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***UPDATED: IT’S OFFICIAL – Adam Lambert & Queen UK Concert Canceled :(

picture courtesy Getty Images ***Please read the second comment by Bon for the text of the letter from Sonisphere. It sounds like it might be true!! 🙁 The internet is exploding right now with stories saying not only is the Queen/Adam Lambert concert-of-a-lifetime called off but the entire Sonisphere concert has been canceled. I don’t […]

Happy Birthday Sauli!!!

pix courtesy of casey270 The Official Unofficial Adam Lambert Site would like to wish Sauli Koskinen a very happy birthday!! We hope life in the United States has been wonderful for you and wish you all the best for this next year! We are so appreciative of how your love has made Adam so happy […]

MAPRIL Is Coming! Adam Lambert Surprises Us With New Trespassing Release Date!

Round two has begun! Adam took to Twitter yesterday to let his fans know that there is a new release date for Trespassing, his second full album. I’m sure we all hope this is really it – Adam included! @adamlambert TRESPASSING Release date!!!! MAY 15th!!!! We have already heard and seen videos of him performing […]

Four Snippets From Trespassing – Production Quality!

Yesterday was supposed to be our day for the release of Trespassing. And as we all know, whether the blame lies on the business side or the creative side, the release as been delayed until “Mapril.” As a token reward for our patience, 4 snippets have been released instead. We’ve been hearing and seeing videos […]

Adam Lambert Talks Red Carpet Behavior, What’s In His Pockets and a Surprise Marriage Proposal!

Direct from Adam Lambert’s radio tour, Adam stops to chat and perform for a very lucky audience at Boston’s Mix 104. Adam is a bit rambunctious in this 25 minute video. Maybe he was a little sleep deprived from the power outage the night before in the hotel? Throughout this session, he displays the great […]

*** ANOTHER NEW SONG ADDED!!! Holy Jezebel! New Music from Adam Lambert Sneaks Out!

Thank goodness MishaRW was in attendance at Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine party on March 8th with a cell phone/video camera. Thank you!!! We finally get full performance versions of three of Adam Lambert’s unreleased music! Let me repeat that – these are full songs – not just 45 second snippets! I hope all the politics and […]

More Yahoo omg! Interview with Adam Lambert

Here’s another part to the British Yahoo omg! interview with Rebecca Twomey. I guess he’s no longer pulling questions from the hat. I think this is the most laid-back wardrobe I’ve ever seen Adam wear! I don’t take his comment personally about the people who spend their time sitting at their computer not having a […]

Adam Lambert Pulls Questions From a Hat!

Adam Lambert sat down with in England, and answered fans’ questions from Twitter. He had the honor of pulling these questions from a hat. If you’re thinking you can just listen to this while you do work, you better think again! Aside from the obvious (why wouldn’t you want to look at Adam?!) you […]

Adam Lambert vs Freddie Mercury – Hardcore Match!

Evidently there is a war going on between fans of Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert over Queen’s choice of having Adam sing with them. I’m sure it’s none of you, right? Absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me! I don’t even know what Freddie’s fans could be upset about. Adam would be the first person to […]