2012 Star Amanda Peet Whispers: “I Love Him!”

I’ve never thought much about Amanda Peet as an actress or person…but she got my attention when she was asked about Adam Lambert and she shyly whispered, “I Love Him!” She is one of us, and doesn’t even know it! John Cusack, on the other hand, was admittedly clueless.

I thought Amanda’s reaction was very cute. She was obviously the one starstruck with Adam.

Dana, Glamb #6

Tuesday night, at the Los Angeles red-carpet premiere for “2012” — that most disastrous of all disaster movies — Adam Lambert told reporters that he feels honored to have contributed “Time for Miracles” to the film’s soundtrack. So how do the film’s stars feel about it?

“I love him,” Amanda Peet told MTV News of the “American Idol” runner-up. “I love him. I love him.”

John Cusack, meanwhile, was less honored than amusingly confused when asked about the man known as Glambert. “I have no clue,” he confessed. “No, I’ve seen ‘American Idol.’ They have the guy, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He was on that, right? Anderson Cooper won a few times.”

Well played, Cusack! Peet wasn’t able to play it nearly as cool the one and only time she had the opportunity to meet Lambert, at the “2012” premiere. “I said ‘Hi,’ but by the time I said ‘Hi,’ he was already walking past, and I was walking this way, and it was too late to accost him because he had already gone by,” the actress laughed. “Which is probably a good thing.”

Like Cusack, director Roland Emmerich had never heard of Lambert before his involvement with “2012.” Emmerich was busy filming during the past “Idol” season, and he never watches TV anyway. But he liked the song, and a Sony exec showed him some YouTube videos of Lambert, suggesting he’d be a good fit to sing it.

“I said, ‘Oh, my God, what an incredible voice,’ ” the director told MTV News.

So, Lambert recorded “Miracles,” which became his post-“Idol” debut as well as a bonus track on his major-label debut, For Your Entertainment, which hits on November 23, 10 days after the release of “2012.”

Peet can’t wait to hear the tracks. “I’m excited,” she said with a grin.

Article Source:  http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1625721/20091106/lambert_adam_american_idol_.jhtml


  1. For goodness sake (or stronger) how can anyone be invoved in a project such as making a movie and not be interested enough to not find out all the details that are invovled in making that movie come together. I would not go to the end of the street to see John Cusack. but will be going to see it because of Adam. Grrrrrr Cusack is a non event in my book, but I hope a lot of people go to see the movie, and get to hear Adam.

    • Cusak is a joker, otherwise how could he have come up with “Sanjay Gupta” when he meant “Sanjaya” from two seasons ago? I think he is a little centred out by Adam’s apparent popularity because people were calling out Adam’s name on the red (black) carpet and not his!! He was almost grouchy during his livestream interview.

      • Lisette here..passing thru an notice update..luv to all glambs an thenks Dana for poste thes video with stars of 2012..Agree with yu Theresa(hugs for welwishes always)aw yes how can thes actor John Cusack not know of Adam..gathre twas joke indeed..He’d av to non be on same planet even if not tv,au media bug.Adam is everywhere on web,US journals,magazins,satellite international,internet all connections..Unless one was Amish an non permitte to see such communications then j’compris he’d not be aware this estraordinaire artiste has taken l’monde by storm..Even othre nite viewing QVC latenite heures some oldre femme calle in to a fellow Jonathan Redford who hosts latenite announcing/program..An she was asque to comment on a recent purchase.Host Jonathan inquire how she liked (thinq was for electronics item) gave critique an flirted with him saying if yu look like Adam Lambert..thinq I’ll adopt yu as a grandson who she had purchase 40inch flatscreen tv..Jonathan laughe an say amazingly he knew Adam thru local southern Calif. local theatre in passe(unsure if thes is true)..An gathre only Adam can mentione if fact au fiction on parte of thes host (of QVC).,.just to point out even QVC customers are mentione Adam while purchasing Noel Gifts..too funny..so John Cusack..get with le monde now!!Bravo to Amanda Peet a gal with superbe taste in musique an adoring Adam too! Blessing,luv to all here an Adam l’ange d’musique.j’adore vous always..legend of millenium, an prince of heartes!xoxoxo!!

        • sherry s. says:

          OK. I’ve had two robust laughs tonight.

          Your QVC story, Lisette (hope the hand is finally improving) and Theresa/Canada’s cat video on the previous page (2012 music video page, toward the bottom). Great fun!

