2012 Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order!

See here for a list of the songs included on the 2012 soundtrack (yes, “Time for Miracles” is included!) and also a cast list.

Adam just tweeted this a few minutes ago:

“Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!” YAY!!! A video is coming!!!


The soundtrack for the upcoming disaster film 2012 is due out on November 10th and is available now for pre-order on Amazon. A playlist of the tracks is not yet available, but Adam’s theme song “Time for Miracles” is expected to be included. The movie itself is due to hit theaters on November 13th.

You can order it here: Here

Just like Adam’s as-of-yet untitled CD, the 2012 soundtrack is certain to skyrocket up the Amazon music rankings. As of Saturday, Oct. 3rd at 5:30pm, it is ranked #49 in music.

Way, way back on September 4th, when Adam held a twitter party after the Madison concert (sending me, Sandra, and Mary to the bar at the Sheraton to commiserate) instead of coming out to sign autographs, he tweeted this:

“RT @Melissa4Adam: @adamlambert Brian May is raving about your song for 2012. What kind of sound is it? Classic rock ballad.Earthy and catchy”

I’ve ordered my copy!

This is an end-of-tour interview, but starting at 3:50 Adam talks quite a bit about “Time For Miracles” and the type of song it is.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Glambertcraze says:

    Ryan Tedder says Adam is out of his mind and he is very happy to be working with him. They have done 4 songs together so far and he is hoping one of them is Adams first single.
    I want them ALLLLLL NOWWWWW. We’ve been patient – kinda. All this waiting suckssssss

    • Hey Glambertcraze! Am I in 2nd? Ooo! Lucky number 2! I do plan on ordering these cds and this is something I would not normally do but is there anything normal about ADAM LAMBERT ? Hell no! ADAM has ultimate human powers and there couldn’t have been a more perfect person. Actually, I’m finding myself doing things that aren’t normal like I have one of the mags with ADAM’s full size pic, laying in my front seat of my car. Sometimes he’s in the back seat. Yes, I cannot wait until ADAM’s cd comes out! My stomach gets all knotted up and all butterflies.I wore large silver butterfly earrings and angel wings necklace to ADAM’s Dallas concert. I now have them hanging from my rearview mirror. I was so blessed to have been in the same room as ADAM and to hear his magical voice. Talk to ya later!! PLL LOVE TO ADAM and to the GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!!!

      • David Cook is appearing in 5 weeks in a venue where I work. All I can think about is how to get up into the green room and FORCE him to text Adam about how excited we all are for him and how proud we are of him. Shhhhh, don’t repeat that or I’ll get fired. Not only that, I wouldn’t really do it, but just hope Adam can feel all the positive vibes we send his way. When I read the tweet about the new video, the first of 2 in the next month or so, I hope, it was like a shot in the arm that maybe we all will make it through the next 7 or 8 weeks. My family know that all I want for Christmas are Adam concert tickets. I’ve already ordered the CD on Amazon, plus one for a friend, and I’m preparing friends in 3 or 4 cities around the country to expect me for a few days when Adam’s tour gets to their area.

        • Good planning carrie, that’s the way to do it, and maybe pull along a few of your friends as new converts in the ever enlarging ‘Adam net’!!

        • carrie, I love your upcoming plans. You go girl.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Carrie, will you get to meet David Cook, if so please tell him that he has lots of fans in New Zealand and that we want to see him down here one day on tour. He is a lovely guy and was my absolute favourite Idol until Adam appeared on the scene (but don’t tell him that will you).

          I will be one of the few, so it seems, watching Idol next year, mainly because I love music and I know that there will never be anyone like Adam ever again so I am safe in that knowledge that they won’t find anyone better, but it is always good to watch and see the upcoming talent. Last year I thought no one could be better than David Cook and look what happened, though that won’t happen with Adam because he is, well he is Adam, you know what I mean.

      • AMEN!

      • lisette here blessings an grande hugs to yu,an all glambs for wellwishes.typing 1 handed just to send special merci beacoup here..an seeing nous ange adam here takes awy pains..blessings an luv to all an adam always..adam vous etes ma miracle an best health remedie..toi musique,beauface,hearte an celestial voix are a rai d’lit always..blessings j’etaime tojous lisette..lub to all belle glanbs gals..luv lisette in nevadaxoxoxo

    • What’s wrong with tedder? He acts like he has seen a ghost. A lot of people in the music biz seem to be a little , well alot, surprised by ADAM. We knew ADAM had IT a long time ago. C,mon people of the music biz open up your ears,eyes, and hearts. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND ANOTHER SUPERSTAR , A VERY SPECIAL ONE AT THAT, LIKE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!

    • Glambertcraze, What a compliment “Adam is out of his mind” He probably love that !!
      Loved Adams twitter ” YAY” A video is coming. Cant you just see him saying that, being all cute and sexy and smiling. OOHHHHHHHHH

  2. I translated and put it on my Brazilian website about Adam..
    is there a problem? I put your as a source

    • Hi Jessy,
      Could you please give a link to your Brazilian website… Is it in Spanish?
      Trying to study Spanish… Trying to read about something you are interested is much more fun!!!!


      • Hello kimber, I haven’t had a chance to speak with you yet, welcome to our Glambs family! From reading some of your other posts, it looks like you’re enjoying your time here with us immensely, and that you truly love the group of people who all meet here together to share our love of Adam Lambert. We’re very happy to have your extremely energetic and upbeat presence here among us! I just want to say that I entirely agree with you when you say that Adam’s fans, especially here on this site, have a special and unusually strong bond with Adam, and that we ourselves are special in our own way because we recognize Adam’s uniqueness. If you have read some of the oldest threads on this site, I think you will see that we have been commenting on this very fact for many weeks. We do indeed see Adam’s unique, perhaps ‘spiritual’, perhaps ‘otherworldly’ nature, as well as his incredible and very human intensity and charismatic power over people. We have recognized from the very beginning his ‘fierce’ and almost extra-human nature on the stage, which is paired together with his overwhelmingly charming and boyish personality away from it. The mystery surrounding him, his intriguing ways, his phenomenal beauty and vocal talent, and his seductive, sweet temperment have kept us all talking about him and commenting on him from almost the very beginnings of our time together on this website. I agree with you completely that there is something in ‘us’ that sees the something in ‘him’ that is so very special, spiritual, and otherworldly (some would say angelic), that sets him so competely apart from anyone else we have ever known. We too, have that something special about us that is ‘sensitive’ to the beauty of this man. We ‘see through a glass darkly’ everything that is taking place on this earth, but who is to say that something really and truly special might not be happening between Adam Lambert and all his beautiful fans? Perhaps we have all migrated here together at this time to be with him for a reason, a reason that will make a difference for good in the world….and if that is not true, then perhaps we are here simply because we love him so much, and he loves us unreservedly, which is a rarer and more special thing than anything on this earth, and that alone would be enough, and we would be happy with that…..so thank you so much, kimber, for bringing this up, and mentioning this link between Adam and us, his Glamb fans……as you said, we are special, amazing, and beautiful too, because we have recognzed the qualities of love, grace, compassion, and kindness in another human being, that man who is so uniquely special, our beloved Adam.

        • Kimber, I add my welcome to you as well! One thing you need to know (and have probably already figured out) is that Lorrin here is our writer-in-residence. Her eloquent prose often leaves the rest of us Glambs quite breathless as she describes so perfectly and beautifully our love and wonder of Adam. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this site back in its early days and also feel we have all arrived here together for a purpose. You are indeed amongst friends who feel as you do – besmitten, awe-struck, elated and absolutely in love with our Adam. What a wonderful thing to be sharing and celebrating him with each other. Thank you again, my beloved Glambs from around the world!!!

          Glamb #20
          Toronto, Canada

          • Thank you so much Jane! Still crying. Hey are you the GLAMB I contacted thru a couple of text messages? If so, I made it finally here to the site! It makes me feel very good from all the greetings, cause I am here to stay with 100% dedication and committment!!! If there is anything I can do for anyone here in OK, please let me know! I am ready to ride on this journey with ADAM and the GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!

            • Yes, kimber! I am the one you were corresponding with via text. I had published my cell number some weeks back. Glad you decided to join us here! It’s my home away from home and my saviour as we buckle down for the seemingly long wait for Adam’s CD and solo tour! I do hope we all get to meet each other one day so we can celebrate Adam together!



              • lisette..grande hugs et bisous to yu jane,lorrin,emili,dana,maryc,evette,cindy,an so many belle glambs frends por welwishes..feel like we’re a famille ..one united in all our amour et affetions for adam..un ange d’chansons an always feel has been sent from ma parentes wo paasse to cancer..so time for miracles is le perfect title thet befits adm per a vie..benedictions a toute mes amies et ..adam merci por toi estraordinaire gift au chante..le monde is ibettre place with toi musique,beau inwards et outwards..les yeux sont le mirror to abeau soul..aqua bleu as intense as l’mers d’medtiterranean..face,hearte,soul an viv d’angeli..jetaime lisettemarex0x0x going to bed..sweet dremes all lovli glabs here..x0x0

            • lisette here..unsure pourquoi ma post went below..was intende for yu kimber..an blessings ..welcome to maison d’glambs best place for all qui adore Adam ..non repeting post as hand hurts..just to say it’s lovli to know yu too…as yu av wish to keep n toche..still pain in fingre an typing onehande here..miss all very much..just petit hello an plasur to be toi amie too!Keep adoring thes very gifted artiste with face,hearte,soul an voix d’angeli..blessings an luv to all! …Lisettexoxoxo

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Lorrin. . . WOW! What a way to start my day. . . thank you.

