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You Speak… Adam Lambert Listens (ADAM BRING THE EMO LOOK BACK!)

If Adam ever sees this article: ADAM BRING THE EMO LOOK BACK PLEASE!!! 🙂 Article below: American Idol Behind the Scenes: Neil Patrick Harris & Adam Lambert’s Obsession Michael Becker, Ray Mickshaw/FOX Want to know Adam Lambert’s little secret? You speak. He listens. Let us explain. You see, Adam, the funky-haired rocker from San Diego, […]

Adam Lambert Play That Funky Music HD Video and Studio MP3

Adam Lambert ‘Play that Funky Music’ Video in High Quality. Studio MP3 available on the sidebar. Another week where Adam Lamberts gets top reviews from the judges. Instead of hitting a high note at the end he went up and down and up through the whole scale without missing a note. Best performance of the […]

Adam Lambert iTunes 100 Week Performances and American Idol Top Nine Recap

Written by Gary Poole (The Pulse – Chattanooga’s Weekly Alternative) Back in the early days of American Idol, theme nights were fairly simple. Country, Rock, R&B and so forth. As the show grew in scale and popularity, the producers became a bit more creative, reaching what I feel was the zenith with the spectacular Lennon […]

Adam Lambert Q&A (Top 9 Week)

Adam Lambert Questions & Answers from American Idol: Q: Who is the person that you would most like to meet? My grandfather who passed away shortly after I was born. Q: If you have 24 hours to do anything you wanted, what would you do? All expenses paid shopping spree. Q: Who are your musical […]

Making the ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ Ford Commercial with Adam Lambert Comments

Making the video, Adam Lambert comes in at 1:17, showing off his art history knowledge:

Adam Lambert Guilty Pleasures and Surprise CD on his Music Collection (Top 10 week)

He comes in at 0:50 : I like to do the same, but watching ‘Dexter’ on Sunday nights 🙂 What CD’s would people be surprised to know that they own? Watch and find out! … Can’t wait until Adam does his version of Bob Marley 😀

Adam Lambert Interviews through American Idol with other Contestants (Weekly Updates)

Weekly Adam Lambert interviews with other American Idol contestants will be posted here. Besides the main posts the featured gallery will have all the posts that are regularly updated such as Adam’s weekly confessionals so bookmark this page (CTRL + D) and keep checking back for updates:   FOX NEWS ON TOP 5   FOX […]

Adam Lambert Moments

In ways this summarizes why we LOVE Adam Lambert so much:

Adam Lambert Tracks of my Tears – Motown week – VIDEO High Quality PLUS Sexy Photos

Watch Adam Lambert’s performance during Motown of Tracks of my Tears in high quality here (MP3 also available). Sexy pictures below video. ANOTHER HOT PERFORMANCE BY ADAM LAMBERT, BEST OF THE NIGHT!! FULL VIDEO IN HIGH QUALITY WITH JUDGES COMMENTS AND INTRODUCTION: [ad] ORIGINAL SONG: Finally fans, we’ve been waiting for Adam to show his […]

Adam Lambert Rare Photos (Viewer Discretion is Adviced)

Some are hard to find ‘rare’ photos, some phreakish, but I love every picture of Adam!! How about you? [ad]