2010 – The Most Glamorous Year in History, Thanks to Adam Lambert!

2010 has been an incredible year for Adam Lambert and his fans. We have been able to enjoy his round-the-world Glam Nation performances, read all of his interviews and see more than we should of his off-stage minutes, thanks to the instantaneous beauty of the internet.

The year has ended in a surprise for me as well. I was doing some last-minute holiday shopping and was run over in the mall parking lot as I was making my way into the store. Thankfully, all I have is a broken foot, which has kept me from posting on this site. I am truly sorry for the silence and hope to be back full-time soon. In addition to the two Los Angeles concerts that I want to give Lila’s and my impressions of, there have been so many little Adam tidbits that have flown by this site. I’ll work on making this a New Year’s present for all of you! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m reprinting a story from my girlfriend Renee Snyder of the examiner.com that is a great wrap up of Adam’s wonderful accomplishments for 2010. http://www.examiner.com/adam-lambert-in-national/adam-lambert-2010-a-year-review

Have a wonderful New Year’s! Here’s looking to a Glamorous 2011!!

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert: 2010 year in review
By Renee Snyder

Adam Lambert can no longer be considered as just “American Idol runner up.” Lambert has truly made a name for himself through hard work and his incredible vocal abilities. Let’s take a look at what Adam has accomplished over the past year.

Adam’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, has been certified around the world. The album has gone gold in the U.S. and Australia and went platinum in Canada and New Zealand. Adam also released an “Acoustic Live!” EP with acoustic versions of five songs off his album. The EP was an immediate success, debuting at #126 on the Billboard 200 chart. Physical copies of the EP sold out so fast, Sony had to run a second batch to keep up with the demand.

The singles off the album have also been huge hits around the world. “Whataya Want From Me” has already gone Platinum in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, Double Platinum in Canada and Gold in Denmark and Germany. Whataya Want From Me also placed at #5 for most played song in Australia and won “Best international Single” at the German 2010 CMA – Wild and Young Awards.“If I Had You” is double platinum in Australia and gold in New Zealand. In addition, Adam has released other singles throughout the world. His single “Sleepwalker” has been a huge hit in Canada and he released “Aftermath” and “Fever” in several international countries, both of which are charting high on various radio stations. And Adam’s music has been recognized by the music industry, having ranked high on 10 of Billboard’s “Best of 2010 Year-End” charts.

Not only has his music done well this year, but Adam’s music videos have also caused a stir. His video for Whataya Want From Me won MuchMusic of Canada’s “UR Faoritev International Video” award and was voted “Favorite Music Video” in “AfterElton.com 2010 Visibility Awards.” In addition, the Whataya Want From Me video placed at #4 in VH1’s “Top 40 Music Videos Countdown of 2010.” Adam’s “If I Had You” video placed at #33 on VH1’s “Top 40 Music Videos Countdown of 2010” and #16 on Yahoo! Music’s “Top 20 Music Videos of 2010.”
Adam has supported charitable efforts, such as donorschoose.org, in which he asked his fans to donate to the charity rather than give him gifts. He sponsored a competition among his fans to raise money for donorschoose.org and then even visited one of the classes helped by the donations. In addition, Adam produced an “It Gets Better” video against bullying, and also showed support for FCKH8,” a gay suicide prevention charity campaign.

He also had a successful world tour this year, including 113 shows. He performed his Glam Nation show to sold-out crowds throughout the U.S. and in 19 other countries. The Glam Nation tour was voted “Top Live Act of 2010” by All Headline News. The show also earned the #10 spot in the “Top 10 Shows of 2010” by DallasMorning Post -Year in Review: Music and ranked #1 for the “Top 10 Capital Region Concerts of 2010” by timesunion.com. Glam Nation has also been nominated for “Concert Tour of 2010” as part of Australian POPrepublic.tv’s “IT LIST Awards 2010.” (Winners will not be chosen for the IT LIST awards until January 31, 2011.)

Probably the icing on the cake for Adam this year has been his Grammy nomination for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.” The Grammy nod proves that Adam is a serious recording artist that can hold his own in the music industry.

Adam summed up his year with a recent tweet to his almost 800,000 fans:
“Happy Holidays! Can’t believe 2010 is coming to an end… Crazy year… !”