          • Lisette passing by agan wee heures taking meds merci too Sherry an well has to be he’s part of Amish just has escape for little while is al(he-he) but gathre is his ego as an actor an doesnon wish to have limelit taken away from him..too bad John best be use to thes from now on..An given he’s had much attention before,time to share l’spotlit an even noir carpet seeing beauhearte Adam on premiere an being interviewe infinite temes seen on videos (et news,international sites,etc..so garde le monde here comes Adam!.Blessings an luv always Lisettexoxo!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Hey Lisette!!! Glad you’re here, and hope your meds are helping some. I was thinking the same thing about Cusak. He has to know ADAM from the soundtrack-TFM. There’s no actor that gets by not knowing something about their own movie. They’d have to be involved somehow. But yeah, he probably heard that all the GLAMBS & all other ADAM fans were going to see the movie just to hear TFM by ADAM LAMBERT!!! ADAM is so beyond Hollywood to me, I was a big Brangelina fan, but now I could care less. Well, I do give brad Pitt a glance here and there, that’s all. I give ADAM all my attention,100%!! No other actors or actresses. Chow Lisette! Love ya!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Hello Lisette,
              Good to see you. How is your hand?
              Lots of love,

        • Good to hear from you again, Lisette! We have missed you here! I do hope your hand is better these days. Glad to see that your sense of humour has not been damaged – very funny comments especially “Unless one was Amish an non permitte to see such communications then j’compris he’d not be aware this estraordinaire artiste has taken l’monde by storm.” HA! I agree! At this point, Adam’s name has been mentioned in the regular news, commentary, even TV Guide and in Jay Leno’s opening monologue. He has truly hit the mainstream! If anyone out there still doesn’t know who Adam is then they are just uninformed boobs who just aren’t tuned into anything going on in the world!

          However, I think that John Cusack might have felt a bit embarrassed at the end (or just wanted Amanda to stop gushing over someone he doesn’t know!) and therefore made the joke about who had been on AI. (Maybe he was also getting a tad annoyed that the focus had turned away from him?)


          Glamb #20

          • LIsette agan..grande hugs Jane416 for lovli note here..aw thenks for welwishes an will take longre then especte for hand injurie to mend..praying for no surgie just now phys.therapy.An so here briefly adore all glambs comments an update on our beau Adam.Too funny yu are thet anyone who doesnon know Adam must be a boob!..imagaining this mama mia.Wel an do agree hering Amanda mentioning adoration for Adam sureli made John’s ego feel very petite(othre things..ops being naughty pardon )..Aurevoir lovli glambs luv always Lisettexoxo

      • John is a jokester but, I do think he does know who Adam is and he didn’t want to give our beautiful gracious Adam more attention than he already is getting……….which is WAY more than John is getting. Too bad for John, he could have made himself look better by admitting how hot he thought Adam was or even saying I love him in whisper like Amanda did, that would have been cute, funny, and great at the same time. OH John get off your high horse and realize that Adam is here to stay and you need to accept that……….couch grouch! 😉

        • Trish,

          I agree with you….I’m sure Cusack knows who ADAM is …..he just thinks he’s above it all! Too bad, ADAM is definitely HERE TO STAY….get used to it !!!


    • Sorry Jan and everyone else commenting here . . . John Cusack is one of my 2 favorite actors, and I’ve seen many interviews with him before. His “attitiude” on this answer just goes in line with his personality. He is quite “out there” and is considered a major “player”. One of his best buddies is Jeremy Piven, and the 2 of them make quite a pair when they are out on the town. I think we have to give actors a wide leash and figure that anyone who is able to project a completely different personality for work (acting) and make us believe it is the truth at the moment, deserves leeway.
      Carol – author

    • watch amanda’s eyes when the interviewer mentions adam’s name. she’s so cute. guess what amanda, we all LOVE him.

  2. I know how she feels, loved him from the 1st time I saw him on AI…..hooked ever since!

  3. sorry so mad typed INVOLVED wrong twice.

  4. sherry s. says:

    I was touched when I saw her reaction, too. That soft whisper carried more force than a shout.

    I don’t believe John Cusack was clueless at all. He’s smart. I think he chose to make a joke out of it instead of complimenting Adam. He may be carrying a small chip on his shoulder, because on a “2012” web-site, I saw a poll the other day with the question, “With whom would you rather spend your last day on earth? John Cusack or Adam Lambert?” John Cusack had around 25%, while Adam had around 75% of the vote. And at the premiere, the media were tripping over each other trying to get an interview with Adam. I’ve always liked John Cusack, and my take on this might be all wrong. But I do think he could learn something from Adam in the department of graciousness and praise for others.

