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2010 – The Most Glamorous Year in History, Thanks to Adam Lambert!

2010 has been an incredible year for Adam Lambert and his fans. We have been able to enjoy his round-the-world Glam Nation performances, read all of his interviews and see more than we should of his off-stage minutes, thanks to the instantaneous beauty of the internet. The year has ended in a surprise for me […]

Adam Lambert Names His Favorite Song and Album for 2010 is sharing with us who their pick of the most important artists of 2010 are choosing for their favorite songs and albums of the year. As another glam feather in Adam’s crown of affirmation by the media, he has been selected as the first artist to reveal his choices. When you read his words, […]

Adam Lambert Talks About His Grammy Nomination

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of Adam! Here’s a bit on his Grammy nomination from Flecking Records by Frankie Genchi. Love ya! ~ Carol ~ Adam Lambert is hoping that his recent Grammy nomination gives him more credibility as a solo artist. The singer has been nominated for the Best Male Pop […]

Vote Adam Lambert As Your Entertainer of the Year!

Adam Lambert’s album title couldn’t be any more appropriate for what we’ve enjoyed all summer and fall – For Your Entertainment! Now we have an opportunity to vote Adam as Entertainer of the Year. Let’s take advantage of it! Flecking Records is narrowing the top 10 down to 5…you can vote once an hour…let’s get […]

Adam Lambert: The Legend Begins as the Glam Nation Tour Ends

While basking in the glow of Adam Lambert’s Grammy nomination, I found this magnificent article on Adam, via a tweet from my good friend Glenda. It’s by Kerry Kolsch of associated content who has written many times about Adam. We love reading from others who feel the same way we do about Adam and his […]

Adam Lambert: Nominated For a Grammy!!!

The music industry is beginning to head its head on straight as Adam Lambert was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his recording of Whattaya Want From Me, as announced last night! Other nominees in this category include: Michael Bublé (Haven’t Met You Yet), Michael Jackson (This Is It), Bruno […]