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STARTER: HOT Pictures From Adam Lambert’s Fantasy Springs Concert!!

Dear Glambs, Adam gave the absolute most perfect, amazing, make-you-have-to-scream concert last night!!! I don’t want to take too long to write the proper review right now, because I want you to have the pictures RIGHT NOW!!! I was in the Front Row, 3 seats from the far end of the row, Tommy-side. The row […]

Videos from Adam Lambert’s Mind Blowing Debut Concert at Fantasy Springs!!

The concert at Fantasy Springs was EPIC!! It was Adam Lambert’s FIRST full concert, and I feel so privileged to have been there! He had the most amazing presence when he walked out onto the stage. He tried to hold his “Rock God” persona at the end of his opening number For Your Entertainment, but […]

Going to Fantasy Springs? Post Your Messages To Each Other Here and Learn All the Details!

We’re sure all of the Glambs who are going to Fantasy Springs this weekend are looking forward to meeting up with each other. We certainly are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. In fact, Sue, Lila and I are so excited about meeting all of you and seeing Adam Lambert in […]

Set List For Fantasy Springs

Whether you are lucky enough to be going OR just saving up for when he gets a little closer to you, here is a sneak peek at the set list for Saturday nights concert at Fantasy Springs: Going to Adam Lambert’s show at Fantasy Springs? Curious about his set list? Thanks to Twitter, we have […]

Heads Up Australia, Adam Is On His Way Soon!!!

Heads up to all our Australian followers, Adam is heading your way: Lambert will arrive in Australia on March 4. While here he will perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and will give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with him at an instore signing at Hum on Oxford st […]

Adams Interview with “The Hook”

Wait, WHAT?? Adam didn’t win American Idol??? This guy was funny… plus you get to hear what intimidates Adam! ENJOY!!

Adams View on Johnny Weir

Apparently it takes an Adam interview to clear up the Johnny Weir controversy…really? Nah, not really. It IS a match made in heaven though, just thinking of Adams vocals paired with Johnny’s skating abilities. That is something i’d LOVE to see… maybe a little Whataya Want From Me is in order… XO~SUE~GLAMB#10

Adam Lambert Introduces His #1 Video on VH1 Countdown

Thank you VH-1 for this great interview and even better #1 video!! ENJOY!! Adam Lambert dropped by the Vh1 Countdown for an interview and to introduce his #1 video, “Whataya Want From Me”. The song has been #1 two consecutive weeks, and this is the third #1 in the last 4 weeks. Plus, Idols have […]

Adams Wish for His Tour Costume Designer

Adam Lambert is ready take his over-the-top performance all over the world to promote his album, For Your Entertainment. And as the image-conscious “Idol” runner-up plans a tour for later this year, one big question remains: Who will design his stage outfits? Thanks to Jocelyn Vena, and with reporting by Tim Kash who are both […]

Adams Two Cents on Chris Golightly

If you have heard anything at all about American Idol this season, it has probably been the disqualification of Chris Golightly. I am not getting into that whole situation, but I figured you’d like to hear Adams opinion, so here it is: Adam Lambert, for one, can relate. Last year, he had to contend with […]