A Special Message From Adam Lambert

This just came in from Adam’s MySpace page and AdamOfficial. I wanted to get it out immediately. I understand the term ‘bittersweet’ only too well. That’s the way I feel about his US tour ending, and him being so far away from us for a while. I can only hope that the international fans are just as great as the US fans about posting concert UTubes! Wonder if they’ll have people following him from country to country? 🙂

~ Carol ~

The US Leg of my Glam Nation Tour is coming to a bittersweet end. Its been a fantastic summer sharing my music and vision with my passionate fans! I was so thrilled that the tour was sold out in nearly every one of the 72 venues we played. The next chapter of the tour are the International dates. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to visit many of the cities we are planning to perform in while promoting my album. I’m excited to return and to also visit many new countries (and looking forward to some days off here and there!)

When I was recording my album it was very important to me to give it an International sound – something that would have a broad, universal appeal. The album has since become quite successful around the world! (The singles charting even higher in some countries than the US!) I am very anxious to meet and perform for audiences abroad who have supported me as an artist and further experience their cultures! I’m particularly curious about both Paris and Milan as I have never been to either city and have always dreamed of exploring these two legendary locales!

Feel free to take a look at my itinerary and if you have any recommendations of restaurants, activities or shopping in any of the many cities we’re playing, I’d love to hear from you on adamunofficial.com! Although it will be lots of travel and hard work, I know this fall will be magic! Stay tuned for updates from the road! Peace!

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Soooooo looking forward to seeing one of Adam’s last shows in the US tomorrow in Puyallup. Only my second time of seeing him live. Happy Trails to Paris, Milan, etc., but we will be counting the days when your back safe & sound. You have brought so much joy to all your fans at the shows. Thank you and peace back to you from all of us!

    • Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

      I’m so syced to see Adam in concert tomorrow WOOT WOOT

    • Cheryl Taggart says:

      Thank you Adam, for sharing your incredible talents with us, all your fans !! I have had the great fortune to have seen you twice in Vancouver before Glamnation and then again in Seattle!! Just think of how you have taken YEARS and YEARS off of so many “middle-aged” women!!
      Safe journeys abroad to all of you . . . .and we VERY MUCH wait with anticipation to your return not only home, but back in the studio!!! I am sure you will come back with GREAT material to write about!! Thank you again Adam . . .you are a special soul !!!
      Cheryl – Victoria, B.C. CANADA

  2. Glamourclamor says:

    Adam, your fans will always be shoulder to shoulder behind you, and at times somewhat cumbersome, I am sure. Your GNT has been A Tour de Force. The entire set, from the beginning of the mystic Voodoo to the fun of Rabbit Hole, the excitement of Fever, throughout the acrostic vision that reminded us of your unbelievable voice, to the pomp and pageantry of the third section of the show. Your love and admiration for your band and dancers is pure Adam. I particularly enjoyed your mentoring on Idol, and thought you did a superb job. WWFM was epic, and will be remembered. I miss that you never performed FYE, which I think is your Masterpiece, during your Tour. Hopefully next year. As a talent, you stand alone. To all of your fans you are a Super Star! In your absence, we will watch what ever streams our way, vote like crazy on every pole that bears your name, and wish you health, wealth happiness, and a safe journey.

    • carmen #395 says:

      WOW!!! Artistacally said. I agree with every word. Love you Adam.

      • jen johnson says:

        i couldn’t say it any better! i saw adam at foxwoods casino on june 24th- it was the beginning of his tour , and it was an amazing show! that was the highlight of my entire summer. thx adam for all you do & for putting a smile on my face every day! be safe on your travels & looking forward to more music videos in the future!! love-your biggest fan in webster, mass (worcester county) jen johnson

  3. This summer was a wild ride and we loved every minute Adam shared with us. I hope he enjoys his international tour. My wish is that Adam and the crew come back to us safe and happy with all they will have accomplished. We will be here waiting for our next opportunity to enjoy Adam’s awesome talent and gorgeous good looks. In the meantime, hopefully there will be posts and videos from the road for us to stay connected. I’m already starting to suffer from separation anxiety. Peace & Love.

    • Yes Anna, EXACTLY to all !!!!! Excitement, joy, sadnes…wanting to see Adam’s star SOAR and take over the world =D, then damn, there’s that separation anxiety! Hope the rest of the world enjoys and takes good care of our National Treasure, and he knocks their socks of like he did ours. Hope he has every wish and aspiration fullfilled, and comes home safe, happy and raring to make beautiful new music after a well deserved rest. God bless, and Godspeed to Adam and crew.

