2009 Teen Choice Awards – Monday, August 10th

On Monday, August 10th FOX will be airing its annual Teen Choice Awards show at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Adam has been nominated in two categories this year. Following are those categories and the nominees. Ironically, in the first category, he’s up against Kris again. The third category listed below is one in which Adam was not nominated. Why not??? I can only think that Adam’s hotness is maybe too adult for teens. Now I have not been able to find any confirmation that Adam will be present at this show. However, there is no concert on August 10th, so who knows?

In my opinion Adam, of course, deserves to win both categories he’s nominated for, hands down. But remember that it’s largely teens doing the voting here, so my gut is telling me that Adam is not as popular among teens as the other nominees. Those other nominees, in my view, have a narrower fan base than Adam, and this is it. Adam’s fan base is much broader, appealing to ALL ages. Now if they had a “2009 ADULT Choice Awards” it would be no contest…

Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star
Kris Allen – American Idol
Brody Jenner – Bromance
Adam Lambert – American Idol
Ryan Sheckler – Life of Ryan
Rob Dyrdek – Fantasy Factory

Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male
Justin Timberlake
Adam Lambert
Jonas Brothers
Zac Efron
Kanye West

Choice Male Hottie
Jonas Brothers
Zac Efron
Chace Crawford
Taylor Kitsch
Robert Pattinson

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I couldn’t agree more .. Adam’s fans are from all ages, so you never know .. I hope teens will make the right choice .. I’m a teen, and I did 🙂 !!
    I would really love Adam to attend the TCA, but I’m not sure whether our channel is gonna show it 🙁 … Hopefully it will ! Anyway, we have this wonderful website so I shouldn’t worry .. Thank you for everything !!

    • Below they said our Adam won choice male reality. Way too go. Maybe he will make a live
      teleprompt acceptance speech from whereever he is. Hope so.

    • I watched the 2009 Teen Choice and I did not see Adam. I was doing laundry in between commercials etc., and I do not think I missed him. Jeannette can you post a video so we can see it?
      Thank you!

  2. Like you said Jeanette, because of Adam’s larger fanbase I think it’s unlikely that he’ll win in either category, though he definetly ought to. Especially in the second category. Adam’s fashion doesn’t even compete with the other nominees. Now, if they had a category with choices between Adam’s ensembles, THEN we’d have a real contest. 🙂

    • Contrare contrare girls. Adam will win. He is the best, especially on the fashion award.
      No one can beat his look. Maybe now that the teeny weeny’s have seen and heard more of
      him, they will vote for our #1 guy.

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE would you check adam’s twitter acct. I had a ‘message’ in my email to go to my twitter acct that there is a new bubbletweet from Adam and Kris. It is so cute! I don’t dnow how to link it to this site!!!!
        Plus, I don’t know about anyone else, but when it sent me directly to Adam’s twitter, I could read all the comments to /from him ? ?! There’s another bubletweet w/Adam,Kris and Allison.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Speaking of tweeter,check out his latest tweet! Some fans gave him some negative msg because he didn’t go out for signing! He already explain that he has family and friends that he didn’t see for a long time inside.So,he wants to spend time with them plus it’s raining outside! Unlike we all,if we get sick,we can get MC and rest at home.He has to continue perform to us.If he’s sick and not perform,this “not cool” fans will blame him again!!

          Urgh,I don’t understand why some fans that said they so in love with Adam but at the same time just don’t understand him!Poor Adam! He has feelings too! He’s not really a glittery alien from planet fierce! If he needs to spend time with his loves ones,so let him!! Come on!! Now there’s article written Adam said “Your ticket is to see us perform,Not sign Autograph” That’s not how he said it in his tweeter!Gosh,haters,paparazi and press will love this story! Give that guy some space to breath!! Poor our darling Adam!!
          BTW,I use WannaBeTheMicStand screen name in other sites because I really like it. 😛

          • AdamAddict u make me laugh. Yea cut Adam some slack y’all. I no everyone wants a piece of
            him, but we have to listen to what he thinks is best for him at the time.
            Oh yea the paparazi will have a field day with that one.
            Rock on Adam.

    • I think we need to vote on that category first hand, Peaches.

      Your name makes me think of an obscure Queen song I adore, by the way, called “Now I’m Here.”

      “Down in the dungeon, just Peaches and me… Don’t I love her so? Ooooooh, don’t I love her so?”

      • Haha, I guess we do.
        And thanks, by the way. Haven’t heard Now I’m Here, but might just go check it out. After all, it DOES refer to my online alias. 🙂

    • love your coment!!! hahahha

      adam is totally fashionforward…compared to anyone!! <3 adam

  3. No doubt, Jeannette. There’s always the People’s Choice Awards, but those should probably be renamed the Idiot’s Choice Awards – I was never too fond of most of their honorees, myself. What we really need is a whole new awards show – perhaps we can call it the Grown Ups Who Have a F***ing Clue Choice Awards or the Awards Chosen by Those of Impeccable Taste. Or, to shorten things up a bit, how about the MILF Awards, but the M stands for Men instead of Mothers?

    • Barb, you and Peaches are both right, and too funny! You said exactly what I wanted to say in my post, but I feel I need to be a little restrained, and you guys, like Adam, are unfiltered!

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Grown Ups Who Have a F***ing Clue Choice Awards”!!! So, so true.

      I really don’t think Adam is going to win. This is a *voting competition* and we know only too well how that goes.

      Thank you to all your guys for your comments – they are treasures!

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Zac Efron win in the categories in which he’s nominated. He has a pretty good sense of style I think. Did any of you read the “Rolling Stone” article about Adam? That is a rhetorical questions as i am sure most of you have. I bet Adam would like it if Zac won although Vanessa might get a little jealous . . . jk.

    • Oh, Barb, I like the way your mind works!

    • Barb you are outstanding!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        LMAO. . . Barb, you deserve an award for that post!!!

        Cindy in MS

        • AdamRocks, I agree completely! Adam is probably going to lose that battle (not I think he cares about this stupid award) but HE IS GOING TO WIN THE WAR. THE BEST, MOST CELEBRATED PERFORMER OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIME! Barb, your a legend!

    • Oh, Barb, you need to be our SPOKESPERSON when we go to Hollywood with this! That is TOO good!

  4. Hi Jeanette,

    I see you guys love Adam. Good job. Your site is now listed on my site.

    Well I hope to meet Adam soon here in LA or Hollywood, CA and I wish him the best and good luck.

    ~Esteban “Steven” Escobar, Diversity News

  5. Me too Barb. Adam may have a chance in the first category but with Zac Efron, Robt Pattinson and those Jonas kids, I don’t know….. However it’s interesting that the first two have black hair also… the Jonases cute sure, but my old brain/heart/ears just cannot see what all the fuss is about!

    • Theresa, I agree with you, next to Adam the others are nothing, Adam outshines all of them.

      • Indeed, he does, Toni. Bless me, but he outshines the sun.

        Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven
        Having some business, do entreat [his] eyes
        To twinkle in their spheres till they return. (6)
        What if [his] eyes were there, they in [his] head?
        The brightness of [his] cheek would shame those stars
        As daylight doth a lamp; [his] eyes in heaven
        Would through the airy region stream so bright
        That birds would sing and think it were not night.

        Hoo boy – when I start quoting Shakespeare, look out! I’m in trouble, now.

        • Sorry about the random (6) there – cutty pasty error. Or as we like to say in IT, the problem exists between the keyboard and the chair.

        • •”One fairer than my love? The all-seeing sun
          Ne’er saw his match since first the world begun.”

  6. Jeanette, I agree with you, because it is teens, Adam may not have as many votes, but then, at the GMA open air show, there were a lot of teenagers. Adam has a much wider fan base, and an international fan base. In my opinion he should win all three of them, second and third categories are made for Adam. I agree with all the other comments, there should be an award that includes nominations from a wider fan base and not just teens. Just wait until Adam is touring to promote his new album, his international fan base will go sky high, cannot wait for him to come to London. Jeanette, are the teen awards going to be televised, will I be able to view from my PC?

    • Jeanette says:

      They will be televised here in the states on the FOX network. Not sure if you can watch on the internet.

      • Jeanette thank you, I hope he wins.

      • Lisette here..by way am always posting here..an have non recive several emails..Or Id have been here..now day late..unsure why.Thenks is perhaps something non working for reaching my email?So anyway lucky I went to homepage an notice thes new article.An p.s. I av been celebrating Adam’s talentes but all of glambs..Have yu seen mine,non sure here.Wel anyway lovli to chat with many from aronde l’worlde an across states ..As I always say best an “Official” tribute page.Thenks for all yur dedications to keep everone updated on news/videos/awards/concertvideos,bubbletweets..all Adam events all time..Thinq like a CNN for beau hearte Adam..Does anyone agree here! blessings an luv Jeanette,an all glamb gals,angels..to our Angel of chansons! J’adore Adam..Luv always Lisettexoxo

  7. cheryl norman says:

    Zac Efron is a little boy with bad hair!! I know Adam said that Zac Efron was his ‘type’, but I think he’s just too small to be appealing!!! Adam does like the small guys, tho. Adam doesn’t even need to win a ‘teen’ award!!!! He’s too much of a M A N !!! A manly-man!!! Teen shemeen! Yuk!

    • I think Zac Efron’s a cutie. But I like a taller, more sophisticated looking guy, myself. Robert Pattinson is certainly interesting – I haven’t seen “Twilight” – I know – sacrilege! – but he has some nice bone structure going on there and is definitely intense. But the Jonas Brothers? I like to think that even if I were a teenager I wouldn’t like them. Maybe if I were 9 or 10… I went from Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson at that age to hair band rock stars by the time I was 13. These “boy” bands just slay me.

      • All of those boys are cute, but merely fluff to people of true discernment. Adam Lambert has POWER emanating from him, something those boys will never have, and that power will only INcrease as Adam goes forward, not decrease. He is a planet gathering momentum in its orbit, and he will not stop until all the lesser planets are revolving around him, and he is in place as the center. It has nothing to do with self-pride or conceit, it is his destiny.

      • cheryl norman says:

        Well, if you think Zac Efron is a cutie, I’m worried about you!! My 8 & (yr old grandbabies have liked him for about a yr., now they don’t! ? But, even if I were a teen or tween, he would not have anything interesting for me!! haha! The Jonas Bros.? When I was 9, I fell in love w/Elvis. By 15 it was Mich Jagger. Guess I liked the ‘bad boys’! Never liked Shaun Cassidy, but liked his brother David, but still thought of him as too little!
        Robt Pattinson does ‘nothing’ for me either. He’s just too thin and ‘wirery’ (sp)! I know I am hard to please, very hard to please, but Adam is JUST RIGHT!!! I really don’t understand how anyone who’s crazy about Adam could like those little boys! I wouldn’t like them for my daughter or granddaughter. Too ‘icky’!! Too little, legs are too thin, arms, chest just not there! Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,only my preference, give me a manly-man! I know Adam likes the guys, but I like HIM! ~~~that’s a real man!

        • I like what ur saying here. I like a beefed up man. Bad boys are always far more
          interesting. And I think Adam likes the girls too. Someday we shall see.

          • Ooh ooh ooh, Mary C, this is a HOT post. One of my favorite song lyrics for Adam is “I’m not a bad boy, but that’s open to debate!”

            It may be our complete fantasy that Adam likes the girls, too, but isn’t it utterly delicious to think about???? OH, ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • cheryl norman says:

            Mary C We’ve hit this feeling about Adam before! Yeah,we both think Adam will eventually end up
            w/a girl in his life. I think he likes girls too, Not only for friendnship.

            • Oh yea, He likes to keep us all guessing. He certainly would have his pick of the
              litter! Love the 20/20 interview, w/him saying ” who’s going to be the lucky woman”

    • Lisette here..thenks Cheryl an for thes I agree..Zac is very sweet an all american cute..Adam is tresbeau..an classique hansome,tall statuesque,6ft1inch,broad shoulder..an never av heard he thinqs of Zac thes way?Gathre I’ve miss some interviews..but neverless Adam’s talente can surpass thos of othre teen idols for sure..He’s anothre class as always av say a legend in artistique style/danse,vocaliste range beyond compare,an even display acting in his theatre credites from his childhood actual,seein his mama had notice from a small child,an finale realized..He’s still younge an as Adam says came alonge at righte time of his life..Blessings monbeau always,an Cheryl too funny..manly oui can see in roles as Leo DiCaprio,Brad,Russell Crow,sure they’d adore to have him in ther filmes..never know..Talente scoutes bienvenue to thes site for some support in thes idea!
      Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  8. maybe we’ll be lucky and somebody will post it on youtube;p

  9. Well, I sure hope ADAM wins both, but look what happened on AI. As far as Justin Timberlake…what a dork!!!! ADAM is handsome, charming, very stylish, the most talented, OMG…..ADAM IS THE BEST FOR ALL CATEGORIES!!!!

  10. renogirl says:

    He should get it for both. Interesting if he does get the Idol one. Wish it was not another Kris Adam competition. Til this Idol thing is over with these Guy have both been gentleman and friends. I can see neither win this category. Adam should win the fashion one. What an exquisite vest he wore on GMA.

  11. AdamAdmirer says:

    Remember, it’s FOX so the winner is the one they are promoting the most, all politics!

    The fact that Kris AND Adam were both nominated is a joke — they obviously wanted to nominate Adam, but threw Kris in there because he was the AI winner and how would that look to have the “runner up” nominated for the “Star” category and not the winner?? The other shows are not as popular as AI, so hopefull the AI nominee should win, which should be Adam over Kris, hands down!

    As far as the second category – the other nominees carry some heavy weight and longevity compare to our Adam – so it’s a hugh coop for him to be nominated along with these big names. I don’t think any of the other nominees are known for their Red Carpet fashion, so Adam should be the winner – everyone knows that people were tuning in to AI each week to see what great outfit he would show up in, not to mention how stunning he looked in them.

    Either way, I am thrilled that Adam is nominated for these two awards – GO ADAM!!!

  12. I definatly did my best to get him to win. I’ve voted every single day since June. I even used both of my email accounts to login so I could vote for him twice. lol. I did my part and hopfully it will be enough. Here’s hopping. Adam FTW!!! lol.

    • iluvadam4ever says:

      I would have voted, but I’m well past the teen age, but my son did also vote for him every day for the past 3 months. He deserves to win, but if he doesn’t we all still know that he takes the cake for every category. It will be interesting if he does win, if he will be there to accept the award(s). In my heart, he has it all and then some!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      BRANDI You’re sooo smart!!! Thank you for that! You have impecible taste!! I hope he wins for you and all others who voted for him! He’s just too good for the rest of that line-up! He’s so far removed from the other guys, that he should win, just b/c he’s been nominated!! Good girl, Brandi!

      • Aw thanks. And Guess What? He did when the Reality Star Catagory but unfortunatly lost to the JoBros in the Red Carpet Catagories. But hey we have to leave the guy room to grow. It would be too much to ask for to win everything right now. lol. Can’t wait till next year. Unfortunatly its the last year I’ll be able to vote.

        • The Jonas Brothers better watch their backs. Adam Lambert wins the Red Carpet, Blue Carpet, Green Carpet, and every other color of carpet that has ever been made, in fact he OWNS the carpet store! Awards must be given evenly to everyone else so as not to cause too much consternation too soon, that’s all. By this time next year, there won’t even BE a carpet, they will have all been burned up as Adam passes by! (But Brandi, not to downplay what you said in any way, I just couldn’t resist declaring what the real truth is about our favorite guy. Thank you SO much for all you did in helping to get Adam voted in this year!)

          • Lisette here..Bonsoir Lorrin..am here before Teen Awarde commences,an agree Adam is beyond thes show,an he will av many awards by next yerAn hes such a trendsetter,artistique an has distinctive vocal style agree can see him on special carpet as on sets of american Idol..maybe some miste,special effects ala David Copperfield as he walks to accepte an asque to sing..song as Mad World or Starlit..would be if I produce show..just a faraway thout! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

            • Lisette agan..Oh not to be negative am going to send beau Adam some positive thouts an angels for tonite too..mabe some devine intervention will permitte an award here..An l’support an adoration of all his fans,frends an famille! J’adore an blessings Luv Lisettexoxo

              • Dear Lisette, PLEASE continue to send le anges to Adam forever….I am doing the same. I truly feel we must continue to send him all the love, peace, and protection possible for his passage through this world, that he might be able to complete his special mission, and remain a whole and happy man for as long as he lives. Your thoughts are very precious, Lisette, peace and healing to you tonight from my heart to yours..

                • Oh, pardon ma petite amie chérie, I meant ‘les anges’, as many as possible for our Adam..

          • Hee hee, Lorrin. Yes, our boy just chews the scenery and the carpet and everything in between. LOL.

            • By golly, if Hollywood doesn’t get their act together and start recognizing this man of ours right smartly as soon as possible, I am personally going down there to the RED Carpet, and give them a lesson in sewing and manners! Such slugs!

          • Lorrin, loved the carpet bit! Carpets are fast being replaced with tiles (at least here in South Africa). Hopefully, as the carpet ‘thang’ dies out, the awards will go with them!

            • Now tiles, Ingrid, might do it. Sling a few of ’em here and there, and who knows what might happen! How are things with you? Have you been gone for a bit?

              • Yes, Lorrin, I am running a bit at the moment. I have two workshops next week so in the process of preparing for them!

                • Ah, best wishes with them and with all things for you, dearest Ingrid! Love from the Lambert Co-op!

          • Lorrin,

            I loooooove that: “there won’t even BE a carpet, they will have all been burned up as Adam
            passes by” – you really had a very smart insight.
            I’m sure that ADAM is already putting fire on everything, especially on our minds and hearts.
            Good, very good post !

            Evelize – GLAMB # 80

            • Thank you, Evelize (what a great username!), – on one of my former posts, I called Adam the FLAMETHROWER. I can just see that flame rolling out of his hands over the heads of his audiences, and lightning flashing out of his stamping legs on that stage. And I also just love to mix up visual word pictures, they suit Adam, in all his flaming glory, so well!

          • lol thats so true. You know I didn’t even think about thinking about it like that. Wow ok so that last sentence made absolutely no sense. Anyway what you said is so true and I hope you don’t mind me stealing that carpet line for the next conversation my friends and I(or my mom and I, or my grandma and I, or heck even my little sister and I) have about the Eternally Great Glambert. lol

            • You may steal it with my blessing, Brandi, for as long as you like, and with whomever you wish. You gave your ‘all’ to vote in Adam each and every day, so we salute you! Thanks for all you did, Brandi!

  13. Lee Meeker says:

    I will also be watching Mon. nite, I hope to God that Adam wins at least one award, I don’t know if I can take hearing someone else’ name called out instead of Adam’s name. I have finally made piece with the fact that Adam didn’t win AI, but only because he says to do this, that it was great that Kris won, still have a hard time saying that!!! I can hardly wait to watch the show but at the same time I dread it, It’s like holding your hand to fire after being burnt the first time, I just don’t trust these voting situations, WE know that Adam sould win everything and it will be in Adam’s future!!!!
    I do like Kris and I think that Adam and Kris will be friends forever and that is one great thing that came out of AI….This besides ADAM and that goes without saying!!!

  14. Adam won “Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star”!!!!!! Yeah!
    But he lost “Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male” to Jonas Brothers (wtf?!).

    I’m so glad he won that award! He deserved both awards… but that one award shows that teens love him too! I’m so happy :))

    Congratulations, Adam!

    • I typed my name as “Aleb” and not “Alen”… oops 😛

      • Alen, I am very happy that Adam won that award and not just the fashion icon, it shows that teens recognise his talent. I think he did really well considering that Jonas brothers were know well before Adam came on the scene.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Who took that award for him? I hope his mum! I like Adam’s mum! Adam’s mum is cool! About Jonas Brothers who won,doesn’t surprise me.They got huge teenage fan base! I thought teenagers will like Kris more but hey,I was wrong! hee hee,Adam won!!Cheers everybody!! 😀

  15. Marie/Toronto says:


    I was surfing Twitter last night and stumbled upon something. If you want to check it out, go to Find People, type in Glambulge, and check out the avatar photo. Click on it to enlarge. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

    Yes, that is Adam in the silver pants. The other person is his ex-boyfriend Cheeks (Brad).

    WOW. *chuckles*

    • cheryl norman says:

      MARIE,,,,,WHAT!!!!??? THAT IS CHEEKS!!! That is the guy Adam supposedly loved!!!! OMG!!!
      I have posted about Adam in those silver pants ever since I saw it!!! Adam is looking like a Greek God there!!!! Oh, Adam! That guy is a midget! You can do so much better than him or Drake!! Open your eyes my love-bug!! You are IT!!! Thank goodness idol came along and took you away from these guys! You deserve the BEST and only the BEST!!!
      Marie, I’m stunned!

      • Marie/Toronto says:


        In the tiny avatar photo, that is Adam in the silver pants pressing up against Cheeks. U can clearly see Adam’s BARE MANHOOD. Blow up the little picture by clicking on it. I know that is Adam because I have seen MANY pics from that party and I know what Adam and Cheeks were wearing.

        There have been other events were Cheeks wore those same pants (like a Halloween party when Adam was in blue paint). But for this event it was Adam in the silver pants. Cheeks is the shorter guy he is pressed up against.

      • OMG Cheryl, you have me laughing so hard. You and I are always on the same wave
        length. You always get it out first. I cant see anything in Brad (Cheeks) or Drake as alot of
        people do. So little and skinny like little fireflys. He can pick those boys up with one arm.
        I ‘m not so sure Idol took him away from Drake yet. Like how I’m saying yet.
        I’m still laughing. Funny girl

        • Lisette here..oh agree was just signing off to see awards..but notice Cheryl an Marie re: silver pants..I av seen on utube as well an agree unsure why Adam is attracte..but gathre opposite sureli attract,an mabe they have beautful heartes as I beliv Adam probable looks for in relationships.Wel Adam is tresbeau nonmattre what photo there is ..as I av say thinq he’d be lovli in Michelangelo’s frescos..tres angelique! hugs n bisous Luv Lisette..
          P.s. just notice Zac Ephron won award..okay av to tape for ma neice she adores him..leave Zac to tweens..Adam is as Cheryl has says a manli man..thinq I hearde on SnL by Will Ferrell,however Adam can see in a spy thriller,undercovre Pop/rockstar..okay Lisette best go now..am always having reves..Pardon Adam thes is what yu do to us! hugs n luv Lisettexoxo

          • Marie/Toronto says:

            What I am talking about is a specific photo were it looks like Adam has his fly open and his **** sticking out. Maybe it’s an optical illusion. I’m confused.

        • Funny, I didn’t know Brad = Cheeks, but Cheeks is a contributor of another website run by a male (maybe him?) re. Kradam.. there is always a male perspective in the posts, pics and vids, re. Kradam doing the goo goo eyes and BJ mouths at each other… typical guy stuff but very funny! That Cheeks is a riot!

          It is gossipcandy.com

    • I can’t find it. Please post the actual linkl.

      • Songwriter4adam, go to your Twitter page and click on Find People. Type in glambulge in the line provided. The first picture on the page that comes up is the one Marie is talking about. It’s a small dark-colored avatar photo at the left top. Click on that tiny photo and it will enlarge to where you can see exactly what we’re talking about. I didn’t know if I should post the actual link or not, it’s pretty hot tamales.

    • Marie, now I don’t usually DO stuff like this (yeah, yeah), but I went over there and looked at that picture of Adam and Cheeks together on Twitter, and what that looks like to me is Cheeks’ hand turned forward, with his fingers curled upward. His ‘hand’ would be at just that spot if he were say, ‘touching’ Adam surreptitiously…correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s what you’re seeing. Otherwise, it is all anatomically too outrageous, I think!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I don’t like Cheeks.I don’t think he’s attractive at all! I saw lots of his latest picture in other sites,urgh i don’t like the way he posed!People there like “he’s hot!!” And I think it’s not appropriate to leave any comment there since they all like him. So I just don’t open anything that includes Cheeks anymore.Drake is better looking,I think.I love he’s eyes and ayelashes! And after someone here tell more about him when she got the chance to meet him few weeks back ago,I really like that guy.He seems a nice guy! But I always have this thought,Adam would be great if he’s with Matt Dallas and I found out they met before! Why nothing happen back then??!!Oh man!!

      • Lorrin, I saw that – the finger thing! Ooh, I don’t like this cheeks guy. I was trying to move Adam away with my eyes! Actually, I think Drake is quite cute!

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        I think you’re right, Cheek’s hand is causing an optical illusion. Too funny. I must just have a dirty mind. LOL.

        • Oh, not at ALL, Marie, I would have thought the same at first glance….and at second, third and perhaps fourth glance, too…..it’s that artistic training of mine, you see, knowing where the hand would be in relation to Cheek’s hidden forearm, choke, choke, and then once I knew THAT, I most certainly knew what Cheeks was doing with that hand….it’s really very naughty, Marie…

  16. Adam won the 2009 Teen Choice award for Male Reality/
    Variety Star onTV!!!

    check out the source at http://www.buzzsugar.com

  17. AdamAddict says:

    Adam not even nominated for Choice Male Hottie? What’s up with that? If he’s not a hottie than who does? I thought some of Glambs here already do some research.There’s no way anyone can get hotter than Adam,right? Send them that report! How could they??!! 🙁

  18. AdamAddict says:

    When can we know the results? I read someone who tweeted Adam says “congratulation,on your TCA!” More than one actually! He won for “Variety Star”,is that for real??!!

  19. The show was taped on Sunday, so there are some spoilers out this morning with winners listed on buzzsugar… I won’t give it away, you can go look for yourself if you want the spoiler. 🙂

    • AdamAddict says:

      Hell yes,I will. Thank you CatEyes.meow!! 🙂

    • Aw, poo. Like an idiot, I was hoping it would actually be live and he might show up (though if it was taped in CA, there’d have been next to no chance of that, anyway). At least this saves me the trouble of watching it. Glad he won, even if it is a little bit of a silly award. It still says a lot for him to the idiot masses who still think the right guy won AI.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        LMAO. . . Barb, you slay me with the term “idiot masses!”

        Cindy in MS

        • Glad you liked that one, Cin. No offense to Kris fans – I’m not talking about the people who really rooted for him and voted for him and watched every week. I’m talking about the people who never watched and yet have an opinion of how Adam didn’t seem to be “mainstream” enough. Well, DUH. He’s a superstar, you nimrods. I don’t think anyone ever confused Elvis or The Beatles with being mainstream, either. And thank the universe they weren’t. Oy.

          • Yes, Barb, ‘idiot masses’, ‘nimrods’, – oy vey! Keep those good sharp words coming, along with a few cattle prods, too…..love it!

  20. What is the matter with even teens? Don’t they know class and good looks, but of course it is an older man….Look at Adam and his classy self to Kris and his teeny booper look….How he won AI is beyond me…..Hope Adam wins…..

  21. Bellelinda says:

    For me Michael Jackson is the all time best entertainer ever…anyone who doesn’t think so should spend a few hours watching his videos and they will quickly change their mind. Since I saw Adams audition I am one of his greatest fans and look forward to seeing him grow into becoming, like Michael, an international star. Adam’s voice is magnetic… his wide vocal range and his awesome ability to expression emotion with his voice and body language make him stand out from any other entertainer I have ever seen except Michael. I wish Adam all the best and am looking forward to seeing him bring his already great talents to even greater heights..I know he has it in him and look forward to seeing it happen.

    • cheryl norman says:

      BELLELINDA, Hey! I HATE MJ!!!! Yes, I do! Sorry!!! I have watched him since he was a tyke. He has a beautiful voice, he can ‘dance’ his own way. Other than that, I could say so many things negatively, but feel it’s better left unsaid, tho, not unknown!

      • I love MJ. His voice and dance moves were, sorry for the pun, thrilling. Seriously.

        I don’t really have an opinion on all the other stuff. I loved to watch him perform, and his music and videos made me very happy at many different times in my life. I’m sorry he’s gone.

  22. i am a teen and i luv adam sooo i hope he wins!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      So there’s a teenager here! Now I know kady and little smile are teens! Hmm,who else?

  23. glambertaus says:

    My nine year old adores ADAM and is the most devoted fan! ….Dressed in her ADAM shirt and
    gear she had the opportunity to meet him and he was so gracious talking, signing her shirt and giving her one big hug! He even remembered her later that day.
    Point is our ADAM is totally amazing! .. and just as intelligent, caring, gracious, and beautiful !.. and his voice surely comes from heaven itself!


