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Adam Lambert on “The Talk” & “Extra!”: What It Was Like to Be There

Wednesday was a day full of Adam Lambert sightings and events for Carol & Lila, admins of the Adam Lambert Official Unofficial Fan Club, and a few others of us who were lucky enough to join them.  We were high on excitement, anticipating seeing Adam live twice on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, as members of […]

Grammy 2011 Social Media Rock Star Summit: Seen Through An Adam Lambert Fan’s Eyes

We were sitting in the 5th row, witnessing these beautiful smiles! ***A word of warning – I’m writing this and the pre-show awards have started. I want to tune in online to see Adam’s category being awarded. This will probably run long as I want to get it posted ASAP, and won’t have a […]

Adam Lambert on Grammy Social Media Rock Stars Summit

Adam Lambert is again going where few artists have gone before. He has been chosen to sit on a panel of industry experts discussing how social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) is making its mark on the music industry. Here’s another peacock feather in his crown of confirmations from the industry that Adam Lambert matters […]

Vote for Adam Lambert on FUSE’s Grammy Poll!

Let’s put the GLAMB vote in for Adam Lambert! He’s in a close 2nd place behind Michael Jackson. Nothing against Michael Jackson, but I really think Adam’s performance deserves as much recognition as possible. As of the moment I’m writing this, Michael’s “This Is It” is at 56.95% and Adam’s “Whataya Want From Me” is […]

Adam Lambert Gets a Career Report Card from Entertainment Weekly

While reading Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar Edition (Feb. 4, 2011), I came across “Life After Idol” by Tanner Stransky. Of course my pulse quickened, hoping they’re heaping praise on Adam Lambert. Yes, he’s pictured in the main photo so I know it’s going to be good! Ten contestants from Season 8 and earlier are spotlighted with […]