    • Right on! I responded above before reading your post, but I see we both noticed Cusack’s lack of graciousness, which is always an Adam quality.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Totally agree, show a little generosity toward an artist who is just starting out and trying to make it in the business. Look at how Adam is always promoting music that he enjoys and they would be direct competition for him. Geez!

    • Thank you Sherry S!
      I looove this poll!!! Hahaha 75% of people wanted to spend their last day with Adam?……. That’s exciting!!!! I did not vote but I’ll be with them too….
      And I also remember when I was watching John Cusack being interviewed and Adam was interviewed nearby. When Adam finished he was walking behind John Cusack and the camera man or the interviewer himself ( I mean who were talking to John Cusack) shouted:Adam! Adam… They forgot about Cusack!… It was not nice but I don’t blame them…. hahaha

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      And did you see Danny Glover approach ADAM first and to shake his hand? To come from a bigger celebrity, that had to have been a nice encounter for ADAM.

  5. You could
    d be right Sherry. Off the subject a bit but today is the first day for a while I have had all the morning on the Computer for myself, so have listened to some earlier stuff, the Ford Day, with Ada, unplugged I just love his voice just with the acoustic guitar, but probably wont get much of that for a while, maybe in future albums all going well, it is hard tio do one album that appeals to all age groups, and tastes. I love everything he does but at thr risk of repeating my self it is his pure unplugged sound that tugs at the heart strings, but I know he wants happy, dancey music this time around.

  6. Adam has spiked the interest of quite a bit of Hollywood. Amanda, I think I would have said “I love him a bit louder” She was in awe I guess. Maybe she will get another chance to acost Adam, look out Adam. John was playing dumb or dumber or has a dry sense of humor. As far as director Roland, thank God for you tube to bring our man into his world. An incredible voice for sure.

    • Hi Mary C. I like your post. There’s too much attention being focused on John Cusack here, too much being read into his dry response. I actually liked that whispered “I love you” of Amanda’s – I thought it was sexy, cute and sweet!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I personally think it would have been funnier, if he too had whispered “I love him”. Give a little cred to an up and coming talent in the business. To each his own, I guess.

  7. That was cute, “I love him”…who don’t…

    John Cusack is a great actor. I watched most of his projects. In regards to Adam, I believe his trying to put it in humor. I am pretty sure he knows who Adam Lambert is. If he don’t, then he will find out very very soon. The Superstar is embarking the industry!

    • I’ve always liked Cusack as an actor…his roles have been well-chosen for him. I think that he is just a quirky kind of guy, and that his sense of humor is quirky too. Perhaps he is abit resentful that ADAM came up in the interview when ADAM isn’t acting in the movie like he did!
      Sometimes using “sense of humor” can cover up feelings if someone is not comfortable with the subject at hand! Just a thought!

      Anything that ADAM is, and will be involved in…you can count that he will be the main man of any topic about it! ADAM is a Star!!!!

  8. puteri abdul says:

    it is one cutest and sweetest I have ever seen !!
    amanda was just being herself when she whispered the ” I love you .. ”
    I could imagine myself do the same thing if I was asked the same question, of wanting to say out loud how much I love adam, but at the same time shy and feeling a little bit embarrased to show my affection knowing not only the world, but adam himself will see .. imagine, a hollywood actress have the feeling like us ..
    but adam being adorable as he is, is not surprising that even a lot of celebrities are infatuated by his charmness ..I remembered adam told the story of how fergie came and hug him from behind during the finals .. I thought that was so sweet ..
    I can imagine how much heart adam has touched by just seeing him performing everyweek in american idols, watching him talking in the interviews that was done, going through his past performance and learning who adam lambert is, that by the end of the finals, all of us are trapped under his spell ..
    and the rest is history ..

  9. Not sure if this video has been posted on this site or not, but I haven’t seen it here so I thought I would post it just in case. Great interview at the 2012 premiere talking about FYE. Love the look on Adam’s face at the end when asked about recording Christmas songs and his comment “I’m a Jew”. I love this Adam. Articulate, relaxed and funny. What could be more sexier.


