“What The Hell Was That?”

Someone mentioned in comments yesterday Simon’s famous line, “What the hell was that?” and I replied, “’What the hell was that’ is our manta.” Some people may have thought I was joking, but I was dead serious. In light of the widespread panning of the new album cover, I feel that now is a good time to remind people of the night that Simon made that statement. It was March 17th, Adam’s American Idol “defining moment.” It was, of course, Simon’s initial reaction to “Ring of Fire,” followed by “absolutely indulgent rubbish” and “horrific” and the equally famous line, “People are throwing their televisions out the window.” Adam just laughed.

It was at that moment that people either agreed with Simon or realized that we were seeing someone special – someone who was telling us that they wouldn’t conform an inch more than they absolutely had to. It was someone who’d promised during Hollywood week that he’d “twist it” and was delivering. It was someone who could surprise us, shock us, and give us something we’d never seen before. And it was someone who could entertain us – not just sing, and not just perform. A performer, to me, implies someone going through the motions – an established series of moves or steps. There’s almost a mechanical connotation in the word “performer” for me. Adam takes it a step further – he’s an entertainer. By definition, he captures our attention and holds it. It’s an indefinable thing – call it the “it” factor, or whatever, that separates performers from entertainers. (Which is why I finally now “get” the album title!)

I was saddened yesterday by not only the sheer number of people who commented on the web that they disliked the cover, but the brutality of the comments. I read “soft,” “feminine,” “cheesy,” “amateurish,” and that wonderfully creative adjective “bad.” Some people, of course, are non-fans. I don’t care about them. They never got on the bus and never will. But I’m disturbed by the number of Adam fans who sent up a collective wail of “why o why did he choose that cover? It’s not what we expected!”

So what happened between March 17th and today? Maybe it was the long weeks of the concert tour, seeing Adam every day in the same outfit, singing the same songs, making the same moves. Maybe that one image of the fierce Adam decked out in studded and spiked leather became burned in our brains. Yeah, baby, drop him in the desert, hand him a weapon, and he can kill bad guys alongside Mel Gibson! Maybe this “manly” image, coupled with the Details photo shoot, had people thinking the heterosexual fantasy was reality.

Maybe it’s just personal choice. Maybe people find “manly beauty” more appealing than “androgynous beauty.” That’s fine – we all have our personal likes and dislikes. But to lament the choice and cry “why o why” makes no sense to me. Have we forgotten that this is Adam? Have we forgotten March 17th? Was it that long ago? Did we just get too used to the tour concert “look”? Is it that we want Adam to conform to our expectations? Are we feeling too entitled these days? Are we too selfish, wrapped up in our own wants?

Er, guys, this is Adam, remember? This is the man who loves to change it up and show us a different side of himself every time out. He’s a kaleidoscope – shake him up and you get a different look every time – but it’s all Adam, and it’s all beautiful. To me, the gender thing doesn’t matter – beauty is beauty, and the different looks are all sides of the same man.

I know I’m not going to change the minds of Adam haters. And if you’re an Adam fan and dislike the cover, I’m not going to change your mind, either. All I’m asking is that the next time you have a Simon moment and find yourself thinking “What the hell was that?” take a deep breath and remember March 17th and Ring of Fire. That was Adam’s promise to us for the future.

Adam is being Adam, and he’s delivering that promise by entertaining us – he grabs our attention and doesn’t let go. I don’t think he has now or ever had any intention of going “mainstream,” and if you hate what he does, I think he’ll laugh, just like he did on March 17th. He loves changing it up, and he hopes we love it, too. But if we don’t… Well, in my opinion, if you dish up hatred because he’s not conforming to YOUR expectation, that’s your problem – I don’t think he’s going to worry about it.

Of course, it’s the music that matters. But I have a feeling that people will have mixed feelings about the music as well. Critics and fans alike may not love all of it. It may not conform to what we became used to during Idol. Heck, I’m pretty sure *I* won’t like all of it. But when I have my Simon moment, I’ll remember Ring of Fire.

I hope we never get to the point where people stop asking “what the hell was that?” That will be a sad day, and that’s why I made the comment “’What the hell was that’ is our mantra, and we’re proud of it.” I don’t editorialize often, but I feel strongly about this. I think it goes to the core of what it means to be a fan of Adam’s. You either accept the fact that he’s going to be himself, or you don’t. If you don’t like being surprised, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Better yet, if you want something safe and sappy with a non-threatening cover, go buy Take One.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. VERY WELL SAID!!! I LOVE the Cover and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

    • well, again, adam has grabbed the headlines and have people talking about him with strong feelings on both sides. looks like he is a genius concerning his p.r. personally, i love the cover. he is beautiful, the cover is beautiful and it’s his first, not his last. get ready for the ride of your lives, cause this is not the end, just the beginning.

    • I’m sneaking in here, hopefully near the top, to ask an off-topic question!!! I have been getting my ADAM LAMBERT News a day late! I notice that everyone’s comments are from the day before, and I don’t want to be “late” with my comments!!!! Sorry to butt into these comments…hopefully someone can explain this to me!!! 🙂

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. The only disagreement I have with your “editorial” is that I don’t think there will be anything Adam gives us that I will not receive with a smile and a “yes please, may I have some more!” The surprise, the originality, and the fact that he is so true to his own, unique vision are the qualities about Adam Lambert which have turned me into a (very mature) fangirl for the first time ever. The talent, the showmanship, the looks, the sex appeal are all part of a beautiful, irresistable package. But for me, the big glittery bow on that fabulous package is the essence of Adam that comes from within. He fought long hard to get where he is without compromising himself and his vision, and I respect and admire him SO MUCH MORE for that. ROCK ON ADAM! and Haterz to the left, you’re blocking our view!! 😀

  2. mARGIE32127 says:

    My thoughts, exactly. I love the cover and get what Adam is doing. It’s going to be quite a ride on Planet Fierce and I fully intend to enjoy it. 🙂

    • i love the cover and find it ridiculous that adam has to EXPLAIN the cover to those who don’t get his art.

    • KailuaGirl1966 says:

      ADAM, THE GLITTERY ALIEN FROM THE PLANET FIERCE…… As a DEVOTED fan, I will follow you anywhere with confidence that you will remain true to yourself. From the first time I saw you and heard you sing I knew YOU ARE THE ONE. Your stage presence, intellect, business sense, kindness and courage set you apart from all of the other “stars”. This, the first album cover is an invitation to explore the infinite possibilities of the future. I have been waiting for you… You are the NEW KING of MUSIC… open the universe, expand my horizons. I am right here ready to follow your lead. ROCK ON!


  3. AdamRocks! says:

    Jeanette, you ROCK!!! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • I almost stood up in the hotel lobby where I’m staying and shouted, “You GO, girl,” when I read your entry. I, also, was taken aback when I saw the cover, but it took me 3 seconds to laugh and thank the Lord for Adam, his individuality, his sense of irony, and his willingness to rock the boat. You are right, when he stops doing all of that, we’ll lose interest. That is why we love him, he is one of a kind !!! And he is FABULOUS on that cover. Now, if he would just hurry up and get us some more music !!!

      • Thanks, Carrie! I’m glad I’m not totally alone in my feelings.

        • Oh Jeanette, YOU are NOWHERE NEAR ALONE! Bravo, girl!! We all needed that! We do seem to forget at times that Adam is an ‘alien’ entertainer, one who is totally different from the rest. Combine that with his awesome sense of humour and huge intellect, we get… well… we get… who knows what next?

        • Oh, you’re not alone, Jeanette. Lyndsey Parker’s blog about the cover is up to 10,000 comments. I think you’ve expressed my feelings the very best–we have all been projecting our expectations on Adam.

          I love that Adam is Adam. I’m releasing my expectations and letting that be my only one.

          And the cover has grown on me! I now see the power in it! Wow! As his own brother says, “holy shiiiiit. Adam’s album cover is an interdimensional gateway to a much cooler galaxy” Adam, the glittery alien from Planet Fierce is showing us the gateway to a better world!

          I’m basking in it!! And I can feel the glow!! What a fabulous ride this glittery alien is taking us on. Fasten your seatbelts, Glambs! We’ve just begun!

        • Jeanette…I agree with you wholeheartedly! We love ADAM for his personality, style, singing, charisma, and all good things about him! (I can’t think of one bad thing about him….except that *sniff*
          I can’t have him!!:) )

          I welcome all things from ADAM and love each and every one of them!
          I’m so glad that you wrote about this. ADAM fans, I’m sure, will totally agree with you. Those that had any kind of “negative” thoughts or comments will now understand his choice, and what a great mantra to have! Luv ya Jeanette!

    • Olga Glam #471 says:

      Oh, Jeanette! Great words! I wish Adam could get his hands on your writing, he would definitely appreciate it! I wish you could take an interview from him! Wouldn’t it be great to read the result that you would come up with? You are so talented! Thank you, Jeanette!

  4. Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been completely perplexed by the wailing of fans that the cover is “too” this or “too” that, with this and that being unexpected (and unwanted) descriptors for Adam. The expectations-based judgments astound and sadden me. Thank you for writing what I’m thinking! I don’t believe we’re entitled to project upon Adam our expectations of who he is or should be. Rather, I hope we can observe and appreciate who he is and what he gives. The art. The expression. The beauty. Love it or hate it. But attempt to mold and shape it to conform? That’s not what this is supposed to be about, is it?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Jeanette for your insightful reminder. The Gossip Candy blog also has more than one piece in this vein, as well as many responses from irate fans in strong support of Adam. BTW, another couple of adjectives were thrown around a lot by some of Adam’s fans i.e. “too gay” . I was appalled, and very, very disappointed to see this. I know Adam is used to dealing with this crap, BUT FROM HIS OWN FANS ??????????

    • Elizabeth, I heard the same negative things yesterday over and over, and I went to bed feeling like I was the only one who liked the cover. I, too, was disappointed in the response and felt compelled to write this. “Too gay” – yeah, that’s a good one. People, he IS gay. Get over it.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        He is gay! Get over it! Love it, love it, love it, Right on sister! I am laughing my ass off!!!!!!

      • I felt the same too. I can’t take the nasty things said about Adam. What does it matter about what the cover looks like? I love it, but those who don’t and say such awful things, well let me pose this question: How many times have you actually looked at the cover after you buy an album? Me, I never give it a second thought. BUT I will for Adam because it is beautiful!

  6. Ring Of Fire was the moment I fell heads over heels for Adam Lambert.

    • Me too!!! 🙂

    • littlegreensnake says:

      Yep, that was the clincher moment for me too. He was definitely on my radar from the time he auditioned, but that ROF performance blew my little old mind.

      Love the cover btw.
      Andra (littlegreensnake)
      Glamb #402

    • My moment I fell in love with Adam was when he sang I can’t get no satisfaction………and every day I fall deeper…………if someone was to through me a ladder I would not take it………I love feeling the way I do about Adam………….and too bad if my husband doesn’t “get it”……….lol 🙂

  7. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    thanks for reminding me – I would have preferred a different cover, but,…….. I’m buying it anyway. It took me a few times to really love Ring of Fire, but now I do truly love it. I am a 65 year old grandmother who panted over ‘Elvis and I’m doing it again with Adam, I’m on the roller coaster, so – Adam – take me for a ride.

  8. I replayed the “What the hell was that” song a hundred times on that day.

  9. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    OMG…Just yesterday, I played back some of the old Idol performances while at work. Ring Of Fire, was the first…and I laughed so hard @ Simon’s comment, thinking back through the whole season, of how Simon came to respect Adam, so much for his talent and ability to entertain us so. As I watched the judges critque his performances, Paula always on her feet, Kara with her mouth agape praising him, Randy telling him “You Dude’ Are A Rock Star Now”….This is Adam!!!! This is the man that lives to “Shock & Awe”,
    us in all things. So why not the album cover as well…as you say Jeanette, we either love him or not…and I bet Adam Loves that cover, I know I did, just left a comment on last thread. So if this is what he wants, I have faith in him to know he will pull it off…Rock On Adam, Where you lead I will follow….can’t wait to see what is next….Blessings 2 all, nancy

    • Nancy, this is what Adam had to say this morning:

      Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous. (my h, he corrected it later)

      For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention.

      • theresa, this is exactly what i said about the albun cover in my previous comment. Adam knew exacty what he was doing, He loves to :Play a part: it is not like he goes round dressed uo all the time. Jeanette is correct he conformed in his own way for AI but was of course holding back, to achieve what he did,that was only part of Adams Performing persona, now he is free to go his own way. Good luck Adam we are with you.

  10. Glambertcraze says:

    Glamb #358
    Thank you Jeanette for your words. I cant imagine a TRUE fan of Adams not liking the cover. It is sooooo Adam. For those who don’t like this cover, just wait, the next one will be totally different, just like Adams many looks.
    His brother Tweeted that the cover looks like a “interdimensional gateway to a much cooler galaxy”
    Could it be said any better.

    • Agreed – coulnd’t have said it any better. Sometimes this is NOT a very cool world to live in.

  11. puteri abdul says:

    well said jeanette …

    to tell the truth, since the album was out, I could not help but google most of the comments made about the album…
    and I must say that I was quite dissapointed with most of the responses made by most of them…
    I mean if it comes from the haters, I am not surprise, because these people will find every fault of adam so that they can riducule and slander…. like they have nothing to do, but just find ways to make adam fall…. but like adam say, we just have to put on our shield so that their sword of degrading remarks would not bleed us …
    but what is quite disturbing from me are these so – called fans, stating how they love adam, but hated the covers, and because of that they are starting to have second thoughts ? oh please … if they are really adam followers, they should know how adam is from the very beginning, way before his idol journey…. I mean look at the photos, and videos of adam’s past look and performance, one should know how adam truly is …. please !!!!! open your eyes people…. and also open your heart !!!!
    If they want to call themselves conservative, then if all of you meet me, most of you might get a shock to see that I can call myself the most conservative of all adam’s fans… from my way of life, to my dressing, you would never have guess this is the person who is writing all these in support of adam’s …. but for me, what adam is doing is his own perogative, and if you are really his supporter, then accept him with an open arms, who are we to dictate him on what to do, he has his own brains and I think he is shrewd enough to make his own judgement on what to with his life and what to give to his fans in the name of entertainment….

    so there, I am sorry if I sound a little emotional ….
    but I just feel that I needed to blurt out my feelings about the issue….

    and I still don’t care about what people want to say about the cover…
    for me, it is a masterpiece …

    • AdamRocks! says:

      puteri, AMAZING post!

      Lots of Love!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • puteri abdul says:

      sorry guys, this is what you get when you type with your emotional minds…
      a lot of typo and grammatical error…
      and I meant to say, since the photo of the album cover was out … not album….
      speaking of which , am waiting in antipation but confident that adam will give his best ……

      • Yes, Puteri, amazing post! Don’t feel bad – I couldn’t type in my above comment either.

        I’m as laid back as they come. I guess when I get worked up you can tell.

      • puteri, I know what u mean totally. I am so emotion right now. All my thoughts and brain
        waves are probably having a knock out drag down in my head…………….

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You may think you are conservative–but you are liberal in your heart–and that is what counts! Kudos to you my friend–you are lovely!

