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Adam Lambert – House Parties, Sneaking Out and First Kisses

Do you know when @adamlambert got his first kiss . . . with tongue? And with whom? With as much time as I spend looking at EverthingAdam that comes across my screen, somehow I missed this one from 5 months ago. It’s from the Way Back When series by @Jordans_Life on andPOP. As always, it’s […]

Adam does TV Ads for VH1 Diva’s

Have you seen these ads for VH1’s Diva’s? Short, but sweet… and hilarious!

Adam Lambert Does the VH1 Big Morning Buzz

It seems @adamlambert is popping up all over! Here he is giving his 5 Favorite Things while introducing the spots for VH1’s Big Morning Buzz. While we get ready to celebrate this week and offer thanks for all we have in our fortunate lives, I know one thing ALL of us will be giving thanks […]

Adam Lambert is Getting Back to Glam!

Short and Sweet: Here’s an interview with @adamlambert done by the Eye Witness News in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love him talking about how he explores new cities, and a few times he brings up the community of fans he’s created. He really knows how he’s joined us together and digs it! One more thing […]

Robert Pattinson and Adam Lambert – Vampire vs Glampire!

@adamlambert and Robert Pattinson are finally together – – – sort of! Remember early on American Idol when Randy Jackson summed up Adam as a cross between “Steven Tyler meets Fallout Boy meets Robert Pattinson from Twilight meets My Chemical Romance?” And then Ryan threw Edward Cullen into the mix! As we head into the […]