A Day at The Oprah Show

Wow is all I can say. I’m probably the only person that hasn’t been to a show taping before! The whole thing was surreal. Here goes:
It started last Wednesday morning as I saw on the Oprah website that they were looking for Adam Lambert fans. I clicked on the link and started to fill in my information. The first thing they wanted from me was a question that I would ask Adam if given the opportunity. At this point, it was a struggle for me. I felt that I wanted to ask something that he quite possibly wouldn’t have answered before, and yet something that would be interesting as well. After typing in the question, I then had to explain why I loved him, was I going to buy his album, and anything that would show my devotion to him. That was the easy part. I explained that it was especially exciting for me because I was sharing my love of him with my 15 year old daughter, Jess. That afternoon as I was driving to pick her up from school, the producer from the show called me. She went over my question with me and we basically talked about Adam. I told her about our love for him from the minute he opened his mouth to sing. I explained our addiction to the show and how our week revolved around it. I also told her about our website and how much we all love him for his beauty on the inside and out. After she had all the information she needed, she told me that we were only one out of hundreds of people that had sent in questions. She said that IF we were chosen she would call us back that night or first thing in the morning. We also had to email her a picture of us and Jess’ birth certificate since they do not allow anyone under the age of 18 which was news to me! I filled my daughter in as soon as she got in the car and we decided to not get excited because we didn’t want to jinx ourselves. Later that night we actually got the call letting us know we had been chosen as her guests!!! It was great because she was just as excited about it as we were! She couldn’t wait until the morning to tell us so she had to call that night. She was so cute, she wanted to hear me tell Jess. She seemed to be really excited about the fact that Jess was going to be the ONLY under 18 year old in the audience. She gave us our information as far as what to wear, what to do when we got there, and what time to arrive on Friday morning. She also informed us that Adam would be there via Skype, so that we weren’t disappointed once we got there. We didn’t care we were freaking out! I must say sleeping that night was difficult. I was up really early Friday morning though so I got ready nice and slow to try and calm my nerves. I’d gone out on Thursday and found a sapphire blue shirt to wear, which turned out to be Oprah’s color choice as well. We left in plenty of time and got there with a time to spare. When we got to the studio we were told to ask for Becky. The guy that was directing the crowd in took my i.d. and said to wait there. When he came back he said, “You two, come with me!” It was awesome to bypass everyone in line!! We were directed to a security door where we were let in after they confirmed who we were, scanned us for weapons, and searched my purse like i’ve never seen it searched before! At that point our little tour guide, Abby, told us we were going to the Green Room!! Excuse me?? They put us there and told us that our producer would be right in. As we sat there by ourselves we had a mother/daughter freakout minute because we were actually there! Rachel then came in and we sat there as she explained what was going to happen. We role-played with our question and the other things they wanted us to say, if in fact there was time to actually ask a question. She then let us know that there were only 2 other people brought in to the show to ask a question as well. Four people total out of the hundreds of requests, now we were feeling good! After the 2 other girls came in and we talked about Adam, the hair and make-up people came in. I cannot tell you, as a mom, how awesome that was to watch my 15 year old have her make-up done in the Green Room at The Oprah Show! Surreal. We had been told that the entire show was about reality t.v. and that they had asked America who was the 1 reality star they would want to see on her show, and Adam blew away the competition! As we sat in our room, we could see Christian Siriano and his models from Project Runway going in and out of their room, pretty cool. Then the lady came in to mike us up for the show. I was the 1st one on the list.. aaagghhh. Now my adrenaline was pumping. Once the mikes were on and ready to go, they led us to our seats WITH OUR NAMES ON THEM! Another surreal moment. As Oprah was talking about the show, she freaked us out because she said that the person we voted as the favorite reality star would be right here in this audience!! It turned out that the skype moniter was 2 rows behind us. LOL. They got the crowd all pumped up and started with a cake making contest! There were 3 groups that were asked to make cakes, but Duff from Ace of Cakes was definitely my favorite. He was so cute. We were asked to vote on them, and no we didn’t get to eat them. The next segment was Project Runway. Christian was there and they had Heidi Klum on skype which was fun. The next thing I know, they are introducing Randy Jackson. At this point my daughter and I start to get really nervous haha. As we were freaking out, they brought Adam in via skype!! He looked very casual and calm, and seemed very relaxed. Then MY calmness came… if need be I could sooo do this! Unfortunately, Oprah was the only one asking questions… argh. I really don’t remember all of it because we had to focus on possibly asking our question… so i’m excited to actually see it on t.v.! I do remember her asking him if he was disappointed for not winning, duh, and he said his usual answer about it not mattering and then said, “I get to make my record and I get to be a rockstar!!” that was really cute! Oprah did ask him if he’d come on to the show to perform which of course he said yes!! Then as quickly as it started, it was over. Once the show was entirely done, our producer came over to us. She actually felt bad that we couldn’t ask our question. We were totally fine though, it was sooo cool. THEN, she said that IF he comes to perform, she would do everything she could to get us back there!!!!!!!!! We have to email her next week just to check in with her!! How cool is that? If it doesn’t happen, oh well, but i’ve got a good feeling it just might! I’m hoping it’ll be November 20th because my daughter has her year end equestrian banquet where she’s receiving a championship trophy, so i’m hoping they’ll do her make-up, lol. It’s a possibility with his album dropping that next week! Afterwards, Duff and Chrisitian went to Oprahs store and autographed the books they gave us, and Jess had her pic taken with Christian before they pulled him away to catch his flight! WOW, what an experience! What a day we had, it was awesome… i’ll keep you posted when I see that it’s going to be on… they didn’t have a date but they said soon. It’s named Reality… something ha ha. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we get to go back…. we may get to talk to him yet! Don’t worry guys, you will be the first thing we talk about! This site is the reason this is all happening so I will make it my personal goal to get him aware of us and everyone’s hard work here, GO US!! I hope you enjoyed my story, it was really a dream come true especially from a mom’s point of view. Here’s to hopefully having an even better story in the near future…