    • puteri, So sweet you are. Just like Adam himself says: Thanks to you all who appreciate and
      understand the album cover! He didnt mention a thing whatsoever to those who dont.
      He doesnt care, or care to waste time on the negative. He’ll keep on entertaining His way.
      Hopefully you’ll be entertained………..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I just love your post Puteri. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Lisa Imbruglia will tell you that I probably look nothing like an Adam fan because I don’t wear make up or nail polish. Don’t know why but even when I was a teenager I hated make up, I did used to wear nail polish but can’t be bothered now, plus I don’t think I would get away with it working for a law firm. I am also conservative in how I dress because I don’t have the figure for fashion at all, but I do admire it on others, especially Adam, he always looks fantastic with whatever he has got on (or not, I am sure). But I have always been a laid back thinker and usually accept people for who they are. I don’t like labels and I know Adam doesn’t. You don’t hear many people saying “oh, he is so straight” so why say it about a gay person. I love Adam with all my heart, there is nothing that anyone can do or say that will ever change that. I have said it before, I will say it again I LOVE ADAM’S ALBUM COVER, I KNOW I AM GOING TO LOVE HIS MUSIC, HE IS JUST SUPERB AND WILL NEVER, EVER DISAPPOINT ME.

    • Well said puteri, and please don’t say sorry, why say sorry, it is those people with negaive comments that should say sorry. They have to dig deep and remind themselves why they fell in love with Adam in the first place. I fell in love with him because of that beautiful voice, the fantastic performances, all of them filled with excitment, the look in his eyes, the passion, the way he moves his body, his intertpretation of the songs, his uniqueness, the way he dresses, I can go on and on. I love most of all because he is sincere, he is honest, never tried to pretend to be someone else just for the sake of securing success, never tried to undermine any other contestant performing at the same time as Adam, and I love his personality. I love him because of the suprise element, everytime he performs is different, look at the AI tour, he repeated those five songs and yet each time it seemed to be the first time we ever heard them, he is not someone you put into a box and expect the same thing, he is imaginative, very very talented, very vidionary, and all of these coems out in his performances. We love the eyeliner, the make up, the dressing up, the over the top performances. I personally would have been disappointed if Adam’s CD cover was restricted to please mainstream thinking individuals, I think it is a beautiful work of art, it is reminescent of the GLAM ROCK ERA but more current, it has to ‘fit’ the contents of the CD. For goodness sake people open your eyes, enjoy it, love it, have fun with it, come out or your little boxes, let Adam’s light shine on you and have fun, as Adam’s says, ‘dance your asses of’ cause I will most certainly do that, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

  12. Love Adam to the max; his cover…not so much.
    I know that it is totally possible to adore Adam and not adore the cover. I do.
    The cover is just a piece of paper, slid into the CD case, so it’s not such a much to me whether I like it or not.

    What don’t I like about it?
    I find it bland, boring even. The airbrush techie went nuts with airbrushing and removed all of the endearing details of Adam’s face, to the point that it doesn’t look much like him anymore. His face is noticeably narrower, for goodness sake! Adam doesn’t have a skinny face and this dude on the new album cover…does. It’s odd, disconcerting.

    The overall look reminds me of those K-tel album covers of the ’70’s, of which I still have a few in my record collection! But, mostly, what I don’t like is the featureless face…Adam’s eyes have been altered, for what reason I cannot tell. Adam has gorgeous eyes and they’ve been altered! So, for me, there’s nothing recognizable left in the face on the cover…freckles are gone, eyes are someone else’s, facial contours have been eliminated and his entire appearance is not his own.

    Its not so much, “What the hell was that?” for me, but more like, “What the hell were they thinking?”

    I’ve read the good, the bad and the ugly in comments about this cover art. I don’t condone the slash and bash tactics, not for a second, because it’s just a photo. JUST A PHOTO! Not worth the upset at all. And, certainly not worth the negative and cruel comments I’ve read on a variety of websites.

    This is going to be a stunning album and that’s what matters to me. How its wrapped and in what doesn’t matter a whit. I don’t like the wrapping paper but I know I’ll love what’s inside.

    • I don’t believe Adam represents reality in any way, shape or form, so all of the things that bother you are a non-issue to me. It’s all dress-up, make-believe, magic and fantasy to me. But as I said, we all have our likes and dislikes. I just don’t like the hatred in some comments and the “why o why” surprise when Adam does the unexpected.

      • I don’t like those things, either, Jeanette…there’s absolutely no need to say harsh and hurtful things about a little photo, for crikey’s sake.

        In my comment, I was responding to the comment that true fans would not dislike the cover. I’m as true a fan as you can get and I don’t like the cover…that doesn’t make me a bad person, just someone who doesn’t like it. It’s just not that deep, really. Just a photo that some will like and some will not. That’s human nature, we don’t all agree with each other, If we did, it would be a very colourless world!

        • i’m Adam’s biggest fan, but i agree with Bran all the way (bland and boring!). i almost wish he went with that Michelline man look (which i also disliked); any off his pre-idol photos would be way better. do i care? not realy, his music is more important to me.. i will always adore him to bits ….

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I happen to like the cover but I do respect your opinion. It was well said and respectful of those of us who do like it. You expressed your opinion without being rude or sarcastic and I appreciate that. Thank you.

      • I agree with you Jeanette. I am sorry but I didn’t like that above post. There are sites to discuss things like that if you don’t like it. I come here to read the love of Adam and to find someone writing why they didn’t like the cover bothered me. I am sorry but just didn’t expect it HERE.

    • sylverine says:

      I think that something vital to remember is that this is not a passport photograph or something that is supposed to represent Adam in real life. Why do you think it should be a real candid photo of Adam? We all have plenty of those don’t we? We all know and love Adam in real life, but this represents a STYLE that he loves, for his music and himself. You can ONLY get that look with airbrushing! It really is as his brother said – a Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce!
      See Neil’s latest comment on twitter:
      @negativeneil holy shiiiiit. Adam’s album cover is an interdimensional gateway to a much cooler galaxy

      See this article as I posted below somewhere for a comparison with generic ‘realistic’ album covers

    • Bren I love what you said about the cover being the wrapping paper. Personally I love it but then I am and was a Bowie fan and love all those colours but I can’t wait to tear the present open to hear all the goodies inside. from this wonderful Adam.
      Love ya khiska/Brenda

      • Welcome, Brenda, and to our GlambsBC as well. Yes, Adam is very much into the ‘package’ as part of his entertainment. He will continue this way. Jeanette was right above when she stated we became lulled into a state of predictability during the Idol tour.

        Adam being the totally creative animal he is, could no more live with the status quo than he could with singing those same songs in his future. (though he might just to please fans)

        I am now even more excited to hear his album tunes. If the cover surprised us that much, just imagine what those songs will do.

        Adam, you go , guy!!!


    • AdamManFan says:

      totally agree with you Bren, I think it reeks of cheese! I was expecting something more fierce than this. He’s a beautiful man who wears make up well, but that’s just TOO much IMHO. At first thought, maybe he was just going for a Ziggy Stardust feel?

      I kinda see a trend going with the new cover, has anyone seen the new Rihanna album cover?it’s got that new wave feel to it like this does , but more toned down. http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/news/00028362.jpg

      For the true hatters, listen to Adam sing Black&White maybe you’ll just get it after several listens 🙂 just saying..

    • I saw on one of the sites (which I don’t remember which) that could have been from a fan-art drawing that a fan had sent in! They showed the artwork, and it does look alot like the art! I still love it!

  13. I like the album cover and love Adam Lambert

  14. sylverine says:

    Thanks for this very intelligent ‘heads-up’ Jeanette, I agree. I always enjoy reading what you write. And after my initial surprise – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the cover! I think in the context of Adam himself (and not what we all variously ‘want’ him to be) and his new music, this is spot on.

    He gave us plenty of clues if you look back. Comes to mind his comments about how he loved the pretty look of Bill Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel, and more recently some of his comments in the red carpet interviews last night.

    I think – if the music is as exciting and good as they say it is – this album will be iconic for the image and the sound. Thank the lord he didn’t go for a safe boring cover. Look at David Bowie’s first album cover (which didn’t sell) as against his later ones.

    Check out this good article, also some totally generic idol covers at the bottom:

    And this for the necessary tongue-in-cheek LULZ from medic34 on AO:
    For Your Entertainment – Masculine Edition – Now with requested wallpaper and ~Fabio’s~ body!
    So ~everyone~ can be happy.
    The wallpaper. As per request.

  15. Seattlesusieq says:

    I said this elsewhere yesterday.

    When Laura(DishofSalt) asked Adam what he thought about those who would react in horror to his DETAILS pictures he said “Good! I like to shake things up”. He also said he doesn’t do things to play it safe. This cover does all that in spades.

    IMO, this isn’t supposed to be just a photo, just a picture of Adam. It’s a painting. It’s art. The airbrushing is so obviously exaggerated it can only be for effect, not for covering blemishes. Ithink it makes everything look like it was dones with a paintbrush.

    Love it.

    • Adam himself tweeted that his cover was ‘campy’ (silly, ridiculous, wacky, preposterous,ludicrous) and for him to state that says it all.

      Sure, it doesnt look like him, resembles the old Ktel covers etc… it was meant to be that way.

  16. Adam’s tweeted that it is “IS ridiculous.” That was the whole point…an homage to the ’70’s glam!
    Here’s his comment:
    “Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an omage to the past. It IS ridiculous.”

    • Thanks, Bren! I hadn’t seen that. Adam is also tweeting some news about songs to be included in the album. He says the single is produced by Dr. Luke! Does anyone have a list of songs/producers and can narrow this down for us?

  17. Hi Jeanette,

    JudyL from Ontario, Canada, here.

    I think your comments are bang on. I can understand why some people don’t like his album cover and think it’s too feminine for their tastes. But part of Adam’s allure is that we never know what to expect from him. He always leaves us wanting more. I think his album cover shows us even more just how gorgeous he is.

    I have yet to be disappointed in what he brings to his fans. Bring it on Adam!

    JudyL, Glamb #?

  18. i love the cover of the album!

    If you cover right side of his face in the photo
    you will find the manly side of Adam! It’s a visual art!!!

    Luv ya Adam!!!!

  19. sylverine says:

    Hi Jeanette, I’ve posted two comments that are not showing up – due to links posted, how long does it take for moderation? Be a pity if so long that the thread is old before anyone can try the links.

  20. Excellent blog with very insightful observation regarding the album and the egomaniacal fans. I cannot believe the drama surrounding such a beautiful and obvious anime cover. What the hell is wrong with people? If I wanted boring I would have voted for the other guy.

    It’s a shame that Adam has to explain things to his fans as if they are little kids. Luckily, a good bit of Adam fans aren’t this egotistical or dramatic. I love the album cover and I hope he remains true to himself. Never compromise.

  21. Great perspective in your post, thanks for that. I hope Adam gets to see some of the positive reviews and comments about the artwork. He seems to notice the negative comments too much if you go by his recent tweets.

  22. Are You Kidding Me?
    Who the H— are we to tell Adam what to put on the cover? We don’t have the right to tell him anything!! All we have the right to do is sit back and enjoy the ride that Adam is taking us on.
    There is a reason that we love this guy, least we forget that, he is so different from all the run of mills
    so called Artists!
    All that I can add is,, Adam could have put a picture of his pet (if he has one?) on the cover, I could care less!
    I love and support Adam no matter what he does, bring it on!!! I can take it ADAM, and I will love every minute of it! I will be smiling and laughning right with you, Adam, you are so right a lot of people “Just don’t get it and who the H— cares” …Not Me!!!!

  23. My sentiments exactly …. as I grab hold for the ride! Rock on, Adam.

  24. puteri abdul says:

    guys, did you get adam’s latest tweet ?
    I read from idolator blog that adam is fabulously sulking for the responses of his cover….
    yah, like adam is a baby… he knows better …

    I don’t know, maybe deep down inside he is quite disheartened with so many of the negative responses, but knowing adam, he will take it profesionally and with an elegant stride , he will show the world what he is made of ….
    with style baby , he will “storm” the world …

    • I tweeted him last night that I loved the cover. Made me feel good, and I hope it made Adam feel good as well to hear a little support. I think criticism is hard for anyone, even Adam, who is used to it. But he’ll be fine, I’m sure!

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        ok Jeanette, what can we do to show our support besides having an airplane w/ abanner saying “We love you ADAM LAMBERT!! Your cover is awesome”? What could or how can we reach him? Make contact? He is my idol of love, all of ours, I wish I could talk to him right now. Maybe he doesn’t need me, but I need him. The sweetest thing just happened. I told my 10 yr old about ADAM’s album cover and that some people liked it and some didn’t. She was kind enough to offer a letter of encouragement for ADAM. So I am going to put that letter here:
        “Dear Adam Lambert,
        I know that people didn’t like your photo abulm but I thought it was wonderful
        and beutiful and I Love your beutiful voice. You Rock Adam Lambert
        Love my doughter K***** ”
        That is what she wrote. I’m so proud of her. She accepts my love for ADAM and I think she is beautiful for writing this. Thank you daughter K****

  25. We must all remenber when Simon stood up and gave Adam a standing ovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s all about the talent everyone……….not to mention Smokey Robinson also gave Adam a standing O…….Hope

    • Simon also said ” AI is all about finding a Superstar and We’ve found that with you” ADAM

  26. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Very well said Jeanette!!! I just love ADAM’s voice, he has it all, intelligence, gifted talent, imagination, charisma, looks, we know he has the entire package. ADAM’s fans should know ADAM pretty well by now. What he likes and what he doesn’t like. And we all know ADAM grew up listening to an era of music, the 70’s, which comes from the parents who raised him, and it’s his favorite era. Some fans did not grow up w/ this generation, so this may be a “culture shock” kind of thing for them. I grew up listening to the latter 60’s and 70’s, so I can appreciate ADAM’s glamstyle. It’s the remixing they’re doing these days that “skerds” me. As far as his cover goes, to me it has the animated look to it, so there’s not going to be any details revealed, just perfect color and perfect lines. That’s how I’m looking at the pic. I want to say “now we know who are true fans and who are not”, BUT that wouldn’t be fair. It’s just like ADAM and Kris were saying before their finale, some will go Kris’s way and some will go ADAM’s way, and Paula and ADAM both said “apples and oranges”. Yea! that’s it, Apples and Oranges. I just want ADAM to be happy and if his album sells big time, I’m all the more happy for him. He absolutely deserves to be as happy as one can be. The happiness ADAM brought to me, is now being returned to him, that goes for everyone who’s felt this way. He is recieveing a very beautiful gift from his fans, thru love, support, and happiness. I believe he will take the criticism well, he took it very well from the judges on AI when they did critiqued him. But everyone, we have to believe in ADAM and trust him. Because he, for the most part, has not let us down. Oh! ROF just came on. I’m not clicking yet til this song is over. Okay as much as I like to hear it again, I want to finish by saying, ADAM has a beautiful imagination and has had ever since he was a little boy. Maybe all that screaming he did as a baby was just testing to see how far he could take his imagination. That’s who he is and that’s exactly what he’s doing. PLL to ADAM, the GLAMBS, and to all ADAMfans!!! BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!

  27. Fuck those who don’t GET Adam Lambert – he is a beautiful man inside and out with an equally gorgeous voice! He is my Ziggy Stardust, I GET HIM AND I ADORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. VERY WELL SAID Jeanette !!!! My sentiments exactly.

    If you don’t like my sound, “go buy the other guy’s record !!!! ”

    Adam will always do what Adam wants to do….and he always wants to take it to the enth degree!!!

    That’s WHY WE LOVE HIM !!!!

    KEEP IT UP ADAM !!!!

