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American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Elimination Night (Poor Adam :( )

Adam Lambert in the Bottom Three (With Video)

Before getting to the video and Linda’s post (below) I want to make sure you understand that Adam was not necessarily in the bottom two; he was in the bottom three. That’s a BIG different when you have five contestants left. A lot of people have commented about this but most people have the impression that Adam was in […]


For the next few weeks your mission is to recruit an ARMY of Adam Lambert voters. Family, friends, talk to people on the streets, comment on blogs, forums, MySpace, etc. I have added a ‘ShareThis’ at the bottom of EVERY page. If you find a video or article you like, send it on your e-mail, […]

David Moss Talks to Adam Lambert: Awesome Interview

American Idol ROCK ‘N ROLL WEEK WITH DUETS!!! (aka Adam Lambert’s week)

We made it to the top 4, with two performances each, and he will be choosing TWO Rock and Roll songs. Is this theme custom made for Adam, or what? Are the possibilities making us giddy with anticipation? Why isn’t it Tuesday already? KEEP IN MIND IT IS ROCK FROM THE 70s and 80s ONLY, […]

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Week Performances

Kiss from a Rose at Upright Cabaret

NEW PERFORMANCE!! Loved the last part. [ad]

Adam Lambert Feeling Good HQ Video, Studio MP3, Article and Pictures

Adam Lambert’s performance of ‘Feeling Good.’ Modern version as performed by the Muse from the album Origin of Symmetry. Video below, article and pictures below the video. I loved the interaction with Jamie Foxx. The only advice I have for the other contestants is to respectfully bow down from the competition and let Adam play his […]

Audrina Patridge (‘Hills’ Star) Friendship with Adam Lambert

Audrina Patridge On Friendship With ‘American Idol’ Star Adam Lambert ‘He’s the nicest guy!’ the ‘Hills’ star gushes. Who knew that “Hills” star Audrina Patridge and “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert were such good friends? We were unaware until Patridge blogged about her friendship with him, posting a photo of the pair at the “Idol” […]

Adam Lambert in Wicked: Acting plus ‘Dancing Through Life’ Scene

Below is a classic. Every girl here feels like that blonde girl x 1000. I’m dying for not going to see Wicked a second time when I was offered a 50% discount. Once again, I REALLY feel bad for the other contestants. I’m glad that I didn’t try out for Idol this season 😀 Notice […]