  1. Sue! What a great posting! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us Glams! I can’t wait to look for you and your daughter in the audience!

    • Glam #

      Sue, what a fun experience, but the real fun will be when Adam is on the show and you get to go. Thank you for sharing the story with us and the story of ALL OF US with the Oprah people. It’s awesome to think that we can spread the word of not only our devotion to Adam and his career, but WHY we feel that way, not just because of his talent, which is towering, but beause of his character, charisma, kindness, concern for others.

      Keep us posted. Even to have the experience vicariously through you and your daughter is wonderful

    • lovemyadam says:

      DD, thank you so much! We were lucky enough to be in the second row along the aisle where they first start the show! Oprah was to our right. I am in a sapphire blue and black outfit and my daughter is to my left in a grey shirt. She has on a diamond horseshoe necklace so that should be noticeable. I can’t wait because I want to see Adam without worrying, haha.

      • Hi Sue!
        I am so much exited for you! Thanks for the hint that they might do something with Adam in November! Do you know when your show will air?

        • lovemyadam says:

          I am just hoping it’s in November, but there really is no talk about it as yet!! We will let you know.

    • LynneGlambertfan says:

      What a great story. I also have a fifteen yearold equestrian daughter who is also aglambert fan. Our whole family adores Adam and believes that he is by far the most talented individual. Besides being just adorable and great to look at, he has vocals that rea just unbelieveable. My daughter and I saw him in concert and then her dad took her again. However, that was the time when he ws having difficulty with fans and wasn’t doing meet and greets. What we would do to actually mett this phenomenal performer. he is just awesome . So much so that words can’t even desccibe his effect on people of all ages.

    • According to Oprah’s website the taped show with be shown this Thursday, Oct 29, 2009.

  2. Sue ! I am so excited for the 2 of you! I tried to get into that show, but never heard anything. Maybe they will let you bring some of your Illinois Glambs with you next time?????? I heard a tentative date of Oct. 29th for the show.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Ellen, i’m not sure how or why it happened for us, but we are thanking our lucky stars that it did! I’m trying not to get too crazy thinking about his live show just so we don’t get dissappointed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though and if I can, i’ll see about getting friends in as well.

