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Happy New Years!! Top 10 Memories of 2009

[ad] Thanks everyone for a great year. Below are the top 10 Adam Lambert memories of 2009 according to a fan. Keep in mind some of the upright cabaret and Ten Commandments memories were from previous years and not during 2009. PART 1: PART 2: I will be entering 2010 tonight at Pechanga Casino in […]

More on Adam’s Appearance on The Jay Leno Show!

Thank you so much to Fernando for starting this story! Okay AdamFans, please forgive the time lapse in the follow-up on it. With out-of-town visitors, parental surgery, and the holidays including my son’s day-after Christmas birthday, I let this go far too long. As soon as we found out Adam was scheduled to be on […]

Adam’s not a babysitter..

But the kids love him nonetheless!!! Great video. Hope Adam will get to see this and realize that he has such a wide range of fans!

Adam enjoying the spa

Gossip websites Celebrity and caught Adam going to the Ole Henriksen Skin Care in Los Angeles last sunday. Accompanying him was his best friend, Danielle. They spent the day being pampered and just relaxing! Good thing Adam is keeping his pre-idol friends close and is finally relaxing after a hectic and crazy year. […]

Adam fan killed – update!

Sad, sad story. Terri Sanvicente, also known as glitteraquarius on twitter, died on Christmas eve. The mother of three was beaten to death by her children’s father – while the children and a babysitter overheard the whole scene. For the newsarticle, go here. Terri was a big fan of Adam, and her twitterpage was filled […]

FOX TV Promo

[ad] This is great! Every time you happen to be watching Fox, keep your eyes open for their NEW promo! Set to a very familiar song.. For Your Entertainment! It looks really, really nice and totally goes with the lyrics of the song! So, this will expand the song’s awareness by a ton, maybe it […]

Young Adam photos

[ad] During the Jay Leno interview, Adam happily described his first job working as a barista at Starbucks: “I worked at Starbucks when I was 16. It was alright, I liked meeting new people, I liked talking to customers – that was exciting. But I used to come home, and I just stunk of coffee […]

Adam & Lady Gaga

The last days of the year are kind of quiet Adam-wise, but that might be for the better – he’s had his fair share of publicity and attention to last a lifetime (or at least until the end of the year!). He seems to have some days off and is enjoying himself, as he tweeted […]

Wishes for Adam in 2010

[ad] Another great blog post idea from our very own Ingrid!  🙂  …but it is going to be tough, so proceed at your own risk! If money, time, logistics, and creativity were not an issue…what top 3 wishes would you have for Adam in 2010?  Yes, only 3!  I think my 3 wishes for him […]

Ferras (and others) cover Adam

A couple of days ago there were the videos of dance troups using Adam’s song as their inspiration, and now it might be fun to look at some singers covering various songs! For example, one of Adam’s best friends – Ferras – who also co-wrote Aftermath, put out an awesome cover of Whataya Want From […]