10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 (Video – Updated)


Must see, Adam Lambert interview segment with Adam Lambert and Barbara Walters on the 10 most fascinating people of 2009:

Barbara spices up lineup this year


No movie stars, no politicians, no models.

It’s a little like the “Seinfeld” creed — no hugging, no learning — with Barbara Walters as Larry David.

This fall, Walters set out deliberately to come up with an unusual list of characters for her annual, year-and-a-tear “10 Most Fascinating People” special.

Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin, Jenny Sanford (the wife of wandering South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford), Tyler Perry, Michael Jackson’s three kids and, now famously, Adam Lambert.

“A lot of people nobody had ever heard of last year,” Walters told The Post. “And a lot of it is about sexuality.”

‘IDOL’ FAN: Barbara has had her eye on Adam from the start.

No global warming, no mortgage meltdown, no public option.
“We call the show ‘The 10 Most Fascinating People’ of the year — not ‘The 10 Best Role Models,’ ” she says.

They may not all be people you’d want to bring home to Nana at Thanksgiving, but they have something in common. They are purely creatures of TV.

“I don’t know many people who knew who Lady Gaga was two years ago,” says Walters. “Last year, no one knew who Adam Lambert was.

“Tyler Perry, I’d venture to say that most white people don’t know who he is.” All the interviews were conducted since September — most have been done in the last three weeks, she says.

Lambert sat with her the morning after his now-notorious performance on the American Music Awards — and before her network, ABC, started banning him from upcoming shows. She’s going back today to see Adam and update the interview.

“I watch ‘American Idol,’ ” says Walters, surprisingly. “And when I saw Adam I thought, ‘This is someone we’re going to a see a lot of.’ The business of him coming in second and that whole question mark about him being gay, we booked him long before the controversy.”

That’s how you brag — politely — about still having an instinct for what people want to watch.

Without fanfare or Oprah-style hoopla, Barbara Walters turned 80 last September. She bristles at the mention of the word “semi-retirement” — which is what she led viewers to believe she was doing four years ago when she gave up hosting “20/20.”

She wanted to travel, Walters explained back then, see more than the airport and hotel in the places around the world where she’d had to work over the last 30 years. She wanted to spend more time with her daughter, Jackie.

So where’s she been in the last three years? Long pause.

Ten days in Vietnam, to a friend’s birthday in Switzerland and, oh yes, she’s going to the Dominican Republic for a few days later this month.

Leaving “20/20” was more about leaving the grind of doing a prime-time TV show three weeks a month than about relaxing by the pool boys in Mororcco, it seems.

Then, Walters said the most revealing thing of a short, show-promoting phone interview.

“Diane Sawyer and I are no longer going to the same people all the time,” she said. “And let me tell you, it’s been a great relief to both of us.”

She has plans now, she says, to update her first book “How to Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything,” which she wrote in 1970 when she was still working on the “Today” show and is now out of print (the cheapest, used copy on Amazon sells for $115 as a “collectible”).

“It’s dated,” she says. “But the advice is still good, and I’d like to redo it again.”



  1. Hey anyone know when Adam Lambert is on Larry King Live tomorrow? I want to TiVo it.

    • Last we heard today, he was NOT going to be on, according to AO.


      HA HA

      • I am hating that we Canadians miss out on many of the feeds just because we are not in the US..Ugh… Not fair…
        Was it really worth it for him to be on her show, matter of fact, was it worth for any of them to be on her show. It sure did not mean much to Bret Farve. LOL He only sent video in. LOL
        Hopefully Elizabeth will keep quiet and be nice tomorrow. I do not like her. She is one know it all.
        If you do not agree with her lifestyle you are weird. Adam is so much more than that, he said it all tonight it is about music not who he is sleeping with.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXg_8BTtDaU

      The steven spielberg news

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h2eDjzb8rs

        Barbara on O Riely what an ASSHOLE!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I know!Just listening to that O..whatever his name is,like I care,make me want to puke!!he is so …..uweeeeeeeek!!!! HE DOESN’T KNOW ADAM,THEN JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That gay guy is 100times beautiful inside out from YOU, O whatever!!!!Grrrr!!!!

        • ElianeBrasil says:

          Idiota é o Obrien. Barbra defendeu muito Adam

        • Thank you, Barbara, for giving it the ol’ college try.

          Bill O’Reilly:
          It is your medium, THE MEDIA, that has constantly “traded” on his sexuality since Idol ended. He has been forced ad nauseum to talk about it by YOUR peers. Study the subjects you talk about before opening your mouth.

          • p.s. Bill:
            If you ever do theater, we shall see what emotional acting chops YOU bring to the fore.

            • AdamRocks! says:

              I’m shaking after listening to this youtube clip. . . what a homophobic bigot! And he’s allowed to have his own TV show??? 🙁

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

              • Cindy,
                I am asking myself the same question: who he’s allowed to have his own show???
                What a jerk!

          • Sherry fully agree with you, what an asshole, who does he think he is. Now every indiot will jump on the wagon to discuss Adam Lambert, how pathetic.

        • I HATE Bill O’Reilly!!!!! Hey Bill, memba 20+ years ago when you used to pimp “Current Affair” to make a living? I hate that anyone gives you a moments worth of attention. You sicken me. I just wish Barbara could’ve responded to his insane comments better – I think his mike was turned up alot higher than hers! Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          When will the time come when we will stop defining people as the gay guy or the straight guy. So sad for us as a society.

        • Way to go Barbara, “he did that because he got the Urge” Ha, that was saweetttttt!
          talking about Adams performance. Coming from an 80 yr old woman is something!!

    • Interview with Larry king is cancelled!!! but instead he is doing an interview with CHELSEA HANDLER on chelsea lately December 16!!! i love the show and I love Adam, this is going to be awesomeeeee!!!

  2. adam lambert will appear the view tomrrow 10 pacifuc time and larry king cnn tomrrow night at 6pm pacific time.

    • Marie/Toronto says:


      This response is for Cheryl, below.

      You actually believe the Scarlet story? It didn’t break until, like yesterday right? The AMA’s happened 2 1/2 weeks ago. If this story was true, we would have heard of it before now. This chick just wanted to make money and sell a story. And if, and only if, it’s true, if someone told me I was “a Jerry Springer low-life” they’d get more than “shut up, bitch” from me. The story was reported from Radar Online. A rag. This story sounds as fake as the one about Adam freaking on a fan for smudging his wet nails at a met and greet….

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    WATCHED AND taped the Walter’s interview of Adam. Man, I don’t know what is happening to Adam. He has an attitude that I wish he would lose, and quick! He has not MADE IT yet, as I have said in the past. He is not ‘big’ enough in the world, yet, to be so aggressively ‘smug’.

    Adam will not be all he can be if he continues to act like a spoiled brat, the way he did tonite, and the way he did at the AMAs, and to the ‘Scarlet’ at the AMAs by calling her a ‘bitch’ and telling her to ‘shut up’. He has NOT ‘paid his dues’ yet, and at the rate he is going, he will not be given the chance. He had it all. He is losing too much too fast. This is not his ‘family’ that he is playing to, it is the public and the public can drop you like a hot potato if you’re not just a wee bit careful.

    Lady GAGA was soooo much better than I thought she would be. Very respectful to Barbara, too. Like how she talked. Can see where Adam is trying to be ‘like her’ in many respects, but, he is just NOT her, nor did he grow up like her. He thinks if she can do it, I can do it. He talks so much about ‘being himself’, and yet, the more he talks and is aouot and about, the less he seems to be the Adam I saw on idol, as a matter of fact, he is getting to be nothing like Adam of idol.

    I love Adam, but hope he grows up a bit faster before he does irrepreble harm to himself. It CAN hapoen. I hope it doesn’t. Maybe a vacation will give him some of the ‘thinking’ time he needs. He desperately needs to rethink a lot of things. Then to continue to say he has ‘no regrets’ is just a lie he is telling everyone including himself. If he doesn’t ‘regret’ what he did on the AMAs, then he is not anywhere near as intelligent as I thought.


    love-peace-LIGHT-t ruth-hope-fun-joy 2 Adam.

    • Thanks for being honest about this. I agree with you. I am getting more disheartened as time goes by. I am following Adam every day, hoping he will give me some reason to think he has learned something from all this, but I was disturbed by this interview too.

      Guess this makes room in my heart for some other American Idol miracle like Adam. I had hoped for things to get better, not worse!

      • How long do you think Adam’s interview was with Barbara Walters? The interview is cut down to a five-minute segment. It’s not the entire interview so you don’t know exactly how Adam came off. You would need to see the entire interview first before you think negatively of him.

        ABC’s preview of the show had Barbara asking Adam if he thought he should have won AI yet that wasn’t part of the show. I don’t appreciate ABC having that in the preview and now I don’t know Adam’s response. That’s misleading and I don’t like it.

        Adam said he had “no regrets” because he has answered that question numerous times on numerous shows. He’s probably tired of being asked that question. Who knows how long that interview was and we don’t know the questions that were asked of Adam prior to his response. So, REMEMBER, we need to see the entire interview before you past judgment on him.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          That is Bull – if you can’t see that he is coming across like a spoiled brat that has gotten in over his head, then you and anyone else that doesn’t see it is in denial.

          I agree with Cheryl 334 one million percent. You are only as good as your last hit, as they say in the bizz, and Adam thinks that he’s already made it because he had a platform on Idol. RUDE AWAKENING! He is obviously not as intelligent as we all thought, or he would know how to play the game – and a game it is. If he wants run with the big boys, he needs to learn how to act like one. I am so dissappointed in him and I am sure I’m not alone.

          Walters is a fan of his from the beginnng, so I’m sure she is not going to cut out anything that would make him look good – this interview is enough to make a point – and he acts like he simply doesn’t care about his fans, people he offends, or his career for that matter.

          I hope that he wakes up fast, because he could fade away just as fast as he came up and that would be a shame and a huge loss to the entertainment world.

          • AdamAdmirer – Your name is so misleading. Why are you on this board to begin with?

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Agree with you Cissy, these so called fans are just a bunch of hypocrites. Don’t pay any attention to them. They see what they want to see, they want Adam to be what they want him to be.

              • AdamRocks! says:

                ~shaking head~ Adam a spoiled brat??? PLEASE!!! Adam is so kind, and genuine, and honest. . . the interview was edited to death. . . and even then, I saw NOTHING wrong with Adam’s responses, his attitude, or whatever. . . I can’t believe this nitpicking!

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • I have watched this interview many many times, and I do not detect an attitude in ADAM’s answer. All he is saying is a confirmation that he is a homosexual and to deal with it and move on! What can he say when he is asked that a million times in every interview. Everyone knows what he is, and that is that! Now, let’s ALL move on, and just say ADAM is a wonderful performer and a magical singer!!!!!

          • Here are some more thoughts. I suppose in this media saturated society a lot of people feel like they have a personal stake in Adam. Maybe from all the voting they did for him on American Idol. He could be your friend,your son,your imaginary lover. Whatever. He was endearing, but now he is irritating. Does he realize that some of us work more than one job and that it was an expense to pay for the AI tickets?Yes to me it was well worth it because he put on a great show and always seemed so appreciative. Now he seems like it’s all about his career. He said I won’t disappoint you.And in WhataYou Want FromMe he said I won’t let you down. Well Adam you did disappoint me and you did let me down. I expect better from you than your AMA performance and I don’t care about your personal life.I want you to be a person of good character and show that to your fans.Those of us that have supported you from the beginning expect that from you.Don’t let us down.

            • cheryl 334 says:

              TINA…………WOW! Excently said! So totally agree with you. I love Adam, but not everything he says and does. He does make mistakes, but, he still has my heart and my loyalty. Just don’t let this success spoil your career before it takes off. We want you around forever!

          • Guys, this interview was taped HOURS after the AMA debacle. Cut him a little slack! Typical Adam is respectful, articulate, and honest. Isn’t it only human that he would seem a little defensive at that precise moment? I’d like to see how you would’ve performed in that hot seat. BTW, if you watched “The View” today, Adam was much more comfortable today.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Agree, with you. Also this interview was edited. How many words of Adam’s did they actually leave in this interview. It was more about Barbara than Adam. I can see there are some true Adam fans here!

          • Marie/Toronto says:


            Funny, I saw the same show and found nothing to be “smug”. He’s rude because he said that he has no regrets? Or was it “I’m a homosexual, deal with it” (which he said with a big smile)?


            He should make a New Year’s resolution to not answer any more questions about the AMA’s. I’m sick of hearing about it. And I’m sure he’s sick of talking about it.

        • weasie, Cheryl is not being negative in her post. She is a huge Adam fan and only looking out for
          his best interest. Like a family member or loved one.
          I love Adam w/all my heart too. He does need to be Adam, only Adam, for it is Adams true self that
          started all this fanfare to begin with. I see some little boy here wanting to be like other big boys or girls. He never used to present himself this way. Always did his own thing and went on about his
          happy ole self and life. To much defending is going on here. He shouldnt have to defend himself.
          He is an incredible man with an incredible talent. This interview here seems to have been the next day after the AMA’s so he hadnt been asked the question to many times yet. Nor did he have much time to think about it. He didnt look or act like himself in this interview, his eyes did not have the Adam
          glitter that usually comes across either. I feel for him, he’s under pressure, & under the spotlight all the time. Ellens interview, to me has been the best so far. Time was on his hands and he came across very well. Take care of the prize Adam, for we want you around to entertain us for a long,
          long time………………………………………………………………..
          love and peace


          • cheryl 334 says:


          • Oh Mary,
            She used to be…… Not anymore….

            • Helen/Canada says:

              So Mary, do you think people could cut him some slack then instead of jumping all over him. (didn’t mean you)

              • Helen, I do think he should have the slack cut, this whole thing has been dug into the ground for to
                long. He wanted some controvery and he got it. He now wants to focus back on the music. Adam is
                smart and I believe he knew all along what was going to come out of all this. I also think some of his
                fans (not me) were deeply hurt or deeply disapointed in the AMA performance. The fansite here is a way to express and vent their (our) feelings. Wish it wouldnt get nasty and we could accept each others thoughts w/o being mean. I believe Adam will come out better and stronger with what’s been going on in the past few weeks. He is extraordinary!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  Hi Mary C.,
                  I agree with you about accepting each other thoughts without being mean, but what about Adam thoughts and actions. Why being mean to him without ACCEPTING him for who he is? I can understand hurt and disappointment, but there is no need to vent that here being hurtful, nasty and mean to Adam. And truly, please don’t tell that it has not been like this. As I said before, always trying to tell him how WE want him to be is disrespectful, hurtful and mean. WE don’t have that right. We HAVE the right to say what we like or not, BUT NOT to pretend him to change into what WE want him to be, or perform as WE like him to do, or any other thing WE WANT him to change. And I’ve read ALOT of this, too much.

            • Marie/Toronto says:

              Yeah, some people posting on here seem to think that Adam needs mothering. Ridiculous. How patronizing to him…He’s a grown-ass man.

    • He doesn’t have to regret doing anything. Just because it doesn’t please some people and it doesn’t fit into this little image that everyone has in their head based on him being on Idol doesn’t mean he should be ashamed of what he did. He didn’t kill anyone. Sex is a part of life. This is him being himself. He told everyone that he was “out there.” He said all the time that he was “different.” He wasn’t out there, or different on Idol. Singing-wise…yes. Now he’s free to be himself. Honestly, I’m beginning to get tired of defending Adam. I feel like if we all had more open minds, we could enjoy him a lot more. Seriously. I’m 25 years old, have never had sex in my life and feel genuinely uncomfortable discussing anything of a sexual nature -and I didn’t find what he did on stage to be gross, or offensive or think that he needs to apologize. Everyone lives their own life. I’m not trying to reveal all kinds of info about myself-just proving a point that everyone comes from different backgrounds, believe in different things-but can have an open mind. Most of what he said was cut out of their conversation and pieced together tonight-which might make him come off as cocky-out of context. He pretty much had the feeling of “Get over everything.” You can’t expect a person to be 100% sweet all the time. I’m a decent person…most of the time…and I can be a huge b*tch…a lot of the time! Consider what he is going through right now, rather than what you want him to say or do.


      • AllStarMe!!! I Love you girl!! You Are so open and honest and thank you for this post!! I am impressed with your maturity. Yes your right, they showed 2 minutes of Adam talking all with 90% of his interview cut out. NOT revealing Adam at all just answering a couple questions. Adam has been through the meat grinder and has been hate on and mocked, that it is without question wearing thin on him. He had his defences up with Barabra, because she can ba bitch and ask rude questions.

        I don’t think Adam was rude or cocky during this interview at all, just stating facts. He was saying let’s move on, I’ve never hid anything and this is who I am. Let’s just support Adam now in every way we can!!

        Also I have many posts from people who KNOW him or spent time with him and say Adam is THE NICEST PERSON they have ever met, all the time. That is very RARE!

        The Statment made : As for the Scarlet women who had ACCUSED ADAM of saying shut up bitch, many people who were there say she is LYING, SLANDERING ADAM!!
        I want to add though, IF someone would have come up to me after my performance and called me “Jerry Springrer low life “and reamed me out, You can be DAM SURE I’D BE CALLING HER A BITCH, IN ADDTION TO SOME OTHER FITTING NAMES!!

        Quick to JUDGE!! ADAM COME TO EARTH TO TEACH US NOT TO JUDGE!! He has taught us all how to LOVE AND ACCEPT one another! He wants to be safe to express himself. We all need to feel safe to be who we are with out judgment!! Only God will Judge us! Relieve yourself of that responsibility.

        • I was disappointed in the interview, that all Barbara asked him about, again, for the umpteenth time, was the AMA’s and his sexuality. He has answered that question over and over and over again. He’s right. Get over it!!

          My bet is he is not happy with the edited version of this interview either.

          Anyway. I think people should not try and put Adam, or anyone else for all that goes, into their own little box or how they think people should be.

          Adam is who he is. What ever that means, which just may not be who all Adam admirers thought he was and now thinks he should be.

          If you like, love, enjoy someone, something, it should be unconditional. Not ones fantasy of what they thought they liked.

          As far as Adam hurting his career??? David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osboure, Alice Cooper, Courtney Love…….. and…………. need I ?

          Acceptance. period.

          • Ten people in 60 min. minus the commercials, we are lucky he even got a bit of face time, and it did showcase his gorgeous vocals to the world.

            Re. Barbara, via twitter links there is a youtube video of Walters vs Bill OReilly and she is actually shouting at him (he always shouts st people himself) and she is DEFENDING ADAM just like a mother hen. It’s great and kinda funny in a weird way.

          • AllStarMe, Summer, Itsme and other real fans (not fake ones)!!!!
            Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful posts!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I am with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Thank you!

            • there has been quite a few people who were quick to judge Adam so soon after his famous
              performance at the AMA’s. Uh,hum, bet they wished they hadnt of now. If they want to jump ship let them,its their choice. Like he said ”
              he is not for you” if you should feel that way.
              I love him, always will, this interview was not an interview to showcase him at all!
              Same ole, same ole details brought up again and again. If its not the sexuality issue, its
              the performance issue. Where is Michelle Collins, or the little blond from the radio station?
              They all need to lighten up and move on.

            • AdamRocks! says:

              What Gala said! lol

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          We don’t need him to teach us anything! We just want to hear him to sing beautiful songs and watch him perform them in an acceptable descent manner. Being too damn open minded is the problem with this world today. We need to be more respectful of one another, not put who you sleep with in each others face and disrespecting women on stage is another thing all together! If he knows so much about love then why doesn’t his performances of late reflect that – oh that’s right he no longer has to impress us because he is not in a singing contest. Gimme a break!
          You are right – God will judge him.

          • Dianne Hill says:

            You seem to be doing a pretty good job of judging him all on your own, hung, drawn and quartered I would say. I think you should change your name you don’t sound like an “AdamAdmirer” to me.

          • Please, “AdamAdmirer”
            Please, please, PLEASE!!!!
            Change your NAME…. It doesn’t reflect the reality anymore!!!!!!

            • GALA……………………….Where do you gest off talking like that to AdamAdmirer?????? That is just one big joke. It would be funny if it weren’t so ridiculous! After the AMAs where were you for so long? You have had your own problems at times with Adam. Does that mean you should take a hike? Good, god! How judgemental is that?

              • Cheryl Norman 334,
                1. After AMA I was working hard…. I am not retired as you… I wish I were…..
                2. If it is a joke, just relax and laugh…….
                3. I NEVER had problems with Adam. I WAS surprised with his performance at first, but after watching all videos of PINK, Christina A, Madonna, Britney and etc…. I see now he didn’t do anything different….. So I moved forward … So should you….. if you still consider herself a fan…. I NEVER doubted him being a great singer and a wonderful person!
                4. Judgmental…. Who is judgmental?
                Relax and talk about album!!!! It’s great! Don’t you agree with me on that???? Please, Cheryl, agree just on his album…..

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Hi Vera,
                  I thought about it all the time.Adam’s album released but the interviews more into AMA.I mean at least talk about his album forgot sake.It’s like suddenly people forget he released his debut album!!
                  Speaking about Pink,Madonna etc!If people wants Adam to apologize,I say,I want Britney,Madonna,Pink,Janet etc,even EMINEM for using so many F words in his lyrics to apologize as well.After these all apologize,then Adam can apologize too.If not,why must Adam need to?

          • Helen/Canada says:

            All I can say to AdamAdmirer, is OMG!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            ADAMADMIRER…………………..Wonderful post. Very sincere and spot on. I agree with you and want to hear that iconic voice and look at that incredible body.Don’t ‘change’ too much, Adam. We fell in love with you on idol and on tour. Stay true to who you are, not what you think youo should be, like that ‘Imma Rock Star’ so I gotta act like a rock star. No, you don’t. Just be your warm humble loving person you said you were back in the day.

      • ALLSTARME……………………………It gets irritating for someone to do something in very poor taste and then ‘blame’ it on calling it, his ‘art’ That doesn’t fly. You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the peole some of the time, but you will never fool all of the people all of the time. That is catching up to Adam. We all loved every little thing about him all thru idol. His humbleness was at the top. His talent and looks and personality seemed too goo to be true. Maybe it is. Everyone tlked about what a nice guy, good guy Adam is, how he sees everything in a positive light. Where is that Adam, now?

        OPEN MINDS………………..just what does that mean exactly? Who decides if one’s mind is open or not? Adam? I think not. I have a pretty open mind, or so I’ve been told all my llife. But, just because I have an open mind, does not mean that anything Adam does, and says he is doing it cuz he has an open mind is nothing short of a ‘red herring’ to me. It’s is an ‘excuse’ that he says all should ‘understand’ him and his ‘art’, for it is art and openmindedness that permits him to do crude and raunchy and ‘wrong’ behavior on national tv, and if we complain, then we are at ‘fault’ and are, therefor not openminded’.

        Let me say this. I love Adam. His voice, talent, looks and style, but I do not love every thing he has said or done lately. My love is NOT blind love. I hopoe to never have a ‘blind’ love for anyone. In order to love someone blindly I would have to give up a major part of my self, and my personality, in that lovimg all someone else does, even tho down deep, I may hate it, is not being honest to myself or the public, and I will not ever give myself away to ‘follow’ someone that I feel is too crude, disrespectful, and stubborn to see his won faults and who never has any ‘regrets’. Only a stupid person would make the comment after the public is uneasy and uncomfortable with him that he does not ‘regret’ any of it. Adam is in dire need of some socializing and good common sense about life and how to do things that will not turn people so off that you end up skrewing your whole life and career up just b/c you’re too stubborn and spoiled to listen to other’s suggestions, thoughts, and ideas, and always try to be a BETTER person, not one who wants to treach thre public that crude is good, that slutty is sexy, that disrespecting others is only expressing yourself, and is ‘art’. Sounds like the whole thing is a bit of a religious or political thing not an idea strictly based on great music. Just keep pouring the sex into the mixture, and soon nobody will care what the music says cuz they can’t stnd to look or listen to the performer who is all about everyone accepting with a smile on their faces something they have always been against. Adam wants us to be ‘for’ something he is ‘for’ just b/c it is him asking. Forget about it! Not gonna happen! I love certain things. If Adam possess these things, I love him. I do love him for so many reasons, but as his stomping around bullying, bossy side appear, then I don’t like that. Don’t like that attitude or behavior. Look he is 27, not 12. he is a grown man. Even tho he is still very immature. We need to stop being ‘enablers’ for him. THAT is exactly what he DOESN’T need. He needs to have some rules and be able to live by them like every humanbeing in the world who want to be a part of society, not sit back as a judge and determine that anyonne who doesn’t “get” what he’s doing at every moment in HIS life, not ours, is ‘closed minded’ and not worth his efforts. How do you think that will pan ouot for him?…………………not-so-good.

        • Cheryl, you sound like his mother in the last paragraph. I’m sure you are very open-minded in your world, but Adam is from a completely different world and his behavior is rather tame by those standards. Most gay communities are very liberal and the LA underground club scene certainly is. That may not make it right, but it should give you some perspective. You say that your love is not blind, but I see it differently. It’s my opinion that those who love blindly love one-dimensionally and do not see, or want to see, all facets of a person’s personality. You are blind to the fact that you are in love with the image, not the person, and you are blind to the fact that this is Adam’s career not yours. I think you dislike his decisions b/c it threatens the image of the Adam you fell in love with. I get that, but he is in charge of his own career and the image he wants to portray to the public. If you like Adam’s voice then buy his music and support him that way. If you don’t like how he performs then don’t watch him. If you don’t like his tone or his answers during interviews then don’t listen. You say it’s all about choices and you’re right, but only your choices, not his. Absolutely, he will lose fans, but they will be replaced quickly enough by people like my son and his friends who saw the AMAs and became fans based on that performance. It’s all a matter of taste; good or bad. What it comes down to is that only time will tell how his career progresses, but ultimately it is HIS career and what he does with it is his decision. We all want to see him succeed, and I predict that there are enough people out there that like him just the way he is that he will be around for a very long time. However, I suspect he will tame it down a bit, now that he’s had his PEE PEE slapped (sorry couldn’t resist).

          • HE NEEDED HIS PEE PEE SLAPPED. Save it for your lovers. The children of the US don’t need to see it.

            I disagree with you that he now has all the fans to keep him going. Oh, no! He’ll need more than us if he wants a ‘career’ in music! That, my dear, is my point!!!!!!! Can’t you understand what I am saying??????? reread this post. I want him to have his amazing career. I am not saying that I will not suopport him, I am wanting him to understand before it is too late, he is NOT the one who can do what he wants and he is NOT going to ‘change the world’. He can only ‘change’ himself. He is not that big a part of this society that he can do that, and I do not want him to get thrown aside b/c he thinks he is going to ‘change’ the world from being sexually conservative to being the ‘anything goes under the guise of art in sexualiy’ – NO ONE WILL BUY THAT! Think larger!!!! All of you, think Larger than your own personal selfish selves.

          • Jnellie,
            Absolutely agree with you. Let Adam be who he wants to be… He is a big boy to take care of himself and his career… You love him or you hate him… It’s up to you… He doesn’t need teachers and preachers.

            • Adam is true to himself. . . that is one thing out of a million things that I admire about him. . . rock on Adam!!!

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

        • I completely understand what you are saying. But as far as what he did being “raunchy” and whatnot-that’s purely up to opinion. Just as have said what you thought he did was in bad taste-it didn’t phase me one bit. Also-just because majority of people disagree with something you have done, does mean you should apologize to gain acceptance. I think Adam is trying to develop a thick skin, in defense of everything that keeps getting thrown at him-I believe he regrets what he did to a degree-certainly if he knew the backlash would be so great, he maybe wouldn’t have gotten so caught up in the moment. The Adam that everyone believes that they know is merely one part of him that was displayed constantly on AI. There are many more parts to him that all of us may never understand. I think it’s disappointed that people are judging him based on a performance-a performance which wasn’t even truly him-he said he got caught up in the moment. I’m sure he doesn’t get caught up nonstop in real life! It doesn’t matter who you are-when you are negatively criticized, you care to an extent. The way he’s talking about the subject completely sounds like he’s trying to have a thick skin about it all.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            ALLSTARME………………… Just to say, I did not have a problem with Adam. If it were just me, that’s fine. But, if you’re a mother, you must be able to understand their points of view. I have a 7 yr old grandson, a nearly 3 yr old gr. dau. and a 9 and 10 yr old lgr daugh. that got to watch American Idol just this year. They heard and saw all the ways that I loved Adam. Even saying to them. ‘I LOVE Adam’, seeing me go to the concert, heping me make signs, etc. Luckily they had to go to bed before he came on the amas. My son is a pastor of 16 yrs. These kids go to church on a reg basis. Their friends in church were not allowed to see idol. But, b/c of me and my son’s love for Adam’s music, and my loving everything Adam, they were allowed to follow him. I would lhave been totally crushed if they had seen his performance. For I know they would never be allowed to watch another idol show, and likely, not much of any other tv whow. As it is now, they get to watch maybe 2 hrs in a week. So, Adam’s being able to exert his own ‘sexuality’ as ‘art’ on that show on national tv, for that 2 min. would not have been a fair trade to these kids or me, for what I would have to suffer b/c of it. Step out of your won little box, try to see another’s view. I don’t say all I say b/c it affects me, or insults me, but, rather it does others. A majority of others, and I love Adam too much to have other people think badly of him b/c of 2 min. on tv and then 2 wks of trying to justify something tht he will never justify in the minds of the majority and most of the minority.

            • Yeah. I can see how people would be let down if their children would want to watch him perform. I don’t think kids know of his Zodiac performances, or even have read his Rolling Stone article. All of us were aware of them, so we pretty much knew what was going to happen after he was on his own. He had guidelines on the show. But, as that show was on pretty late, it was predictable that questionable things might have happened. Several things in other people’s performances weren’t technically suitable for children. I understand that people were caught off guard because they didn’t expect him to do that-but the song suggests sexual things. Basically, kids probably shouldn’t be listening to that song in general.

              • the guidelines I’m referring to I meant were on American Idol.

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  ALLSTAR………………OK! NOW YOU GOT IT! IN A round about way. Adam, today, should have nothing to do with the Zodiac and his days performing in gay clubs for the world to get onto the internet and HAVE to search everything possible to see that this Adam guy on t v is going to follow the rules like the last time he was on tv, which was on idol. Personally, I would not allow any child of mine, to watch Janet Jackson, or even Michael Jackson at a young age due to their ‘crotch grabbing’ so-called dance. Now, for me. I am a big girl, and can discern it all. But, you surely understand that the kids who folowed Adam did not deserve to have this kind of action snuck out on them. No, I did not know anything unusual would be shown. I even saw Adam in the concert tour. As a member of the great society, I have assurances thru the ethics of the tv admin. that this sort of thing would not be shown on ABC in Primetime w/o warning. And, remember it was WITHOUT WARNING. That is a lot of the oproblem. The public could NOT see this coming and therefore was stunned. Like me. Not stunned by Adam’s actions for myself, but ‘stunned’ that we were not ‘warned’. You surely must realize that going out of his rehersal was his #1 mistake. Albeit that he is not a tv performer. He may not have realized it. I give him that break. But, to then say, f–k you and give the finger after HE is the one who made a mistake, now, that is just wrong. No matter how much I love Adam, that was just wrong. This is all I’m trying to submit.

                  • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                    What a load of codswallop, Cheryl… Adam performed outside of Primetime. It was 11pm at the very end of the AMA’s and outside the watch zone for indecent moments.
                    My son watched the performance and loved it. he didn’t even notice the so called offensive moments. He is reasonably innocent of mind only tarnished by what the world considers ok with violence, murder, terrorism, sex at any time, music videos that leave little to the imagination…
                    If you or anyone was going to react and start spouting off in front of the kids about what you saw that would in most cases be the thing that would open their eyes to it. And if you are bigoted enough to not like what you saw and fill their minds with your ideas of filth then sadly they will grow up to be a lot like many people who just cannot move on and accept people for what and who they are.
                    You may think that he made a mistake… well fine… but you need to keep your abuse and small thinking to yourself or go find another idol to follow. I am soooooo sick of you trashing other people for their acceptance of him, which no doubt you will do to me. An I dont give a flying duck anymore.
                    Dreamsound feel free to ban me. This person and some others are not Adam fans at all. In fact you should change the name of this site to anti adam as those are the people you allow in.

                    • Absolutely agree with you, Lisa!
                      It is a shame to come lately to this site and listen to a couple of people like Cheryl who brings negativity and poison every thread! The most dangerous thing is that there are only two or three of them but she talks so much that the whole discussion sounds like something anti-Adam.
                      I also feel so bad and ashamed that you gave this site card to Adam’s father…. I don’t want him to read it… This is not Adam fans’ site anymore…..
                      Dreamsound, something needs to be done until it’s too late…

                    • Completely agree Lisa and Gala.

                      Cindy in MS
                      Glamb #37

        • He has said that he NEVER meant to disrespect anyone! And…RULES??!! And who should set hose rules for him? You? You seem to know exactly what he needs Cheryl, bully for you. Not everyone IS going to get it, it isn’t him judging, it is a fact. Not everyone gets all forms of expression or art.

          As for the “stomping around bullying, bossy side” I have NO idea what you are even talking about.

          And are you saying he DOESN’T need support from his fans? Cause he does.

          • OF COURSE HE NEEDS HIS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of thing is that to say????????? Without his fans he has no career! That is exactly my pooint. We are not the only people Adam needs!!! He needs millions of fans and will get them unless he begins to show more respect for the public. He cannot thrive in his career, or even have a career if people start to hate him for his ‘behaviors’ on tv. Surely you can understand decency. It is not that hard. Just some ‘common sense’.

            Excuses, excuses! Never was a fan of ‘excuses’, but of action. ‘Show’ us how you feel, don’t expect a free ride when it comes to being respectful to the public, lest you go underground again and learn to be happy there where mostly gays and a few others will go to see that crap.

            I love Adam Lambert that who said he is what he is on idol. Cuz he no longer is that. He is now something else. What will he be next week? I want to know who he is. I don’t I don’t think he knows who he is either, that is the oproblem. He cannot work out his life in front of the cameras on national tv. Realize ther has NEVER been anyone that the public loved so much that they were allowed to do things no one else has.

            • I thought that is what YOU said! LMAO! Ok, I don’t want to get into it…like an arguement, cause I am not about that.

              Idol is over.

              Do you think that people are going to ‘hate’ him over ONE performance? Only people who didn’t care before. Or people who are homophic and scared of change.

              AND…”Realize ther has NEVER been anyone that the public loved so much that they were allowed to do things no one else has.”

              Are you kidding??!! What about Elvis? The Doors? Madonna? How do you think progress is made in the art world? BY pushing boundries, testing rules, even breaking them!

              • cheryl 334 says:

                MANDA…………………OF COURSE, NOT!! However, this has turned into more than one performance. Don’t know if you read all I do on the internet, but, if you did you would see the things he is saying to people and behaving in ways that even HE would not be proud of if he could step back and see what the hell has happened. Sure, this is his first yr. I am on HIS side, here, Manda. I am totally fearful that he will pull one more ‘big’ stunt like he did on the amas, and really have to go lick his wounds, and I know that is very hard for Adam, he is too proud and too stubborn for his own sake! I have been that way too, in my much younger life, and did not see what someone else did. But, we can’t just sit back, ignore the problem, and know he may come here to read what his fans think, and by our own words give him false info and thus, let him gain more false pride!!!!!!!!! For cryin’ out loud!!!! Are you FOR or AGAINST Adam making music his career with billions loving him??????? I am FOR it, and I care enought to take this kind of shipt from too many of you!

                But, I won’t be deterred. That is how much I care. Don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks about me!

              • AGAIN MANDA AMEN GIRLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Cheyl That’s what Adam SAID HE WAS == A “SURPRISE” EVERYDAY ALWAYS CHANGING AND NEVER THE SAME!! I think he has multiple personalities. He said he will always shock. He is doing what he said he would do. That is why we love him..

              WE JUST COULDN’T HANDLE IT!! I thought I could but –WHOOOAA, I had to re-group after that!! SO I was a hypocrite for a short time, until I GOT IT!!

              Did he not play out the lyics perfectly?? HE IS ACTUALLY A GENIUS. Really go back and read the lyics, “It’s gonna get rough and can you handle it!!” He told us all… but we did not believe our SWEET ANGEL WOULD DO THAT!! Read the lyrics
              He is GENIUS!! And now HE OWNS US–like it or not, Cheryl.. You will never be able to break free.

              That’s why he’s exciting!! He can’t be predictable. HE WAS NOT BORN THAT WAY!! Thats WHY his performances are so raw, because he is moved by his spirit and he is not lying when he says this. It IS adrenaline taking over, pure spirit. Thats why every performance is so different and moving to us. he gives us everything.

              He said get on for the RIDE!! I felt like I had gotten off the GIANT DROP at Six Flags after the AMAs– and I needed to recover!! Now I want to get back on the RIDE!! I love rides. That WAS the wildest ride I have ever been on!! OMG!!

              Think about this, Adam actually had the world (including the big wigs at ABC) on a GIANT DROP of a ride that shocked and awed like we’ve never felt before, in our lives!! That’s pretty powerful!! He did exactly what he said he was going to do AND what WE ALL BEGGED FOR!! MORE, MORE. MORE!! We wanted him sexier, hotter, throwing bras, sex toys at the man, screaming in a frenzy, lusting,begging for more!! WE ASKED FOR IT!!.

              • cheryl 334 says:

                SUMMER…………….Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! That was really cute. Really. No, I will not be able to bresk free of Adam, but I don’t WANT to!

                Summer, none of us are ‘mind readers’. On the stage he could get away with a lot. Not on national tv.

                For all he has said, it still will never be ok to do whatever Adam likes when Adam wants. Not even my kids could get away with that. not I, not you, not Adam. we have ‘rules’ in this country. Not set by me, but we all pretty much know what they are, therefore, we pretty much know what to ‘expect’, to a point, and Adam crossed that point. That is my opinion. That is all. Just mine. No one else has to agree with me, but, since you posted to me, I wanted to respectfully reply honestly to you.

                You don’t feel the same? That’s great. That’s fine. I would fight to my death, tho for you to bre able to voice your opoinion. That is just WHO I am and What I am about. Now if you start dissing Adam, you will also see me fight to ther death for him. I am just loyal and opoinionated. Strange combination? i don’t think so. Strange for anyone to stay around and try to explain themselves when this is how they are? Probably.


          • Manda your great!! Keep it up

        • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

          Cheryl, perhaps this is no longer the correct forum for you.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          All I have to say is that I am getting so sick and tired of you saying you love Adam and you are his biggest fan. That’s the biggest joke in the world, next to you saying you’re open minded. Gave me a good laugh though.

        • Cheryl, this is my final response to your ridiculous ranting. There was a time, months ago, when I truly looked forward to your posts on this website. Now, not so much. You really seem to be taking all of this much too seriously. As the object of our affection would say, “It’s not that deep.” Chill out, girl. Either you’re a fan or you’re not. Honestly, I don’t see how this site can be of pleasure to you because you get yourself so worked up. As for me, I would rather have the “real Adam” anyday over the “dumbed-down for the masses” Adam. And, for the record, I’m a 50-year old, rather conservative mother of three teenagers living in the Bible Belt, and I haven’t been this excited about an artist in my entire life!

          • YEAAA TEXASGAL ……….. Let’s go party together!!!
            Dumbed Down….love this haha

          • TEXAS……………Too bad you didn’t post to me about looking forward to my posts when you say you did. I am not ‘excited’, as you put it. I am passionate. I love Adam. I will NOT try to prove that to anyone. I have been saying that for nearly a year. I start by posting my thought on an issue. Later when I come back, I see someone has attacked my opinion. How in the world do you attack an ‘opinion’???? Actually that is not even possible. One can type a bunch of words, but attacking an opinion is not a possibility. So, when I see someone has done that to me, I may or may not ‘reply’ to them. Then later, if I come back to the site, there are posts attatcking my posts attacking my posts, until it is just the ‘usual’ thing to do cuz it’s ‘cheryl’ again, and there are a lot of people who feel intimidated by myposts and my intelligence. Just stating the facts. I am the minority here. It is easy for anyone to get on board of the attack and be in the majority. Fine. But, if you really read, and hear me on my comments, they still say the very same thing every time; Sometimes or always in a different WAY, but, I believe today the way I believed in January with some added knowledge. We all change with knowledge. We can have a different outlook on the same thing, in a way. But, I am true to myself. I do not bend, like Adam does not bend, to a degree for others. you like that, you should like me. Why would you respect Adam who is so much like me, and not me? Don’t need any cheap shots. enough of the CHEAP SHOTS. No intelligence needed in ‘cheap shots’. Just the mentality of a 4 yr old. Not saying YOU are anything like a 4 yr old. Guess I need to tell you that or you would think that I am saying that. See, I give much more credit, I guess to the intellligence of everyone than I guess I should. Sorry for that.

            • DO NOT SAY I LOVE ADAM!!!!!
              YOU DON’T !!!!!

              HAHAHA ADM IS LIKE YOU?????????????? YOU KIDDING ME??????????
              YOU DREAM!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I totally agree with you AllStarMe and Summer and ItsMe. Adam hasn’t changed, he has always been himself, I think that some just want to see certain things and not the real person. You can see that the Barbara Walters show has been edited – a friend told me that and when I went back for another look, you can tell it has been cut all over the place. I don’t know how people can say they love him but have all these “strings” attached to that love, I though love was supposed to be uncondtional. I have never been disappointed in any of Adam’s performances especially the AMAs, I loved ever second of it. He is an incredible performer, I adore all the performances I have seen from the Zodiac Club, that is the real Adam, he has said he behaved himself on Idol so he wouldn’t get voted off, he hasn’t changed, he is beautiful inside and out but some just can’t see it anymore. Perhaps they should do what Jeanette did.

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Dianne, once again I totally agree with you, and the posters you’ve mentioned and jnellie. Never in my life I’ve seen or heard an entertainer, or anyone for that matter, so consistent and true to himself as Adam. I’ve always admired that quality in him, and at this point, after soooooooo many interviews and people asking him over and over the same questions, and facing so much negativity thrown to him, I have to say that maybe is the aspect of his person that I ADMIRE THE MOST.
          He never hided anything, he always said what he loved, what he wanted for his performances and shows, and he did just what he said. Why should he have any regrets? Maybe he’ll tame things a bit (this interview was taped right after the AMA, we can only imagine how he could have felt at the time) for a while, but then he will continue to perform his way, do things his way, and handle things his way. Not as people want him to do, fans or no fans. He is the artist, he gives his art to people to take or leave it. And that is the way it should be. WE choose being his fans or not. WE CAN’T pretend him to conform or mold into what WE want. I just hope I’ll never see him conforming.

          • He’ll either do some confoming………………………or you won’t ever SEE him on tv. More excuses!

            • Great post, Silvana!!!
              Adam, do not conform!!!! and you will be an icon! You will be no matter what……

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Good post Silvana.

          • Dianne and Silvanna—- you said it..
            It is US who like a certain part of Adam and want to keep him LIKE THAT!! I LOVE so many looks but I really could look at him 24/7 in that “Satisfaction” retro look on AI…. WHOOO soo Sexy and those smirks and glambulge caresses!! BUT he kept changing and changing to WHAT?? …… SUIT THE SONG AND LYRICS!! He has said this over and over, BUT WE do not listen!!

            I am just as guilty at times, but he will not change and he will continue to ‘SURPRISE’ and like hi said “It’s a RIDE… COME WITH ME.”


            OH my , I LOVE THIS EXCITING MAN!!

          • Dianne and Silvana, THANK YOU for your posts, and for being such AWESOME Adam fans, and for being such GREAT friends! 🙂

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

        • Seen the Zodiac too. National tv is not an underground gay club., land personally I want to keep it that way. No……………Adam has changed. Who are all the people who were upset with anything Adam did before the idol tour ended. No one. Every little thing tht was said abouot him was positive, and that even troubled me, cuz nobody is that good! My son was so perfect as a toddler that by the age of 4 I had him in a pshychologists office, only to learn that ‘yes’, his ‘behavior’ was too perfect, and it took me 3 yrs to undo what I had done to somehow make him think he needed to be perfect. I like some rebellion in everyone. This is not the place for rebellion of sexuality, that someone is gonna shove something distasteful by the entire public, the majority who sets the rules, not me, to protect the masses, not give cart e blanche to a new singer. At this point that is all Adam is to the majority. I want him to bre around for the next 50 yrs entertaining the world, not be sidetracked by a stupid distraction on tv over something other than music. I don’t give a damn what anyone’s sexuality is, if I’m in love with their voice. There are a few people that I cannnot stand to see, much less buy their music for things not pertaining to music that they’ve ‘done’. Why? Because I am human and do not try to forget that and my responsibility to the rest of the human race. I would give NO ONE the permission to go on national tv in primetime and be sexuality raunchy and distasteful, according to the public’s rules, not mine, just b/c I love them. My feelings are not more important than the rights of the public or the good of the poublic. Many here are very farsighted when it comes to THEIR own rights vs the rights of the public and the majority. I am not a conservative, in any way. I am just a bit more mature and am willing to stand up for decency on national t v, where others find it an easy ouot to say they are a ‘fan’ of so and so. That is just a lie lyou tell the world. you are not feeling this way b/c you are a ‘fan’ of Adam. I am a bigger fan of Adam and I don’t feel that way. So, don’t try to get off with the silly little phrases of ‘maybe you shouoldn’t be on this site’. My dears, I have been on lthis site and posting way before many of you, and b/c I am a ‘fan’ of Adam I will continue on this site and post MY comments regardless of whether you agree with me or not.

          • Personally, I say post, post what you feel! It is a free country! 🙂

          • Helen/Canada says:

            So what, you have been on this post longer than others. That gives you the right to be rude, abusive and sarcastic. You will soon be posting to yourself. LOL,.


              • No, Cheryl!
                That is you, who are sooooooooo cheap!!! And mean, rude, homophobic,hypocrite, abusive, and the list goes on and on…..

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I didn’t see any name calling in my post Cheryl. Just stating the facts, which you again manage to twist

        • Diane, I totally agree! Adam is such an inspiration to me – in addition to his ridiculous talent, I think he is so very brave. And for the record, I hope he performs FYE on tour exactly the same as he did on the AMA’s (minus the fall!)

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        I agree totally. Also, please remember this was taped the morning immediately after the AMAs — he was probably feeling a little defensive. He has softened his response to all of this over the past several weeks. I still love Adam and will defend him. I don’t have to love or approve of everythign he does to love him. I don’t approve of everything all my kids do but it doesn’t mean I judge them or don’t love them just as much.

        LIGHT and LOVE, Adam!!

        • excuses!

          • Wow Cheryl! Adam doesn’t need filters! This web site needs a filter to keep haters like you out! I think you fell in love with the Adam that you wanted him to be! I understand opinions are all over the place but the bottom line is that for most of us, all is forgiven and we are back to loving Adam the way he is! You can’t seem to let him out of the dog house! Let him out for god’s sake!!!!!

            • Ditto!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Right on. I remember when this site used to be fun. We were all here loving Adam, but I guess that love comes with conditions for some.

                OUR GLITTER BABY!!!

                VERSE FROM AFTERMATH Makes me cry…………….
                Before you break, you have to shed the armor, Take a trip and FALL INTO THE GLITTER, Tell a stranger that they’re BEAUTIFUL, so all you FEEL IS LOVE, LOVE LOVE, so all YOU FEEL IS LOVE LOVE LOVE

                Man that is SWEET!!

                ALSO Adam wrote BROKEN OPEN– That’s his HEART AND SOUL– to let you break apart in HIS ARMS, Hide here, CONFIDE HERE, so we can be broken open!! Lay here IT’S SAFE HERE IN MY ARMS!!!
                What a LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Summer, I absolutely adore those songs. Adam brings me to tears every time I listen to Broken Open it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and he co-wrote it which makes it even better. He also co-wrote Aftermath if I remember rightly. I adore that song and also A Loaded Smile, his voice is so seductive and sexy on that song which he aslo co-wrote, he is a very talented boy is our darling Adam. And that’s not to say I don’t love every single song on his album cause I do, but those three and Soaked really stand out for me. However, whatever song is playing at the time is my absolute favourite.

                  • Dianne– I too love thoses songs the most, but LOVE EVERY SONG!!

                    When I heard Adam wrote Broken Open I fell deeper in LOVE with this man.. He is so unique and special. I have never felt safe with anyone (not even my ex husband) like the song Broken Open refers to. To be so safe that you can just let it all out and they will pick up your pieces and never tell. I put myself to sleep with this song. It is so comforting and he just wraps me in his arms with his SWEET VOICE!

                    The lyrics of Broken Open are so powerful to me that I can imagine
                    GOD HIMSELF singing it to me. Because GOD is really the only thing you can truely trust, and this song sings about ultimate trust and safety.

                    Aftermath– WOW I need that inspiration and Adam just makes me believe it will get better.

            • GLAMIT…………GALA………………..CHEAP SHOTS. Don’t need much of an education to take cheap shots. I have finally figured out your problems. Little cheap shots like a little kid. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

              • Hey, Cheryl!
                It took you a lot of time to find somebody else “problems”…. It was a waste of time because you did not figure out anything!!!!….. But you won’t never be able able to realize what problems you have….. Go to the doctor!!! It might be not too late to help you….. I hope so…. You definitely need medical help!!!!!!

      • Thank you AllStarMe! I don’t get all the judgemental comments either. In the first place remember this WAS ON ABC. You remember.. the network who boycotted him? An interview can be edited to sound like anything they want. Next, spoiled brat? Do any of you remember being 27? I dare say most of us had our moments….I know I did, and still do sometimes. I would guess that very few of us could have been tossed into this pressure cooker and come out as gracious as he has been. How many hundreds of times can you answer the same questions and not become tired of it? I believe we are all here for the same reason, to support this incredible talent Adam Lambert. Let’s cut him some slack when he needs it and remember he is the Adam we love. Personally I am constantly amazed at how calm he has been through everything. So if he needs to be a little “bratty” on occasion (which I don’t think he was) let him be. 99% of the time he handles all of this with grace and dignity. I’m enjoying watching him grow!

      • Dear AllStarMe: Words are inadequate … I’m giving you a standing ovation 🙂

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Bingo! For a 25 year old, you have a lot more sense than others.

    • This interview was taken place the day after the the AMA night, and yes for a day or two Adam was more defensive about his performance. It’s a taped show which was disappointing when they cut out many parts of his interview, here’s sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeJ9D1jHTsE And as for the Scarlet incident, I honestly think she was out of line to viciously criticize him as he was coming off the stage probably having mixed feelings. What gives her right to give him such a harsh critic? I don’t believe he asked for it.

      Ellen show came after this interview and he had time to reflect and was much more humble. Yes, he did agree that he made a poor decision on that night, but I don’t think he has anything to apology for. He is an artist and performed the way he felt, unfortunately, it was the wrong stage, wrong audience, and for that I think he’s still a little green. Yet, I do agree with him on the double standard in women/men/gay performance issue. There had been many unacceptable sexually charged performances on stages before and all those racy daytime soaps still rules on the tubes also on ABC. And no one ever got barred by the station except for Elvis and Jim Morrison(The Doors).— well, at least he’s in good company.

