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San Diego Glamnation Pre-Concert Party + Concert + After-Concert (***Updated Videos/Pics***)

The pre-concert party was great. About 21 people showed up. At first we had batches of 4-6 people come in at different intervals, so we had to go downstairs a couple of times and wait to get people to the lounge area. We all got to meet fans, have some drinks and it was very laid back. […]

Attention! This Is For Everyone Still Going to Adam’s Concerts – Read This!

Short and sweet – check with the box office to make sure of the start time of the show. Our show last night at Costa Mesa Fairgrounds started 30 minutes early. My good friend Glenda told me that the San Francisco show started 30 minutes early too. Fortunately I was at the box office yesterday […]

The Soundcheck That Turned Into a Private Concert of a Lifetime! Please Forgive Us Adam for Listening In!!! **PHOTO ADDED**

Want to get this up quickly! . . . Last night, fansite administrator Lila Hayes and I were at the Orange County Fairgrounds box office, trying to sell some extra tickets to that night’s show. What do we hear? OMG – it’s Adam singing Voodoo! They’re doing the soundcheck!! So, I start looking towards the […]

San Diego July 30 Pre-Concert Party (Right in front of the Symphony Hall) at 5:30pm

San Diego fans! (and others coming to San Diego): We will be hosting an informal pre-concert party this coming Friday July 30. I live in the Vantage Pointe Building right in front of the Symphony Hall (that is literally across the street) in downtown San Diego. We can get together at the lobby of my building between 5:30pm […]

Glam Nation- Lincoln, Ca Part 2 07/25/2010

Hey guys, I am posting these as I am trying to pack for my trip to California and Vegas!!!! I hope you all enjoy these and I also hope to be seeing alot of you at the concerts that I will be at!! P/S SET YOUR DVR’S, THEY ARE REPLAYING ADAM ON OPRAH THIS WEDNESDAY!! […]

Glam Nation- Lincoln, Ca 07/24/2010 **UPDATED VIDEOS**

Last night, Adam’s Glam Nation Tour hit the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA. Since it is early, there are only a few video’s available, but I am sure more will flow in. I will throw them on when I am home from work… I am totally in withdrawal, just saying. ENJOY: Down the Rabbit […]

Glam Nation- San Francisco, Ca 07/23/2010**UPDATED VIDEOS**

I have to admit, I haven’t been able to watch all of these video’s, but from the snippets I did see, WooHoooo. It sure looks like San Francisco got their money’s worth AND MORE!! I am having withdrawals because I was out of town and without computer access, and now I have to go to […]

Costa Mesa July 27 Pre-Party: Here’s the Scoop!

We’ve had a great response for the pre-party dinner on July 27th! With over 30 coming (so far!), we’re set for Mimi’s Cafe on the corner of Newport Blvd. and Harbor, 2 miles from the concert at the Pacific Amphitheatre/Orange County Fairgrounds. We’ll be in the Winery Banquet Room. Because of our expected attendance, the restaurant […]

Glam Nation- Portland, Oregon 07/21/2010

Portland’s Glam Nation show was missing a very special part last night. In the small video clip below, you will hear Adam explain to the crowd that Tommy was not there with them, because he had a family emergency to tend to. It has been said that Tommy’s father is very ill at this point, […]

Going to Adam Lambert’s Costa Mesa Glam Nation Tour? Do You Want to Party??!!

Everyone who joined Sue, Lila and me at our Fantasy Springs dinner party last February had such a great time! We know how much you loved meeting each other, and that now you’re one big happy Glamily. Lila, Sue and I loved meeting you too! We’ve gotten so many requests asking if we’re going to […]