  29. Camille Glambert says:

    Your words are so perfect. Adam is Adam and I will always remember when he said “I’ll surprise you, I promise.”
    Adam likes to shake things up and his bravery is very very attractive to me. The album cover is not only visually stunning…it reflects exactly who Adam is. And I love who Adam Lambert is.
    ~Camille Glambert NY

  30. I can say with 100 % certainty that I an gonna dig EVERY SINGLE NOTE ON THIS ALBUM! When Adam Lambert says ‘trust me it’s dope” I believe him!!! He would never let us down on the content of this album and I also KNOW that he will be just what Paula predicted: ICONIC. He will definitely not be for everyone and that’s ok. because this is a world of diversity but I have to say that I feel so blessed , as I’m sure all REAL Adam fans do, that I just get it! And I got it from the second he sang Satisfaction on A I. The guy is mesmerizing, beautiful and real. I am excited we all get to go along for the ride.

  31. Jeanette, your use of the word KALEIDOSCOPE to describe Adam is right on the mark! I LOVE kaleidoscopes and have quite a collection. ADAM is the quintessential HUMAN KALEIDOSCOPE!!!! He’s a, dare I say it, kaleidADAMoscope — lame, ok, I admit it! But when I read kaleidoscope my heart leapt and I knew that it was the perfect word to describe our Adam!!

    THANK you for all you do for this site and for ADAM’s FANS!! You Rock woman!!

    • Thanks, Della! I kind of thought that “Kaleidoscope” might be a good album title. But, yes, he is the quintessential human kaleidoscope!

      • I also thought kaleidoscope would have been a PERFECT title. Maybe on #2!! or 3 or 4 or . . . . 50 . . ..

      • Great work Jeanette, thank you so much for all the time andeffort you have put in for us. I ish we could do something Adamy for you to be recognized you deserveit, I really wanted to comment on the word Kaleidoscope, which is a great word.. I also always think Chameleon every time Adam comes up with something different.

  32. LIBlondMom says:

    Very very well said. I hated the photo on sight, but felt differently after putting it all in perspective. Much of the music industry – particularly the AI types – is far too predictable and much too tame for this woman. Great entertainment should be creative, unpredictable and more than a little scarey. Adam gets it. I do believe that some of his choices will undermine his huge commercial potential, but so be it. A year ago, none of us had heard of Adam Lambert. Now, we can’t stand a day WITHOUT hearing about him. None of us believe that his album will be anything but fabulous.

  33. Jeanette, a brilliant article! Your articles are always great but this one takes the cake! Bravo, bravo! Mmmmmmwah

  34. therealbowchickawowow says:

    I posted your blog link on twitter…you are soooo right on! I love the analogy you give using Ring Of Fire. Love the album cover, love Adam and have wonderful hopes for a very happy and successful future for him. Heck, he could glue potato chips to his face and pose, and I’d swoon! 🙂

  35. Cynthia Blessing says:

    have to say I am rather amazed at people “not getting it” about the album cover. I am 52 and I got it immediately. I love it because it is just what Adam said the album represents. Glam rock from the 70’s. I have many albums from the 70’s and if you google those bands and look at some of the covers from that era, you will see that Adams cover represents them well with his own flair included. Perhaps many of his fans are not familiar. Look at some covers from Boston , Eagles, et.al., from back then.

    • puteri abdul says:

      another point taken, you are right cynthia….

      and may I say…
      sometimes I feel, people nowadays sort like look down the 70’s or 80’s era…
      I mean, when I read some of their comments, for them, going back to the 80’s is like something weird and a no-no…
      I have to say 80’s was my time, finishing high school, college life, and all the things that you cherished when you are in your late teens and entering your 20’s…
      it is the time of from boy george to bon jovi…
      it is the era of after the 70’s disco, to pop, glam and rock …. all the works….
      but I guess these people just don’t get it, I don’t know, might be the younger generation I guess, but if given the choice, I wouln’t mind of going through all those things again… and I guess that explains my obsession with adam… his looks, his style, remind me of those times, but with a modern twist of the year two thousands ….

      • You took the words right out of my mouth. His music draws me back to a fun time in my life – makes me feel younger. But it has a more modern edge. It’s actually more exciting to me. I wouldn’t want to listen to music if it was exactly like back then. I like things changed up and no one does that better than Adam! He’s got us paying attention and in entertainment there is no such thing as bad publicity so I’m not really worried about his album sales.
        One more thing. Even though his music is 80s modern, no one from that era had his voice, charisma or ability to entertain! Only Freddy Mercury is in Adam’s league. Go Adam!

      • KO's smiling says:

        Hi puteri. I don’t think it’s the younger generation… we’ve never lived through this glam-rock stuff before, and that’s partially why it’s SO EXCITING for us. 🙂 Finally, something NEW!

  36. The music better be good!!!! having a ridiculous cover is not a good marketing strategy. I am very disappointed in the cover because it is tacky. I think he is an amazing singer, one of the best really. And this cover does not shout TALENT!

  37. Richelle Barrish says:

    That was your “Jerry Maquire” speech woman. I made comments on the cover BEFORE I read anyone else’ and I personally freakin loved it ..its totaly ADAM and I love to get the un-expected.
    I am a “What the hell was that,oh my F**N God I luved it ” gal.

  38. Jeanette
    Just wanted to let you know that you are all over the Adam Official threads and everyone is saying that your post What the Hell is that is the best they have ever read
    Guess you didn’t know you are star and considered a wonderful writer
    Yes I am a Glambert also but much prefer being a Glamb #504
    Thanks for your common sense and lovely threads
    Hugs khiska

    • Hi Khiska!

      Wow, thanks for letting me know – no, I didn’t know I was a star. I hardly ever go over to AO, but I might sneak a peek.

    • puteri abdul says:

      yeay for jeanette !!!!!!
      did you hear that jeanette ..
      your post is in adamofficial and everyone is loving it !!!!!!!
      now this justify myself that I am in the right place, be with the right fans who truly support adam ..
      yeay again for you !!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      So are we going to see you more often on this site? Welcome khiska!! you’ve chosen correctly. Make yourself at home!! PLL to you, ADAM and the GLAMBS, and to all ADAMfans!!!

      • Thank you kimber for your welcome.I fully intend to get braver with my comments and typing
        Also I am very excited to have become a Glamb International and am in touch with terry often.
        here in Vancouver bc .She is great! This next Adam phase of the storm is going to be a thrill ride hopefully not so much of a roller coaster.I love the positivity on this site. Hugs.

    • Khiska…yes, Jeanette is a wonderful writer! I read on of her published books and it was GREAT!!!!

  39. Jeanette,
    You are certainly making me rethink my position on the cover art! My initial response was “Oh Adam, not the Drag Queen shot!” All his millions of devout fans will buy anything he puts out, no matter what. I just worry that it’s too much, too soon for the rest of the country. But probably not. I just don’t want him to suffer a backlash by the industry. I fear they may see him as the Cabaret Queen instead of the Hot Rock Glam God, and not support him. Look at all the stupid mistakes Hollywood makes by canceling great TV shows. (I’m mostly thinking about Moonlight right now!) I wll also have to hide it from my husband, who already thinks I spend too much time with “Adam Sandler” as he calls him!
    Love your passion!

    • I’m sick about Moonlight, too. Love my vamps!

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Moonlight,- one of the best shows to hit New Zealand tv. So that’s what happened to it….bummer….

        Great commentary Jeanette.

        Yesterday I posted this and I’m going to repeat it because I come into complete agreement with you on this one….

        I’m not sure that some people actually get Adam… no way, now how is he ever going to do just what we expect. He will always push the envelope, thrill, chill, unnerve, extend, confuse us, entertain us. I love it. I love him. The photo is a masterpiece of Adam… On the left we see his softer more feminine side yet it in in shadows because the lighter side is the side he shows and lets the world see. He is more androgynous than that fellow who just looks like a girl because Adam confuses the senses. Explodes our minds making us try to figure him out when we never will. The longer he keeps us guessing, the longer the chase the more ardently we want him. If we caught him, we could play with him but the battle would be over and we could drift away. That’s not where he wants us… he wants us to always want more, not know what to expect next and if Adam was anyone other than Adam… well he just wouldn’t be the Adam we love…
        Love him as he is, we call him an alien so he puts his face in space, we love his sensitive, beautiful and graceful manner, therefore he shows us his inner beauty, we love his manly, fierce and colourful side and he has given us this as well….
        Love him as he is…. See him for what he is…. Be grateful for what he is….

        not talking to anyone in particular… so please dont take offense anyone…I’ve seen that many hate this pic but I think we need to give Adam credit for knowing what he is doing…. he had a plan and strategy in having this cover.
        I think it will be right that not everyone will like his cd. He has promised us that it will not be like any thing else he’s done, and the photo indicates that too. I for one can’t promise I will love every song but I can guarantee that I will always love listening to him, being shocked by him, and yes just plain old looking at him… and I will definitely enjoy as many songs as I can and just learn the rest anyway as you do when you buy a cd. It’s usually not until you make a copy without the songs you dont love that you realise just how much you miss the ones you cut…. I’ve done that heaps of times….

        Cheers all

        Apologies for the repeat but these comments seem to fit very well in with Jeanette….

        Starting a sentence with “I love Adam but…..I really hate blah blah….” In English if you follow a statement with BUT it totally wipes out the previous statement. So really you might as well just say “I really hate blah blah….”

        Anyway that’s it for me here for now….

        • cheryl 334 says:

          LISA…..In your last paragraph, I think you need to know that you cannot paint with a single stroke, anyone that says,…….but, …… ! You are making an assumption which is not yours to make. You are trying to define an Adam fan and you cannot. You have not been fair at all to everyone else, or yourself. People who say, I love Adam but I don’t like his socks, etc……certainly should not be misconstrood as ……since I don’t like his socks, I must not like him. See how ridiculous?

  40. So who’s crazy! I LOVE the cover. It’s artistic–it’s Adam. Adam himself is creativity, imaging, art. Adam is stage. People need to realize that Adam pushes the edge and that’s why we all love him!

  41. What the hell was that?? OK, I am confused here, great thread, but this should be said for the title of the album as well. For Your Entertainment. I just find it all amazing that people who
    hated the name of the title, love the cover pic and some who love the cover pic hated the title.
    I do love how the post was written, Adam will do his own thing, in his own time, how He wants to.

    do we ever know what to expect our of Adam? I dont think so. Thats why we love him. Sure maybe some people do not agree with his choices, but its all for the love of Adam, right?
    I was also saddened by the comments about the cover as well as saddened by the comments about the title! If we love and support the guy, this all should be a given.
    Seems like on our site, there is a split of who finds the manly beauty more attractive as who finds the feminine more attractive. Why cant it be 100% both ways. I dont know , I just think Adam soley wants to please his fans and entertain for us and we should have the full support for him always no matter which ridiculous choice he makes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe I’m asking to much!
    I’ve Always accepted the fact that he is going to be himself. No damm door is going to hit me on the way out.
    That was a good line there, (dont let the door hit you on the way out) loved it!!!!!

    • correction: those who hated the Title name of alburm, Love the Cover Picture. I repeated same thing above.

  42. cheryl 334 says:

    I DISAGREE WITH ALL OF YOU, I THINK! I do not like the cover. I totally understand that Adam had something ‘special’ in mind here. But, I still don’t like it. He looks like a woman. That’s is it. I don’t see ‘art’, or an adrogenous person. I see Adam looking like a girl. It is what it is. You can put all the adjectives you want, you can mock whoever you want for not likeing this picture of Adam when this just happens to be the ugliest pic I feel I have ever seen of Adam, and he had to walk a long way to get it. Adam is photogenic, and would have to really try as hard as possible to take a poor pic, but, for some reason, he managed to do it. No, it has nothing, Jeanette, with my hoping he would try out a woman in his private life. It is the photo of Adam I am talking about. The photo doesn’t derail me from my very serious feelings about Adam and his sexuality. Adam can do all the ‘change ups’ he wants, I will still be his unconditional fan. Just am not going to say I like something that I don’t. Nothing personal, Adam. Haven’t run across many things about Adam that I disagree with, but this is No. 1 !! Could have not commented at all, considering my viewpoint, but, felt like Jeanette almost ‘dared’ ME to comment. I thought that Jeanette should try to remain non-committal in her introductions instead of begining them with her won personal thoughts, which tehn encourage others to go along with her b/c she wrote ther article. Some people might not want to feel like they are ‘battling’ the ‘staff’ when they give their feelings and “speak your mind’, HERE. I think Jeanette does a DISSERVICE to this site when she sets the tone she wants to set by giving her personal thoughts before allowing the fans to develoope theirs. No, Jeanette, that was not a good idea. Neither was the intro to the Details Mag pics. if I’m not mistaken. This site should be free from the authors’ “leading” the fans to a certain way of thiking. It’s not right and not a good thing to do. Also, pulling me out in a sneaky way is not very cool either. When you say in your intro about Adam and his “MANLY’ etc., you know I am the one who coined that little phrase, so to be perfectly honest, wy not use my name? Just sayin…………..I think it is below you, Jeanette, to do things like this.

    • Cheryl, you are certainly not shy about expressing your opinion. I am not shy about expressing mine. And yes, being an author here does give me the right to say what I think. By the very nature of a blog, the article comes first, then people post their comments to agree or disagree. Other people have disagreed with me plenty – you are not the first, and you won’t be the last.

      • sylverine says:

        Right on Jeanette, I’ve never read such utter rubbish as that just written by cheryl344. I’ve never seen that kind of writing on this site before. What a shame. You’re far from being an ‘unconditional fan’ Cheryl. Go back and look at Adam’s earlier life clubbing and dress-up photos, and accept that that is what he loves and will often do and be.

        • Sylverine, I second your comment !!!!!! cheryl, it’s only my opinion, but I think your opinion sucks and so does you attitude !

          • Helen/Canada says:

            We all have minds of our own. To say that Jeanette sways our thinking because she is the leader is a disservice to all of us. We can all express our own opnions in a calm and rational way without being rude or aggressive to other people, which you have done plenty of in past threads. Show us all a little respect when you post, as we all try to do to each other.

            • cheryl 334 says:

              HELEN………………..NO, MY DEAR, I WAS NOT REFERENCING YOU AT ALL! Please let me set that record straight! You have never dissed me, to my knowledge, therefore I would never diss anything you would say! Mutual respect! Youo’te good!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            ADAMFAN1………………BACK AT YA!

        • cheryl 334 says:

          SYLVERINE…..mAYBE YOU SHOULD GO BACK AND READ All my posts for the last months! My post is not rubbish, dear! It is what I think! Jeanette knows me, and se knows I way what I think. I am not personally upset with Jeanette, I know where her heart is and she knws where mine is.

          ANYONE WHO THINKS I AM NOT AN UNCONDITIONAL FAN OF ADAM HAS LOST THEIR MINDS. As I’ve said before, I did not park my brain at the door to Adam love.

          I expected a lot of people to come to Jeanette’s defense, here. Afterall, she is the author, I am a poster. However, Jeanette has picked her times to post very interestingly.

