2009 – The Year of Adam Lambert


Actually, 2009 was the “Year of the Ox”…but move over Chinese zodiac…didn’t you hear that 2009 was the “Year of Adam Lambert?”  🙂

Think about where you were, what you were doing, and how you were feeling one year ago today, before the “Year of Adam Lambert?”  Without a lot of elaboration (and I know that will be hard!), give your response to this question:

Name 3 ways that Adam Lambert has changed your life this year.

I don’t want to give my answers just yet…but I will once the thread gets going.  Have fun!

Let it rip!  Remember…1, 2, 3 ways!

Dana, Glamb #6
P.S.  Thanks for the post suggestion, Ingrid!



  1. The Three ways Adam has change my life:

    1. I am more aware of how I treat other people.

    2. I am more patient with others than I have ever been.

    3. I accept people for what they are.

    Thank you Adam for this. I didn’t list this one but Adam did teach me to be myself and I love him for that.


    • http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml


      • Through several very difficult years, shutting down emotionally to cope, I was losing years of life just barely exsisting. Then this MAGICAL PERSON -ADAM came into my life and opened my SPIRIT, HEART, SOUL, EMOTIONS, AND LIFE AGAIN. He took me on a roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions I thought were dead!! Adam somehow through his true gift started helping me heal and and all the walls I built up just strated to crumble down and let ME BACK OUT AND BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE!! I will forever be perplexed on how this man has this power, but I will FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO ADAM FOR THIS!! I am crying writing this because it is so INCREDIBLE HOW THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE!! I will never understand this phenomenon that is ADAM and how he can transmit his beautiful spirit through all of us and unite us together for good. I feel so many emotions when I think of ADAM but PURE JOY is what Adam means to me. If he ever reads these sites– Adam thank you for helping to give me back my life! 🙂 Thnak you for coming into my life– it is better because of you!

        1. Adam has brought SEXY BACK TO ME FOR SURE- awakened the LIONESS and the FLIRT and the STRIPPER and the TEASE and the CONFIDENCE!

        2. Adam has opened my FEELING GOOD CHIP again- feeling all the good in life in all things

        3. Adam has reminded me that A CHANGE WILL COME & THERE ARE NO BOUNDRIES and to never believe it’s over for me and giving up.

        • Summer, loved your post! Mmmmmmwah

        • Wow Summer, this is the what I call the true power of love breaking through all the boundaries of looks, age and all things past.
          Yes I do believe Adam has this power, he oozes love, humbleness, courage, smarts and humor and I am sure he has healed many hearts. He was given his incredible voice as a medium to stage himself for the world at large so many people could experience the essence that flows through him. So many people are in need of emotional healing and this is the true reason that artist like him come around, to give people a kick in the butt and chance their lives!
          It sounds like you are stutting down your path of limitless possibilities Summer, way to go!

      • Yes!! I have been voting since yesterday!!! and will continue to vote!!

      • patricia m says:


    • 1. I am listening to music again after raising my kids and leaving my love for music by the wayside!
      2. I am listening and enjoying new artists thanks to Adam’s recommendations!
      3. I am really sleep deprived as I pour over the internet nightly and into the weeeeee hours of the morning!
      4 (sneeking in a 4th here) Gays never bothered me but now I will defend them!


  2. anonymous says:

    1. He made me know good music (him, muse, etc.)
    2. He made me know the true definition of awesome
    3. he made my life better over all


    I have met a whole other ‘world’ of wonderful people.

    I have found a man who is worthy of respect and honour for all he is teaching me about humanity.

    I have learned so much about computer skills which are being laterally used.

  4. Three ways Adam has changed my life:

    1) Showed me that it’s totally okay to express myself -> no need to be shy!

    2) Being more understanding/accepting of people -> everyone’s unique

    3) Reivigorated my love of dance -> fast dance track or slow expressive one, his singing makes me feel something & express it!!


    Glamb #563

  5. Because of ADAM:

    1. I feel and act like 14 again …..much to the chagrin of family and friends….LOL!

    2. I wear nail polish again!

    3. I am sleep deprived….up to the wee hours on facebook and all ADAM websites….can’t get enough of him!

  6. Brought me back to listening to music.I listen to him loud and proud.
    He has made me aware of how I think about and treat people every day.
    He has reminded me to enjoy every minute of every day.
    Thank you Adam Lambert.

    2010 IS A TIGER YEAR;

  8. Adam has shown me and all his fans:

    1. Stay true to yourself and know who you are as a person.
    2. In order to get ahead in life, you have to be willing to take risks.
    3. If you really believe, dreams can come true.

    And for that Adam, I thank you.

  9. 1. I don’t afraid to be open with other people anymore: I am who I am!
    2. I try to be more tolerant and understanding with other people…
    3. I feel sexy and younger now!!!! LOL and I like it!

    Thank you, Adam!!!
    Adam Lambert Year is the year that shook the world!

  10. Adam inspired me to get my first tattoo this week:


    Adam inspired me to start a kick a$$ fansite:

    OMRG! Oh My Rock God http://glambertnews.ning.com

    Adam inspired me to never give up on my own personal dreams.

    PS: You should see my walls!

  11. Adam is going to be on the view Dec. 10th …. yahhhhh

  12. #546
    Made me listen to music again
    Gives me something to look forward too
    Im happier and more tolerant of everyone. Thanks Adam

  13. 1. For the first time I am wildly attracted to a gay man. Normally the reality that it could never happen would ruin the fantasy. But with him I don’t care, he is sooo fricken HOT!

    2. While I have always strived to be open minded, Adam has pried it open even more!

    3. I feel like a young giddy girl!

  14. Dianne Hill says:

    1. Adam has taught me how to love him for who he is and to not judge him or anyone else for that matter. I really do love you Adam.
    2. Adam has opened up a whole new world to me through this wonderful internet site and all the friends I have met and made here. Thank you for that too Adam.
    3. Adam has taught me elieve in myself and live my dreams. My dream now is to meet Adam and somehow I will make that happen one day, then I will get to see that gorgeous tongue – and the rest of him in person. Wow. LOL.

    Thanks Ingrid for this wonderful suggestion and thanks Dana for making it happen. Love you. Mwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

    • Dianne Hill says:

      No 3. That is meant to be “to believe”, must remember, proof read posts before just clicking on submit.

  15. Wow!

    1) Adam has made me feel young again! He has brought up feelings that I thought I didn’t have anymore!
    2) Adam has made me excited again! I look forward every day to watching/listening to new things about him.
    3) Adam has made me feel ALIVE!!

  16. sue mcgee says:

    1. I’m happier with myself and who I am.
    2. I know that I can make a difference in the world – and although I’ve known that, I feel more confident.
    3. I know that the world is a better place because of Adam..

  17. Oh my, What a great idea.

    1) Adam makes me smile alot. All I have to do is think of him and I get this big grin.
    2) Adam has rekindled my love of music again which waned when grunge music took over. I want to dance again.
    3) Adam makes me think about what I am doing. I want to live my life to the fullest. Adam is just so inspiring.

  18. 2009 Year of Adam Lambert:
    A year ago today?
    Pretty sad time for me and my family, my mom was very ill and right around this Holiday time, just wasnt the same for any of us. Still doing what needed to be done, family priorities and such.
    Then Jan. came around and American Idol.
    1) saw Adam on the TV screen and he blew me away, almost like an escape to another place, thank God. Music industry needed a new entertaining artist!
    2) He is so inspiring to the point of being more tolerant, kind and lighter on subjects that may have in the past gotten blown out ouf proportion. I have always been a positive person my whole life anyway, Adam has brought a new perspective to me, to not be so quick to judge others and live and let live!
    3) For God’s sake people, his Pure Hot Sexy Turn On Persona of Talent and Good Looks has brought me to get my buns in gear and feeeeeel bettter, look betterrrrrr and treat others betterrrrrrrr. I have lost 30lbs since April, I feel the need to continue to take better care of myself, not only others but Myself. Cause if Mama aint Happy, no one is Happy. My family is so proud of me and I am so proud of them for putting up with me and all my shennanigans. I feel good, and want the Whole World to feel good and Love one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and groove to Adams top of the charts CD………
    love and peace.

    • Mary, love your response! Congrats. on the 30 lbs.! It is so, so, so true about how Adam just makes everything better. With a difficult economic year, watching friends and family lose their jobs and such, it was Adam I turned to for escape and a positive outlook. Adam has the entire package (voice, talent, personality, looks, attitude, etc., etc., etc.) that changed my attitude about my own life. He mentioned reading “The Secret” in one of his recent radio reviews. It may be my holiday book read to enjoy, along with the various Adam interviews and performances in December. The year ain’t over yet!!

      *******Vote Adam for People’s Choice, Best Break Out Artist!!


    • Multo congrats to you Mary for making it happen in your own world!

      YOU inspire ME!!!

      luv, Terry XO

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      You ROCK Mary C !!! You are truly blessed to have a wonderful& supportive family.

    • Mary, kudos to you my friend! You have had your share of grief and yet your beautiful smile ALWAYS shines through. As for the 30lbs – I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!

      I am rather overwhelmed by the posts of my Glambs! You are such a beautiful bunch of people and I love you all! MMMMMWAH

      • I want to wish all of my Glamb family here the best of good health, good times, and peace and love! The one thing I forgot to mention, and is certainly not the least, Thanks to Adam, he is the special one, that has brought us all together…………………….