          And welcome kimber! I LOVE reading your posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

          Cindy in MS

        • I already had Adam appear as an Angel when I was going through a healing session with a therapist. I am very careful telling people about this because they will think my mind has derailed but I did tell my husband. I told him that Adam’s eyes hold enormous healing energy for me which is what I need as I am sorting out the origin of a disease I am dealing with right now.
          After watching the “Donorschose” video the other day I was completely blown away by the intensity of his eyes and it’s making me cry as I write this right now.
          Adam says he is just another Human Being, we all know he is much more than that. I googled “Galactic Eyes” and found this poem written by a woman named P. Masterman. This is not written for Adam or anything but it could be.
          It is called “And his eyes were made of Stars”.
          The last verse especially is very to the point for me.

          “There were never any promises made,
          Discovering the wonders and terrors of deep space
          And at the finish of my hibernation,
          I awaken to explore a mystrious new portal:
          Held open for me, an orbital doorway
          In galactic eyes of bluest heaven shine,
          Which will stir the primordial chaos of my existence”

          We are all connected through this Universal Love which is opening up a whole new dimension for Adam, for us, for the world. It is One Wild, Beautiful, Amazing Ride and I am glad to be on it!
          With You!


          • Crying, that was beatiful Irena. Your reply gave me goosebumps chills, and I just felt a connection with you and everyone. Thank you to all of you GLAMBS!!! Someone needs to contact ADAM and let him know that he needs to come visit us on this site. He would be blown away by our love for him!!!!! Thank you for the poem, it was beatiful!

            • Hi kimber ! welcome to the best sight on the web. We are indeed gathered here for a reason…… Goodmorning to all my Glamb sista’s !!! WE ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TO OUR ADAMSTORM.. I think I should make a paper chain like the kids do in school and tear one off each day so that I know we are one day closer to the storm.. OFCOURSE A DATE WOULD BE NICE …..!!!!! HUGS TO ALL..

          • kimber, Lorrin, Jane, Irena, and all, OMG your words are all so very touching.
            Watching this video interview of Adam this morning gives me a wonderful feeling and
            puts a smile on my face, even though seeing it before, I love seeing him again again and again, with pictures, videos etc.
            This thing called Universal Love that he has projected in all of us and makes us want to live our lives with the pay it forward theory, is phenomenal.

            When he says us, His Fans, make him feel safe and supported, could he show his
            appreciation anymore?? The man is love and everything good, I’ve said that from day one. Adam has said, the timing for his platform on AI was meant to be at this particular time in his life, just as all of us coming together to share his greatness is meant to be now and go on for our lifetime.
            So many many people have jumped on board with me over this sensation, it is just
            like, they see “wow, you are feeling good, looking good, wanting to make others good, we cant loose, We want to ride the journey with you.

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Hi Kimber, wellcome. And thank you Lorrin, Jane, Admfan, Mary C. and Cindy for so beautiful words you’ve written. WHAT A WAY TO START MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Irena, what an amazing experience, thank for sharing it, and the poem…just beautiful. Last two verses I believe are so reflecting Adam and all of us.

              Love to all of you, and Adam,

        • Hi Lorrin and Everyone,

          Good morning. This is my first attempt to post here on this site and I have to tell you I am VERY impressed with what I have read so far. I believe this is a very interesting group and it will be a pleasure to get to know you all.

          First of all, Lorrin, your post was extremely lovely. So eloquently written. No one could possibly have said better what so many people feel in their hearts for Adam. He is truly a unique and incredibly magical person.

          I’d like to introduce myself by saying I am the lady who did the montage tribute to Adam’ s older fans called “When You Look At Me.” I have spoken with Lorrin by email and she directed me here to this site to meet all you nice people.

          I’m looking forward to being part of your group and one of the Glambs.

          Jeanette, I met you briefly in Madison when we waited for Adam at the barricades but he didn’t come out. I have your card here in front of me now. You liked my shirt, and requested that I send some pictures of Adam via email to you. I’m sorry I haven’t done that yet. Sometimes real life seems to keep us in another zone. However, In the interim, if any of you would like to see my artwork you can visit my site at artwanted.com.
          There are pictures of Adam there along with some of my other work. Here is the link:


          Just go to the top of the page and click on the word ‘portfolio’ and it will come up.

          As this post is about the 2012 Soundtrack, I will stop talking about me right now and say this. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Oh, sorry. That happens to me every now and then when I get good news about Adam.

          I am so HAPPY for Adam and his success with his pre-order sales on Amazon and all the hype about 2012 and Time for Miracles. The thought of a music video with Adam is awesome! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

          Well, I guess this a start for me. Hope to get to know you all soon, and will recognize your names. Right now I only know Lorrin, and Jeanette ( a little bit) but hope to know you ALL very soon.

          Welcome Kinder!

          • welcome Sheila !! I can’t tell you how much I love that video about Adam’s older fans.. it truly moved me.. So many of us felt like just crying when we watched that.. beautifully done !! Welcome to our glamb sight and to this beautiful community. I have the feeling, you will fit right in here.. The main glue here is a true love for Adam but there are so many extremely talented people here.. ( not myself included) but I love and admire the people here.. The love and support, not to mention fun, is endless..

            • AdmFan1

              Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

              • Sheila! Yes, I remember you and your fantastic artwork! Welcome to our site, and I hope you come back often. Love, love, love your work!

                • Penny Curtis says:

                  Jeanette, I am still waiting for a reply about the c.d`s/dvd`s you were talking about for those of us that are not computuer savy..

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Welcome Sheila! That was you who made that video montage? THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You made me–and I’m sure many, many more–cry. . . it was so beautiful!

            Cindy in MS

          • Welcome to you too, Sheila! And thank you soooo much for your fabulous video dedicated to older fans such as ourselves. I had saved that one in my Favourites file when I first saw it as it truly captures how I feel about Adam. Your drawings are also amazing. (As someone who still draws stick characters and houses with swirling smoke coming from the chimney, I appreciate talent when I see it!)

            I hope to see alot more of you on these pages!





            GLAMB #349

          • Dearest Sheila, I can’t tell you happy I am to finally see you here among the Glambs! I have only just now had a chance to sit down and look at our threads, and I was reading your lovely post, and it began to dawn on me that I was looking at Sheila Windtalker’s post! I was so thrilled, I began clapping with joy and talking out loud to my computer! I’m so glad you were finally able to make all the necessary navigations and find us in our pleasant Land Of Adam. We are truly a very warm and close-knit band of sisters (and some brothers) who inhabit these pages. It’s just like being at home with all your siblings, where you can relax and be yourself. All of us welcome you and want you to feel completely comfortable here, come on in, find a place on the sofa, and let us know all of your own unique and special thoughts about our beloved Adam. Our Glamb site truly is a home-away-from-home.

            With all our Glambs gathered around, I have to tell you, Sheila, that your video โ€œWhen You Look At Meโ€ was infinitely moving to me. From the moment I saw Adam’s sweet face and tousled hair, and his endearing smile looking at us across the interview table, and your words, “Oh tell me, Adam, when you look at fans like me, what is it your eyes first see…”, I began crying, and I cried through every moment of your precious video. And then I replayed it again three or four times, and I cried all over again. Nothing I have seen has so captured the very heart and mind of us older fans so perfectly and distilled it in one perfect ‘whole’ as your little video. You have revealed the inner heart of every older fan, and let the young girl or boy live again in each of us. As I said in my comments on YouTube, you deserve the very highest award and recognition YouTube can give for your beautiful testament of love to Adam and to each of US. And now look, we have the honor of having you here with us, and I couldn’t be happier!

            And so now, Sheila, again, many warm welcomes to you….I hope you will find a home here with us, I think we are ‘just your kind of folks’, and I look forward to many happy days ahead posting here with you and all the other dear Glambs. For I think we truly are a place that loves Adam Lambert in a very special way, unlike any other….love to you, Sheila and to all the Glambs!

            • Thank you so much Sheila. I never cried so much in my life. This video says everything that we older fans feel. What a beautiful tribute to Adam and to how he has changed our very existence on this earth for the better.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hi Sheila
            I am so happy to welcome you to our site. Thank you for your beautiful video in honour of us mature gals. You certainly touched me deeply. I watched it over and over again, and had a good little cry. It’s tucked away in my favourites file and I return to it often.
            I’m sure you will feel right at home here. We all love Adam so much and he has touched us all in so many ways.
            I look forward to posting with you in the future.

        • Hello Lorrin! I am now feeling like I am becoming part of this family because you have responded to me. To come from the “writer”, I am becoming starstruck not just by you but everyone! I am so excited! My heart is soley dedicated to you,Jeanette, AA, Lorrin, Irena, Lisette, everyone!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for replying I appreciate your thoughts and writings. Each one of you has a special gift here to this site. For a long time I was only able to read your posts on my phone, and I had wished so badly to join you all and to speak of my admiration for ADAM! So now I am here and please forgive me everyone for babbling on and on but I have held so much inside, whether it be ADAM-related or trying to figure out how to bring happiness into my own life. All this time ADAM was my escape to happiness. And now I have someone to talk to, even more, I have the entire world here on this site! Thankyou Lorrin, from now on I feel I can keep my posts short and sweet, and I feel relieved. THANKYOU!!!! AND JEANETTE, THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO BECOME A PART OF ADAM’S WORLD!!!!

