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Official For Your Entertainment Music Video (Updated) !!!

Here is what we have all been waiting for, the official ‘For Your Entertainment’ Music Video. This video is HOT!! For some reason, after watching this video, I like this song so much more (?). [ad] So what do you think about the snake and the band on this video? 🙂 I know you’ve seen […]

Sure Fire Winners

  It’s late at night and I can’t sleep.  So, I wanted to share some photos of enthusiastic Glamb fans from around the world, and update a few miscellaneous items. First up is Lisa, Glamb #485 from GlambsFlorida, receiving her “For Your Entertainment” CD.  With this loaded smile, I think it made her want to listen […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

Hey @OfficialAMAs The AMA Streaming live starts here in 21 minutes: (#AMALiv # Hey @OfficialAMAs The AMA Streaming live starts here in 18 minutes: (#AMALiveOnUstream live › # Hey @OfficialAMAs Hey @OfficialAMAs The AMA Streaming live starts here in 1 minutes: (#AMALiveOnUstream live › http:// # Hey @OfficialAMAs Sorry I meant […]

Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance (Updated Video)

Below is the video of Adam Lambert’s performance at the AMA: Note that this video has gotten hard to get a hold off but we have updated it with a current higher quality one. [ad] So did Adam fall and then roll over or was that in purpose? Was the kiss (with a straight guy) […]

Lynchburg legal group takes aim at Adam Lambert and ABC-TV

A Lynchburg non-profit is going after a TV network for broadcasting what it calls a “lewd and filthy performance.” Liberty Counsel has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against ABC. They’re taking issue with Adam Lambert’s controversial number on Sunday’s American Music Awards. Lambert was seen imitating a sexual act and kissing a […]

MTV News Extended Play Interview – c/o Jim Cantiello

Adam talks about his ‘identity crisis’ after Idol and mixing styles on his album. MTV Shows By the way, this proves our point several months ago when people were arguing ‘Adam should not win american idol because he is going to be controlled by 19 Entertainment!’ Obviously, that does not make one bit of a […]

“Martini Minute” – Interview with VH1 c/o Michelle Collins

On the AMA’s, Making out, Gaa, and Glee (VH1) : Comment below. [ad]

Realite: Interview with Entertainment Weekly

Interview with Michael Slezak: [ad] Comment!

Adam Lambert interview with SIRIUS XM’s Larry Flick

Watch Adam talk to SIRIUS XM’s Larry Flick about one of the tracks off his new album, “For Your Entertainment” written for him by Muse. [ad]   Adam says he has a polarizing effect — and he’s really glad to have that. “Eccentric, weird and nuts,” is how he describes his new album — and […]

Adam Lambert performance on Letterman (Full on High Definition)

Just please don’t give up on him Jeanette, he won’t let you down: [ad] Sorry if I sound like a broken record but this is what he does best, fronting a band. I’d like to feature a comment from colorforadam below: “If I understand the schedule right, last night on Letterman was taped about 2pm […]