      I think Adam wants to move on from this and working pretty hard towards the future. What his fans have to understand is that Adam wants to be Adam. He may not get to the stardom by being true to himself, but I think he’ll be a happier person for it. And I, personally think that trait is going to make him an icon status. Maybe Barbara agrees with me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sqPL3D72GM I heard somewhere “the fans are finicky”, And I’m beginning to believe it.

      • “oops, I meant he has anything to “apologize for”. It’s late and typing too fast…

      • WOW!!! What a SWEETY ADAM IS……………… There is so much to this interview we did not get to see and we should all write Barbara and ask if she can PLEASE release the entire interview for the sake of his FANS

    • What is wrong with people? Attitude? i dont’ see any attitude here. The interview just show some raw cut portion. That’s it. It’s typical Barbara Walter’s interview. short and simple. He is extremely confident and honest. Just the old stuff that he is repeating. Give him a break. He is not a babysitter to please you and “play” American Idol. He advances to be a real artist like any artist. He is in the business for so long , he is not a novice. Stop telling me that he is not big yet. Big or not depend on how people look at it. It’s people stupidity to be bothered by the homophobic and those who are jealous of Adam talent and success (in term of being recognized so early) and people forgot that ADAM should be recognized long before AI. I am SICK and TIRED of hearing people in this website acting like they are OLD and MATURE but actually they are IMMATURE, CLOSED -minded. UNPREDICTABLE . !!!!!!!!!!!
      CAN YOU JUST ACCEPT ADAM as HE IS. IF NOT Then just “direct your criticism elsewhere”.
      GET OFF THIS SITE !! We only need to hear something fun , positive, matured and open-minded thinking. Share something that we are in common. If not , then go elsewhere and vent it out. No one want to hear negative thoughts about someone they LOVE AND ADMIRED ! I thought this is a fan site, a place where i can enjoy after long hours at work. GET OFF THIS SITE and let others enjoy their valuable times !!!!!!!

      • YES! Agreed.

      • I’am with you on this one,a lot of these comments????I had to check, make sure I was in the right camp!!!!! ADAM’s 26 yrs….he has been singing along time! and he has had a lot of hate to deal with
        because he is gay or bi ?? how many “dues ” should he pay?? he was NOT RUDE!!!! he was ADAM!!!
        GO ADAM!!!!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Oh puleeeze! We need to post the truth here and not be in denial. Short of sending him letters telling him how disappointed we are in his attitude, we should express what we think, good or bad, in hopes he will read it, or enough of our complaints will get back to him hopefully for him to know his affect on people.

          Either way, Adam needs to know that people are offended, and he acted so differently on Idol which makes him look like a fake and a fraud. I knew from the minute I read the RS article that we were in for a ride, but unfortunately, it could be a short one if he doesn’t start realizing his shortcomings – I mean, “I’m a homosexual, deal with it” ?? what kind of comment was that, I don’t care if it was taken out of context – he needs to grow up and stop talking about his sexuality, let’s get real here.

          • Adam doesn’t need to know shit, certainly not from you. You either like his music or you don’t. Your comment about knowing “we were in for a ride, but unfortunately it could be a short one” speaks volumes about you and not him. You are the type of person that “likes” and supports someone but ONLY if they act the way you want them to. Adam’s talent is supersonic, and he has millions of loyal and devoted fans that will stick with him no matter what. He’s not “waiting with baited breath” hoping that YOU’LL change your mind. And as for your last ignorant rant: he needs to “stop talking about his sexuality”…Barbara asked him about it. I suppose you would’ve liked him more if he had refused to answer. You are definitely NOT an AdamAdmirer, so stop faking it and move on to someone more palatable like the AI winner, Kris Allen. I’m certain he will never let you down.

          • Please, “AdamAdmirer”
            Please, please, PLEASE!!!!
            Change your NAME…. It doesn’t reflect the reality anymore!!!!!!

          • ADAMADMIRER…………………Thank God there is another voice of reason here!!!!!! You are entirely right and obviously a right-thinking person. This is so ridiculous to me that it boarders on stupidity. How immature to say that Adam doesn’t need to learn shit, or he had one bad moment, or he is only 27. PALEEZZZZZZZZ The only hoope he has on this site, at this point, is to read and ‘listen’, ‘hear’ the voice of intelligence or he will have a very short ride. How incredibly horrible if he losses his self to spite his face. STUBBORN. I CAN SEE SO WELL THAT ADAM IS A STUBBORN YOUNG MAN. NOT THE WORST THING HE COULD BE, BUT IF IT IS STANDING IN THE WAY OF HIS PROGRESS, IT IS VERY SERIOUS.

            I say, too, I am sick and tired of his sexuality. I do not care, let it go, get over it, Adam! All we want from you is to hear your amazing voice and see your amazing face, without you throwing your bulge into our faces with another man. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FROM YOU, ADAM????????? SEEMS LIKE THAT IS WHAT YOU HAD SAID ALL ALONG. YOU ARE HERE FOR THE MUSIC!!! MUSIC! REMEMBER………THE MUSIC!

            • Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              The voice of reason???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              cheryl 334 and AdamAdmirer are voices of reason???????
              You kidding!!!!
              One voice of reason praises another???!!!! That is sooo funny!!!!!

              I forget how long ago I laughed so much!!!!!!!!

              • cheryl 334 says:

                GALA…………….YOUR AGE IS SHOWING AGAIN! What is it? I’d guess about 6, but b/c we have met, I know better, but that is the only reason.

                YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                see how much i laugh?!

              • Gala– Right on The voice of Reason!! Ridiculous, Ludicris,
                LMAO with you!!

          • “I’m a homosexual, deal with it”…. AdamAdmirer, can you honestly say you don’t understand where this comes from???????? Take a look at the clip from the Bill O’Reilly/Barbara Walters interview and maybe you’ll be a bit more enlightened. BTW, Adam is speaking the truth and is not in denial, to more or less use your words. You need to wake up and smell the coffee – this ain’t “Idol” anymore. You’re either having fun with it, or you need to visit Kris or Gokey’s site…

            • Helen/Canada says:

              I salute you!

              • Thanks, Helen/Canada. Honestly, how can anyone not admire Adam’s honesty, professionalism and PATIENCE? And for anyone to say he’s showing a cocky attitude – well, I spend way too much time exploring the internet for anything to do with Adam, and I have found absolutely nothing over the past 8-9 months that would substantiate that point. I would look up to this guy and the way he’s handling this situation even if he couldn’t sing a note!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Absolutely right TexasGal. I don’t know how he does it. He handles himself with grace and dignity. I too, have never come across anything that would prove otherwise. There are just negative people out there who would love to bring him down–sad people really. Their own lives must be pretty pathetic.
                  We all know Adam in not perfect and we should not expect him to be. Love doesn’t come with conditions, it comes with acceptance of the individual and I for one totally accept Adam as he is with all his goodness and all his faults which only make him human! (Although I must say, I can’t think of any faults right now but I guess he must have some–LOL!).
                  Great news by the way, that you heard WWFM on Dallas radio! That’s exciting, hope his music will start getting played more. The Jingle Bells events that he attends should help since they are sponsored by various radio stations. With it being the holiday season a lot of air play is given to Christmas music, so maybe after the holidays his music will be played more. Let’s hope and request his songs if your radio station has a request line. But I had heard not to bombard them because they get mad, then they won’t play it.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        LIBRA—-……………………..YOU GET OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? BOSS???? HEY, you’re not!

      • Libraglam….Absolutely agree with you…..thank you.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You said it so right girl! Bravo!

    • Cheryl 334 says below: “As far as his just talking about his sex. Would I stilll be interested in Adam? Def.. not! His voice, talent and looks is what caught my eye, not his sex. likes and I did not ever want him to get on tv and ’show’ me what he likes in life, if that is really what he ‘likes’, I prefer NOT to see that part of his lilfe, thankyou very much, but no thank you. Keep that to yourself, please. I don’t care THAT much about the gay community. If I have to have this shit thrown in my face if I want to see him perform, then maybe I’ll poass on it and just listen to the music!”

      As a gay man, I resent your statement above and find you revolting and disgusting. Why do we gays have to see your type of (hetero)sexuality plastered all over magazines and TV. The blaring heterosexuality of the other performances on AMA seems not to bother you very much. Yes, we get this heterosexual shit thrown in our face (and accept it for what it is), and do you complain about it? No, since you are one of the haters who are blind to your own hate-fille bigotry.

      • Great post, Gerry!
        Thank you!
        We are talking again about Double Standard!

        • Thank you Gerry! And I LOVED the way he said, I’m a homosexual, deal with it. . . think about it in this perspective everybody. . . look at all of the hate and cruelty Adam has been subject to in his young life BECAUSE he is gay. . . I love you Adam! You’re one of my heroes! 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

      • gerryinnj…………………………….DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. You found it necessary to repost my post? Funny. Don’t think peopole can read? Odd. So you are gay. Congratulations. I am straight. Congratulations to me. So, what is your point? I don’t like any heterosexual stuff thrown in anyones’s face either big guy! What makes you think I like that? I do not! Gay or straight, my feelings are the same for both. Stop playing the ‘victim’. I have done nothing to you. I don not even know who you are! WTF? ??????? Strange. Very strange.

        • I posted that comment made very near the bottom up higher so more people would see what a hater your are. It’s too bad we don’t still have slavery so you could have a slave to kick around. You HAVE certainly done something to me! You have dismissed my humanity and my personhood in a non-Christian attack on those you don’t like. I don’t know you either, thank God, but I know many like you. You are the ones who want to prevent others from enjoying the same benefits you enjoy. Jesus said not to pass judgement on others, but it is difficult when one is being crucified.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            GERRYIN……………….NOW DON’T TRY QUOTING THE BIBLE, YOU OBVIOUSLY CANNOT, and that is good, cuz the worst thing than religion to argue about is politics, and you can’t debate that either. You obviously do not even understand when you read something, so how could you ever ‘debate’ an issue as complicated as sexuality? You sound like Richard Nixon here, ‘you won’t have me to kick around’…………etc!!!

            How old are you? Not very, it is easily seen. But, if you are truly gay, then you really need to deal with your aggresive attitude, else you bring disgrace to other gays. Your attitude is one of the reason you have problems in society. Don’t think blaming me, or others is going to keep you from taking responsibility for your own actions and words. You are what you are. I am what I am. Nuff said.

            • I am 71 years old. Is that old enough for you?

              I helped fight against discrimination against blacks as a student in Atlanta in 1963 by marching with the blacks against dangerous police and thugs wanting to keep them in their place. Civil rights have never been won without struggle and resistance against bigotry. I have had to deal with a lot of bigotry and many bigots in my life.

              I apologize for getting angry and should have been more civil in my comments, but I have seen a LOT of hatred and hatefulness. Your comments seemed to need someone to stand up and say for you to “take responsibility for your own actions and words”. And also to open your eyes to the blindness of the oppressors.

              Gays have fought and struggled for decades to have the same rights that straights take for granted. My partner and I have been together for 27 years, but don’t have the guarantee that we can make life and death decisions for each other or see each other in an emergency room. When I die, he will have to pay taxes on my estate, unlike a spouse. We get taxed as if we have no relationship at all. In many places, we can not hold hands as straights are doing. We can not publicly show our love for each other. And WOW! A kiss between us would be scandalous, even though straits are doing it EVERYWHERE. Again, there is a double standard when it comes to gay rights, and many bigots don’t even recognize their bigotry for what it is.

              • Wow. What you were apart of and fought for is awesome and I admire it and you! Thank you for your words. <3

              • cheryl 334 says:

                yGERRYIN………………..YES SIR!!!!!! You are old enough to know what you are talking about. I am sooooooooo sorry that the laws in this country are like they are. I am not at all in favor of them. They should be changed and if I have a vote that is the way I would vote. I, too, have done my best in siding with the black community before it was chic. I voted for Jackson for President when he ran and took a lot of teens to his rallies. I have done my part whenever given a chance.

                As far as losing your temper, forget about it! You need not apologize to me for anything. I do not owe you and apology, for you have misunderstood me. Just reading words has it’s own problems. We have to ‘imagine’ the tone in which the writer is talking and we cannot know that.

                Now, you know, I have not said one word in my time on this site about a kiss. If you have read any posts from Jan. 09, you would have known that I do not CARE if Adam is gay or straight. I have been around gays and blacks and whites and straights and boys and girls and blondes and redheads, etc all my life. I have a different POV about Adam, tho. And you HAVE to understand that if my young grand children, who have never even heard the word homosexual, and believe me, they in all honesty probably have not, had seen the AMAs, it would have been disasterous for them. Not b/c of my beliefs, but b/c of those of my daughter-in=law. They have been able to watch idol for the first time this year and have watched me talk about my LOVE for Adam. Watched me going crazy. Watched me prepare to go to his concert, help me make signs for him. It is not especially for myself that I rise to protest at times and not for children or other adults. First and farmost, for me it is about Adam. I do not want him to be castrated by this society who is so hard on gays, blacks, minorities, women, and children, that I am always on the side of the minority. The constitution was originally written for the Minority, not the majority. To protect the rights of the minorities. It has been a white male, straight, religious right, ‘constitution’, I have to say. Exactly why we have so many problems in this country. But, this is a political argument, and so is the gay issue. political and moral, as I’m sure you’ll agree that that is the way of the straight, white, judgmental white men in society since it was formed so many yrs ago.

                Hopefully you will not ‘blame’ me for all this injustice. For I am not one bit to blame. I think you understand that and you came back to issue another post. Thank you. I respect that and you. I am for all the things you are for. I have taken the side of the gay community whenever there is a chance. if I say something that is opposing a gay, it is not b/c he or she is gay, it is b/c I am just objecting to what they are DOING OR SAYING. Not to who they are. I make no distinctions between gay, straight, black, white, male, female when I issue my oopinion on something or some issue. I would hope others would do the same for me. That is NOT what I experience on this site as a MINORITY of the site. On the ‘other side’ of the issue on occasion. I take my blows as you have allyour life. As a woman, I’ve taken them since birth, as you have. It is NOT fun, nor is it easy. But we fight on b/c it is all we can do. peace-love-hope-joy 2 YOU!

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  CORRECTION: 2nd paragraph. You do not owe me an apology, and I do not owe you one,………………………

                  hopefully that is the only half-sentence I’ve made! haha!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Gerry, you do not have to apologize for being angry. You have every right to be. Don’t pay any attention to Cheryl. She’s always right and only see things the way she wants to see them. Don’t even bother to try to get her to see reason. She’s just pissed because Adam is GAY and she can’t accept it. She says she’s open-minded and accepts him, she just thinks she knows better than Adam what his sexuality is. Don’t you know he’s her, “manly-man”.

              • Awesome post Gerry! 🙂

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

              • Gerry, I admire you so much, and feel for you. We have legalized marriage here now, thank goodness, come up and get married in Vancouver or Toronto.

            • I should have answered your put-down about my education by pointing out that I have a PhD degree, was valedictorian of my high school class and graduated from college with high honors. In addition, I have been studying religion after majoring in religion and philosophy, having read dozens of books about all world religions for decades. But bringing religion into this discussion is probably not a good idea, as you say.

              But I particularly want to respond to your statement that I “can’t understand when I read something”. How else could anyone understand your statement below than that it was an attack on gays expressing themselves openly.

              Cheryl 334 said: “I did not ever want him to get on tv and ’show’ me what he likes in life, if that is really what he ‘likes’, I prefer NOT to see that part of his lilfe, thankyou very much, but no thank you. Keep that to yourself, please. I don’t care THAT much about the gay community. ”

              That is telling us to just stay in the closet! I refuse to be beaten back into the closet! My relationship with my partner is just as real as anyone else’s and deserves the same fairness and justice. With “liberty and justice for ALL!”

              • Gerry,
                WOW! I have so much respect for you!
                Thank you for being a part of this site!
                Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

                • Gerry thank you for your post. I posted once yesterday saying I agreed with Cheryl, then I posted another comment and the more I wrote the more I thought and I changed my mind in just reading what I wrote. I no longer agree with Cheryl and I think you are very closed minded Cheryl. You attack anyone who has anything to say that you don’t agree with and for me I am ashamed I even agreed with you ONCE. You need to get a reality check, not Adam as I stated……..oh I was so wrong, why can’t you admit your wrong Cheryl?

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    I was waiting for you to see the light–finally-hooray!

                    • Thank you, Trish!!!
                      I admire you! It’s not easy to accept that you were wrong…. Not everybody can do it…
                      Thank you for being honest!

                    • Dianne Hill says:

                      Amen to that Helen.

                      And Gerry, your post is just wonderful, please keep coming back here, we need people like you around, it makes this a far better site. Thank you. I agree with everything you said by the way.

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Nicely said,Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Dianne Hill says:

                GerryInNJ I think your posts – all of them are the best I have seen in a very long while. I agree with everything you have been saying. This used to be the best site for lovers of Adam but it has turned into something really nasty with all these haters around. I am not gay, I am a straight 56 year old female, but I am in support of ALL people having the same rights as everyone else, if you and your partner are in the street holding hands and kissing that is fine with me, I don’t see anything wrong with it, why shouldn’t you show affection to your loved one. We are almost in the year 2010 but humanity’s behaviour has not progressed very much at all if this site is anything to go by. A really good friend who comes to this site (but not so much anymore) sent me an email today and I quote “HATE IS NOT FUN”. That is one of the truest things I have read and I am sure she won’t mind me putting it here because I think it is important that it is stated.

                One more thing Gerry, you seem to have had the last word here, good on you, usually Cheryl always has to have the last word. Let’s hope she won’t be back to spoil it for you.

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                after reading your posts I have to confess being absolutely ashamed of myself, because earlier I was trying to post something to you and was coward enough as to delete it, trying to avoid more arguments and confrontations.
                What I wanted to say after reading your first post was that I was fervently hoping Adam would not read this thread, or others with the kind of comments posted here, because it might be hurtful for him. But reading your post I realized I had been thinking only about him, and not how hurtful it must be to all the gay women and men that visit this site. And I had wanted to add that I felt ashamed and hurt on behalf of the gay community.
                I respect you and thank you for visiting the site, it would be great to see you around more often,
                Love to you,

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Thanks Silvana for a great post. This site used to be fun and all about our love for Adam and each other.

              • GerryinNJ…Many hugs and kisses. You are, a compassionate and very decent person. My son told me recently that he was gay. I cried…not because he is gay, but because of all the prejudices, hate and difficulties that he will now have to face. I will support my son and the gay community with all my heart and I thank you for your extremely encouraging posts. You are, indeed, a wonderful man and I wish you all the best.

                Love, Yvonne (Australia)

                • Gerry, I too thank you for your posts.

                  Yvonne, I have a gay son and I too cried when he told me; for all the same reasons. As it turns out there was no need for tears, as he hasn’t experienced much discrimination. Thankfully, his generation is very accepting and b/c we live in Canada he can look forward to marriage and children, if that is what he chooses. It is not as difficult a life as it was for Gerry’s generation. There is much more acceptance and I applaud people like Adam who are visible and comfortable with their sexuality b/c the more visible it is the more acceptable it will become. People say that the more violence we witness the more tolerant we become with it, so I say the more gay sexuality we see the more tolerant we will become; a good thing. So bring it on Adam….full force baby.

                  My hope is that when the next generation of homosexuals come out to their parents their reaction will be “that’s nice honey, can you pass the potatoes please?”

                  The proud mother of a gay son.

                  • Jnellie….thank you also for your very encouraging post. You are right about this generation….they are much more accepting. All his friends didn’t ‘blink an eyelid’ when he told them…it’s like …so what !!!. We have very strict anti-discrimination laws here, as well.

                    You make a lot of sense….and Yes! let’s hope that being gay will become a non issue in the future.

                    Best wishes to you and your son.

                    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

              • Gerry, thank you so much for your comments. And please excuse the one “loud mouth”, the majority of us here love EVERYTHING about Adam. I am so proud of how he has handled all of the obstacles he’s faced since Idol ended. He’s very brave and the absolute worst thing he could do is be untrue to himself. Adam is a wonderful role model, for both gay and straight people!

              • GERRYIN……………… You need to understand that I don’t even know you. I was not fingering you specifically, and had NO idea that you were #1 a man, and #2 gay.

                I don’t care what you studied. I have studied all my life and still do, and I bet you do too. But, get off the hight horse, Gerry. Stop acting like I personally ‘victimized’ you! Also, YOU can stop trying to ‘victimize’ me. I refuse to be your or anyone else’s ‘victim’.

                No, I do NOT want to see gay or straight sexual acts simulated on tv unless I know they are going to be televised. What the hell is so hard for you to understand? maybe you earned all your troubles. The way you are talking to me, I’d say you have too much hatred to be talking to anyone other than gay people who can identify with your ‘victimizing’ attitude. Stop acting like a ‘victim’ and stsart acting like an adult and be respectful to others if you want them to be respectful to you.

                You are not that much older than me. Have definately NOT had the incredibly horriffic life I have had. You can’t b/c you are a man. My son has a doctrate in theology, philosohy, and masters in 2 other classes. My daughter nearly the same. I raised them both on my own with a totally disabling disease, that ut me in a bed in my home for 3 plus yrs, in a city where I had just moved and knew no one. I have had over 50 surgeries and continue to have them. I have been nearly pronounced dead more than half a dozen time. I have been married and divorced and had a hetero. partner for nearly 20 yrs. I have owned several homes, raised more children by fostering, and done more good things in my life then you or anyone on this site could ever imagine. So, get the hell off my back about your gay problems. if you want to stnd tall, I’ll stand with you. If not, lgo cry to the rest on this site, lwhere they will all be more than hapoy to ‘use’ you to ‘diss’ me. If that is all you can hope for, that is your problem. I had osted you above with my apologies re your life, but, lhey, forget it!

                • CHERYL,
                  I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU NOW……..
                  YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SICK…..

                • Cheryl, I appreciated the post you had made before this one. I don’t know what happened to make you so bitter after that. I think you have had a very difficult life and are to be congratulated for surviving it. I think the world would be a better place if all of us could live for a day walking in the shoes of those we don’t understand. We should indeed love our “neighbors” as ourselves.

                  I am a little confused about all the people trying to protect children from learning about gays. Children are taunted and called “faggot” early on in their lives for being different. My own son was called a “faggot” in the first grade for being too smart. He was also called gay for not being very good at sports. But he is as straight as any other and has given me a wonderful grandson to play with. Children will be exposed to all the bad stuff about gays and develop a bad attitude about what being gay is. They should also hear the truth about the real stuff. I wish I had as a boy, then maybe I would not have run away from who I knew I was.

                  • GERRYIN……………….What pissed me off after I posted an apology to you is that I scrolled down and saw another post by you ‘bashing’ me again, and I just could not understand that. No need for that. I had told yoiu that I totally understood your situation now, and gave you my sincere heart felt thoughts.

                    As far as the children are concerned, I do not raise all the children of the world. I would, personally, tell them about the plights of the downtrodden in our society and of course, it would include gays. Since I am not able to do all that, I must worry about what the adults, the parents of these children might have to listen to from their parents who more than likely will be ‘slamming’ every minority. This society does not know how to deal with anything outside the white, straight, males problems. We can agree on that. I must add, that I consider women as minorities , when I talk, b/c of their ‘slavery’ issues in this and other countries. Yes, women are considered 2nd class citizens, and in a lot of countries treated less than the animals. As you can see, even on this site, anyone who doesn’t ‘follow leader’ is going to be ‘bashed, called names, ganged up on, land more’. I am the proof of that. Most of the people who do this are just not adept at being able to ‘talk’ with integrity and respect to anyone who believes, thinks, or acts differently than them. YOU, Gerry, just got right into the pot you called ‘black’ and did your own ‘bashing’ of me. How does that feel? Do you feel better about yourself now? Does ‘bashing’ me make you feel bigger and better about yourself? I certainly hope not. How the hell do you complain about the way you are treated in this society when you do the exact same thing to others?? I just do not understand that way of thinking. Never will, I hopoe. Cuz if I do ever understand it, then I have become one of THEM. I have tried all my life, and succeeded for the most part not to be like that. But, if I am attacked long enough, I am def not afraid to give my answers to the attacks, and I do. That, has some people saying they just ‘do not understand’ me. It is simple. YOU attack ME enough. I am not the nice girl anymore to you. Sound confusing???? God, I hope not. If it does, then it is too deepo for you, or whoever. Maybe it is the less educated and less socialized in society that feel okay about themselves getting on a website and ‘bashing’ someone they will never have to meet in person. You know, Gerry, the ‘cowards’ in society.

                    I could only hope and pray that children would learn things properly. Having a child yourself, you know that will probably never happen in our lifetime. I feel the exact same way. Now, I have 4 gr. children that have a mother that does not have all her skrews tight as far as gays, blacks, and others are concerened. She was raised by maids, with both parents being millionaires in their own rights, and has an unbelievable way of looking at life. I have to deal with that. My son, being a pastor, with a doctorate, a University Professor, and living in his big 5th house that they have built since I was nearly forced to move to this state so my son could have me in reach, do not truly understand the severe woes of society. Even tho he can at times, relate exactly with me, he has all the parishoners who do not. Sure, he should not care about them, but, the reality is that he does. I fight for every little bitty thing I can get from this kind of society. The religious. I educated my son and daughter in the ways of the Bible. They did not become less sighted till they went to universities in this country and Europe. The longer they are amongst the ‘moral’ minority, the more of a problem I have with their views. Then, I’ve got to keep a tight lip in order to see my gr. children. Do you have ANY idea what would happen to ME if I tried to explain what the word ‘gay’ means? Or what is a ‘gay’ person???? To do that, I would have to be willing to NEVER again be able to see them. They are my life, along with my 2 children. Am I going to give that up for people who are gay? No. I will do whatever I can for the civil and moral treatment of gays and others, but I am not going to knowingly be turned away from my gr. children for a specific deed of my own doing. Can you understand that? Now, do you understand a bit more about the ‘child’ issue? You are trying to understand the minds of the ‘white, straight male’ in the US. Impossible. I might add that many of these straight white males are also bi or gay. We, you and I know all too well about that issue. So, we are being confronted with the ‘religious’ bigots of the world, and from now till the end of time, it will not change! I truly believe that. Unfortunately.

                    Like I said, all we can do is stand up and keep fighting the hate where we come across it. I do that here, on this site, on a near daily basis. Then I go out and must deal with it in the society. You do not know the predjuidices againsts women. They are thought of as ‘dumber than a man, more of a sex object than a person, they belong at home, they were created to be a slave to their man, etc. We all have horriffic problems. Maybe with the exception of the ‘Madoff’s” of this world, but, then, again, look where he is at today. Not good enough, but at least it is something. If we wait for this country to do the right thing, most of the time we will surely be disappointed.

                    Now, I will say just one more thing. Off the subject. I have had more than a few people mention my typos and ‘mispellings’. First off, I rarely misspell anything. But, I have had surgeries on both wrists, hands and nearly all fingers and some more than once. I have real nerve damage in my hands, some parts are totally numb. I have a ‘dragging’ problem whereas at times, any given finger does not do what I am intending. I cannot help that. I have explained this maybe 3 or 4 times in the past year. Those who already know this, still criticize my hands without let up and that shows me more about them than I ever wanted to know. More stupid people who do not care about others. People who like to ‘bash’ a gay man. So, if you think these people are your ‘buddies’ here on this site, fine. but, you would not want to be around them if you were out in the world and were being ‘bashed’, for these kinds of people are the ‘bashers’ of the world. Surprised that you got into the same sandbox with this kind of garbage.

        • RUDE RUDE RUDE

      • GerryinNJ and others, paleeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS!
        Why is it that when a fan posts a comment it gets so turned around instead of taking it for what the
        person feels. Its their Own thoughts. I dont think anyone should question Cheryl’s love or loyalty to Adam. She sees him in her own perspective. Wanting him to be the best he can be. I bet there are more here on the site who agree with alot of what she posts and just wont admit it. At least she is honest to the fact that she expresses Her truth and doesnt Ever change what her truths are! Not wishy, washy one bit. Doesnt run and hide and come up for air when one thinks things have blown over, or perhaps when one thinks things are forgotten what has been expressed. So, kudos to you Cheryl. I see honesty here!

        I love Adam, love love love him and wish him all the best in his personal and professional life! He had me from day one, when he appeared on AI and I am still a loyal fan! Doesnt mean I have to Love
        Everything he does, says or wears. Means I love him as my Idol!

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY…………………WOW! Mary, thank you so very much for understandong me and not being afraid to show your feelings. I am always humbled and impressed when someone on this site can come out and not try and turn what I have posted, around so that they can attack me. You, Mary, are smarter than the average………………………!!!!

          You are so right about my loving Adam and being the biggest fan he has, short of you, that is, but a fan I am and have been since the first moment I heard a note or saw his face. Went to see him in concert, jumed thru alll kinds of hoops to see him for a very long time. Put up with people trying tp keep me from the auto. line, running around the city alone, looking for those who had to ride with me after the conceert, and a whole nother host of bangs, horrible people that I had to put up with and just keep my thoughts to myself just to get to see him. I did all I had to do to see my Adam. I’ll never forget it.

          However, I am NOBODY”S fool, and think so little of those who try to attack me, that if they could be in my shoes, they would see what a drag it is to see their name posting their attacks on me and others. Means NOTHING! What they say is so unimportant, that I have already given it too much time. But, Mary you are a TRUE fan. Not a dumb, ‘follower’ for the sake of following. Like minds! ha!

          Thanks again, Mary. You are a true friend of mine! peace=love 2 U!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          This site is for posting our opinions and all of us have different ones. We love to discuss and be open to each other. But when one person attacks viciously and calls people and their relatives names and is sarcastic, because a difference of opinion is expressed, that is no longer a discussion, but an attack.
          And oh yes, she does run and hide. How many times has she been called out including by moderators here only to stay away for a few days, change her name then come back. She behaves herself for a bit then her true colours show again.
          None of us want this, but we are fed up. We would like to express our opinions also without being attacked. We want this to be a happy place again where we CAN openly discuss issues. I bet there are a lot more people who disagree with her and don’t post because they are afraid of being attacked by her, not more that agree. No one comes here to be attacked verbally, which unfortunately has been the case with her. Seems she can dish it out, but then cries poor me, everyone is attacking me when the shoe is on the other foot. We want to love Adam and have fun here.

        • MARY …….. CHERYL is RUDE to everyone, and SHE DOES NOT show RESPECT for our thoughts and opinions, Cheryl is on an ATTACK ALWAYS!! She makes this an UNSAFE PLACE TO be free and express!!
          Cheryl is quick to call names, bully and offend. NOT NICE!!
          CALLING “DUMB FANS” on and on with her INSULTS AND NAME CALLING!!

            COME ON MARY… THINK ABOUT IT…………

            • Gala, I DO NOT ENJOY THE BASHING OR THE NEGATIVITY AND AM FRANKLY SURPRISED YOU WOULD EVEN ASK ME A QUESTION LIKE THAT? I see evident things and I see in between the evident things. This is a fun fansite and still can be. Controversy stirs up emotions and this pot has
              been stirred up here more than enough. WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE HERE: POST AND REPLY…….


              • Helen/Canada says:

                The posts are more than negative Mary. They are rude, abusive and disrespectful as said by so many people here.”Best thing would be to ignore, do not add fuel to the fire”. Why should we allow her to treat us this way. Why should one person be allowed to act this way and just be ignored??? Why should we not be allowed to express our opinions without being attacked. Come on!

                • Helen,
                  Thank you!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  I have only one thing to say to you, after all your various posts:

                  The voice of reason.

                  Thank you,
                  Love to you,

                • Helen and Gala, for the simple fact as I stated above: It adds fuel to the fire. Calling someone mentally ill is just as disrespectful. You’re not allowing anyone to treat you anyway if you ignore the negative aspects.
                  When posts are written to keep attacking the attacker it does not end.
                  Look how this thread ended up?? Sickening!

                  • PS. If you dont want to listen to me, take heed in the person whom we all are here for and adore. What did Adam do when the gay protestors stood outside the AI concert arena’s?

    • I hate to say this but I agree with you Cheryl. Adam use to be so humble, has all the fame and attention finally gotten the best of him? He does act way to cocky and smug. I never thought I would see this. It is dishearten I tell you. I hope and pray that he does take a vacation and think about what he has become. I don’t want him to hurt his career. I love Adam and continue to love Adam but he does need a realtiy check, and quick.

      • TRISH…………….. Don’t ‘hate’ to agree with me! haha!!!! I agree with everything you said, here. We are only being REALISTIC, don’t you agree? But, thanks for showing your realism, too! peace.

    • I agree with you . When he said ” I’m a homosexual,deal with it”, I wanted to shake him and tell him that we don’t give a crap that he is gay. I want him to know is that it is time for him to shut up about his sexuality and that we his fans buy his music and without us he will end up back at the Zodiac Club and he can be as sleazy there as he wants to. His fans love his music and his likeablity but this attitude of his makes me want to slap him. and I have loved him from the start.The AMA performance was not a celebration for the fans that have supported him from the start it was a big f*ck you to those that don’t like him. It wasn’t the performance either that I didn’t like-it was the attitude.
      When Ellen’s show became more about being gay than about Ellen the show went defunk. I hope someone can get through to Adam before he flops.Adam said this is a business-has he forgotten that? I love his album and tell everyone to buy it.
      I don’t want him to apologize for his performance. I want him to apologize for being a pompous ass. I have enough of them in my life.I’m not going to invite him into my life as one more.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        TINA……………..WOW! ABSOLUTELY RIGHT-ON!!!!! I agree with every single word! I thought for a few minutes that this was MY post! haha!!!! Exactly right! You have put it spot on and anyone who can read this and reads anything but that you are a fan from the get-go and just hate this new ‘attitude’ Adam is expressing is just unable to internalize what they read or hear.

        I, TOO, HOPE SOMEONE CAN GET THROUGH TO HIM before he falls on his own sword. I CANNOT APOLOGIZE for his brehavior. I will not even try. It would make me a fake and phoney. Those who know me, know that I am crazy for Adam, but, I will not ever shrink from my own ethics of right, wrong and inbetween.

        ADAM IS NOT THE FIRST TO MAKE A MISTAKE AND WON’T BE THE LAST. THE PROBLEM IS THAT HE HAS THE WORLD AT HIS FEET AND HE CONTINUES TO FIGHT A BATTLE OF A WAR HE CANNOT WIN. And in the end I am so terrified that he will be left behind holding his ‘art’ in his hand while his career and extreme talent go missing into the night.

        PLEASE WAKE-UP ADAM!!!! DON’T BE A DAMNED FOOL HERE! The stakes are too high. When I can, I will always have his back. When he is wrong I may express my feelings of that, but will continue to hope that he realizes what he as yet cannot. As he matures, grows in knowledge of how the public works, I only hopoe that he will decide to be a part of it and not an enemy of it.

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        What was so smug about what he said? When he said “I’m a homosexual, deal with it” it was in DIRECT RESPONSE to something Barbara asked about his sexuality.

        And Cheryl, I noticed that you mentioned the “Scarlet” incident at the AMA’s further up on this thread. You actually believe that obviously fake story? Radar (a rag) writes this story a couple of WEEKS after is supposedly happened. If it was true, we would have heard about it earlier. Scarlet is out for a cash-grab. This story is as fake as the story about Adam yelling at a fan for smudging his nail polish. I’m shocked that your first inclination is to believe it.

    • I agree ~ the way the show was edited didn’t put Adam in the best light. ‘No regrets’ was the answer he gave AFTER he provided Barbara with alternate answers. After she pushed a little, then he said ‘no regrets.’ And there was a lot of joking and laughing between Barbara and Adam that didn’t make it to the final cut, either. You can find small bits and pieces of the interview online – you’ll see that Adam is still Adam.

      And why Barbara was as charmed by him as the fans.

  4. I didn’t find the interview particularly good but I don’t think that Adam is at fault. It really is too bad that Barbara did not ask about other stuff. I don’t think that Adam is acting entitled but he probably is tired about talking about the AMAs. Plus this interview was just soo short. There were probably many great Adam moments that just weren’t included.
    I don’t think he should regret the AMA performance, its over and done with. He has already said that he got carried away. He is intelligent and has dealt with the AMA thing enough. Move on!

    • I think he’s acting this way because he’s tired of talking about the same crap over & over & over & over again. All anyone brings up- “you’re gay” and “you did stuff with guys on the AMAs.” If I were him, I’d start getting annoyed. He’s probably tired of hearing about it. Why didn’t she ask him about performing when he was younger? Why didn’t she say anything about the new album? It’s the same crap. He’s only human. I’m surprised he hasn’t lashed out at anyone yet. It’s just so redundant. If I would have known that that was she was going to ask him, I might not have watched it….okay, I lie. Plus he has to deal with people saying nasty things about him. And he is absolutely right-it’s all based on one performance, and that isn’t right at all. Think about it-he went right from AI, to AI tour, cramming all the work into the album, now performances and promoting and what have you. I think he should take some time off for himself.

      • Yeah, nobody is asking about the album, poor thing. All that endless hard work… my heart goes out to him. Anyway, I think he made a good impression on Barbara . At the post interview, Ms. Walters actually said she liked him.

        • GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of crap! He’s being so ‘misunderstood’, huh? The words of a typical ‘man’. Sure he’s gay?

          You all can rip off excuse after excuse for why Adam has done this or that. Would you give your husband or partner an ‘excuse’ if they abused you? I think so. You are ‘enablers’ by talking this way. NOBODY is helped by an enabler. Listen and LEARN!

      • AllStarMe — BRILLIANT!! You are so sweet! He’s only human and now I’m GLAD HE’S NOT doing the Larry King show, just to be ripped into again and again. Move on and SING BABY SING–and DANCE BABY DANCE!! whooo! I miss that salacious dancing!!

        I better go get one of my you tube fixes tonight== OhLaLa– That one was great!! Remember the vid. I’ll eat you up?? Oh Yea!!

        Why are they NOT talking about this amazing CD??? EERRRR!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Take one guess! After the AMA fiasco, it will be a while before they talk about anything else – deal with it!

          • Enough sarcasm!!!
            And change your name!!!!!!

            • GALA……………………..ENOUGH OF YOUR HARRASSING!!!!!! Are you and Nadia gay? That might explain your attitude on this site. Not a good reason for it, but would know a bit more about your attitude being so rude to Adamadmirer. YOU change YOUR name! PALEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! grow up!

              • Hahahahaha
                Nadia’s fiance will be very excited if I tell him the news about us!!!

                And by saying this you proved to be homophobic though you were saying you are not all this time!!!!!

                Cheryl, You are ridiculous!!!!!!!
                And stop harassing every voice of reason on this site!!!!

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  GALA………………….Yeah, right. (!!!!)

                  Youo wouldn’t know ‘proof’ if somebody spelled it out for you!

                  Gala, you are more ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  And stop harrassing everyone who has a brain on this site!

                  First I learn then I teach!

              • Hello???? Can this freak named “cheryl 334” not be banned from this site?

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  TEXAS……………WHAT/ MORE NAME CALLING/ NOW THAT’S NAUGHTY. Can’t expect any more from you, Summer or G a la . How about banning a threesome of gangbangers from this site? We don’t like ‘gangs’ on Adam’s site. Get off and get some pills like you said from helen/77 yr old Helen. Maybe she has some alz. pills to help you all! Worth a shot!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    Nadia???????????Is Nadia around here?Nadia???Can you see me,Nadia?????Nadia,Vera’s friend???????????Nope??Hmm,poor Nadia!She got involved somehow!! 🙁

                    • yes, Emili
                      Nadia read her post and said: I cannot be offended by a mentally sick person… She said it’s time to call ambulance….

                  • TEXASGAL!!!!!!!!
                    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    CHERYL, LEAVE THIS SITE!
                    LEAVE THIS SITE!
                    LEAVE THIS SITE!
                    LEAVE THIS SITE!

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Oh Cheryl, you think you’re so funny, poor you!

                  • Cheryl, this is getting ridiculous! I cannot believe or accept how you are talking to people here….for instance, the pills/Helen comments!

                    I hope that any newbies here realize that this is not the norm for this site. Why are you getting so personal and mean, and attacking ADAM fans???

                    I met you in Grand Rapids, and you were not like this….what has happened to change you into this raging person?

              • Cheryl……you owe an apology to many people on this site!

            • Cheryl…..You are talking nonsense and trying to rile up people on this site!

              Everything you are saying and accusing other people of doing, is exactly what you are doing! Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule??????

              Perhaps you should live by that Rule.

              And don’t come back at me saying that I’m attacking you, being mean to you, harrassing you, or anything else you have said to others!!!!

            • Is this comment below proof enough to show that you are homophobic????

              To accuse two ADAM fans of being gay…..it sounds to me like you are using that accusation as a putdown to both of them!!!! You’ll say anything (without thinking) to try make them “look bad”. And maybe you’ll realize that it’s not too smart of of you to say an accusation like that! It just confirms what many people have said to you….you appear to be homophobic!

        • Yeh, but Summer, I was hoping a whole hour with Larry King would have opened up some new
          issues or lighten things up some. I am so disappointed he wont be on Larrys show. His CD does
          seemed to have gotten off the subject for a while now.

          I think this ALL started from the Out editor writing Adam the letter. Ever since then, he has done some
          crazy things…………………
          Adam stop making a point for that A_ _ hole and go on about your lovely business as before!

      • Yeah. I’m sick of the same ol questions. I think that radio interview he did was dope. What was it, 92.3 with Lisa. She asked him about clothes, drinks, etc. That was fun to watch. Maybe for him to.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        you are so right. He should take some time for himself. I know he said after Christmans, I think it can’t get soon enough. He has had an amazing year, but so much work. AI, the tour, interviews, promoting, CD, videos, performances, more promotion. He must be worn out, poor boy. I know it’s his job, and he has worked hard for so many years, he knows how this goes. But this year has been very intense for him.

    • I agree Deborah, same old questions about American Idol and AMA. This was not really an interview in the true sense of the word.
      Was there anything that revealed something about Adam you didn’t know already even if you weren’t a die hard fan? That interview with the crazy MTV girl was way more fun. Where was the question that made Adam blush or gasp? Lost chance Barbs, for all of us. Hoping for more fun tomorrow morning.

      And yes Lady Gaga was great, I now do understand Adam’s fascination with her. I am glad she answered truthfully to the question whether she had been with women.

  5. Hey Cheryl, you are sooooooo right. He is arrogant, selfish, self-centered and not the Adam that I really supported in the beginning. I consider myself an excellent fan, but I am losing interest in Adam and resent his saying on Barbara Walters – “I am a homosexual – deal with it” Why does he keep talking about being gay? He is really sounding like an A–h—

    • He was excellent on Ellen’s show. That is the Adam that I know

      • So this should tell you that good interviews have to do with the chemistry between the interviewer and the interviewee.
        Obviously the connection between Ellen and Adam was heartfelt and this is the kind of guy he truly is. Or silly like with the MTV girl. Warm and engaging with interviewers who seemed genuinely interested in him.Or stuck up and unoriginal like Barbara Walters was tonight.
        He actually mirrors his interviewers really well.

        • Irena YOUR RIGHT ON!! Adam is and was great tonight, just answering the Qs, given from a cold, calculating interrogator. You would have thought she was interviewing a terrorist!! She was horribble NOT ADAM!! He was genuine and frank /honest. He tried to laugh and she just SAT THERE glaring at him.. RUDE

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          He has always been a great interviewee. Maybe in this particular case, besides Barbara Walters particular way to pose questions, the problem is the editing. Maybe, just a suposition, ABC edited the interview with the purpose of making him sound arrogant, self-centered or nasty in anyway, at least to some people. We can’t forget that easily the controversy between ABC and Adam.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          IRENA………………….If I am ever arested for something, I want you to be the lawyer! Now, let’s blame the interviewer. OK. Sure. I can see that. ……(NOT!).

          Warm, gentle, mirrors, smoke and mirrors! genuinely interested in him? Where do thjose people live?

          Stuck up? How much money do you earn, Irena?? Let’s see, Walters is at least a billionaire. How does that compare to your salary? Hmmmm…………………..that’s what I thought.

      • BRUCE……………..Hey back at ya! I agree, he was very nice on Ellen. And that ‘I’m a ……….deal with it’ sttement, why did he even say that???? I didn’t hear anyone say they didn’t think he was gay…………….so what gives? Does Adam truly believe he is totally gay? Maybe therin lies the problem! I have NEVER in my life EVER seen a gay man go on national TV and constantly talk about his being gay, a homo, or anthing like this! Totally out of character for a gay person. To always say ‘it’s not that deep’ and ‘it’s all about the music’, then continueously put himself in a situation that calls for sexuality talk and he talks about it, is sending out the message, I hear of him saying, ‘I think I’m gay, even tho I didn’t think so in H.S., so I need to prove to all and myself that I am a homo’, just all seems a bit of ye oprotesting too much, or something. Can’t put my finger on it, but an irritated enough by all the talk that it is not as much fun seeing the next vid clip of him talking. Don’t know, Bruce, something is wrong with this picture. Let’s stop saying he is ONLY 27! He’ll be 30 yrs old in 2 yrs! When is he supposed to be acting like an adult? Ever?

      • Please read my post above. Timing is everything. This is Adam tonight. “Jack of all traits.” Brilliant man, wish I could hear the whole song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXg_8BTtDaU

        • Holy shit , he just does it all. doesn’t he?!!! He can be lewd and vulgar, humble and polite, silly and smart. , shocking and sweet.
          Here he is singing the National Anthem for Steven Spielberg with all the depth he has in his bones.

          Bring it on Adam, keep shaking up this world, keep surprising us with your colorful personality, always different but above all, through thick and thin true to yourself.
          I am in awe of his strength. Yes people will say he is arrogant and losing touch with his fans, this is what happens when you are a strong person, people will try to hack you down like there is no tomorrow.

      • BRUCE……………….. That is the Adam I know, too! You are absolutely right!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh Bruce, why are people basing their opinions on such a short excerpt that was editied to death.

    • She brought up his sexuality by talking about the AMAs. He’s most likely tired of talking about ALL OF THIS. It was pretty much his way of saying “Okay, get over it now.” Poor boy never gets to converse about anything other than his love for other boys.

      • Also, what would it matter if he actually wanted to talk about being gay. Would you dislike him then? If it wasn’t provoked, if that’s just the kind of guy he was? He answered honestly. You get tired of being a nice guy when everything constantly gets shoved back in your face. And when people ask you the same questions. He’s a performer-not an Adam Lambert oral biography. If people would maybe, and this sounds crazy, ask him questions pertaining to performing and music, he wouldn’t talk about being gay and it wouldn’t make you think that he was being such a jerk.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        OH, YEAH, ADAM IS NOT able to speak up for himself? PAleeeeeeeeeeez! This boy who can stuff a boy’s crotch in him bulge on national tv does not know how to stopo the sex. talk and questions? Give me a break. get real, and alllllllll that!

    • Bruce, Where and when was Adam arrogant, selfish and self-centered?? Please point out your observations during this interview! Your losing interest BECAUSE……….

      You resent his saying he is a gay beacuase…………. AFTER THEY SHOWED his rolling stone cover,SHE talked about it more then half the time……..
      He ANSWERED Barbra when she asked ” Was this a hard desision to make telling you were gay”? and “There were people who thought you should have kept your sexuality a mystery” MAKING ADAM ADRESS THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! He gave honest answers without hesitation, to finally PUT AN END TO THIS ==O.K.! WOW

      This makes Adam AN ASSHOLE!! HHHMMMM You sure are an EXCELLENT FAN Bruce!!

      • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

        I’ve just been reading the comments up to this point, and along with Summer, I really don’t see why folks are responding to this interview as if Adam came off as arrogant, selfish, or self-centered or any of the negative things that have been said. I’m not sure what it is that people want. Adam says “I’m gay. Deal with it.” I’m sorry. What is the matter with that? What is he supposed to do, roll on the floor and apologize? What? Adam is an exhibitionist no doubt and he loves to get out there and show what he’s got no matter what it is, feathers, the glambulge, blue spray paint, his naked chest, and if you didn’t know that before the Barbara Walters interview you were certainly not in the loop and need to get in it. But I don’t see him as arrogant. He is also immensely sensitive and vulnerable. He talks about wearing himself right out there on his sleave. We can all see that’s true. As with many great artists, he is truly honest in his interior. So, I guess I’d like more clarity from folks regarding where they are seeing these very negative qualities because aside from having gone a little overboard–ok, maybe a lot overboard at the AMAs–he hasn’t been AWFUL to my knowledge.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          You are so right. I can’t believe the opinions people are expressing from a few short answers that were so edited, Adam wasn’t even allowed to finish a complete sentence for gods sake. Chill out people, GEEZ. I can’t believe that people call themselves fans and have such a reaction to this interview.
          Obviously it was edited to the hilt and yes, by ABC! Duh!

          • Helen, I agree with you. And, let’s not forget the fact that it was a true honor for Adam to be included on Barbara’s list. I really didn’t think the interview was bad at all, although I thought he just didn’t look as wonderful as usual. Adam looked really tired (this was taped the day after the AMA’s) and his make-up, as well as Kate Gosslin’s (sp) and several others on the show, wasn’t as attractive as usual. But, I still think his being included in the show was wonderful!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I think I saw Bruce left comment after AMA saying he’s no longer a fan??!!Hmm,let me think back for a while!!!!Hmmm,I think he is!And now he is here and say Adam is WHAT??Oh puhleeeeease!!!I don’t think Bruce is a fan from the beginner.Is there any posiblities,that the haters come here and try to take over??LOL,maybe I think too much but when I go to Adam LOVERS sites,I didn’t aspect to see a “fan” call Adam ….I can’t even write it.At the beginner,I fought for Adam fighting the haters.And now,I should defend Adam from the ….”lovers”? Hmmm??!!This is ridiculous!

        • Yes, Emili, I remember this Bruce saying he’s not a fan anymore…. What are you doing here, Bruce? This is Adam’s fans site!!!!!! FOR FANS, don’t you understand this!!!!! FANS NOT HATERS!
          And we are here to support Adam not criticize him for ridiculous things like his new hair style or clothes or whatever!

          Don’t you forfot why we fell in love with Adam???!!! First of all because he is incredible singer!!! and second because he is amazing person….If you think he did something wrong, that’s fine…. Say it and move forward… but keep supporting Adam…. If you are disappointed, please move forward…… Leave us alone!!!! But your negativity feels like poison….. Stop poisoning this site!!!!!!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            GALA………….ONCE AGAIN, AS MUCH AS YOU WISH IT WERE SO, YOU ARE NOBODY’S BOSS. ESP. NOT BRUCE’S!!!!!! He has more insight than you could ever possibly hope to have. Get yourself off this site, GALA!!! GET OFF! GET OFF!!GET OFF!!!!

            HOW DOES THAT FEEL G A L A???????

            • It feels great being at this site and exchanging opinions with great people…i am happy that I am part of this site and I will be as long as I can because I met wonderful people here… and keeping meeting with more….I became friends with some of them…I am not talking about you and Bruce (who is Bruce???? he sounds like a hater from Danny’s site????!!!) and a couple of others… You few bring negativity and poison everything here…. You are entitled to your opinion, just say it and move forward but do not keep talking and talking and trying to answer in a rude way to everybody who do not agree with you!!! The majority people on this site DO NOT AGREE with you…. Deal with it!!!!

              • gala……………CHEAP SHOT ONCE AGAIN. When having no pertinent info use the ole ‘cheap shot’. Not necessary for intelligence.


              • Yea Gala!! I too enjoy most of the people I’ve “met” on this site. I’ve been visiting since shortly after the finale and couldn’t imagine not coming here! And if any of the people who make this site happen, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into it. Now that I’ve taken my “vow of silence” regarding responding to certain opinions, I intend to celebrate Adam with the others who share my feeling toward him. Love ya, Adam!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        People have the right to express opinions – I, like Bruce, have been an excellent fan and now questioning the way I view Adam. He was a different person on Idol, humble, sweet, caring about others, and now it’s clear who he really is – that is disappointing to many of his fans and we should be able to express that on a fansite – enough with the defensiveness!!! Doesn’t mean we still don’t like his singing. We are not in denial like so many that keep saying the interview was bad because of Walters, I’m not a fan of hers but get real!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          He is still humble, sweet, caring about others. You says it’s clear who he really is from a 3 minute edited version of an interview??? Wow, that’s some observation.

      • Like I said before the questions were stale and rehashed.
        How can we blame Adam for talking about his sexuality if this is what they keep asking him about. He is crystal clear, I am Gay and I am proud of it and I have been living like this for many years! It takes a frikkin’ saint to keep a straight face when being asked these questions over and over, it is like these people don’t do there homework.
        Are you Gay? Check! Do you regret being runner up on AI? Check! Was it difficult to come out in RS? Check! Asked and answered. Check means DONE!!!!!!
        So what was up with Ms. Walters? I don’t care whether this was right after the AMA’s, her professionalism should have kicked into high gear and she could have pulled off an awesome insightful interview.

        • NO…………….it doesn’t take a saint. Why is Adam constantly referring to himself as gay, out whatever? Shut up about it and maybe the questions will change!

          • You shut up, Cheryl!!!!!
            It’s time for you to shut up!
            Adam did not fulfill your expectations (you wanted his SOOOOOOO much to be straight but he keeps answering the questions that he is gay…) and you are pissed off…. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!
            You are ridiculous!!!!

        • Irena,
          Don’t forget that this interview was recorded after a couple days after the AMA and was aired 2 weeks after….
          Yes, stop asking the same questions and ask him about the great album! He sounds amazing!!!!! All my friends who were not Adam’s fans before are sooooooooo impressed!!!! He did such a great work for three months!!!!!! Lots of singers cannot do it for a year!!!
          Great job, Adam!!!!!!
          Love your album!!!!

    • Bruce: This “interview” was EDITED TO DEATH – it took place right after the AMA’s – he has since changed the way he answers – did you not watch him on ELLEN? Go watch THAT interview, and also watch him on The View tomorrow (which we haven’t seen yet, of course).
      The answer he gave about “I’m homosexual, deal with it” was in direct response to what Barbara said about “some people want you to …” I forget her words, something like not saying he’s gay or whatever – THAT specifically is probably that idiot Gene Simmons, who’s a hypocrite – his whole life is on tv and he’s bragged about sleeping with thousands of women – plus he’s disgusting anyway.
      If you’re such a huge Adam fan, you’d know a lot more about Adam. When he talks about these things, it’s because it’s in response to somebody else (which interviewer’s typically leave off that part of it, conveniently for them, huh)
      Plus they cut out all the other stuff we saw in the teasers, where he talked about wanting to raise kids one day, and walking arm in arm with Barbara, etc.
      Adam is NOT arrogant, selfish, or self-centered in any way, shape or form. He just firmly believes in what he says.

      • Why are some of you acting the way you are acting? I agree with Cheryl and Bruce and I do have the right to say it. I love Adam, I support Adam, but come on he has been acting smug and self-centered lately. Maybe some of that has to do with what he has to deal with, but everyone in showbiz has to deal with things they rather not, and not all of them act smug. To Adam’s credit he has had so much thrown at him in a short period of time, so maybe I should think about that before I call him smug. It has to be very hard for him to stay centered when you have all that crap about the AMA’s and him being gay always being thrown at you. I just want the loveable humble Adam that was on Ellen, that was on Idol. Maybe when he finally gets his well deserved overdue vacation he can reflect on the past year and maybe be more himself next year. Ok, the more I think about it the more I understand why he would act the way he has lately. I know I couldn’t deal with what he has to deal with, so yes I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND AND I WILL GIVE THIS AWESOME MAN A BREAK. 🙂

        • TRISH………………This is your greatest sxplanation of the feelings of many. You have said this in a way that apparently I am not. I agree with you. THAT probably will NOT make you very popular, but it is the way I feel. I have never liked ‘personality’ contests anyway. They are never truthful from the one trying to be ‘popular’. An immature way of looking at an issue.


    • What is wrong with people? Attitude? i dont’ see any attitude here. The interview just show some raw cut portion. That’s it. It’s typical Barbara Walter’s interview. short and simple. He is extremely confident and honest. Just the old stuff that he is repeating. Give him a break. He is not a babysitter to please you and “play” American Idol. He advances to be a real artist like any artist. He is in the business for so long , he is not a novice. Stop telling me that he is not big yet. Big or not depend on how people look at it. It’s people stupidity to be bothered by the homophobic and those who are jealous of Adam talent and success (in term of being recognized so early) and people forgot that ADAM should be recognized long before AI. I am SICK and TIRED of hearing people in this website acting like they are OLD and MATURE but actually they are IMMATURE, CLOSED -minded. UNPREDICTABLE . !!!!!!!!!!!
      CAN YOU JUST ACCEPT ADAM as HE IS. IF NOT Then just “direct your criticism elsewhere”.
      GET OFF THIS SITE !! We only need to hear something fun , positive, matured and open-minded thinking. Share something that we are in common. If not , then go elsewhere and vent it out. No one want to hear negative thoughts about someone they LOVE AND ADMIRED ! I thought this is a fan site, a place where i can enjoy after long hours at work. GET OFF THIS SITE and let others enjoy their valuable times !!!!!!!

    • What people don’t get about being gay is that it is a big part of who you are; of how you are perceived; of how you are defined. Just like being heterosexual is a big part of who you are (assuming as much), the difference being you aren’t defined by it and nobody cares about it. If you are heterosexual people don’t describe you as the hetero guy next door. Adam talks about it so much because people ask him about it so much. Unfortunately that is how he is being defined right now. Sure, the AMA performance brought a lot of attention to his homosexuality, but he is gay and he kisses guys. Headlines don’t read HETEROSEXUAL MAN KISSES WOMAN ON LIVE TV! so why should they read HOMOSEXUAL MAN KISSES MAN ON LIVE TV! A more surprising headline would be HOMOSEXUAL MAN KISSES WOMAN ON LIVE TV! If I had to venture a guess I would say Adam would rather talk about his music than the sex of his bed partner. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that maybe the reason he’s been sounding like an A-h– (as you so eloquently put it) is because all anyone talks about is his being gay. How would you react if someone kept asking you about your sexuality? Don’t tell me, I think I know. So yah… “He is a homosexual – deal with it” because you’re the one sounding like the A-h_!

      • ElianeBrasil says:

        Hahahahahaha Headlines are greats. They”re be so surprise hahahaha MAN KISS A GIRL on his own show hahaha (sorry my english) What about his music?

    • No.
      It was a dumb interview. Dumb dumb dumb. Baba Wawa was dumb here.
      And slanted. Slanted by the sour face of his interogator and her judgemental tone.
      The segment also featured a clip of him singing: “I threw it all away…” from his audition. Was Baba trying to appease her ABC bosses, or some still frothing viewers?
      I don’t think doing The View is such a great idea either. More of the same. Mommy/Judge tone – from all directions.
      You resent him saying “I’m a homosexual,deal with it”…?
      What’s tto resent?
      Why does he keep talking about it??Why did Baba ASK him about it? To which he gave his pithy reply.
      Just guessing – he may resent having to keep frigging saying it!

    • Bruce, I didnt like the homosexual, deal with it either. We are dealing with it, we love him regardless.
      Like I said, it all stems from the “OUT” magazine editor (Aaron) and he keeps making a point here.

  6. Perhaps remaining true to himself is more important to Adam than fame and fortune, should it come to a final choice for him between the two. Ring of Fire could have got him tossed off Idol. His friend said he would either be jettisoned from the show early, or win it.

    This was a sound-bite interview— about two to three minutes of conversation in which he was not able to follow up with any explanations. We have already heard his complete thoughts on the subject in other interviews, especially the Michael Slezac Realité one and Ellen in which he said it was not the best choice. A lot depends on what you mean by the word regret.

    Adam is looking STRONG in sticking to his (well documented) position that he didn’t do anything that has not been done in previous years.

    HONESTY is so rare a thing that people no longer recognize it.

    If we are getting sick of hearing about his homosexuality, I’m sure he’s a thousand times more sick of fielding questions about it.

    • WELL SAID!!!

      • Sherry,
        You are soo right!!!
        Great post!

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          Right! He only said “I’m a homosexual, deal with it” because Barbara was freaking asking him about it! And a couple of the posters here are upset? WTF was he suppose to say?

    • Amen to that, sherry and AllStarMe. Adam is in a “damn if you do” and “damn if you don’t” situation. Let’s not make it any harder for him. He is so stressed out.

    • Sherry WELL SAID, I am proud of him and he is teaching me A FEW THINGS!!
      Put yourself in his shoes for a minute and stop judging!

      Watch this video again and really look at his expressions and then look at Barbs face across from him, That is scary! I can only imagine how demeaning she must have gotten with him during an hour or more interview. They show 120 seconds of Adam talking and some HERE say he was RUDE, ARROGANT, SELFISH, AND A BRAT!!! WTHF– WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!!


      • Dianne Hill says:

        Jeeez Summer, this is getting beyond a joke isn’t it? The throwing the TV out the window was for a f*****ing commercial wasn’t it. Adam is a fantastic person inside and out, he is plenty mature enough, for god’s sake he has been travelling all over the world and living on his own since he was 19. If one person cannot look into that man’s eyes and tell what sort of a man he is then they have blindfolds on. Barbara Walters to me seemed like she was interrorgating a prisoner or terroist has someone (was it you Summer) pointed out, I didn’t like her manner at all.

        • But Dianne,
          Would you love her when she is defending Adam talking to this asshole Bill O’Reilly????
          I am starting to love her after that!!! LOL

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Gala, I wasn’t referring to Summer when I made that statement above, I was referring to someone else – Cheryl.

            I read my post again late last night after I had posted it and it did look like I might be referring to Summer and if you and Summer think that I apologise, it is just that I didn’t really want to reply to Cheryl cause it would start another slanging match and I couldn’t be bothered with that crap last night. Plus I was meaning Barbara’s manner in dealing with Adam when I said “I didn’t like her manner at all”. Sorry for any confusion. I support you all the way Gala and Summer.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SHERRY………………I THINK ADAM can end the questions if he wants. He can let the interviewer know before the interview tht he’ll not answer those questions, or that they may ask one question, etc.

      Adam is looking lessSTRONG and more STUBBORN in sticking to something that is a negative in his hat. He may or may not have done things similarily in previous yrs., but that is not why he became so popular. His attitude and talent on idol is what gave him his big break.

      I would like to see some REAL honesty from Adam. He has been giving out signals that this or that is how he is, and they don’t match up anymore. Either he’s a nice, good guy that wnts all to love each other, or he’s just SAYING it all to look good and nice. He cannot run around dissing so many people. When he does something so controversial, he should be apologitic to a degree, understanding that he may not be a parent, and did not understand their feelings, and realize that, Yes, Adam, You may have not done the right thing. Not the end of the world, but forever denying that he even made a mistake, when the public is telling him he did make a mistake, is arrogant, prideful, selfish, and insulting to those who loved him but did not love something he did or said. He says he’s not perfect. Well, we can see that more and more every day.

      Honesty? Paleez! Throwing a tv out the window, jumping on a bed with a couple girls, where is the honesty in that? Is that the way he has lived in the past, or even today? No! So, there is NO honesty in all that playacting shit. If he were 19 or 20m drugged up or smashed out drdunk, maybe. but to go into a hotel room stone sober and act like that is not honest, nor is it even believable for Adam. He has fun, but this is not the way he has fun in his real life, his being honesty in portraying how he would do things is just a piece of crap.

      As far as his just talking about his sex. Would I stilll be interested in Adam? Def.. not! His voice, talent and looks is what caught my eye, not his sex. likes and I did not ever want him to get on tv and ‘show’ me what he likes in life, if that is really what he ‘likes’, I prefer NOT to see that part of his lilfe, thankyou very much, but no thank you. Keep that to yourself, please. I don’t care THAT much about the gay community. If I have to have this shit thrown in my face if I want to see him perform, then maybe I’ll poass on it and just listen to the music!

    • SINCE WHEN IS BEING TRUE TO ONESELF MEAN DISRESPECTING EVERYONE ELSE????????????? More excuses. “OH, I’m just being true to myself’. That is what everyone says when there is nothing to say. Dumb saying. Old, already. Don’t insult my intellligence.

      • I’m 100% positive that you have viewed a TV show or a movie with something that was actually bad-like, simulated murder, sex scenes. Simulated murder is okay, but simulated sex isn’t? What kind of world are we living in?

        Bottom line is if he would have done what he did with a woman, no one would care.
        Second bottom line is that he obviously is trying to deal with his “regret”- in his own way-by saying that he’s going to stick to rehearsals and not add new things, etc. IF HE WAS TRULY TRYING TO BE A BRAT HE WOULD HAVE SAID, “HEY, I DON’T REGRET WHAT I DID AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M GONNA DO IT AGAIN!” If he wanted to, he could shove a guy’s face in his crotch during EVERY performance. But…instead he says that he’s going to focus on the music. AND SO SHOULD YOU.

        And when someone “comes out” that becomes a hot topic. I’ve never watched an interview where Adam turned down a question. Some he would talk vaguely, but he never shot anyone down. Can you just see that he’s being honest? Have you ever heard of gay pride? If these things bother you, listen to his music solely-not his interviews.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          VERY OLD EXCUSE. simulated murder? not simulated sex? Right. Wait 50-100 yrs and if there is still nayone left on earth you’ll seee a lot of sex, and it will no longer be simulated! people will be bored wth that stuff! so why not just do that now??? Oh, I forgot, they DO. Only it on pay TV. Want to see that on primetime tv, too???? Too soon for you? Oh, you just don’t care about some dude’s ‘art’ or right of expression, and by the way, what about those who’s expression to hate is denied and they cannot kill someone on primetime national tv? Where are their rights? Different? no. Not at tall. Eventually it all runs together and we hould let anybody and everybody express themselves on primetime national tv. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see. Just a fllking free-for-all. No laws, no rules, no respect, just a bunch of idiots and maniacs running wild and killing whoever they want and raping whoever they want cuz it is their right under the constutution! LAWS OR LAWLESSNESS? IT IS OF COURSE, YOUR CHOICE! Your country!

          • If you’ve been paying attention to television from now back to, say 50 years from now, you’d realize the progression of shows. Back in the day, they wouldn’t even show two humans in a bed together! Even in cartoons-early Flintstones episodes showed Fred & Wilma, a married couple-in separate beds!

            “Just a fllking free-for-all. No laws, no rules, no respect, just a bunch of idiots and maniacs running wild and killing whoever they want and raping whoever they want cuz it is their right under the constutution! LAWS OR LAWLESSNESS? IT IS OF COURSE, YOUR CHOICE! Your country!”
            EXCUSES blah blah blah. Does this sound familiar?
            I’ve been trying to see your point of view, and I can at times, but you continue to piss me off. Especially by saying others are attacking you, when you go and break down everything everyone else says, and call each part wrong.

            If you are too ignorant to see that shoving a guy’s face into a crotch is equal to seeing a couple in bed on a soap opera- neither of which are actually having sex and saying that these things are equal to violence…then that is your own problem.

            And constantly becoming angry over him talking about being gay is making you sound sort of homophobic, whether you are or aren’t, I don’t know, but that is the kind of impression that I am getting by reading your posts.

            Second, the way you are calling everyone else stupid-please reconsider. I have read your countless spelling errors and have held myself back from pointing them out, in an effort to not call you stupid.

            He obviously is a proud guy. And he likes guys. You don’t realize, but think of this: If you were gay…everything you see everyday-advertisements, movies, TV-they all feature couples-straight couples, kissing, holding hands. Who isn’t to say that gay people feel that this is being rubbed in their faces. But they do not go on crusades to protest how heterosexuality is being thrown in their faces. Instead, a lot of them fight for their rights, just wanting to be granted the equality that straight people everywhere take for granted. See, you are so used to seeing these things that you wouldn’t even notice that maybe they are being thrown in gay people’s faces. Because we view it as the norm.
            I say, Adam-if talking about being gay is what you want to do, do it. Don’t hide who you are. When you become stifle yourself, you lose who you really are in the end.

            • cheryl 334 says:

              I DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR TYPOS. WHY? Because I have had too many surgeries on my wrists, hands and nearly every finger and some more than once. I have nerve damage and have a ‘dragging’ sensation, whereas lometimes ‘lazy’ finger will often ‘drag’ if I am typing too fast. one other situation, not an excuse, but an effort to tell you something I don’t like to refer to, but, the keys sometimes do not strike as fast as my fingers can type on this keyboard. I have been tyoping all my life, at least since I was in h.s. where I understand typing is no longer a class!

              I make no excuses for mentioning OCCASSIONALLY that Adam tlks about himself being gay, for I don’t see any proof of it, except he supposedly had a brief time with D.L. Not a love affair, and the fact that I do not believe he is gay. That should get a lot of you commenting. However, if you have truly read my posts, this would not be a bit of a surprise. I have explained it over and over since the spring. I have my reasons, and have explained them. If I am wrong, I will be the first to acknowledge, but just don’t forget that I am the first, and almost only one who has had that view. Doesn’t mean I am right, only means I have beeen consistent, and know exactly WHO has been attacking me and who has not. I can go a long time without rebuffing these posts to me, some that have been so outrageous that some have been removed from this site for posting the outrageous and downright cruel things to me. WHERE were YOU then? You do not know as much as you think you do. Not at all.

              Don’t give me this stifle yourself bit. We all stifle ourselves. We must. We do not have the right to do or say whatever we think and call it our ‘right’ as an American, nor is it a ‘right’ by calling it ‘art’. It ain’t!

              • cheryl 334 says:

                ALLSTAR………….Think I do not get pissed off? I do. Usually it is long after I have posted something and come back to this site, only to see so many dissing so many. Then I ‘reply’ here and there. Not as much as I would do if I had more time and patience, but just a word or so. No, I don’t think you’d be fumb enough to call me stupid, for I’m betting you already know that I am far from that. I am also far from being homophobic. I am not. If a gay person makes me pissed off or a straight person does, I do not arrange my reply to speak to each in a different way. So is true as far as race goes. I have all my life taken the side of the minority in this country. Sometimes I’m the minority as I am here on this site. It is easy to ‘bash’ a minority, isn’t it? I am living proof here on this site. So, don’t patronize me and don’t ‘bash’ me and I will not do the same.

                • CHERYL334……As I said in my post yesterday (below) that I think you have a real issue with accepting homosexuality….well,you have just proved it. You will not accept that Adam is gay. HE IS GAY !!! He has said he is gay a million times. Everyone else knows that he is gay. His parents know that he is gay. Why, on earth, do you keep saying that he is not gay !!!! For the mere fact that you have such an issue with Adam being gay, to me, says that you are strongly homophobic. It you were not homophobic you would not be so repulsed by Adam’s behaviour on the AMA’s. Sorry, but that’s how I read you.

                  Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

              • Dear Cheryl,
                I started wondering if you had any surgeries on your brain????….

      • Your intelligence????!!!

    • sherry, Adam can probably let the people interviewing him what not to ask???? I would think so anyway.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well said Sherry. Right on!

  7. wow when did this site become the hater site. I’m surprised, but maybe because I haven’t been here for a couple months. Adam is true to himself and that is most likely why the majority fell in love with him in the first place.

      I am trying to get us all together to FLOOD the network sites, radio stations, and VH1, MTV with positve letters about why we love ADAM and vote for him!! We need to complain why they have not played his muisic, tell them we are upset with the blackballing and snubbing. We can change things if we stick together for ADAM!!
      Remember it was only 1500 people who complained to ABC, so we have power in numbers!!

      Come together people!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        SUMMER……………………Don’t be so hard on those who don’t agree with you on EVERYTHING! That is kind of ridiculous, isn’t it? I don’t ‘follow leader’. I think for myself and sometimes my thoughts and feelings are not the same as yours. That is not ‘hating’, my dear. That is expressing an opinion. But, I’d like to ask you to ‘stopo the judging’. You are NOT my judge and jurdy. You have an opinion just like me, and nothing more. Your opinions and my opinions areequally important to each of us.

        WE ARE AN INTELLIGENT SITE – where all opoinions are respected, esp the ones that are different than others. we are strong women. We won’t be ‘led’. We might follow, but only if it is our ‘choice’, not someone’s ‘demands’.

        • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

          I agree that we should all have the right to express our views without fear of being attacked and I’m sure folks that are saying negative things about Adam right now feel pretty anguished about it. What I have to say to them from my perspective is I appreciate your hurt and pain about an artist you really care about and hope that you will be able to look for the best in Adam and give him second, third chances in the long run. For me, Adam represents forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, all qualities I hope we extend to him. So Cheryl 334 keep on saying what you think and what you believe from your heart and I hope you continue to stick with us. God isn’t finished with any of us yet!!!, including Adam.

          • ELIZABETH RICHTER………………I absolutely applaud you for your insightfulness, Elizabeth! Thank you for seeing and hearing what I am saying. Adam will continue to get more and more chances with me! I am in no way giving up on Adam! I love this man, and will try to do everything I can to help him and if that means pointing out what I see, and many others as the ‘error of his ways’ I wil continue to do that FOR him. I have nothing invested with those who choose not to see and hear me and understand me. They and their comments to me and all who disagree with their opinions are not one bit important. sometimes you can lead a horse to water and if he is dying of thirst he still may not drink. Nothing anyone can do about it. God has given me too many chances at life when I was nearly pronounced dead more times thn even I can believe. So, I know I am never going to be perfect, always right, or better than anyone else. You are right. We should all realize that and have more respect for our brothers and sisters. Knowing that we want to accomplish the same thing. It takes a big person to say that and esp. on this site, as anyone can and will be attacked by Adamaddict, Dianne Hill, Itsme, Summer, Gala, and a few more who seem to think that this is the place to come to be as rude and mean as they can be without having to say these things to one’s face. Cowards do that.
            I am only interested in Adam’s welfare and his awesome possibilities. Yes, it is hard to criticize someone you love. But, to me that is the perfect love. Loving someone enough to tell them when you think they are doing wrong. NO, I am not the rule makere, just saying that as I can see the comments coming with those constant excuse words for attacking me or anyone who is in agreement with me. So, I’ll carry on carrying on! Thank you! peace-love Cheryl

            • Helen/Canada says:

              You’re kidding, right? or do you truly believe what you just wrote?

              • This “big person” is full of baloney….
                I think she has no idea what she is talking about…. And she is talking about being rude and mean…. LOL … She is so ignorant… Poor thing….

      • Come together, right now, over me. <3

      • Summer, just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY heard WWFM on KISS-FM in Dallas/Ft. Worth today!! I think KISS is the biggest pop station in the D/FW Metroplex – finally!!!! (And, as you might imagine, it sounded sooooooooo much better on the radio 🙂 !)


  9. Adorable Adam, I love him.
    I’m into semantics’
    Saying “my sexual orientation’
    is smarter than saying
    ‘who I’m sleeping with.’
    Is received better.
    just cuz.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      IANALEAH…………………DON’T LOOK NOW, BUT HE JUST SAID, ‘who I’m sleeping with’ on the Barb. Walters show tonite! Guess you’d say he’s not so smart, afterall. That is my point. He showed a lot of smrts early on, where have they gone?

      • Ok Cheryl, expressing your opinion is one thing, but now it has just become bashing. I wish you would stop it just creates a negative environment. WE GET IT! now move on PLEASE!

        • YOU TALKING FOR THE WHOLE SITE, NOW????? I have never ‘bashed’ Adam. Goodnite! Don’t think you can tell me when to post or anything else! I am NOT the one creating a ‘negative’ environment. Someone else to blame? Yeah, that is how it goes. Blame, blame, blame. Anyone but yourselves!

          • Why would you think I am talking for the whole site? I’m giving my honest opinion, just like you. I don’t really feel like getting into an angry exchange with you. Might I suggest you watch the interview on the View, it may be more to your liking… He was amazing and charming as always. Oh and before you talk “in denial” maybe it is just a difference of opinion. Chill a bit…..

            • cheryl 334 says:

              So, not smart, of you to think I would have to watch the ‘view’ interview!!!! I was waitting for it and tapped it. Brother! Chill a bit

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Cheryl, do you really believe what you write?





    • Glambs, please check video of Barbara Walters post interview comments regarding Adam Lambert. It is very encouraging.

      • Dee he was set up and your right they only showed 120 seconds of him.
        I still do not see Adam as rude tonight. I see Barb as a cold, calculating, stone face, interrogating Adam, no emotion. I do believe she worked hard on him to get some reaction and out of ALL THE FILM , they could only come up with this!! LUDIGROUS!
        He even laughed and she stayed stone face.
        I feel more and more bad for Adam having to endure this bullshit, and then he is even picked apart and every move and word he says is dissected negativly by his FANS??

      • do you have a link to this vid? – just googled & can’t find it 🙂 thanks in advance for your help!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I have the same feeling about ABC editing Adam to make him sound arrogant. I’ve posted this a bit furhter up, without having read your post.

    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      I agree with you. Maybe this is how ABC gets back at him and comes off smelling like a rose. I know that TV often edits things out and makes interviews look a lot different than what the individual initially intended. I am keeping that in mind. My interactions with Adam have always been pleasant so I cannot complain.

    • Dee, cant wait to see the View either. I dont like how these TV people cut out the best parts of the
      interviews, last nights interview was not good.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Dee, don’t get upset. We true fans get it. The others just want an excuse to rag on Adam. If a 2 minute segment that was edited is all it takes to get them ripping into him, then that’s their problem.

  11. Just a gentle reminder, folks, that Adam gave this interview with BW only a day or so after the AMA performance when he had just flown to NYC & got hit with the whole GMA cancel thing, etc. Barbara W. had chosen Adam for her “10 Most …of 2009” BEFORE he did the AMAs, but once THAT became THE issue, she was left with that as her main line of questioning. Babs was the one who raised the whole gay issue to him, just as she asked Lady GaGa about having sex with other women. I don’t think it’s even Barbara Walter’s business to be asking questions about an artist’s sexual preferences, but at least Adam (& GaGa, too, really) answered honestly. I didn’t see her raising that subject with her other “honorees”!

    Adam has since done the Ellen Show & other interviews & had more of a chance to reflect & maybe shed a bit more light on his actions in THAT ONE PERFORMANCE. The interview for the View that will air Thurs.12/10 was taped just a couple of days ago. This kid’s been through a LOT of firestorm since the AMAs on Nov.22!!! He has expressed his regret that some viewers felt disrespected, as that was NOT his intent. Under all his bravado, I think Adam was truly shaken up by the negative responses he’s received & I’m sure he’s taken everyone’s concerns to heart. He’s a smart guy & he’s said he is learning. Give the guy a break…He’s doing great… IMHO!!!

    The Larry King Live interview has been taken off the schedule over on AO. Don’t know who changed this, but I wouldn’t doubt that Adam & his team have decided that it wasn’t the venue he wanted to do right now, especially if all ole Larry wants to talk about is this same old rehash…blah, blah, blah!

    Time to MOVE ON! Adam has a new gig on 12/16 on E! , “Chelsea Lately” as well as doing the finale of SYTYCD! Let’s look forward to THAT. He sang the National Anthem at the Antidefamation League Tribute to Steven Speilberg tonight & reportedly received a standing ovation. Hope we get a vid of that soon! Speilberg loves Adam….Wouldn’t it be something for them to do a porject together!!!!

    • Sorry…that should be “project”. I have a cat nudging my elbow as I’m trying to type…Must be time to go to bed!! Good night, Glambs…Candace#388

    • LibraLamb– Thank you for the great post! I was about ready to really lose it if one more negative comment came in here. Everything you said I agree!! The timing, and all the hate. I know he has learned form this and that is why I feel so much better about AMA night.
      I want to say though, that I feel Like a hypocrite. I wanted to be Shocked and surprised and loved sexy Adam teasing me to high heaven!! I couldn’t get enough and I asked for more, more and when I got it, I could not handle it!! The ride was too fast!! I felt like I had gotten off the GIANT DROP at Six Flags!!
      My heart is back to normal and I GET IT NOW!! He gave us what he said he would and what we all (ages teen to 90) asked more of. He asked us to come on this WILD RIDE WITH HIM, and he would always surprise!! HE DID. I Like the ride!
      I am soo glad he is not doing KING, because he will just be beaten down. the standing ovation at Speilbergs is SO COOL!! I too hope he offers Adam a juicy role!! I know Adam can act and will blow our minds with that too!!

      Adam has taught me many things and brought me back to life in many ways. One thing I admire and will try to emulate is his PATIENCE ,COMPOSER, and TOLERANCE when talking to difficult people and how NOT to stoop tp their level.
      He really has a gift for this and I am so amazed he can do this over and over.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Can you imagine , well I can. ADAM IS MAGICAL! Oh my, Chelsea, yea! I like her. MMMM, them brownies sure did taste good especially w/ the walnuts, never had brownies w/ walnuts. Thanks ADAM for the recipe tip.
        I love my ADAM, he is my magic man, my hero, my role model, my fantasy, my star.
        Sure did want to hear that response from the ? about the AI title. I know what he would say.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I need to tell you this, maybe it’s not my place to say it, but I need to. This is the seconf time I read a post of yours saying that you feel like an hypocrite. I thank you for saying it, even if it’s not my business (you can tell me so). I remember when you were asking for being shocked, surprised, for Adam to bring it on. And I have to admit that after the AMAs I was a bit surprised at your reaction. But I was so glad when you said that your heart was back to normal and felt the way you did, as you are saying now.
        I hope you don’t mind me having said this,
        Love to you,

    • Libra, so nice to hear about the standing ovation. Oh, he is so cool!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thank you, finally the voice of reason. Thank you for your post.

  12. Thank you LibraLamb! This was taped the Monday or Tuesday after the AMA’s.

    I just read on another site that he performed at a Steven Spielberg event tonight and Steven Spielberg said Adam was his hero! He also said he was an amazing talent.

    Sorry, I may have spelled Spielberg wrong but I was so upset after some of the posts I just read!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Speaking of Spielberg, did you watch like 5 seconds Adam sing Anthem?OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Breathtaking!!!When they going to post the whole thing in youtube?I can’t wait to listen Adam sings Anthem,he sound soooo great!!!He just stand there holding a mic and there,he blow us away!Magic!!When A.I next year,I really hope Adam going to pick Soaked.He already perform FYE,WWFM,Music Again!I really wish I can see “Mad World” all over again.Adam sit holding mic and sing beautifully,SOAKED!And after he finish,everyone going to give this amazing guy standing ovation!!!!Start writing list for Mr.Santa Clause everybody! 1st list,Adam sing Soaked in A.I next season!!Woo hoo!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        NO AA I want I him to sing FYE ! LOL!

      • You might enjoy this article. Adam’s “Mad World” picked as the #10 best song 2009 by Time. http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1945379_1944027_1944052,00.html I think his “Broken Open” is most likely of MW.

        What Adam needs is a hit song, without a hit song, the singer would never make it big, nor sell albums. His album sales has slipped 74% second week. Adam is working to sell WWFM to be a hit. He’ll be singing that tune for awhile. I think the next single would more likely be a upbeat tune. Maybe “Music Again” or “Fever”? We’ll see.

        I’m hating to see all this bickering on this site all of a sudden. I don’t mind people in disagreements, but I think it should be done constructively and respectfully. I don’t think anyone really read when I posted that this interview was taped the day after the AMA night and Adam was defensive at the time. But he became much humble on Ellen and he was still that sweet man on The View. I think he melted all the women on the show with his charm and converted Elisabeth to a Glambert… Haha!

        • Slick, converted Elizabeth! That was great. I think so too! She was sooo charmed by him,
          as were the others too. Missed Whoopie………..

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            He got them where he got us in the ……heart! Where’d you think I was going to say?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Yes, those few moments of Adam singing the National Anthem were amazing. I hope it does get posted to youtube.

  13. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Well lately I’ve only been dropping in every now and then to see how this site has been going. I had hoped that I would see better attitudes in here but what do I find… still the few faithful lovers of Adam – Summer, Allstarme, Itsme, and Libralamb, Dee, Ianaleah, Glamasia, Midnight, sherry s, Irena, Deborah, jnellie, theresa, cherry, pebbie and Chance and Dianne. Gallantly defending their idol. Not from people who hate Adam but from people who supposedly love Adam… long winded complaints about his interview yet again. Of course these people would never be able to survive in a Glambworld because they would die from lack of air.
    If they did stumble across a secret garden filled with planet fierce Adams they wouldn’t be able to stay. Nor would they be wanted. I cant believe how negative you people can be. Adam never lived a tame life. He changed himself for idol. We saw what he was about in Zodiac. We asked we wanted and we get.
    It is common knowledge amongst film people that you film 8 times more than you need, so at the very least he had about 24 minutes of interview. I could make a kkk member look good with the right editing. They simply edited out all the parts of the interview that didn’t suit their agenda. But I’m not going to keep defending Adam to you few.
    Maybe you should just listen to his music along with playschool music because I’m sure that Adam doesn’t really need fans like you guys. Dont listen to the words of his songs too hard or you might not like them at all…..
    Then he’s be good and rid of you….

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Lisa, count me in, supporting and defending Adam.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Absolutely… Hi Silvana. I just love watching Adam. There seem to be few more people to add to my list below this post. Theyd be welcome in my world anytime… As are you… lol.
        Ciao ladies.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Me too Lisa! ~raising hand~

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Me too Lisa!


          • AdamAddict says:

            Mommy,Cindy!I’m right besides you! 🙂

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              I am a faithful fan too! When you call his ama performance a mistake, it will be a mistake. If you call it entertainment, it will be entertainment. I call it entertainment!
              When ADAM stops caring, I will stop caring. And He will never STOP!!! And neither will I !!!!!
              I shed more tears for this man than for most, my child & my ADAM are the most important people to me in this whole freaking world!

        • Lisa, don’t forget me – I’m a lover, never a hater 🙂

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Right on Lisa! I’ll be joining you on planet fierce shortly.

    • Well said, Lisa, and I understand exactly what you are saying!!!!!! 🙂

    • Lisa, come on now, few faithful lovers of Adam? He by far exceeds few?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Sadly Mary, it doesn’t seem like there’s more than a few on this site anymore.

        • KO's smiling says:

          Yeah we’re all giving up visiting because we’re sick of reading this back and forth drivel. What happened to our site? It used to be fun!

    • Thanks, Lisa…You know I’m right there with you…prowling the Secret Garden of Adam’s Delight…at all hours of the day & night…our glittery alien ffrom Planet Fierce will always give us what we really want & need…I’ve been ready & waiting for this my whole life…ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Count me in LIsa, as if you didn’t already know that, standing beside you all the way.

  14. owh, wasn’t there some more from the interview? would like to see some more cause there must be something. anyway, asked about that AMA’s performance again and again..it’s like a broken record.

  15. Well Adam has got some powerful allies now…..Ellen De Generes, Barbara Walters and now the great director…. Steven Spielberg !

  16. I have read all your comments about Adam and I cant understand why some so-called fans like Bruce criticize Adam for being arrogant, selfish and self-centered…Adam has never been that!! Please, you expect too much from one person…let Adam be, for heaven’s sake! He is just being true to himself, honest in his answers…that does not mean he is arrogant!!! And it is true, tv people edit portions of the show and they choose what they want to present to the public…now you cannot judge Adam by what you have seen on that show alone…we cant be that narrowminded, can we? I have love and admired Adam Lambert’s talent from his first performance in American Idol. And all of his performances in that show were incredulously superb!!! Anything that happens after that will not change my opinion of him at all!!! We all know how dirty showbiz is…we are not ignorant people! SO GIVE ADAM SOME SPACE AND LET HIM BE !!!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      So sad Annette that people judge him from this short snippet of an interview, very, very sad.

  17. I don’t particular like this interview, but Adam is back in to ABC. We’ll see. And I think Adam should stop talk about his sexuality already.

    • YAMAY………………….HEAR! HEAR!!!! agree.

    • Excuse me…but people keep asking him about his sexuality! In case you haven’t noticed, Adam has very good manners and answers the questions.

      I would bet my last penny that he would rather say give it a rest can we please talk about my music. But again, he has impeccable manners.

      I can hear you …some of you are thinking, impeccable manners, what about his AMA performance!

      That was Adam entertaining us! Whether you liked it or not, it was simply Adam performing.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      He would stop talking about it, IF people would stop asking him about it! Duh!

  18. Thank you LibraLamb7 for explaining that this interview was recorded not long after the AMA’S.

    I am sure that Adam is fed up with this constant discussion about the AMA’S and his sexuality…..you can feel his frustration….”Yes I’m a Homosexual !!!!! ” (What’s the big deal ????).
    He has copped so much flak over his performance which I, like you Dianne and his other true fans, have no issue with whatsoever…it was Adam being the Adam who is always going to surprise us (I hope). So, why should Adam regret the AMA’S ? He did nothing that hasn’t been done before on television….. all the other performers were just as’ racy ‘. Why shoud he feel ashamed to be gay – because that is what a lot of people are trying to make him feel !!!

    The fact that he will not back down and strongly defends his performance, despite all the adverse criticism, shows a great sign of maturity and I therefore have nothing but admiration for Adam.

    He is not going to always sit on a chair and just sing !!!!…….which , I think, some of you negatives would like him to do.

    CHERYL334…sorry, but I think your real issue is that you have a problem with accepting homosexuality.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  19. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Actually, I think that since the AMAs Adam has come across with a kind of cute combination of defiance and apology. Did you guys notice on Ellen when Adam imitated his father speaking to him and telling him off. It was so like a Dad to speak like that. Take a listen a see if you hear what I heard. Anyway, good to hear everyone’s reaction here. Keep the faith, guys. Tomorrow is another day, or rather tomorrow is another interview, another opportunity, another chance to make good. I’m off my lawyer’s office to prepare for my Court hearing in Jan. Gotta check my evidence. I’ll take Adam in my heart to keep me strong while I’m there.

  20. We are going to continue to see “different” Adams in different situations for a while. To me, it is clearly based on what he has been through and, at times, he is “Armed to the Teeth”. Of course he was calm and warm and open on the Ellen show. She understands better than we can all speculate, how deeply painful it must be to have to defend the very basis of who you are and to take ugly hits and sneers and rejections. I am constantly amazed that he has not shut it all down and become a permanent fixture at Burning Man and the LA Clubs who TRULY love him and always have. Its too bad that more people don’t tune into the open, intelligent interviews where he is in plaid flannel shirt and black jeans and just talking about music, his first and only true love. If we are not careful, this beautiful person who has been thrown to us by the universe, wrapped in stardust and offering a view of love that we have only touched on in dreams, will disappear into realms that appreciate him and where he can survive, safe and intact, and we will have lost something precious beyond imagining. When you hear his sharp, defensive remarks and see the excessive make up and sexual flip-offs, that is when we must love him the most and when he needs us the most. UIMA ( I put that at the end of my blogs to send this message – U Inspire Me Adam – because he does, everyday, and today it is because he has the unbelieveable courage to be pissed off at what he truly believes is Wrong). He had to sit there and be edited down to a nubbin of who he is and yet she closed the show with Lade Gaga, humping and grinding and naked and HE”S Offensive? (PLEEEEZE) No wonder he cooly downplayed his appearance on her show and said he “could not remember” what questions she asked. I think at this point, HE should refuse and edit interviews if they do not focus totally on his music and music only.

    • I love it, love every word!
      UIMA I am all over it, he inspires me in a way that I can’t even explain properly. Yes his courage is what touches me deeply because I know how easy it is to be a coward. And I have been a coward with my feelings for a long time and it has totally caught up with me. Adam heals me by just being himself.
      Artist who have been true to themselves, who never conformed and went against all believes of the times they lived in and who were therefore slandered and threatened are really the forerunners of a reality that has yet to come for many.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Once again loved your post, coloforadam. Thank you.

    • COLORFORM…………………Wonderful post! I agree. Adam has had it hard this first year. He is a warm wonderful person, in his heart. He has tried to do wayyy tooo much since the tour. I only wish more people around him could see that and see that he is ‘burning’ and it is showing in his interviews. I only hope that after New Yrs he gets rest and recoup. and has a chance to be lazy and just veg. He is one in a trillion. We can’t lose him now. Yes, he is in trouble, emotionally. Only keeping one’s head buried in the sand can one not see it. Love him enough to understand what is good and bad for him. Not just more interviews to be critiqued. All in all, I feel so hurt for him. I express my love in a very maternal way, I guess. That is who I am. Not an old spirit, a young spirit, but always wanting to help, ove and care for in every way I can those I love. If being ‘critical’ is what is ‘needed’ at times, I am willing to do that, also. That is called being realistic. I have always been realistic, to a fault. Not a ‘dreamer’, there are enough ‘dreamers’ in the world. Just am who I am, and proud of it. peace-

      • love2adams says:

        Cheryl, you state you are “realistic”.
        I think it is crucial for you to really listen to Adam. He makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that he is GAY and to DEAL WITH IT.
        I am sure that Adam would not be pleased to hear your theory that he is not really gay, that his parents somehow talked him into just thinking he is gay.
        This is not being respectful of Adam or his parents. I very much doubt that Adam would call you his number one fan ~what a joke~. You do not even accept him for what he is and you are bashing his parents. Jeez, I do not think he could have had better parents in this world.
        We have all heard your theories multiple times so it is now time to drop it. You are running off fun people like AdamAddict. That is really sad.

        • AdamAddict says:

          If Adam’s parents not Eber and Leila,Adam won’t be the guy like he is now!A SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!! He probably….I dunno,NOT HIM?I love this Adam,very honest,sweet and kind and BRAVE,right Cindy?Yup,Cindy adore Adam coz he’s brave.And Adam make her brave.And,do you know my sweet friend,Luv2Adams that Cindy got Adam’s autograph just sending him a freaking note?Yup,NOTE,I said! LOL!!!Not in sticking pad note,but I love to say note bcs it’s like short msg to Adam and Adam REPLY BACK!!!!!!!You think if I give Adam my love letter phonebook thick,Adam will sign on my Glambulge poster? p^o^q Woo hoo!!!How lucky Adam to have his parents.And how lucky for Eber and Leila to have such a wonderful son,Adam! Oh yes,one more thing,Adam is soooooo gay 🙂 I love Adam no matter what!! <3<3<3<3

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Emili, have I told you lately that I love you? 🙂 LOL. . . when you said Adam is soooooo gay, it reminded me of the youtube clip where that girl had drawn a poster of him, and then gave it to him at the barricades. . . I sent it to my sister, and she said, it’s so cute how he talks and acts so gay (and she was saying that in the most loving way!). . . everything about him is just so ADORABLE, HOT, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT!!!

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Cindy, I just love you and Emili so much. I can just see Emili posting her phone book letter to Adam, I think you may need a courier for that one Emili. LOL.

              • AdamAddict says:

                Damn,how much you think that will cost me?I think I just find a pigeon then!LOL!One letter per day!When the pigeon finish sending all my love letter to Adam,I find a crow to match her up!haha!!And I love you,Cindy and Dianne! 🙂

  21. Maybe he should open a vein to please people who are disappointed that he is human.

    He responded favorably on Ellen because he felt safe there and he knew he was with someone who understood who he is because she is like-minded. Anyone can understand that one–it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when you are with people who are like you–you can be your true self. Ellen took a tumble once upon a time on TV –and she gets Adam. Who doesn’t love to be validated for being themselves?

    Barbara, god love her, is 80! Her attempt to shame him did not go down well and if he were my kid–(I have one 28) I would expect him to show a little grit because this topic is being done to death already. She did what she thought the public wanted–which was to hold his feet to the fire. But she did come across as a finger wagging grandmother…groan.

    He made a mistake but it isn’t the end of the world. How many times can he or anyone else talk about the AMA’s? Rubbing it in every single time someone interviews him is getting old. Pretty soon the media will be blaming him for global warming.

    It’s the old throwing stones …glass house thing isn’t it? Everyone has made mistakes in life. People are so shallow to look at this guy and expect him to become their everything or they will take their ball and go home.

    How absurd. He is like all of us, a multifaceted human being with talents and flaws. But to expect him to be a choir boy all the time seems unrealistic and possessive. To dictate to anyone that they must become something other than who or what they are or “I won’t like you” is too extreme and they need to get a life.

    There is and has been a schism with the fans of Adam’s. Some fans seem to be the most controlling and least understanding while others are the most forgiving and embracing. The psychology around this is so telling. There are women who want something from him that will make them happier because it will feed a need that they are longing for but that need is not Adam Lambert’s responsibility to fill.

    Therein lies the real truth and the unfairness of projecting your personal needs onto a 27 yr old guy who is just trying to make a living by singing but doesn’t want to betray his own ideals in the process.

    He is a singer albeit a talented one. But let him be a human being and find his own way. If you don’t like him or what he has to offer than step-off. But being so sanctimonious because you bought his CD or bought a ticket to the AI tour is crazy-talk.

  22. OMG…PEOPLE!! Are you fans or what??? I don’t think he has an attitude at all!! Were we watching the same interview?? He isn’t cocky or smug!! I didn’t get that AT ALL!! What I did get is Barbara asking him about the AMAs…which I am so over…let’s move on people….and his sexuality! Is that what makes him fascinating?! NO. Not to me.

    If you seriously think that he needs to “pay dues” to be himself, then you have no idea what you are talking about. He can be who he is, if you have a problem with it, then don’t be a fan cause he is going to do things that you don’t like, so either enjoy it or get out, it is easy. If you really are a fan of his music and him, then support him. Don’t come here and say that he has an attiude problem, that is just stupid.

  23. Loved your post, Kate. I have, like most (I think!) of you, been loving and following Adam and his career for the past (almost) year, and you can’t always agree with what a person does and says. I have a 30 year old son, and I don’t always like what he says and does, but I love him anyway. I think Adam is just learning this business of being in the spotlight and having everything he says and does gone over with a fine tooth comb. Please, lets give him time to adjust to all of this. He is young and impulsive. I was too at his age, and did and said some things then that I am not proud of now. I believed in him for the past year, and I still do. Let’s not turn into haters, and let’s give him a break!

  24. Judysdancin says:

    Loved your last 2 lines. We should think about that all the time!

  25. Judysdancin says:

    Summer – I meant the 2 lines about let God be the judge!

  26. I just watched Adam on the view, (even tho’ it was taped which they do a lot) and he was the kind really sweet person everyone fell in love with him…He got along fab with the view gals and after he sang with an audience that stood up and Barbara and Elizabeth loved him after he sang…You could tell that…
    The gals at least noted about showing his cd, and that is what it is about….He will survive…..I love his voice…

    • I agree with you Peggy. All of the gals seemed to just love him
      and were very supportive of him!! It was nice to see the warmth
      and laughter again.
      His performance was outstanding of course.

      • adamfan and Peggy, so lookin forward to watching the view tonight! Thats what I mean about still
        supporting and loving Adam but not having to love each and every little thing he does. Doesnt make
        anyone less of a fan. If I dont like a ring he wears on his finger? Doesnt mean I dont have his back,or
        think any less of him. That was a silly example, I do love his rings……………… Ha!

    • I sensed that Adam was very hurt by the whole AMA episode, though he said he was just “surprised” by it in The View this morning. I don’t think Adam has an attitute at all. To me, he behaves like a hurt kid trying to redeem his dignity.

      • I think so too. As someone who was married to a former “rock star”
        I can pass on some info that might add some perspective and that is:

        uttering the “S” word (“Sorry”) is DEATH to an aspiring rock-gawd.

        Of COURSE Adam regrets this ama performance – DUH!!
        Don’t you think he would rather everyone was talking about his great
        voice and recommending his cd?
        Even though he is more gorgeous than most, he is still a guy and guys have egos and
        rock stars are fierce!
        I think he has said more than enough since to indicate that he is still a really nice guy.

        Also, I think cheryl and others should be given the right to express a respectful opinion and not be told to go get off. She has obviously loved Adam for a long time and is struggling
        with how to come to terms with it. (I remember doubting my ability to predict people, for
        example, and wondering about my tendency to become over-invested)
        This site can be a vehicle for intelligent, thoughtful discussion. Who wants every line to read
        omg, he is so hot, over and over ,
        (even though he is…)
        This can be a place where we can explore differences (as Adam is doing) and
        think about them.
        btw, peggy, I am on the west coast. We get the east coast channels 3 hrs early
        in some areas. (the AMA’s actually aired from 5 to 8 pm in our city, not that anyone
        can’t watch it on u tube anytime anyway..)

        • adamfan, Thank you, 🙂

        • I get what you’re saying. But I think, the way I am reading the negative posts is like-okay this is it and everyone else is wrong. Whereas, some of us can see both sides. I can see how some people are upset and how others think it is no big deal. It all lies in your mind.

          • I still have to say that it upsets me that some people don’t want him to talk about being gay.
            Whenever people are dating people, they discuss it in interviews. Same thing. No one discusses heterosexuality because it is so common. When you are different from the majority-gay, bi-sexual, what have you-it becomes a hot topic and one that is brought up all the time. It isn’t fair really to Adam for anyone to say that he shouldn’t talk of that. Sexuality is a big part of some people. And it’s even more magnified when it is viewed as being against the norm.

            • Allstarme, Its because Adam himself said its not about the sexuality, its the music.

            • ALLSTARME……………..I understand what you are saying. However, I disagree that most poeople who go on tv to be interviewed talk about their dates or their sex. It is a ‘distraction’, just like Adam has said over and over. I did not at first realize what that meant to the degree I do now. IT IS a ‘distraction’ for too many to let me be comfortable. I do not want the public to hate him for his sexuality. The public is not like the people on this site. They don’t all love him. Everyone here loves Adam. Of that I am sure. They may ‘hate’ me b/c they do not understand me, but, I can handle tht for Adam. I have and will continue to do so. I love Adam and want everyone to love him, even though I know ‘everyone’ will not.

              Adam has said for so long and I believe him. It is about the ‘music’. Not sex. I do not care who anyone has sex with, or even if it is an animal or object. But if Adam is gonna get hurt by saying what he does, I don’t want him to say it. Sounds crazy? Maybe so, but, lI cannot stand knowing he is being subjected to hatred by anyone. The public is so mean. I don’t want him to have to experience such hurt. It is how I am. I say what I mean.

