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More Chatting with Adam Lambert and Heidi Klum

Thank you to our reader Patrice80 for pointing me to another charming video of Adam Lambert and Heidi Klum sharing some talk time. I love the ease that they have with each other. Notice how closely they’re sitting to each other. They look right into each other’s eyes and have a great connection. Swoon! Was […]

Adam Lambert Chats With Heidi Klum

Here’s an extra video I just found from Adam’s Project Runway appearance. He’s chatting with the gorgeous Heidi Klum. She’s a pretty good interviewer too! A lot better than many we’ve seen. She asked something I’ve never heard before – what does Adam sing in his car? I’ll leave it for you to learn as […]

Silence of the Lambert – On Album Talk, At Least!

Adam Lambert sat down with ETOnline on the set of Majors and Minors, where he’s doing a guest spot as a mentor, and let us in to his thoughts about his upcoming album and his style. After discussing it with so many and finding depending on which song he was working on at the time, […]

Adam and Leila Lambert Honored by PFLAG

Photo courtesy of Adam Lambert and his mother Leila Lambert received awards yesterday in Beverly Hills, CA from the PFLAG organization. PFLAG stands for Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gay. Even though there were scary periods in his life when coming to terms with his homosexuality, Adam admits his experience was relatively […]

Adam Lambert – The Designers Loved Him! Extra Video from Project Runway!

Adam Lambert served as a Guest Judge on last night’s Project Runway. IMO . . . he was the BEST GUEST JUDGE EVER! Even some of the designers agree! Watch the extra video below to hear the designers’ flattering opinions about Adam’s stint as a judge. He seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit, even […]

Adam Lambert’s Latest Twitter Party

Adam Lambert took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk with his fans. I submitted some questions immediately, but none got picked. Did yours? Thanks to Adamholic, we have the script. As fans, we can feel the love from Adam for us. Thanks to social media, he’s able to reach out to us, keep us informed […]

Adam Lambert: Post Gay – and the Twitter Party

Adam had a twitter party two days ago. In the middle of it, he posted: Adam: POST GAY. look it up. sums up my views So I did. According to Urban Dictionary : (Yes, there are misspellings. I’m just doing a copy/paste.) Post-gay The notion that homosexuals should be able to define their identities by […]

Adam Lambert on Project Runway Tonight!

While Adam Lambert was in New York several weeks ago, he stopped in at Project Runway and was a guest judge! The theme is Rock and Roll, so who better to marry the musical genre with fashion? From the following promo video for the September 22, 2011 episode, we see another rocker’s Glambulge is getting […]

Adam Lambert Talks Leather and Inspiration on MTV’s Talk@Playground

Adam Lambert spent time with Skingraft owner/designer Jonny Cota for MTV’s talk@playground, discussing the marriage of fashion and music. Adam has been a longtime fan and patron of Skingraft, receiving many of his Idol and Glam Nation Tour pieces from the Los Angeles-based company. In the following video, we get to see Adam and Jonny […]

Is Project Runway in Adam Lambert’s Future?

Although I can’t confirm it, there are plenty of other sites willing to “confirm” that Adam Lambert will be on an upcoming episode of Project Runway! The man certainly knows his fashion, and this could make for a great episode! From Bridgett P. LaVictoire at It appears that the answer to whether or not […]