3-Hour Trespassing Party with Liam McEwan and The Flea FM

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009
By Carol Hagey
Since May 2009


How many hours have you already spent listening to Adam Lambert’s Trespassing? It can never be enough! 😉 Add to your total on Saturday (or maybe Sunday, depending where you live) with a 3-hour listening party with New Zealand’s Liam McEwan on The Flea FM.

I have absolutely no idea what this means but it sounds like fun! I imagine they’re going to listen to the album song by song and talk about it, getting local listeners to call in and comment. With Twitter, global listeners may also be able to participate. Wonder if they’ll have any industry guests?

For Pacific Time, it will be Saturday from 2-5 PM. Click here to find your time, if it’s different.

Then go online at www.theflea.co.nz and join the party!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. hey!! excited! apparently Sony send him an AdamCare Package! 2 this will be a great show! look! forward 2 it!~

  2. Sounds FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
    I just received my CD this afternoon….It’s fantastic! YES…worth the wait indeed even if I didn’t receive it the day the album dropped. The wait was absolutely killing me. I purposely found chores today to do that I had to drive long distances so I could sing aloud & party to it in my car.
    My husband wouldn’t appreciate if I had it BLASTING in the house while he was around!
    Probably looked like I was on some kind of crazy drug!
    Well…actually I am… and it’s called “TRESPASSING” !!!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  3. glamfan 1954 says:

    OMG! Adam just killed it on Idol and so gorgeous too! Love love love that man!

  4. Finally we got our “Trespassing” CD’s and have been listening to them nonstop!!! Love all of it, but second half ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!!!!!! We will continue to listen to it for very many more times, but wanted to let you know that the previous albums will definitely get their play time just as much!!! They are ALL GLAMFANTASTICLYROCKINGBALLADS all in ADAM style,which is any damn thing he wants to be and do!!!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, RITA NORTON AND DONNA LEVI 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Linda Babusci says:

    Hi Carol~
    Do you know anything about Adam performing at Fantabuloso in Chicago tomorrow (Friday)? I live in Chicago and can still get tickets, but I want to make sure he’s going to be there ‘cuz that’s the only reason I’d be going!! I’d appreciate any info you have about it.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. I just wantched Adam again on Idol. Fantastic, beautiful, mesmerizing. I can’t think of enough adgetives (I know that is spelled wrong but you know what I mean) to describe him. He made the whole show as usual. I didn’t notice anyone else on the show. The ride is beginning & I see no end in sight.

  7. cory-coral says:


  8. Liam McEwan says:

    Liam here! Thank you so much for putting this up Carol, appreciate it! 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the show this weekend!


  9. sun-n-stars says:

    The IDOL show was phenomenal! I loved being able to watch him again in front of a live audience. They seemed to really appreciate his performance. He looked fantastic! I loved the lime green on him – at least that is the color that I thought he was wearing. Each of his band members had a splash of it on them or their attire as well. Just loved it!

  10. adamisamazing says:

    I loved how the whole band coordinated with neon yellow to emphasize Trespassing. Even Ryan Seacrest had a yellow hankie in his pocket. Ryan is a definite fan. Adam’s Idol appearance was truly spectacular. I will probably watch it another dozen times this weekend. And, will listen to the album in its entirely as well trying to learn all the words . I just think that he must be on cloud 9 this week with the release of his critically praised CD, major appearances on TV, and topping the music charts. This is Adam Lambert week in my opinion. The next two months are very busy for him, as probably the rest of his life, but at least he knows that he is it! No one compares with his vocals, showmanship, artistry, hard work, personality…SO happy for Adam! May he win lots of awards like the prestigious Grammy!

  11. the1gypsyqueen says:

    Liam is a NZ DJ who plays Adam Lambert every Sunday from 11.00 to 12.00am. ALL Adam’s stuff, including snippets, Idol appearances and FYE songs.
    He has twitter and facebook and international fans, so please join in.
    His station is across the harbour from me, transmitting from a real radio station on a ferry wharf.
    This Sunday – THREE hours from 9.00am o 12.00am = ALL Adam’s music, FYE, Trespassing and heaps more.

    • hey there… are you in Akl.. do you know Adam Lambert’s New Zealand Gliiter Tribe.. just in case I know you?? lol

  12. Glamburger says:

    Adam was FABULOUS at Fantabuloso in Chicago last night! Looked gorgeous, of course, and sounded great! So exciting to see him in person right after his Idol appearance!