          Sylvana, YOU are the one that surprises ME!
          Cheryl Norman

          • Cheryl, we know your love for Adam is unconditional. as we know how nothing stops you from voicing your opinions. I bet alot of people on the site, couldnt wait for you to speak your peace.
            we are some bitchin babes!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Dear Cheryl,
            I don’t get it why you are saying that I surprise you. Please explain it to me, because I think I said nothing to do that.
            Hope is a misundestanding, even if we don’t agree about the art cover,

        • cheryl 334 says:

          SYLVERINE…………………….I TAKE OFFENSE AT YOUR POST ABOUT ME! Calling my writing ‘rubbish’! Wonder why Jeanette, you don’t see this as unwelcome posting toward me? Just wonder. Maybe you would just llike to delete all my posts. Then everyone could say what they wanted to about me, and I would not be able to defend myself against all this HATE from OTHERS. I am reaqlly sick of your putting me in the seat driving ‘hate’ and I take a big objection to that. I have not splewed any hate, just defending myself against those spewing hate toward me. But, say it the way it suits yourself by deleting my posts. I will live without posting anything on a site that disses ME for DISAGREEING with you and others. This is just what Adam expresses he hates. People who cannot express a different viewpoint. So, I suspect this will be my last post, if you even allow a disending point of view of this site. Even tho the point of view comes from one of Adam’s biggrest fans and YOU know it, even if some others don’t. Use whatever power you have over my efforts to keep thing fair.
          It is not fair to diss me, and then when those who agree with you, you go behind them and and “add-on”. That is just pure gaqrbage. You are doing the wrong thing here, but you want me to take blame for something I am supposed to be able to do. What kind of sense is that? I guess I’ll find out it is Jeanette’s sense. That you are all correct and right and anyone who disagrees with you you will go to the other posters and ‘gang-up’ on me, or whoever, who has another view point. This is a dangerous president you’re setting. But better I learn now thatn later. Cheryl norman

          • Helen/Canada says:

            We just all want to post our thoughts and opinions without getting personal, just commenting on the topic. Debate is good–but debate is not personal affrontations, it should be discussions of the topic without fear of being attacked verbally for expressing a difference of opinion. We look forward to hearing everyones opinions, including yours, if done in a respectful manner to all. This site is our fun place that we all want to enjoy being here, including you.

          • I don’t know about anyone else on here…………my only point in my repsonse to your post was because I don’t like to hear negative things about Adam. Yes I wear rose color glasses but oh well. Myself, I will not attack you, or personal ly insult you, I just didn’t want to read negative comments on the one place I thought I could go too and not read that. I don’t think you write rubbish………..I just disagreed on this one thing……….but there is no reason for anyone to personally attack you……….that is wrong!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              I don’t think a difference of opinion is necessarily a negative comment. Of course we’re all here because we love Adam and want to express our love for him. Once in a while, people do see things differently, it doesn’t mean it’s negative or a criticism of Adam, it’s just a different opinion. If people start to say nasty things about him, then I too object about it being here on this site. This isn’t the place for it. I’m here to have fun and share information, love and ideas about Adam and so are you–so we’re cool!

              • Helen after reading alot of what Cheryl wrote I agree with YOU. I should have kept my big mouth shut! I wrote that post BEFORE I read the rest of what was said. Myself got so emotional and very angry that I wrote some replies that were just as nasty to her and I am ashamed. My emotions took over and I shouldn’t let them. I didn’t use any kind of restraint or respect and I am sooooo embarassed by that. But I agree with you totally and just wished I had listen more closely.

              • Helen,
                Well said!!! Agree 100% with you!!!!

    • Torontonian says:

      I don’t see art, too Cheryl. I agree with you completely. And I get that he wants to achieve this campy look from the past… but I really don’t like it. Again, I am referring to the cover style– not his music, not Adam, not his talent.

    • I don’t agree with anything you said Cheryl. But that is my right. As it is your right to voice your opinion. Why the debate? Why must it be said here? If you don’t like something of Adam why must it be said here? I don’t think anyone is leading anyone on how to think or write, I just like to come here to share my love of Adam and here the same in response. I don’t want to hear negative things about Adam HERE! That is my choice. There are plenty of other sites to share what you don’t like of Adam if have to write that stuff. Just don’t want to see it here. I get enough negativity in my life, this WAS the only place I could come too and not see such things. I wish I didn’t have to see it today. It just makes me angry and upset. ………..CRAP!

  43. As the music guy from Australia said, “Save this shit” because this album cover will be iconic. It’s already raging over the internet – worldwide. Even if people hate the cover, they’ll want to hear what’s on it. Marvelous.

    • SO TRUE LEE!!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      OMG!!!!! It’s happening right now! Right before our own eyes!!!!! This is incredible!!! Absolutely exactly what ADAM wanted!!! If they’re not talking about you, then somethings wrong. And ADAM is so RIGHT ON!!!!!

  44. media bias says:

    Well I can sum it up in fewer words. OVERINVESTED IDOL WOMEN living in a fantasy world where he’s their potential new boyfriend, husband etc. They purposefully ignored the real person to self gratify all these months. I’m glad the ‘fake fan base” will be weeded out if they’re that ridiculous. LIke we’re reading HERE.

    • media, whoa, whoa, whoa here. Overinvested Idol women ! Do you ever fantasize? Ever?

      Come on now. Not sure where this is all going, but I would say those of us who play around here and have fun and yes fantasize about Adam ARE NOT FAKE FAN BASE!!!!

      Oh I could just knock you out here, I’ve never been so hot.
      Adam -Gay, Adam- Bi Curious, Adam -Straight, We Glamb fans love this man, no matter what his sexuality.
      Do you think we would put all this time, energy and effort into this man if we didnt.
      I’ve never ignored the real Adam, I’ve met him a few times and I know what is real about him.
      Self gratify???? OMG if you think all our ornery talk and laughs are ridiculous, I think someone else needs weeded out and quick. Speaking of Weeded out, Are you on Weed??
      Adam digs all of us woman going crazy over him. You dont like, beat it………………….

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MEDIA BIAS……………speak for yourself! If you were only 1/4 as smart as you think you are you’d be interesting to read, however, you are not. You are simply jealous no one gives a rat’s ass about you!

    • Why, oh why is the negavtive crap happening here? If I wanted to see that I could go to EW.com there is alot of that THERE! Media, why does it bother you or anyone else what we write on here? We can say what we want in our love of Adam here, and if ANYONE doesn’t like it, hell don’t come here! I am tired if ignorant people trying to push their view on what we think or do. This is an Adam site, it is not an open forum for anything else. So anyone that comes here knows that in advance, so stop with the “fake fanbase” or “Overinvested Idol Women” or “Where he’s their potential new boyfriend or husband”. If I want to dream that, and TALK about it here I will, and I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS WHO DOESN’T LIKE IT! Nothing wrong with fanasty. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a dream or fantasy. Boring life is what they lead. Media how would YOU know the real person in Adam, you are not even giving yourself the chance to even “fantasize” about him. Please take your bias opinion it put it where……………well you know the sun don’t shine there.

  45. media bias says:

    Oh crap I forgot an adjective or two…neurotic and narcissistic.

    • Okay, I’M GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary C. you won’t have to knock Media out twice, I think once you knock them out once, that’s all it will take!!! YOU PACK A POWERFUL PUNCH LADY AND SO THAT IS WHY I SAY ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!! Loving Mary C. 😉

  46. cheryl stop with the control freak already. now besides demanding what adam lambert should be you decide what a blogger should blog? wtf.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      EYEROLL…………………WHERE DID YOU READ ME DEMANDING ANYTHING? Try getting your facts straight if you post here!

    • Hey guys, where did all the fun go on this site? It was always so much fun to read the posts here about Adam and now everyone is mad and fighting with each other. What’s up with this?? Please, can we get back to loving Adam and forget about all of our different opinions. Remember, it is always good and interesting that everyone thinks differently about things, even Adam. The main thing is that we all love and support Adam. What is AdamAddict going to think when she returns to this site and sees all the fighting and bickering going on? Also, Lorrin, where are you? We need you to write your magical words for us and put us all back on track. I know that you and Cheryl are good friends on here and you would not want to see all these arguments taking place. Please intervene!!!

      • That is what I am wondering about Judy. I am tired of people coming on here and saying negative things. I know Jeanette and whoever else moderates this site to decide what goes on, they are trying to be fair and let the other side speak, but dammit I don’t want that here! It just leads to debate, angry, upset people. I am one of them. I defend my opinion on many sites, I just don’t want to have to do that here! If it keeps on I might find myself leaving a place I have come to dearly love, but hell I am tired, literally, of this BS!

  47. You rock. You really get Adam! And so true. every word

  48. JEANETTE, Well done! well said and from the heart. Very strong heart and mind connection and so right on! Even Adam has said he likes his destractors because that means they have an opinion about him and that’s it’s OK to agree to disagree. That’s is what he does and does it with a smile!
    As far as not what people expected… well, since when does he take a poll and do what is expected and to feel expectation is an invitation to disappointment that you set yourself up for! So is it back to the entitlement issue?… not sexy! Personally the cover is art to me, but more importantly is the genius inside the art!

  49. Wanted to show everyone who missed the freckles on Adams album cover, look closely those little
    love marks are there: aaaaaaaahhhhhhh


  50. I can see both sides of the argument. It would not have been the cover I would have gone for but I can’t I am totally surprised by it and I do agree that in years to come it will be iconic but I also think it could.

    What I am finding is a lot of contradiction.

    To say Adam looks like a girl is to say the sky is blue on a sunny day. Another writer reviewing a tour show put it in the best I have read when he said that Adam is an unusual combination of broad-shouldered masculinity and almost feminine facial beauty. That is Adam. He has a prettier face than many women.

    Some are saying it is too out there for many people to get or to sit well with many people and then describing it as cheesy. Where does cheesy sit with unconventional and unpredictable?

    I also find it funny to see some fans who have constantly professed that they have no problem with Adam’s sexuality and jumping down the throats of anyone who dares to criticise him for his sexuality criticising the cover for being “too gay”. Please look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary.

    One thing I will say though as a word of warning is don’t be fooled by people starting their posts with “I’m an Adam fan but ……………. “, “Much as I love Adam ……………..” and other similar lines. Most of the critical comments around the net purporting to be from fans are not from fans at all and, what is worse, they are the usual suspects. Given away by their inability to change their writing style and exactly the same spelling and grammatical errors. They did the same with the RS article, Time for Miracles, both the song and the video, the Details shoot and they will continue to do the same with anything Adam does. I suppose they have to keep their fingers busy. They must still twitch five months on from all that texting.

    • sylverine says:

      “Another writer reviewing a tour show put it in the best I have read when he said that Adam is an unusual combination of broad-shouldered masculinity and almost feminine facial beauty. That is Adam. He has a prettier face than many women”

      So right Carolyn! Though I still don’t think he has a ‘pretty woman’s face’. His face is more beautiful-handsome, as he has a strong masculine nose and chin. Compare for example Bill Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel that Adam admires. He really does have a pretty girl’s face, as his features are small. Also Leonardo di Caprio – sort of pretty, but I’ve never found his face handsome as he also has small features and a small girlish nose. Johnny Depp too, in my opinion is more girlish than handsome. I read somewhere, can’t remember where now, that for a man to be handsome and strong looking, the size of the nose is crucial. LOL. Try not to indulge in taking that further ha ha….

    • I think many of our round-about discussions are getting a little contradictory because as a fanbase we are speaking and acting in two different ways, depending on the topic at hand. The album title is “not what we were hoping for” but the cover art is “perfect.” Or the reverse…the album title is “spot on” but “the cover art is too this or too that.”

      Let me go on…Adam’s hair, Adam’s jacket, Adam’s pants, Adam’s boots…good gosh there are a million opinions, just pick a topic and you can find thousands of people to pick it apart.

      I am really settling on the opinion that none of it is all that deep!

      Glamb #6

      • Thanks Dana, Glad you see the contradictory opinions.

        I’m settling on it all not being that deep too!

        We’ll just keep on supporting Adam and looking forward to the future events and having fun!
        love and peace.

      • lovemyadam says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      CAROLYN……………….Adam is what he is. Whatever he is I love everything Adam. i do not like this pic . This one pic. I say it does not make Adam look like himself, unless someone has just taken off all his pores, freckles and lines of personality. How could anybody say that this pic looks just like Adam? Oh, I love everything Adam, but this is not Adam, it’s somebody’s thought of how Adam should do his cover.

      You are acting so ‘holier than thou’ just makes you look the opoposite. I don’t care what pic he puts on his album, I will ALWAYS speak MY mind, not the staff or the others. My thoughts I can always say are mine, and not a ‘copy’ of anyone elses! I am what I am. I am one of the strongest true fans of Adam on this site today and yesterday and tomorrow. I so not ever ‘follow crowd’.

      What kind of ****** says that if one doesn’t like a pic then they are not a fan? How stupid!

      • Can we let this go? Aren’t you tired of the debate? Of being angry? I know I am. Can we all just please let this go and move on? I want the peace back. The feeling I “use” to get when I came in here. If you don’t agree, then please move on and let the ones who do have their peace back. Isn’t too much to ask for…………….HELL I LOVE FLUFF……..WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT????????????? LOL

  51. Jeanette, you opened my eyes. Thank you!

  52. For those Adam fans who have no idea who David Bowie is I’m sure you would not have been so opposed to Adam’s cover. David was labelled andogenous in the 70’s because of his penchant for wearing makeup and feminine/female clothing yet he was masculine at the same time. He like Adam pulled of the androgenous, Glamrocker persona extremely well. Both men are beautiful and both men do not follow convention. I would have wanted nothing less from Adam. The cover is stunning!! I can’t say it enough. Anyone who knows Adam’s personality knows that he doesn’t want to be like everyone else and he has a michevious quality to his personality. It’s why we love him so. He loves Glitz and Glam it’s who he is as a performer. I agree with the blog writer nothing anyone can say will change the Adam haters minds nor the minds of the so-called fans who detest the cover. I’m sure Adam is loving the controversy and I’m sure he’s not concerned with what the haters think.

  53. Well put!!!

  54. GlambChop says:

    Thank you Jeanette! I completely agree with you ~ thank you for saying it all! Adam is about changing things up and not conforming and that’s a part of what attracted me to him in the first place and why Iove him so much (in addition to his fabulous voice that defies all description and comparison and his beauty and fierce, sexy good looks). Yes, beauty is beauty and Adam is beautiful, and sexy is sexy and Adam is sexy!

    I LOVE the CD cover and cannot wait to hear the music that awaits us inside that cover! Adam is sure to surprise us and keep us coming back begging for more!

  55. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Jeanette, with all do respect I must disagree. I love Adam so lets get that out of the way. BUT….I am 53 and loved what he has done for so many women with the little inner desire to fantasize about Adam. Having said that..this cover is just wrong. We know Adam is gay, even the pictures he took before he did the magazine cover for Details make him look gay. WHY? To me knowing if I wasn’t such a fan I think I would shy away from the CD because I automatically think the music will be nothing like song styles we are use to hearing. Just like the cover to Rolling Stone, why does Adam have to be made to remind all of us he is gay? You have Adam the public figure that we all know and love and then all these pictures is the complete opposite of the spectrum. When interviewed several times the reporters asked him about the different age range of women that he has enamored. Are we being left behind? JMHO and remember Jeanette peoples opinions are suppose to differ from each other without the threat of being attacked. Count how many times people have used the adjectives of beautiful, gorgeous, etc…that is not usually how we describe men.

    • Adam carries no responsibility about the feelings we have about him, for him or how we interpet what he does, says or wears. We carry that responsibility ourselves.
      In truth, he doesn’t owe us anything. Yet, he gives so much.

      • Yes he does Irena and thank you for writing that. In response to Cindee I have used the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous” plenty of times to describe men. Adam was not the first one I used this with. So I don’t get that. Sorry.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I am with you there Trish. To me Johnny Depp is one of the most beautiful men I have seen, sorry Johhny but now Adam has that number one spot. Another man I find beautiful is Brad Pitt – his eyes, he is simply beautiful. I think the word “handsome” does not do a man justice at all and I would much rather describe them as beautiful and gorgeous. The thing with Adam is his beauty is just as much inside him as on his outer shell. He is definitely the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Love you Adam.

          • Dianne I totally agree with you. I have loved Johnny Depp since 21 Jump street. Remember him in that? And Brad Pitt………..omg, he is sooooooooo beautiful, and those eyes. He just needs to cut off that raggly mustache and beard looking thing. Adam is both of those men put together……….beautiful and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  56. wow… all I can say is… wow… shaking my head right now in shock…. all I have time to say ( leaving for work in 5 mins) is that, I am proud of you JEANETTE and I love this fan sight and the quality of writing and people here most of the time… Love you Jeanette, you rock on girl !!!

  57. Thank you for this article. You beautifully expressed what I had difficulty putting into words.
    I never want Adam to stop surprising us, challenging us to look at and thing about things in different ways. He is unlike any artist we have seen in a very long time.

    GO Adam, I love your voice, I love your first album cover and can’t wait to hear your album.

    I am a fan forever.

  58. no comment says:

    I was a little nervous when the Detail’s cover came out – but the Album Cover has made me feel so much better. I see the bigger picture of what he is doing. The ying and the yang. Adam is a genius! Can’t wait for the album.

    • I so agree with you no comment – the ying yang factor. One minute he is appearing with a nude female in a magazine in a provocative manner and then he does his album cover showing his androdgeous (spelling??) side. Adam loves taking risks and changing it up. This just makes for interesting entertainment. It is all “for your entertainment.

    • I LOVED the pics of his on Detail. It made me feel something more about him that I didn’t think there was any left that was new to feel. 🙂

  59. Bill Mitchell says:

    I LOVE Adam and HATE this album cover.

    Am I allowed to do that? Adam is not an established artist yet. You have to earn the right to push it that far with those who never heard of you before.

    You may be surprised to hear that 90% of the people I mention Adam Lambert to have NO IDEA who I am talking about. They never heard of him. Don’t watch or give a damn about Idol. Adam should have tracked more to the middle with the cover IMHO.

    Hopefully he will prove me wrong and the cover will be a huge hit.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Sorry Bill, I doubt if Adam would ever go down the “middle” road for anything. And why shouldn’t his album cover “be out there”, that is what he is all about. And no, you don’t have like the cover, or love the cover, I think what everyone is trying to say is “you don’t have to hate it and start saying nasty things about Adam” – I am not saying that you were saying that Bill, but some have been getting quite nasty in their comments. I mean, for goodness sake, someone said “he shouldn’t be so gay” – what sort of a statement is that. Really. Would they dare say to Brad Pitt (for instance) stop being so straight. That is ridiculous. I also thought we were way past Adam being gay, that doesn’t make him any less of a singer, performer or entertainer, it is just a small part of him.

  60. Some people will like it, some people will hate it. If you don’t like it, buy that guy’s album. I love it because it (the cover) and him (Adam) will never be mainstream. Not gonna happen.

  61. Dear Jeanette

    Absolutely the best post about the cover and one of the very best ever – about Adam and what it means to be Adam’s fan!
    I have never seen as much negativity on other idols’ fan boards as I’ve seen on Adam’s boards yesterday. We are giving him up to haters.

    Just like Alisan said: this is his dream not ours. Lets support him. Haters will hate without our help!

  62. I love Adam Lambert. I truly think whatever he is doing is just pure fun for us. FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, everyone!

  63. love the post Jeanette. And I loved the cover at first site. Now, just to help people feel better who aren’t quite there yet, note that pre order sales of FYE jumped on charts globally overnight, with huge increases in Japan and the UK as the cover art was posted and discussed. In the US, Adam moved up from number 11 on Amazon on Monday to number 8 this afternoon. So, not bad for sales!!!

  64. LibraLamb7 says:

    Thank you, Jeannette, for your excellent essay here! I’m proud of you, proud of this site & proud to be a Glamb! Those of us who “get it” know that Adam is a true ARTIST who happens to be a FABULOUS SINGER, & happens to be STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS & has talents WAY BEYOND those of ordinary mortals! This album cover is his ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION of a character he is portraying! It is a painting, NOT a “photo”. He is trying to evoke (or provoke?) a response from us &, from the sound of it, he is certainly succeeding. He will NOT be ignored!

    Get ready world….The ADAMSTORM is bearing down on you & he’s gonna ROCK YOU like you’ve NEVER been rocked before!!!


    • Oh Candace, I’m so ready………..Rock our World Adam

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Candance, I so agree with you. As I said before I was taken aback at first with this cover, but then realized what he was doing. He is a genius. This is not a photo, as you so rightly said, it’s a painting, and maybe it could have been anyone’s painting for that matter. He wanted to express something with it, and he is so NOT skerd to do it like this. Back when there were LPs, there existed ART covers, not just photos of the singer. And they don’t necessarily had the image of the singer at all. We’ve been fed with the same kind of cover for the last years and forgot all the fun, the imagination, the fantasy that a cover can give us. Adam is too creatrive, he brought back Glam. fantasy, fun and music.
      As you say he will NOT be ignored!
      Rock our world Adam, he surely rocked mine already.
      Lots of love,

  65. mistyluv7 says:

    #1 …I am not a hater ( I have been behind adam all the way) since he started with Idol. I purchased everything Adam on iTunes all along. I also feel that any of us that don’t care for the cover should be allowed to express our feelings without having the whole Adam Nation down our throats. I do “get” where he was going with the Cover and I knew what ever he was going to use would be sensational. That’s what Adam is. What I expressed yesterday was that he kept pushing his Rocker side and I felt since he was using Pink on his Album that his cover would have a Glam-rough edge. I was surprised to see such a soft feminine cover…….too beautiful almost. I think that it almost borders on Drag rather than Androgyny. I have been around Gay’s my whole life and still have Gay friends. I know the difference. I still am one of his biggest Fans and will keep buying everything he puts out. He is one of a kind……..God given voice!!

    Jeanette, I do agree with the points in your article and it was well written. I want to feel like I can come express myself here without feeling condemnation. Thank you!!

    Still loving Adam!

    • cheryl 334 says:






      Adam didn’t get me annoyed with the title to his albu. I loved it and everything else. Loved the pics wth the naked girl. Don’t like this pic one little bitty bit. It is too feminine. Adam has not come out in a feminine way. Just the opposite, but if he wants to be feminine, then, I’ll accept that. He just needs to decide if he want to be feminine, masculine or neutra. Watever, I love him and his music. Wish I could say the same for all fans on this site. Most are only interested in agreeing with Jeanette, not expressing their own views. But, how will we all ever know what their views were since the author pre-selected her views and chose to share them and ‘dare’ anyone who ever called Adam ‘manly’ to speak up. Well, I spoke up. I called him a manly-man. He is not that manly in this pic. He is girly in this pic. Girly. He looks like a girly-man. But, if this is what he wants, then great!! I love Adam the girly-man, too. But, nobody try to say this pic is so wonderful, great, awesome, when they know darn well is isn’t!! Who are you all trying to fool? You think Adam is going to read your post, so you would tell him a lie??? You would be the last people I would ask to tell me the truth. You can only spe Jeanette’s belief. Not your own. I don’t care what you say, I’ve been here a long time. Longer than any of you with very few exceptions. So, move on and tell you tales of false loving to someone who believes you. I don’t!

      • cheryl 334 says:



        • ” So, move on and tell you tales of false loving to someone who believes you. I don’t!”

          Was this directed at my post? I don’t believe you are in any position to be telling others to move on. What I wrote wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. I was expressing my opinion. We do still have Freedom of Speech…No?

      • Cheryl…in all due respect, I have a mind of my own, and I love ADAM’s cover…with or without Jeanette’s comments! You SEEM to be clumping ADAM’s fans in a group of having no mind of their own!!!

        • cheryl 334 says:

          JABERONE……………….you, my dear, are not iln that group. I clumped only to make the point that clumping those who don’t like the pic is also wrong. All love to you! I thought those who knew me might know they are not included. Very sorry!

      • Cheryl, I think that you are trying to put Adam in a box and Adam will never be one dimention. He loves to show all sides of himself i.e. manly, feminine, beautiful, fierce. That’s what I love about him. He is true to himself. He does not have to decide if he is going to be “feminine, masculine or neutra” This is Adam. He can be whatever he wants to be. It’s the element of surprise that is so exciting for his fans. Please accept Adam for whatever he is or does. There is alot of exciting things in store for his fans in the future and I am on this ride with him all the way. He can be manly, feminine whatever, and I am sure he will be both at different times of his life, but I will support him all the way.

      • Just because YOU have been here longer than anyone else does give YOU the right to say what you did. I do think this pic is wonderful, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT IF WE THINK IT IS WE KNOW DARN WELL IT ISN’T. Since when did you speak for everyone? Who are YOU trying to kid here? So you say it is your right to express your opinion, fine, but it is also my right and if I say I love the pic on his album I MEAN IT! I am not trying to fool anyone. I could careless if I am one of the last people you would ask for the truth. It just makes me see RED that you say one thing and then say another thing. So if WE don’t agree with you and say the cover pic is horrible, we are lying? You are one self righteous B! I have no tale of false loving………..IT IS HONEST AND IT IS TRUE……….You need to check yourself and let everyone have their right to express what they want also. Adam does not have to fit himself to make YOU or anyone else happy. I wish you would stop writing your crap. I am tired of reading it!


          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh Trish, I feel bad for you–don’t feel bad. I know you just want this to be a “happy” place and this is so upsetting to you. It’ll be alright, don’t worry. We’re all going back to loving Adam–heck we never stopped–that’s why we’re so passionate about everything that is said. Need a chill pill honey? ~ laughing ~

            • Yes Helen I do need a chill pill………….do YOU have one? LOL You are so sweet, you made me laugh when I read your response…………you are soooooooooo sweet! Thank you for that. Now about that “chill pill”………………………;)

    • I disagree. There are plenty of sites to discuss your opinions of something you don’t like about Adam. I will tell you WHY I don’t like to discuss things you don’t like about Adam here: It causes hurt feelings, and debates. It ruins what should be a good feeling on this site. Why would anyone want to start something that will make you feel angry? There are so many other sites to discuss this stuff…………to me this WAS the only place I could come too and hear just great things we love about Adam…………why is that so wrong? Everyone has the right to their opinion, but why must negativity be presented here? Can’t we just have ONE place we can just share positive things about Adam? It makes us all feel good……….what is wrong with THAT?

      • I agree with you Trish. One of the many things that I love about Adam is his positive attitude. He always sees the glass half full rather than half empty and always sees the good in people. He has made me a better person, because I am looking at things in a more positive light now. Adam has a great effect on his fans and he makes me want to be a better person, this includes not looking at things in a negative way. Please Cheryl, can you try and take on Adam’s attitude and bring some humor into this site, like Adam would do when he was criticized on AI. I love his good, positive nature and we all can try and attain even a little of that.

  66. Helen/Canada says:

    BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO – standing ovation from me.

  67. jerri sweeney says:

    You go Jeanette!!!! I agree 100%. Adam just tweeted his new single was For Your Entertainment. Can’t wait.

  68. “Better yet, if you want something safe and sappy with a non-threatening cover, go buy Take One”

    Jeanette, ironically you summed up the entire problem with the cover in your above statement. The cover isn’t anywhere near edgy or cool, or “fierce.” And it’s only a homage to “glam” if you think glam = Lisa Frank circa 1986. It’s like Boy George for the 12 yo set. It looks like fan art. Oh I could go on. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. Only the music matters. Adam will succeed or fail based on the quality of the songs on his cd. Still…please don’t try to stamp out fan opinion. I’m sure Adam doesn’t mind his fans having an opinion. Just because someone might not care for the cover does not mean they are not a “true” fan. It is extemely immature for anyone to get upset over a negative opinion…as long as said opinion is delivered in a respectful manner. We don’t need to pay attention to the haters, but I don’t want to be told that I shouldn’t have a mind of my own by anyone. If everyone who has even a slightly negative opinion over something Adam does/says/chooses/etc. is told to get out, well Adam is going to be left with a very smal fanbase.

  69. Bravo to you! well said and you “GET IT” I am DISGUSTED with those who claim to be Adam fans who are making such a stink out of this ICON CD cover. Adam will always make people think, make them feel, make them question etc.

    Besides it could be a solid black cd cover and I still would be waiting anxiously for the cd.


    • cheryl 334 says:

      BETTY…..You are irrelevant to me. You do not know me well enough to make such judgements about me, personally! Don’t give me this “who claim to be Adam fans” sista. You must be very young.

  70. You said it!!!! and you are sooo right!!! Remember who Adam is1 And Why we fell in love with him!!

  71. Jeanette I so happy that you have answered back to all the people who were not pleased with the album cover. I hated some of the comments they made, Adam has never tried to hide from us who he is, and I love that about him, we fell in love with him because he is unique, he is not mainstream and will neve be mainstream. There are many sides to Adam and I love every each one of them. Jeanette I love these comments ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Better yet, if you want something safe and sappy with a non-threatening cover, go buy Take One.’ SO NICELY PUT.

  72. Dianne Hill says:

    Jeanette, you rock girl. You have said exactly what I have been thinking. I got off the computer last night after reading all those comments and was getting ready for bed – now most of you know I have lots of pictures of Adam on my bedroom walls, but I just looked around at them and thought – and said out loud I might add, “I don’t understand it, they really just don’t get you, do they”.

    If you want mainstream listen to Kris or the likes of the Jonas Brothers, totally boring (sorry Kris, but you are not my cup of tea), that is why I love Adam, he is different, he will never do what some obviously expect. All of you just look at your pictures of him – what do you see, He is different, he is wonderful, and as I have said before I trust him completely, he knows what he is doing, I wouldn’t change ONE SINGLE THING ABOUT HIM. He is perfect the way he is. Thanks Jeanette and Lisa Imbruglia, she sent me an email last night with the comments that she had made and I had to reply to her and say, yes, that is exactly right.


    The night Simon said what he did after Adam’s performance of Ring of Fire, I immediately thought, my god Simon you are getting old and so out of touch, and I hated his comment to Adam, that was just horrible and I would hope it would never be used on this site again.

    • Dianne, re Simon’s words… I thought the same thing at the time! In fact, though I am not a big Idol fan I did follow it off and on, and was thinking, Simon, I am old enough to be your mother, but even I little ol’ lady that I am, realize you have to get ‘with it’ when it comes to music. Music evolves, art evolves, values change, our tastes change, and that is just fine.

      To me, Adam is in the forefront of the music scene and where it might be going. He is a product of the music of his parents with his own creative input and the influence of the out front pop entertainers of today. He has always had a leaning toward the alternative performers and though he sang ‘mainstream’ on Idol, I can see him heading the alternative route, maybe with this album… but when alternative becomes popular with the masses, it becomes ‘pop’ and another new genre, look, act etc.. becomes the alternative.

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        The remark that Simon made,”What the hell was that?”, do you think Randy Travis had any influence on Simon’s statement? What did Randy Travis really think after meeting w/ ADAM? Did he say anything else besides something about giving ADAM “points for unique”,”that particular arrangement threw him thru a loop”, and “ADAM was a nice guy and a great singer.”. during the “mentoring” video? Simon is human too and if influency played any part, it was def. there. Maybe Simon was just trying to say what he thought Randy T. would want him to say. I don’t know, maybe Simon really did mean what he said. But at the end of AI, after ADAM sang ” No Boundaries”, which I loved!!!, Simon said “…, you’d hope to find a world-wide star…., I truly believe in my heart we have found that w/ you.” . But this is my favorite part, Simon also said, “…. you have been one of the best, most original contestant we’ve ever had on this show…”. Now, I know what I heard and I heard Simon say “most original contestant”. If anyone thought he said “contestants”, w/ his accent, we need somebody who has the same accent to verify this. Because I know I heard a singular noun, “contestant”. I believe Simon knew all along what ADAM was all about. And I think he did like ADAM’s version of ROF. It’s funny, but at ADAM’s audition, Simon and the others were very eager to hear him sing a second song. Almost as if they could listen to him all day. Simon has a lot of clout as a very smart businessman and as a “scout” for talent, although ADAM’s is more like a gift, so I feel that Simon is just as in awe as we all are. It’s late and I’m feeling deep, but this has always been at the back of my mind. I have replayed Simon’s comment to ADAM after “No Boundaries “, a lot, because, to come from him, that means alot and it verifies that our ADAM is one original artist and entertainer!!! So for the haters,…screw you!!!Upside,downside,sideways,and every which way!!!!Excuse me, I feel much better now, that’s good therapy. ADAM even felt he couldn’t tell what Simon was going to say. You know, some of these hollywood people let the stars cloudy up their vision of what’s talent. Because as you can see, out of thousands and thousands of stars or singers, there’s just only a handful who have been truly gifted, like ADAM LAMBERT!, a star is born!! Just wanted to share a few ADAMemories w/ you. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!(that would make a good rockgroup name, huh?)