  10. I wasn’t able to ‘hear the interview very well, but I could certainly see and ‘feel’ it. If you will notice, Amanda’s eyes open very wide as she is asked the question about Adam at the beginning of the interview, and then she comes right out with ‘I love him’, sweetly and in a completely natural, unabashed way. Cusack does look at her as she is describing her having almost met Adam, but a change begins to come over him as she continues on. In the Hollywood hierarchical sense, John Cusack should be the one deferred to, and he should be the one being the only topic of discussion. The guy who does the singing on the end credits, has no clout whatsoever, in the normal order of things, unless of course, the singers happen to be a well-established, old-line rock band or singer, (then, I imagine, John would have said something complimetary). But, who is Adam Lambert to a big-name Hollywood actor, especially to be spending quality interview time on discussing how wonderful he is! Obviously, Adam Lambert is on EVERYbody’s mind in Hollywood, and is catching up fast, and zooming right on ahead of the old established line-up, and that might not be sitting so well with everyone. Adam is now the ‘buzz’, and apparently, interviewers are cutting right across lines of protocol, and asking the ‘horse’s mouth’, so to speak, to give their opinions on him. Adam has invaded the Red Carpet Olympus like a young god among the old guard, and I’m not sure they’re ready for him. As the interview progresses, you will notice John’s right hand on his leg making a constant stroking motion, which becomes more and more pronouced. The feeling I get from John is that the talk about Adam Lambert has gone on too long, and a question about the singer should not have been asked in the first place, since to a major Hollywood actor, the low man on the totem pole, the singer, (Adam), for God’s sake, is a non-entity. To act like he doesn’t even know who Adam is or what American Idol is all about, further underscores the ‘non-importance’ of anything other than serious acting in major films.

    How sad. Adam himself is the soul of courtesy, good manners, and kindness, and easily shares himself and the ‘spotlight’ with others. Adam is a gracious man. And Amanda is just being herself, putting on no pretentious airs, and is just simply saying, ‘I love him’. Adam disarms pretension, and that is not welcomed everywhere, especially where people can take themselves and their profession far too seriously. It will be interesting, and probably more than a little uncomfortable at times, to see Adam try to navigate through the Hollywood scene with his usual poise and grace. People do not like to be ‘eclipsed’, and Adam is a large enough planet, all on his own, to grab the attention of all Hollywood. The ‘scene’ is headed for a shake-up, and the one doing the shaking is already walking up and down that scarlet road outside their doors. Planet Hollywood is making its acquaintance with Planet Fierce, and I’m pretty sure the Fierceling Planet has the bigger bombs. Stay tuned…there’s far more to come…because all of Planet Earth is waiting for him now.

    • OH my, Lorrin,, you have nailed it yet again in your eloquent prose… Adam is shaking up the status quo in good ol’ Hollywood… just hope it doesnt rebound against him. He needs the good will of the established entertainers. The old guard needs to look up, open their eyes and ears and see this newcomer with so much talent. But it might be a bit of a prickly time for a while.

    • puteri abdul says:

      lorrin, for someone who could not really hear quite well, I think you hear better than those who can .. you hear from your heart, thus your postings are really heartfelt .. beautiful ………..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Goosebumps!!! You got that right, but poor sweet, innocent, sexy, and gifted ADAM can’t help himself. He was gifted this voice and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I see what you’re saying Lorrin. I cannot wait til that book of yours comes out. It’s going to be like a James Bond movie, every scene there is always excitement and adventure. In your case, every sentence, every paragraph, every comma, exclamation point, and every period, there is going to be excitement, drama, adventure, so don’t miss one sentence. I’m excited for you, cannot wait!!! Love you L!!!

    • Well-said and well-written, Lorrin…as usual, I might add! You never disappoint and all your prose is a pleasure to read…and indeed “heartfelt” as puteri abdul has said.

      I just want to say that I think there’s always a shock in Hollywood when someone at the top of their game finds themselves supplanted and upstaged by some up and coming younger person who was totally unknown a year before. It reminds me of the look on Faith Hill’s face when she lost some award to Carrie Underwood – it was a look of shock, like someone had just pulled the rug out from beneath them.

      Think about it. John Cusack is the star of the movie, after all! And Adam just the singer in the end title credits, not reallly even a part of the movie itself. In a logical sense, the attention on Adam is indeed lopsided here.

      • Songwriter, I’ll never forget the look on Faith Hill’s face when she lost to Carrie. Changed my feeling
        toward her from then on.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Lorrin and Songwriter
        Lorrin well said as usual and you have brought up some points that I’m starting to get a little nervous about. There have been a lot of negative blogs out there since FYE came out. Of particular note, is that a lot of the dj’s/music people are getting their noses out of joint because of the number of people bombarding the stations with requests for Adam’s music especially along the line of tweets. A lot are saying that we the fans are going to ruin it for Adam (similar to what happened with Clay Aiken’s fans–yuck to be compared!!) in that they will purposely NOT play his music.
        Songwriter, you may know something about this and I would appreciate your input. I read that usually only about 4 new songs a month get air play and it’s usually up to the program manager what they play, so does that mean that if they personally don’t like Adam or his music, it won’t get played?
        I’m at a loss as to what to do. My local station has a request form on their website that you can fill out to request a song and I have been doing that. What should we do? Should we write to 19 Entertainment instead and why aren’t their PR people promoting Adam’s single. It’s confusing, because it seems to come and go on I-tunes. One minute it’s up there, the next it’s disappeared from the chart, then it’s back again–what’s up with that?
        It really bothers me because Adam is so derserving of success and yet it seems there are elements out there against him???? What do you think? Or am I jumping the gun and once the movie is released and his cd is released, the publicity for him will start???
        I’m so confused!!!! (and very upset!!!)