  3. leilani aloha says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! how awesome is that:)
    Do keep us posted on the date to see all of u & Adam on Oprah show:):):)

  4. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Thank you Sue so much for your story!!!! I am so happy for you and your daughter, she has got to be one very happy and very lucky girl!!!! This is all so exciting, because now ADAM will know us and then he’ll come on our site and visit w/ us and share dreams!!!! Oh girl, I am so happy for you both!!! Everything is happening for a reason, ADAM!!!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I believe things DO happen for a reason, and yes…ADAM is the reason here! Thank you for your kind words…

  5. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Far out…. even getting that close and so looked after by the Oprah staff. Awesome….
    I saw that question stuff but couldn’t think of anything to ask. Silly me. Maybe they would have flown me there for when he is on the show… I could cope with that.
    I’d have to bring my son …. and Dianne.
    I think I’d just ask him to poke his tongue out for a minute….and do gymnastics with it just for her if Dianne couldn’t come….
    lol 🙂

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, thanks Lisa, you know that would make me very, very happy, anything to do with Adam’s tongue is all good for me.

      Sue that is just a wonderful post you have given us. I do so hope that you get to go back, I have a feeling that it will happen. What was the question you were going to ask, do you want to tell us, or do you want to keep hold of it in case you do get to go back and maybe have the opportunity to ask it. Can’t believe Oprah wasted time by asking him if he was disappointed he didn’t win Idol. We have heard that explanation a million times and moved on for goodness sake.

      • Dianne, email me at adison42@hotmail.com and I will send you my “Adam’s tongue” collection of photos.. I found a totally awesome one today, a different one!!

        Girl, you need something to keep you occupied till Nov. 23!!

        Terry Glamb #349

      • lovemyadam says:

        I was wondering if anyone would notice that I didn’t include my question!!! I am saving it in hopes of using it the next time. Hopefully with all of your kinds thoughts it will happen again for us.

        • Yeah, I noticed!

        • Hi, Sue
          Thank you for sharing your story! You are so lucky!!!
          Yes, I noticed it. While reading your story I was thinking: what is the question???? and didn’t find it…. Ask this question next time! I am sure you will…. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
          Vera Glamb#26

  6. Paula Jensen says:

    Sue! Thank you! That sounds like an amazing day and we appreciate you sharing it with us! I sure hope they call you to attend the next taping! Good luck!

    Paula-Glamb #491

  7. AWWW im so so happy for the both of you <33 you guys so well deserved it !
    cant wait to check out the show , thanks for all our adam updates (:
    met the stud at the ontario concert in july <33 cant wait for his album !!!!
    thank you so much for your story , its very high appreciated !!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you for commenting! You are luckier than I since I have yet to get face to face with him! Keeping my fingers crossed though.

  8. Glambert 2601 says:

    I told Adam about this site via twitter, so hopefully he already looked us up.

  9. Glambert 2601 says:

    And thanks Sue for sharing your experience with us. I can imagine how exicitng just to be in Oprah Show. I hope you get to come back and meet Adam personally and hear him sing.

  10. Sue, what a magnificent experience! You are a good story teller as well – could feel your thrills and chills! I am punting for you and your daughter! Sue, imagine being in the studio while Adam is singing!!!! Girl Glamb, I have a good feeling about this. Start preparing your outfit for the live show!!! Mmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

    • lovemyadam says:

      INGRID, don’t get me excited!! I am so glad you guys could feel the things that we felt, I was wishing we could’ve taken some pictures along the way! I can only imagine what it will be like IF we are invited back. I hope your feelings are true! MMMMMMMMMMWWWWAAAAHHHHHH back at ya…

  11. puteri abdul says:

    what a wonderful experience you went through sue …
    so happy for you and your daughter, I hope both of you do get pick up when adam comes in live in person and sing at oprah’s…

    thank you for sharing with us …

  12. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful story Sue. If this a taping, when will it be aired? I hope I didn’t miss it already.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Some peole have heard October 29th, i’m hoping it will show up on her schedule of shows on her site. You are very welcome…

  13. Glambert 2601 says:

    Hi Adam fans, please go to http://www.peopleschoice.com and vote for ADAM LAMBERT to win for 2010 People Choice Awards. The category is the “Favorite Breakout Artist”.

  14. cheryl 334 says:

    SUE………. Very happy for you!!!! What a chance! So fortunate! Yes, when will it air?? Is it in late Nov.?? Be sure to post that very important info for us!! Be sure to mention MY NAME when you see him!! hahaha!!! Don’t forget, now!!! Never know what might happen, as we have all come to know, anything is possible when it’s Adam! You could even get an invitation to dinner! He loves to dine out!!! Good for you!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Cheryl…What an experience that could turn into!! I’m hoping for the show opportunity, but if dinner is an option, count us in! I’ll be letting everyone know about us, trust me. Haha.