        • Mary C you are my HERO! Well my female one, Adam is my male one! 🙂

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          mary c,
          a confession here, i am going to have to polish up on my author skills(none). when i signed the petition for the nye petetion, i used your phrase of nobody puts baby in the corner. after i sent it…i would have given anything to have added, it was a quote from a Glamb and mentioned our site..but medication, and my thoughts, don’t always jell….going today to see if we get a real cast or surgery….to all my glamb family…pray…i want a cast for christmas, red i think…NOT SURGERY….blessings 2 all…nancy

    • judy Lushman says:

      Mary, I love your positive attitude, Adam would love how he has changed us and made us all feel better about ourselves and younger and more vibrant. We love you Adam.

    • Mary- You always have me laughing- I love your posts, and your encouraging. Now this time you have tears rolling down my face. Everything you said is how I feel and I too have been through hell and I’m not back yet, BUT THROUGH ADAMS MAGIC, I have been able to feel JOY AGAIN through it all!! There is truely something MAGICAL ABOUT ADAM that is bringing us all together for the better. He is somehow able to transmit his LOVING, JOYFUL SPIRIT into ALL OF US and it is going to make the world a better place for it.

      • Summer, didnt mean to make you cry.. Now, lets put the smile right back on your face! Thats so true the Spirit of Adam………………….

  19. What a great idea…something positive is in the air! I am so glad Adam is getting other opportunities to show the world the person we all love. Maybe he will be a “uniter” ultimately, and I think he has learned a lesson from all the AMA mess.
    1. Adam definitely gave me something to look forward to every week on AI; then every day after that!
    2. Adam has made me want to listen to music again, too, especially his. I was at the Idol tour in Duluth, Georgia and it was the most fun I had all year.
    3. Adam has shown all of us how to be inclusive of others and to not take ourselves too seriously. I love his smile, his laugh and his eyes.
    Thanks, fellow Glambs, for this great post. What are we going to watch on New Years Eve?????

    • Hi Vicki W, Check on one of the posts above, there is a link to petition for rockin New years eve. Maybe we will get lucky yet!

  20. Theresa/San Diego says:

    1. I learned “sexy is sexy.”
    2. I learned “it’s not that deep, except when it is.”
    3. I learned “that what we all need is some LOVE.”

    Thanks ADAM for making my 2009 wonderful

  21. 1. Adam is and inspiration to setting goals and meeting them.
    2. Adam brings and awareness out in people of being true to yourself
    3. Adam has lit up the world with his talent and the willingness to share and help others, we need that in this day and age.

  22. Well the 3 things he changed my life is:

    1. I’ve learned to accept people for who they are.

    2. To care for someone who might be different than I.

    3. being true to myself and not caring what people have to say about it.

    That’s how Adam change my life from last year!!!!!!

  23. 1. Adam has been a personal awakening to music, fun, sexy, and living life. As we age we start to lose that zest and it is there underneath. Your age should not dictate your love for life.
    I like how Adam Said his fans are intense because I agree we are and we have always been in love with life but sometime time erodes at our excitement.
    2. Adam has made me relook at what I wear and why. I want to play dress up too (sometimes)
    3. As an educator Adam has made me more sensitive to those different kids. They really do need avocate and educators who make them feel excited about life. Just give them the patience and recognition and let other students see their individual talents.
    Well alot of inspiration from just one great guy who seems to always have a joy for what he does. An a gift. I just hope he can keep it with all the negativity.

    Great Idea Ladies!!!

    • Reno, as a retired 40 year teacher, often of the kids who were ‘different’, I so agree with you. Every single person has a talent or skill that sometimes needs to be encouraged so it will grow and thrive. Adam had that in his early years (home and school) and look what happened to him!

  24. What fun to read all these previous posts!

    Here are mine:

    1) Because of Adam I believe on yet an even deeper level that anything in this world is possible when we truly desire something and it commit to it.
    2) Through Adam’s voice and gallactic eyes I am healing old emotional wounds.
    3) As I dance/movement teacher I am having a ton of fun choreographing routines (called Passion and Pleasure) to his music.

    I am in Gratitude for this incredible Universal Force called Adam Lambert!

    • ooooh Irena, you are so right on! His voice and galactic eyes do exactly that. No wonder we all have such an emotional response to his singing.
      Your #1 is true for me as well, and I love your #3!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      you should post some of your moves — I love to dance but am not good at “choreographing” moves to music — would love to see some of your choreography!!!!

  25. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    1. Adam brought me out of a rut of work and family obligations inclusively, to a place where it is okay
    to have fun, and take time for yourself.
    2. Adam reminded me to be watchful and listen to the youth in my family and around me. For their complaints, need to be heard, and not just fly over my head. To look and evaluate the situation, for any comfort and insight I might be able to share with them.
    3. Adam brought out the best of me, he made me happy, want to sing, dance, care about my self again. He made me want to feel sexy within my inner spirit, and outer appearance.That’s where the sexy heels without a reverse were my undoing…..lol……

    Thank You Adam Lambert, for bringing so many people together all across the world, to share in the joy of your DESTINY.

    God Bless And Keep You And Yours…nancy

  26. Changed my life? boy has he ever!!
    1. he makes me want to listen to music again (really)!
    2. He is a constant source of inspiration to me, reminding to be kind to everyone (even ABC?) I guess
    3. Finally whenever I need a pick-me-up, all I have to do is look at that beautiful face and listen to that wonderful voice and all is well with the world.

    Thank you Adam……….You give so much and expect so little in return. A true fan for life!!

  27. 1.Adam makes me feel young ,alive and sexy!
    2. He inspires me in everything i think and do..
    3. He makes “my world” a better place to live in

    He is a beautiful person inside and out. . ‘Love him to to death!

  28. Judysdancin says:

    Adam has affected me negatively by:
    1. I used to get up and get my chores done 1st thing, now I have to go to my computer and check out what is going on with him on this site! Sorry pets, you have to wait for your breakfast!!
    2. I used to listen to all kinds of music, now it’s all Adam!!
    3. I used to be in love with my husband, now it’s all Adam!! ( TEE HEE)

    I tried to be positive, but it’s all ADAM!!

    • I LOVE all these posts but this one hits the nail on the head for me, Judysdancin! All Adam All the Time 🙂

    • Judy…..Ain’t that the truth!!!! I get nothing done anymore because I don’t want to miss anything ADAM!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Judysdancin, I just loved your post. LOL, recognised a kindred spirit straight away. I am exactly the same except I don’t have a husband or a partner so I am free to love Adam as much as I want, and believe me I WANT.

      I would say there are a lot of positives in your post. You are positive you got your priorities right – computer on first thing in the morning.
      You are positive in your love of Adam’s music – really is there anyone else.
      And you are positive in your LOVE for ADAM LAMBERT.

      There you go, three positives.

    • Priceless, I was crying reading these posts and now I can’t stop laughing! Mmwah

    • I just have to insert this here: I just got up and am reading the Adam overnight updates, while my dog and cat stare hungrily at me. The parrot’s calling from the other room. They have to wait!

  29. I hate to repeat the same thing but it sounds like the #1 response is going to be –

    1.He makes me want to listen to music again
    2.I start everyday by turning on the computer to see where I can get an Adam fix
    3.I end every day by checking the computer to see if I’ve missed anything about Adam

    I know it sounds like I have no life, but I do.I have two kids and a husband and love my life.
    All my friends and family know about my obsession,but I love to read the posts on this site because I know I’m not the only one.I’ve never obssesed over any other singer or celebrity ever. I’ve read about so many others feeling the same way,just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on.

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Agree — I do not know one other persoon in my circle of life who loves adam like I do — where are they??
      Thank goodness all of you are out there or I would feel like a complete freak — oh, but Adam has taught me that that is OK!! So bring on the freaks!! LOL — mean that in the most positive ands loving waY!!

  30. Pat/Glamb#36 says:

    Great topic! I’ve seen changes for the better since becoming a Glamb!

    1) I have a new tolerance and understanding for people who come from different lifestyles than me

    2) To have the confidence to believe in yourself no matter what other people say and to block out negatives

    3) I’ve learned to put that black kohl liner on nice and thick, lol. No seriously, I have tried new makeup techniques and am finding new ways to wear it and new products to buy.

  31. Since my husband died 3 years ago Dec. 6th Adam has brought new life and interest to me:
    1. I am trying new things…AI concert, AMA show…my grandchildren think I’m cool.
    2. I read everything Adam everyday on the computer.
    3. He’s introduced me to a variety of music.
    I’ve always loved all types of music but his tremendous vocals and zest for life are refreshing. He is unique and will be iconic as Paul said.

    • gran4adam, since tomorrow is Dec, 6th, my heart goes out to you. I’m glad you have found a way to bring more happiness into your life.. I hope you embrace the blessing that you have listed above and I love the fact that Adam has opened so many doors of sunshine for you. peace and love to you

  32. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    1. When I see Adam’s honesty, spirituality, open acceptance and humility, I know he has been through some difficulties that have changed his perspective of the world, as it did to me. I recognize a kindred spirit in Adam.

    2. Every day is a joyous discovery of news about Adam and his career. I feel transported to a place I forgot existed. I love you Adam for making my life come alive with passion & joy..

    3. I haven’t bought a CD in at least 20 years. Baby, you made me dance and sing again. Following you has opened a new dazzling world for me. Thank you Adam.

  33. 3 ways Adam changed me

    1) Adam makes me want to listen to music again (Popular!) and because of this I have iTunes, an iPod, I learned how to burn a CD, learned about You Tube, order on Amazon, & how to use my laptop!