        • First, money talks. The CD hasn’t even been released yet, so Adam is still “unproven” and by that I mean he does not have a track record (no pun intended) of sales. Therefore expectations of airplay at this stage of Adam’s career are premature. Take my word for it, if the CD album sales are impressive, that’s when PD’s (Program Directors) may take notice.

          Second, I was the one who mentioned that PD’s on the huge syndicated networks may only add 4 new tracks a month, and then typically only those released by “proven” artists. Remember that the purpose of commercial radio is to sell advertising, period, and to play familiar music in between the commercials which keeps the desired demographic tuned in.

          Community radio and college radio are avenues for air play but there is no money in it. At these small stations, the unpaid DJ’s do get to select music; at the commercial radio stations, the DJ’s rarely if ever get to select the music, except in some “mix” shows. The Program Directors select the music.

          Promotion is huge in the major radio arena. If a label believes in an artist and is willing to put the money in for promotion, they will handle this promotion in-house or outsource it to companies where all they do all day is have promo people contact PD’s to “sell” them on airplay. It takes time to develop such campaigns and it doesn’t happen overnight.

          Promotional campaigns are frequently tied to tour dates. For example, when Adam sets up his first tour, they may do a huge campaign focusing one at a time on the major markets where Adam will appear. They may develop incentives such as CD giveaways or tie-in promotions where the station itself will stage a party or event that gives them publicity, as well as the artist and the sponsor(s). You get the picture.

          So, just be patient. The last thing one would want to do is to try to harass a DJ or Program Manager at this stage of the game. Adam doesn’t need a grass roots campaign, by the way. Don’t you think that RCA Records has its own business plan developed for the artist with a sophisticated roll-out campaign planned to coincide with his first tour?

          I do think it’s likely that there will be some continued resistance to Adam. He’s not everybody’s cup of tea and many people have never even heard of him (yeah, hard to believe, but true). I see that Billboard appears to be snubbing him – but believe me, if Adam starts charting regularly, they’ll pay attention. Don’t forget, when it comes right down to it, it’s not about the artistry, it’s about the money. Sorry if this sounds too cynical, but it’s true.

          Helen/Canada, you asked, and I do hope this clarifies some of your concerns.

          Glamb #72

          • This is EXCELLENT information, Songwriter! Thanks so much. Clears so much up.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Thank you Songwriter4Adam, you learn something new every day. So is Kris & Allison in the same position?

          • Songwriter, Very informative.. thank you. One of our local radio stations WNCI has Adam
            being promoted on their website as new artist. Was so happy to see this. That particular
            station broadcasts the Ryan Seacrest show as well. I did make a phone last Saturday during their request a song timeline and requested Adam of course and they were happy to oblige. Hope RCA has a damm well business
            plan developed for Adam.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Whew! Thanks Songwriter. I feel a bit better now. It helps to understand how all this music biz stuff works. Too bad it’s all about the money and not the talent–that’s very sad in a way, so many talented people out there that will probably never be heard. Anyway, I hope that Adam’s label does have a good plan for him and we will be hearing him on the radio soon. I don’t really listen to a lot of radio, especially now, since I’ve downloaded Adam’s songs and made my own cd, but radio play is a way to get his music out to the masses so he can become the world wide star we all know he was meant to be.
            Too bad Billboard is snubbing him. I hope it will come back to bite all these people who are against him. I’m not saying that everyone should love him like we do (yes, I really am, LOL), but if you don’t care for him, there’s no reason to be mean about it. What has he ever done to anybody. He’s always been so polite and gracious, it pisses me off when people are nasty.
            So thanks again for the info and we will just patiently wait for the release of the movie and cd. That’s the hardest part–waiting!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              My brain is not working–did I spell patiently right???? Duh, Adam brain again, he makes mine turn to mush!

          • Thank you so much for this songwriter. You gave us some hope for the future.

