2010 American Idol Season 9 Premiere


For all of you (international viewers) who are big fans of American Idol but missed it or cannot watch at home, below is the premiere for the new season of American Idol. Watch it soon before the video gets taken out! Also, be sure to close any pop up after you hit play.


What do you think? Can anyone get even close to Adam this year? Expectations?


  1. NEVER!!!

    • NEVER is right!!!!!!!! I am only watching this season to see if maybe someone could come close to Adam. Hell if the last two nights are any indication then NO!!!! Adam is Adam, you either love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him!!!!

    • Aghhh my mind refuses to see this new season. Its too painfull to watch allen on the back cardboard :S and I dont know why there is a feeling that maybe,just maybe someone will be good for this season but NEVER so commentable, eye catching and entertaining as Adam! Adam was the good last thing of AI and now without paula and eventually without simon the show will SUCK!

      P.S : Did Kara get a lot more bitchy or its just me? (Now she is the queen of panel)

      • I can’t even bring myself to watch this year. Without Adam I know I will just be disappointed! NOW if they bring him on for a guest appearance I’ll be right there…LOL!!

    • NEVER i so apt. There will NEVER be a complete, total and perfect package of a consummate artist, entertainer and performer such as ADAM LAMBERT!
      There may be someone with astounding voice, soaring vocals but limited only to one genre. There maybe someone who is totally physically gorgeous, someone who has tantalizing eyes and mesmerizing smile and beautiful teeth, someone who is absolutely sexy, someone who has charisma and magnetism, someone who is fabulously fashionable, someone who is tall and graceful, someone who has sexy moves and can dance, someone who shows humility and graciousness, someone who is kind, polite and respectful and someone who knows how to listen and take constructive criticism, someone who is inteligent and knowledgeable, someone who is so articulate, eloquent and a master communicator and someone whose stage presence launched a thousand ships BUT never never all these in one package as ADAM LAMBERT! NEVER!

      • Just want to add something very important I have missed: There will NEVER be someone so exciting, thrilling and electrifying EVER on that AI stage again as ADAM LAMBERT! NEVER!

  2. Well, it was quite funny actually. The 1st auditions are always entertaining and the “pants on the ground” guy was hysterical!! Good for him!!

    But no one will ever come close to Adam. It was little disheartening to see Kris’ pic on the wall, a reminder that Adam didn’t get the crown. Kris is good and he’s a super nice guy, but I haven’t even bought his album yet and I’ve bought two of Adam’s! TeeHeeHee. Since last April I haven’t been able to listen to anyone else. (A little GAGA now and then on the radio-Seacrest). I only played all Adam’s Idol music up until his album came out and now that’s all I listened to. I could hardly listen to Christmas music which I love. I would listen to a few Xmas songs, then couldn’t stand it and put Adam’s CD back on. Adam will always be the Ulitmate #1 American Idol to me!!!

    • lol this is so funny because I am the same. I got 3 cds for Christmas – Adam’s, Susan Boyle and Muse – I love them all but every time I change from Adam’s it’s back on within a day – just can’t stop listening to it and every day I have a different favourite – I’m doomed to a life of listening to Adam – so sad!!! lol

    • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

      I agree mmagiemay! It was the same for me. Did you guys notice that when they showed Kris’ picture and said and Idol was crowned but then showed Adam’s picture and said A NEW STAR IS BORN. That says it all!!! Idol will never be the same.

      • London Glambert says:

        Yes, I noticed that. I think that was a humble acknowledgement that Adam was the best last year.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Pants on the ground from 65years old man!LOL!!I bet my head that he will perform in the finale?Who’s in?Haha!BTW,when they auditon,the backround is the picture of Kris.I like Kris,I really do but but but IT SUPPOSE TO BE ADAM’S PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

      • KO's smiling says:

        I noticed that special notice of Adam. They know what’s up.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yes Cathy!I told my friends the exact same thing!LOL!! πŸ™‚

      • I noticed that. I think Kris is the only Idol who has had to share or has been overwhelmed by the winner up. Well too bad, Adam is here and he ain’t going nowhere!!!!!!!!

        • Yeah, People were saying that Adam has inspired them, but noone was saying that Kris has inspired anyone!

  3. American Idol is done for me. Anyone after Adam will be most boring. And after they dissed Paula like that I have no use for the show..

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I hope that Simon picks her up as a judge on his new show. AI will come to a screeching halt after that!

      • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

        Lila – Glamb # 3; Simon Supposedly has signed up PAULA for his new show. The X-Factor. I kind of think Simon and PAULA had something going on. Woops I forgot where I was at. It was in the only rag magazine I get. And other people tell me you can’t believe the rag mags. Supposedly he is going to pay her 4.5 million dollars?? Now I don’t know if that is a season or what? I DO KNOW FOR A FACT THIS IS SIMON’S LAST YEAR ON AMERICAN IDOL. He was on Mario Lopez’s nightly entertainment show. And this came right out of Simon’s mouth! I will not be back for American Idol next year! I THINK I BELIEVE IT? BECAUSE HE DOES NOT NEED THE MONEY AND HE IS BORED WITH AI. Hugs to all. Sherry K

    • Sherry K # 445 says:

      Gayle; I agree with you! Sherry K

  4. Thanks for posting the video,;I am unable to watch the show on tv. But, no one will have my attention like Adam Lambert does. It will just be fun to see how Ellen does on the show.

  5. I fell asleep after the guy that Simon liked but Kara hated his attitude! He didn’t like waiting for so long! No one can compare to Adam!

  6. Well I didn’t bother to watch it on TV. After watching it here, I’m glad I didn’t. There is only one Adam Lambert, the legitimate superstar ! Thanks Dreamsound for posting though.

  7. Adam lost – so did IDOL – I had vowed to never turn it on again. The thought of it does nothing at all for me. I can’t imagine anyone better ever coming out of that show than Adam. I think it will be history soon anyway – Paula’s gone, then Simon next.

    • Ima Ramorah says:

      Agree, I vowed last year never to watch and I won’t. The only way you can actually get your *opinion vote* to count is to not watch and the ad revenue’s go down.

  8. JoAnne T. says:

    Well, I just refuse to watch this season AI does not deserve to get the ratings. For one thing, I will not forget the voting controversy, the fact that Adam didn’t win and SHOULD have still has my blood boiling, no Paula Abdul, Simon’s leaving after this season anyhoo and last but not least I FOUND my AI and it is ADAMmmm! Now to be honest, hubby DID wanna see the preliminary stuff and I watched at it, not really interested at all, and I certainly did not tune in Wednesday nite for round 2. It’ll be interesting to see if AI invites Adam back…they should cuz he certainly boosted THEIR rating last season and without him it woulda been another boring, cookie cutter season with the exception of Allison (she was good too.). For me I’ve got better things to do with my time, like finding out when the hell Adam is gonna be touring and if he’ll make a stop here in Florida! PLEEEASE ADAM COME TO FLORIDA!!!

    JoAnne T. (Glam #497)

    • Hi JoAnne ,

      I am a Floridian as well and I am soooo looking forward to Adam coming here on tour!!
      He is MY “BURNING MAN”…LOL

      Hugs to All,,

      Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

  9. I have no interest, no one could compare to Adam! The last season was when they found their REAL AMERICAN IDOL!

    • London Glambert says:

      Totally agree. Everyone that comes on I’m thinking they’re not as good as Adam. And seeing that picture of Kris Allen in the background I find quite aggravating.

  10. I watched a portion of the AI on Tuesday and changed the channel right away ’cause it’s not really the same anymore. While I was watching it my mind is with Adam. I will watch the show again if they’ll invite Adam to perform..

  11. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I am watching but only because there is nothing else on. And every time I hear the theme song my heart aches because it wants that breathless anticipation of knowing that that theme will bring me more of Adam. And it won’t this year. However, if anyone saw the kid Patrick Ford sing Womanizer — he was funny and he is a very good friend of one of my “kids” so I enjoyed getting to see someone local. Even though he was not very good, he went just for the fun of it and had a great attitude!!!

    • me too about the music bringing that breathless anticipation…..and when the first shots of Adam appeared on the screen, I surprised myself by crying…..I wanted my Adam so much….

  12. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    P.S. Off topic but may I just say that I very much miss Jeannette from this site.

    • Della De,
      Me too…. me too…..

    • Della De,
      Me too…. me too….. :(((((

    • I do too. I hope some day she comes back!!! Her life seemed to be all about Adam and we here benefitted by that. Missing you Jeanette!!!

    • I think it’s unanimous…we all miss Jeannette!! Personally, I think (in time) we may get her back…maybe that is just wishful thinking but I think she just needed “a moment to breathe”.