          • Hi Kimber –
            Forgive me for spelling your name wrong. I LOVED your post. I am sure everyone is glad to have you here!

          • Kimber, you are absolutely precious. I can just envision you sitting bent over your little phone, reading our many comments on such a tiny screen. You have a lot of love and dedication, not to mention a pretty good amount of technical expertise to access us from your phone, thank you for keeping up with us! When I saw your first comments on the site, I noticed how eager to be a part of it all you were, and how you ‘called out’ to us, and commented on everything! I’m so glad you finally found a place to bring all that love and joyous energy you have, and I know we will enjoy your posts in the days to come. Oh, and don’t think you have to make short posts from now on, make them long or short, we will read them and share with you our love of Adam Lambert and the beautiful Glambs! Just be yourself and join in with us as part of our family. Love you, Kimber!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Kimber, welcome to our family. You talk about babbling, that is exactly what I do, we all do, how can you not babble on about the most gorgeous man in the world, no the universe. If there is one thing we love to do on this site is “babble on”. It is great to have you here and as you have already figured out this is a great bunch of people. Look forward to chatting back and forth with you.

            I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the other side of the world, but from the moment I saw Adam I was a goner, hook, line and sinker. Every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with this beautiful, talented man. I have pictures up everywhere – well not quite, but here in this room I am surrounded by pictures of Adm and also in my bedroom (though I still don’t have any on the ceiling yet Mary C, so don’t worry), – no I don’t have a husband that would tell me to take them down, but I do have two children who think their mother has gone slightly “soft in the head” shall we say. The tell me that I have an obsession, really, do you think so, thank god for that then, everything is right with the world. And it is not too long to wait for Adam’s album though the waiting is hard, but than goodness for this site because I can come here and babble on as I have been doing, so I will stop now (for the time being) and just say once again Welcome to you Kimber it is great to have you hear. Cheers, Dianne Glamb #356.

          • lisette here..seulement reading most due to illness,mal injurie..an companie..blessings to a lovli amie..an welcome knowing yu’re in companie des amies who adore Adam..always l’ange d’chansons,de le couer an for all here..He has given so much joie,hope,inspiration,jubilation,elation,an always feling of celebrations..despite any illness,stresses de le jour,famille woes,trials tribulations of everday life..Adam takes us into his moonlit,starlit an beyond..a legende of millenium,prince of heartes an forever will reman there..noone to replace thes sentimentes ever..many blessings,an luv to all of yu..j’etaime Adam..always Lisettexoxo


              • lisette here arh merci trop kind kimber..was supose to be in bed aving repose as I av infection dans fingre an tendonitis..so type one hande here,an mainli reade postes..tears of joie to thinq ther are such acaring heartes an amies here thet share same affection,interestes an daily postes..All in celebration of l’meiux artiste/humanitiarian avec le couer,hearte,soul,voix angelque..non to mention a face thet artistes can paint…monbeau Adam..j’adore,j’etaime pour une vie..An also thenk him for taking away pains daily,a constant rai d’lit in ma vie..an for all us glambs here..no othre artiste has ever toched within l’hearte an soul as Adam can do..So oui await l’solotour an promise to be inbonhealth by then..an can luv to meet many glambs somehow too..Possible a central meeting place/town,etc..if only..Know sont impossible to unite alll glambs in one place..but would be a belle reve..Thet we’d need size of banquet hall for sure..some champagne to toast him..an then voila he’d appear apres l’concerts as l’guest of honour..What do yu thinq…?Alrite non reply Lisette now down to earth..thinq is ma painmeds ..but a lovli wish ..if only yes?!!!!Luv to all glambs an j’etaime toujours…le bleu eyed ange…Adam Lambert…mmmmwoi bisous pour le jour an eternitie.. Regarde preorder soundtrack an flashforward thinq Adam will grace thet show somehow..all a mystere still..Av to see future shows!xoxoxo!!!

    • Sure, Jessy, that’s fine as long as you credit me!

    • Hi, I’m brazilian and I’ve to say that We speak PORTUGUESE. My english is not well but if you want help, I try to help you. Bye

    • Hi Jessy,

      I’m a Brazilian fan and I would like to know the link to your Brazilian website, please.
      I’m very glad we are so near.


      Evelize – GLAMB#80

      PS I’m wainting for the address !!!

  3. Thank you, Jeanette!
    I checked it already and tried to find the Deluxe or Special edition. I wanted to order them together but couldn’t find it. So do you know if Deluxe edition is on amazon or not yet?

  4. I wonder if Time for Miracles will be released as a single? I kinda hate to buy the whole soundtrack if there’s only one song I want on it!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Same here! All I want is that ONE SONG! “Time for the miracles” The rest….who sing the rest??!! Or the rest will be intrumental only??!!

  5. Adam just twitted tweeted twatted… what ever.. he just said. ” shooting time for Miracles music video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MUSIC VIDEO..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOW
      I didn’t know that there will be the video for Time for Miracles?!!! I thought just for his single…. It’s awesome!!! When are we gonna see it? Waiting AGAIN………………..???

      • GALA, I don’t think anyone knew.. but this is what he just tweeted.. he also said it was a long day but they are getting amazing footage !!! omg I can’t wait.. soooooo tired of waiting for everything… WHAT IS THE HOLD UP >>> LOL


      • AdamAddict says:

        There’s a picture someone post but only the picture of car crashed and ambulance.No Adam!!So, I can’t be sure that’s for real.Bcs I can take a picture of crashed car and post here and say the same thing. But Adam is making the MV for the soundtrack,fo sho! I can’t wait to see it!Adam will be very gorgeous and handsome in it.Can’t wait,can’t wait,can’t wait, everybody can’t wait for November to come!Can’t wait,can’t wait!!

    • Evette #419 says:

      Maybe that means this WILL be the single! I’m with you guys I don’t really want to buy the whole soundtrack unless I have to. My music store doesn’t sell CD singles so I asked a friend in Colorado if she could ship it to me when its realeased. If she can find it. Sometimes I forget not everyone is a GLAMB. I just assume everyone loves ADAM as much as we do!

    • I’m going to have an anxious nervous breakdown! I too just read where ADAM will have a video for Time For Miracles. OMG He is just full of surprises and mystery! Wonder when that will be available for sale.
      I just can’t get enough of this wonderful talented guy!

  6. Shawnassee says:

    Adam just tweeted: “Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!”
    Can hardly wait!!

    • I wonder if he will have the facial hair in this video? His look changes so often, I’m just really excited to see what he will look like in this. I plan to drool because I know it will be Adamazing!

  7. I am sorry,
    It may be a stupid question but what does it mean: Adam has air time?!!

    on FMQB:Radio Industry News… website there is a post
    10/12 Mainstream
    Adam Lambert (RCA/RMG)
    What does it mean? Does it mean that Adam will be on radio Oct 12?

    • The article you’re referring to is dated from a couple of weeks ago when the rumor was that Adam’s single was going to be released on Oct. 12th. I haven’t heard current news about the drop date for the single. Still waiting…and waiting…and waiting…


      • Jeanette,
        Actually this page dated October 3. I’ll e-mail you the link… May be it IS TIME to give us something to hear….. I HOPE SO…

        • OK…maybe this is the news we’ve been waiting for!

          • OK, FMQB Radio Industry News is showing that on Oct. 12th Adam’s single is available for airplay. I don’t know how good they are at keeping the drop dates all up to date on their schedule. I would wait for confirmation from other sources before I believe this 100%. On the other hand, the single HAS to be coming soon!!!


            • Thanks Jeanette, for this news. I would think that this would be the scheduled date for the single from 2012, which I thought will be out before single from Album. Oh the wait!!!!!!!!
              Thanks for the above feel good video too.

              When he says the girl who gave him the Chanel necklace is LOVELY, she must
              play tht over and over in her head. Wow.

            • I’m sure that ADAM never, in a 1,000 years, would have thought that he would be as successful, popular, loved, in demand, famous, as he has become.

              I remember during the auditions, and at the beginning of any early interviews, that he said he just wanted to get himself out there. Boy, did he ever!!! I just hope that he knows how many dedicated fans that he has. We all know!

      • I am waiting too. Come on Adam and RCA, let us hear something.

  8. Glambertcraze says:

    I am confused, does a video mean Time for Miracles will be his single??? I tweeted him but don’t expect a response.

    • Glambertcraze, I heard him say in a interview that ” Time for Miracles” would not be his single.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yup,yup,yup. Time for Miracles won’t be in his debut album! I wish it will be but nope,nope,nope!

    • I don’t think Time for Miracles will be the single…Adam has tweeted in the past that it wouldn’t be..but who knows? They all just love to torment us!

      One thing is for sure…it seems like every day we hear about something new that’s coming. I think everyone is finally realizing how popular Adam is and how much money is to be made from us batshit crazy fans. I think we can expect lots and lots of Adam stuff to be coming our way in the next few months!