    • omg Lorrin, you got me so excited, but a little nervous as well for Adam. I hope doors does not get shut in his face because of his talent and of course of just being Adam. You have such a way with words, I can’t wait for part 2 of this story. That’s how you ended it, with almost a sequel will be made in relation to Planet Hollywood and Planet Fierce. Love it

  11. OOPS!! above site wrong– please try this one! A great interview!


    • I always find myself smiling and loving ADAM even more (if that’s possible!) when I see one of his interviews…..he is soooo sweet, honest, and open! When he said what he’d do if the world was coming to an end…ADAM cracked me up…that was sooooooo funny and cute! What a guy! What fun it would be to be his friend and hang out with him! He would be a great and trustworthy friend.

      • jaberone, I know to hang out with Adam would be a blast, listen to music, play games, talk, laugh,
        have some wine, …………………… oh the list can go on and on. I’ll keep it clean This Time,haha

    • One of my favorite interviews. Great questions, fun answers. Who but Adam would suggest you “Stop, drop, and roll,” to survive the end of the world ??!! It is like absolutely nothing throws him off his stride. My second favorite laugh was when someone asked about a Christmas album and he looked puzzled and answered simply, with his wonderful laugh,”I’m a Jew.” I’m sure he takes a lot of the reporters by surprise with his ease, intelligence, and sense of humor.

      Has anyone else been thinking about the good possibility that this song will be nominated for an Oscar and he may be on the show performing it ? I was going to boycott the show because I don’t like Alec Baldwin, who will be one of the hosts, but Adam trumps Alec, so I’ll definitely watching if TFM is nominated.

    • One of the best little interviews, he seems lit up……….. So cute and happy.

  12. After listening to this interview too many times I have to think Adam knows exactly what he is saying at every turn and loves messing with us!

    He looks at both girl interviewers in the eyes and says “It erupted and had this climax and it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, higher and higher and I said This is gonna be FUN”

    Coincidence?? HMMMM.

    What do you think?

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBe_vA6cOKY

    Addtional footage

    Adam is soo humble and sweet!!

    • summer, I can watch these over and over again. Adams eyes are so gorgeous. How he looks
      into a person is so dreamy.

  14. Nah! Summer, very little is a coincidence with Adam. He has a strong sense of humour and of the absurd and loves to play with words.

  15. AdoringAdam says:

    I like John Cusak but I thought he could have been more gracious instead of trying to be funny. It’s hard to believe he didn’t know who Adam Lambert was. I’m sure he was a bit jealous especially when his female co-star LOVES Adam and he is just about drooling over the mention of his name.. Thanks for the video.

  16. John Cusack better watch out because Adam would be a way better leading man in any film!.Oh I can just see him (ADAM) in any leading role–singing-acting-TV. OR he could just stand there and I’d still melt! Barbie

  17. mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

    Amanda, let’s shout it out together……..I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jane Parker says:

    Any actress worth mentioning is going to love ADAM like we do!!

    Amanda is cool and she is one of us!!!

  19. You know..John Cusak reaction remind me my husband,I think it’s the typical man reaction at Adam’s name.Adam who? I’m a real man ,I don’t care about a not establish singer,who happens to be gay, who all women are crazy about.They don’t want to admit that they are jealous of him,and they don’t understand the spell he put on us,they are confused.

    • KO's smiling says:

      Your husband sounds like my boyfriend. Poor guys, they just don’t get it.

    • Yes, Ibor. My husband has the same reaction. Now he just rolls his eyes. And, as much as I hate to say it, I’m beginning to understand. It seems like some of us have been taking it personally that anyone doesn’t adore Adam the way we do. My husband took me to the AI tour, and he admired Adam tremendously. But I noticed that he seemed to really enjoy Kris more. I was kinda surprised, and, I must say, a little disappointed. Seems I was kinda keeping the competition going.

      Diehard fans can be obnoxious when they insist that others put Adam first. In the recent release of the news of the free Kradison concert, I have been SO embarrassed at the immature ingratitude. The concert feels like a beautiful reunion of three great friends to me. I’m certain that Adam is not competing–he is simply enjoying being a part of this reunion. So why are the Adam fans still competing?

      I’m really glad to see the reaction as I realize that I’ve been doing the same thing. Somewhere deep inside, I wanted Adam’s first single to blast to the top of the charts and show all those “haters” that they were wrong not choosing him. That is not a good reason to support anyone. And it isn’t helping Adam.

      John Cusak is a wonderful actor. Why would anyone want to demean him for his non-response? Why make comparisons? Why not allow Adam to stand in his own beauty without comparing him to others in a lesser light? Adam’s glory can stand on it’s own.

