A Big Push For Donorschoose!!

I would like to make a last ditch effort to get some extra donations to DonorsChoose.org. I know that a lot of you have already made donations and I thank you, but if you haven’t maybe you could consider one now? With Adam’s tour coming to a close in the U.S., let’s give him some LOVE for the AMAZING job that he has done for all of us!!

Since this is where Adam wants us to focus our efforts, now is the time to do it!! As a huge sendoff to Adam and the Gang, show your appreciation!! For every song that you loved hearing, for every autograph they signed for us, for every picture they took with us, and for every memory that we ALL took away from those concerts, make a donation!! Thanks again,

Click here–> Donorschoose.org

I just added “Music To Our Ears” which is a relative of one of our friends here, and it only needs $344… can you help her out?? Every dollar helps!!



  1. Paula Jensen says:

    Thank you so much Sue! I know my sister in law is VERY grateful for this posting and so am I! Thanks ahead of time to all those who choose to donate to “Music to Our Ears” project! Much love & light!

    • Fran Shepard says:

      I am overwhelmed with the amount of support this posting by my sister-in-law, Paula. I greatly appreciate all of your donations to my project. It will help me organize my instructional, fun lovin’ music. Furthermore, I will be able to play easy listening (calming) music constantly as background music in my class without having to go back and forth to the CD player. Thanks again for all of your support. I look forward to putting this tool to great use in the classroom.

  2. I donated to this very program after I saw your message!

  3. http://www.donorschoose.org/suzannemini

    Here’s more DonorsChoose projects! Please consider donating to one of mine. Thanks so much for your kindness.

  4. Hello…I am a first year teacher and I have a Donor’s Choose project that has 19 days left to fund. I am desperately trying to get a projector for my classroom. We have no technology to speak of, and my students are so smart and deserving…they’re the ones being shortchanged! Would it be ok to post my project here? I am a huge Adam Lambert fan and am so incredibly happy that he’s supporting Donors Choose….thanks so much!!

  5. Oops…I forgot to post the link: