2009 American Music Awards Live Stream

We will stream the American Music Awards live on this site this year since Adam will be performing his new single ‘For Your Entertainment.’ Adam mentioned that he wants ‘costumes, dancing, fire…’ during his AMA performance.

Join as at the chat (right of the Stream) and show us some Lambert love!

Soon after that we will be getting ready for the release of his new album. Come join us in the chat (right hand side) and please bookmark this page (CTRL + D) to check back for updates (look below). 




  1. Dianne Hill says:

    I am so, so HAPPY that you are going to stream the AMAs live. I will just be in time to get home from work, turn on my computer on, make sure the door is locked, turn the phone off and just watch ADAM, ooooohhhhhhh how exciting, I cannot wait. November 2009 is ADAM’S MONTH, it is all happening baby.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Uh, how does the forum work? Anyone?

    • It will be great fun to watch AMA here and chat at the same time. THANKS!

      Also, Jeanette could you post a link to the People’s Choice Awards? That way, everytime anyone of us visits (a lot – even if we just lurk) we can vote. It would be great! Thanks again for this site.

      Hi to everyone from Mila3…see you at the AMA’s (computerlly (?) ) speaking lol.

      • Here is your People’s Choice Link: http://cdn.peopleschoice.com/pca/votenow.jsp?source=widget&utm_source=widget&pollId=900024

        You can also click on the People’s Choice banner on the sidebar of http://www.glambs.org

        Glamb #6

        • This is the easiest voting I’ve ever seen!! You can just go from one to the other, and back again, etc., from Glambs.org to People’s Choice continuously. Let’s get Adam to #1 where he belongs!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          UH! I’ve been just clicking back & forth from ADAM to Muse, back & forth on the same link, does that work? Please tell me , if not , then I’m wasting my time doing that.

        • DANA OR JEANETTE?????

          To be sure, what time does the livestream show start? The reason I ask is that on TV it is 8 pm pacific time for the AMAs but if it is ‘live’ it might be 5 pm here, in order to end up at 8 pm on the east coast… could you try to find out? Otherwise I will just watch it on my tiny TV but it is more thrilling online!

          Thanks, Terry

          • I don’t know for sure…however, I think dreamsound is trying to get the streaming started for the east coast broadcast.

            Keep checking back to this thread…I’m sure he’ll update all of us when he has more info.




  2. puteri abdul says:

    thank you .. thank you..
    that will monday morning for me.. hope I can squezze in the time with my chores ..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Puteri! Your #1 chore is to watch ADAM entertain us! I’m calling in late to work. It’ll be worth it , believe me , WM (where I work) can wait! I wonder who is going to be his date? I think his mom should be his date or bff Daniell. His dad could work too. He hasn’t twittered lately , has he? If he hasn’t , he is pretty darn busy w/ this performance rehearsal. Go ADAM!!!

      • Aww I hope he takes his mom. I really wanted him to take Drake, but that went down the drain 🙁

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey SeenZ! The only thing that made me think that Drake was the right person for ADAM was the fact that Drake was by ADAM’s side during the entire time he was on AI. Drake supported ADAM all the way along w/ his family, his mom. Drake would’ve made a strong foundation for ADAM thru all these hectic days but maybe it was too much for Drake, do ya think? I am following Drake on twitter, & from the last tweets I read, it sounds as if he’s busy as well, & moving on w/ other dating/relations.I’mjust happy that they are both the best of friends & will always have their connection.

          • Drake is also putting on an art show of his own work in LA very soon.. his mom is on her way to LA, she says and is likely there right now.

          • Yep, that’s what I think too. Adam’s just so busy right now maybe it was too much for Drake. But they parted amicably… I love that Adam’s still friends with him and Cheeks.

          • kimber, huh? entire time on AI??? wish that wasnt said. Hope his mom is with him tonight!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              okay, my bad, but do hope his parents are there , this is a proud moment for them and us,the fans! Go ADAM!!!!

              • I sooo hope his parents were not there because it was a shameful moment to all of us. i am still cringing with disappointment and sadness.

                • His Mom was there and I think his Dad was too. They were not dis appointed with him ,but proud of him as they should be. He is a very talented person,and put on a performance that matched the song. Every one needs to chill out , everybody is not going to like the same things. He is an excellant singer !

      • puteri abdul says:

        kimber, I want it to be that way, but I dare not hope.. my consolation is that I have a maid who can help me around, and as that day is the start of the childrens school holiday, I guess I will let her attend to their needs that morning..
        I am quite frustrated that my local tv station would not telecast it live as they did few years back ..

  3. Boy, it’s a time like this that I wish I was RICH!!!!!! I can’t imagine being able to pay $2,000 or more for a ticket! I’m sooo happy that we’re streaming the AMA show so that we can have a “group watch” and enjoy the show together!

  4. I wish he would come to las vegss nevada soon. I would pay for front row tpo see him.


  5. Streaming is good for a lot of people, but it doesn’t help me any. Could someone please capture Adam’s performance & post it, and let us know where? I don’t get home from work until nearly 1am, & we don’t have cable or satellite, and local channels “off air” are so snowy you can’t see a damn thing so no point in recording snow. So yeah, I really hope someone will be kind enough to record & post his AMA performance. I want to see it so much!!!!!

    Micki (Glamb #535)

  6. It’s on12 PM and repeated at 9:30 PM (on FOX8) here in Aust. Hope I don’t have to work that day but if I do I’ll watch it at 9:30. Dianne, wish I could fly over to NZ and watch it with you and Lisa……but I guess it’s a little too far. I’ll have to record it as well. Oh! bloody hell, my cable TV is not connected to my DVD recorder….how do I do that. Where’s my son !!!!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      You have a week to get that organised Yvonne. I hope you can, if you are getting it on TV over there then you have to record it.

      I wrote to all our TV stations over here asking if one of them was going to be buying and I only heard from one of them and they said NO. Bloody mongrels. What’s wrong with them.

      It would be lovely if you flew over here to watch it with me and Lisa, but I do realise it is just a bit far to go just to watch a TV show. LOL.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      That would have been wonderful Yvonne…. Life here will stop while it’s on. I’d better have dinner organised on Sunday so there’s no interruptions.. .

  7. huzza huzza!!!!! love brandy (USA)

  8. Thank you for this!!! 3 AM on Monday for me, but it won’t be the first time I’ve stayed up the entire night to watch Adam perform live. I’ll be a zombie on Monday, but Adam’s worth it! Can’t wait!!!

    Glamb #1511 =) (Globert from Dubai)

  9. Australia ready for the AMA’S! Please Glambs…..remember to vote on the People’s Choice
    Awards for ADAM over the next few weeks to ensure he wins! This is an important one and
    help is needed!

    • Seenz, on this site we are known as GLAMBS and we are not up to your member # yet so you must belong to a different fan group. However we welcome you with wide open arms!! If you go to
      adamunofficial.com/glambs and follow the steps there you can get assigned a Glamb # as well.

      Over time we hope to organize overseas regional groups as well. Maybe one near you???

      We’d love to have to stay with us also …. spread the love!

      Terry in Vancouver

      Glamb #349

  10. Yes, let us all vote for Adam in People’s Choice…..i am continually voting for him!!!

  11. I am so lucky…got a ticket to the AMA show.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I better hear some loud hooin’ & hollarin’ goin’ on !!! You all are freakin’ lucky, have fun gran4adam!!!!

      • Glambertgirl1 says:

        Anyone know what the chance of seeing him on the red carpet are? Trying to figure out if it is worth going early to try seeing him and how early would be good?

        • I’m not sure. I know I have to be inside by 4pm, show starts at 5pm. Never been to anything like this before.

          Adam is taking me to new places and I love it.

          • gran4adam and Glambertgirl, you should be by the red carpet right now. Adam is going to be walking the Red C. Get there early. Go in the theatre at the last minute possible. good luck!

      • I’m 1st row loge and will hoo and hollar all I can”


      Re. the Red Carpet, won’t it be a bit of a zoo with all the ‘big name’ music stars plus so many Hollywood actors as well? However, I’d say, if you are in good physical shape, go for it!! I hope you have a good viewing seat!!


  13. We plan on getting a few people together here in Toronto to watch the AMAs. It’s definitely more fun to watch Adam’s performances with others who LOVE and appreciate him and his AMAZING talents as much as you do! Just ONE WEEK away and then, TA DA!! The CD arrives at last!!!!!!!! SO MUCH to look forward to!!!!

    Glamb #20

  14. I would love to attend this show. I have been seriously thinking of applying for a passport (never had one) to take a trip south for next year’s AMA’s (where I expect Adam will be nominated for many categories – if we have anything to say about it). Can’t wait for him to tour in Canada!

  15. I be here! I be here! I be here! Yeah! fcostume, fire, and dancing, who else gives the best but Adam Lambert!!! 😉




  17. adamunofficial.com

    Announced that nothing on Nov. 24

    Both GMA and Letterman (late show) on Nov. 25

    • Yes, and then he will be spending Thanksgiving in NY with his family. Oh just love him………..
      Lucky NY people get a lot of chances to see him this week! Gobble Gobble, I could just eat him up myself!

  18. even though i live in finland, will i be able to watch the AMAs live on this site? how does it work and is it THIS web address? so if i add this to my favorites and tune in on sunday, i’ll see the show? i’m confused.. this might be my only shot in seeing the show!! i have no idea what the 8/7c stuff means, but i guess new york’s time is the same as east coast’s time… so when does the actual show start east coast time? not the red carpet stuff. or is the actual show even streamed here? thanks so much if you can help me with these silly questions 🙂

  19. Hello people

    I can’t speak and write english very well, but i try.
    i have a question.
    What do i have to do to watch ama live streaming. Do I have to subsribe me somewhere?
    Can you help me .
    Thank you

  20. Adam is going to be the last act. Wondering if it’s becuase it’s so sexy they have to do it later? lol
    Hopefully I catch some of it if I’m not too busy at work. 🙁

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MONGOOSE………………….I’m wondering if it is b/c after he performs, all the rest will be a ‘let down’! Remember when her performed “Crying” on AI and Simon said, ‘the problem with that performance is that no one can top it!’ Whic, was true, of course! So, Adam’s show may be so hot and over-the-top that he just makes the other performers seem like just ‘back-up’ for HIM!??? Could be!

  21. I wont be livestreaming. I dont want to do both internet and watch TV at the same time. So all you who will be online, have fun and enjoy the show! Oh Adam we cant wait untill your hotness performs tonight……………………Good luck and let the show begin…………….

  22. cheryl 334 says:

    I am also hoping that EMINEM will perform!!!! I love this boy! Not like Adam, of course, but he has a real different take on life that is really sad. I feel for him and how he had to live and not have parents, and such, and the love of his life and daughter and how that all failed for him. Esp his girlfriend and 2-time wife, Kim. He adores his daughter more thatn life itself. He is a contraditory person, but one who needs real understanding and appreciation of wher he came from and how he got to where he is.

    I think John Mayer will be there. Hope he does not win anything. Hope he does not sing. I hate the way he has used the women in his life. He’s such a loser.

    Beyonce is a really great person from all I heard of her. Wonder if she and Taylor Swift will be put at head to heads in an award. Wonder if Kanye West will be let in if he has alcohol on his breath!!! Haha!!!!

    The night will definately be interesting!!!!! But the bigest, most anticipated star is going to be our manly-man, Mr. Hottness himself,the GLORIOUS GLAM ROCK-GOD OF THEM ALL – ADAM! ADAM!ADAM!!!

    love-peace-light-truth-hope-joy-hapopiness-congratulations 2 ADAM!

    • cheryl, Kanye and alcohol? haha, good one. OMG our manly man, Mr. Hotness cant wait! Dont forget to watch for him in the audience…………
      love and peace

  23. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Go ADAM!

  24. Hi everyone, just got my For Your Entertainment CD, it arrived on Saturday, this was really a suprise as I was not expecting the CD to arrive in London so soon. IT IS MORE THEN I EXPECTED, it is so much better the online tracks, Adam’s voice is sensational, it was not drowned by the electronics (I like electronic effects), there is such a variety in this CD, it will not fail to please everyone. I just sat, closed my eyes and listened, I , Ihis voice to take on a journey, I cannot find words to express how I felt after listening to this fantastic MAN. I just saw a small clip of the backstage preparations for the AMAs, it is going to upstage all other performances on that night. Again the short clip I iwatched of the video For Your Entertainment is amazing. There is no way anyone can compete against Adam now, it does’nt matter who they are, they don’t come anywhere near his extraordinary talent, his vision, his performances, and this is only the beginning. I am so thankful that Adam has come during my lifetime, I can now die a very happy woman.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Not yet you can’t Toni, there is way too much going to be happening with Adam, you have to hold off for 30 – 40 years and more yet. God I am going to really old and tottery by then, still dancing along to Adam, LOL, the mind just boggles, it really does.

      I so agree with you though about this album. I have just got back from the shops and there is nothing like holding it in your hand and even though I have seen the pictures online in the booklet it is so much better in my hands. He looks amazing in each and every photo, even the Michilen man suit, of course, it is Adam, I shouldn’t be surprised that he looks amazing.

      I wish it would hurry up and start up with the UStream, I am just about having kittens and bouncing off the walls with this waiting. However, I have Adam singing, not sure where that is coming from, I didn’t start playing anything, he just all of a sudden started singing his songs. Sounds awesome of course. Hugs to you Toni and all Glambs.