  15. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,SUE!!!! Are you Sue that replace Jeanette for a while?Are you that Sue or different one?Anyway,I’m so jealous at you!VERY!! And also happy at the same time.How I wish!! Too bad,you already been there if not I would say this to you.” I would very nervous if I were you! I won’t go if I were you!I will just wait when I’m really ready if I were you! I’ll wait for the second chance,if I were you!I’ll give that oppurtinity to someone else if I were you….I dunno…well what day is that gonna be,I’ll check my schedule!!LOL!”

    I know you super excited and can’t wait to make all of us jealous as hell but when you took a deep breath and write the stories,can you please next time exhale for a while and make paragraph.Then deep breath again for 2nd paragraph bcs my eyes almost blind to concetrate which line I’m reading.And my heart almost exploding for that jealousy!But other than that,yup,pretty cool story Sue!Got to meet Adam in Oprah’s show!! Super cool! I always thought it will be cool if Adam in Oprah bcs she is huge,I thought that when A.I was finished and now the time already come.Who can thought of that?Well,actually I do!It’s our fabulous Adam afterall.Anything good will happens to him bcs we do pray for him every single day! 🙂

    • lovemyadam says:

      IT IS ME!!! I did take over for Jeannette so she could go on vacation! Thank you for remembering me! Sorry for blinding you , lol. Please know that I am so NOT trying to make you all jealous, i’m trying to bring you all along with us! Hopefully I will have another story for you in the near future.

      • AdamAddict says:

        It is you!Who can forget you.LOL! lovemyadam,Adam Sandler!The white house,the Vegas!Yup,sweet memories!I wonder what thread that was.It was fun to have you that time 🙂 still have fun to have you here,now also! XD

      • No no no, Sue …
        We are not jealous…lol… may be a little bit… lol
        We are so happy for you and this great experience!!
        I can imagine how excited you are!!!! And you should be….
        Waiting for the continuation of your story….

  16. How FUN! Can’t wait to see the show! Seems you made a good impression with the Oprah people and made a friend for all of us; I just bet you will hear from them again! What a great experience for you both! Thanks for sharing it with us so well and I really look forward to hearing about any new T.V. experiences!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I sure hope we have another visit coming, but only time will tell! You guys will be the first to know!

  17. Sue, six words: I am soooo happy for you! OK, some more words: I’m not even jealous, because your story is so generously told…I hope all of us who love Adam are as sweet and genuine as he is! I think maybe we are!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Annette, your words mean alot to me. I don’t ever want to come across as bragging. I just want all of you to be able to come along with us. I am hoping this story will have another chapter soon! Thank you again for making my day!

  18. dharmalati says:

    Thanks Sue for sharing the story to us. If you hear from them again, don’t forget to tell Adam that he has fans all over the world. Tell everybody about us, about me…. ha ha.. His fans from Indonesia..!

  19. I haven’t enjoyed reading anything as much as I enjoyed reading this in quite some time!!! I’m so happy for you, Sue, and look forward to your posting describing your experiences from “THE ADAM SHOW” (thinking positive!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Bev, WOW! Thank you for your positive thinking and for your thoughtful words! That was so nice of you to say! I’m actually at a loss for words, after reading your post. I’m sooo glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully there will be more to come from the Adam Show! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  20. Terrific story, Sue! Thanks so much for sharing! You and your daughter sound just like the kind of “hook” that the Oprah producers love – I am confident that you will be asked back for the live ADAM show! How FABULOUS would that be??!!

    THURSDAY OCTOBER 29TH (I think I read this on MJ’s Blog) is the date the show will be aired – just a WEEK away!!!

    Glamb #20

    • lovemyadam says:

      Jane, I hope you are right! We are hopeful that we are the “hook” that they will want again. Thanks for your vote of confidence! It would be absolutely AMAZING! Here’s to one week and counting!

  21. AWESOME!! That is a fabulous story, sounds like so much fun!!

  22. that was so cool, hope you get call back when hes on show.



    • lovemyadam says:

      Betty, I wish all of you could’ve been there! An entire show full of US! Now that would be awesome! Thank you!!