Having just come off American Idol a year and a half ago, Adam has had many accomplishments of which to be proud of this year. This rising star can expect more and more honors as his career continues to soar into the next decade.

What do you think of Adam’s accomplishments in 2010?

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. ADAM LAMBERT is a HUGE LEGEND .When i say legend that’s mean it takes a many years but to him is truly a TALENT he was born to be an ICON.

  2. I was just watching some old clips of Adam on American Idol when I seen your email pop up. I was so happy to see it. I google him every night looking for anything new on Adam. I can’t wait for his next CD. It doesn’t come to no surprise on how successful 2010 was for Adam. There are many out there that feel the same way as I do. He is just simply amazing. What a entertainer, what a voice, what a personality! He has the whole package and more. I can’t wait to see what he brings us in 2011.

    • I am sorry about your accident. I was so wrapped up in talking about Adam that I forgot about you, Carol. I hope you are healing well.

    • i agree w/ you! adam is the total package- fun, exciting, good-looking, robust personality! love the guy! seeing him in concert was the highlight of my entire year! looking forward to all the new things he does in the coming year! 🙂

  3. Lamchops50 says:

    So happy you’re okay! I’m sure I’m one among many who were wondering (and concerned about) why you hadn’t posted anything for such a long time. Glad you’re back!

  4. carmen #395 says:

    Sad to hear about your foot, but thank goodness it wasn’t more, huh? Still….that’s enough. Adam is the greatest. I was fortunate enough to see him at 2 concerts this summer and both times were the most awesome moments of my life. I’ll love him forever!

  5. Thank you for your labors of love – YOU have brightened so many lives with this site by spreading the love of Adam Lambert – blessings for a speedy recovery

  6. So sorry to hear about your foot getting run over. I hope the recovery is going well. What an ending to such an amazing year. I look forward to your recaps of the California shows.
    Thanks so much for all you have done for us this year and I look forward to another Amazing year of Adam Lambert next year.

  7. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    So glad you are back Carol, we all missed you! Hopefully your foot will heal quickly; thank God it was not more serious! Adam has had an incredible roller coaster of a year and aren’t we all thrilled to ride along with him! I am grateful for the most amazing, fun summer Adam gave us all with his tour; and for me the highlight was a trip to Amsterdam where I got to see an unbelievable concert and got a hug from that gorgeous man! Wow, what a year!

  8. Oh wow and how terrible for your accident. It is so very nice to have you back. I’m glad you took the time to take care of yourself. Know that you have been missed. This is an incredible site and if there was an award for it – you should get it. Will be looking forward to 2011. Hugs and stuff.

  9. Glad to hear you’re back on this and doing well. I look forward to your emails and can’t wait for 2011. I hope it will be another good year for Adam and his fans.

  10. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  11. peggyt Glamb#345 says:

    Really glad to see Adam’s name pop up on my email….I would check and nothing so glad to see you back and hope you are getting better…Ready for 2011 and more of Adams great entertainment…..

  12. Linda Krosinski says:

    So sorr to hear about your accident and hope you heal very quickly. Thanks for all the news you bring us about Adam. He is an amazing singer and person! The world is a much better place with him in it. Look so forward to his next cd. Saw him once this summer and it wa incredible! What a performer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best concert I’ve ever been to and such fun Happy New Year to all

  13. Sorry you have had such a rough time. I hope you recover 100% soon. We all appreciate your posts but please, just take care of yourself. You and Sue have been mainstays on this Web site. But, if you don’t mind my asking, is Sue no longer a part of it? Thanks again and get better soon.

  14. Jeez Carol, omg, so sorry to hear about your foot… I did keep checking here and was a bit disappointed there weren’t the usual fun tidbits to feast on. Now we know why… Good Lord, hope you can spend lots of time convalescing and searching up Adam!
    Thanks for putting this info up!! 2010 was QUITE the year for our boy!.

  15. I am so glad I was able to see him from the start and watch him blossom to where he is now. He brought back the fun in music and showed people how to be themselves and still be a success in life. I was able to get the new acoustic Live EP and it is awesome. Here’s to many more years of glam!