  25. I’m in front of my tv, soon to see Adam Lambert! Yeah! baby parteyyyy time for all Adam lovers! 🙂

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    Okay, is there any way to make the picture bigger, there must be a way but I can’t see anything to click on, or will it automatically go bigger once it starts properly. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllpppp

    • AdamAddict says:

      I know.I need my binocular!I can’t find anything to make it larger.I found other site that can make full screen but the picture keep stuck.This one is moving really good but it’s too small.I can only see mini Adam??!!

  27. cheryl 334 says:

    I don’t understand why some of these posts are dated as far back as Nov 14TH!! ?????

  28. HELP! Watching the Livestream but how do I make the picture larger? It’s so small right now! Can’t find the usual icon to do that! What am I missing???


  29. KO's smiling says:

    If you’re using a DVR, don’t forget to set it to record extra time at the end. Adam’s closing the show and I would hate for any of my fellow Glambs to miss a chance to record His Hotness!

  30. I am sore from dancing around the house all day to Adam’s songs! The CD is so much better than the snippets and the online downloads! Oh, my! I should lose weight listening to his songs! He is so special. Thank you universe!

  31. popped in to see Perez. Loved the tux. Anyone see Adam yet? I can’t watch it too much becuase of the bosses. grrrrr

  32. Dianne Hill says:

    Adam looks so cool and elegant, but where are his boots or do we have to wait till he is on stage to see them.

  33. AdamAddict says:

    Awesome!I waited up for that 10seconds?They don’t let us watch?Imma going to bed then!They better post in youtube ASAP!!urgh,why?why?why?

  34. I saw Adam arriving with an entourage? at the last minute of the red carpet event. Some girls screamed ADAM! or I might not have noticed him. It appeared he gave no interview. Maybe someone else got one? Enjoy the show!

  35. It´s 3 am here and I´ve been sitting by the computer 2 hours just to see a glimpse of Adam, am I crazy? Sorry Glambs, but I watched the show at Adams Facebook page, because I could enlarge the picture. I have never before watched red carpet shows, so I didn´t know what to expect. I must say that I was dissapointed. I thought that they would show people coming out of their limos and walk and pose in front of cameras. What they showed were mostly the faces of the interviewers! I tried to look behind them and get a glimpse of somebody. I spotted Kris Allen once, most of the other people were not familiar to me. And where were Lady Gaga?
    Now I go and take a shower, after that let´s see if I can stay awake another 3 hours. Maybe.

    • love2adams says:

      Adam is in the top video above,,,,,,the very last minute or so…I forgot to look at the minutes. He was worth the wait….
      I just finished watching the live streaming and I am absolutely breathless…..Adam was so fabulous….
      It is on ABC now PST but I will just record the last 10 minutes as that is when we see Adam…..However I did love Whitney Houston and Lady GaGa. Whitney was making her comeback after 5 years………..very touching when she had to stop her song for a minute to prevent herself from crying…
      We will see Adam’s performance over and over hundreds of times of course …………
      wow, what a day……….!!

  36. I’m watching AMA’s on tv….can’t get a livestream for some reason. I can’t sign into the forum either.
    I did see the red carpet livestream, and ADAM’s interview.

  37. I´m watching it now here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wcvb5

  38. AdamAddict says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s 12.10pm now and I woke up at 4pm yesterday.I feel sleepy and dizzy a bit but I found sites that can play so…here I am!It was DEJA VU!My heart keep trying to jump out!My hands freezing.When Ryan said “it’s final awards” I almost pass out!!!LOL!
    The intro,Adam was great.The performance was fantastic!!!But I think Adam moving so much so the vocal…not so much.But way better from others who just stand and sing.I mean he rolled and all.And he need to sing live so a bit hard to do but he still can pull it together until the end??Well,applause for that.And the kissing thing!!LMAO!!I thought I seeing thing coz i’m tired and sleepy.I don’t seeing thing,right?He did kiss a guy,right?Is the guy Tommy?The picture not crystal clear but looked like him.I know one japanese band did like that.I mean guy kissing guy.OMG,I can’t stop smiling!Waiting for hours to see 5 minutes of Adam!It’s worth it.I was like a kid,happy and clapping whenever i saw him off stage applause for someone.Besides Adam,only Lady Gaga that I really love.No wonder,she is Adam’s idol.Her performance was great.Adam rules!!Wow,now Imma going to bed.I’ll wake up when the sunset! 🙂

  39. what a self destructive performance. i want to cry. adam!!!! so much hubris! why the hell did u do it? the dance was off, it was offensive and not in a good way, even the vocals were totally off not to mention themake up did not hold and he looked bad. i am sooooo soooo sad! what a missed opportunity. adam feels that he always has to shock. he doe snot understand that we fell in love with him mostly because of his amazing voice. give it to us adam, give us the voice!