      • WE are all so happy for you and your daughter, Sue.. well deserved treat! Let’s hope you do get a little chance to actually talk with Adam! If so, your only ‘job’ is to tell him about us Glambs, a small but very loving and supportive group from all over the world.. we are the most tried and true fans IMO. Many of us have tweeted Adam from early on about the Glambs and let’s hope he’s read even a few of the messages we have sent..

        hugs, Terry in Vancouver

        Glamb #349

  24. oh wow thats fantastic
    i have no dout that adam will end up on her show…..she gets what she wants lol
    congrats to you and your daughter

  25. I’m so glad for your nice day and I will keep positive thoughts about your attending the day Adam performs on the show; Best wishes.

  26. Sue,

    OMG….thanks for a great story….HOW EXCITING for you and your daughter!!! What an experience…something you will never forget! I’m sure when ADAM goes on Oprah to perform, they’ll invite you both back!!! Especially since you didn’t get to ask your question! THAT will really be something !!! GOOD LUCK….I hope it all works out.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Can I just say that you guys are awesome? All the well wishes from all of you is really very heart warming! It really was very exciting especially to have it happen with my daughter. We are hoping for the best! Thank you again…

  27. Betty Glamb#139 says:

    OH WOW – HOW Cool…………… A once in a lifetime opportunity…….Thanks for the details. And if you get to go back, you KNOW we will want the same!

  28. Glamb # 2473
    awesome story, thx so much for sharing!

  29. Sue, This is just so frickin’ awesome!!!! I feel like someone in my family has gotten to go meet Oprah AND our Adam! And it’s true. This is such a special family! I’m so happy for you and your daughter, and for us! We get to share the ride! Thank you so much for taking us along! Can’t wait for the next adventure!

    Is there any way to post a pic of you and your daughter in this adventure?? (For the family album, of course 🙂

    • lovemyadam says:

      Mary, Thank you for allowing me to be part of this “family”. It was so cool. I will always take you guys along for the ride! I will work on getting a pic up there… although there isn’t one of us together… too busy and we forgot. Adam will do that to ya…

  30. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    thats so cool! thanks for sharing

  31. Hey all,been on the site since day 1,but never commented! Way to go Sue! Ilove this site and of course our Adam! I wish I went to oprahs site,I am a member,don’t know how i missed it,Got to go and get my fix of TFM,Tammy

  32. Sun-n-Stars says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! This was so exciting to read. I am so thrilled for you and Jess. I have a 15 year old son and I know how he would be if his Mom were to be involved with something like this. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us. I am just so happy for you. Your story has really brightened my day.

  33. That was awesome Sue! I was even mire excited reading your story. I’m crossing my fingers that you can come back, this time with our Adam. You were brave, if that’s me I’ve be frozen haha. Good luck to your daughter equestrian. Thx 4 sharing your story. I’m happy 4 u and this fansite, my favorite;)

    • lovemyadam says:

      Aramikah…Keep those fingers crossed! I wasn’t brave until his face came on the screen! THEN and only THEN did I feel calm. I was a nervous wreck from Wednesday night until that actual moment. Just seeing him really should have made me crazy, but it was really quite the opposite. I am so glad this is your favorite site! Thank you for your kind words…

  34. I loved reading about your Oprah adventure! You took us right there with you – got so excited! Hope you get to meet him next time. What were you going to ask him? I’m not sure anything would come out of my mouth if I had to ask him a question. Thanks for sharing!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Donna, i’m saving my question just in case we get to go back. I wasn’t sure anything would come out of my mouth either but like I said in the previous post, his face calmed me down. It was very surreal. Thank you for commenting…

  35. Silvana/Argentina says:

    what a great experience for you and even more sharing it with Jess. So thrilled for both of you. Keeping my fingers crossed they’ll call you for the show when adam will be singing. I’m sure he will be there.
    Loved your post.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Silvana, it was such an experience mainly because it was with my daughter. What’s amazing me even more is that you guys are being so kind about my words. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it.

  36. yes Sue tell us what you were going to ask him,Tammy

  37. what is this your comment is awaiting moderation on my comments?