    2) I have been sensitive to gay rights issues but now fiercely will protect civil rights of all people who just want the right to love. He may not be the ‘poster child’ but he is certainly raising awareness.

    3) I bought glitter eye shadow and body shimmer to wear to his Idol concert (!)

    Hugs & Love to my fellow Glambs
    Jules #82

  34. 1) Adam stole 300 days of my 2009.

    2) He made me act like a stupid 14 year old that I never was.

    3) He made me join Twitter and got me hooked on it.

    • GerryinNJ says:

      1) I too joined twitter because of Adam
      2) I too started listening to music on the radio again. On XM, I have begun to distinguish the sound of the 70s from the 60s and 80s.
      3) I spend too much time surfing the net for Adam and watching his videos.

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      can you send a tweet to Adam? if so how?

      • If you have twitter account, on your home page up on top box, where it says “What are doing?” , you address to adam by @adamlambert . A space after the address and write your message, no more than 140 characters including spaces and names. Then hit “Reply” button.

  35. 3 ways my life has changed since Adam Lambert entered it:
    1. I’m more open to other styles and looks on other people
    2. I am even more sensitive to the needs of my students who may feel “less than” because they are “different”; I feel the pain of those who “don’t fit in” and I seek even further than before ,ways to celebrate their unique contributions to their classmates -and beyond.
    3. I absolutely feel the joy and freedom and sexuality that bring me back to my teenage years in Brooklyn,NY. Adam’s music and personality have brought me back to a place I thought I would never know again–being 17, wearing a simple yellow cotton dress, waitng for the subway train ,feeling like dancing and knowing I looked simply beautiful and….
    Adam, did you ever begin to think of the enormous effect you would have on so many of us just by being yourself-and sharing yourself with the world? Thank you for your priceless gift-and for making me want to listen to music again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    P. S. when I went to buy 3 more copies of FYE tonight I was so excited when the guy at the register said the CD was selling like hotcakes!!!!
    Love and hugs to all my fellow glambs.Lorraine

  36. leilani aloha says:

    Yeah! Adam makes me want to dance & listen to MUSIC again:):):)
    Eversince I heard him on Ai, it’s wow! who’s this kid???
    Then he got us all excited week after week & it’s been non stop for Adam updates!!!
    Adam, u sure bring people together with love & peace!!! a very special gift indeed!
    I have not stop talking about Adam with my husband & he loves his music2222222222222
    Adam u ‘re Awesome & u Rock!!!

  37. 3 ways that ADAM has changed my life:

    1. My family is trying to find a cheap but nice group home to put me in. Hopefully, there will be
    ADAM lovers there too! My family thinks I need help!

    2. I have saved loads of money because I find it hard to leave my computer…don’t want to miss
    anything about ADAM! So shopping, errands, eating out, etc have been eliminated from my life!

    3. I used to be on the phone talking to friends all the time. Waste of my time! Now my friends
    don’t bother me anymore! They think I talk about ADAM too much, and got tired of listening
    to me! It’s great….no more phone calls!!! I can spend more time with ADAM!

    Life is good!!!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I am laughing so much Jaberone, you are indeed priceless. LOL. At least you have all us Glambs to talk to about Adam. You know we understand you completely.

      Love you and loads of hugs cause I think you need it, your friends deserting you like that, how could they!!!!

      Dianne Glamb #356.

    • you,go girl !!!!

    • Gosh I so totally relate… my family and friends give up on me.. I pass out “For Your Entertainment” cd’s to all. I can’t sleep .. all I do is think about Adam .. I’m on the computer hours at a time looking up stories about Adam.. I don’t stop reading untill my eyes hurt. I’m now into gay activism..
      I was never in my life a groupie.. I’m now a groupie .. I can’t stop thinking about Adam.. like an addiction. Yeek. I would love to see adam have his own cable show ,where he could show off his talent without fear of censorship. Like a club for Adam and his talented friends.Well my eyes are starting to smart.. cool compresses.

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Jaberone & Melody…Y’all sound just like me!!! My family & friends are ready to have me committed! They’re ALL getting FYE CDs from me for Christmas as I’m on a mission to make AdamFans out of em (some are further down that road than they realize!). They are seeing that I mean business here…”Love me, love Adam”. Am I obsessed…Oh, yes! But it’s such a BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION!

        I was tied to my home computer, but since I got my new iPhone this week & sync’d ALL of Adam’s music, vids, pix onto it, I feel ready to venture forth into the world & not risk “Adam withdrawal”. It’s like taking my computer in my pocket! So cool…Who knew I’d EVER get so “techie”??? Someone needs to create an “Adam app” !

    • ellen #447 says:

      you have taken the words right out of my mouth. ditto ditto ditto I would just like to add that now I am computer literate!

    • jaberone, I am so laughing out loud. That was great! Ha, with Adam, who needs material things huh?

  38. 1) I constantly check for any updates on Internet and Youtube about him every day without missing a
    day since I first heard him sing Believe on TV.

    2) I am much more expressive in what I’ve got to say. I was slightly more reserved now I express how I
    feel thanks to Adam’s animated and real expressions 🙂

    3) I never liked listening to one single Rock song. Some songs on Adam’s debut are so Rock that I
    can’t believe I find myself liking them. Adam can do no wrong, I love him to bits.

  39. Helped me forget that I turned 50 this year.
    Adam made me want to sing and dance around the house, like I’ve just discovered musc again – much to the amusement of my husband and 12 year old son.
    Made me realise that there are a lot of double standards around.

  40. 1) Adam made me want to listen to pop music again!

    2) I watch less TV (except for AI) and am addicted to my computer because I must get my Adam fix every night when I come home from work.

    3) I am more tolerant of others who are different and he has given me more confidence to believe in myself and assert my right to be different.

    Adam is a shining star for all of us!

  41. 1- Give always your best
    2- Believe in yourself no matter what people say
    3- Appreciate real talents!

    Adam you rock!

    Kisses from Italy

  42. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I have read all the posts and have been trying to think of new things to say. Well I cant. So forgive me if I just repeat what others say…

    1. Unlike Jabs – I didn’t have many friends, and now have more because Adam has united all of us together.

    2.. I have a great excuse for not doing the housework (I’ve always hated it anyway) and even my son likes listening and watching youtubes about Adam… it’s nice to be able to share a pasttime with my son… having common interests is so important.

    3. I’ve lived in the music of the 50’s to the 70’s with some 80’s and only a teeny bit of the 90’s because I thought all music was boring if it wasn’t Queen, Supertramp, John Denver (lol), U2, and I’ve listened to Christian music for a long time… I have Queen singstar and Motown… if that says anything…. NOW i listen to Adam who has the most current style and when I’m driving and Fever comes on it probably looks like I’m having some sort of epileptic fit as I go crazy…. or with Soaked I might look like I’m singing Opera… This music is the best I’ve ever heard and that’s saying a lot from a die hard Queen fan…. who by the was are the only band I’ve ever followed religiously (thank God there wasn’t internet back then I might never have had children.

    4. Sorry I have to add this. I am thankful to Adam that he has helped me meet such a great group of people and in that to learn to be non judgemental, caring, open minded, and that he has taught me to love music again, dance, and watch fashion ernestly (especially the boots).. oh and that he brought Dianne and I together under the same roof to meet and talk about him and if I could post a pic here it would be a tongue one just for her…

    I saw that Glam is the new black
    Well Adam is the new Freddie

    Cheers all.

    • Mmmmmmmmwah

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Awww Lisa you are so sweet, you always think of me and send me the most wonderful pictures. I am so glad that we have met up too, it is great to be able to actually talk to someone that totally gets how I am feeling about Adam.

      • Dianne….I would just like to thank you and Lisa for adopting me as your Aussie glam sister…
        have no one else on this side of the world (not forgetting Glamaus). xxxxxxxx ooooooo

        Love, Yvonne, (Australia)

        • Dianne Hill says:

          You are welcome Yvonne, it is wonderful to adopt you as an honorary Kiwi, LOL. Of course Lisa might not realise it yet either, but she is also an honorary Kiwi. Hehehe. I know you will love that. There must be more of us on this side of the world though Yvonne, where are they all hiding. I know there is Jan who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand but honestly there must be more than just us four who absolutely adore Adam as we do.

          Hey Yvonne, guess what I saw on our Music TV Channel yesterday, Stan Walker’s video clip, didn’t take them long to get that out did they, but then my day was made because 10 minutes after that they showed For Your Entertainment and there was Adam on my big screen, it was heaven.

          Love to you Yvonne.

          Cheers, Dianne.

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            I’m very aware that I am an honorary Kiwi. Just as I like it. And I have a new pic I must send you Dianne….

          • Dianne,,,exactly – where are they all !!! I guess it’s the lull before the storm.

            I havn”t seen Stan Walker’s video clip yet…I must watch more MTV….maybe I will see Adam’s clip too…..I think I would just scream with excitement from here to New Zealand if I did (see it).

            PS… I meant Glamb sister (not Glam sister).

            Cheers, Yvonne

  43. 1. Breathless
    3. Happy

  44. jahs (Glamb #376) says:

    1) Adam salvaged what started out to be a miserable year, personally and financially, by bringing his amazing talent and kind, loving nature to our living rooms…what a diversion he was and is!

    2) He seems to always take the high road and makes me want to be less judgmental and more positive. He doesn’t seem to have a jealous bone in his body and sees good in everyone..I’m learning, even at this age.!

