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Pennyroyal Peace Pendant Contest

Dear Glambs, I received an email from Pennyroyal Silver. This website,, is not sponsoring this project, I’m merely passing it along. However, I think this is something you all will be very interested in. They are trying to raise $75,000 in sales of the Peace Pendant, the newest in their collection of Adam Lambert […]

Holy Glam! Adam Lambert Talks About Making Out With a Girl! Bonus Clips From VH1’s Behind the Music With Adam Lambert

Here are some little extra tidbits I just found. This feels like we are spending a few moments sitting on the couch with Adam Lambert and having a regular conversation! Although we’re getting more information about subjects we’ve already heard him talk about in the first two clips, the 3rd clip is real bonus. He […]

Fashionista Adam Lambert Pumps the ‘Medge’ on the Red Carpet

On the Red Carpet for the 2nd day in a row, Adam Lambert told the press at the VH1 Do Something Now Awards, that he’s into a certain kind of men’s shoe right now – the ‘Medge.’ To all us women who’ve been wearing them for decades now, they’re just wedges, but the “M” makes […]

VIDEO: Adam Lambert Honored at Equality California Awards

Video by Carol Hagey (for better quality, see Suz526 video, below) Adam Lambert received the Equality Idol Award last night in a room full of Los Angeles leaders, members and supporters of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The award was bestowed by Equality California, the largest statewide LGBT-rights advocacy organization working to […]

Adam Lambert Splits With ‘Idol’ Manager 19 Entertainment

This is just in from Shirley Halperin and The Hollywood Reporter. I doubt there will be anything about this mentioned on VH1’s Behind the Music, debuting Sunday, August 7, 2011, at 10 PM. Love ya! ~ Carol ~ The “American Idol” alum is signing with Direct Management Group, whose client roster includes Katy Perry, K.D. […]

Adam Lambert – Are Wedding Bells in the Future?

Don’t start checking the bridal registries looking for Adam Lambert yet. Even with New York’s legalization of gay marriage, Adam isn’t interested, according to an interview with Ian Drew for He’s now qualified that by tweeting, “not in the NEAR future. Get it right.” However, we can start looking forward seeing Adam on Sunday’s […]