      Nana #1 (glamb #488)

  13. London Glambert says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone in how I feel when I watch Idol. I used to be a rational human being until I discovered Adam Lambert and now he’s constantly on my mind. It’s like being a lovesick teenager again. I could never understand how fans could be so besotted with someone, Elvis or the Beatles or whoever, now I get it. I miss my sanity.

    • Hi London,

      My granddaughter once said to me..”my Nana has lost her sanity to Adam Lamber!!”. I told her that you can’t lose what you never had”LOL.

      Seriously though, I have no regrets…If I had to loose my sanity…better to lose it to Adam Lambert than to alzheimer…LOL


      Nana #1

  14. k. morgan says:

    What I found interesting was the opening night of the show…Ryan did his blurb about last year’s winners…They stated a winner was chosen…of course Kris…and then they showed Adam in his Kiss outfit …and stated and a star is born!!! Oh Yeah!!!

    • Oh yeah is right!!!!!

      And the lights were shining behind Adam like a huge halo.

      A STAR IS BORN!!!!

  15. I watched it but the switched to my dvd’s of last season.!

  16. Yes, Idol seems extremely flat now, but nevertheless, was a great stepping stone for the promotion
    of ADAM to the world! It must have been soooo fun and yet frustrating week after week holding back ! Thank goodness,ADAM can now be free to be ADAM and blow everyone clear out of the water!…. ADAM style……(and he always will! ) So called superstars cannot compare to the
    vocals, presentation and professionialism ADAM is blessed with! (let alone his incredible style!)
    At lease AI knew a star in their presence!

  17. By the way, Yvonne how are you going?

    • Hi ! Glamaus…..I’m fine thanks…hope all is well with you. Agree with your post. I am in two minds about watching AI….vowed I would never watch it again, but there is no way of knowing if Adam will make a ‘guest’ appearance unless I watch it……

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Yvonne, I guarantee that Adam will make a guest appearance on Idol this season and that is why I am going to be glued to the show.
        Yvonne and Glamus, have either of you seen the new video for WWFM, it is amazing, awesome, fantastic, just wait until you see it. I have cried every time I have watched it and I have watched it a lot.
        It is out now. I cannot understand why this site does not have that video clip up there with a new thread, when they have this one of the first episode of American Idol which has nothing to do with Adam, it isn’t like he made a guest appearance or anything. I just don’t get it.


        • Hi! Dianne…have seen video clip WWFM and it is every bit of what you say…AMAZING, AWESOME, FANTASTIC

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I’ve seen the video of WWFM. It’s amazing, loved it and Adam. So gorgeous, that face, those eyes. Died while watching it.
          Love to you,

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Silvana, it has been awhile since I have “talked” to you. Glad you have watched Adam’s video, I “died” to while watching it, isn’t he just so beautiful. I love him so much. I can’t wait to see him on Oprah, not that we have the current season of Oprah over here, but I am sure it will be posted on YouTube.

            Love and hugs to you Silvana


        • Yes I agree with you Dianne, the video is great, he looks and sounds amazing. Hope this does well for him. Ialso agree about this big occasion deserving a new thread. Whats going on? I guess it is a really big job to keep up with, and I am truley gtateful to have somewhere to go.

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:


  18. PenguinBB says:

    Thank you but I won’t watch AI any more.

  19. I have been a loyal Idol fan since season 1. I have enjoyed and supported several of the past contestants, Bo Bice, David Cook and a couple of others but never anything like my adoration for Adam and I can’t imagine anyone will ever come close. There were a couple of auditions that were interesting, more to do with their stories than there talent. I think the bar has been set way too high for anyone to ever reach. Adam may have saved the show last season but I will not be surprised to see them pulled after this season.

  20. I think the only people watching this should be AT&T , THEY PICK WHO WIN’S !!!!!! GO ADAM!!!!!

  21. Watching everyone get their golden ticket reminded me how cute Adam was with his.Remember him on the sidewalk showing his ticket and spinning around running off so happy?! God he’s sooooo adorable.I can’t wait for WWFM video. I love that Mad World hair where he is in the apartment, makes him look so young and sweet. Then that part where he is standing with his arm on the bookshelf thing his body looks soooo good.