    3) He has shown, just recently, that if you fall down, do a “Ninja Roll” and get back up and keep going…

  45. LuvAdam476 says:

    1. Adam has inspired me to listen to music again…have always loved music…

    2. Adam makes me feel young and alive again….which embarassess the hell out of my 22 y/o son..lol..oh well…he has his own apt

    3. Because of Adam I can now totally be myself, the way I want to be or I should say the way I really am versus how I am expected to act, dress, or be by my family or other people. I’ve become more tolerant of people that are different!

    My life has changed drastically for the better since Adam has come into it! Never been a fangirl in my life until Adam.

    Thank you Adam for giving me my life back and enriching it with your talent, beautiful personality, graciousness, openess, honesty and so much more!! Much love to you from OK….

    Thank you Adam for being you!!!

  46. Bonnie Wyneken says:

    I laughed out loud when I read the question. Where to start!

    1) Adam inspired me to change physically. I lost weight, took smoke & mirrors to heart (makeup, jewelry, etc.), and engaged in fun & games with a younger lover (I’m 61) after many years of being alone.

    2) Following Adam on Idol made me talk about him at work & find other women into Adam who became friends, one became such a good friend, she is like a daughter to me now whereas we barely spoke before Adam because she thought I was too old to have much in common with. Little did she know! Other friendships also have thrived through infusion with Adam energy, including having connected with another local Adam fan who plays a very special best friend role in my Adam world.

    3) I laugh a lot. I just think of Adam and I laugh. I think of crazy stuff he’s done. I think of how he looks, who he is, and what he says. I think of how outrageous for an old hippie like me to be obsessed with this kid who is proud to have that old hippie energy (but boy oh boy, does he embody that energy in a brand new way).

  47. ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi meninas! Adam mudou minha vida neste ano.
    1. Todas as manhãs espero o e-mail de vocês para saber as novidades.
    2. Todas as manhãs vejo as revistas de fofocas
    3. Não tenho mais tempo de ver outros e-mails
    4. Atraso a limpeza da casa
    5. Faço o almoço tarde
    6. Levo minha filha atrasada para a escola
    Beijos I Love ADAM

  48. MARLENA GAGE says:

    I can only choose 3?! This will be hard!! LOL!

    1. Adam has helped me be more open-minded to different people!
    2. Adam has helped me see the beauty in me!
    3. Most important; Adam has given me a reason to get up in the morning! I have been dealing with some health issues for the past year & before I seen him I really didn’t have anything to look forward to. I became really depressed! But he has given me something to look forward to everyday whether it is following him on twitter or listening to his AWESOME album or videos on youtube. I will love him forever for what he has given me!

    Thank-you Adam Lambert,
    Love Always,
    Marlena Gage

  49. At the age of 71 I have come alive again. I tell everyone who will listen that I will leave this life dancing! I always loved music, but have found a new love for what I considered my kids music. Like I just purchased Queen and love it. I have always been tolerant of different lifestyles, but find I am now defensive with friends who are not so open. So, Adam has taught me how to enjoy all aspects of life. I am the only person in this retirement community subscribed to Rolling Stone. So, I love you Adam. And besides he’s gorgeous.

    • DEE YOU ARE AMAZING!! I love your post and I am so happy you are FREE to be you and not restrict yourself to what everyone around you thinks you should do. ROLLING STONE LOL!! I love it. You are awesome!

    • Dee,
      You are as inspiring as Adam. Love your post. Though still a long way to go, I now feel being 71 is a lot of fun.


    I’m still amazed that last New Year’s Eve ADAM sang in front of a handful of people at the Upright Cabaret in CA…..and it’s not even one year later and look where he is….ADAMAZING…

    The 3 ways ADAM has changed my life:

    1. ADAM has made me feel more alive, happy, younger, sexier !!!

    2. ADAM has made me appreciate a “different” kind of music…HIS….and I LOVE IT !!!

    3. ADAM has made me appreciate differences in EVERYONE….I have always been open-minded and always liked the “off-beat” kind of people…they’re much more interesting and fun….and having that combination in ADAM, PLUS HIS GORGEOUS GOOD LOOKS….WOW !!!!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      DEE#458…”I’m still amazed that last New Year’s Eve ADAM sang in front of a handful of people at the Upright Cabaret in CA…..and it’s not even one year later and look where he is….ADAMAZING…”

      I Love that comment, it amazes me he went so long undiscovered!!!! As they say, there is a season for everything…I feel so thankful, to be able to share in Adam’s season. Wherever he ends up this NYE, I hope it is televised….I want him with Ryan..lol..

  51. 1-Adam has brought much joy into my life…just looking at him and hearing his voice is a gift.
    2-I have made so many wonderful friends because of him, all of my sister Adam fans are great!
    3-He has brought me back to life in so many ways, I feel more love for everyone, has lifted me out of the rut I was in, rekindled my libido.

    Adam has brought a permanent smile to my face, made my heart sing, brought love into my life.
    I want to dance and sing all of the time!

  52. AdamRocks! says:

    Wow! I LOVE everybody’s responses!!! You guys ROCK!!!

    1. Adam has filled my life with music, joy beyond anything I’ve ever experienced (I’m serious), love, hope, and everything good and bright and magical in this world!

    2. Adam has brought the most wonderful people into my life–most of whom I’ve never met–that I feel such a kindred spirit with.

    3. I’ve always felt like a freak because my face is partially paralyzed, but Adam has made me feel so much better about myself. . . he is truly my hero and my inspiration.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37


      Dana, I will still post my 3 things – bit overwhelmed at the moment! Thank you! Mmwah

      • AdamAddict says:

        Second that,Ingrid!!I just know you are beautiful inside out after “talking” to you through email,Cindy! You make me feel like I’m a bad person!LOL!!You are one of the sweetest human being!Love you so much,Cindy!!My Cindy rock!! 🙂

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Meeting you, Cindy, is one of the BEST parts of my Adam obsession! You are such a special & BEAUTIFUL person…inside & out. It’s an honor to share Glambdom with you! YOU ROCK, CindyM!!!!


    • puteri abdul says:

      cindy, it’s your inner beauty that shine beyond words ..
      I never feel beautiful myself, but I learn to appreciate my inner self, and make the most with what GOD has given me ..

      luv ya cindy !!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Cindy I agree totally with Ingrid and Emili, you are one very special lady. I didn’t even notice any paralysis in your face in the picture that you sent me. You are beautiful Cindy and have become such a wonderful friend, I don’t know what I would do without you.

      Love and hugs to you girl. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Thank you so much guys for those wonderful, heartwarming posts. . . you are all SO SPECIAL to me!!! ~tears in my eyes~

        Isn’t it amazing what this beautiful 27-year-old man has taught us all about life?

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Cindy, mom,
          you are a very beautiful woman in every sense of that word. I always remember the thread where everybody was intriducing thereselves, and read yours. All your health problems and sufferings. But most of all, how you’ve went through everything with a positvie attitude. I admirted you then and still do. No I have the privilege of you being my adoptive mom, and emailing each other, I’m more aware of the BEAUTIFUL person you inside out. Love you. .

          I was just now reading all the posts, and truely tears are in my eyes, because of all the beautiful ways Adam has changed everybodies lives. Mine too,

          His amazing open-minded and positive attitude towards everyone and everything, it’s truely inspirational. I think of myself as positive and open-minded, but he has shown me a wider definition of that words. With all my heart I would love to have more people in this world like him, change would come for sure.

          Because of Adam I found this site, our home, where I’ve met so many warm, funny, bright, interesting people. My Glamb sis. You all make my day, some way or another. Sometimes bringing so much joy and laughter, others tears. But always is great, because that’s what being alive is all about.

          Thinking about Adam always bring a smile to me and warms my heart.

          LOVE YOU ADAM

          P.S. We met yesterday with Jane and Nikka, late I’ll come back and tell you all about this. It was just wonderful. Mostly Adam talk for more than two hours.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            In first paragraph I meant “Now that I have the privilege…”
            Last paragragh: “later I’ll come back…”

            OH, Adam, OH, what you are doing to me…..

    • Cindy, love to you! Beautiful!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Cindy, not only are you beautiful, but you are magical! And what a beautiful name too, AdamRocks, lol, Cindy what a true inspiring person you are. I feel so blessed & honored to be here with you & getting to know you. Thank you so much for being you!
      I met a young man at the music store, he helped me with one of the RS mags ADAM was in & he also helped me find Muse’s cd. He is disabled physically, but the more I look at him, he is absolutely beautiful! I know him& he pretty much knows me too, I think I’ll go by & say hi to him & get another cd of ADAM’s.
      This has been the best thread ever, because of all of you. I love you, mwah!
      PLL to ADAM & the GLAMBS!!!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Silvana, Mary and Kimber, thank you so much for your posts!!! God I love this place!

        Lots of Love,

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

  53. SInce Adam came into my life……

    1. I have become more assertive & positve. Went on a trip to London & Germany by myself (have been wanting to do this since 1980 but was too afraid of flying). Told my ‘bully’ boss what I thought of him…and then resigned.

    2. Have realized that age doesn’t matter….if I want to wear black nail polish – I will !!! If I want to wear T-shirts with ‘Rock Godess’ written on them- I will !!! If I want to behave like a schoolgirl again – I will !!!

    3. I know I will passionately support & fight for Gay Rights.

    Tha’ts my three….but I can also relate to all of yours above.


    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Typo correction….should be ‘positive’. It’s 2 am and I’m still on this computer….re: Adam

  54. Adam has brought back real entertainment at last.
    He has finally given some real excitment to the music world.
    I was at Woodstock so you see age doesn’t matter, it’s just a state of mind!