      • Oh, Jeanette, this is now my favorite phrase, we are his ‘batshit crazy fans’…oh, yes…whenever I am tearing my hair out over waiting one more second for his singles/album/videos/tour/movies to start, I will remember that we are the batshit crazy fans of Adam Lambert, and we can stand anything! And did you ever notice that when Adam gives an interview, he never truly gives anything away? He talks ever so eloquently and articulately around the subject….much like me at Christmas time when my boys used to ask me, ‘please, Mom, give us a hint of what our presents will be..’, and I would say, ‘OK, boys, well, it’s big and it’s BLUE’, giving them the literal truth without the acual content. Adam is so full of all kinds of good information, and thoughts, and nice comments about everything and everyone, and I just love to watch him take an interview with his generous and accomodating attitude. He meets the interviewer graciously, speaks courteously and at length about what he’s doing and about his various projects, and then proceeds to work a number on the interviewer, the cameraman and US watching at a distance by turning on the full power of THOSE EYES while he speaks…thus, giving us a wealth of excellent and useful information (which we can hardly remember because we are so hopelessly hypnotized), while at the same time, sending us an entirely different message with his EYES, which say, ‘you are MINE, fall over at once under the emanation of my power…’ What an incredible dual effect he works with his voice and his eyes! So much for what he is saying, it is HIM we are wanting! Adam is a wonderful, enigmatic, and mysterious man, and we are all in for an enormously fascinating time with him on a fantastic journey which is set to take off in the very near future with the real Aladdin and his shining lamp….’why don’t you come with me, little girl, on a magic carpet ride?’….’you don’t know what we can see’….and what we will see will be wonders beyond our imagination, and the waiting will only enhance the experience, – and Adam Lambert is going to take us there…get ready to ride…

        • OMG Lorring, again you summed up excactly how Adam has us under his spell. I love the ‘Adam is a wonderful, enigmatic, and mysterious man’, this is what keeps us in suspence, we don’t know what he is going to do next, we are waiting, trying to anticipate what is going to come our way, but somehow he manages to suprise us all. He is unpredictable and this is what makes him so attractive to us. As you said he knows how to use his eyes, his expressions, the tone of his voice, one look from Adam and we are hypnotised, we are under his spell, we cannot get enough of this man. I don’t care how many singles, albums, he brings out, I will buy them all, I do not wnat to miss anything. As the days are approaching to the release of his album my excitement is reaching a point where I feel as if I am going to explode. Adam we love you.

          • Just want to add one more thing and would love to know if others feel the same way, or maybe it is just me cause I am so crazy about Adam. In all his videos, you can lower the sound and look at his eyes, he has so much expression in those beautiful eyes, is as if his eyes do all the talking.

            • EXACTLY!!!!! THAT’S exactly how I feel too! We can look into another person’s eyes and feel exactly what they are feeling. AGREE EVERYONE?!!!

            • lisette here before parte thes lovli page as l’injurie leaves me type un handed..just hed to agee with yu toni..thet adm has eyes..les yeux always thet even sans un parle displays an angelique lit thet illuminates from within his beau coeur et soul non to mention his face an voice d’angeli..lovli to read toi posts an all glamsbs here..so p.s. thet reprter too thet says we’re s….ts thinque he au shee best trove analtre word..an get a more refinement of them soon..await to order thes magnifivente masterpiece thet only adam can complete..nous meiux vocaliste,artiste,humanitarian beau l’homme avec le face thet michelangelo can so av adored to paint..one of l’angeli nella frescos nella bella italia..an sempre un miracle per all fans,glambs,an le monde now..grande hugs to yu,lorrin belleamie..blessings..an adam..merci for taking away pains always..j’etaime et grande bisous..mmmwoi lisettex0x0x0x

            • Dianne Hill says:

              It doesn’t even need to be his videos, just his pictures send me into spasms of – well you know what I mean. You can just look into those eyes and it is all over, yep, flat on the floor, melting all over the place.

              I had an experience like that today at work, a friend kept on sending me all these pictures of Adam, there were a couple with the brown suit on, you know the one with the zip on the outside. I sent her an email and said “I just want to get my hands on that zip”. She reacted by sending me another picture – a real close up of the pants Adam wore when he sang Ring of Fire, the picture was just that from just above his waist to his thighs. I don’t mind telling you that I needed a hose at that moment to put out the fire and I couldn’t stop thinking about him (and looking at that picture) for the rest of the day.

              • Dianne Hill says:

                The friend in question is Lisa Imbruglia who was nearly sending out a search party for me because she hadn’t heard from me over the weekend. (see posts below) That was so sweet of her and I promise not to go “missing” like that again, Lisa, and I loved the pics you sent to me. I sent them to another Adam fan at work, except I sent them to the wrong person, I’m afraid my brain was fried after looking at that bulge, at least the person I did send them to appreciated it so all was not lost.

          • He does have the most expressive eyes, whether he’s singing or talking. When he sings “Mad World”, I just fall into his eyes and lose myself. That face, those eyes, those freckled lips,
            those beautiful teeth, those……. Cool it jaberone!!!! LOL

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Oh yes! The eyes definitely grab you, reel you in & hold you tight! But, for me. I found myself always drawn back to his mouth & those wonderful LIPS…and then he smiles….SIGH!

          Candace in MS

  9. Glambertcraze says:

    Jeanette, are we still a little pissed lol, lol You crack me up.

  10. Glambertcraze says:

    Have I ever seen a Music Video of a movie theme song ???????

    • There have been, yes. I remember Casino Royale. Saw that movie about a dozen times, remember seeing the music video.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Yes, there have been. Maybe it sounds silly but many of the Disney movies, if the theme song was sung by a wellknown artist, had a video of that song, and usually was played at the end of the movie…..WAIT I’M NOT SAYING that this will be the case …but…who know’s?????????????

      JUST WAITING FOR MORE EXCITING ADAM NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • AdamAddict says:

        I already imagine he sing walking down the street,storm came,almost blow him away but he keep walking fight his way,and all cars flew,almost hit him but he duck.Turn back look the car hit houses,then is slow mo,he turn back his head looking at the camera,Then close up to those gorgeous eyes!There’s tears in his eyes.He sang with this powerful voice,raise his hands to the sky,wanted this to stop,and he fell to the ground!Hopeless!Raise his head look at the sky seeing someone in white cloth trying to get him.He get up and all a sudden everything going normal.Everything is become beautiful.Me with that white wedding dress ,with a wide smile waiting for him to walk down the aisle! Leila will give his son to me.~sigh~ What a wonderful MV ~nodding~ I should get an award for that! Kanye will be my flower boy at the wedding MV so he won’t become a douche when Adam receive this award! WOW,Bravo to myself ~applause~ ๐Ÿ˜›

        • AdamAddict says:

          This is kind of fun.We should make a new thread and give us our opinion how we wanted the MV will be.Just for fun tho,not like for real!Bcs if it for real, I wanted the storm tear his cloth off! Hahaha!No,seriously!!!LOL! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • AdamRocks! says:

            I love your idea Emili!!! The only thing I would add is the last scene from The Graduate where I appear at the church and Adam runs away with me! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Cindy in MS

            • AA and AdmRcks, LOL, what great scenerios! I want him to pick me up in his Black Convertable Mustang and we ride off into the sunset together!

              • Sorry ladies but Adam is running away with me.

                • No he’s not , ADAM is running away with ME!


                • AdamAddict says:

                  What the…??!!Why everyone wants to steal my groom?Get your own!
                  I heard that other 2, Mr.Lamberts are single,go get them! ๐Ÿ™ I need to do it in secret place.Nobody invited!!

                  • LMFAO!!!!! Can’t we share PLEASSSE!!!!!!

                  • AA, you’re cracking me up. Groom?? 2 other Mr. Lamberts.
                    No, you know the Lambert we want…………

                  • Dianne Hill says:

                    Trouble is AA, your “groom” is the one we all want, no one else will do, anyway, he is mine, I’ve got the tongue remember, and anywhere that tongue goes (yeah don’t go there) the rest of him goes too, all the way to little ole New Zealand. Sigh!!!!!!

                • How can he run away with all of you when he has already run away with MEMEMEMEMEMME!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

                  • Ladyc9543 481 says:


              • earlzagurl4u says:

                Mary C: I think you are a bit confused,,it is *me* who Adam is picking up in his Mustang as we are going for a “slow ride” and shopping til we drop!! {{LOL}} MUAH!! {{light & love to all in my Glamily}}

                • Light and Love to you too, earlzagurl4u………
                  But, no not confused at all, Adam, me, mustang, and Oh I love the shopping idea. Thanks for that.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Emili, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was an award winning script for a video….and then you again…………….making me laufgh so much……………in the white gown waiting for Adam…who’s walking down the aisle…that was great…..Shouldn’t be YOU walking down the aisle… Funny, Funny, funny

            Love you sis,

        • You had me going till you mentioned that idiot Kanye!!! Beautiful picture in my head till then! (too bad Kanye)

        • so funny about Kanye. Good idea.

    • Hopefully we’ll be able to buy it so that we can watch it over and over and over……..

    • Yes The Titantic

    • The Titantic

      • Sorry guys, this did not enter in the correct place. I tried to respond to Glanbertcraze about the movie video

  11. Not sure if this is the best place to place this post, BUT, a friend of a friend that knows Kris said that Adam and Kris are no longer “best friends”. A recent vid had Adam saying the Allison and Lil were his best friends on tour and that he bonded with them. Which is great, but what happened between him and Kris????????