  16. i love adam but hes not a legend and i dont think he be a legend .i know adam have succesful tour,platinium or gold single,but he have to stop being theatrical,hes not in zodiac show anymore.hes album was huge dissapoint.

    adam have to take him self seriesly,hes professional,i hate hes concert because hes still think hes in american idol.hes stage presence must get better like any other rocker do with high energy and bombastic presence.im sad that hes 2 album be more like the 1one.

    i wish he open hes eyes and inspire by his band like:tommy the punk metal,monte rock metal and camila pop,this way he can creat for hes 2 album,i wish he do:punk,funk,metal and goth.

    • vocalsrule says:

      It is great to see a diversity of opinions and some good suggestions. We are all different in what we like. The best part is that Adam is such a chameleon he can do whatever he wants! All I ask is that he delight us as he has been doing. I’d buy anything he sings: nursery rhymes, light opera, punk, jazz, etc. My favorite is rock but I like to be surprized. There used to be a great show on KPBS where the DJ played Egyptian Rap one time. It was great. No need to be pigeonholed.

    • When Adam does all punk, funk, metal and goth, is when this avid fan lets him go. I appreciate your post, but authenticity is what his fans want and I’m not sure punk is what Adamis all about. What he does now appeals to the masses, and to flex into other genres may not be in his best interest. What we see in his concerts is what we want. Just sayin’.

    • kat23mogan says:

      I think you are trying to classify Adam as a rocker…obviously because you are one…Adam has said many many times that he is not a hard rocker…He does not want to be…His interest is in pop and rock/pop….Do not try to channel him into what you want him to be…As for theatrical…ALL GREAT RECORDING ARTIST ARE THEATRICAL….EXAMPLES FROM YOUR GENRE ….LED ZEPPELIN…AEROSMITH …MICK JAGGER…ON AND ON…FROM OTHERS…GAGA…MADONNA…MICHAEL JACKSON…JANET JACKSON…QUEEN..f an artist just gets up and sings, with no performance and no showmanship…it is really BORING…Adam’s performance quality and his vocals is what sets him apart from others…His cd was no way disappointment….and the acoustic cd is amazing…but if you are a goth, hard rock….fan…yes I can see why you believe it was disappointing…

  17. Dear Carole, I’m so glad you are okay. That must have been such a frightening experience for you and your family. I hope you are not in too much pain and that you’ll be fully recovered soon. I am still recovering from ankle fusion surgery {I’m on my 4th cast} so I truly empathize with all your resrictions and frustrations. Coming here to this site and keeping up with all of Adam’s amazing accomplishments have helped me in this healing process.I thank you for all your contributions and am so glad you are back.

  18. Hi Carol, I searched for your website every day . I thought you might have decided to stop writing here and maybe do something new. So happy you are back ! Can you walk properly or do you need crutches ? Speedy recovery !
    Adam’s got an avalanche of accolades and honours raining on him, could have been sparked by his Grammy nomination. My intuition says he might swipe his first Grammy next year !

  19. Sorry about the “e” at the end of your name, Carol. I am part French and the misspelling of your name just was automatic for me.

  20. Holly Glamb #676 says:

    Hi Carol, so sorry to hear about your accident! Hope the pain is not too bad, and wish you a speedy and complete recovery!
    It was great to meet you and Lila in LA and I know people are dying for your take on the concerts. Me, I’m still speechless! What a way to wrap up a magical year and tour. Have been watching for any news of Adam “out and about” in LA…. guess he’s recuperating and hanging out with family and friends. Guess the next “sighting” will be at the Grammy’s.

  21. Thanks so much for all your blogs. On the other side of the world we love Adam but are starved for him in the press so thanks for giving it to us in one easy area.There is no one like him. I feel like I have met a true legend and although it’s just the start of his career,you can already tell what kind of a person he is and what he will become. He is sooooooooooooo Lovely to meet. I often wonder how his family cope with the fame that just being related to him must bring. I wonder if his mum has collected any memorabilia.
    Happy New Year to all the Glamberts from us here in Australia. Can’t wait for 2011.

  22. Mary at the Lake says:

    Hi Carol! O…M…G!!!!!! I am SO sorry that happened to you! It was so much fun seeing you and Lila again in LA and what fun we had hanging out in the line (in the cold and drizzle at times…) at the Music Box before Adam’s next to last, and absolutely wonderful, concert! So thankful that you were there! It was really just one big special time for Adam, his close friends and family, and many of his most dedicated fans (like you and Lila..) that attended the show (I was sitting directly behind Eber and Leila, totally unexpected and wonderful!) and surely one of Adam’s most intimate and personally meaningful shows…

    Hoping that you will very soon be well!