  55. 1) Adam made me want to listen to music again.
    2) Adam has opened my mind and heart to the fact that there is still some very ugly discrimination in our country. Made me want to fight for equal rights for all.
    3) My devotion to Adam, through the various fansites and social networks has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I have made many new friends in 2009 who all share my love and appreciation for the man and his music. Thanks Adam.

  56. 1. I listened to good music again
    2. I want to go to a rock show again
    3. I learned that we always can be sexys, and the more we try, the more sexys we’ll be
    4. I want to try new clothes (specially following the glamb style)
    5. I also remembered that it’s ok to be just exactly how we are, and we must be proud of ourselves
    6. Now I just find myself singing in the streets or at the office like crazy … it’s something I didn’t do a looong time ago … i could follow but i’ll stop here!

    I wrote 3×2 items … sorry … but i just want to say that summarizing … I feel more alive!


  57. Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

    In regards to how Adam has changed my life, I concur with most all here…

    1. I feel better about myself – Adam (and his music) has reawakened a part of me that I thought was long gone…I wear nail polish again ( I’m still working on getting a straight line with the eye-liner), I like to play “dress up,” and I have a better sense of self-confidence and who I am..

    2. I am more aware that judging other people for just apparently being different is just plain wrong and vow to actively support gay rights as well as others who are discriminated against…

    3. I can’t stop singing his songs and dancing to his music, even if the music is only in my head! I feel sooooo alive…

    Bright lights and warm fuzzies to you all!


  58. Julia - Toronto says:

    1. Bought my first CD of the year – didn’t wait to get it for Christmas! LOL

    2. He makes me want to listen to music again.

    3. He has put a smile back on my face.

  59. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Last year at this time I was under fire and facing serious discrimination based upon some of my past history–some things that took place 30 years ago. I was in despair about myself and fighting for my life. Listening to Adam Lambert demand acceptance in the nicest of ways taught me to believe in myself more and gave me the strength to carry on in my own fight for justice. I was flagging and losing heart, but he gave me extra strength to carry on. I was particularly moved when I found that video on UTube of Adam’s performance of “A Change is Going to Come”, the version from The Zodiac Show where he is dressed up in all those feathers and he tosses the mike at the end. In my darkest hours I listened to that video and somehow was able to keep fighting on. Now, a year later, I’m on the verging of achieving what might actually end up being a victory in my struggle, as long as I keep working away on it. I actually have some legal work I have to finish up today and I’m kind of procrastinating, getting some strength by going on this website and sharing my love of Adam Lambert with all of you. But if things turn out the way I anticipate, I have Adam Lambert to thank.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for sharing so truthfully about yourself. I am glad you joined this site.

      I have the feeling a core group here will get tighter and tighter. I feel in everyone that they have sense of being liberated by judgement either imposed by self or by others. Also these are changes that probably won’t be reversed, once you are on this path it is the way of no return.
      Like Adam said in People magazine: “Sometimes I think, should I tone it down? But everyting in me says, No. GO WITH YOUR INSTINCTS”

      Now that is powerful stuff that I totally resonate with.





    • Elizabeth, your post really moved me! Whenever you feel down, remember that you are NOT alone – you have your Glamb family. I am a South African and I’ve had my share of discrimination but I CHOOSE NOT TO BE A VICTIM.- need I say more! You will be the victor because you choose not to be the victim. Love you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Mmmmmmmmwah

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Your post is very moving Elizabeth. I wish that all goes well for you and in your concerted effort I know it will.
      As Ingrid has said remember your Glamb family here, we are all here to support you and give you love and hope.

      Hugs to you.
      Dianne Glamb #356.

  60. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Hey everyone!
    First of all I’d like to welcome abc into the world of humanity. Thank you so much for allowing ADAM to appear on your network.
    Secondly, thank you ADAM for coming into our lives. What a precious gift he is to us all.
    And lastly, ADAM has given so much of himself to all of us fans, the only thing I can do for him is to return the love unconditionally & eternally.
    Because of ADAM, when no happiness existed in my life, I have found what makes the heart truly happy, love. I feel so much love for this man, still don’t know why, he makes me cry whenever I hear him sing. Is his voice really magical? Maybe so. Silly me, while watching ADAM on AI, I would cheer for him like a football team. Never really had a favorite idol, never voted for an idol, & never went to an AI concert. There is something definitely very special about this human being. And people are starting to see this.
    Right now, I will confess, I’ve got be in one of the worst marriages. Everything is so negative, including the impact it is having on my daughter. The only thing that I can look forward to is seeing my daughter in the morning & seeing her face lastly before I go to work at night. She is so precious to me & with my obsession w/ ADAM, he keeps reminding me that my love for my daughter is even more important than ever each day. I do love ADAM, & I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he is. I enjoy his music every day & my daughter loves his music as well. It is because of ADAM that I stay strong. To speak up against my husband & not let him bring me down.
    Finally, I ‘ve always known what kind of person I was on the inside but now ADAM has brought all that out. I am a passionate person & I love me. It may not show at times but I do love me. I do feel stronger as an individual & my relationship w/ my daughter is growing & maturing. For the past several months, I have been mentally & physically exhausted just trying to be happy. Having to rely on ADAM to be happy is not good. I need to find it within myself & with my daughter. This is what I have learned from ADAM.
    Thank you ADAM, I love you & I care about you very much. Please keep me entertained!

    • Thank you Kimber. What a beautiful testimonial. I know you will find this happiness within yourself and with your daughter. And then you will still love Adam as well. of course. How rich your life is going to be!

    • Kimber, it takes courage to be brave enough to disclose certain things – kudos to you! It is beautiful the way you say, “I love me!” I love you and I am proud of you, my friend! Mmmmmmmmmmwah

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Kimber, thank you so much for sharing that part of your life with us. I have always said that you have to love yourself before you can truly love others. You have to be happy in yourself before you can make others happy. You have always sounded so passionate about Adam and I love you for that, your posts make me laugh and cry with you. I know that you will find the strength to get you through what you have to. We all have to leave negativity behind because it just eats away at you and there is no point to that.
      Remember that you have your wonderful daughter and you have all of us here at this site. Love and hugs to you Kimber.
      Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to you.
      Dianne Glamb #356.

    • kimber, take care of you, when you are the best you can be, everyone else in your path will be fine. You love your daughter more than life itself it seems. Blessings to you and I hope you continue to feel stronger and do in your heart what is best for you and your loved ones!

    • judy Lushman says:

      Kimber, that took alot of courage and trust on your part to confide that personal information to all of us. Thank you for that. See, this is what Adam does for us. He makes us love and trust one another and gives us the courage to say what is on our minds. Kudos to you for loving yourself.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        ALL of you here on this site are just absolutely the best in the whole wide world! Oh what wonderful & truly, truly magical beings all of you are!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  61. Pollyness says:

    three ways Adam Lambert changed my 2009:

    1. after Elvis, the Beatles and Michael Jackson, he made me aware that I am about to witness the rise of this generation’s music legend
    2. Adam made me aware that the music industry had been short of mediocre before he arrived on the scene, and that American Idol will be forever remembered to have successfully launched the career of this generation’s superstar
    3. he made me respect and appreciate more the gays and lesbians in the society, and made me fought for equality in all aspects

  62. He has helped me to accept people for who they are not not be so judegmental. Also if I want to wear something and don’t think I can pull it off……to just wear it because if I want to wear it then I CAN pull it off!!!! <3 He has changed my life immensley in so many different aspects, I smile more, laugh more, and even connect with my family more because we all love Adam and now share a common ground, Loving Adam :). I am never bored because there is always something I can refer to that is new about Adam whether it be on the internet, in a magazine, or my very own photos and videos that I took of him at Idol’s Live Tour, or downloaded to my Ipod. I never feel alone. He has mended alot of small voids in my life, and I thank him greatly!!!!! One year ago today….I was just blahhhhhhhhh

  63. PamBiggs Glambert 510 says:

    Only three! I’ve read all the posts and have to agree with them all. There are so many ways in which Adam has changed my life. Here’s my top three:

    1. While recuperating from surgery, I watched Adam’s weekly successes on AI and he made my boring days much more pleasant.

    2. Opened my eyes and ears to a wider range of music (Muse, the Zodiac Show, etc.).

    3. I misplaced my STRUT years ago but, with Adam’s help I’m beginning to find it again 😉

    Thank you Adam!

