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Adam still holding on iTunes . . .

. . . but where is Kris? I understand that with no new material being presented, our guys may slip from the iTunes sales. I am waiting, as patiently as possible, for a new infusion of melodic satisfaction. We never realized how lucky we were, all duing the Idol season. For during the season, we […]

Personal Experience Log: Our Anti-Gossip Ammo

*** UPDATE: Adam nicely says he thinks that is some people just talking shit when asked if he was a diva and that’s just how it goes : It was sadly inevitable. With the success of an individual comes that army of low-lifes determined to bring him down. I don’t understand their motives, but their weapons are gossip, rumor, and lies. […]

Adam duet with Susan Boyle!

Everyone wants to sing with Adam Lambert! How he finds the time to do any of this is beyond me.

The Perils and Pluses of Being an Old(er) Fan

As one of Adam’s old(er) fans, I’m always interested to read the comments of others, who like myself, are a generation (or more) older than Adam.  It’s heartening for me to know I’m not alone in my feelings, and it’s just more proof that Adam’s appeal, like his music, is universal, or as I like […]

Adam Lambert Interview with

Adam Lambert interview with one week after the finale. He answers reader questions about makeup, dream duets (Madonna! Lady Gaga), Queen rumors (again) and more  Articulate as usual.

What is Adam Lambert Thinking??

So what is Adam thinking? “I’m so glad I don’t have to sing that song at every city…” What do you think? Comment below!

Adam sings for Ice Skater Nick LaRoche

[ad] American Idol’s Adam Lambert’s ties to figure skating The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew American Idol’s Adam Lambert (left) with friend Terrance Spencer (middle) and skater Nicholas LaRoche (right) in L.A. recently. (courtesy of Nicholas Laroche) By Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, special to (05/27/2009) –’s intrepid reporters Sarah S. […]

Obviously, Adam Lambert Isn’t Gay Enough

   If you haven’t heard of Adam Lambert, you will soon.  He is the flamboyant rocker who recently came in second on “American Idol” in a stunning upset by boy-next-door Kris Allen.  Adam, the judges’ obvious favorite throughout the show, is a 27-year-old actor-singer who was struggling to make it in the music business until […]

Adam Spotlighted in Conan O’Brien’s Monologue!

In Conan O’Brien’s monologue on his second night hosting the Tonight Show, Conan says: “Big celebrity news. American Idol singer Adam Lambert is gonna be on the cover of the next Rolling Stone. And in the interview, gonna finally admit he’s gay. That’s right . . . yep . . . and in other really […]

Never-seen-before 1st audition with Michael Jackson’s Rock With You plus Interview with Extra!!!

Many of us have been anxious to hear the complete first audition where Adam was reported to have sung Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You.’ Well… finally, here it is with uncut parts. Part 1 I was shocked to see the part when he is like “Is there something I can get a shot working at… […]