    • I loved that too LisaB. I can’t wait for the WWFM video. I loved his first look on there, and his second.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yup,who can forget that?The truth is Adam is the only name that I remembered during audition for the whole plucking A.I I didn’t remember Lambert that time,just Adam.After finished,I met my sis and asked her if she see Adam?and she said “the cute guy?” Well,I don’t know if she meant Adam but he’s the only one who is cute then she must meant him.LOL.I never remember others name before.I called it,the dude where his wife died,the Indian dude,like yesterday,I said the dude with cancer free.Everyone is only dude.Adam is the only dude that I remember his name right after I saw him πŸ™‚

        • Emili,
          Who was the guy with cancer free???

          • That is Justin Williams. It is funny, he was part of Matt’s and Kris allen’s group when they sang in Hollywood. Now this is season might be about HIM!!!!!! Still no Adam though.

            • AdamAddict says:

              He sang “Feeling Good” He pretty good.Randy said girls might like him.All I can’t wait this season is they calling Adam to perform maybe when he get gold,Plz I wish .and then again in finale.WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. linlivalex says:

    I’m sorry if I seem stupid or non-informed (even though I do go to this site every day), but why is Jeanette not on this site anymore? It seems like a lot of people have dropped off. I know i’m not a big contributor, but I always look forward to my morning e-mail alert to the world of awesome Adam. No one can even come close to him this season. I miss the old days of Adam frenzy…

    • Chance is inevitable and when things are good we like to keep them that way.
      Like with American Idol we just want Adam to pop up again and relive to whole sensation, the thrill, the build up, what a journey it was. I still feel I am on the journey yet it is different now.
      I think the tour will bring a lot of excitement. I wish the dates would come out soon, there is nothing like some juicy anticipation…….
      As for Jeanmette, personally I still do not understand how you can drop off like that. I didn’t know her like some people on this site so I have no background info.

  23. I never watched AI this early in the season! Last year was the 1st year I watched from the top 35..
    Wondery why? oh yeh because of one Hot sounding dude!!!
    Adam dear I luv you………………..

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      Mary c, He is in that bed alone. Damn, Is there anyway we can get in there with him. some kind of time capsule send us right in to his bed? Luy you, Sherry K

      • Sherry K, you mean in the WWFM MV? Oh yes, I want under those ruffled sheets with him!!
        What an awesome beautiful music video!

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          Mary C. Yes I mean in the WWFM MV ! The darn bed is empty on one side. What is ADAM trying to do with us? It is truly an awesome beautiful video! I forgot jaberone just went to the bathroom . Oh well, We can always kick him out.

      • Sherry & Mary…..too bad, I had just got out of it to go to the bathroom! I came right back to him! LOL

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          jaberone, Shame on you! You cannot have him! Give him back to Mary C and Sherry K ! You don’t want to keep him for your self do you? LOL. Sherry K

  24. kat in england says:

    only brings up things that make me sad i’m afraid. some dude even tried singing ‘ring of fire’…it didnt even come close!
    we get the tues wed shows on the wed/thurs. in UK
    there will never be another Adam, unique in every way and drop dead gorgeous to boot !
    Idols only appear once in a blue moon, and look how they get treated by a retarded voting system, affected by a gaydar button.

    In my near 60 years-i’ll settle with sharing my life time with Elvis , M.J and Adam , thanks

  25. Sorry, I don’t think AI is relevant to this site anymore unless Adam makes a guest appearance or makes comments about the show. Further, I think this site is losing its focus. All we want to talk about is Adam here. Yesterday, Adam filmed Oprah and we are waiting for the inside scoop from our very own Glamb, Sue. Friday, he appears as a presenter on the Red Carpet at the VH1 Critics’ Choice Awards. That’s the Adam news this week.

    AI season 9 feels anti-climactic after Adam. I used to like to watch the beginning of the show for pure laughs…but mostly I was just bored last night. Let’s face it, there may be great singers out there but there will never be another Adam as long as we live…

    ….unless Adam has an Adam Jr. someday! LOL!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      And don’t forget tomorrow is the premiere of the WWFM music video on VH1 (between 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. EST). OMG, I CANNOT WAIT!!!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Songwriter, Thank You. & Sue where the hell are you, I say gently. We want to hear from you……
      On cloud 9, still floating πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know about not talking about AI anymore but I do agree that this use to be all about Adam. I miss having a “ding” in my mailbox everyday announcing some new news of Adam. Jeanette was very good at that. Not saying Sue or anyone else is not. I guess you have to live, breathe, and live all Adam to do what Jeanette did, or as often as she did. Missing Jeanette.