    • This is sad if it’s true.

    • Absolute jealousy! If this is true, the GLAMBS will be ADAM’s best friends, we have been ever since. That’s sad and unfortunate. : (

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I don’t believe it. There are always these kinds of rumours going around. Even during the tour, they said Adam and Kris were at each other and always “a reliable source”. Adam even addressed that during an interview and laughed about it. If Adam bonded with Lil and Allison, it’s because he bonded with everyone. Everyone on the tour loved Adam. I’ve seen lots of interviews where they have always spoken highly of him. Michael even said in an interview that Adam inspired him and he was his mentor. People always want to start rumours. We should know better by now, than to believe them. I will believe it when I hear it from one of them. Adam even tweeted about Kris’ single when it came out.

    • I hope this is not true. I wonder if Kris got tired of Adam’s talent overshadowing him? Hope not because Adam cannot help how talented, sexy, well he can’t help it, he was born with it.

      • Evette #419 says:

        I hope this isn’t true. That would be too sad. Its okay if he bonded with Allison & Lil though. What about Megan. We saw some bonding at the end of the tour!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Imma with Helen.I don’t believe it.If Adam says that Lil and Allison is his BFF,doesn’t mean KRADAM now already vanish.He probably say that to avoid another rumours.Last time he said,Kris is cute,the whole world spread that Adam has crush on Kris!!What the??!! Adam said he never regret at anything but admit that he regret saying that.Kris asked why and he said bcs it turns out this way.He said that in radio station.Everybody already know Adam and Kris are great friends.We can see it with our own eyes.They don’t have to say anything to let us know they are good friends.Their parents become good friends!! Maybe Adam just afraid,if he said his BFF is Kris, then next day, news will be “Adam propose Kris” You know how media loves to mess with our beloved darling gorgeous Adam who want flaming coming out from his f****** head! LOL! I don’t believe it at all. They are good friends,Imma sure of it!Adam really close to Kris,matt,Allison and Lil! Probably Michael too but last time I heard he unfollow Adam in twitter??!!Wonder why?It’s not like Adam tweet a lot! And Adam follows everyone,I think.I check again later but who cares,with Adam personalities,many desperate to be his BFF.All he need to do is make a show like paris Hilton did.LOL! IMMA SO IN AND WIN FO SHO!! <3

          • I saw that interview too but I believe that was early on in the tour; before Kradam was born. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Helen/Canada says:

              There was an interview in Cleveland Aug. 23 where he addressed the issue of people pitting them against each other. That was near the end of the tour.

              • Michael said something odd was going on with his twitter, that it unfollowed a lot of people, and he lost some followers too. He is following Adam again, and others that it dropped. There’s no problem between he and Adam.

          • I would still love to find out more about these flames coming out of his head. Didn’t it relate to the Zodiac Show? It is a beautiful metaphore for living Passionately, Creatively and with you Imagination turned up full blast!

            • Yes there is a mini documentary on utube of filming of Zodiac Show and Adam has this so- cute bit where he says he wants flames to come out of his F-ing head and he makes these little flutter motions with his fingers on his head. It is soooo cute. My favorite.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Michael was having problems with his twitter and it was unfollowing a lot of people and dropping followers for him. He quickly flixed it and said that he is back following Adam and there is NO DRAMA between him and Adam. As I stated before Michael said in an interview that he has the highest regard for Adam and considers him his mentor. That is a great compliment to our Adam.

            I don’t know why people are so quick to jump on this. C’mon people, really. We all saw throughout American idol and the tour how close Adam and Kris were. If you watch their interviews there is a deepseated mutual respect and love for one another. They weren’t tied at the hip though. Both Adam and Kris hung out with and got to know everyone else on the tour and I’m sure shared other interests and moments with them. Look how Megan did not want to let go of Adam when they were saying their goodbyes in Manchester on that last night.

            They are all going their separate ways right now, persuing their goals and dreams. It doesn’t mean they are not friends anymore. Michael said that they all still text one another and keep in touch that way. I am disappointed in those that would so quickly believe yet another rumour. I feel sorry for Adam and Kris and the others that there is always so much negativity out there beyond their control. It must get pretty frustrating at times. I hope they have learned to some degree to ignore it all although it must be hard.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Thanks Helen,I wonder why and now I know why! I started to like Michael since he protect our guy back then about the protesters issue.Show who corcern about friend.Then I also heard that he understand Adam more after get to know him.Thanks to the tour!Then he kinda think Adam is his mentor and look up for him.I bet Adam helps Michael a lot,not only Michael,he helped everyone.That just who he is. At the beginning,Michael and Gokey more like a partner.Don’t understand Adam so much.Now they quite close,Adam gained that respect,he earned it!Everybody just can’t help loving him.That’s our guy,he has class!That Adam and Kris rumours,nah,I don’t believe a bit!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                You’re so right AdamAddict. Isn’t it wonderful how Adam’s true character would win over people who probably thought they could never have anything in common with him much less understand his lifestyle. That just goes to show how beautiful and loving Adam is to the core.

              • I agree. Adam’s peaceful soul and loving heart can win anyone over. Even the devil……..

              • I did find it odd though, that none of his fellow Idol friends congratulated him on leaping to first place on Amazon presales. Surely they knew? No comments whatsoever?

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Maybe they sms him!U know more privacy! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  They would also have more respect for Kris than that I would think after all he was the “winner” wasn’t he. How would you feel to be the winner and have the runner up just completely overtake you like that. I am not saying that Kris would be upset by it, because they are completely different artists and will each have their own niche. We all know that even Kris thinks Adam should have won – god, let’s not go back there. All I was saying was that I think the others and even Kris would be congratulating Adam in private.

            • Jane Parker says:

              Thank you Helen!
              I totally agree!

            • Helen, so well put. I feel sorry for all of them too, when a rumor like that gets started. The good thing is, they know all this hot air comes with the territory.
              Rumor mills.

          • Michael did twitter that he was unfollowing people without his knowledge or permission. He said that he’s following ADAM again.
            He didn’t know why his twitter stopped following people.

          • LibraLamb7 says:

            I agree, AA, Allison & Megan may be his best GIRL friends on the tour. Too many rumors can start if he says anything about Kris or any of the guys since he’s gay & it takes on a whole ‘nother meaning! Besides, his boyfriend, Drake, would probably be his BEST guy friend, doncha think? He’d never risk hurting Drake’s feelings by calling another guy “best friend”.

        • He added Kris and Matt later, I think the film jumped as I saw it.

    • I wouldnt believe that at all. To good of a friendship to end. We all know that Adam, Kris and Allison were the original 3 musketeers. Then he grew closer to the others as they spent more time together.
      OMG he is probably freaking out over this, if its going around or laughing his A _ _ off.

      • Then he needs to get his frkn a** over to this site and set the record straight! You know each and every one of us needs an explanation ha!ha! especially why he hasn’t been here!

        • kimber, he may lurk. At least we hope he does. I always think he loves to know what the fans say. something tells me he checks them all out.

      • Ladyc9543 481 says:

        I don’t believe it either. Adam is not petty or immature. This the man who says God hates hate.
        Chris/Ohio 481

    • I saw that vid but there was more to it… he did mention Kris as well… I think the film either ‘jerked’ or stopped or something. I’ll try to find it as it was just yesterday…

  12. Ladyc9543 says:

    I pre-ordered Adam’s album..I am soooooo excited and impatient. I am so happy for Adam and his success on the Amazon list. I think he is going to be really big…Elvis big!!!

  13. Hi, Jeanette, thanks for the news about Adam’s Single, 2012 Music Video, I went over to Amazon and ordered mine.
    When I checked with Amazon about Adam’s CD coming out in Nov, I found out that they didn’t have an order for me they were just going to notifly me when it became avaiable, so it was good that I checked into this because I wouldn’t have been getting any from them, so then I placed my order, so I am all set right now.
    Regarding Adam and Kris, they were fine when they were in MI, at the Ford Show, I hope also that nothing happened to their friendship, that would be sad!

  14. lorraine #440 says:

    I guess waiting is good for the soul–but all this waiting IS taking its toll. I’m excited about his video–and I really appreciate that in the midst of his hectic schedule, Adam still keeps in touch with all of us,almost daily! lorraine

  15. OMG! This is so exciting! Can’t wait for the music video!!

    • Just a question… are you guys worried that this song will be different than the other stuff from Adam’s cd? And that people are comparing Time for Miracles to No Boundaries? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Even though I KNOW that I’ll absolutely, positively LOVE anything that Adam does, and I’m not worried AT ALL, I do like his “classic rock” sound the most, so I’m really looking forward to hearing Time for Miracles. . . and wondering if I’ll like it a “little” more than the songs on his album.

        Cindy in MS

        • I agree One billion percent! Love ADAM’s CRAWL THRU THE FIRE!

          • It will be nothing like No Boundaries, if Bryan May proclaimed that Time Miracles is going to be a smash hit, that is good enough for me, we all know the type of music Bryan May has produced, that means that Time for Miracles, even though it is going to be different then any of the songs on Adam’s album, it is going to be great.