      I notice that Adam has not been tweeting much since the release of FYE. I don’t think he wants to join the negative fray. He just want to sing. He just wants to love. He just wants to enjoy whatever he’s doing. He does not want to compete with anyone but himself.

      If fans want to “help” Adam, they might want to consider first not pitting him against everyone else. Many dj’s are resisting playing his single because they are feeling the cult-like obsession of Adam fans trying to shove him down their throats. Don’t we think Adam can stand on his own?

      I do. And I’m supporting Kradison because Adam is. And Adam is my newest role model. He just loves. And that’s enough for me!!!!

      • Mary C, another great post. There is a reason the two words “fan” and “fanatic” are related, and truth be told, we are all a bit of the latter here. But I prefer to call us, uh, “enthusiastic”, don’t you?

        I do get what you’re saying, though, totally. It came home to me how skewed my point of view was when I tried to show my girlfriend the TFM video this weekend. Yeah, she’d heard of Adam, but she wasn’t impressed on any level and in fact made some judgmental remark that he was young enough to be my son. I mean, how many of us here haven’t heard similar remarks from some stuffy, uptight person our own age. ANYBODY WHO DOESN’T LOVE ADAM IS A BLIND IDIOT, RIGHT?

        Oops, someone’s getting fanatical again…and I think it might be ME!

        • Songwriter, cant take credit for this one, Its Mary S………….
          love and peace

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          You know, I kind of make decisions based on logic. If it doesn’t make sense then it doesn’t work for me. But how I base my decision on ADAM, is that he can sing and he can entertain and he is exciting. It’s like to me, why doesn’t his person think this person is a good singer? It just doesn’t make any sense. Why eat a rotten apple when there is a fresh new one in front of you waiting to be eaten?

      • I must have missed the Kradison news? I think the 3 of them hooking up again would be awesome!
        Love your statement “He just loves”

      • Mary S, I just read, on another site, that one DJ was inundated with emails re. playing Adam’s single and he responded in such a way that it set off some fans’ ire. I think it might have been Glamberts, who tend to be the most ‘visible’ of all of us. At least their name was the one being used on twitter.

        I agree, I think we must cool our jets somewhat and be very very careful we don’t come off as fanatical. WE can be like that on this site, among ourselves if we wish, but should be a little more discrete when we are talking in ‘public’ re our devotion to Adam.

        I think part of the problem is we have had to wait so very long for that album, having heard it was going to exist back in early summer. We are just like kids waiting for Christmas!

        Re. Cusak, I still think he made a poor impression and I had no prior prejudice toward him, in fact I liked him before. He came across as just plain grouchy in that interview, IMO.

        • I mean the 2012 red carpet interview, not this one above.

        • Yes, Theresa, we have all been insanely excited about the release of Adam’s single and album. I was so excited the night that we trended #4YourEntertainment on Twitter all night long. It was a high–and I was so ready to watch the song shoot up the charts. But it has been a slower process than I thought, and I’ve had to “cool my jets”–realizing that ramming it down anyone’s throat was antithetical to my desires.

          As I read some tweets, I’m still seeing a lot of Kris/Adam competition, and I realized that that is not serving anyone. It is not what Adam or Kris want. They are NOT competing, just both trying to make it in the music world by being true to who they are.

          So it made me take a good look at my own need for Adam to surpass Kris. And I’m letting it go. I’m over it! Adam doesn’t need or want that kind of support. In fact, as you say, it is detrimental to him.

          On another note, I thought John Cusak was adorable and funny in that interview. In fact, I thought he was hilarious! Love that dry sense of humor. To me, it just wasn’t about Adam. It was just John being funny. Love him!

          I’m just not going to take anyone else’s feeling towards Adam personally anymore cuz it just doesn’t feel good and it certainly doesn’t help Adam!

  20. John Cusack was just joking–how could he not know who sings Time for Miracles in his own movie? His mention of Wolf Blitzer, Sanjay Gupta, and Anderson Cooper I thought was very funny! So he’s a news junkie. I think he was just trying to make fun of Amanda, since they’ve made 3 movies together and are good friends. So Glams, don’t take him seriously. Saw This Is It. One of the previews was 2012 and there weren’t any words in the preview, just Adam’s song was played exceptionally loud throughout the preview! I thought This Is It was a terrific documentary–I never was a Michael Jackson fan (innocent or not), but this movie did bring tears to my eyes a few times. Since Freddie Mercury was an inspiration to Adam, I have been trolling my computer for his music. Found a lot. If you want to listen to a few of his songs, I would recommend Bohemian Rhapsody (Adam sang a bit of it for the AI competition) and another song is Barcelona with the opera singer Monserrette Caballe. Both songs are amazing. Can easily be found on Google (sorry, I am a computer dummy and don’t know how to post these songs).

