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1,000 Pix of Adam – A Present to Us!

I just came across this little gem, courtesy doxymoaadamlambert. As I watched, I realized there were many photos that I hadn’t seen before. As we celebrate Adam’s 29th birthday, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too! Love ya! ~ Carol ~ <

Happy 29th Birthday Adam! Love, your Glambs from the “Official Unofficial” Site!

All of us at, the Official Unofficial site would like to wish Adam Lambert a very Happy 29th Birthday! Instead of gifts, Adam would like clean water brought to those who are without it, via It’s incredible to imagine that not everyone has water in 2011, isn’t it? In recognition of his 29th […]

Adam Lambert Enjoys an E-Ticket Day at “The Magic Kingdom!”

What does every Southern California kid want to do for his birthday? Go to Disneyland, of course! And that’s just what Adam Lambert did on Thursday, two days before he turns 29. A tweeter called Calypso got this amazing in-focus shot of him riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and shared it immediately. Word is that […]

Adam Lambert in American Idol’s Opening Montage!

I was happily watching the opening of American Idol on Wednesday night, wondering if anyone would make my heart race this season or compel me to put on black nail polish. Wow, the feeling of satisfaction is almost too much – that alll is right with the world when that show goes back on the […]

Adam Lambert On His Next Album, and More!

Just found this and knew you’d want to know too! Adam spoke about his next album on the red carpet of the Season 3 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He also commented about the new Idol judges. So great to hear from him! But give the videos an extra moment to load. Love ya! ~ […]

Adam Lambert’s New Red Carpet Look at RuPaul’s Drag Race Premiere!

Hurray!! We have visible proof that Glam Master Adam Lambert is through resting after his world-tour and is coming out for fun! Check out these pictures of Adam from the red carpet at the premiere of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Season 3. It’s certainly a new look for us. He’s taking a leave from the […]

Adam Lambert Voted Top International Star in Israeli Teen Mag!

The awards and honors keep rolling in! The latest is Adam heading the list of 100 International Stars voted on by readers of an Israeli teen magazine. Be sure to click the link to read the article in full. From redblack2 on LiveJournal: The eighth season of American Idol was labeled by many as a […]

American Idol Makeover – Or the Search for Adam Lambert!

American Idol Season 10 is back starting tonight! Though I’m still pledged to my one-only Adam Lambert, I still look forward to seeing some great entertainment. And I don’t mean the people who can’t sing and need to tell the world they can. The problem this year will be without Simon Cowell spitting out his […]

Vote NOW for Your Favorite Idol Audition of All-Time!!

Okay – is running a poll on what the favorite American Idol audition of all-time was. It’s nice that Adam’s name is first on the list, but I think we’d scroll from here and back to find it! EDIT: THE LINK IS FIXED NOW! SORRY!! I found out about this vote via a tweet […]

Adam Lambert: A Benchmark for American Idol

This week we get ready to start a new season of American Idol. While we’re starving for any news on our favorite guy in the universe, I came along this interview by Shirley Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter, with one of American Idol’s vocal coaches. Debra Byrd was there during Season 8, the season that […]