  64. 1) I accept people as they are – or at least I am more aware when I am being judgemental
    2) I feel alive again

  65. puteri abdul says:

    it all started with american idol 2009, obviously…
    all this while, I have never followed AI, and for reason I do not know, this year I decided to maybe watch a little, just a passing time to kill my boredom..
    then he appeared, I saw the audition..
    the first thing I notice was his cute face with eyeliner, that attracted me…and I remember they wrote there adam (can’t recall last name)- stage actor.. and I was saying, hmmm…this guy has potential..
    let’s see how far he goes….
    and “goes on and on he went….” by the time he got to be on the top 13, he started to become my favourite..
    I suddenly become a frequent watcher of the weekly show, and oh boy, this boy started to throb my heart every week when he sings …
    at one point during week 8, I was hopitalised with acute pneumonia..
    I missed that week’s show, and when my children came to visit, I will ask them if adam is ok, and by that time I know I am starting to get hook up on adam as even I am on the hospital bed, I still think and talk about adam ?! oh my, I know I was on to something..
    I was discharged by the time of the finale.. I remembered sitting alone in the morning (it was televised live-so it was early morning here) and he just blew my mind away…. but not as much as the major blew up when ryan announced the winner … I just switch off the tv !!!! sheeessshhh really ? adam lost….now that was one major @%*#@# to me….
    and then I started to google, and frankly, I did know before this there was already a controversy of who adam is prior to idol, and after all the googling and stalking, I came to my own understanding on why maybe adam didn’t win… his loss was a traumatic experience for me, but at least now I can rest assured that adam is still the best but there is a hiccup somewhere in the corner that made him lost….so it’s ok, I accepted it..
    and as time goes on, I become a frequent internet user…. all day, all night long…it was only adam, adam, adam….
    even my husband realise this but hey, I change for the better as so he said because :

    1. knowing adam made me feel younger and sexier , and by nighttime, you know who will have the best of me….
    2. adam introduce me again to the wonderful world of music…not only his songs, but I began to appreciate other music like muse, gaga, and he brings me back in time of those sounds when I was familiar when I was much younger….
    3. most importantly, to get to know adam has benefited me to get to know a lot of people here that has the same interest as me, and today, some of them has become my sisters, sisters that come from all over the world that I have never had before…. these are my darlings, so thank you adam for giving me this great gift….. I love you all !

    never have I got excited with the presence of a performer, but adam switch the light on in my entertainment fantasy ..
    I wish adam will have brighter and greater journey ahead as I will keep on following his life….even if he is millions of miles away, and knowing the fact that I will never see him person but adam change my life, and for that I will cherish them..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      As blessed as ADAM & us fans, I wish that each & every one of us have the chance to meet ADAM. I want to look into those eyes personally & to touch his hand. Or get that back rub Mary C talks about.

    • puteri abdul says:

      sorry, it may be a little off the topic, but I just feel like I want to share on something that has been sort of bugging me ..
      did you hear the adam’s interview with the toronto radio station that was on recently ?

      well, anyway… I just watched gossip girl episode 11 tonight by youtube, actually that can add up to how adam now change my life – adam made me curious about gossip girl and now I am addicted to the series ..
      back to adam, I came saw the scene where serena left nate for that senator guy, and suddenly this interview came to my mind…if you listen towards the end, the interviewer ask adam when was the last time he cried, and he said last night ( which was on that monday night ), after watching gossip girl and it was because of this particular scene.. and what caught my attention is that he said, it might not be not only because of the scene, but because maybe he needed to cry, and that bang up on me, his tweets about being cancelled on kimmel and NYE was were about on during this time.. and thinking about these “maybes” my heart just goes to him…you know, we might see adam smile and seem so gracious over everything, but only GOD knows what was boiling up in him….. all these ridicules and slandering of him is really hard to take, and adam is only human to digest so much of negativity .. and I feel so sad for him ..
      I really do hope things will get better .. please no more heartbreaking news for adam.. all he wants to do is to become an entertainer and make us happy….he doesn’t deserve all these hatreds.. accept him as who he is….
      maybe we should think back…if there is no adam this year…. what is 2009 to us ?

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I’m having a hard enough time getting thru your post, I don’t want to think about it. I cry enough just from his singing & his smile.
        I need a GLAMB hug please!, Damn! I’m always needing a hug, I need to to go give someone else a GLAMB hug.
        I am sending out ONE BIG HUG TO ALL THE GLAMBS & OTHER FANS !

        • kimber, a BIG HUGE Glamb HUG right back at ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay Adam we’re waiting for your hug my dear! Tell us what ya think about all this goodness you have brought our way………………………….

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Puteri I feel really blessed, not only for having Adam come into my life but also that you have come into my life, you are a ray of sunshine my dear girl and I just love reading your posts. I love the way you care about Adam so much and you really take to heart what has been happening to him as we all do.
      Thank you for being a part of this site and a good friend, you too are my darling Puteri. Love you.

      Dianne Glamb #356.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        What Diane said! (since she resides in part of my brain). 🙂

        Much love to you puteri! MWAH!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • puteri, Dianne, Cindy,Ingrid, ditto, that was truly heartfelt!! OMG, love you alllllllllllll

        • AdamAddict says:

          U said week 8?That was the week Adam sang “Feeling Good” U missed the part where Adam get down the stairs with style?OMG!!!!!!!!I think I forgot to breath during his performance that time.And the last note…whoah!Then the next day was disaster!!Scared for a week! 🙁

  66. Wonderful idea! My life now and a year ago are like night and day. Top three changes:

    1) I am happy all the time!!
    2) I have much more music and dancing in my life.
    3) I am writing about things I have never written about before. Through Adam, I met “Xena” and the two of us have gone and written a book!!

    And a blog!!

    We have transformed our lives in so many positive ways. Thank you Adam!!

  67. AdamAddict says:

    1)My life become ALIVE!!!!!!!!(B4, I was watching TV,eat,sleep-BORING!!NOW,I watching TV,eat,sleep,google Adam-FUN!!)LOL!
    2)I gain friends(I mean same interest,much common-AWESOME!!)U know I’m talking about Adam,right?Not “hey U pervert too,so do I” Not that…maybe it is but just a bit! 0_o
    3)I think I become braver…not so sure coz still terrified of snakes or whatever crawling,but other thing,I just have this feeling like “just do it,just do it”Because I think Adam is really brave guy.He is my inspiration. 🙂
    There,U got three! <3<3<3 LOVE ADAM!

  68. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    Adam has made me more aware of my treatment to people and especially to homosexuals, I have grown fond of David Bowie, and Queen thanks to Adam, and I have grown in a better taste of style!!

    Thanks Adam, we love you!!!

  69. I was depressed as hell , suicidel Adam gave me life again!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first saw him I knew this man was going to change the world of entertainment as we know it. My marriage sucks I sleep in a separate room now only keeping my marriage together for my 16 year old daughter til she moves out. My room is filled with ADAM photos all over my walls, even pictures on my fridge. He has made me want to live for something other than my 2 Beautiful children. My last dying WISH would be to meet him & spend a whole day & night with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ADAM to death.

    • Merrie, my wish for you is that you should wish Adam one day! Mmmmmmmwah

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Merrie, I too hope that your wish to meet Adam will come true for you.
      I am so happy reading your post that I am not alone in the fact that I have pictures of Adam all over my walls too, in fact I have two rooms filled with pictures of Adam.
      I wonder if Adam knows that he has become a counsellor to us all. He has changed our lives in so many ways for the better and I really don’t know what I ever used to do with my time before Adam came along and I really thank him for that.
      Be strong Merrie you will get through this. Love and hugs to you.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I know exactly how you feel!

  70. 1. Music
    2. Diversity
    3. Being Sexy
    …are what I am passionate about after Adam Lambert 😉

  71. KO's smiling says:

    1. Taking myself much less seriously! This is a big one!

    2. ex: betraying my grunge identity to listen to pop music just because it is FUN. And liking it.

    3. Wearing makeup all the time and not hiding my body with ugly clothes. I’m doing what I feel like doing, even though it’s a departure from my previously academic image.

  72. 1. He has given me months of running to the computer to see what he is doing next,not to mention every time he is on tv I am glued!! I feel excited about things again
    2. He made me a 59 year old grandmother dance!!!! I just love his CD
    3. He got me out of my chair and got me exercising. That in itself is a miracle!!!!!

    Not to mention he is just the nicest,sexiest man i have ever seen!!!! I think he made my hormones wake up!! YIKES!!!!!

  73. 1I’m into music again-bigtime
    2His singing makes me feel so happy, I feel rejuvenated, and it shows in various aspects of my personality
    3 I actually learned how to work more w computers, and technology just to be able to see Adam
    Bonus: i got involved in social and civil rights issues.

  74. In case you missed it-Dec 03 the Craig Freguson Show monologue was very funny and most of it was about Adam. ABC was rideculed for cancelling Adam, but it was done without gross attack, it was witty putdowns of ABC cancelling.

  75. 1. I love to listen to music again because of him.
    2. He has restored my faith in just “the good guy” being out there.
    3. He has inspired me by his amazing talent.

  76. Adams taught me to be more open minded

  77. 1. he made me appreciate music more 🙂
    2. he made me more accepting of other people and their views
    3. he taught me fashion sense :9
    adam was the best thing that happened to me this year. 😀

  78. omg those eyes says:

    1. Adam has brought a joy of new music both his and others that I’d never heard before, like Muse.
    2. Adam has brought a sense of greater self acceptance and reinforced acceptance of others as I have always been sympathetic to those who are marginalized.
    3. Adam makes me feel more alive. He has brought a deeper sense that it is okay to be different, take risks, and do what you’ve always wanted….and you can do it with glam and glitter. He has made life more fun!!
    Wish we could all thank him in person, but hope he will get to see this page and know how influential he has been!

  79. I know this was up once all ready but hit wrong button and posted Sry. Adam changed my life by being more open minded
    Not to be judgemental on others and to appreciate my life more and those of others
    Adam has made such a difference in my life that I feel more greatfull every day to be alive. Ty Adam


  81. Glambertgirl1 says:

    1)Always be true to yourself. If people don’t like it then they are not worth your friendship
    2)It’s ok to be different. In the long run it is what makes you unique.
    3)Don’t be quick to judge others. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  82. Glambertgirl1 says:

    1)Always be yourself and true to who you are. Those that can’t accept you for that are not worth your time.
    2)Respect others who are different and dont be quick to judge. Everyone deserves respect and a second chance when things don’t go as planned
    3)Stay positive and be strong. Love yourself

  83. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Oops, posted twice.

