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Vote for Adam Lambert as the Ultimate American Idol!

Short and Sweet: Q102 is holding a poll. Vote for our guy here. He’s leading Jordin Sparks by less than 1% in this semi final round! Scroll down – don’t click the on the picture. You have to click the button where he’s listed against Jordin Sparks this week. Love ya! ~ Carol ~

Did you feel let down by the royal kiss?

As I was watching the Royal Wedding kisses on Buckingham Palace’s balcony, as only a romantic insomniac would, I started feeling “is that all there is?” I know they have their British decorum and all, but gee, I wanted more. Their ceremony didn’t even include the usual “you may now kiss your bride.” Then I […]

Adam Lambert Weighs in on American Idol, Season 10

Last night’s elimination of Casey Abrams certainly brought into focus that the end of the American Idol Season 10 is coming quickly. We turn to Adam Lambert for some honest assessment on this season’s final contestants. We certainly haven’t gotten any direction from the judges as to who is likely to have a future in […]

Adam Lambert’s TwiRant – A Lesson on Fan Boundaries

Adam Lambert took to Twitter to get his message out regarding a recent invasion of his personal space and boundaries. It seems some “fans” gained suspicious entry into the Finale Party for RuPaul’s Drag Race, which Adam was attending in support of his friend and Glam Nation Tour make-up artist Sutan Amrull, Raja on the […]

Adam Lambert’s Twitter Party!

Did you hear that Adam Lambert had a double Twitter party last night? I was at my computer the moment he announced it, but none of my tweets were answered. There were many tweets asking about the second album, which he answered with a mass tweet that he wasn’t talking about it yet. Here are […]

Adam Lambert and Nikka Costa Work it Out!!

I hope you caught this hilarious video of Adam Lambert and one of his favs, Nikka Costa. They have such a good sense of humor and obviously respect each other’s abilities. The trip into Adam’s naked throat is a killer! Love ya! ~ Carol ~

The Soundbath Introduces Adam Lambert on UK Radio!

This five-part audio-only series from The Soundbath delves into the operatic and superior vocal quality of Adam Lambert’s voice. Angelina, the woman on this series, may only be talking about the technical aspects of Adam’s voice and performance, but it is so clear that she is a fan. She attended three of the Glam Nation […]

Adam Lambert Talks About the Grammy Nom and the New Album!

We know the Grammys are over, but I just found this great interview with Lindsey Parker and had to post it for you! It was done at the Grammy Media Summit, on February 11, 2011 at LA LIVE. They talk a lot about the Grammys, and how Adam wanted to go solo to the event. […]