        • Kimber, I too think Simon is very knowledgable in the music industry. He knows a star when he sees one and he saw a Star in Adam from the beginning as did all the judges.
          What the hell was that ? sure stirred up alot of controversy and we know who loves controversy.
          In fact Simons comment about “Born to be Wild” about being out of the Rocky Horror picture show,
          he was grinning as well as Adam grinning. Adam actually thought that comment was a good thing.
          I love to share Adam memories. Simon told Oprah that Adam would win or should win the contest
          w/o a doubt when asked before the finale was up.
          Oh I dont believe AI will ever be the same after Adam Lambert.
          In fact when I saw Taylor Swift on Oprah not long ago, a few of her band members looked like
          Adam wanna be’s………………

          • Helen/Canada says:

            You’re right Mary, AI will never ever be the same after Adam! I always watched AI, but was never really obsessive about it (although I had contestants in the past that I liked) until Adam. I think it may be a little boring this year without him–until he comes back to sing his songs!

            • I agree Helen. I can’t wait till he does come back to sing one of his “hit” songs on Idol. I might watch it THEN, but not before!!!! LOL I have watched Idol since season 3, but never obbessed about it till ADAM! Now noway I could watch it, just wouldn’t be the same………………*sigh*

        • Dianne Hill says:

          The thing is Kimber, Simon said much the same thing to David Cook last year (he won Idol last year). I agree that sometimes Simon is absolutely correct in his criticisms or praise, but he also said that most of the audience would hate Adam’s Born to be Wild and I also felt that couldn’t have been further from the truth either. Sometimes he does get it wrong. Some of the comments he made to Allison were just so wrong, saying she didn’t have a personality, she is young and has a lot to learn but she definitely had a personality, she had been brought up to be polite and to not talk back, so she often let their comments slide.

    • cheryl 334 says:


  73. Adam Lambert could wear a bag over his head and I would still love him!! I could go on and on about all of the wonderful attributes of Adam, but I know on this site I would only be preaching to the choir!! Adam has stated that he is partly a business person, who wants to be successful. Whether we love or hate the cover, I also question if it was a smart move from a marketing perspective.To be successful in the music business you have to sell a lot of records. It makes me quite sad to think that some people may judge this book by its cover, so to speak, and not buy his music. I do respect and love his individuality, but question if this was the correct way to display it? I really hope that I am wrong and that his music sails to the top of the charts!!! I only wish him the greatest success which he truly deserves!!! It is amazing that a photo cover has gotten so much media attention!!! Let’s hope that it helps him sell more albums!!!

    • Amen! Well said, Nancy.
      When I questionned this choice for the cover, it was more that I was worried it might cost him record sales or the rise to fame which is so deserved.
      With this talent, Adam should be selling more albums than any other artist right now!
      People loved him on the tour this summer (yes, I was one of ones in the front row screaming)
      and maybe this is the Adam they are expecting and want to hold on to.
      I guess the main thing is that Adam should be true to himself.
      Anyway, I’m sure the music will be stellar as always!
      ps. I think it is important that people feel they can express their opinion (respectfully) without others saying they are no longer a fan!

  74. Yeahhhhhhh ….. I say “what the hell was that” every time adam does something because it is always refreshing and awesome …. He is sooo special I am going crazy waiting for the music!

  75. GLAMB#474 kimber says:


  76. Well said. I never get surprise or shock with Adam’s work, instead I am proud. His artistry is unjustifiable and iconic. I love how Adam put into smile for people who keep asking “what the hell was that”. I remain to believe the old cliche, actions speaks louder than words. However, BEWARE when Adam speak, it puts you on the ground!!! – Yes, with an exclamation points… 😉

  77. sylverine says:

    Wow Jeanette, just read through the thread someone mentioned that’s on Adam Official about this article of yours, it’s called:

    “Splendid Insight” on new album cover from new blog post- GREAT read”

    There are lots of comments and they really admire and appreciate what you wrote. I’m now thinking that they should get you to run Adam Official – I’m sure it would be a helluva improvement!!

  78. OMG I love this so much I think im gonna cry! Thank you! This was SO well said and hopefully put it all into perspective for some fans. Some people are getting off the bus….see ya…sorry to see ya go. That’s just more room for me and for the millions of others who will get and appreciate a “what the hell was that” moment every now and then. I look forward to those moments. I have to wonder what part of this did people NOT see coming!? oh well. Adam always makes me smile a sly smile and chuckle. God I love that guy! And I hope Adam gets to read this ..somehow. 😉

  79. Ok. I love Adam, but recently he has really been disappointing me. I find “For Your Entertainment” to be completely generic and uninspiring. “Time for Miracles” is great, but it isn’t as epic as I thought it would be. Then there is this cover. Now I am bisexual (with a strong preference for men), but I am also a political science major, so I like to think that I am relatively sensitive to the mood of the public. There is no way in hell that the public at large will accept that cover. They may love Adam and his music, but that cover will turn off a lot of people. Thus far Adam has been a success because his sexuality has been largely irrelevant. This cover will take something that people could previously ignore and throw it in their faces. I personally think that this is a HUGE mistake.

    By the way, I don’t think that the cover is that original. Given all of the amazing pictures he has put out since the Idol finale, this one is just so stereotypically blah. I will say this though, the more I look at it, the less I hate it. Perhaps I will grow to stand it, maybe even like it. Right now I am just hoping that the music itself doesn’t suck as much as everything else regarding the album.

    • Malcolm, Adam twittered, cover was deliberately campy and ridiculous, homage to the past.

      So lets hope the public will accept the cover as an outside wrapping for some very good music inside!

      • I would like to apologize for my negativity, but in all honesty I am weary of hope. I would rather be pessimistic and pleasantly surprised, then optimistic and crushed. Hype can be a deadly thing. No one here needs to be reminded of Adam’s AI loss, but it’s a perfect example of how getting ones hopes up can end in disaster. I’m not saying any of this to be mean, I am just trying to spare myself and everyone else another painful upset.

  80. Wow, have never seen a debut album cover garner so much attention! Adam has always said he wants to shake things up & I say…way to go Adam! At least he knows how to play the game! Did the “other guys” cover come out yet cuz we’ll never know cuz it will be one big yawn! Can’t wait to get the cd & actually hear his magnificent voice singing new songs! And from reading other sites, I can’t help but wonder if people really buy music just because of the album cover, or don’t buy because they don’t like it….I know I have never put that much thought into the cover. I buy for the singer! Adam! Je t’adore toujours!

  81. I can’t wait for the next “What the hell was that” and the next and the next and the next, I hope they never stop.

    • Love your comment. And, love to hear more of the “what the hell was that” as well. It makes our life beautiful and JOYful. It’s what all matters. And for one thing it’s what makes the world go round and round with “what the hell was that”. Oh, Adam you are EXQUISITELY EXCITING!

  82. It’s great to see so many new posters on this thread! Hopefully you (they) will hang around, become Glambs and join in the fun and controversy!

    Welcome all!

    • Great remark, Theresa/Canada. I enjoy the heated debate – it makes reading the posts so much more interesting and intriguing. If everybody chills a bit and realizes we all love Adam but each have our own unique and articulate point of view, it really makes it way more interesting for me.

      I have been on some fan sites (like Adam Official) that bore the heck out of me after I read post after post that say “Great”, next post “Hot”, next post “Adam Rocks”. I like a little controversy and you’re right, Theresa, it makes it more fun.

      Kudos to Jeanette for her fascinating post and the way it stirred up a hornet’s nest! LOL.

      And I love Adam but still don’t like the picture choice. Actually, it’s not really a picture. We should just think of it as “art” that may or not be to your taste. Won’t stop me from buying the album, though, or enjoying the music which is sure to be fabulous.

      • Songwriter, agree. Defin. not boring on our fansite!!!

        Cant wait for Adams fabulous music !!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        SONGWRITER…………………… Won’t stop me from buying the album, either! I love Adam and his talent! Still son’t like the pic, either. But that has NOTHING to do with my love of Adam and all things Adam! Music will def by fabulous! What Adam has ever sung has been unbelievable! For anyone to even suggest that I am not one of his best fans b/c of this silliness is just off the wall, incredible to me!

  83. Cheryl, I agree with you – this cover makes him look like a woman. Not gay, not drag – he just looks like a woman. I tried to “get it” but it’s difficult, especially since he’s had some amazing photos taken of him earlier. I will not judge the cd by its cover – I can’t wait to hear his album and to experience his amazing talent but I still do not like this cover and my strong feelings are evidence of my strong feelings for this man. Overly invested – probably – we don’t REALLY know what he will produce outside of the structure of AI. I think that’s why this cover is so unsettling. We want everything that he makes to be delicious and exciting and OTT. This cover is just a bit disappointing. I’ll get over it I’m sure when I am listening to his music.

    • Thank you, Donna, for so eloquently expressing the same feelings I am having!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      DONNA, YEAH, it isn’t anything like any other pic we’ve seen of him! Can’t wait for the album either! Thanks, Donna and Adamfan!

  84. You just said everything that I am feeling, and you said it very well. Ring of Fire was my defining moment I fell head over heals for Adam at that very moment, I couln’t take my eyes off of him. I love the cover and I get it. Adam is a genius and will Entertain us for a long time to come. I was so upset at the hate for the cover from Adam fans. you are right if this little tidbit bothers then they might as well pack it up and move on cause there is much more to come. thank you for saying what so many of us are feeling. Bravo!!

  85. I am so addicted to Adam that he could never disappoint me. I am truly fascinated by him and love everything he says, sings, does and the rest.

    Personally, I love the album cover. I like the colors and perfection of it all. I was surprised but not disappointed.

    Gosh, Adam I just wish you knew how you became a part of my family practically overnight. My kids mimmick your moves, demand your songs on the way to school and defend you from my husband who in actuality is a fan but will not ever admit it however, he does admit your uniquely talented and promised to never give me grief over my addiction for you. My husband “loves” A Change is gonna come. Sorry if this post is not relevant to the rest but I had to steal myself a bit of a moment.

  86. My life is boring enough to have an artist that is also boring. I only thank God for bringing Adam to my life to make it more interesting.

  87. I think I’m one of those fans who don’t like the album cover.
    Thanks Jeanette!Don’t worry I do what you said
    I will always remember the ring of fire.

  88. How delightful to support an individual who keeps exploring and trying and experimenting and seems to be guided by the heart and spirit…Bravo!

  89. Jeanette, very well written article, I totally agree. I like you kaledoiscope comparison of Adam and agree 100% !!

    And I like both sides of Adam, femenine and masculine, that’s what makes him ‘great.’

  90. JoyousOne says:

    Adam Lambert is not what any of expected but a lot of us like. He’s has this fresh new and exciting talent that I think has put a spark into entertainment again. Not only does he have such a great and versatile voice and approach to his art, but he’s made people start talking again about something other than the lousy economy and state of affairs we’re all in. He’s gotten us listening to some new young talent around we haven’t seen in a long long time.

    I personally enjoy watching him perform and listening to him sing. There are some things I probably won’t like as much as others he performs but … I love that he’s his own person and is sticking to what he’s about and what he wants to do in his career. There’s always going to be people that don’t like someone but there are so many others that will. And Adam — I am a fan — keep doing what you do best — you can get into so many different kinds of songs and performances —

  91. Jeanette, I agree with you 100%. I loved when Adam laughed at the ROF comments and I love his endless capacity to entertain us.

  92. Think Madonna…………the church tried to throw her out of Italy. If you dare to be different ,if you make waves there are going to be those who are offended.
    Adam wants to be exciting,he wants to shake things up.. he is being more than successful in this effort. I believe this cd cover will become iconic. Just as I believe that Adam will be a super star. You can’t be unique if you’re run of the mill.

    Don’t lose heart, all publicity is GOOD publicity

    • melody, he sure has the publicity going on. On AOL destop today, all about album cover.
      Love how Adam shakes things up, he always will……………

  93. I have to admit, it took me a while to warm up to the cover. My first reaction was “aw, why did he have to look so soft and feminine.” I like the hard, sexy, rocker Adam. But then, I realized why I like Adam. He is who he is. No pretense, no games, no illusion. He’s always been upfront, honest and non-conforming. He is multi-faceted from his music, his style, his fashion and his preference. I LOVED Ring of Fire. I thought, wow! that was wicked!!! So sexy and so cool.

    So, each time I look at the cover, I like it more. It’s different, just like Adam. It’s bold, just like Adam. It’s artistic, just like Adam. I can’t wait to hear the music and his voice. Adam takes us on a ride with everything he does, doesn’t he???

  94. AdoringAdam says:

    The cover is exciting, crazy, beautiful, sexy, and fun. The same people who are bashing it will be upset in a few months for not buying a copy based on the cover. This is one for the ages. Enjoy the ride everybody, Adam will be shocking us and surprising us and entertaining for us a long time. He is just what this dreary world needs. Go ADAM!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      ADORINGADAM………………………I don’t like the pic. That does not constitute ‘bashing’ for God’s sake!!!! How do some of you people get off saying shit like that. Give you a molehill and you try to make a mountain.

      Adam is def what this world needs. A supersonicsuperstar of gorgeousness and talent! But not a bunch of fans who always try to make a mountain out of a molehill, and elevate themselves up abouve others when they def do not deserve that. Adam does not have a bigger fan than ME on this site, Simple, very simple.

      • cheryl, Yes he does, me?? Ok how much do you weigh? I’m taller, hahhahah

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY, I only wish I could say with total sincereity that you weigh more than me, but, alas, I cannot! Hahaha!!!!

          I can say, however, that you are a very true and obsessive fan as I! I only have your own words of Adam obsessiveness to remember! Not much different than my own, but obsessive fo sho!! Love to ya! cheryl

  95. DANA MARTIN says:


    • cheryl 334 says:



      • DANA MARTIN says:


  96. I just wanted to share my blog in reference to this same subject. Hope it will help to open some of those minds that seem to be narrowing.

    I wanted to express my opinion, since everyone else in the world has taken a shot. Some very nasty things have been said about Adam’s album cover. I hope he understands (and I am sure he does) that the people who want to spout hate and negativity are just as happy to have him as those of us who love him and approve of everything that he has done. Anyone that makes an impact on modern culture has to deal with the criticism along with the praise. Adam has taken an industry that has been so stall for so long to places that it never imagined it needed to go. The music that he will give the world will be his legacy and those of us who appreciate his many gifts will support his effort and enjoy every moment. To have strange and wonderful come together is like a massive thunderstorm. We fear it but we want to admire the beauty, majesty and awesome power. I love the album cover, I loved the Details photos, I loved Ring of Fire, I love Adam. I happen to enjoy being shocked out of my comfort zone and Adam takes me to those places where I never imagined I would go. He has made me see things differently and see different things as glorious and wonderful. If the rest of the world can’t take him, send him to me. I would be happy spending the rest of my life playing dress-up and make-believe with Adam.