    Deb, yesterday you wrote that Jackie Wilson, Adam Lambert, and Freddie Mercury were named the most skilled rock vocalists of all time. You mentioned the DDD Music Forum. What is that forum? I’ve never heard of it. Adam is the only one alive among those three!

    I hope Adam sings Soaked on the AMAs. That song and a few others of the tidbits we heard from Amazon UK would be my favorites. And I agree with most everyone on this site that Adam doesn’t need all that “noise” in the background when he sings. On Regis and Kelly he had only the piano accompany him and on the Ford show he just had the guitar accompany him. He doesn’t need anything else–his voice is so amazing, why ruin a good song with all that crap?

    • Sorry, Judy, but Adam says he is doing his single on AMA, For your Entertainment. Still, it’ll be a hot production I am sure!

      • Oh a hottter that hot production I’m sure at the AMA’s. Just listen to Adam talk about how he is
        busy rehearsing for the upcoming performance with the dancers, the band, what he is going to wear???? Oh is he ever so excited. I’m so excited listening to him be excited!
        Just come on out with the whip Adam, dancing and singing and Entertaining………..

        • In my head I envision Adam strutting around the stage cracking one of his cat-o-9-tail sex whips in time to the whippy beats in the song, wearing the sexiest outfit imaginable. Can’t wait – I am counting the days!

    • Ahhhhh…Soaked will have it’s day in the sun. That seems assured with the amazing response to the 30-second snippet.

      I’m so looking forward to watching Adam perform FYE!! It will be like watching him on Idol and on tour again. His performances are as amazing as his voice.

  21. Amanda is ‘one of us’ and I think John isn’t familiar with Adam and didn’t actually know what to say and was maybe embarrassed by not knowing-thusly trying to make a witty comment. I’ll bet, once hearing Adam sing etc, John will become a fan. Betcha.

  22. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    When the timer for ADAM’s new cd comes around, can we do a “Top ten reasons why we love ADAM ” for the last ten days. For example, #10 reason why we all love ADAM, and each one of us can post our our own reason. Then #9,#8,#7, all the way to #1. What’d ya say Jeanette?

  23. If someone is yelling “Adam, Adam, Adam” behind me I am sure I would know or find out who this Adam is..If John Cusack was trying to be funny,,sorry,,but, it came out as being Dumb!
    I also liked watching Cusack and he does act sorta spacy in his roles, I thought that was just the part that he played, now I wonder if he was acting or just being himself..
    SUMMER, loved these interviews clips, course I just love seeing and hearing Adam anytime…..
    Thank you!

  24. AdamAddict says:

    LMAO!I think if Adam walking and coming right towards me,I’ll be like her too.”Ok,ok,calm down,just say hi,say hi politely,shake his hand,maybe hug him a bit and kiss him on the cheeks.Ok,make it like it’s nothing,act cool,woman”When U busy mumbling calm yourself,he already walked passed.But unlike her,I will run make a turn,then calm myself again and this time hoping my voice will come out before Adam walk pass again.LOL!Who can blame her?Jeanette lost her voice when Adam right in front of him then 2nd time almosy lost her handbag!!! 0_o Some of the girls probably ready to loose their virginity!!!LOL!!Not me tho!Not all that have guts molesting Adam’s hand or asked to sign on her chest!!!Hahaha!!! 🙂

    P/S: Where is Ingrid?U think she actually apply for “Chief of all Adam’s body part” job??!!

    • AdamAddict, laughing out loud at you girl. You are so cute. When he comes your way on tour,
      you better get up the nerve and ask him to sign whatever you want signed, magazine, picture,
      chest, if ya dont ask, you wont get………….. Jeanette lost her voice? Oh yeh I remember that
      now. She made up for it in GR……….. The words just flowed out…………..

  25. Lambertini says:

    I think John Knows exactly who Adam is and was trying to be funny- but at the same time- downplay Adam be cause yes,perhaps he does feels bit snubbed. Well, John- get used to Adam because he is here to stay!!! Amanda was soo funny- she was all excited to see him & talk to him & nervous at the same time- she is one of us!!

  26. Has anyone gone to the Youtube and seen the dance videos people are posting to Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” song? They are great! I really like the Asian Group number the best but how cute is it they are all dancing, taping their dance moves and then posting it.


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