  38. AdamRocks! says:

    What an incredible experience Sue! I can’t wait to see the show! I hope they call you back when he’s there IN PERSON!!! ~crossing my fingers~ 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • lovemyadam says:

      Cindy, Thank you !!! The funny part is everyone’s excited to see the show and I am kind of dreading seeing myself!! LOL! I’d do it again in a heartbeat though! Hopefully soon…

  39. Waveridergal says:

    What an exciting adventure. Thanks for the great post Sue, and I hope you guys get to go back!
    Also, thanks Glambert 2601 for the heads-up on the Peoples Choice site. It gives us just another way to support Adam!

  40. Sue, Way to go girl! So happy for you and Jess. Just think you two in the GREEN ROOM, celebrities
    yourselves there. So lucky of you to be chosen. Oprah I love you, but wish you would have let
    the guests ask their question……….. OK, Sue, when you are asked to appear back on her show when
    Adam makes his appearance, thats when you can ask your question. OOOHHHH how exciting.

    Oh and tell him I want to be The Lucky Lady. Ha, stand in line huh?
    love and peace

    • lovemyadam says:

      Sitting in the GREEN ROOM was crazy! Just sitting there and trying to take it all in was wild! I would be VERY excited to get to ask him the question. With all of your kind thoughts and prayers I think we will have a very good chance, so thank you all!

  41. Sue…What a wonderful experience….on 10/21 I emailed the OPRAH show suggesting they have ADAM on his birth date which he shares with OPRAH….something like “OPRAH SHARES A CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY”. What does everyone think….good idea bad idea ?? If you like it lets get pushing, the world watches OPRAH, I want OPRAH to watch ADAM. Carolelee.

  42. linlivalex says:

    Sue–that’s so awesome! Now that you and your daughter have had a taste of fame, who knows what could be next?!?!?! If you get picked to go when he’s there (aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!) and you need some other Adam die-hards, you can always ask me and my 16 year old son (you were next to us at the barracades, remember?). We live so very close (Park Ridge) and imagine the Adam fan your daughter and my son could create (in the way, way future, that is). We have to keep the Adam-fan blood line going!! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your ultra-cool experience. Hope to formally meet you some time!!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      There you are!!! Of course I remember you guys!! Hopefully something cool will come from all of this! We can only hope. Isn’t it funny that we can’t mention seeing him without SCREAMING with excitement!!! I love it, and believe me if they call us back i’m suggesting that they let me bring my website friends… especially the locals!! Are you part of the Illinois group?? We are going to try and get together for the 2012 movie!!! I haven’t been on there so I need to get my butt moving!! That would be cool to get together for that. Maybe the kids can look each other up on facebook… they’ll kill us for this you know, right? Did you join the GLAMBS ILLINOIS group? You better and anyone else from here better too!!! Looking forward to meeting you as well, formally of course and not on the barricades!! Thanks for commenting…

  43. linlivalex says:

    Hi Sue!
    Thank you so much for responding! I am a member of the Illinois group for about 3 weeks now, but I’m recovering from eye surgery, so I’m not completely on top of things. I would love to an active part as soon as i can see better (hopefully only 2more weeks!!!) . I would love to be part of the group going to see 2012 –I’ll keep checking here and the Illinois site for more info. My son can’t kill me–I’m always looking for a nice girl for him and an Adam fan to boot! Nice girls are not that easy to find…….. Anyway, great talking to you–can’t wait to meet you guys!!!!

    Linda #361

    • lovemyadam says:

      I’m sorry, you and I emailed right at the beginning!! I knew you had surgery, are you getting better?? There are only a few of us, so we can absolutely make plans to see the movie. You are so cute about the kids! How cool would that be?? Great minds think alike…. ha ha. Let me know a date you’d like for the movie… we can plan from there.

  44. Hey Sue and everyone, somebody posted a link to this article on the newest comment thread at MJ’s blog. Very favorable comments!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Jeannette… I cannot find it, can you send me the link??? I’d love to see it!! Thank you very much…

  45. GlambChop says:

    OMG, Sue! What a fantastic experience for you and your daughter! Thank you so much for your great write up so we could all share it with you. I was excited for you as I was reading it! I hope that Oprah will be able to get Adam to perform on her show and you get called back! Considering the VIP treatment you received for this show, imagine what the next one will be like!

    I’m so happy for you! Keep us posted with whatever you hear! I can’t wait to see the show when it airs!