    • Love your comments…

      • cheryl 334 says:



    • cheryl 334 says:





      • OMG….I’m sure that if ADAM heard dissention among some his faithful fans, that he would be disappointed and say chill out people…it’s no big thing!!!! We all love ADAM, and that’s what is important!

    • OMG Lisa, I’ll take the hot sexy man too.. I feel differently about things as well. All thanks to Adam.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LISA YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT! Adam is not dumb, He knows a lot of people, inclulding some of his closest, and family will not like his choice of cover pic. So what???? I certainly don’t expect his to care on little bit. He, himself, said it was ridiculous, and it is. So what??? Why is everyone getting themselves all ‘puffed up’ b/c they say they like it??? Are they truer fans? Definately not! How ridiculous they act about this whold thing. And Jeanette, posting all over the place, her “thank yous” is kind of an ego trip, I think. I would hope that Jeanette would not sell herself short just to have a bunch of people, many she doesn’t even know, to cheer her on for this. That is incomprehensible to me. I thought far more of Jeanette. I am truly disappointed by her actions and attitude on this thread. Had some feelings similar to this on the Details page, but, she did not go to extremes just to make her point seem so important. Jeanette, you disappoint me, and a few others, but, I’m thinking you are only interested in boosting your own ege, not in being fair and balanced and respecting those who post on this site. You once said it is not good nor right to post hatefulness. Do you see your hatefulness posted on this thread??? I’m guessing, probably not. But then, sometimes, it’s those very people who are blinded by their own ambitions, and their need to ‘put someone wlse down’ to make themself feel superior. The unfortunate thing is that the people you are impressing are easily empressed.

    • Love, LOVE your comment!

  97. Hi! Yvonne from Australia here. Thank you Jeanette for your amazing article….you are a very talented writer. As soon as I saw Adam’s album cover I fell in love with it. For those who think it may be too gay…..you might try to understand what being gay is!!! Gay men have a feminine side to them, some having more (of a feminine side) that others. As Adam says “this is who I am”. So please accept that this is Adam. Adam is beautiful and handsome…and this is how I see him on the cover.

    Just for interest, I asked my 19 year old son what he thinks of the cover and he immediately replied “It represents Glamrock” !! Love to you all

    • cheryl 334 says:






      • Cheryl, you typing in all caps now is you basically screaming at us.

        We got it, you are Adam’s biggest fan and you do not like the cover picture.

        At one point you need to agree to disagree otherwise things just start repeating itself and ugly things are being said. That is the point where this is at right now.
        If you believe in your heart that you are Adam’s biggest fan then nobody can take that way from you.
        I think we should give it a rest.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          IRENA……..I am not screaming in the previous post. I am just making a statement I thought needed by stated. I am sick of wnyone who says, “you don’t like a pic, you are not a fan” just seems very INAPPLROPRIATE to me, and even more inappropriate is someone posting TO ME, and me not supposed to reply.

          No, you are right. No one can take that away from me, but do not say it again, lest you will hear from me again, telling that person they have no right to describe me in that way. I take a big offense to that.

          If you have not dissed me, or said bad things about me, then, I am happy that is the case. But anyone who does do that should realize that I will not sit back and let you spew hatred to me wtihout speaking up for myself.

          So, I agree, let’s everyone not throw shit at me, and I will not catch it and throw it back at you.

          I love everything Adam. I am one of the biggest fans on this site for Adam, and if my individuality rubs some people the wrong way, they need to get over it, not me get over their woeds against me. Life is not fair, but this site should make every effort to treat the people on the site with fairness. I do.

      • Cheryl 334
        My post was not directed at you……or anyone else in particular. I didn’t set out to teach anything new!!! Sorry that you are so upset.

      • OMG, Cheryl, what has happened here? Why are you now posting in caps and yelling and why do you think everyone is talking about you? I am confused here. Why is it so hard for you to understand that people can like something that you don’t but not just be a part of the masses? I just don’t understand………….probably never will. Just wish this negativity can be let go and we can get back to enjoying this site and our love of Adam. *sigh*

    • KO's smiling says:

      Yvonne, I think Adam chose that style cover so everyone would know that his first album is glamrock, as your son did. Adam is more masculine-looking than his boyfriends, but has said that he admires the androgynous look and by posing this way, he’s doing what he wants, as usual.

  98. Correction …should be ” than others”

  99. Dena Mericle says:

    Love Adam. Love the cover. Loved Ring of Fire. Very glad he’s not the same ole’, same ‘ole. That’s not what Adam fans are looking for.

  100. I’ll say it again. He very brilliantly selected a cover shot that would shock people and get everyone talking. He was successful. Hasn’t that been the buzz all over the net the last 2 days? That’s what Adam wants. I personally don’t like it, but who cares?? I’ll buy it anyway and his true fans will too!

    Very well said Jeanette.

  101. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that those who don’t like the cover are non-fans. I love Adam but I don’t dig the cover at all. There are many photos that show his “feminine” side, but this looks too pre-pubescent and not sexy at all. Sorry that’s my opinion. I would have preferred a cool black & white rather than color too.

    • cheryl 334 says:


      I would rather live on an island alone than to think llike some of these people do. Who do they think they are kidding? Someone says ‘I don’t like the pic’ and a bunch of ******* grab a hold onto that and work it for all they can. Pitiful, reaslly. They cannot argue, or debate, they can just throw stones. Well, you know what the Bible says about that, THOSE WHO ARE WITHOUT SIN MAY CAST THE FIRST STONE. SO HAVE AT IT ANY OF YOU WITHOUT SIN!!! I thought so. Nothing else needs be said!

      • go away cheryl.

      • Don’t hate on Cheryl. I made the very bad mistake of repsonding to her while my emotions were high and I do apologize for that. I just wish I could get what is going on now? It went from talking about his album cover to personal insults. I am guilty of that and I will not do that again. I just wish it could get back to where it once was, this site, it was fun to come too and hope it will be that way again. Hope that is not wishing for too much???? *sigh*

  102. earlzagurl4u says:

    My first reaction to Adam’s album cover was: Oh My God,! with a sly grin on my face,,I did not expect that cover tho,,but then again I did not expect Adam to come into my life and shake it up like he has,,he owes me nothing yet gives to me so much of which I will never be able to repay except to love him and what he does unconditionally,,PLL to Adam and all Glambs

  103. OMG Jeanette – you go girl!!!! You nailed your editorial on the head sista, & I for one support your comments 100%!! as my 22 mth old daughter would say – “yay Adam”! 🙂

    • cheryl 334 says:

      JILL, well I understand your 22 month old, she has not had her brain fully developed yet, but what is your excuse?

      • Cheryl, you have already stated your opinion on the cover (quite a few times). If you continue to reply to other posters for no other reason than to insult them, your comments will be deleted. People who disagree with you have the right to state their opinion without being insulted in return. If your problem is with me, email me privately.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          JEANETTE, MY QUESTION THEN IS, do I have a right to disagree with others without having them insulting me?

  104. The cover is “otherwordly” like Adam himself. He sets no boundaries (no pun intended) on himself and where he wants to take his career and explore all the possibilities of his talents. He breaks molds and that is where greatness starts. He’s not afraid and that’s exciting!!

    Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride. Remember he said “For YOUR entertainment”. Let’s be entertained by a ICON. How lucky we are to witness this greatness being born.

  105. I love the album cover – people who are dissing it have no clue what Adam is all about.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      CHERYL I don’t like it and I know what Adam is all about. Can’t you just love it yourself, and see that others may feel differently without saying that if they do not agree with you, then they don’t know Adam, only you do and those who love the pic. WTF is the problem?

  106. earlzagurl4u says:

    P.S.,,loving Adam is the easy part,,

  107. I think what the cover is going to do is make people take a second look when they see it on the shelves….. they won’t over look it but will look again and then when his music becomes so popular they will know just where to go to buy it. Im shocked there are so many sad people still in the world…. are they just looking for a reason to shock too I wonder. I never hear talk like that anymore. I love Adam and his beautiful cover and will not stop. he has such a beautiful voice no matter what he sings and he is such a beautiful person too!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SANDRA……………………..You say you are so shocked there are so many sad people in this world. What are you talking about? You think they are looking for a reason to ‘shock’, too? What do you mean by that?

      Why is it a shock there are many sad people in this world. Do you not watch the national and local news? There are many reasons people are sad. Let me help you out in understanding what you say you don’t. Poverty, famine, disease, housing, medical issues, jobs, disease, family, money. Personally, I am shocked this world is in as good a shape it is considering all the things beating so many down. If everyone had proper food, shelter, transportation, doctor assistance, family and good health, they and we would be so much better off. There are many desperate adults, teens, and children needing assistance from others. this is where we should designate our efforts in this world. This is where we can make a ‘change’ in a positive way, also.

  108. Ya just can’t please all the people all of the time! I think it’s gorgeous, as usual.

  109. KO's smiling says:

    Thank you, Jeanette! That is what I’ve been trying to express and haven’t been able to. It’s almost a relief to read it. 🙂

    As much as we identify Adam with his guyliner and nail polish, that will change one day, too, I bet. Because that’s what Adam really is… change. He likes to experiment and push the limits and show people something new and exciting. And that’s the main reason why I admire him so much (aside from the voice): he will never look or sound just like everyone else out there. Thank God. Finally. Someone who wants to make art and entertain more than he wants to be famous and rich.

  110. the cover is beautiful, adam is beautiful, and his decisions about his career and how he wants it presented are all right on. IF YOU ARE A FAN , YOU’RE A FAN ALL THE WAY. get with the program, people. this is about adam, not about us. we are the recipients of his art. love it or not , adam is going to be adam, and thank goodness for that. beautiful adam can sing the stars out of the sky, and we are going to be presented with them soon enough.

  111. LOVE THE COVER! Always admire the power and intelligence of ADAM!
    He knows how to work the circuit and does it with sheer brilliance! If you
    love ADAM you’ll appreciate his moves and grooves in whatever he does
    because he is an awesome entertainer who can be whatever you want
    him to be…thats what makes him so darn special and superstar status!
    How can you be negative about ADAM?… He is totally inspirational and
    courageous and a change HAS come to the world!..and not forgetting
    how he loves to throw those controversial moments that keep everyone
    glued..! MR LAMBERT is no less than a genius with oodles of style and
    a voice range that is breathtaking! Have faith in the power of ADAM!

  112. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I just want to say that though Adam does like to change it up I dont think he ever intended for people to start fighting about the cover. I am sure he would like people to value differences in opinion and just get along. Given that, let’s all just relax and look forward to what I am sure will be a great album. Go Adam!!!
    Candy Glamb #421

    • Glambertgirl, Am soo looking forward to hearing his great album.

      I’m so disappointed and sad with the latest AOL votes regarding his album. votes are racking up

      • I saw that too Mary C. I have a good friend who is as obbessed with Kris as I am with Adam and she is just loving all the negative things being said about Adam. Well she was my good friend, she isn’t even a friend now. It is one thing to be happy for YOUR artist, but to be happy that another artist is getting nasty things said, well that is not right.

  113. Thank you for speaking my mind. Perfectly worded.

  114. Bellelinda says:

    I am sorry to see that some of the Adam fans who have lost their minds in their admiration of Adam’s amazing talents think that they are the only “true Fans”. The rest of us who are blown away by Adam’s talent would not follow him off a cliff or cheer for every one of his decisions good or bad. That does not lessen our respect and awe of his talents. Wake up people…Adam is a human being just like us…he can make good and bad decisions and has a right to..but he is not a God who can not make a mistake or go down the wrong path. Blindly following anyone without giving it a thought is a big mistake. No human being deserves that kind of adoration just because they are amazingly handsome, talented and creative. Our family & friends have been with Adam since his 1st appearance on Idol and loved his Ring of Fire when others did not. We have attended his Idol tour concert and cannot wait until he has his own solo tour. His picture hangs on the wall in our house. However… we do not like his album cover and that does not make us lesser fans. Adam is his own person and a truly unique individual. Do you think that he would admire his fans for loosing their individuality and their ability to think and form their own opinions because of him. When you love someone it does not mean that you have to agree with every thought that they have and every move they make..no matter how much you admire them. It is said that imitation is the greatest compliment. You can pay Adam the greatest compliment by respecting the rights of others to have their own opinions as Adam does. Do not think you are a better Adam fan than others because you worship at Adam’s feet regardless of what he says or does. Do you think that Adam would ever think or act like that..I don’t think so!

    • Bellelinda,

      You are correct – everyone should exercise their own independent thought and not blindly follow someone else. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on all things, of course. My opinion (and my opinion alone) is that if you love someone, or are a fan of someone, you may not agree with that person’s decisions, but you support them anyway, just like a parent would support a spouse or a child who had made a bad decision. To me, the people who bounce all over the Internet from blog to blog doing nothing but spreading hate or negativity or who do nothing but complain and whine are not showing support. In my opinion, those people are not true fans. I think there is a distinction between those people and fans who have come on this site and said, “I’m an Adam fan. I don’t like the cover, but I will buy the CD anyway.” There’s nothing wrong with that.

      Disagree, YES all you want, but be supportive if you’re a fan. That’s all I’m trying to convey.

      • Jeanette….With my mind of my own…I agree with you! 🙂

      • Jeanette, So agree, you put this very well. Agree or Disagree? but the support is still there.
        We are Adam fans and love him!

        I got carried away with a post (media) who called us neurotic and we ignore Adam to self gratify….
        Should have went with my first thoughs, ignored she or he and told them to get a life!!!!!!!!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      BELINDA………….OH, YES! I said this very same thing a few posts above. At one point I did make a stupid statement. I said that so & so are not fans, but I did it out of sheer frustration of those posting that if I do not like a pic then I am not a fan. Both statements were ridiculous. That is the reason I made my ridiculous statment, only b/c one as ridiculous was said about me.

      However, I have never seen some of the names of people who made these statements before. They are new to me and to this site. Not all, but some.

      BTW Theresa/Canada, Jeanette, two others at IHOP, I have just gotten those pics of you all from my son. I do want to send you all your pics. Jeanette, you pic in particular, is the best I’ve ever seen of you. Maybe I can send them all to you and you could forward the other’s their pics. Will get with you on that. I’m sorry they took so long, but it is all my son’s faule! hahaha!!!!!! True, his fault!!! But, I got him to send them to my computer last nite, thank God, and now I have them on my compluter. Just trying to email them out. Not sure if I’m doing them right. I think I might have accidently ‘deleted’ some, inclluding 3 very shocking pics of my son, me and my mom just before she died in the home. That was a shock. All 56lbs of her! So, so, sad. My Mother weighed 56lbs when she died, and didn’t even have an illness. Just some alzheimers that let her stop eating and drinking till she got to 56lbs and died of starvation in a hospital surrounded by nurses and doctors, and me. No one ccould do anything

      Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I totally agree 100% here. Any one worth their salt is never going to agree with everything someone says. Like Jeanette says about spouses and our children. We can speak out with a disagreement and still love that person completely. Don’t anyone think that is not right. It is. Being a fan of, or to love one, never means giving up who you are. Never let it. Fight to the end of time for your right to your won thoughts and opinions. Sometimes this just sounds like I am talking about abusive men. I am, bult not just them. So, take what I say with a grain of salt, and know that I would fight just as hard for your right to being yourself, be it at another’s demise. I am totally all pro women’s rights and totally against abuse of women and children – always!.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I posted a reply to you further up, but maybe you haven’t seen it, that’s why I’m writing again here.
        You said that I surprised you, in that post, and truly don’t know what you are refering at. Maybe was just a mispelling mistake, but I would like you to check it. I’ve never misstreated you in any way, or anybody else for that matter, at the site. I may disagree but never disrepect anyone.
        I would like to know that we are fine.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          SILVANA,,, Hey! Well, I’m sorry, but I went up as far as I posted and I did not see me posting you re respect!!! Are you sure it was me? There is another Cheryl on here. But, as far as I am concerned I am good to go! hahaha!!! How ’bout you? Assume the same for you! Sylvana, I did not see your post or one of me posting you. But, don’t worry about it, I do not remember posting to you! Matter of fact, I don’t recall seeing you post anywhere in a long time! Hey, tho, I’ve got some new pics of the concert. Let me know if you want me to send them to you. Right now, for some reason, my email will not let me email any more out. Don’t know what the problem is on my email! But it is driving me nuts! I hate computer problems! I just got these pics last nite. So, anyway, post me and let me know if you want to see them.
          Luv, Cheryl

          • cheryl 334 says:

            SYLVANA, OKAY! I found that poost. You described me in a hateful and mean way. I made a statement. Jeanette decided to take ME to task, and you followed her by being disrespectful to me, to say the least. You said ylou have never seen such ‘rubbish’ etc. I take offense at that statement from you. I wasn’t even plosting to you. Yes, I satand by my reply to you. Unless you feel differently about me, we are not good.