      • Alen, not worried at all. He admitted the song is different than the songs on album. If its is
        anything like NoBoundaries, I will love it. Thought he sang it beautifully. Inspirational.

        • That song makes me wonder if KD wrote that intentionally for ADAM. She seems to like to ride on his coattail too, YHawards, writing strut?, whatever! I just love ADAM’s A CHANGE IS GONNA COME – playing it over and over And yes I liked his No BOUNDARIES. During his performance of that, he looked exhausted. His eyes were glassy like your tired, and it seemed he could barely keep his eyes opened he was tired.

          • Yeh, kimber, I always thought KD wrote the song geared more for Adam than Kris.
            Adam pulled it off way better than Kris. This man sitting in front of us, was making
            hand motions that night like he was cutting his neck off while Kris was singing it.
            The studio version , I like better, he can sing all those words and do it proud.
            OH, A change is gonna come is so good. He ripped that apart.

      • Brian May of Queen loved it so I’d say not likely like No Boundaries!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Alen, I don’t think Time for Miracles will be anything like No Boundaries, Adam has said it is a classic rock song, I know it will be fantastic and I am not worried at all about that song being different to the ones on his album, I trust Adam completely and I think it is going to be everything that we have dreamed about and more. I can’t wait. I know I have to, but I am going to be fit to burst if we don’t get something soon.

        I have Lisa Imbruglia trying to find pictures of Adam with his tongue sticking out just to keep me happy, she sent me a beautiful one this morning of just his lips – close up, I know what I want to do with those lips. Oh, sorry, off topic again, falling onto the floor now.

  16. adamismyangel says:

    Hi Jeannette!! I’m so excited for the movie & single, & CD!!!!!! I wanted to say THANKS for all you & the other authors on here do for us…you guys are the best!!!!!

  17. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Hi everybody,
    Anyone heard from Dianne Hill today? I’m a bit worried about her… I haven’t heard from her in over 24 hours and that’s really unusual. Hoping she’s just being quiet but I might have to drive by and check on her…

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Sorry that this is soooo off topic…

      • Evette #419 says:

        Its okay to be concerned about a fellow GLAMB. That’s what really makes this site special, the people. Post anywhere you need to to find out about someone your missing. (Did that make sense?) Sorry I can’t help you out though.

        • AdamAddict says:

          She will be back,all we need to do is ask for Jeanette help. “Jeanette,I need a favor,can you please please please make an extra large a picture of Adam sticking his tongue out? ” Imma sure Dianne will be here shortly!LOL! DIANNE,WHERE ARE YOU,LISA IS FREAKING OUT HERE.NOT COOL,BUDDY!! But don’t worry Lisa,she probably busy.Like Cheryl Norman isn’t around like she used too but always comes back.Maybe she’s busy stick Adam’s picture in her pink glitter book like a teenage girl! Haha! I know because I did…..yeah,she will come back to us,ehem!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • EMILI. lol ……… I was just going to say that all we need to do is post a picture of Adams tongue and she will show up… I’m with you girlfriend !! I think everyone is getting things done while they can because we know it’s going to be crazy soon and then we all will be here to share our crazy selves !!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Okay, it is so nice that everyone was worried about me – WHERE IS THE PICTURE, I AM LOOKING AND CAN’T SEE IT, Jeanette please I need a picture of Adam sticking out that fantastic tongue of his.

            I wasn’t far away, reading fanfics, have you girls discovered fanfics yet? Never thought I would read anything like that but I am afraid I am hooked on them now, can’t get enough, of course they are all about Adam and very hot and steamy and sexy and…. well go and find yourself some and you will know what I mean, just remember to keep a very open mind.

            I promise not to go missing in action again. Honest, though I could easily get lost in anything to do with Adam and his tongue.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        It’s ok. She’s fine. Txt her this morning and she was just reading most of the weekend. Fanfics. I hope they were good. lol.
        So it’s all alright… dont anyone panic.

    • Hi Lisa, I had an email from her on Friday. Sure she is okay. Maybe she is busy. I too love how we miss ea other, when one doesnt post on the site. That is true Glambsisterhood.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I heard from her at 6;55 p.m. Oct. 3 via email. That’s our time here in Canada. Don’t know how it compares to your time though. Keep in touch, lets us know.

      • Helen – where do you live again? I am in Toronto. Not all of Canada is on the same time zone remember – difference of 5.5 hours between Vancouver and St John’s Newfoundland. That being said – yes, I too like that we worry about each other our Glamb Sisters. I hope we can plan a Glambs convention some day soon – NYC or Vegas anyone?

        Glamb #20

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Jane
          I’m in Hamilton. And yes, that’s a good point, silly me, I never even thought of the different time zones in Canada! What a dope!
          I like your idea of a convention–that would be fun. We’d have to pick a great city to have it in. Vegas would be fun!!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            …or L.A.—maybe Adam would come!!!!

            • I’ll go ANYwhere for our Adam!!! In the meantime, be sure to join the Ontario, Canada group, Helen!! We need to get the gang together soon!

              • Jane,
                I wanted to join but it asks me to sign into yahoo.e-mail… I dont have yahoo account… Please advise …

                • Best bet is to sign up for a Yahoo Email account – it`s easy. I had to do that as well in order to be the Co-Moderator of the Ontario Glambs site. Just use your same Email name but the ending will be Yahoo.ca. I hope you will join, Vera as it will be fun to meet and arrange a get-together. You are not that far from me in Mississauga. Feel free to get my regular home Email from Jeanette and drop me a line or I can be reached at torontojane at yahoo.ca. Pleae join, OK.


    • Hi Lisa, I had an email from Dianne in the last day or two as she had done some dvds and a cd for me as far as i know all is well. that was nz time too.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Hi Jan,
        You didn’t accept the invitation to join Glambs NZ. Is there a reason. maybe I got it wrong. It’s ok I found her. She’s fine.

  18. Susi Bashaw says:

    i am trying to comment but can’t

  19. Susi Bashaw says:

    i would like to get a # so i can comment

    • AdamAddict says:

      Huh??!! Of course you can speak,Susi!Who says you can’t leave a comment just because you don’t have a glamb number?Leave a post 1st then get a number ๐Ÿ™‚ Leave as many as you want,mwah!

  20. Lee/Saline says:

    The line forms here for the roller coaster ride of our lives. Up until now we Glambs have been used to knowing about Adam’s almost every move and now the schedules for the tour and TV appearances are gone. I compare it to the weekly Idol shows always wondering when Adam would appear on the show, what would he be wearing, what would he be singing and most of all what would his performance look like. The excitement is back again, if it ever really left. I am so excited in anticipation for his upcoming CD, Time for Miracles soundtrack, etc. that I’m feeling good even with my hip surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning. Like sherry s. said, “Adam Lambert boosts endorphins. It’s a physical fact many of us can attest to.” And lee M said, “…you will be up and around when Adam’s tour comes around!!!” which gives me something to look forward to. Yesterday I bought two greeting cards for myself. The first one I have ‘doctored’ up with pictures of Adam. On the front I pasted a picture of Adam singing RoF. It says, “Want to feel better fast?” On the inside left it says, “Just stare at this picture for 20 minutes, 4 times a day.” There is an arrow to the picture on the next page. I covered up additional words on the left with something I cut from the printed picture on the next page which says, “Adam Lambert: ‘This Whole Experience is Liberating’ : ADAM L… Then on the right side I pasted a large 4 X 6 picture of Adam in a black suit, regular white shirt and black tie smiling as only he can with his eyes looking right at me. I’m looking forward to the conversations this card will give me. Both Adam and a new right hip are liberating for me.
    The second card is a regular get well card on which I will write the well wishes I got from you Glambs so I can read them in the hospital and later in the extended care facility. When I first read them, tears filled my eyes and your words touched my heart. Thank you for all of your support!
    I hope I will be able to get to a computer while I’m laid up. Ten days is too long to go without hearing from you guys. A visit from Adam would surely heal me in no time! He can sing “Time for Miracles” to me alone.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way Lee/Saline!

      Cindy in MS

    • GOOD LUCK GIRL ! Thinking of you and hoping the best for you, I know surgery is hard on the human body. Take care and hurry back so that all of us can have some more fun! Your card of ADAM sounds crazy wonderful. OOOH! ADAM LAMBERT stationary! What a great idea Lee/Saline!

    • Sending you love and light, and Adam ear kisses….

      Best of luck with your hip surgery and Get well soon Lee/Saline!

    • Lee/Saline, Your positive outlook will have you feeling better in no time. God speed.
      Your new hip will have you dancin and singin at his concert better than ever.
      take care.

    • Lee/Salline, very best wishes and a speedy recovery. I am sure that looking at that poster will make you feel better very quickly, our thoughts will be with you, before you know it you will be out and about, ready for Adam’s tour, ready to dance with all the other GLAMBS.

      Lots of Love

      Toni GLAMB #391 from UK London


    • All the very best for your surgery Lee/Saline! I know some people who have had their hips operated on (a replacement is it?) and have said that after the initial pain and recovery, they have felt as if they have been given a new lease on life. All of our thoughts are with you. I think it’s fantastic that you have Adam’s eyes and beautiful face to keep you company and give you the inspiration you need. You will be back with us in no time. Take care!


      Glamb #20

    • Lee, my prayers and thoughts are with you during your surgery! Keep those ADAM thoughts and you’ll feel comforted and better!