  4. Please be safe Adam and crew. Hurry back. The Glam Nation Tour has been so grand. I was unable to attend in person but the videos have been so wonderful..Thank you all for the perfomances and the videos. Please everyone be safe…unable to find the words to say what a great performer,singer and person you are..

  5. He’s an international superstar. Some of the shows abroad sold out in minutes. I just had the Summer of my life thanks to this man who performs incredibly and connects every night with his fans. There’s a video of Adam’s last road show in FL, and his bus drivers got up on the stage and danced. The look on Adam’s face was priceless. Also, I may be jumping the gun, but Adam tweeted about a private jet. I still can’t tell if that was a joke or not. Some say it was photoshopped and he is playing a joke on us. I think he needs a private jet actually. He’s traveling four continents, and is deserving of it. Anyway, Adam’s concerts were amazing. I appreciate this site for keeping us glued to the computer to see all his U.S. leg concerts. And, sure hope to see some or all of his International concerts. Still hoping that he will sing TFM…I can dream, right? Loved the eloquent words Adam wrote, and I wish him safe, happy, fun-filled and peaceful traveling.

    • jipritchard says:

      I’m not sure about the “A” on the tail of the jet but I don’t think there is any way for Adam, his band, and all their equipment to tour all those countries without a private jet. Lucky guy, he’s worked for it : )


  7. Be safe, Be well, Be happy, Adam for all you have accomplished and always know you are loved here in your country -and always will be. Have wonderful times abroad,professionally and personally . We all wait for your safe return home. Love and Light

  8. I only got to one of Adam’s concerts, but it was the highlight of my summer and I loved it. I sure hope his international fans keep us posted with videos. I will have Adam withdrawal if they don’t. 🙁

  9. O Adam & Band, we are going to miss you in the U.S., but we know you will knock their socks, and maybe a few more things off!!! Have loads of fun and stay in touch and we will keep voting over here for you guys!!!!!!!! Love & Miss YOU already, Rita & Donna PLEASE HURRY BACK SAFELY!!!!!

  10. Hello Glamberts, Everyone in Australia is looking forward to seeing AL. He is only doing 3 shows here. They have had to move 2 venues to bigger ones as tickets sold out in minutes. I don’t think the tour management had any idea what to expect. There is only 2 problems now.. 1. .the first venue is you can only stand/sing/wave/dance in front of your own seat, yep that’s correct NO going into the aisles; NO flash photography. NO standing in the dress circle. 2. the Brisane venue is 18+ and NO – repeat NO glowies. I’m still waiting to hear from the other venue, and of course no reply from the event managers. Oh well, it look like a lot of people will be in trouble, including me

    • cheryl follett says:

      Hi there,
      I am also in australia and am just agreeing with the other aussie –can’t wait to see you adam & am another who will be in trouble for dancing– who can NOT dance to such fabulous music???
      You make me ( and i am sure many others) feel so youung and alive — you deserve every minute of this success and i hope you make many more albums for your fans to enjoy!!!
      Luv your looks & voice & music— go adam!!! xxxx

  11. Don’t we all remember the beginning of this Summer and the huge anticipation we felt…..or even farther back when the tour was announced and Adam said they would be playing in a few places. or even farther farther back when Adam himself didn’t believe he would be headlining a tour…..
    Lightyears away and still only yesterday. This International Tour is a huge deal, on a personal level for everybody involved, for Tommy who didn’t get to go the first promotional trip, for the dancers and what about Isaac the Carp (this is what they call him) what 4/5 days with the band and off he goes with them in The Wide Wild Beyond. And then our beautiful Adam, to see his name on Marquees in London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Helsinki, Melbourne, Sydney to name of few.
    When your dreams become reality you are living your highest purpose and the immense beauty is that Adam’s dreams make thousands and thousand of other people happy as well.

  12. Adam’s one concert in New Zealand will be my only chance to see him perform live…..Don’t worry we’ll take good care of him down-under. (we may never let him leave) No, the whole world needs to see him, I understand that. The venue here is 5000+ and it is a sell out.