      • Trish, I miss her too. We are waaaaayyyyyy behind on the fansite. Is there a strike going on?

    • Yes, I would love to focus on all these exciting things lying ahead! I didn’t know we will be getting a inside scoop!

  26. delibel (Nederland) says:

    thanks for uplouding this,Y can not see it in the Netherlands.

    It is nice again looking for A.I .

    But it wil never be the same whitout Adam.(love Hem)

    Adam is one of a kind .

  27. Songwriter, I agree with you, in the last time here are something out of focus, I dont know why.
    I love yours posts related with the music industry, something new??.
    I dont wanna be irreverent but this japanese blog are awesome (for me)
    http://adamholic.com/blog/ , here are the 4 more parts of fuse interview, something of Ophra, etc.
    But this is a cool site to talk with all you, I hope we dont loose this space.
    Kisses (my english sucks everytime mooore, sorry…)

    • KO's smiling says:

      sweet website. thanks!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Marisa, there is nothing wrong with your English, you express yourself well.
      I agree that this is a great site for talking with everyone, I just wish they would be more up to date than they have been lately. I know everyone is busy with their lives but Adam is my life and this used to be the best site for information. It was so good that we almost got the news about Adam before it even happened LOL. I guess we were spoilt back then.

  28. I agree about watching Idol…the only time I’ll watch is when/if ADAM makes a guest appearance…also, I , too,listened only to a cd i had made of Adam’s songs on AI until his CD came out in November and now that’s all I listen to…..ALL DAY…I was upset to see in this current Rolling Stone magazine that they listed Adam’s CD as a “miss” for 2009. I’m scared ! What do u think…?

    • AdamRocks! says:

      maradam, they meant the SINGLE FYE didn’t do much. . . stupid radio program directors!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • LolaGlamb says:

      Maradam-I wrote to RollingStone Forums regarding that. Here’s what I said to them:

      “I’m surprised that Rolling Stone would judge a new artist’s debut single a ‘miss’, only 6 weeks after it’s release. This is one of the biggest misses of 2009? I would think they would be more realistic. Was his Idol stint a disappointment? The tour? TFM? With the exception of the AMA performance, everything Lambert has done has been exceptional. Adam has been saddled with so many incredibly unrealistic expectations, it’s a wonder he’s able to function at all, let alone so magnificently. People need to chill and let this talented man have some space. It takes time to establish yourself as an artist. I don’t think his talent, performance skills, personal charisma and compelling presence have diminished because his first songs have not been instant hits. Thank God he seems so strong and grounded amidst all the madness. I, for one, will patiently and with great enjoyment and anticipation watch Adam Lambert develop into the star I believe his talent merits. Will you?”

      Kris Allen’s single, ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ has been out for 3 months, and is #33 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. Adam’s ‘Whataya Want From Me?’ has been out 6 weeks, and is # 65 on the same chart. Adam’s single has gained 5 positions since last week. Kris’ is down 3 from last week. No need to worry. Both Kris and Adam are doing fine. Hopefully Adam’s appearance on Oprah tomorrow will give his single a boost, too. Patience, people. There is no stopping this mega talent from his destiny. He’s still a baby in the music industry.

      • LolaGlamb,
        Well said! Thank you for backing up Adam! It’s a surprise for me that such a reputable in the music world magazine will judge his single only after 6 weeks… As far as I know Kesha’s Tik Tok was released in September and only now it is #1 !!!… It takes some time for the new artist to get to the top… And Adam will be there soon!

  29. AdamAddict says:

    I have one big question,is there any way I can watch Adam perform singing Anthem in that Spielberg…thing?Suddenly,I remember yesterday that I haven’t watch he singing complete song.Last time we only saw a little bit of him and I can’t wait to see the whole performance.Then I forget about it,now I remembered back and I can’t wait again!Is there in youtube or somehow they show on tv and you guys record it or something.I don’t care ,even the quality is so bad,I still want to watch.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! πŸ™‚

    • LolaGlamb says:


      Here you go, AdamAddict. It’s the best there is. Thank God for someone with a cell phone. Bad visual (a crime when it’s beautiful Adam!), but audio is good. Enjoy.