    And I do think Adam WILL be legendary…he is already well on his way, and I am confident that his next album will be even better than FYE, which I do love, as well as his recently released Acoustic Live EP…But IMHO, his live concert performances are what make him truly stand out from the crowd..I’ve been fortunate to attend 6 Glam Nation concerts , plus 3 “others”, and I NEVER, ever tire of seeing and listening to Adam perform live, a far different experience than listening to a recording or even watching the amazing Suz526’s vids (who I am eternally grateful to for her dedication to Adam and her “unofficial” promotion of his career..as she is truly his ultimate fan in so many ways!)…”Live Adam” is electric, mesmerizing, and awe inspiring…Anyone who was not able to see him this time around, do start planning for his next concert tour because he is not to be missed! I have never in my life spent so much time looking for tickets to concerts, traveling to concerts sometimes several thousand miles from home, and have never had such a great time meeting new friends (such as Carol and Lila, and many more, some of whom I met right on this website!!!) My life has been so enriched by being a fan of Adam Lambert, and I look forward to years of music and adventures with Adam and friends! Now…if I can just get through this period of time when Adam is not performing ( a rest he certainly deserves) and preparing to record his new album……!!!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Just wanted to say…some of you might know me as “glitzylady” on the Adam Lambert Fan club site, and other places…Just to both clarify and confuse!!!

  23. super-jackie says:

    Thank you for all the pics, video’s en information about Adam. I saw Adam’s show in Amsterdam and it was amazing! I wish you all a happy new Year!…

  24. Welcome back Carol i really missed you !!!!!!!. i also looked every day for the latest news on Adam. I SAW HIM WORK his ass off,his interviews were great how he kept smiling being asked the same questions over and over again idont know.His sence of humour i get ,hes cheeky too.his dress always looked beautiful , his people skills with the tour,the band especiallyTOMMY ha ha ,the band came over as very loyal and pro he was the glue to make that happen,he also had to work with stigma every day.HE DESERVES EVERY AWARD HE IS NOMANATED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!.When he has a day off i would like to tell him all this over a nice cup of TEA.

  25. wow two great things happened today…This email and the postman delivered my acoustic ep from Adam…and now I learn that Adam twitter followers are numbered more than 800k / 800,288
    to be exact at time of writing….:) /
    Hopefully Carol, you are not in too much pain. And will be in good health soon. Good thoughts are sent to you.
    Just lately it has been oh so quiet and feeling so low…yet knowing that there are great things to look forward to helps. Not wanting to be selfish, but really needing Adam news and at least a tweet or two to get through this aftermath. I guess it was all SO EXCITING and SO INTENSE that to feel the silence is painful for many of us. I wonder how ADAM is dealing with it? He must miss it all as much as we do.
    So til the next adventure, holding on for any Adam news that rises to the surface, Please drop by on AdamFanClub and say hi. I am idelia there too.

    Love and light x

  26. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    Glad you’re ok and back…. I was trying to figure out why I had not received any inboxes about Adam and was in serious withdrawal. I love the article about his successes and can’t wait fir the Grammy awards to recognize him!! I’ll be glued to the tv.

  27. Dear Carol,
    Hope you are feeling better. So sorry to hear about your accident. Thank you so much for all of your updates. Adam Lambert is a “True Artistic Genius”. There is no one that even comes close to his insane vocal ability. He is the TOTAL PACKAGE as they say. 2011 will be AMAZING and OH the Grammy’s. That will be an exciting night for sure! Can’t wait for the next album. Withdrawls are ROUGH!!! Happy New Year!

  28. So sorry to hear about your accident, Carol, and wish you a speedy recovery. I was thrilled to see this site’s logo pop up on my e-mail; I was wondering why you hadn’t posted for awhile.

    So happy to read of all Adam’s accompishments; it’s great that the rest of the word appreciates him as much as I do!

  29. I want to wish you a speedy recovery. Hope that broken foot is healed when the next tour rolls around! I am also looking forward to all the “tidbits” you have to share with us.