      By the way, are you in Saline, MI?

    • Lee/Saline, I am sending all good thoughts, loving prayers, healing vibrations, and get-well blessings your way tonight from my outpost out West. May all your Adam pictures be imbued with an extra dose of his powerful energy when you look at them, may you receive the best of care, and may you soon be restored, renewed, and up and well again….love to you from California tonight!

    • LibraLamb7 says:


      Your “Adam” cards sound absolutely GREAT!!! Waht a wonderfl idea! I know they’ll speed up your recovery a million percent! Hope you also have an mp3 player with all of his songs & maybe a laptop w/WiFi so you can watch vids, play cds & keep in touch with your “Glambily” here. I know Adam & his music have amazing power to calm, heal, & lift one’s spirits. When I was staying with my husband in his hospital room, I’d go down to the waiting room on that floor where they had PCs set up & you could go online. It was a big help to the families, but I saw patients in there using them a lot, too. Maybe your facility will have a similar set-up.

      I just know you’re gonna be up & dancin’ along with Adam in no time flat. All the best to you….Lots of love & light coming your way…Candace in MS

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Oops! Missed a couple of typos there! I’m a “hunt & pecker” not a typist. Sorry…

    • LEE/SALINE// OMG<<<< What a great idea with the cards,,love it
      I heard a similiar idea, that you should go and buy get well cards and put them out so when you get unexpected visitors they will think that you have been sick, explains messy house,
      Keep us informed how you are doing, when you can. I’ll be thinking of you, take care!! Lee M

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Sending you lots of love and healing all the way from New Zealand too Lee/Saline. We look forward to your return.

    • lisette here..blessings lee spedy recovery from one glamb to anothre who has face illness an many trying temes ..Adam is a rai of lit with his celestial an estraordinaire talentes as an artiste/vocaliste,humanitarian an beau l’homme who toches heartes around l’monde..Hope Adam gives much comfort an joie..as he always does per moi..m’angel d’chansons an seeing above posts..unjour certain I’ll see his solo concert an finalmente incontrare..an too can imagaine to run away to a secret destination..somewhere secluded avec l’mers,montains possible l’alps de Lugano au Laco Maggiore,Isola Bella..oui..alrite is ma reve..being thet all mentiones to be swept away..nevreminde reste is pour moi et l’ange d’chansons ..seulemente pour une belle reve..luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

  21. Good morning fellow GLAMBS! Thank you Jeanette for putting that interview on this page. I love Lyndsey Parker’s interviews with ADAM. He seems so comfortable with her, maybe she should be his publicist. Today is Sunday, and I don’t go to church, but I wanted to thank God this morning for something so beautiful, ADAM’s gift of the angelic voice that was given to him and to us. As I was driving home from work, into the west, raining somewhat heavily and darkened by the clouds, I was listening to ADAM’s THE PRAYER, it just seemed to be such a serene moment. I could not help myself, but that man’s voice is so pure and beautiful, his voice makes me just break down and cry and I become so overwhelmed and breathless, ADAM’s voice just literally takes me away. It’s like God and the Holy Spirit touches me deep inside. Ya’ll may think I’m crazy but, I’m serious! ADAM’s voice is there and I start crying. I want my husband to listen to ADAM but sorry to say, he doesn’t like ADAM but he acknowledges he has a powerful voice. Powerful it is, both in sound and the emotional effect it has on people. But as I was driving into the west, and feeling the “serenity” of it all, I just yelled out “I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!” . I know ADAM is over on the west coast and I just felt like shouting out to him!!! Okay, an idea for a topic discussion, Who Makes The Best Homemade Brownies with Walnuts? ADAM said that was a favorite desert of his on an earlier tour interview. It just happens to be my favorite desert too, hot out of the oven and quickly put vanilla ice cream on it! I have never put walnuts in mine, but I will now! PLL I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THE GLAMBS TOO!!!!!!!

    • I get it Girl, I think we all do!
      Sometimes I wonder if it is still safe to drive while I am listening to his voice, because I regularly get these big waves of emotions that wash over me and they leave me breathless, like you said.

    • kimber, just made the best walnut brownies yesterday for our OSU football get together party.
      Hey, I heard your shout out, I knew it was you!!!!!! sending your luv to Adam, lotsaluv…..
      I like the brownies w/o ice cream, but regardless knowing they are a favorite of his, makes them
      all the more special.

      • MARY C from Norman? OK? YEAH!!! Not big on sports but I do support both OU and OSU. Both teams are excellent representatives for OK. How are you? The winter is creeping up on us and I do feel bad for the GLAMBS up north.Stay warm up there ya’ll! Please reply back cause I forget which team is in which town.

        • kimber, OSU is in Columbus Ohio, Ohio State Buckeyes. OU, would be in Athens Ohio
          a smaller university. Where are you from? Oklahoma? Norman Oklahoma?
          Yeh, I heard you screaming all the way from Ok for Adam. See the wind caught your voice, carried it back to Ohio and around to Ca. hahaha

      • Helen/Canada says:

        ….mmmm….brownies! Do you ship? LOL, I’m putting my order in!

  22. I am soo excited. This means he is now able to win a Grammy, a VMA and even an Academy award for song..
    My obsession for Adam is not lessening. I remember at the beginning of Idol, i’m not going to lie, I Iiked a couple of them..
    . Then country night came on and Adam came out and sang Ring of FIRE. It was like a revelation to me. I can still remember thinking– OMG OMG I have to call someone, I have to go tell someone to watch this guy. Seriously I didn’t know what to do with myself. ha So now I have a place I can shout OMG OMG and you will understand..

  23. earlzagurl4u says:

    speaking of off topic:I just wanted to mention that since Jan. 20th when Ryan said “and then there’s Adam Lambert,” I have cried, shivered, trembled, been left breathless, this man has brought so much emotion into my life, I am worn out. Still, I can’t wait for chapter two. Oh my! We are only at the beginning. Will my heart be able to stand it? YES!YES!YES! Thank you Adam. You have changed my world!. In Indy I was blessed w/ experiencing Adam’s performances, at the meet’ngreet, being so close to him I could see the freckles on lips, I just wanted to hug him, lay my head on his chest and hear his heart beat,{{not to mention smell him}} but then I would’ve died. Yes, I’m a blubbering mess now. Light and love to Adam and my Glamily,,

    • We’re all here for you! I get those same emotions. I was so mad and I cried to my husband and daughter when he was in the bottom 3 and even 2. Did I ever erase that episode so quickly! I couldn’t bear it! And when Kris’s named the winner, I blamed the whole world except for the cat. Hang in there we’ll have lots of fun because ADAM is our winner, our American Idol!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        To be perfectly honest with you Kimber, I don’t believe Adam was ever really in the bottom 3 and certainly not 2–they did that for effect!!! I think the whole thing was staged for publicity and ratings!!! Keep people talking and coming back!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Helen, as if anything would have kept us from watching anyway, just to see Adam. I would not have missed one second of that show if there was any chance of Adam being on, but you could well be right.

      • I know one thing, the night they announced Adam was in the top 2, I jumped out of my chair so high, my husband and son could have sworn my head hit the ceiling. Gokey was out and Adam and Kris were on their way.
        earl, we are only at the beginning and this is all just so wonderful.
        the momentum was very low, when Kris was announced the winner. Mouths dropped open throughout. Adam is the winner.

  24. ADAMS WENCH says:

    there comes a time when
    FREE ME…..

  25. Thanks for everything, Glambs ….. I am so all alone in my day to day world of loving Adam. Everybody around me thinks I have gone “batshit” and cringe when I just loook like I might mention him ….. I guess because I’m OLD!! Solace and companionship is here and I lap up every word and picture. Lorrin…I still want to see “Lamber Locomotive” made into a poster on the market. LOVE IT!!

    • coloforadam, I love your username…..are you in the ‘high country’ somewhere? I’m sorry to hear that no one around you loves Adam or even wants to hear about him….I just wanted you to know that I’m ‘old’ too, or at least getting there (I’ll be 59 this year), and I too, have found companionship and friendship here, and a lovely, warm fire to gather around. All the people in this magical land speak the same language miraculously upon arriving here, even if they come from other countries, and they understand each other perfectly. I hope that you will continue to find much solace and comfort here, and that perhaps, in the future, someone will enter your world who also loves our Adam. In the meantime, I’m thinking of you, and I know other Glambs will too….love to you from the Far West in Northern California!

      Oh and P.S., the ‘Lambert Locomotive’ WOULD make a terrific poster! Maybe I’ll see if I can paint it, that would be a good one to use as a model..

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Lorrin, perhaps you could get in touch with Adam’s PR people, a portrait would be just the thing and not just a picture of Adam as the poser but the real thing, Adam sitting for you.

        Then that painting could be made into a poster because we can’t have you painting hundreds or probably thousands of paintings of our darling man.

        Wow, I love my idea, Lorrin, I know you can make it happen.

        • I’m afraid I would just be sitting there with him unable to paint a darn thing, I would just be staring away at his lovely face….I would get absolutely no work done at all. I would have to be constantly coming out from behind the easel and canvas and tweaking his hair or turning his face this way or that, or looking at his eyes very meaningfully to get just the right ‘light’ in them. Truly you MUST be kidding,….but of course, if his people insisted, I would have no problem with a live sitting…except that I wouldn’t be able to hold the paintbrush.




