itself needs to take more responsibility and better use the professionals it employs.

  24. missmcglambert1982 says:

    There is no way Adam should mentor the Idols for another day let alone a week. While I think he was fantastic mentoring, he has his own career path to take. If these Idol newbies cannot look at previous Idol seasons and learn from them then that’s their lookout. Lets face it, they have no charisma and that is something that cannot be mentored. Adam is the most wonderful singer, performer, human being and has charisma in buckets. Whist I love Idol for bringing Adam to us, he cannot be tied to Idol forever – the odd appearance would be fabulous and good for Fox’s ratings but that’s it. Its onwards and upwards for Adam into stratospheric megastardom with his amazing band.

  25. Adam has better things to do then mentor this seasons hopelessly boring contestants. He is an entertainer not a magician. What this season proves is just how rare it is to find someone with Adam’s talent. It is a sham that Arkansas and AT&T stole Adam’s win because Adam Lambert is Second to None.

  26. Geez….Hopefully he has a lot more than 10 years of SUPER STARDOM ahead of him…He’s a STAR for the ages…

  27. Has anyone stopped to think why Adam’s fans are so (adoring, protective, encouraging, etc.) just plain in love with this guy. My opinion–what you see is what you get–he is humble, well spoken, gorgeous, happy and unhappy with life, does not filter what he’s feeling, makes those who adore him happy, his voice and music make people hummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!, his style is out there, he tries to be sophisicated, but comes across as genuine. He has rocked our world in a unique way that no one else has done in a very long time. I think we are all part of this force to superstardom where all the stars are aligned in his favor. It’s a wonderous ride and we don’t want to get off. P.S. Sorry to have to say this, but Elvis had many of these same qualities so did MJ

  28. I love Elvis and I love Adam…though you can’t compare the two. This is Adam’s time to shake up the world….and he is fierce and fantastic and sublime!! I would melt if I could hear Adam sing one of Elvis’s songs…”Steamroller”……I am trembling just thinking about it !! Anyone agree??


    Nana #1

  29. k. morgan says:

    Great idea…mentors should be paid for a week and help these contestants…Adam was right on the money…the only mentor I have seen so far that basically laid it on the line to the contestants about what they needed to do…in a constructive and nice way….Working with them for week, showing them how to pick relevant songs, making them current, adding their own flare to them, showing them how performance is crucial…is so important and is what is sorely lacking this year. Even Crystal whom I think is by far the best, could use some performance tips…she is a great singer and musician but her performance sometimes is lost…


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