    As far as Adam’s accomplishments are concerned they are well deserved! He has taken his passion and worked hard at making his dream come true! I have NEVER been affected to the extreme Adam has has affected me (even during the years of Bobby Sherman and the Monkees). With Adam it is a more mature admiration, all about his vocal abilities, his drive and the love that seems to flow from his character! He is a refreshingly entertaining young man and I can’t be prouder to say I am his fan for life!!!
    Glambert 4734

    • HaHa Cheri!! We must be about the same age, cuz I was a Bobby Sherman and Monkees fan also. I agree with you regarding the more mature admiration we have for Adam and for his vocal abilities , but he also relit the ignition on my mojo and I NEVER tire of looking at his gorgeous face and hunky body!!!

  30. So sorry to hear about your accident.I’m glad it wasn’t any worse.Glad to see your back.I checked every day.Adam deserves to be nominated for a grammy.He is so talented.I saw his show two times this year.Wish it could have been more.Thanks for all your hard work in 2010.Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2011.Just thought I’d ask is anyone going to the Ohio Birthday Party?

  31. It has been an AWESOME year for an AWESOME singer. I saw Adam on tour this summer and was blown away. His stage presence is unbelievable. You can feel the sexual energy coming from his gorgeous body while he performs. I can’t seem to get enough of Adam. I know he will continue to be successful and win every music award there is. This man is FANTASTIC.

  32. Happy New Year !!! Carol and all my virtual internet friends whom I recognise by name and I read their comments every day. They fight for Adam and praise him sky-high !
    Happy New Year !!! Adam , see you at the Grammys ; Winner !!
    31 Dec 2010

  33. I saw Adam Lambert in Richmond, VA and in Baltimore, MD. He is absolutely fantastic! I have tried to keep up w/ where Adam has been this year and, WOW, what a first solo year he has had!! I knew that stellar voice was going to take him straight to the top regardless of what the AMA had to say. I LOVE YOU ADAM!

  34. So glad you are back Carol, sorry about your accident–it’s certainly been wild out there this season!
    I heard Adam being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning–great way to end the year! Adam has certainly had a blockbuster year–and deserves it all! It’s been wonderful having all these updates–thank you! I think Adam is back in CA now–maybe even San Diego–I hope!
    Happy New Year everybody!!!

  35. Welcome back Carol,

    How horrible that must have been for you! I wish you a FULL and QUICK recovery.

    Take good care of yourself my love.


    Nana #1 (glam #488)

  36. Carol, I didnt’ know you had an accident; I’m glad you’re ok. i search for Adam’s news on this website almost every day and I was disappointed when i didn’t find any new info. Now I know why. thank you take care. And about this article; it wasn’t a surprise to me because since i saw Adam singing “Satisfaction” on AI, I knew he was a star!!! Congratulations Adam; I can’t wait for your new cd to come out!!!!!!!


  38. I’m Adam-starved. I was so busy, that I can’t even have time to have my laptop repaired. So I was seemingly disconnected from the Adam-world for a while. Internet shops are mostly full. Hope to see a different Adam for 2011. I don’t know, but I sort of expect a new Adam.

    For me 2011, is a time to change. New perspectives, new outlook, new frame of mind. Leave the old behind. Embrace a new world, ….. a new vision………… a new hope.

    For me American Idol will never be the same without Adam. Adam had stolen something from the show. They will only live up to Adam’s standards, if they can reach his standards.

    I want to see Adam live on TV with a program like Oprah, aside from his singing. I just love his personality, his wit, his humor, his voice. I hope that someday this will be granted. Three coins in the fountain. He-he!

    Love to you all Glambs and Happy New Year !