    Glamb #729

    • lovemyadam says:

      I am so glad you guys are coming along for the ride!! We’d take any experience for the next show… we aren’t picky.

  46. what a great experience you and your daughter went through! thanks for sharing your story with us. i was also getting excited as i was reading it.

    i am definitely taping this Oprah episode to watch it multiple times. let us know when the show airs and for any new info from the producers!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Azita… your excitement makes my day, thank you! I will let you guys know as soon as I do…

  47. Glamb #

    Hi Sue
    This is such an incredible testimony to our Adam isn’t it? Just think about this: he’s already appearing on the OPRAH show…yet hasn’t even released his first completed single!!!!

    I am over the moon for you and your daughter and truly felt your excitement, every step of the way..THANK YOU so much. We are with you guys and ….we know you are taking us all along too!

    Lots a love
    British Deb… from Canada

    • lovemyadam says:

      Well, we hope he is going to appear! Thank you for coming along for the ride with us!

  48. KO's smiling says:

    Thanks, Sue for sharing your story. I’m so happy for you and your daughter! And WHEN 🙂 you go back to meet Adam, you will have done all the Oprah-related stuff already, so you can really focus on our boy and how excited you are to finally get the answer to that question!

    • lovemyadam says:

      KO, WHEN we go back, lol, that is very true. We won’t be quite as blown away since we were just there so it’ll be all Adam to us!!! Couldn’t focus on anything better!!

  49. Oh Sue – got so excited thinking of you being at the Oprah show and celebrating his birthday!! I didn’t know he shared his birthday with Oprah?!!? What a beautiful coincidence – if it’s true!! And what a celebration that would be!! Wooo-Hooooooooooo!!!!!!

  50. Loved your story, Sue, and your daughter must be thrilled at her very cool Mom! Please let us know when the air date is set! Do you think you’ll be on camera in the audience shots at least?

    • lovemyadam says:

      I remind my daughter daily about how cool I am, JUST KIDDING!! I’m going to try and find out the date for you guys! I’m afraid we will be on camera, good for my daughter not so good for me hahahaha. You’ll know it’s us, i’m in a black/blue outfit and she’s the only under 18 person there!! Thank you for the kind words…

  51. Sue,delighted to read your story and so happy for you and your daughter. Love reading all these posts….feel that we are one big happy family. I will have to tape every Oprah show from now on as the TV guides don’t always mention who will be appearing and Oprah is shown at 1PM (here in Australia) when I am at work. Love you all for loving Adam. Hello to Dianne,Ingrid & Mary C….from Yvonne (the one with the Adam blue sequin T-shirt). P.S. Voted for Adam (Peopleschoice Awards).

  52. LibraLamb7 says:

    Oh Sue!!!!What a fabulous experience for you & your daughter! You have brought us all right there with you, too, with this exciting story (GREEN ROOM!!! Make-up!!! WOW!!!)….Thank you SO MUCH!!! I’m sitting here with all fingers, toes, arms, legs crossed so you’ll be asked to go back…POSITIVETHOUGHTS…So…OF COURSE, You’ll be going back on with ADAM!!! Has to happen! “Oprah” airs in mid-afternoon here & they re-air on another station every nite late, so I should be able to record one of the times…just got to pin down that date…I’ve only heard 10/29 so far. Please keep us posted if you get it confirmed, etc….Once again, I’m just thrilled for you & your daughter….Thanks for representing us so well!

    Candace#388 in MS

    • lovemyadam says:

      It definitely on this Thursday!! Thank you for sending me your positive vibes!! Make sure you uncross every once in awhile, I wouldn’t want you to cramp!! I appreciate it!


  53. the Oprah show featuring Adam will air on Thursday, 10/29 , according to my dvr. get ready to record it guys!

  54. Way to go what a rush for both of you. A great mother daughter experience. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Im just trying this way to get my number… I have been getting emails every day…. 3 of them to be exact because i kept signing up in case you didn’t get it…. what more do I need to do…. I have commented and it was printed so now what…. I don’t have a website so I left that blank.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Sandra, once you have commented it should be about 48 hours for you to get your #! Check out the membership FAQ’s on the home page!! I think you have done it all right!

  56. Sue…..how fun!! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sending a lot of vibes for your return to O for Adam’s performance!!!


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