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Adam Lambert V. Kris Allen – One Year Later, Who is Taking it to the Next Level?

Kerry Kolsch is a strong supporter of Adam Lambert and has published many articles about him. I just discovered this one when I was investigating our Forum, which until now, has gone relatively undiscovered by not only our very active Glamb community, but also by Sue and me, the authors on this web site! I […]

Start Your Own Discussions on Anything Related to Adam Lambert – Use Our FORUM – Here’s How!!

Are there things you’ve been anxious to discuss about Adam Lambert that haven’t been related to one of the articles we’ve posted? Do you want to list concert tickets you have for sale, or maybe find tickets for a certain venue? This is the perfect place to do that! Many times Sue and I have […]

Pink’s Live Version Of Whataya Want From Me

This is awesome!! During Pink’s concert yesterday in Germany, she gave a great little speech about writing this crazy little song, and finding a guy that sings it way better than she does! As she sings it, you can hear the fans sing along and it was one of those goosebump moments for me. Congratulations […]

Adam Lambert-A Look Back In Time

Due to the nature of this very important holiday that we are celebrating this weekend, I thought we could all take a look back and be thankful for the reason we all visit this site. I sincerely understand that, most importantly, we all need to be thankful for those that have lost their lives so […]

Tour Date Additions For Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour

As I was checking things on twitter, I came across the pictures and thought of ALL of my Adam loving friends here on this site. I figured since I love you all soooo much, I would share them with you. Actually, I just wanted to see what kind of reaction I could drum up. I […]

Adam Lambert’s Rumor Control

Another day, another tweet-fest from Adam. As you will read, by the end of his twitter session, Adam states that he is totally OVER IT, meaning the Idol finale controversy that wasn’t really a controversy. Personally, between the two situations, I say forget the finale as I would much rather have Adam working on his […]

Tweets From Adam Lambert AND Details On His Strained Voice

Here are a couple of tweets from Adam regarding the tour, followed by an article that has confirmed that Adam has strained his voice. Right now, they are saying that he will be fine to start his tour, and hopefully he will get some time to sit back and relax so that this will happen. […]

Adam Lambert Concert Updates

I profusely apologize, I feel that I haven’t kept you up to date on this concert list!! I have included the link so that you can see the very latest that they have listed there…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!! XO~SUE~GLAMB#10

Adam Lambert’s Message-NOH8

Now, this post is NOT intended to be here so that people can start attacking other people, DO YOU HEAR ME? I want you guys to read what I have to say BEFORE you start commenting… As most of you know, I like to usually just give you a few sentences just to say hello […]

GayCalgary Magazine-Adam Lambert Interview

Here is a link to check out the May 2010 Adam Lambert interview in the GayCalgary Magazine. Nice cover shot!! ENJOY: Here For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert on Post-Idol Success, the Media, & Talented Tongue Interview by Jason Clevett From May 2010 In the week prior to my conversation with Adam Lambert, he performed sold […]