  39. I love to hear Adam sing,,but I also agree that I love his wit , humor ,personality and I just love to hear him talk. Adam starved..but thank goodnesss for all the videos. Can’t wait for things to come from Adam…

  40. kat23mogan says:

    I am extremely proud of Adam…he is staying true to himself…Those who diss him need to remember this is his career …his choice of music….his voice…his interpretation….We do not decide for him…So far he …if you look at his success this year….hit the nail on the head…You want to appeal to many not a select few…This is the day and age of downloads and playlist…so his cd with a wide range of styles was perfect…I

  41. I think one of the reasons Adam is laying really low and staying off the radar is because 2010 was a much bigger year than he expected it to be himself.
    I remember him saying in an interview in early 2010 that he was hoping to be touring as an opening act for some band. Then when it became clear he would have his own tour, he talked about some appreances here and there. Remember the chaos around the whole itinerary of the tour, it was literally all over the place. It became a full blown American Tour and those hours on that frikkin bus must have been unreal. He said he didn’t always get the best sleep but every performance he defintely gave us his best. then the International tour was added on, as someone who travels to Europe regularly myself I know those flying hours through all these timezones are very challenging on the body and the mind. Then as the icing on the cake came the Grammy nomination……Adam has the talent he has the voice that takes us to other places, he puts on the shows that rattle our cages but we are just as much a part of this PHENOMENAL past year. We also traveled and spent our money like there was no tomorrow. Stood in line in heatwaves and blizzards(Scandinavia)to fill up yet another venue.
    It is Adam and his Fans, we are the Circle of Love!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Echo what you said, it started out small and ballooned. Before we knew it Adam was on a world tour and his music and personality were lighting up the universe. I am sure he did not expect for the phenomenal year he had and is very grateful for these opportunities. Well we knew it would happen, but did not realize how quickly or fully it would. What a year!!!

  42. I miss hearing about Adam! Where is he now?
    What is he doing? He doesn’t even twitter anymore
    What did he do on New Years Eve?

  43. I miss Adam too-especially hearing him sing anything-anywhere. But I’m glad he is taking some personal time to do whatever makes him happy. He IS a human being and is entitled to time for reflection,fun,friends and family-and anything else which brings some normalcy to his life.He deserves all of this and more after giving so much to all of us who benefited from his beautiful voice and persona.

  44. Man those pictures of Adam on NYE as a pirate are really handsome….He can do anything and make t special…I am waiting to see him sometime on t.v. I am not into Tommy Joe, he thinks he is as handsome as Adam and it will never be…I don’t miss that part of the show….I just love Adams entertaining….hope he wins the grammy….

  45. I agree with you 100% Lorraine. I am suffering from
    withdrawal. I need to share my feelings

  46. Glamourclamor says:

    Seems I am late in seeing your post and hearing about your accident. Hope you are on the mend. Broke my shoulder one year Christmas shopping and can only sympathize with you. I am not the least bit surprised that Adam is doing so well–would have been if he wasn’t. You cannot deny this type of talent–he has the looks, the attitude, the moves, the voice, and he was bound to take the world by storm once they had the opportunity to see him. Can’t wait for 2011.

  47. I know I am not wrong, I bet Adams new album will be magnificent….His first FYE is awesome…when you go to 9 if his concerts and each one gets better each night you know that he is a talent to be reckoned with……I listen to his cd in the car, I got the one fromHong Kong with the extra 4 songs on it…I love Voodoo…..My husband said it was time to get a new cd….well I will when Adam comes out with his next one…..2011 let go Adam

  48. Yes Glambs, I also share your sentiments. And I’m proud of you Irena and the other Glambs for standing behind Adam through thick and thin. Yes, we have grown and mature together with Adam’s experiences… dissecting this and that,….. trying to understand him….. knowing him. And in the process, also knowing and understanding ourselves. Adam had also given meaning to our lives.

    He is taking his time, conserving and reserving energy for the year ahead. And just trying to be human away from the limelight. It is like a RETREAT, but one can just be in a mental or psychological convent or monastery, or in a real one. Or he maybe nature-tripping or being just with friends and family.

    I know that as fans, we also took on a certain level of humility and accepted some sacrifices, because we can not really be that close to Adam like his friends or family. Our feelings for him can not really be that mutual or reciprocated, but we just accept this with humility. He loves us en masse as fans, but we have no individuality to him except maybe with some whom he now knows personally. But all the more that we have matured in this, because we had loved him unconditionally.

  49. I got a new Laptop for Christmas and I was slow switching things over from the old CP so I didn’t know about Carol getting hit in a parking lot at Christmas time, that is scary, I will be more careful when walking from my car into the store. Take it easy Carol, do what the DR tells you & don’t push it!

    When I see all that Adam has done in 2010, he is unreal, what a guy. Love, Love Our Artist!