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Smoke and Mirrors

“Smoke and mirrors – the truth’s out,” said Adam with a nod-and-a-wink smile at the end of his TVGuide interview, referring to something we all already knew – that his hair is naturally strawberry-blond, not black. But the remark got me thinking about image vs reality.  As a fiction writer, it’s one of my favorite […]

Adam and Kris US Magazine Interview with hillarious Gay Joke

The ‘joke’ comes out at 1:20, I laughed so hard.. Watch Kris’ expression when Adam answers… I’m going to admit, I actually like Kris’ music, in fact I’m learning his cover of Heartless right now… BUT man he sucks at interviewing, anyone thinks differently? [ad]

Interview with TV Guide

After personally ‘studying’ Adam for months now, I can say that he actually seems just a bit nervous which is not normal for Adam (he is always so at ease, its unreal). Maybe he wasn’t at ease with the interviewer or he was getting drilled with so many questions. At the end of part 1 […]

Adam Lambert on Best Week Ever (Video)

Below is Adam Lambert appearance on Best Week Ever. [ad] Part 1 VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip [ad] PART 2 (Adam fans fast forward to Adam at 2:30): VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip I’m dying for Adam to show […]

Adam Lambert has the Boom Boom Pow

Yes… you heard right, he’s got the boom boom pow…

No Matter What You’ve Heard, Adam leads iTunes Charts!

I’ve been hearing how Kris is leading Adam in the iTunes singles sales for No Boundaries. And I’m sure you have too. Well, wouldn’t that sort of figure? After all, Kris did get declared the winner of American Idol (okay, he won -there, I’ve said it), and that song might lean closer to Kris’ personal […]

Adam Lambert finally answers the question that America has been dying to know

On the video below Adam Lambert officially answers the question that is on everyone’s mind. The question that America has been dying to know. The question that no one else has been able to get Adam Lambert to definitively answer. Are you ready? Watch below to find out the answer and comment with your thoughts! […]

I Just Received My Autographed Picture From Adam!

So, I opened the front door this afternoon, and received a very happy surprise! It was the self-addressed, stamped envelope that I enclosed when I sent Adam the engraved Ice Cream Dipper and requested a photo. I know you’ve all heard about this gift: there’s a YouTube video shot at the radio station when I […]

Adam vs. Kris “No Boundaries” Campaign

Many of you mentioned on your comments that we need to show our support for Adam. Kris is beating Adam on the sales of No Boundaries by almost 100,000 sales during its first week alone. Kris Allen fans are bragging and saying that this ‘proves’ Kris really won America. No Boundaries, believe it or not, […]

Adam’s Loss of Anonymity

I don’t know how many people stopped Adam on the street, or approached him in a restaurant when he was just the “theater guy.” But in a few short months, I imagine that has changed tremendously. We watched Adam’s popularity grow on American Idol, and now he is on just about every morning talk show […]