    • airstreamingypsy says:

      I have to agree with Lililu,

      I love Adam, have since his first night on Idol but what I love most is his voice….. I even like the song For Your Entertainment but I didn’t enjoy the performance. It was a bit disappointing. I’ve been waiting for it and waiting….and it was a let down.

      It was like a child doing things for shock value… Adam… your amazing voice is your strong suit…. you are shooting yourself in the foot.

      Adam is best when he’s doing songs like Mad World, Change is Going to Come, and Feeling Good to name a few. I made a CD with ll your Idol songs and listen to it every day.

    • I agree – it was just awful – missed the mark. Bring back the voice!!!

    • WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT!! SHOCKING IN A BAAAADDD WAY TOO. You said it lililu I WANT TO CRY– I am so sad for ADAM right now, all the hype and the audience barely clapped!! They were not impressed!! Who would be impressed with this performance?? What were the PRODUCERS THINKING!!! Career suicide and I love Adam– But I know everyone was watching this to see what he was about and what he would do. Yes, everyone knows he is sexy from AI tour but too much for prime time tv. Adam is so respected by everyone in the business for his amazing voice and stage presence, and they were excited for his entrance into this world of music. He was HONORED to be put on this show amongst all this amazing talent tonight and before he even proved himself. They put him on last to make a statement : Adam is special, like no one else. Then this?? What the hell just happened??

      Pushing the guys face into his crotch and kissing that guy was just ridiculous and foolish. And I’d say the same thing if he were pushing a girls face into his crotch!! NOT SEXY AT ALL ADAM!

      I am vey sad right now!

      • Lililu and Summer:

        You nailed it!

        Instead of the media talking about Adam’s talent tomorrow morning, everyone will be talking about his crotch and the kiss. And what’s with grabbing that pole dancer’s crotch and unsnapping her bodysuit.

        The whole performance was one obvious attempt at shock value after another. I am not a prude, so it wasn’t so much that I was offended by the performance. I was offended that Adam and the producers and his handlers thought it would be a great idea to have Adam basically act out every negative stereotype that the general public already had about him. It’s absolutely pathetic – and like you both said – negative publicity the day before his album is released. I am really disappointed. What bad taste…

        And in addition to all of that, what is the point of having a music awards show when half the show has to be bleeped out because practically every artist that performs can’t keep the cuss words out for one f–king night! (Pardon my language.)

        The whole show was a tasteless disappointment – except for the country singers, who seem to have class, unlike most of the artists in all of the other genres – AND I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC!

        What a wasted opportunity for Adam to increase his fan-base by the tenfold! So sad!

    • Adam chose not to do a Mad World type performance………..he did as he intended and succeeded in shocking and entertaining us…..by the end he did look a bit tired….no wonder since the act took so much exertion………..I can hardly wait to put it on MP3 and watch over and over…..
      what with this video and the CD thank goodness for Thanksgiving weekend to savor it all……loving it so much……………

  40. Oh Adam… I always love your performances, your incredible voice, …but tonight..the controversial performance win to you and your voice… sorry Adam, is too much for me.

  41. Personally, I think the performance was a statement as to who “IS” Adam Lambert…listen to the words in the song people…….don’t be so damn judgmental. I think the performance itself was wonderful, the vocals were good but just not great like he usuallly is. I myself was proud of him, it probably felt to be himself, Adam is a true entertainer. I’ve listened the the song “For your entertainment” online and its much better than the u-tube version.

    ~People….before you go try pulling the stick outa someone else’s eye…try removing the log from your own.

    I will for sure be buying his new cd tomorrow.

  42. This was Adm being Adam, take him or leave him. He’s an entertainer, that’s what he did.

  43. I thought Adam was awesome. so what if he kissed a guy, and grabbed someone’s crotch, and stuck a guys face in his crotch. i couldn’t keep my eyes off my tv screen!!! He kept everybody interested!! The true fans will support him no matter how he performs. If u don’t like this new side to him, maybe Adam isn’t for you. I thought it was so funny when he was like “can you handle what i’m bout to do” and then he kissed the guy XD he’s original, thats what i love about him. For you people who say that the performance hurt his career, think again =p His album is getting great reviews =] my favorite songs on it are for your entertainment, whataya want from me, music again, and sleepwalker. so.. yeah.. GO BUY IT !!! =D haha

  44. hey guys…. im not a big fan of adam, but ive following him for a while… i went out of country and got completely disconected from america… i just came back and i hear all this stuff about his performance on the awards and im like lost cause i was not here to see it =( i tried to look for the video but i cant find it, they all have been deleted because of its content… does anyone knows where to see or has a way to? i really want to see it… thanks guys


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