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Adam Lambert’s “Handy” Explanation!!

So we learned that Adam Lambert hit his hand (previously thought his head, thanks to’s typo!) while celebrating at Lady Gaga’s birthday party. Thank goodness it wasn’t his head! We all wondered what was up? Now, thanks to Twitter, we get the answer directly from him. Another reason why he was such a perfect […]

**UPDATED** Adam Lambert and Friends See Lady Gaga!

I’ve never been one to give the daily comings and goings of Adam, but it’s great to see him out with close friends enjoying himself. He attended last night’s Los Angeles Lady Gaga concert with Finnish pal, Sauli Koskinen and Terrance. We all knew that his dancers were his friends from before the tour, and […]

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe: Just Sit Back, Watch and Smile!

Thanks to Kcinkcity for posting to YouTube this absolutely delicious compilation of all the things we love so much about Adam Lambert’s best buddy relationship with bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff. Were you lucky enough to be at any of the shows when some of these things happened? The clips of when he’s sitting down and […] Reviews Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD’s Tanner Stransky is definitely a fan of Adam Lambert and shows it in the first sentence of his review of the Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD. Here’s the reprint, but for more links, go to the review here. If there’s any newish pop act worthy of a live release, it’s American Idol runner-up Lambert, whose […]

Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD on E! News!!

Just one day after its release, Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD is starting to get national recognition! It was mentioned toward the end of the music report on E! News. They show a small clip of him beautifully singing Whataya Want From Me. I know that was to identify with his biggest hit, but […]

Adam Lambert’s Aftermath Remix and On-the-Air with Ryan Seacrest NOW!!

***JUST IN!! Here’s Adam Lambert’s interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM just a few hours ago, courtesy of MJs Big Blog. Hint, to hear the full interview, just listen to Track 2. It starts with Track 1 and continues to the end. Now, here’s the heart-pumping remix of Aftermath that will get you moving […]

Adam Lambert To Sing “Aftermath” Remix on Thursday’s American Idol!

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Adam Lambert will be on American Idol on Thursday, March 10 performing an acoustic version of Aftermath. I haven’t checked with any officials, but I think he may be setting some records. We all know that he was the first past contestant to be invited back as a mentor, […]

Excellent Adam Lambert Fan Video: If I Had You

I may be the last one to find out about this, but I thought this fan video was so well-done and entertaining, that I wanted to make sure you had all seen it. The lengths that glitterfans went to to recreate Adam’s If I Had You video shows his long-lasting effect on those who love […]