  25. Yea! Adam won “Choice Male Reality/Variety TV Show Star” Woo Hooo!

  26. Adam WON!!!!!!!!! This is his Twitter response: “Wow!!! Thanks to all who voted for the Teen Choice Awards! I’m honored to win “Choice Male Reality/Variety TV Show Star” thank you soo much” Unfortunately I won’t be able to pick up my award. I am in New York on tour with Idols Live. 🙁 Side note: Anyone else fascinated w Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Never seen a more gloriously androgynous beauty. He’s like an alien 🙂 Adam Lambert

    • Oh laws, Cheryl, I just posted this out on the front page. You gals are all so far out in front of me. Oh well…personally, I will take all the awards and medallions and what-all gee gaws they can pin on him, the more the merrier. Bring ’em on, cover him with them. At least act like they’re a little bit ashamed of ever having voted ANYONE other than Adam Lambert as the next American Idol. It never ceases to amaze me how unaware all the rest of the world seems to be of who Adam Lambert really is, of the fact that he is the supreme performer of his generation, and of the juggernaut that is fast approaching and that will overtake them all…

      • Lisette here..ah lord now I scroll down an seeing post here from Cheryl an Lorrin ..why av I non recive thes page earlier..am so behind in posting an agree so much Adam will be legend of his generation,an millenium ah,la.,la medals covering Adam now thet be a lovli cover for people magazine,Rollingstone..an his best jewels maybe glitter makeup an leathre pants.An I can non belive thet I miss thes..C’est lavie glad I visite here..An of course Adam unable to be there..Unsure to why am having troble with twittre accounte ..messages always returne in my page,rathre then going to frend an Adam..strange..Thinq Im bettre off stayin on here,utube an seein after while..thenks to all lovli glamb gals for news! Hugs an luv agan! Lisettexxoox

  27. Many of us were distraught and speechless to say the least when Adam did not win AI. I like Kris but justice has been served – thank you very much! I don’t care which award Adam is nominated for because he does not need any award to affirm his greatness. The fact that he wasn’t nominated for Choice Male Hottie says it all! So whilst I am happy that he won one of the awards, I take it with a pinch of salt.

    • cheryl norman says:

      INGRID, Hey! I agree w/you 100%!!! Teen shmeen! America votes for Adam in a ‘teen award’ contest and wins even against Kris! Kris looks like a teen! But Kris wins AI!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???? But, you know, since Adam ldid ‘win’ an award, I have to say a big ‘Congrats’ to him. Hard, but I have to!

  28. crazyforadam says:

    According to People today, Adam won Choice Male Variety/Reality Star and American Idol the show won in best Reality Show.

  29. AdamRocks! says:

    Did they even announce Adam’s win??? And the award that he was nominated for? 🙁 I took one bathroom break. . . did I miss it? (I can’t believe I watched the whole show. . .)

    Cindy in MS

    • You didn’t miss it. I recorded it so I didn’t miss anything and his category wasn’t even mentioned.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Why is that? I was hoping to hear “And the winner is ~drum roll~ ADAM LAMBERT” Why not mention?Wow,Cindy you watched the whole show for nothing! That’s sucks!! lol!! So,I don’t have to search that in youtube,I guess!!

    • Same here, took one bathroom break and did I miss it???

      What? …they didn’t even mention it? How can they do that when people take time to vote and they just disregard it. I watched that whole d–n thing and no mention of Adam. AARRRGG!

      Anyway, should get a surfboard (yep – that’s the award) to put in his new house. Congratulations to our idol Adam.

  30. GUYS, I would NOT be worried. By this time next year, the world will be in the palm of his hands. His sexiness will show mo mercy.

    ’tis all.

  31. adamtastic1877 says:

    grrr! the teen choice awards is a joke! i screamed at my tv when adam lost to the “jonas brothers” for the fashion icon award. the jonas brothers are wannabes. adam should have won! y didn’t i vote? im a teen…my generation has no taste in music. they listen to crap like “soulja boy” and “black eyed peas” and think it’s music. AAAUUGHH!

  32. ADAAAMMM!!! aahhhh 😀 shud hav won evrything!!!

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