  84. Evette #419 says:

    1. ADAM has made me more self confident.

    2. ADAM has made me take more pride in my “looks”. I’m wearing makeup again, painting my nails and looking into changing my style.

    3. ADAM has made me see its okay to be me.

    Can’t wait for 2010 and lots more ADAM!!

  85. 1. Adam has made me feel young and alive again!! I’m nearly 60 but feel 30!
    2. He has given me something to look forward to each day, running to the computer for the latest news or interview; listening to his music in the car and at work.
    3. Most of all, he has taught me that it’s okay to be different. None of my friends or family members (with the exception of my son) understand my attraction to Adam; it’s more than just his beautiful exterior, he is also beautiful inside!

  86. Evette #419 says:

    After reading everyone’s posts I think what ADAM did for us this year is make us see what’s REALLY important.

  87. Ladies , i think you have covered all the thoughts in my head and heart very well! Thanks for being here and sharing something of yourselves; I only post once in a while but I have enjoyed all of you; and without Adam, we would not be communicating now. Way to go Mary – you and Adam do inspire me. When I think of Adam, I am much more willing to try new things (like posting on a website!). Yes, I am wearing nail polish again (black of course) and eye liner once in a while and I am considering a tatoo. Yes, my family thinks I am a little too in touch with my inner teen, but I am enjoying this ride with Adam and all of you so much! His new album is fun, empowering, and smokin hot ! Mary, I think now I will work on the outer me this year. If Adam can lose his extra weight and be so comfortable in his skin, I can too (even though I am older). Bravo Adam for causing all of us to raise our game up another notch!

  88. Adam:

    1) Helped me feel sexy and want to be sexy again… my husband thanks him!
    2) He’s inspired me to take myself less seriously – live life now and not be so shy.
    3) He’s inspired me to be more of myself, without fear… wow…

    thanks Adam. You are an inspiration, as well as an amazing entertainer!

  89. I just tweeted this thread to Adam…I thought it could certainly lift his spirits.

    If you are a Twitterer and would like to retweet my twat (that was a mouthful!), you can do so from here: http://twitter.com/GlambsFansite


  90. 1. I am soo much nicer to everyone
    2. I am more worldly aware
    3. I have the best role model (Adam)

  91. Reading all these posts has been so wonderful!….with lots of grateful tears and laughs as I read.

    I just found this site the other day, and it feels SO GOOD, so validating to find others whose hearts are as deeply touched by Adam as mine is.

    So though I already posted “ditto” to several posts, I think the biggest thing for me is that Adam has gently and beautifully enticed me to open my heart again…the way it was open and alive and trusting when I was around 14. There’s something so powerful and magical in the innocence of young girls aound that age. I think it is maybe the most pure power there is. I now viscerally understand why young innocent girls were the only ones unicorns would let come to them in classic literature. What an amazing symbolic message!

    I love the idea that Adam is waking that up in all of us, and it feels BIG – as though we are not only reclaiming our power, but our hopes, dreams, and ideals from those times….when we knew intuitively what was really important, how limitless the power of our imaginations and love are, HOW good life can be. (I just saw Rob Thomas’ new video that shows a reawakening of that too.)

    Michael Jackson’s death has somehow done the same thing (even though I was not a fan before), so that between my unexpectedly huge reactions to Adam and Michael, I think my heart is being cleansed of years of denseness and dredge that covered over its true beauty and light. It feels to me like MJ’s passing and Adam’s coming into our lives is a magical initiation…..a turning of the key (and I just had a sudden flash of the key necklace Adam someitmes wears) in unveiling the secrets of the Universe. If we are all waking up this way, and then using our imagination, visualization, intention, and heart’s power for what we DO want….just imagine!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome to the Glambs site Sweetie, we welcome you with open arms. We are Adam’s Family and we love all who love our Adam. I loved your post, just make sure you keep coming back.

      • I am all for unveiling the secrets of the Universe….I love the image of the Key, unlocking our unlimited powers. This is such an incredible ride!

  92. 1. Through Adam I have engaged and connected with many beautiful people, from all corners of the globe, who understand what unconditional love means and who, along with Adam, continue to inspire me.
    2. Adam makes me feel beautiful inside and inspires me to be the best that I can possibly be.
    3. Adam’s message to the World through his music, that is revolutionizing the way people think, has been a case study that I use in my work and has inspired those who have been polarized to step forward and be proud of whom they are – this is a risk I took but the response has blown my mind. Adam is compelling and I am humbled to encounter him in my lifetime.

    Everything that has been said resonates with me, so the list of things is endless! Love you all! Mmmmmmwah

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Ingrid, it is wonderful to be able to connect with people all over this planet because of one beautiful man who has inspired us to all be better people, we can learn a lot from him and we are doing so. I agree with you too that the list of how Adam has affected us is endless and he will keep affecting us for a very long time – for all eternity as far as I am concerned.

      Love you Ingrid, from your friend on the other side of the globe.

      Dianne, Glamb #356.

    • Nikka/Argentina says:

      Loved ur words, they are sooo true!!!
      It’s amazing!! I connected here with Silvana, also from Argentina, and today we met Jane from Toronto who is on vacation here. We had such a good time the three of us (actually 4 cuz Victoria, who is Silvana’s daughter joined us too)…..Beautiful morning!!!!!!!!!

  93. 1) i feel sexy again….
    2) I feel like a teenager in love….
    3) I am connected to him in such a “family” way…I think about him all of the time as if he were a member of my family….a beautiful, sexy, hottttt member of my family…

  94. 1. I dance all the time, even in my car.
    2. I have an IPOD with 350 wonderful, ragin’ rock songs (Before Adam, I wasn’t even sure what an IPOD was)
    3. I have a favorite rock star that I look forward to knowing and loving, every single day!

  95. sherry s. says:

    ~just another list similar to so many others~
    1. I’ve dropped weight — and years (enthusiasm wise)
    2. I’ve accumulated some computer savvy, an inspiring social network of friends, and a surprising assurance that good music is still out there to be had.
    3. I’ve gained insight into a pain I probably would have passed through this world without ever truly understanding without Adam—the pain gay people and the families who love them are made to feel repeatedly because of the meanness of people—and have dedicated myself to being their champion in whatever small way I can. (Now, if I hear any of the younger generation say, “That’s so gay!” to mean “That’s so stupid!”, I call them on it.)

  96. No. 1 I am a Blithering idiot,
    No 2. I am a Blithering idiot!
    No 3. I am a Blithering Idot over Adam Lambert, My family says so ! lolol

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome to the Glambs fansite Margarita, we understand exactly what you mean, we are all the same here that is why this site is such a fantastic place to be.

    • Margarita, loved your post! As Dianne said, welcome to the house of blithering idiots. Just reading these posts tells us how blessed we are as blithering idiots! Mmmwah

  97. (Glamb 535) says:

    I just put my Glamb# to maintain semi-anonymity —

    I credit Adam Lambert with saving my life. Definitely emotionally, and quite likely in actuality. I went through over a yr with MANY deaths of friends & family, as well as numerous health issues both for myself and family. There was a few other things also going on at the same time that all resulted in me being so stressed that at times I was barely hanging on not to commit suicide. It’s been a big big struggle. But finding out about Adam and becoming a fan gave me something to hang onto, To follow his journey has given me enough hope that the world is an OK place, and I think I do want to stick around and see where it’s going. I still have hard days, coping, but it’s been a while now since I honestly thought I’d be better off dead.

    Today is my anniversary, and the fact that I’m here to celebrate it with my husband, is primarily due to Adam.

    If you read this, Adam — “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you. You’re an amazing talent & an awesome person.”

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Glamb 535 that is an awesome post, and I have tears in my eyes right now. I am so happy that Adam has helped you through this in some small way. You are obviously a strong person because you didn’t go down that road and we are thankful for that. Enjoy your anniversary tomorrow and have a special celebration with your husband and raise a toast to Adam. He is such a special person and he doesn’t even realise it. That in itself is very humbling.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Glamb 535.

        I truly hope for you and all of us here that Adam inspires in us something to work towards. Tolerance for others, love for ourselves, fun in our lives, music in our lives. Inspiration to go on.
        Have the happiest of Anniversaries and be joyous. There’s more of Adam to look forward to in the future so we’ll be seeing you for a while.

        Feel I must add here that if Adam could/would read all these posts about how he inspires people he would cry just like he did at Gossip Girl. I dont think he truly realises how much he affects us all.

        • Dianne & Lisa – I totally agree with you! Glamb 535, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure things will only get better! Love you, mmmmmmmwah

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I too, am thankful you are there to celebrate your anniversary w/ your husband, We all love you very much & so grateful you are here with us on this journey w/ our ADAM.

  98. Nikka/Argentina says:

    I have to say the first thing I’ve to thank Adam for is all the lovely people I connected with here.
    Second, he got me into pop music again which I’m loving, cuz I was kinda stucked on classic rock..so I’m having a really good time with all this “new” music…
    Third, he made me sing again, although I don’t know If I’m good at it, but I always enjoyed doing it, singing is kind of my catharsis mecanism..
    So thank u very much Adam…I love you!!!!!!

