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Adam Lambert Commands the Stage with Queen in Kiev!

We’ve all been so excited waiting for this and now it’s here! Adam Lambert just performed a full 2-hour concert with Queen in front of an international audience, only hours ago. You can see and feel the excitement from not only Adam, but from Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May. The concert gave just […]

Adam Lambert Sings Never Close Our Eyes on Graham Norton Show

Adam Lambert was in the British studios as a guest on Graham Norton’s show this week. It won’t be televised until June 30th, so check your guides for your BBCA listing. Adam sang Never Close Our Eyes, backed up by a house band. It must not be cost-effective to send his usual players along for […]

Would You Attend a Glamb Dinner Before Adam Lambert’s Costa Mesa Concert?

We are exploring putting together a casual dinner before the July 19, 2012 Adam Lambert concert at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California. We did this for the last Costa Mesa concert in June 2010 and had over 60 people attending. This dinner will be open to everyone who would like to join us. […]

Adam Lambert Named Music’s Sexiest Man!

Thank you to for again placing Adam Lambert at the top. Or more correctly, thank you to Adam’s loyal fanbase for getting him there! [ From Along with crafting perfect hooks, displaying incredible vocal skill and letting the world in on your personality, a pop star’s sex appeal can help elevate them above […]

Buy Adam Lambert’s Trespassing – Amazon’s Album of the Week!

You can buy Trespassing for only $5 this week on Amazon! Buy a few and share them with your friends and family. Spread the light and love! This download version includes the digital booklet. Click here and save! This is the 12-song version, but you can download Runnin’, Take Back and Nirvana for only $1.29 […]

Adam on “The F Word”

The F word, in this case, stands for Fame. It’s short but sweet and I enjoyed the 15 minutes he talked about this topic. It was great to hear something besides the same-ole-same-ole interview questions. Enjoy!

Adam Lambert Talks British Citizenship with andPOP!

Don’t panic! He’s not leaving his birthright, just talking about the idea of an Olympic performance with Queen! But he reveals a detail I never knew – tune in to find out. And the feline response is hysterical! In this interview with @jordans_life, he talks about his musical tastes, Cuckoo and giving extra weight to […]

She didn’t expect to fall in love

You know what Laura… neither did we. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of album reviews out there, but there is something about this one that resonates with me. Here’s what she has to say about my favorite track on the album… Kickin’ In. “And then there’s “Kickin’ In.” I can’t say enough about this […]