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Bonus: Sound check from GNT 2010

Not sure if you remember way back to the Glamnation tour of 2010 (ha-ha) but if so you might also recall that some brave souls (Carol and I) found their way into a sound check in July where Adam sung “I need to get laid” when he was practicing “Whole Lotta Love.” Well, right after […]

Adam Lambert Kills It on Jimmy Kimmel Live!!

Adam Lambert absolutely knocked it out of the park on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And it only took three years to happen!

Adam Lambert wows fans with 5 song set on Jimmy Kimmel

In case you missed it, last night Adam Lambert was featured on Jimmy Kimmel, but only one of the five songs he performed was shown on TV! The song featured on the show was Adam’s newest single Never Close Our Eyes, but the entire setlist is as follows: NCOE Trespassing Naked Love Broken English Cuckoo […]

Adam Lambert on Idol With Queen Again? It’s What We All Wish For!

Even though it has been denied that Adam Lambert will be appearing with Queen on this week’s American Idol, one reporter for the will not let it go. Taken from their pages: It’s Queen week! Brian May and Roger Taylor (pictured, right, with May) will be in attendance, and while rumors of Adam Lambert’s […]

Deluxe Versions of Adam Lambert’s Trespassing Available for Pre-Order

by Carol Hagey Adam Lambert’s Official Site is offering three deluxe versions of Trespassing, available for pre-order. If you’ve already pre-ordered Trespassing, dont worry! You can also upgrade your order to receive the additional songs/merchandise. Click on the links for more information and to order. 1) The Fan Edition CD/DVD with additional bonus tracks. Also […]

NewNowNext Awards: What It Took to Get Us To the Show!

by Carol Hagey ***This is the continuation about attending the NewNowNext Awards. Get a cup of coffee or tea because this one is bound to go long! And please forgive me if it reads a little self-serving. Lila and I have never been in a situation like this before, it probably won’t happen again, and […]

Adam has a Trespassing Twitter Party!

From April 17th: @adamlambert: Twitter PARTY!!! C’mon ask me bout this album @hmbscully: @adamlambert When is the TOUR to support the ALBUM? 😉 @hmbscully not sure yet doll. 🙂 “@_Tayshell: @adamlambert what’s your favorite song on it??” I love them all!! “@XxMusicLuvr18xX: @adamlambert Where do you get your leopard pants? Werkkkk!” hahha I think they’re […]

Listen to snippets of every song on Trespassing!!!

iTunes Australia has posted 30 second (or longer) snippets of every song from Trespassing! Follow this link and then “View in iTunes”. When iTunes opens it might say something like “You can’t view this because it’s in Australia’s store. Do you want to change stores?” Say yes and you can then listen to it all! Just […]

Stream Never Close Our Eyes now!

Adam Official has released Never Close Our Eyes on Sound Cloud. Give it a listen! Don’t miss the other songs released by looking to the right of the page. Also listed is a clip of Cuckoo and Naked Love, the full version of Trespassing and a remix of Better Than I Know Myself!

Adam on Jimmy Kimmel

Adam is scheduled to perform a mini concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live, April 26 at his outdoor venue. Get your tickets here: Tickets are free, but you do have to register. I’m not sure what the difference is between Kimmel’s indoor and outdoor concerts, but this seems to be one of the few that […]