      • Sherry K # 445 says:

        Thank-You so much LoLaGlamb! That is the most BEAUTIFUL I have ever heard the National anthem Sang!!! ADAM IS THE GREATEST! Sherry K

        • AdamAddict says:

          OMG,I can’t believe someone really find that for me.Thank you sooo much,Lola!I haven’t watch that.I keep typing Adam singing Anthem so can’t find πŸ™ But thank you again,he sang beautifully! DUH!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        OMG, Thanks LolaGlamb, I hadn’t seen that either, what an amazing voice. I don’t know what he is doing to me lately but he had me in tears again watching that.
        I have had a little cry every time I watch his new video of WWFM. Amazing man, amazing singer. Adam is by far the best entertainer around.

  30. KO's smiling says:

    Watching this season of Idol – particularly the awful singers – makes me respect Adam so much more. He was always in another league, and he had to hang out with no-talent freaks like these through the whole audition process. Like he said, you gotta “take a step before you leap into the colors that you seek” and these clowns have no experience. Boring.

  31. i dont watch american idol anymore- its boring with our adam lambert/

  32. Emili, you want the link of Adam Singing your National Anthem, here is
    but for sure this will be awaiting moderation all the day and you probably find already.

  33. There is a cute sneak peek pic of Adam and Oprah arm in arm I think its from Oprahs website. He looks great.Can’t wait.

  34. WWFM VIDEO is on youtunbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG !!!!
    Adam is sooooooooooooo beautiful there!!!!!!!!!!


    • AdamAddict says:

      Like Hero Nakamura would say, “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!” Ain’t he pretty??He sooooooo pretty!!!And he cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!No snot tho, 0_o LOL,He so gorgeous,I love ADAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Thanks to Lisa for finding WWFM video!!!!

    • It is after midnight here on the Eastcoast so I am not sure who will still read this as I am sure tomorrow’s new thread will all be about the video.
      Right now the video has been pulled so don’t pull your hair out trying to find it.
      Lots of posts on AO, all the fans say they are blown away, crying. I was actually crying reading the posts.
      There is so much love for Adam it is insane, but right now he is just a man on his own.

  36. oh my gosh so excited adams full music video of whatya want from me is up on youtube. I can’t wait to start voting for it on vh1. yeah. here is the link

  37. Video on neon limelight!!!!

  38. The American Idol was discovered last year–in Season 8 –2009
    From now on just enjoy the performances.
    Adam Lambert fulfilled the title of the show–American Idol!

    • Trish R, so well said!!!!!! Brave, love it……Adam Lambert Fulfilled the title of the show, OMG
      Yes they found their SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. WYWFM…..pure magic!!!!!!!!!! Was there life before ADAM Glams!?…I can’t remember who I even
    use to listen to because none can compare to the sheer brilliance of The Master!

  40. WWFM, this is sooooooooo good!

    When Adam gets it right – it is the closest thing there is to perfection!!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!

    This video is lyrical, it is powerful, it is intimate and there are no gimmick, nothing to distract you from the beautiful music and the the beautiful face. I truly believe that this song would bring Adam a lot of success because it is heart-wrenchingly honest and it is the right time for that.

    Just beautiful!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Did you see his expression?OMG,my heart ache πŸ™ He definitely have to be movie star.Did we ask too much?But if he doesn’t,it’s totally waste because he super talented.Never see a guy that talented in all category.He can sang,dance,pose and act.He got the whole package….suddenly remind me to XFactor dude.LMAO!!!OMG,poor dude!

      • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

        AdamAddict, I almost cried when I watched ADAM in that video. I mean come on. He pours his whole heart and soul in to it. I just knew ADAM has it. HE IS THE SUPER STAR OF THE CENTURY!!! Hugs everyone. My goodnes I have to go take a bath from all the sweating watching ADAM in WWFM. I don’t think too much could ever be asked from ADAM. His singing has no peers! Hugs, Sherry K

        • AdamAddict says:

          Ah ha!We almost cry,I think Dianne totally cried!LOL! The expression just tell the story!~sigh~ Oh Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love him more and more every single day <3

  41. They keep removing it from YouTube but here’s another link…


  42. COOKEEJAR says:

    I just saw the WWFM video. Adam is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Hi all, just I want to say: Jeanette , Lorrin and others, just tell us if you dont want come back here after see the loock of this kid at the end of the WWFM video?. If you dont…ok, but I dont believe in a absurd and sudden end of your love for Adam. Maybe you just dont want to write here anymore…
    I dont know.
    Kisses to all.