              • Okay, I get what you are saying. But, I thought of it this way-if the music is sexual, and he wants to talk about the music-isn’t that talking about sexuality? Since some of the songs are so sexual-example: “For Your Entertainment.” I think if they did just focus purely on his music, it would still come up due to the lyric/song nature. What do you think?

                • Also, it’s hard to release an album when people already have preconceived notions about you. Before the album even came out-if you would say “Adam Lambert” to a random person, they would probably think, “gay, American Idol.” It’s sad that some people won’t even give his music a chance based on his sexuality-which is true, I’ve witnessed it happen.

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    ALLSTARME…………………………..No, I think you are on the right track. I don’t know what Adam meant with the FyE and the performancer. All zI really know id that he DID day he wanted to be all about he music, not who he sleeps with, etc.So I was strictly going by that.

                    If he had sung FYE without the performance, I don’t think they could say much about it’s content and get away with it! No one would be THAT upset, I don’t think. If they were, it would be to a much less effect than it turned out to be.

                    But, you’re right, of course, if some haters want to hate, they will just make up things to suit their agenda. Yeah, it is too bad that he was thought as the gay idol. But, he told the world he was gay, so we have to know that it was nobody’s but Adam’s own fault that knowing this sick society that he was going to have a lot of fallout over it. Just look at that stupid Gene Simmons! Boy, that really burned me up when I saw him say what he did! But, you know Allstar, I firmly believe that Adam’s talent can do for him whatever he chooses to do in life as long as he keeps a bit more to the middle of left. He is so unique with his voice and the way he uses it, that it gains him so much credibility, he can’t be stopped, brring some bad thing happening! What do you think?

        • ADAMFAN, a sane well balanced perspective. WE are on the west coast also but we got the UNCUT version of FYE… but then, it’s Canada.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          The key word is respectful. That isn’t her style. We would all love to have discussions where our opinions are not mocked and discounted. Too bad that’s not the case.

        • ADAMFAN…………………. Wow. Thank you very much! I appreciate your thoughts to me. Really. Thank you very much. I hope I would be as gracious as you, to you, should the situation be reversed. I am very impressed with your strength.

          NEWFAN…………………….I totally agree with you. I too, lfeel Adam is hurt and confused by all the stress from the ama show. and by ABC. It is so sad, lthat it hurts me, physically that he has been hurt. I will stand strong for Adam even when I think he has made a big mistake. He is not the sum of his ‘mistakes’ and i for one, understand that. I just hopoe and pray that he comes back after the first of the year stronger and physically healthier and ready to get his show ‘on the road’, so to speak, re his concert tour! Very nice post.

      • This is an insightful article covers our issues and with some twist. I think you all should read this article. And right or wrong we should move on.


  27. I have dates set down that he is suppose to be on but don’t know if they are all right.12/14 Tonight with ConanOBrien, 12/15 Larry King Live, 12/21 Leno Show 12/16 So you think you can dance….I got this off of some website but don’t know if there is any changes…..Yes, the warm smiles was very good again…Barbara Walters is 80 and you can tell she loves his music…..I hope these all come on and I don’t know where you live adamfan, but I am central…..

  28. Finally people got to see the real ADAM…charming, honest, handsome, funny! His voice was topnotch when he sang WDYWFM. The ladies seemed to truly like him and treated him with respect. Sherri called him a “cutie patutie” while she sat next to him! Even Elizabeth was a gentler kinder person on the show with ADAM.

    ADAM was right when he held up his CD and said that is what people should be talking about.

  29. AdamRocks! says:

    Adam has given us SO much! He’s been under major stress lately. . . he deserves our love and support 1,000 times over. Some of the comments on this thread made me so sad. . . I used to love to come here to celebrate the beauty and magic that is Adam. . . why are so many forsaking him? LOVE what he said on The View: This isn’t American Idol anymore, this is my career. Like it or not, this is Adam. (And ATTITUDE? You’ve gotta be kidding me!)

    I’m onboard. . . rock on you sexy beast! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    P,S. Carol, just being honest: I’m kinda sad that you gave his dad our card. . . do you really want him reading some of this crap?

    • AdamAddict says:

      Posting our own opinion,good!But I see we arguing with each other.Can’t say nicely?Where others won’t offended?I can’t even read all,it’s ….urgh!! Long time ago,when I turn on my computer,I will go to this sites first!and I had fun.Agree or disagree,we say nicely,we reply nicely!We all laughing together.Then the next day,I came back to see if any replied to me.Then again,I was smiling the whole time I was in this sites.I feel like the different between this sites and the rest is the people inside it.That’s why I’m hooked.I really love and miss that time.Bcs now,I got different feeling.The excitement not there anymore.I read and see argue and I just close it and go somewhere else.And few actually said bad thing about Adam!Seriously?But this is their opinion,right?Can’t fight them!We all can speak!Sure,so one day if all haters come here and ruin for us,we can’t do anything about it,right?It’s their opinion!The haters can say they actually Adam’s fans and just try to express their opinion …by bashing him.so,we all going to bear all that,right?Ok,if that’s okay to you guys!Keep saying bad thing about Adam!Keep bashing him!It’s your opinion,what can I do about it,right?

      • You’re so right, AA. If the fans that are “expressing their opinion” arguing on how so ‘negative’ adam is now, this loving fansite will soon be inviting haters and why not?  so when the real hardcore haters comes in, it’s their opinion right? What can the fans in this site do about it, some of the fans are doing the same?   

    • Oh, Cindy and AdamAddict!
      I feel the same… Adam’s has been through a lot lately…. He needs our support and love….
      I don’t have a lot of time lately but when I come on this site, I see so much negativity…. It used to be Whole Lotta Love and I was Feeling Good….
      But hope Change Is Gonna Come!!!
      Adam you Rock, Baby!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Oh! girls, how I understand you. I’ve not been here from the first day, it’s true. I lurked for a long time, loving every post, laughing and crying out of joy. But then everything’s changed. I thought that after the AMA was worn out as a topic it would go back to the way it was, but no. Here we are again. I sadly feel that as Adam continues with his career leaving behind his AI image, more and more we’ll have this kind of threads.
        I’m with you, Emili, people are entitled to their opinion, but it’s not politly said, nor respectfully, not just when answering other posters, but towards Adam. And that is a shame.
        For me disrepect it’s not only literally bashing him, it is also trying to make him into something he is not, telling him what to do, how to do it, when to do it. Pretending him to be what we want. I have not always agreed or loved everything Adam did, but I don’t go around bashing him, telling him what I would have loved. He is the artist, not me. He is ahead of me in entertainment, so I usually wait and see. I’ve learned that soon enough I’ll understand what he is doing, and then love it or not. But I don’t expect him to change because of me, that is truly selfish, for me. If it’ll come the day that there is a lot I don’t like (I’m sure it won’t happen) then I’ll stop being his fan, but not try and change him.
        Love you girls, and hopefully this too will pass, if not I’ll go somewhere else. Because it’s not fun anymore, and there is too much sorrow in life as to come here and have so many arguments, which is different from disagreeing.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          So true Silvana, Emili, Cindy, Gala. What has happened here. It was such a great place to come to not only to hear about Adam but to interact with everyone. The negativity that is being spread makes you feel like this place has been invaded by Adam haters, not his fans. We all will not love everything he says or does all of the time but it doesn’t have to be said in such a hurtful way. Don’t understand some people who want to bash him when they don’t hear what they want to hear or see what they want to see. It’s too bad, sad really.

          • Girls (and guys, if there are any!), our site will be fine. Remember, the AMA’s were only a few weeks ago. Now that we’ve all had some time to digest that experience and file it in the appropriate place in our “Adam Vault”, it’s time to move on with the story of Adam. And, it’s amazing how much faster you can scroll through the comments when you skip over the negative ones! I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!
            – Proud Glamb #118

            • And one more thing: This is OUR FANSITE. Period. I fully embrace people respectfully sharing their opinions, even when they aren’t in tune with mine. However, why don’t we all take a stand against the disrespectful negativity and boycott replying to those who only want to stir things up? Then maybe our fansite will return to the same friendly place we all fell in love with!

              • AdamAddict says:

                That’s right!I also hope this fansite will return to the same friendly place.I was almost give up on this sites.Then my sister glambs reminds me how we had great time in here.That’s why I’m back and give another chance to myself and this sites.I wish this sites can be Adam fansites again!By saying that,I mean NO BASHING ADAM!!!
                Proudly say,I am huge fan of Adam 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Right on Cindy!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      You are so right Cindy. I would hate for Adam to see some of the garbage that has been dished out on this thread, though there are some excellent posts in his defence.

      I am with you too, in that in that short interview I never saw any arrogance at all, some people were obviously watching something different that was on my screen if that is what they saw.

      I agree with all of you girls, Emili, Gala, Silvana, Helen and Lisanick too. We have to make this site the fun and loving site that it used to be, else we will all be lost, and that would be the saddest thing of all.

  30. Have all the people commenting here watched the full interview of Adam on he View or just the first preview, I have just watched the interview and performance of WDYWFM and I thoght it was excellent. He had those Ladies all eating out of his hand by the end, and they loved his performance. I think he explained himself well and God lets let it be and move on. Love him.

  31. Also, why is everyone still making a big deal out of the AMAs and NOT complaining that he is DEFINITELY TOUCHING A COMPLETELY NAKED GIRL in a photo in a magazine that CHILDREN MIGHT READ?
    That is MUCH CLOSER to ACTUAL SEX than a fully clothed CROTCH FACING.

    haha. it’s true.

  32. Looks like Adam’s team pulled the plugs on Larry King Live. I guess he had enough, time to move on with the music. Larry King LIve tweeted this.

    “We’re hoping @AdamLambert will reschedule with us. He said he’s cutting back on interviews so he can focus on his music again.”

    Also check out vevo.com new music video site(part of You Tube) You can watch Adam’s FYE there along with other popular artists. I heard his performance on the Vevo opening night will be up soon on this site, probably until he comes out with new video for WWFM.

    • The View is on YouTube !!!!
      Just print

      Adam View on The View 12-10-09 – ENHANCED AUDIO

      in YouTube search window!!!!

      OMHG What a great interview!!!! I love it! Adam is gorgeous! And all four women are definitely in love with him!!!!

      • I can’t find the View thread, guess it’s gone or there never was one?? I loved the whole View experience, from how the women were, to how Adam was with the women. And his song WWFM was beautifully done, as usual! It’s always mind boggling how great he sounds in a simple TV studio.

        Here is a comment from another site: I agree totally

        “Ah yes, they all fall at his feet. Even Elizabeth. Damn, especially Elizabeth! She’s majorly crushing on him. Adam is America’s sweetheart bad boy. Resistance is futile ladies! All is good!”

        • View thread is coming up…soon, I hope. I waited for all the videos to show up in HD.

          (It isn’t as easy as it might seem on the surface to get high quality stuff posted here… 🙂 )


        • Hey, Terry!
          I love this comment! Especially the phrase: America’s sweetheart bad boy!!!!
          This is something new…. I knew sweethearts… I knew bad boys…. Love both types!!!! The combination of them in one person is just a BOMB!!! Love it!

    • Oh, Thank you Slick for great news!
      I am so happy to hear that it was Adam who canceled his Larry King interview!!!

    • I think Adam has done the right thing cutting back the interviews they all ask the same old stuff over and over, I am glad he has had enogh of trying to be polite to everyone and explaining himself all he wanted to do was bring beautiful music to everyone, but some hoe it all got sidetracked understandable. So maybe he is refocussing. Good on him. Do they question hetrosexuals so extremely about their life, no I dont think so. He will learn with experience and I have no doubt he has learned already, He is just so open., this is his nature but I think now he has learned how far he should go. Absolutely loved he and Ellen together. I have alays loved Ellen she seems such a truly nice genuine person.

    • OK, I should be shot to bring the AMA subject back up. But, OMG, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ARTICLE! COMPLETELY NEW PERSPECTIVE. TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY. NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS. It seems according to this article, Adam is a genius and iconic. READ READ!!!!!!


    • Wow. How about THAT for refusing to answer more gay questions! Canceling an entire interview!

      Though I would dearly love to see him, I know it would be another agonizing orgy of sex questions, so, I say, “Thumbs up, Adam!”

    • Slick, thanks for that! I kinda thought it was Adam and team making the decision here. I always did like Larry King, he is fair and would have given him a good interview.
      And Adam, way to go…………………….with the choice, Music Again!

  33. Ellen Tobin says:


  34. Lambertini #520 says:

    I just can’t believe what this site has turned into! Maybe some of us who want to talk about Adam’s Cd or his gorgeousness or his upcoming appearences on TV should branch off onto our own site- & let the others voice their opinions against him on this site. It’s not even fun anymore.

    • Its not fun anymore. I actually was caught up in the “how could he” thing. I am ashamed I even let that BS get to me. If you are a true fan, you stand behind your artist for they are only human and will make mistakes. ONE PERFORMANCE DOES NOT MAKE A MAN. 😉

      • Well said, Trish!
        Lets turn OUR site into a FUN FAN site back! Remember how happy we all were?!
        Opinions are appreciated but no negativity!!!!!!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Oh what a good idea Lambertini. Not sure how we could talk.. do you have msn.? or you coud email me at lambruglia@hotmail.com

  35. No Larry King Interview – GOOD!! The next thing I want to hear about is when Adam gets to perform something else from FYE!!

  36. Lambertini #520 says:

    Lisa -& anyone else who might want to chat about Adam’s awesomeness- I’m at kennaluke@optonline.net

  37. It seems ADAM’s self confidence has thrown a few fans. He stands so strongly for who he is
    and what he believes and does’nt need to explain or apologise at all. ADAM is ADAM…………………..
    truly what you see is him! It is awesome to see someone so creative and eloquent….changing
    boundaries which should have been changed a long time ago! Sometimes I wonder what year we
    actually live in…….! It is time to come out of the dark ages and show the love and respect to ALL
    people! ….ADAM is prehaps too honest for some but I feel it is an incredible trait! …….and now it’s
    time to listen to the sheer magic of ADAM’S music….something that’s getting left on the back burner!
    He is an amazing entertainer, intelligent and quite brillant and we love and admire him lots!
    ‘Happy Hanukkah ADAM!’ and peace!

    • Glamaus….good on you !!! Thumbs up !!! Loved your post and agree with you 100%.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  38. Ellen Tobin says:

    Slick, I did read it. We know Adam is smart and he is going to………do it good.

  39. Cheryl:

    You have become an anathema to this site. After re-reading the above, my virtual ears are aching. You literally hijacked this post. If you are wondering where all your Glambs sisters are, they are off-site writing e-mails to each other, agonizing over how painful you’ve made this site to come to visit. Throughout this post alone, you’ve made about forty-five posts—45!—all unkind—to either Adam or to a Glamb. They varied from lengthy combative tirades, to short aggressive attacks of nearly every positive post made by other people.

    Take notice, and you will see that very few Glambs are corresponding with you. Mostly it is only the new people who do not know you yet.

    What a horrible sight was found here for anyone who did not know Adam and who came here to read, intrigued to find out more after the BW interview. What you are doing goes far beyond an individual right to free expression. Far beyond taking advantage of it. It goes to abuse. In a civil case, it would be called being a public nuisance. Here, it is a fanclub nuisance.

    You cut through Adam and his fans here like a German berserker unit. You called Adam “grouchy”, “bitchy”, “crude”, “disrespectful”, “stubborn”, needs to learn “socializing” and “how not to turn people off”, “rude’, “arrogant”, “bullying”, “dissing people”, “bossy”, “aggressive”—all qualities, Cheryl, that we Glambs see only in YOU. You even said we were likely to “soon be seeing Adam in a drunken stupor.”

    You talk about REALITY a lot. But what you mean is PRACTICALITY. You want Adam to be practical—sell out— so he will succeed. And what we are trying to tell you is that we see him as more powerful in remaining HONEST. Spielberg just called him his HERO—why do you think he chose that word? (And when you poo-pooed his honesty and referred to his throwing the TV out the window, or jumping on the bed with the girls—you see, that was Adam acting in a video, just like he was acting on the night of the AMA’s—and it was possibly your most inane, senseless comment yet.) On an outtake we saw BW ask him if he’d like to have children. He answered, “Someday, when I can be more selfless.” Who says such things? It’s that intense honesty that absolutely melts us.

    When I said that Adam was being “true to himself”, I MEANT, true to himself. I don’t know if you were assailing Adam or me when you commented that the expression is “dumb, old, and only used when the person has nothing to say”, but I can assure you, neither Adam nor I have a weak lexicon. But you see, what I was talking about here was his soul. You love his looks, his voice, his humor, but you don’t love, or even understand his soul. Which brings us back to that REALITY thing again.

    Here is what’s REAL:
    (1) Adam is NOT Elvis.
    (and don’t think I don’t understand where you’re coming from, because I am 61 also)
    (2) Adam is NOT a latent heterosexual.

    You constantly talk as if you know Adam better than he knows himself. He knows exactly who he is. You don’t. You imagine him as someone he is not. And what he IS, is someone much better than your imagination.

    You think you understand Adam’s soul? When Monica commented that Adam was imitating Bill Kaulitz’s style, true Glambs, understanding Adam’s drive to be unique, immediately realized that one of those “oh, oh, turned up in the same outfit” cases had just occurred. And we told her so. But not you. You jumped on what you saw as another opportunity to bash and said, yes, definitely “a copy” and then proceeded to say even more hateful things about Adam.

    And your habit of ending your rants with the word “peace” does nothing to negate their sting.

    We do not have here a case in which all opinions are respected. We are talking about your impulse to usurp the page in a belligerent manner. Why do you think you have to keep justifying your intelligence and bring up your education? BECAUSE IT DOES’T SHOW. There are others on this site with an education, too—and a sense of reason and politeness to go along with it. What’s more there is a plethora of women here who are lovely, sweet, gentle beings—probably why they love Adam so much—which make this site such a delight. They are grieving the loss of some friends right now, and your mean-spirited, wretched self is making them miserable.

    Which is why I would like to ask DANA, CAROL, AND DREAMSOUND to block you.

    If you want the respect of the producers at 19 and a chance at an interview, you might want to seriously think about somehow dealing with this obnoxious woman.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well said Sherry and right on point. And yes, moderators, something has to be done to keep the integrity of this site.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Sherry, you are an amazing woman. That is an incredible post, I agree with everything you have said and you know, you were not nasty about it at all, just honest.

      I really hope the moderators do take notice, because I still love this site, but I have hardly come here of late because of all the bullshit that has been going on, it is like we have been invaded by haters, because there are others here besides Cheryl.

      • We can handle the occasional haters. Cheryl is different. Like the plague, she’s not only lethal, but also pervasive, showing up in every nook and cranny of the site.

    • Sherry, THANK YOU … Thank you for taking the time to research all the posts that we have read, sometimes responded to, but more often tried to ignore. I really hope that your request of the moderators will be granted. You never know who might be visiting this wonderful site, and we would never want them to get the wrong impression of us. Thank you for putting into words exactly what I was thinking. I would miss “almost” everyone on this site – it’s so much more fun to share this Adam-Adventure with others who share the passion!

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG!The 3rd and 4th line gave me tears….laughing DUH!!!LMAO!!Very true tho~nodding~ I can admit that!LOL!! There’s 2 Cheryl here but I bet you talking about 334!FO SHO!!! Sherry s. I gave you standing ovation!~applause~

    • I doubt many will still be reading these posts after so many days. Cheryl said she does not plan to come back now, but I doubt that. This conversation is addictive.

      I think people should try to be less aggressive towards Cheryl since it just makes her come back defensively with more anger. I feel sorry for her, with all the problems she has had in life. She appears bitter about all her health and family problems. She takes out her anger over her life by being a warrior for Adam. She thinks she is defending him, and no amount of rebuttal will change her opinion. She can’t take criticism without a need to lash back. I think we should try showing love and affirmation, and maybe she will become less defensive.

      Maybe people should stop responding negatively to her posts and ignore the perceived attacks. She appears to be hurting and we are just hurting her more. She is stimulated by all the attacks on her to attack back. She loves the attention and has little else to do with her life except post on this site. I think she is genuinely an Adam fan, but also enjoys the personal banter, even the negative ones.

      Chill out and get back to loving Adam.

      • Thanks GerryinNJ! You are such a breath of fresh air on this site! I completely agree with your comment, although I would just like to add this: Many of us, Cheryl included, visit this site with many personal problems weighing on our shoulders. My dad is currently in the hospital – a good prognosis would be him losing his foot (a 73-year old diabetic). In the worst case scenario – he could very likely lose his life. My sister, my best friend in the world, is in a 14-year abusive marriage that is tearing our entire family apart. My point is that many of us visit this site and others like it to be taken away – to Planet Fierce, if you will! That’s my only explanation for the OTT feelings that many of us display here. The time that we spend sharing our love and dreams for Adam should be a “feel good” time for us. But I agree that it’s time we all stopped contributing to the negativity – I took a “vow of silence” and plan to honor it. Thanks again for your insightful comments 🙂

        • I agree with TexasGal.Everybody have issue but we don’t attack people like that.Actually,here is the sites where we can forget the problem for a while.When she attacked people,I usually try to close my eyes and pretend I don’t see it.There’s so many times,I can’t believe what she said to others.Believe me,I was long enough in this sites.But that time I was too afraid to get involved.When she being really rude at this one time,I just tell don’t do that,it’s rude!Seriously,if we brought up our hubby,friend,mom,do you think we want her to insult them?No,I don’t think so.But she won’t admit it.If she too stubborn to admit it,fine just don’t reply,just move on.But what was her excuse?She brought her hubby into this first!Oh okay,I got it!Who hates her ex hubby here?Mention him when you disagree with her,she might help you insult him.Funny,when rumours said Adam said “shut up,bitch” when that woman “advice” him,she feel Adam is blah blah blah!!And when we did the same to her,she thinks she just defends herself by her rude remarks to us?No no!If Adam reply to that woman make Adam blah blah blah,then when she reply back to us with her rude remarks,she also that blah blah blah!That respect lost after she keep going insult people and Adam with no regrets at all.But Gerry,I will take your advice,if she can change a bit,maybe we all can be friends with her again.But I really doubt it,coz she always think she is right and we all wrong!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Gerry you have made some valid points which I agree with, however, I have some thoughts about this subject too.
        We all came to this site with one common denominator–our love and admiration for Adam. As time went on and we got to know each other that love grew to the people on this site. We became sisters/brothers in arms. I truly cherish the people that I have come to know here. We all come from different backgrounds, different countries, different beliefs and yet we all came together united–why–because of our love for Adam. Out of all of this grew our respect for one another.
        Which brings me to my point–respect. Most of us have been posting here a long time. Cheryl is in our group of “regular posters”, so this does not come easy for us. We are not ganging up or trying to put her down. Many of us have tried to befriend her, conjole her and yes, we have TRIED many, many, many times to ignore her. We are not the ones being aggressive to her, far from it. We have tried to reason with her, tried to be nice, all to no avail. She is the one who attacks and becomes aggressive and frankly Gerry, I don’t see why we should have to put up with it any longer. She is the one who responds to our posts, even when they are not to her, in a rude, sarcastic and aggressive manner. What are we supposed to do, not post at all because of her. If this thread has become somewhat aggressive to her, it is not the norm, it is only out of months and months of frustration that some have succombed to her negativity.
        I agree with your observations about her. She can’t take criticism, but the funny thing is, we never criticized her or others, we just expressed a different opinion which a lot of us could discuss in a civilized manner. We have on many occasions decided to agree that we disagree, but not her–she always escalates to an all out rampage. Your statement that we should show her love and affirmation and maybe she will be less defensive–sorry, been there, done that–it doesn’t work. It might for a time, but then she starts up again. You’re right, she loves the attention.
        We all have our crosses in life to bear Gerry. None of us have gone through our lives unscathed. That does not give us the right or the excuse to behave badly towards others. That’s a copout.
        We would like to be respected here for our opinions whether agreed with or not. We would like to be able to post our comments here without fear of being riduculed and attacked. We would like to share our feelings for each other and Adam in a loving, lighthearted and fun way. This is not the place for drama. I’m sure all of us in some way or another have enough in our own lives. We want this to be our sanctuary, our escape from our lives, be it for a few minutes, or hours each day or week.
        You know what they say, “girls just wanna have fun”. That’s all we really want. Ok, then Gerry, we’ll include the boys too!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Good on you Helen, great points and every thing you say is true. We have had this for months now haven’t we. All we want to do is get back to the way we were, one big family having a ball and discussing and laughing and loving Adam.

          • Great post, Helen!
            You said everything I could say regarding this woman…. I met her, I talked to her, I felt sorry for her (AdamAddict is my witness… I talked to her how I feel bad about Cheryl because she is a sick and lonely person….) But I am not doing it anymore…. I am tired of it. She is sick, but this site is not a hospital and we are not doctors to help her… Besides she doesn’t want any help…. She is attacking us… Why should I bother???

        • Helen– Thank you for this. You are right on and I have read so many mean and disrespectful things Cherly has said to you in addition to others and me, that is was shocking. You always handle your self with class and wit. I would LOL by your quick responses. You are great.

          When I found the site I was so welcomed and found it a “safe Place” to express what I could not any where else. Everyone said this was HOME for ADAM LOVERS. I have had such fun here and looked forward to reading every day too.
          We do just want to have fun!!