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Please Cheryl,
              read the name of the poster who talked about rubbish, it was not me.

              By the way I’m fine with you and never said you disrespected me, just that you were surprised at at something I hadn’t say.
              You are a very passionate woman and get carried away, I understand that.

              I would be very glad to see your pictures of the concert.

              Love you,

              • cheryl 334 says:

                SYLVANA!……Sooooo sorry, my friend! Who is the other person wit h a name so much like yours?? Yeah, would love to emailyou some of the pics! I accidently ‘deleted’ some last nite while trying to send some to some other glambs. (what is my problem with this damn computer?)!!!!! Anyway, this is a good place to gives me your email address. It’s at the bottom of an older thread. So, if you feel free enough, post it on this thread, and I will send you a couple today. LotsaLuv!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  Hi Cheryl,
                  I’m glad we are fine, I was really worried. Sometimes you get too carried away, too much passion.
                  You are asking what is the problem with your computer…you know what it is: it’s Madbert!!!!!!!!!!! always will give you a rough time.

                  My email address is:



  115. Why all these bad feelings? This is CD cover, it represents GLAMB ROCK, it has a connection with the contents of the CD. We all know how Adam presents himself in his private life, and we all know he likes dressing up for his performances, he takes on a defferent persona. The cover was intentionally done, there is no way that Adam would have allowed this picture to be used for the CD cover if he thought it is not appropriate. We know that from a young age he likes dressing up, so many pre-idol pictures of him dressed painted in different colours, different costurmes, even in the question of the day when he was talking about the Kiss performance, his costume, wearing cloths that he goes partying in, he loves dress up. I personally love the picture, it will certainly create lots of media interest, it will further promote his album, lots of people will be very curious to hear the contents of the CD. The picture represents the music, that’s all.

  116. What’s wrong with everyone? Adam looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL on this cover – everything about him is beautiful – music, looks and talent – he was born to be a star. In this day and age, surely nothing is shocking? If stupid, macho men don’t like it, they need to get into the 21st century – clearly, they are not the target audience. So why complain? I can’t stand Robbie Williams and his ridiculous, arrogant face-pulling, but I just switch off the TV – I don’t have to watch!

    Adam is the biggest talent to come from any reality show, IMHO – the only others close to him are Will Young and Clay Aiken for singing talent – but Adam has the complete package and can become a global star with the right backing. Simon Cowell’s coffers are about to become a lot heavier very soon…


  117. AdamsDarling says:

    You said that quite well. That was very, VERY moving. I agree completly, thought it took a while to process. As yhu have said, i too was probaly stuck in the idols tour ways, how he dressed, and such.After thinkin, and reading this, i rember, Adam isn’t yhur ordinary star. As i have probaly said a thousand times, he’s unpredictable, and no adj. will ever be able to describe him completly.HE IS ADAM! Surprises us, and entertains us. He makes me realize, something incredible. He is beautiful, inside and out. He will take chances(very couragous) and be who he is. As if he knows what we are thinkin, he will throw a curve ball.Change completly.Once he realizes we are happy with what he has givin us,BOOM! Again im sure, he will provide us with that need, and then change his ways, to entertain more, and keep everyone alive. Gosh, im running on and on, getting off-topic. sawrry, but it just flows outta me, those who agree would understand.ty Adam.ty those who support him and,crave him, because he will make us hungry, then lay out a full buffet least when we expect it.; lol, does tht make sence? idk…….. but yeah, eventually, things will turn around, and those haters will love his music. c’mon he will be so famous, those who dont like him will be the loosers! haha.


  118. Glamb #

    Gina (ginadam) Long Island, NY

    Just love this site. I’m so happy to be among other Adam fans, especially alot who are also over 40!
    I’m a Mom and very proud to be an Adam fan! !

    I look forward to being a part of this Lambert World !

  119. Let’s remember a comment Adam made after one of his performances on AmericanIdol, “Isn’t that what music is about? You either love it or hate it” That also applies to the choices Adam makes creating anything (the album cover included) . I happen to like it, myself!!!!

  120. gosh—so much talk, so much conflict—over what??? all i can see are adam’s beautiful soul as i look into his eyes; and all that will matter to me is being lifted up, once again by his incredible voice…..lorraine

  121. Have any of you ever noticed how some people react when the topic is religion?

    I always find it ironic when a person who claims to be a devout follower of a particular religion allows his or her self righteousness to get to a such a frenzied level that they lose sight of the religion’s basic tenets such as “love thy neighbor”

    What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Plenty!

    It’s one thing to adore Adam but it’s quite another thing to treat Adam as though heis our personal savior and then assume an air of personal moral superiority when someone else disagrees with our vision of of our “God”

    Cheryl, I am not in Adam’s head (although he’s often in mine lol! so I’m not privy to his personal opinion regarding what has been expressed regarding his album cover however based upon previous comments that he has made I don’t think that he would appreciate some of the biterness and rancor that that you have personally expressed.related to the topic of his album cover.

    Cheryl, if you were to take an honest look at the majority of your posts regarding this topic,

    I believe you would see that you have made numerous sarcastic and judgmental remarks towards those who happen to agree with Jeanette or did not agree with your opinion. You mentioned that ust because you are a supremely ardent Adam fan, that doesn;t meant that you check your brain at the “door” when you post on this blog, yet you have accused other posters of being incapable of forming their own opinion because somehow they are so naive that they would have to succumb to Jeanette’s opinion. Being fearless when it comes to expressing your opinion even it isn’t popular is a wonderful trait but you can do that without labeling others as “stupid” or making remarks that are cutting. In this one thread, you have managed to resort to a barrage of name calling while accusing others of disrespecting you.In almost every comment you have made here, you responded to others statements in a cruel manner,

    I have appreciated many of your previous posts which I found to be thoughtful and intelligent but in this area, I feel you have become intoxicated with hearing the sound of your own voice and therefore unable to respond to others opinions with your usual fresh perspective.

    Cheryl, remember this is not CNN or any other news show where reporters are bound only to report the news and ensure that they filter out any personal bias.

    This is a blog for all of us who are huge Adam Lamberts fans. Please ! let’s not get into a Pis*********g contest about who is a bigger or better or more adoring fan.What purpose does that serve?

    We all have the right to express how we feel about anything related to Adam however, I think it behooves us to tread carefully when we start to pretend to know everything about Adam i.e “this picture isn’t Adam”

    He chose the picture .No one put a gun to his head, I like it. Others don’t . Others d.

    As one p” Wicked” and the” Zoodiac Show” etc. Adam likes to push the envelope and express himself as a free spirit who is fascinated by the dark and the light, the male and female , the hot and the playful, the boy next door and the hot glam rocker. I love his diversity and I think that’s a huge draw for all of us.

    So let;s enjoy Adam and express our feelings and opinions freely and boldly but let’s not resort to attacking one another when we don’t see eye to eye.

    Otherwise we’re no different than religious zealots who denounce anyone who doesn’t worship their point of view.

    Many Blessings,

    Debra (Albany NY)

    • cheryl 334 says:

      DEBRA……………YOU CANNOT come along at the end of a thread and begin telling people your version of what they posted. You do not know who posted what first, and when someone replied to a post. So, your theory does not hold true, here. I make one post, come back later, and see 4 or 5 people each dissing me for my opinion. First one, then another jumps on then another on that one, till it’s all about ‘them’ and what they think of ‘me’. That’s fine. I can handle that, and expect some of it. But, don’t assume I come onto a thread and start posting things about other glambs, I don’t. I will ‘defend’ my opinion, if I want, or maybe even change it, but it is if “I” want, and it is my perrogative to do so. So, when someone posts a reply to me and diss me, then, they can assume I’ll be back to debate or defend or just say what I think about them and their “words”.

      Don’t think you can explain to ME what Adam likes to do, ie; ‘Adam likes to push the envelope…………..” do you think that is a new thought? Don’t you realize that I and others have been saying those kinds of thing for over 9 months now? You should try to be a little more original when trying to give information about someone who has been written about by everyone dfor the past 9 months or more.

      I like the way you say, ‘so let’s …….’ like you are the den mother and giving ‘us’ all advice on how to say ‘nice’ things about everybody all the time. Boring! And don’t try to plretend you are taking that word seriously! When I say ‘boring’, I am kidding, but am feeling like maybe some of you don’t understand my sense of humor. Sorry for that. You might enjoy my posts more if you knew my personality, and if you have read many of my posts you should know that. As far as religilon goes, you should also know that I do not use the Bible or religilon to my benefit in making a point as I hate it when ‘religion’ is brought into any conversation. You might recall, also, that my son is a senior pastor of a church and is a professor of theology at a big college. I have all I want re religious arguments with him and my family of aunts and uncles and cousins who all think ‘they’ are the only person who knows what Jesus means in every quotation. So, believe me, I do not like that kind of bs. I am not that, but when you argue your pov re religilon, it sends out the same message, and I’m sure you aren’t aware tof that. It is not hard to try and NOT bring up religion in any conversation. Religion and politics, both very argumentally serious issues that can divide the best of friends and relatives. so, avoiding these 2 issues would make for a more harmonious world! Saying that we are no different than religious zealots, is not a fair statement. You may not be, but don’t presume to speak for me. That one sentence alone is overused. Everybody who is talking about religion on their behalf, makes that statement. I am over 60 yrs old, you’ve got to know I’ve heard this stuff besfore, and is not anything you are enlightening me on. So many people go on this site, look at someone’s words and, knowingly, take a posted thought and act as tho they beslieve it as it is, even tho the person obviously is using humor or sarcasm and feels the reader can figure that out.

      You made some statements about CNN and journalists, referring to me., that journalists are required to report the news facts and only the facts and not report their biases. Then, you must know that they do report the news with a bias! Tell me one media station that gives only the facts, and Please do not say Fox, they are terrible! But, why even put my name and CNN in any comment? Surprising and confusing.

      Of course, if I said it once I’ve said it 100 times that Adam is a free spirit. So has everyone else, so why write that? That is not news. Telling me that he is fascinated by dark, light etc. Not news either. At this point in the game, it would hard to give any news on Adam. Even when he begins dating girls, I will not bes surprised, as I have felt that that would be the case after seeing him the first time after the
      gay rumors started. I don’t want to debate this, it is just my OPINION that he will leave the gay scene.
      Of course his diversity is a drdaw for his fans.

      Tell me sonething I don’t know.

      peace-love-light-joy-happiness-truth 4 Adam!

      Hope this enlightens you a bit on me and my feelings, and

  122. I apologize . Somehow parts of some of my sentence were inadvertently left out. RE the cover. I said I liked it. , some don’t and others do.
    I added that one poster aptly said “It’s not passport photo!” The I had typed based upon Adam’s past comments, his work in “Wicked” and the “Zodiac Show” Adam enjoys pushing the envelope…..
    Apparently, either my computer and or my brain malfunctioned by omitting some words, I apologize for the confusion and for the very long post.

    Many blessings ,

    Cheryl, Jeanette and every one else!


    Albany, NY

  123. Adam sure succeeded in creating great publicity with his album cover and everyone is entitled to his/ her opinion. It just does not project the perceived image that I have of him and I think that it had to do with the way the cover was executed. My sister, who is in graphic design, commented that it looked so tacky! I really much preferred his single’s cover which is so cool and goes so well with “For Your Entertainment”.

  124. cheryl 334 says:

    DEBRA……………… Ordinarily I would not have seen this post, as I have moved on, and suggest you do the same. But, since one of my dear friends have pointed it out to me, and seems to be upset with your post, I will just briefly comment………………….SO WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR POINT?

  125. OMG!!!
    Thanks AdamAddict!!! for mentioning this thread to me!!!
    I missed it before ’cause I was very busy and didn’t have time checking all the threads…
    Had a lot of fun reading it tonight!!! Sounds like a battlefield…LOL That’s what Adam would love! He did it again!! Pushed the buttons!
    I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of new names on the posts. I hope they like our site and stay here longer. We are not boring, that’s for sure….. LOL
    Thank you Jeanette. Great article! Well written! The prove it is great is the number of posts after it and new names on the posts…. It made everybody talk…
    Don’t like the cover picture though… But love you, Adam, and will buy your every single, every CD, every magazine…
    Love you, Adam!
    Love you, sisters (and brothers) Glambs!!!

  126. Cheryl,

    First, I sincerely apologize for taking so long to respond to your last post.

    My computer has been driving me up the wall and it is lucky that I haven’t thrown it out the window .

    I have read previous posts of yours. I am not a newbie here. and I have agreed with many of them.

    I had read all of the previous posts and finally got to a point where I felt that I had to say something about your lack of compassion towards others and your barrage of judgmental statements.

    My point is that instead of just disagreeing with people ,you have this tendency to make extremely sarcastic, cruel and judgmental comments.

    I was asking why you couldn’t disagree with others without resorting to cutting them down and accusing them of being stupid etc.

    I only used the example of religious zealots to point out that the fact that many religious zealots

    Such people often feel the need to malign others who express their opinions.

    ” light, love peace” etc, but yet your actual post does not reflect those qualities.

    You ask for others to treat you with respect and not “diss you” yet you have treated many other posters in a disrespectful manner.

    I recall that a long, long time ago you made some comments that I agreed with wholeheartedly.
    I wrote something that acknowledged your insight . We were both on the same wave length.

    One of the reasons that I took so long to comment was because I genuinely liked what you had to say and I do appreciate your honesty and directness but I felt that you had been unnecessarily cruel in your comments
    Can you and I agree to have a truce and (I am taking a risk here), Cheryl, can I ask you to please consider resisting the temptation to insult posters by calling them stupid or other derogatory terms .

    I’m not asking you to refrain from being direct and honesty those are definitely great qualities.but can you offer your comments with some “love, light, peace” and tolerance.

    Btw If you are involved with CNN or a reporter I didn’t know this. I am sorry if you felt that my comments regarding this or any thing else that I was said was in any way offensive to you

    . And you are 100% right about Fox News. It’s also true that the media is not always all the objective in general. I just meant that ideally a reporter is supposed to only report the facts but a blog is basically opinion based although facts can be included also.

    Either way, I send many blessings toyou and hope that we can start off with a clean slate.

    Kindest Regards,