  13. We remember the beginning…The American Idol tour, all of the screaming for Adam, he was great then….Then the GNT which we seen 8 of them, and 9 with the AI tour…..Each show was a dream come true…..on the end of the tour it was so cold in Des moines, and Rockford, Ill so we just kept hoping that we would hear him sing 20th Century Boy and he did when we got to the Peoria, ill show….
    Certainly hope that all of you guys overseas has the fun that we had this summer…..Be safe, and have a great time seeing new places……

  14. It will be so exciting to read the reviews from our international friends on this board. I am already so excited with what I have read so far. Like having to move venues to larger ones because they sold out in minutes, and having his name in lights and on billboards all across the globe. He will blow you away when you see him live. His energy and passion will consume you and somehow he touches your soul.

    • Speaking of concert promotions, here in the Philippines, Adam’s Giant Billboard is now up at the Southbound section of the South Luzon Express Way (before the Sucat exit). Oh God ! So excited for GNT 10-10-10 !

  15. Only got to see GNT live once this summer but I’ll never forget it! It was brilliant! I enjoyed all of the concert videos on YouTube from all over No America. I know our international glamily won’t let us down and look forward to hearing their stories and seeing whatever vids and pics they can post. Sounds like there are very rigid restrictions at some of the intl venues.

  16. Adam, I was able to see your fantastic show 3 times and loved every minute. While I am happy for you to have Glamberts all over the world, I can’t wait for you to come back and after a rest, create a new, exciting, and beautiful album for us. (and the next tour! LOL) Peace and Love and I hope you have wonderful experiences in all the locations you get to go to. Wish I could follow you around just to see these amazing sites. Please share with us the beautiful things you see!

  17. Christina Aagaard says:


    I am so looking foreward to your concert in little Denmark – me and my sister have followed you upcomming career since your first entrance to Idol – you have a special “gift” for making faboulous variations of old songs – so mayby you could perform and make a variation of the songs from: Thomas Helmig, Sanne Salamonsen or som other big names in Denmark as a surprice:-)
    Me and my sister loves your voice so mayby you could do some of the performences from Idol to please us 🙂 See you in wonderful Copenhagen in November:
    Love Christina

  18. sun-n-stars says:

    Embrace the beauty and culture of each city and go in peace. We love you and will miss you and want you to return safely. Just remember you and your entourage will stay in our prayers no matter how far away. Take care of Tommy, Monte and the rest of the band, dancers and your dear brother who I adore. HAVE A BLAST!!!!

  19. Being at your first concert and then at the Hard Rock in florida for your last , I witnessed your growth and your ease of performance. WOW!!!! .U are a gift to all of us .Be safe Be careful Have fun But remember u and group are our national treasure we don’t want u stolen xoxoxoxox

  20. Princessshakeitup says:

    I remember when I told my Sisters In Adam that I wanted to hop a plane back to the States for the AI tour just to see Adam and SMMW said she wanted to wait to see Adam on a solo tour. I thought, How Long will that take…I’ll never be able to wait! And now, we’ve already done it and will be waiting again for the next time… Adam, you and your music belong to the world and we are so very proud of you. The world and the universe will protect you and love you just as all your fans in the States do.

    I have been living outside the U.S. for almost 10 years now and sometimes I look at my homeland from the outside and shake my head. But I have been VERY PROUD of the way ‘my people’ have embraced you and accepted you and appreciated you; Especially when that doesn’t seem to be the prevailing spirit toward so many others. You have truly brought a nation together.

    So, turn on your incredible Heartlight and soar around the globe so that everyone will be dancing in the streets. And, like E.T. don’t forget to come HOME.
    Big Love and Wet Sloppy Kisses till we meet again!

  21. Love & support to our beautiful shining Adam as he shares himself with the rest of the world! While you are away spreading love thru your beautiful music, your American tribe will continue to do our work here to promote and support you in all ways. Wishing you many new fans and world experiences and the time of your life! Come back safe, come back soon, as we can only feign true happy for so long!!!! Love, peace, protection




  23. I hate to see Adam leave for any length of time, but I believe he’ll be in good hands!! To me it’s like the reverse of the Beatles coming over here….I think this is going to aid in setting Adam’s career on fire!!!! Good Luck Adam…thanks for the best concert I’ve ever been to and take good care in your travels!!

  24. Linda Krosinski says:

    Have fun in our travels Adam! I had the thrill of my life seeing you June 11th in Mahnomen Minnesota!!!!!!!!! You were excellent!!!!!!!!!! Now everyone in other countries will love you too. Be safe and happy! It will be better when you come back again

  25. PLEASE BE SAFE…. There are crazy people out there !

    Saw you in Vegas… highlight of the summer !!!