          I will just ignore this persons rude, aggressive rampages and not give power to this. Thank you for your post and I support you all the way. I love your posts and think you are so fun. Cheryl outed your age, and I think you are so hip and fun.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        you are really a kind an thoughtful person. You made very good points, and I’m sure you are right, but… (you knew it’d come the but) the Texas, Helen and Emili, are also right. We all have problems and difficult issues to have to deal with in a daily basis. This site and the friends I made because of it, have been a solace to me, in the last months. I truly believe that no one can come here and pour their hate, their own issues on to Adam or the fans. In my experience people who have suffered the most or had difficult lives, tend to be more tolerant, more understanding and compassionate to others. For what I’ve read in your posts, I would dare say that you are an example of that. That’s why I don’t understand Cheryl.
        I had been visitng the post for a long time before deciding to post. And it was while all the preparations for the Grand Rapid concert. It was a feast, so much joy and anticipation. Cheryl the first one of all. She was going to see hereloved Adam. I could so much relate to that. So I wanted to be a part of that moment. But after the concert and her aunt’s passing away, something changed. She became bitter and agressive and rude. Can’t figure out what happened,and I have to tell you, I’ve given this a lot of thought. Because I truly liked her and cared for her. I don’t know what happened.
        I try not to post directly to her and always try to be polite, because is the way I like to be treated, but it’s becoming very hurtful to read the stuff she says about Adam and to some of my friends. Very sad.
        I’m sure there must be a way to deal with this, but I just don’t know which.
        Loved reading your posts, since your first one when Adam was on tour, the first guy on the site,
        Love to you,

      • cheryl 334 says:

        GERRYIN…………I NEEDED TO SEE IF YOU HAD POSTED BACK TO ME. IF SO i WNATED TO BE ABLE TO REPLY to you. I thought it was important.

        No, I am not ‘bitter’ about my life. My life has been how it has been forever. I do not know anyother way of life for myself. I have had many, many wonderful times in my life along with very abusive and neglected times. I do not even have a gray hair. I am relatively attractive, as I am told. I know that. I hacve had many many wonderful friends. I have had wonderful inlaws who have continued to be close to me since 1967. But, it is true that I have been deeply hurt by situations. Who hasn’t? We all have our crosses to bear. My gr. children have given me more happiness than I ever knewould exist. Please do not feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you! I am at my best when I am helping others. I am not lonely and have nothing to do but post on this site. I had decided that the attitude was getting bad on this site about 2 months or so ago, and did not post much. But I had the encouragement of some Glambs to not let it bother me, and to please, please post as it was ‘dull’ w/o me. My thought that it was hateful with me, and I did not need that in my life. But after much encouraging I did start posting again.

        Has anything untoward happened to me since the concert time?? Yes. A few things. I had an aunt and uncle die withing weeks of each other. I had to live with them for many yrs when growing up as my parents didn’t want my sister and I around. So I was close to them. Immediately after that, the Aunt closest to my mother was diagnosed with lunmg cancer. My mother had just passed away less than a yr earlier, and I did not want to go thru life without her. She was my very best friend, and she loved me more than anyone else in her life. It was a horrible death. She weighed sssss56lbs on the day she died in my arms. She only wanted me. Although she was married 32 yrs to her 2nd husband, he was alcoholic and had strted hitting her as she started getting ill with alzheimers. The last time I tried to stay with her for a week, he walked up to me and began hitting me. I had never benn struck by a man befoe, and my mother started crying and tried to get in the ways of his punches and he was hitting her. Then he got her from behind and pulled her out the door onto the deck and was ascting like he was going to throw her off in front of me laughing. Trying to save my mother as I had done with my father beating her as a child, I took my mace out of my pocket and put it up to his eyes and emptied it, and tried to grab my 60lb mother as she cried for me. Eventually the police came and took my mother out of the house b/c of her husband, and put her in a home where she was so mistreated that for 2 yrs. I practically lived in my car as I was making so many trips to GR to help my mother and try and protect her from the nurses who had caused her broken bones, and eventually a broken hip from slamming her on the toilet as I watched in horror. She died, but not until she had suffered at the hands of her husband who would not buy her food for 2 yrs and abused by the homes, etc. I became ill after the funeral, threw up for nearly a week and lost over 10lbs during the next 2 weeks. I could not leave my house for the sobbing that I could not get under control for over a yr. That is when my aunt and uncle died. And before I could even imagine them being gone, my former sister-in-law, Linda, who had been like a real sister to me since 1967, was calling me a yr ago while I was in Co for my daughter’s wedding, telling me she had fallen ill and she could hardly wait for me to come home so I could come and stay with her for as long as I possible coul. Her daughter was a bride’s maid in my wedding. She had lost 7 kids to disease. She, too fostered disabled babies. At any rate, last Dec. I called her back when I was at my daughter’s rehersal dinner, and she had gone to the hospital for emergency and she died. We were closer than sisters. We loved each other very much. Like my aunts and uncle who just hd died. By the time Adam’s concert came along, my closest aunt, and the one closest to my mother was fadding fast from cancer. I went to GR a day early to take care of her at my cousin’s house. Giving her a heroine type drug, injecting her. I slept next to her in the hospital bed. I watched her breathing just like I had watched my mother’s less than a yr earlier. I went to the concert the next day and felt so torn cuz she seemed worse to me. My cousin kept saying she was getting better, but I KNEW she was not. My cousin told me I did not need to stay, to go back home and she would call me so that I would have plenty of time to take the 3-1/2 hr drive back to her before she got worse. I left and the next evening she had died.So, in 1-1/2 yrs I lost my mother, w aunts an uncle and a longtime very close friend. My sister’s behavior took a turn for the worse and I had to deal with that for months. She has taken off in her car with her retarded 37 yr old son. No one knows where she is most of the time. Then around 16 of my close cousins began wars with each other. It has not stopoped. Yes, I have had some thing happen. More than these life altering things, that I would not consider going into. They are too painful. But, I am the same as far as my feelings for Adam. And for some Glambs. I do not do well when someone lies about me. That I cannot stand. I will at times be defensive. Who wouldn’t? But take a look from this last post of yours, to how the people tell you how right you are, until you get to GALS. Then she strts the tide turning back to the hating. She cannot stand me being a person posting. She starts her words, the next poster agrees with her, and it continues all the way down until the last person seems to want me dead and is so mean and cruel that it is hard for her to now be anyother way. I did nothing to these people. I did not post to them when they start with thir lines of each other piling on under each other telling themselves how bad cheryl is. They are not fighting against me for anything I have done. They have made it ALL up. Saying that I am hating ADAM. So they will take care of me. These people do not love Adam Lambert. They use this site to bulley and bash in his name. They are hypocrites. Just read the posts. See who said what first, then the ones who jump on the band wagon. It is like a kindergarten class. Nobody has original opinions. they just all agree with each other. it is so silly that it is actually disgusting. How do they think they can make their argument when all one has to do is read each post from the top to the bottom. They are addicted. Like rabid dogs. Like a pack of hungry wolves. No, Gerry, I do not like the bantering. I take as much as I can, and then I unfortunately let myself be pulled back in with a post explaining something about myself to someone who has asked and the little bangers come running like kids looking for a weakling to beat up. The problem is that I am not weak, and they have not been able to run me off. They do not understand that that will never happen. I may leave the site for a while, but when I go to post it will all be right at me again. So, why leave? I do it to compose myself, evaluate the situation, and decide what to do to deal with it. These people do not want to deescalate the situation. Esp Gala. She is by far the worst person I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. Tho recently I have decided not to even read these people’s post. I read others, and if I do accidentally see one os theirs, and see my name, which is always in their posts, I may answer after 6,7,8 others have added their, ‘yeah I hate cheryl too’ to the one poster. It is all impossible with people with minds like this. It has taught me a good lesson, tho. That is not to think all who post to me how much they like, or love me, really do. I was uncomfortable with that in the very beginning, and now I know I was right about it. People on this site do not ‘care’ about anyone but themselves. I’ll just leave it at that.

        • Cheryl, a lot of us are guilty of engaging and you are right when you say that it is best to ignore the posts. From this point forward EVERYONE has to ignore the negative posts and only comment on the positive ones so that we can get back to a site that only has positive posts. Anyone who finds it difficult to ignore what is being posted should probably take a break from this site until it gets back to the way it was. Recent posts indicate that that is all any of us want. And, yes, I will take my own advice. Cheryl, it saddens me that you feel it is necessary to explain yourself to such lengths. Please stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and justifying every comment you read. Your life is nobody’s business but your own and you shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself. This isn’t the forum for it. I suspect this will all blow over just like the AMAs if we stop feeding the fire. We all want the same thing; a site that is an enjoyable place to come and share our passion for Adam and his art.

          P.S. Just heard Adam on the radio for the first time. : )

        • Although this topic probably doesn’t belong here, I wanted to reply by saying my own mother died of Alzheimer’s in my sister’s arms. My sister went to the nursing home twice every day for 5 years to help feed and care for her. The workers in the nursing home (one with a good reputation in Arkansas) are not trained for handling patients who are resistant and too slow for their schedules. My mother’s arms were bruised and bleeding almost every day from the orderlies (mostly at night) who jerked her around. My sister has yet to recover and is still grieving after 4 years.

          Sorry to go off message, since it’s really about Adam.

          I’ve followed this blog sight, without commenting much, since AI. I love Adam and his music as most of you do, and was hooked from his first performance. I have no sexual interest in Adam at all, so there must be something else than his sexuality that attracts people. He is attractive to look at, I agree. I am thrilled by his voice, especially when he soars. I spend time every day online searching out the news about his activities.

          We are addicts I guess, and don’t understand those without the addiction. My partner is not impressed, and resists even listening since I drive him crazy with my rants.

          I’ve noticed on most blogs that most of the posters are women. I’ve noticed that most heterosexual men posting hate on other blogs feel threatened by Adam and are contemptuous in their comments about him. They are more focussed on his sexuality (in a negative way) than those who love Adam. Homophobia is rampant among many men. Macho men want their women to be servile and for men to uphold the superiority and dominance of like-minded men. They are threatened by men and women who challenge their position. Maybe Adam can help change that a bit.

          • I should have spelled it site instead of sight.

            I also should say that I am thrilled by the voice of Andrea Bocelli, especially when he soars on impossible high notes. And there is something about his personality that is also magnetic, like Adam’s.

            • Hey Gerry, I think maybe you and I are the only one’s left at this thread. Probably a good thing. My son also loves Adam and says he doesn’t find him sexually attractive either. Not his type – his past boyfriends remind me of the type of men that Adam says he likes; shorter and pretty. When I first started obsessing my son’s only comment was “he’s too gay”; whatever that means. Now that he has heard his CD he loves him and so do his friends. It’s about his music. I also love Andrea Bocelli and have bought his Christmas CD. It’s the high notes for both these artists that get my blood hot.

          • I’m sorry to hear of everyone’s loses. I never lost anyone close to me-the closest would have been my great grandmother & grandmother last year, a week or so apart. We hadn’t seen them for family issue reasons for a couple years before. Yes, it was upsetting, but without them being so close, it was somewhat different. I still am not over it, nor do I believe I ever will be-I deal with it best by not thinking about it that much. Even people I don’t know make me cry. Every year on December 8th as soon as I hear the name “John Lennon” I cry uncontrollably. So, knowing how this feels (even worse in both of your cases) I’m sorry.

            Yes, the negativity shouldn’t be kept fed, but the thing is….for me at least, when I read something, and I think it may be borderline ignorant or maybe I want to share my own view-I will. Sometimes it comes off as negative. I don’t think I’m following anyone. I had my own views before I ever commented on anything. I think the reason why it may look like everyone is “following” each other is because there is a lot of agreeance over certain topics-but some people can’t put their feelings into words as well as other’s can or even the fact that they wanted to type out the same thing, but someone else already did it. So, they merely support what the person above them has written.
            I’m not saying we all have to agree on everything, which would make it boring. We all bring different things to the table. But, the way we GO ABOUT saying these things should be worked on I suppose. That way we can eliminate coming off as arrogant, rude or negative.

            And also to Cheryl-the comment about your misspellings-I felt like you weren’t considering my words and I still felt attacked upon, I resulted in cheap shots. Which I don’t normally ever do. For that, I am sorry.

      • Gerry, you make some good points. The couple of times that Cheryl attacked me I found that the best way to deal with her was to respond back as calmly and to the point as possible. In hindsight I should have ignored her altogether, but at the time I felt the need to respond to her rants and stand my ground as I had made valid points and I had not made them in a hateful manner. Any sarcasm I used was lost on her, but some glambs got it so it served me well. After her last blast at me I decided that I wasn’t going to engage with her anymore b/c it was a waste of time and energy, and I was just feeding some need she had. I don’t try to understand what motivates her, but it’s a shame that it has come to this. I have been on this site for a long time and I enjoy reading the daily posts, even the light banter back and forth, but this has gone too far.

      • Gerry ——— Cheryl is the only person I have read rude, nasty, cutting aggressive comments from.. She is attacking people.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Sherry S.

      great post and observations.

      Something must be done to regain the courtesy and fun that this site used to have. Lately I dread the idea that Adam or anyone who knows him, visit the site. It would be truly hurtful.

      Fernando and moderators, I’m completly aware that this must be a difficult problem to solve, but you must figure out the way, and if we can help in any way, I’m sure you’ll have our support.

      Thanks again to Sherry, and to Fernando and moderators for this site,

    • HOORAY for Sherry, I am getting really fed up with the very few and I emphasise FEW individuals who have found an opportunity to stand on their soap box to voice their NARROW MINDED opinions on this site because they know that there are a large number of Adam fans who constantly come back to this site to get more news on Adam. If this few individuals were to pass their opiniosn in a public place they will have rotten tomatoes thrown at them, no one wants to listen to them, go and find another place to voice your verbal carbage, stop attacking Adam all the time. And by the way, I do not need anyone to tell me how to bring my children up and how I should socially educate them. Are you living in the real world or some fantasy world, look around you, open your eyes, remove the ‘blinkers’ from your eyes so that you can see clearly. If you personal hangups or issues, go and get them sorted, this is not the place, you will certainly not receive any therapy here, stop being in denial. Adam has always presented himself in a very honest manner, he never lied about who he is and what he stands for or where he stands as an artist. From the moment he appreared on AI we know that he was different, why do you think so many viewers came back week after week, do you think they came back to watch the other boring contestants, NO, they all ceme back to watch this fabulous, very talented, very individual young artistk, someone who injected new meaning to music, someone who is not scared to produce an interpretation of the lyrics in a more vivacious way then all the others. This guy has gone through a lot in his life, came across people like you who wanted him to tone down his performances, well, go back to the Zodiac appearacne of A Change Is Going to Come, watch it again, open your eyes and ears and hear what he is very loudly saying to you. Why are you expecting an apology, why should he apologise for who he is, I CELEBRATE WHO HE IS, and if you carefully listen to the interviews he has maintained the fact that he has done nothing wrong, if other poeple perceive it to be wrong then DON’T WATCH IT, your oponion is not the majority opinion, look at the vast number of people who are supporting Adam and compare the numbers with the very few who want to put him in a ‘box’ which fits their perception of what Adam should be. I love Adams’s performances, I love who he is, I love his music, I do not want Adam to change in any way or change his performances, anyone who finds his performance too much for them to handle then don’t watch, why are still watching, don’t post on this site, go and find another site to post on, we don’t want you here, THIS IS A FAN SITE FOR ADAM LAMBER, get off you soap box and go preach somewhere else.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Well said Toni, agree with you totally.

      • Toni, WONDERFUL post!!!


        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • TONI AMEN!!!

        Adam has always told us who he is and what he was going to do and will do. We all have our reactions of the Shock and Awe, but we have to accept it or MOVE ON!! Adam is ADAM. Love him or LEAVE HIM!!

    • Sherry S,
      WOW I am so happy that someone stepped up to the plate and took charge of this situataion. I did come to the site to express my spellbounding love for Adam, and not having support from my family.. I felt welcomed. I do not write in journals or express myself to strangers. After visiting and reading, I slowly opened up here.. I was always made to feel O.K. from what I would post.
      I really looked forward to visiting and sharing. It was so much fun and many of you have brightened my day.. I too am going through hell on earth right now– enough said! All your different views and personalities would make me LOL and lighten my worries.. I have lost a lot of sleep spending time here, because it was FUN!!

      Your above post is so well done and true. I have been shocked at this persons rude comments and wondered why more people did not respond. I can see now that you all have been though it much longer and were trying to take the high road. It is out of hand and I am just glad that you are taking the lead to resolve this. I support your efferts.. Thank you

  40. AdamRocks! says:

    Thank you sherry s.!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  41. Sherry,
    What a great post! You expressed exactly what I thought and wanted to write to our moderators, but could not do it better! 100% agree! I know people who stopped coming to our site because of this woman and her negativity!
    Cheryl is a shame for all of all! Please, block her!

    • love2adams says:

      Dear Moderators, I completely agree with Sherry S.
      When I come home at night I really look forward to this site. It is so fun and relaxing to find out all of the Adam happenings of the day. I love everything about Adam and I savor every tidbit. Please block the Adam basher from spoiling this wonderful site. I want wonderful and interesting people like Gerry to post and not be attacked by the closet homophobe, Cheryl 334.

  42. ATTENTION TO DREAMSOUNDSherry S……I have read your post, and every word that you have said is absolutely true!

    I hope that the moderators can figure out a way to block people who are nasty, verbally assaulting, gay bashing…including accusing fans here of being gay because they agree with each other, accusing another fan of taking pills for altzheimers, and on and on!.

    Alot of newbies that come here don’t realize how nasty and cutting Cheryl can be, and when someone responds back with upset and angry comments to her when she gets out of line,
    the newbies think and say that we are out of line for telling her to stop, etc. They haven’t seen
    all of the unbelievably nasty comments that she writes to people, especially when she doesn’t agree with THEM.

    • Continued

      To Dreamsound and Sherry S…….

      I have added several comments into the thread above. Sorry, but if they are to be read, you’ll have to scroll upwards to see them.

      I want all the newbies and, also if ADAM or his parents happen to read this, that this is a dedicated fansite for and about ADAM. We want to keep it friendly and honest! Just because one or two people spout hateful personal attacks to ADAM fans, doesn’t mean that we’re all like that! We may have some differing thoughts/feelings, but we are adults (mostly), male and female, and most all of us want to be respectful regarding ADAM and to each other!

    • jaberone– That’s right– This is getting ridiculous– I have seen only ONE NASTY RUDE CUTTING person here and it is Cheryl.

      Adams SAYS “let’s promote the SPIRIT of being POSITIVE, CELEBRATE PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF TEARING THEM DOWN, I take the positive and IGNORE the NEGATIVE”,

  43. AN OPEN LETTER TO ADAM: The re are a handful of pooste rs on this site of probably over 1,000 who view it everyday. These half dozen people seem to be upset with the fact that another pooster, Gerryin, and I have had some conversation via this site regarding gay issues and each others plights in societ y. We have ‘encouraged’ each other in hoping that we each can continue to battle the ‘haters’ of this country. I am your biggest fan. Been on this site since your first note was sung on idol. There has been one issue that I have disagreed with YOU, Adam in this year. Most of these folks were not even on this site when I started. These ‘folks’ want me to be made to stay ‘off’ this site, which is YOUR FANSITE. I am in disagreement with this, since I am not a fan of ‘them’, but of YOU. As someone who lhas seen this kind of hypocrisy to others and yourself for a very long time, I would be happy to not poost on your fansite anymore, here, if you would like me to leave. However, like you, I am not going to leave voluntarily b/c some ‘bashers’ and some ‘haters’ have banned together in the only way they seem to know how to do and that is by ‘ganging up’ against one person. Me. If you read this post, and I hope you do, could you please ‘comment’?

    To the few that think they can determine who is her and who is not, let me try to explain to you, something you obviously have not considered. If you do not like me or what I say, WHY do you continue to follow every convcersation, via posting, that I have with many others? Also, why does my posting to someone else bother YOU????? I am NOT posting to you or about you. WHAT makes you few so angry that a lone person, minding her own business, having nothing to do with you, continue to try and badger me off the site???? WHY do you few think you are so important that you have enough power to do this to someone? Where do any of you get off accusing me of what YOU are doing? Kindly COUNT the posts made on each thread by each of you, then by me. Who posts the most? Who is the worst at being so unkind to someone? I realize that asking YOU few this question is like asking thieves if any of them have ever stolen. YOU few do not take your responsibility for anything said by you, to me here. That is YOUR problem. BUT, I suggest to you, that if ADAM,. himself were to judge here, you few would be the ones he would not like calling themselves his fans so that you can try to beat up on someone in HIS NAME. That is MY thought.

    peace-love-lilght-truth-hope-fun-joy 2ADAM…………………and myself

    PS I came back here tonite, or actually it is Saturday, to see if Gerry had posted anything to me in reply to my posting to him and trying to iron-out the misunderstanding between US – NOT ANY of YOU. Normally I would not have been back here after the new threads have come out. However, I will NOT be back here for anymore of your all’s b.s. So, feel free to entertain each other. Keep on with your antics and you might find yourselves on the outside looking in, soon.

    • The proof of your duplicity and overbearing meanness will remain on this page—in your own words—for everyone to see.

      As I said, you attacked nearly every positive post here, and generally, one reads the responses to one’s own post.

      But rest assured, there is a attitude in force now. NO ONE THAT KNOWS YOU will be RESPONDING to your posts, and further, to save themselves a boat-load of distress, they will no longer be READING your maniacal diatribes either.

      Know that the ill-will, the poison, you have so forcefully spread has been suffered by many—far beyond the few who have come back here and commented.

      • p.s.:

        When you’ve lost Emili, the sweetest, most likeable creature on this green earth, you know you’ve lost EVERYONE.

        • Oh crap!!What the hell was that?Are you trying to make me cry here?Oh puhhh leeese,I’m sooo not going to cry over that! isk,isk,Imma…so not…touched…at all.imma…won’t…Waaaaaaaarghhhh!!!!!Sob sob, the sweetest??You mean the horniest,right?waaaargh,most likeable?Really?So,if I participate this TV show that looking for a gal,you know the handsome dude will pick one gal at the end?You think I can win?Then I think we can choose over a guy or the money!If I choose money over the guy so I have enough money to see Adam in concert with you guys,is that make me less sweet or that will more sweet than eveeer? 😛

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Too right Sherry S because if Emili is not coming here (or any of you fantastic people) then I am not coming here either. That would be a huge shame because this site is where I met you all in the first place. We used to call ourselves Adam’s Family. We want Adam’s Family back.

      • Sherry s — SO TRUE and you said it perfectly It is a simple solution….Just do not respond to Hate, mean, bullying, posts.

        Adams Quote backstage at the Madison SQ — “Let’s promote the SPIRIT of being POSITIVE, CELEBRATE PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF TEARING THEM DOWN, I take the positive and IGNORE the NEGATIVE”,


        We could ALL learn lessons in life from ADAM!! He is just walking JOY and LOVE!! He even said how happy is is for Kris on stage that night.
        Adam Is SPECIAL!! And that’s why WE LOVE HIM!!

    • How dare you compare yourself to Adam, if you want to speak to your friends please go somewhere else and not here, and do I read correctly, you drove AdamAddict away from this site? That does it, AdamAddict come back, we want you here, I love your humour, I love your posts, as for the haters all I have to say is STAY AWAY FOR GOOD.

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!Yeah,how dare her!LOL!!But,it’s cool now!Almost drove me away,but a friend keep pulling me.I said “no,I don’t wanna!!”And I’m afraid she start to pull my hair like Fred did to Wilma,so I give another try.But Dianne,U R right,we used to call ourselves that,right?We are the Adam’s Family.OMG,flash back…we did have fun in this sites….for a very long time.People,please remember all that back.We can continue having fun,yes we can 🙂
        And Sherry s. please stop that,you make me blush…how about creative,compassinate and ….oh crap,I can’t remember,what is another one?WHAT QUALITY THAT ADAM LOVE?I KNOW THERE’S ONE MORE?WHAT IS IT?I CAN BE THAT PERSON IF I FORGOT!!!OH NOOOOO!!!!Oh yeah,just remember, INTELLIGENT!Oh yes!!I spell all those 3 right,right?If not,i’m so not intelligent!LOL!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Girls, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO BE ADAM’S FAMILY, THE BEST ADAM FANSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          And Emili, every word that Sherry said is absolutely true.
          Love you

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Yes Emili, EVERY WORD THAT SHERRY SAID IS TRUE and you have me laughing right about now. Adam would love you so much Emili as we all do. Believe me.

          • I second that… both of us (Sherry’s) want you to be on this sight Emili… I have stayed away because it had just turned ugly with people hating on Adam and because it just wasn’t fun anymore.. We need to come back and make it fun again.. Without You Emili and all the rest of the people that I love on here, I’d just be one lonely Adam lover.. ((((((((((((( group hugs all around)))))))))))))

            • Oh my God! I thought you left because you were mad at Adam!
              Welcome! Welcome! Welcome back!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              admfan1, oh welcome back, where have you been. You are a welcome sight, we need you and Emili and I will say one more person is missing, well I haven’t seen her posting for awhile and that is OFRA, where is OFRA.

              We can’t have you being one lonely Adam Lover now can we, that wouldn’t be right at all, you have to come and join the Adam’s Family again, we are bringing it back. Lovely to “see you”.

              Love and hugs to you.

              • AdamAddict says:

                Sherry mad at Adam?She bought 4 or 5 Adam’s CD for god sake.LOL!!Ofra still love Adam so much.We follow each other in twitter.She will be so fierce when people attacking Adam,so I didn’t mention her about this thread.This already ugly enough.I don’t want her to pissed after read all this negativities!

                • much love to all of you !!!… correction and update Emili I have bought SIX cds now and I have bought ” What Do You Want From Me ” on itunes 10 times to help with ratings… lol muah !!!!!!

  44. Don’t you go anywhere Emili. . . we won’t let you!!!


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  45. After re-watching this video, I remember the first thing that struck me when I first saw Adam on this special-his lips need a little color. haha!


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