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Adam Makes Grammy Fashion Predictions

Who better than Adam to be a fashion correspondent? When you have your own style in check like no other celebrity 🙂 , you can take your expertise to the next level.  Honestly, I can’t see Adam really criticizing anyone’s choice of attire for the evening…but he says he will “call them out” if they […]

Adam’s Birthday Bash

Adam threw his own party for a 170+ guests at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles… Now I bet that was some party! Here’s the scoop that he gave ET Online before the bash (I love Adam when he is giddy!). Watch for photo updates. -Dana, Glamb #6

Adam’s 1st Concert – Fantasy Springs Resort

…is only weeks away?  I think the concert, date, and venue caught some of us off-guard.  Fantasy Springs Resort in Palm Springs?  February 27th?  You had to be quick to get the good tickets…and some of us did!  More details here…as of this writing, the cheaper seats are still available: Stay tuned…  -Dana, Glamb […]

Behind the Scenes with Adam Lambert & WWFM

Adam is continuing to open himself up to the public and give us a peek into his life. Here we get to go behind the scenes with Adam as he gives us a taste of the shooting for Whataya Want From Me. I love the natural feel of his singing in this video. His stripped […]

Glambs Celebrate Another Birthday Today!

Today is not just Adam Lambert’s 28th birthday, it’s also the 28th birthday of our very own Fernando – owner of this web site! That’s right, Fernando was born on the EXACT same day as Adam! How coincidental is that?!? Destiny was calling! Fernando has given us all such a wonderful opportunity of having this […]

Adam Lambert Begins International Blitz in Canada

REPOSTED on 2/15/10 ***UPDATED 2/2/10*** WITH 2 NEW VIDEOS!! We hear that Adam Lambert has begun to focus on international exposure. I’m sure all the international supporters of this web site are breathing heavy now! Earlier this week he was up in Canada, and the Canadians had nothing but big love for him. Is it […]

Happy Birthday, Adam!

It is Adam’s birthday week, so we are going to start celebrating a little earlier than his official birthday on Friday, January 29th.  The video below was compiled from all the photos sent in for our “Happy Glambirthday” project…along with a few others submitted to us from the American Idol Summer Tour.  There is a […]

More Fan Adventures on Oprah – Part II

Finally, Part II of the Jill and Olga Adventure on the Oprah Show!   Read Part I here if you need to catch up first.  Thanks, Jill and Olga, for sharing your story and pictures with us!  -Dana, Glamb #6 The Adventure, Part II: So I’m going to say right now that the whole afternoon was […]

Adam Lambert on His Look: It’s Nothing New!

Our Glam Rocker admits to E News Now that his look is more of a simple do-over than an original style. “What I do has been done before,” says Adam. He takes his looks from 70s and 80s glam artists, and David Bowie is a huge influence. Never mind, we LOVE everything you do! No […]

Appearance at SAG Awards

He’s seriously everywhere these days, hanging out in Toronto, Canada now where he is doing some promo for his album! Just before he left the country, there was one more appearance that the twitter page of IdolTracker clued us in to: The SAG Awards are the Screen Actors Guild Awards, one more of these TV […]