  27. Thank you for posting this, Jeanette! We all have such a hunger to know everything that Adam is doing these days and I agree that the waiting and waiting and waiting is crazy making!!!! I am MORE than ready for the ADAMSTORM coming our way! In fact, I would love nothing more than to get swept away completely into the abyss! Looking at that 2012 movie poster above, I am imagining Adam grabbing my hand and carrying me higher and higher up into the clouds and away from the dangerous rocks and raging seas below. We are flying together side by side much like Superman and Lois Lane as the glorious sounds of “Time For Miracles“ fills the air! (I am obviously spending too much time on these pages and am now starting to sound like AdamAddict!) Help me!!!!!!! LOL!

    Glamb #20

  28. I am such a twitter-dope. I just realized if I want to tweet Adam I have to start the tweet with “@adamlambert” or otherwise he will never see it! Also, by hitting reply to one of Adam’s post it automatically puts the “@adamlambert” in the start of the reply field. No wonder he didn’t get my previous tweets! I feel like such an idiot! Hee hee.

    • Do not judge yourself too harshly, Songwriter, believe ME, it has happened to many of us…that moment when one says, ‘Oh, s@*%t, I have been doing this wrong the whole d@%*n time! For some reason, once you pass those moments, your brain cells change, and you become an expert by osmosis and diffusion, it is truly an amazing process. So from now on, I’m sure, you will do remarkably well on Twitter. (Would you be willing to share who you are on Twitter? If not, I’m AdamssAngel…look me up sometime under your ‘Find People’ tab at the top of your Twitter home page.) Hope everything sorts itself out from now on!

  29. Jane Parker says:

    I can’t WAIT for all of it!!
    It is too exciting!!

  30. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Just so you know… i found Dianne. She was reading fanfics so staying off the computer. We usually email each other a lot and hang out when we can.
    So it’s all ok.
    Thanks for caring everyone

  31. Thank goodness we all have each other….only all of us can understand how we feel! I sometimes think that my friends wonder if I’ve gone senile or regressed to my childhood the way I go on and on about ADAM. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hi all! I haven’t been on my computer in a few days, and what do I find but an interview for our beloved Adam!! I just can’t take my eyes off him when he talks! He is just so mesmerizing, and he doesn’t even know it! That is what is so beautiful about him, he doesn’t understand how we can love him so much! I can’t wait for his song from 2012. At least that will be a little something before his album comes out! Love to all of you, fellow Glambs, and such much love to our Adam!!!

  33. M-m-m-m-m-m……..eating brownie with walnuts and smiling – thinking of Adam and licking my lips!! Yumm!!!!!!

  34. LibraLamb7 says:

    Thanks, Jeannette, so much for posting this vid (an oldie, but a goodie!) & your recent upate with the list of songs on the “2012” soundtrack w/cast list. I haven’t decided yet whether to buy the whole CD or wait til we can just get “Time for Miracles” from iTunes (I’ve already pre-ordered 2 of Adam’s solo cds!). It doesn’t look like there are very many songs for such a big movie, but perhaps the time is filled with dramatic instrumentals & sounds of disaster, etc. By the cast list, we can deduce that humanity constructs an “ark” to carry survivors to safety…in outer space? Will probably buy the DVD of the movie if it has bonus features of TFM vid w/Adam! This looks like the kind of movie that keeps your heart racing & you holding your breath, etc….lots of adrenaline pumping…so, seeing it once will probably be all I can handle! The MAIN interest for me will be ADAM LAMBERT & his song….may it win many awards and rain praise & adulation down upon his glorious self.

    Candace in MS

  35. JosieNurse says:

    Hey everyone. Enjoy reading all the updates.
    Can anyone point me to the video made by Shelia about Adam’s “older fans.”
    Somehow – probably when that stupid Wall contest was going on – I missed it and it sounds really good.

    Listen….I have a question about the “technical aspects” of this fansite.

    Does anyone have a stratagie on keeping up with all the posts from Glambs on this site.

    I am finding the long threads that follow the article posts by Jeanette or the other Glamb Leaders to be very hard to keep up with – especially if I go through one of my “have to work a lot” periods of time.

    Sometimes theyse posts are loaded with great info that often has Nothing to do with the original headline article that was posted. Sometimes it is hard to find posts from the people you know. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who iis talking to whom.

    Of course I’m new at following this type of fansite and Idon’t really know what you call this “style” of communication. Is this a blog rather than a forum style?

    Is there some way to get email notification when your name…..or someone you have come to know well …. or someone you want to get to know better …MENTIONS your name?

    Is the info / or threads from these discussions a part of the Forum on the home page of the Glamb website?

    Somehow I feel like I’m missing important things !!! Can anyone enlighten me on improving my technical surveilance of this great fansite !!

    Thanx, JosieNurse

    • Josie it’s on youtube, and called “When You Look at Me” enjoy!!

    • Yes, it is blog format, not forum format. Therefore, some limitations…as you mentioned! I don’t think there is any easy way to solve the issues you mention.

      However, you can Ctrl-F on any page and search for whatever you want to.

      Glambs #6

  36. Hey fellow Glambs! How about posting your Top Ten List of things to do while waiting for Adam’s CD? (Outside of our regular work and family). Here is mine; I am sure many of you can be especially creative with this! This is not in any particular order; just as they come to me.
    1. Rewatch all available videos from show and concert
    2. Burn more CD’s of available music (one for each vehicle etc.)
    3. Search for news, here and anywhere else I can think of
    4. Go through wardrobe and look for clothes for next concert!
    5. Practice painting my black fingernails and eyeliner (both very tricky!)
    6. Clean refrigerator; get updated Adam frig magnets!
    7. Think of ways to save money for next concert tickets! (yard sales, etc.)
    8. Search ebay for more Adam products ( gotta get those frig magnets!0
    9. Take care of my physical self – Adam inspires me to be the best me I can be!
    10. Expand my soul – One of Adam’s amazing traits is to take the risks in life; try something new, get out of that box! I will learn to embrace new things and not be afraid! Already I have learned so much about computer technology from watching the web for Adam and from you, dear Glambs. Even going to his concert this summer was a big step for me and I have never been a contributor to any website before! So we can stay busy until the next step in Adam’s career; and we will all be the better for it!

  37. Wonderful list, Mary Ellen!! I also am doing # 1, 2, 3 and 10

    4) As well, I am organizing my Adam pics as the number is unwieldy, into folders:

    early childhood/family
    Elvis/Adam looks
    Adam fanart
    Pre idol life in LA
    Idol pics, tour pics

    5) learn how to burn dvds
    6) make cd collections for overseas Glambs
    7) buy or rent a dvr to save Adams TV appearances
    8) continue to read his twitters and check out who he follows
    9) finally buy some black or dark blue polish

  38. Glambertcraze says:

    Hi again all Glambs, I just had to share this with you. I am a Real Estate Broker and today I had a client in my car with who else playing very softly on the cd. My client asked who that was on the radio. My first thought was What cave have you been hiding in. Anyway I explained who Adam was and that it was a CD and bla, bla,bla. He asked if I would write down his name so he could remember who he was and that he would buy Adams CD when it was available.
    I thought that was soooo exciting, I could hardly wait to tell you guys.
    Anyway thats it.
    Have a great evening.

    • Nice to know Adam’s voice is infectious…even to those who aren’t as crazed as we are!


  39. I can’t wait to hear Adam’s Time for Miracle, just the title itself gives me the goosebump. BTW, has anyone seen this poster of Adam for 2012. I saw this at facebook, so awesome. I do not know how to reference, so I went to google and found it.


  40. lucrecia menjivar says:


  41. Glambert 2601,Globerts 56 says:

    Over a week ago I was working till past midnight here in NZ. And TVNZ is showing the repeat of Semi Final of American Idol Season 7. Before Adam came on the scene in AI 8, I thought David Cook is really good. But listening to him singing in the semi final, I could hear pitchy notes which I have never heard in Adam’s. It made me realised how exteremly good Adam is ( I knew he is very good during AI 8), but now I am confident he is the VERY BEST. There is no one like him. I think next year AI would be rather dull unless they can find someone near as good as Adam, which I doubt. I will still watch AI to see what other talents will come up and how Ellen is going to be as a judge. I will most look forward to see Adam comes a guest singer.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Glambert 2601, Globerts 56, what part of New Zealand are you from? Hope you are going to join us on Glambs.org NZ page. We need company, at the moment there are about four of us, very sad state of affairs for NZ. I am from Christchurch and Lisa who is the moderator for Glambs.org is also from Christchurch.

      I too loved David Cook last year and was so happy he won, but ever since I first saw Adam I’m afraid I forgot all about David. Adam is a dream come true for the music industry and especially for us fans. I will also be watching Idol next year, just to see what the talent is going to be like but mostly so I will get to see Adam when he makes a guest appearance. Can’t wait for that. Hope you reply, would love to hear from you.
      Dianne. Glamb #356.

  42. Penny Curtis says:

    Does anyone know where to see that video montage that Sheila made, I think it was about us older adam fans??

  43. Musicalgal says:

    I preordered Adam’s, Allison, and Kris’ CDs. November is getting closer and closer. Rock on all of you.