  99. This was one Great Thread. So enjoyed reading everyones changes in their lives, thanks to Adam!
    Adam you are an Inspiration all the way! Some may find it hard to believe how one person can make a differnce, but its true, just look at what we All had to say…………………………Its all Good!
    love & peace

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY………..True! I forgot to mention one great advancement for me, personally, all due to seing Adam on idol, before he actually performed. I KNEW HE WAS SO COOL, and that his voice was the so pure voice that I often imagined someone wo have singing rock, that I learned to operate this frickin’ computer!!!! I never wanted to know anything about this thing. But, I told my son that I HAD to find out WHO that was on AI by the name of ‘Adam’, somehow, and he told me, finally after hearing me nag for a week, that the internet would be helpful! OK! Tell me how to ‘turn it on’! I learned, then learned how to get to ‘youtube’, and the rest is. as they say, ‘history’! That even led me to get a ticket to see Adam in GR, and gave me an outlet for my fanatical behavior! Never tried black polish beforel but going to his concert, had to have it, and love it. Always wore black eyeliner since I was young, like about 12, but, bought more expensive eyeliner, and appreciated my nearly black hair, more. Even bought some jackets and clothes and jewelry that I probably would not have before. Enjoy it all, and actually don’t look much different, but FEEL better!!!


      peace-love-light-truth-hope-fun-joy…………………2 U.

      • cheryl, so funny nagging your son untill he gave in and taught you some technical skills.
        Turn it on? OMG, you’re a riot! Thank god, for the power of the internet, we wouldnt have any of this if it werent for the lovely computers……………………before Adam, I hardly ever got online after a days work. ( since my whole day is in front of a PC) the Last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of a computer away from the office. NOW? I’m getting carpel tunnel……….. My hands are in overload clicking awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. LOL
        Glad you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        love & peace

  100. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM, LET ME count the ways.

    Not in more years than I care to count, I have not been this excited about a human being outside of my personal life. Adam is not just any human. He is beyond adjectives for any human I’ve ever in my life seen or heard. Talent unbelievable. Looks anyone would die for. Humbleness and personality beyond words I can think of to describe him appropriately, but needless to say astonishingly incredible. Not in my lifetime of being a music fanatic have I been this impressed with any singer outside of the great Elvis. Adam’s voice has surpassed that of Elvis and anyone living or dead, in my personal opinion, and for me that is saying the extroridnary. How many ways did that change me? I live and breathe music. Have all my life since as young as about 3 or 4 yrs. old. I feel ‘blessed’ to be on Planet Earth when Adam descended upon the Am Idol stage, for which I never was a fan, but the moment I heard a note and saw a glimpse of Adam, I knew he was someone that was ‘blessed’ with an incredible talent and gorgeous looks to go along with that, and that made me feel alive again with that combination!!! Adam SAVED the MUSIC! There is nothing I can say beyond that. For a lover of rock music, that is ALL THERE IS!!!

    peace-love-light-hope-truth-fun-joy 2 ADAM and his music.

  101. There are a lot of things that Adam did to change my life. But what i can remember at the moment are the ff:
    1) He made my wear black nail polish. Before, I though black polish would look ugly on my fingernails but it actually looks real cool! Thanks Adam for that discovery!
    2) I could hardly start the day without checking an update about him. Thanks to this site for giving my my daily Adam dose.
    3) He made me appreciate Lady Gaga and pop music. I used to be a metal, grunge rocker of the 90s. (but a hater of black nail polish. Haha! I actually hated nail polish, before now) But when i discovered Adam Lambert, I discovered an appreciation to the art of pop. Thanks Adam for expanding my taste in art and music!

  102. Adam has changed my life in so many ways!

    1. I know now that it IS important to look good and dress up. Not for others, but for myself! I feel better about ME when I’m wearing something sparkly or with rhinestones!

    2. I’ve openned my mind even more than I could possibly imagine.

    3. I’ve learned to be myself…..I’m still working on figuring out who that is….but when I figure it out, I know it will be okay! It is good to be unique!

  103. #1 – Adam changed the heart of a cynical old lesbian & made her love music again.

    #2 – Adam made me stand up for what I believe in and not be afraid of who & what I am.

    #3 – Adam gave me a reason to call into American Idol and actually vote on 2 phones for 3 hours solid.

    #4 – Adam has made me a “giver” to charities. I didn’t used to be a donating person – I am now!

  104. So, I’m in my usual mesmerized state – this time over People Mag. pictures, turned right to P. 112 and had it spread on Kitch. table for several days to smile at and remember why I finally found something I would rather lap up than food. Then, last night, absently picked up the mag. to curl up in bed and flip through to see what less appealing stars are doing – BAM! I find Page 10!! The oh so innocent table of contents – Adam, Baby – you ARE so sick, ragin’ gorgeous!! If you NEVER sing another note (god forbid), your career as the most artistic photographer’s subject EVER, is sealed!! I know what I want for christmas (now that I’m as satisfied as a cat in the sun with my copies of FYE CD) – a well done, coffee table book type photo book of Adam shots – does anyone know if one has been produced?? Love all the internet shots but there is just something about a book (I can hug it and dog-ear the pages). UIMA

  105. 1. Adam gave me music again

    2. He inspired me to sing again

    3. Adam has made me into a fan! I never knew what that was like until Adam

    Thank you ladies for this site and all your hard work I really appreciate how you take care of our Adam

  106. brandy USA! says:

    1. adam filled a hole in my heart because i don’t like any boys at school.
    2. when i get nervous i just clear my haed, think of adam, and then i feel better.
    3. adam made me think that just because they’re gay guys doesn’t mean you can’t love them.

    love brandy

  107. People mag pics are..**!!k’**^!!!…wow!!!! The best ever!!!

    2009 was great! Adam came in my life and :

    I forgot to worry about my health to much (kind of hypochondriac)

    Sometime I forget to feed my kids..and husband (but he can take care of himself)

    I use the computer much more and I actually crash it,lucky me I still have the warranty.Looking for Adam infected my PC with a virus

    Overall I’m much happier,so it’s all good!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I work full time to support my family so they do not need me to hold their hands every minute of their lives.

  108. Adam has reminded us all that life is to be enjoyed no matter what age we are. I was getting quite bored with the very boring artists, al of a sudden Adam Lambert comes on the scene, it is as if I received an electric shock injecting lfe into my body again, I fell alive, I love music once again, I have made new friends and became a better and more fulfilled person. He inspires us to get on with our lives no matter what obstacles we encounter. I am impressed by the way he always says good things about others, he never brings someone else down just to promote himself, he is hard working, thoughtful, caring, he is a very special person. All I can say is I am so gratrful for Adam been in this world.

  109. LolaGlamb says:

    Where is Lisette? I hope she is OK.

    • Lola, I am also concerned about Lisette! Lisette, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeere are you – come over here girl because we miss you! Mmmmmmmmwah

  110. 1. Taught me to be humble yet strong.
    2. All people can come together with love.
    3. You get back what you give away.

    I could go on with more and more but this guy just makes me smile and makes me feel young again. Finally a real artist with a magnificant voice who knows how to entertain, a true icon in the making.

  111. I came out of the closet….(NO not that one) the Intellectual snob closet.

    After seeing Adam, I had to go back to the days when I was a “Rocky Horror” die hard fan and you could find me with my boyfriend in-line every Friday night to catch the show! I can still sing every song on the album!

    Also, was a devoted David Bowie fan and I could back then, eat him with a spoon. I was also a club hopper-dance type back in the day as well.

    But fast forward and I became an intellectual and would never admitted years ago that I liked someone like Adam Lambert. I do now and while I get looks of shock–it’s really ok.

    My children look at me with “what the heck happened to our mom” but they had to admit that “Mad World” was amazing. I’ve always had life long gay friends so that was not ever an issue in my world.

    It’s been a lot of fun!

  112. Anonymous says:

    1.He made me actually LIKE music…. I hate most songs on the radio, so I just put in my Adam cd and I feel better again. Only downside is that whenever someone turns on the radio I get super pissed because Adam songs hardly ever play.
    2.I never knew anyone gay, so I never really thought about how they felt(I never hated them.. just didn’t really care because they were just people like us) and after I started obsessing over Adam I actually noticed how insensitive people are towards gays and lesbians. I really support them now… I wouldn’t be able to deal with the discrimination. I’m still school age, so when people say “That’s SOO GAY!’ I want to scream “HOMOPHOBIA ALERT!” at the top of my lungs.
    3.I realize how awesome and nice some celebrities are! When Katy Perry had that Adam cape I was thinking “Katy Perry is awesome!” and when they went to the This is it premiere it was really cool, Adam and Katy are both very talented and sweet people!

  113. 1. Adam has made me giddy like a schoolgirl again. I feel 10 years younger!
    2. Adam has made me believe that some people have some kind of mesmerizing power just by looking into their eyes.
    3. Adam has my heart and has made me trust in him and just let go and not worry about how dorky I look acting like a freaky 42 year old Adam Lambert fan!

    I think Adam is truly a special person and having had the opportunity to look into those eyes after his concert, I know that he does hold some kind of crazy power over me and I don’t mind one bit! He makes me happy and his voice is like no other!!! I will always believe him to be a humble, appreciative person who will probably always find it quite odd that we find him to be so beautiful!! He never seems to be comfortable with the beautiful thing! And that’s why I love him! Keep doin what you do Adam.We will all be sure to follow!

  114. Penny Curtis says:

    everyone is so worried about what adam did on t.v, i just watched broke back mouintain and it was on at 8:00 pm

  115. 1. I am inspired every time I hear Adam sing, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.
    2. Adam is also inspiring because he never has a bad word to say about others but maintains everyone has a right to their own opinion.
    3. Adam’s passion for music and life in general inspires me to enjoy every minute!

  116. Great blog, thanks. I’ve been attempting to lose weight with the Cambridge diet these past few months and it’s going well. I will try and update soon to let you guys know how it’s going, so far I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 months!


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