  44. KO's smiling says:

    Where’s the new thread about the video? Is Carol the only one posting? If so, someone step up. Following Adam’s every move is not a one-person job!! I wanna read all of your reactions to his new low-key music video… where are you?!?!

  45. KO I was thinking the same thing. Where is everyone?

  46. ADAM’s new video WWFM is great, love that boy when he shows his soft side, course love him when he shows the rougher side also…

    MaryC,, I couldn’t help noticing that empty side of his bed !!!! How could that be? Adam just wants us all to imagine us being there and we are!!!! hahaha

    • KO's smiling says:

      Very well played video — making the camera his lover… he knew this would make us freak out. What a tease! πŸ™‚ That shot at the end: delicious! I can’t take it… I hope he’ll share a pillow with me, though. I don’t think he needs 2 when I don’t have one on my side. πŸ™‚

    • lee M, you’ve got that perfectly right! What Adam wants Adam gets!!!

    • Oh Lee, That side wasn’t empty! I was just up getting us cocktails!!! lol

  47. Just seen the new WWFM video on youtube got up early saturday morning, It is great and I think will really appeal to a broad audience, show lots of different sides to Adam. Dianne,Lorrin Emile etc, do come back and tell us what you think, hasnt been the same without you guys, Lisa too.

    Will be looking for the video on our local NZ music channels now, havent heard on our radio stations has any one else?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Jan, isn’t the video amazing. Adam has made me cry every time I watch it. He is stunning.

      If this site wants us back on a regular basis Jan, they need to step up their ideas, let’s hope they do it soon because it is getting ridiculous.

      I haven’t heard it on the radio yet either Jan, maybe in a week or so, I certainly hope so. Have you noticed too that all Oprah programmes are repeats. I must ring TV3 and ask them when the new season is going to start. Hugs and love to you Jan. Don’t worry, some of us are still lurking around here.

      • AdamAddict says:

        We still love Adam,don’t worry! My computer screen is so clean coz I keep licking it whenever I saw Adam on it! LOL πŸ˜›

        • AdamAddict. You are so funny. Does the computer taste like ADAM? You really crack me up! I am going to have to get my Rolling Stone issue out and have some coffee. Hugs, Sherry K

          • AdamAddict says:

            I don’t think my screen taste like Adam coz if it is,the screen will be no longer here,I already eat it!LOL! πŸ˜› But it can smell like Adam if I spray it with Dior Hommes. haha

      • Thanks Di, Posted to you further up to.

  48. News!! (I’m sorry if this is repeat of a previous post; I didn’t have time to check if someone else posted this already)

    Adam will be co-presenting an award tonight on the Critic’s Choice Awards on VH1 at 9PM(ET), 8PM(Central Time)

    Any air-time Adam gets is great for him……..and fodder for our obsession, right? We just can’t get enough of him!

    Don’t forget to take a few minutes out, if you can, to make a donation however small to the charity of your choice for the Hatian earthquake relief effort. We have so many blessings to be grateful for!

  49. Sorry, that should have been “Haitian”. I’m typing too fast!

  50. OMG, who wouldn’t just want to crawl into that bed and console poor Adam! ha ha this is a great video,I could watch it all day.Actually I have been watching it all day.More videos of adam in bed please!

  51. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

    Hi Everyone; Have you seen this video of ADAM on the AMERICAN IDOL POST? WOW! ADAM IS JUST SOOO HOT. I just LOVE this man! ADAM IS A SUPER STAR! HE HAS THE WHOLE PACKAGE! THAT VOICE IS LIKE FROM HEAVEN. And he is sooo good looking. He just knocks me out evertime I see him. Mary C. If I ever get to see ADAM in concert I think It might just make me keel over. Hugs,Sherry K

    Adam Lambert Debuts Whataya Want from Me Video
    Tagged: Adam Lambert, American Idol, American Idol 2009, news
    Posted by: Matt

    • Sherry K, dont say IF, think positive…………….. if you keel over, make sure you do it in Adams arms…….LOL
      and hope he will perfom the CPR to get your heart beating again…………..

      • Mary C, Yes if I got too close to ADAM i would keel over. But it would have to be close enough to fall right on ADAM. He is too polite to let me fall to the ground. Yippe , He would have to catch me. OMG . Then I would certainly pass out and miss the great moment of him touching me. Now that sounds not positive. But mister ADAM is sooo handsome I could not help my self from fainting. LOL. Luv Ya Mary C. I sure wish some of the regulars would come back. I miss them.

  52. AdamAddict says:

    I already let it all out to my friends.How amazing WWFM mv.When this sites post about it,it just weird to repeat the same thing.Hmmm,wonder why still not posting about it,everyone is talking about it now.Adam tweets a lot about it too.Hmmm??!!
    And this is better vid,I think
    LOVE ADAM πŸ™‚

  53. I’m done with American Idol. The show should be closed since Simon’s gonna leave

  54. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

    Sorry to post the same video again. I should have known it was already on here. I just got so excited when I saw it on American Idol. I played it over and over. Not one of you would ever, ever miss anything ADAM does. AND IF I HAVE SAID IT TOO MANY TIME I CAN’T HELP MY SELF. I LOVE EVERYONE ON HERE. Does anyone know where Kimber is? She is so cool. HI KIMBER! Sherry K. Hi Mary C.

    • Kimber is around, not posting here though. Kimber come back to us my dear…………
      I know you are drooling over Adams hot new MV, but do cum back ……………….

  55. What am amazing video!! Can’t stop watching it!! I just love Adam more than ever! That look at the end of the video just sends me over the edge!!!!

  56. WWFM – Brilliant video!!!!!
    Very creatively done. Beautiful man.
    I can’t stop watching it.

  57. AdamAddict says:

    Guys,the VEVO is out!You guys remember that one,right?Hmmm,should I bring it here or you guys just look for it in youtube?Errr,ok,I’ll post after this so you guys know about it first.I LOVE when Adam said “Awww,what’s wrong?” I’m falling from my chair!LOL!!Soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My heart melt if hot guy said like that to me.Totally~nodding~ If ugly….well probably “MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRR!!”lol,just kidding….not!LOL!No,really,kidding…0_o hahaha! πŸ˜›

  58. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Great new video. Great song. Adam is wonderful. what’s up that this website hasn’t gotten a post up about it yet!!!!

  59. Hey moderators, Fernando, there are a lot of posts wondering what is going on with our Glamb fansite. Not getting any answers from anyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Out of respect for us fans, I feel we should get an explanation or something.
    I know a couple have posted they would even like to help out here, if needed. Adam has a whole lot of other fansites out in cyber space that promote tons of new news about him. Are we getting the silent treatment or what? At the rate we are going, this thread will have up to 300 posts, or fans may stop posting at all.
    So please, show us some respect here. We dont deserve to be ignored.
    Thank You.

    • Thank you Mary for putting this into words so respectfully. Like so many others I am sure, I am also wondering what is going on. This makes no sense.
      AO was already boiling hot last night. I came home from being gone all day and was looking forward to reading other posts and writing my own impression.
      I like coming to this particular site because I can relate to most of what is written, if we need to donate money let us know but please do not leave us in the dark.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Mary, maybe they are trying to shame Jeanette into coming back. Well that won’t work either. Jeanette doesn’t need to be ashamed of anything. I wish somebody would answer our queries here, it is getting beyond a joke.

  60. iluvadam4ever says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Long time no talk! I have been working 12 hour days and have been sick or have had sick kids lately with not much time to post! How is everyone doing?????

    • iluvadam Hope u are better. We are still here and still loving our guy Adam! WWFM video is beautiful and Adam is looking very slim and trim and fine! Just biding our time until the tour! Goodnight all. Oh by the way, had an Adam dream last night and my daughter and I met Adam and she totally monopolized the conversation and wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise! He paid all the attention to her!!! I was so mad!

      • iluvadam4ever says:

        Thanks for asking Glamitup! We are feeling better after disinfecting and cleaning everything for the 4th time! I am glad to be back after working long hours and being involved with so many other Adam projects and sites! He continues to bring it on the CCMA last night! He just keeps getting hotter and hotter!!

        Sandy (GLAMB #380)

  61. Here is a link to Adam presenting at the critic’s choice
    tonight (photos and video)
    He was so gorgeous and so funny

  62. Peggy Glamb #453 says:

    I swore that I would not watch AI ever again, but without AI, we would not of had amazing Adam….and I don’t miss a time he is on t.v. if I get it…I come to this site everymorning to read it to see if anything is new…..Sue and her daughter was really surprised when Adam came in on them…so neat…I remember how I felt when I met Elvis….in 64. My favorite song on his cd is all of them…especially Music again….

  63. well the proof is in the action , idol brought adam back for a mentor , not chris