“STRUT” – NOT Official Yet!


***UPDATED WITH THE PHOTO YOU’RE ALL TALKING ABOUT – ALSO PLEASE NOTE MY COMMENTS BELOW IN THREAD!*** There’s been a lot of speculation during the past few days about Adam’s first single and its release date. It has been rumored that the single will be a song titled “Strut,” co-written by Adam and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, to be released on October 12th, but the latest information as of September 18th is that this release information is wrong.

The single has NOT been officially announced yet.

It has also been leaked that a Rolling Stone reporter heard “Strut” and described it as “a Depeche Mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem that highlights Lambert’s range.”

I know everyone’s hungry for news, but as always, we will have to wait for the official announcement. Whatever the single is, I know we’ll all LOVE it!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. koo! i think tht izz the name of 1 of his songz isnt it lol

  2. puteri abdul says:

    yup jeanette, you got it right ….”hungry for news”…..
    anything about adam is like a major news to me….
    like the photos I saw adam and drake coming out from pink’s tour last night ….. well, that is a good latest news to me…..
    oh my ! what is becoming of me…….

    by the way…. I might be missing out a few days till wednesday, as I am going back to my hometown to celebrate our EID season ……
    so guess who’s going to be like one hungry vulture next wednesday when she comes back home….lurking for adam’s news….me !!!!!!!!

    so…. whatever news, whatever stories…or videos, or pictures…. just keep them coming….
    official or not….
    adam’s stories are always the news that I will always be looking forward for ……

    • Where did you see pictures already?? I can’t find them.

      • I Googled Adam Lambert and the article was right there. It’s Celebrity Gossip something or other. There’s a series of Adam and Drake photo’s. They are so cute. Adam is the cutest of course. Drake finally has some nice pants and fancy boots on. May be Adam is starting to rub off on him. Anyway I got my Adam fix for the day!

        • I found them now thanks!!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          I just noticed Drake’s tattoos. He has a lot! I hope Adam will not go for more tattoos on his body.

          • ADAM has already stated in an interview that he wants more tatts on his same arm that he has the eye oh horus..

          • Adam said in one of his interviews that he wants to get tatoos all up his arm like Megan’s from AI. He said that the tatoo he chooses has to mean something to him before he will get one. I agree I like just the 1 too!

  3. Here is the link. Adam and Drake coming out of Staples centre.


    • cheryl norman says:

      THERESA, You know we don’t want to see that little rat Drake!!!! He looks like a drenched, malnourished rat to me. He thinks he looks good with that ridiculous outfit on. B r o t h e r ! Adam should at least insist he clean up and ‘dress’ up more if he’s gonna be around Adam. Then, again, if Adam lets everyone think he is in some kind of relationship with Drake, he has the perfect excuse to say “NO” to any other guys, so he can be left alone to decide on which way his future is gonna take him!

      Looking at Drake, can you honestly tell me that you would hire him to do any ‘decorating’ for you?? I think not! I know I would not!! So, my dear, please omit any news to do with that little weasle!!!

      Take care of your cough and pneumonia!!! you might have pneumonia you know~!

      • My dear Cheryl,
        ha-ha, do you any have hope that Adam is still contemplating which way to go? LOL You remind me my friend Nadia. She is in the same boat with you. I wish he will choose different way… but I think it’s hopeless…. Though I kind of agree about Drake… Dress up, boy! But I;ve heard he is a very nice person… And Adam looks happy, so I am happy too!
        Love you, Cheryl!

      • Cheryl, it is strange but I feel how you do about Drake. What is with how he dresses? If he is going to be with our Adam, he needs to step it up and quick!

        • Trish, PUBLICITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ok Mary C, I get YOUR point, BUT………..with that idea Drake needs to change his dress code……….he has the slimness to pull off a great look, his look is not working………..not for me for Adam………….Hey sounds like Randy talking….;)

      • Tell us how you REALLY feel, Cheryl! PLEASE, don’t hold back! LOL! I have to say that I don’t care for Drake’s look either. My first thought when I saw these photos was – you went to a concert and out on a date with your boyfriend in your UNDERWEAR!!?? However, if Adam likes Drake and he makes him happy, then that is OK by me.

        Glamb #20

        • Drake outfit?No I don’t like it! But agree with Jane 416,if Adam really likes Drake and he can make Adam happy,then Imma fine with it! 😉

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I’m with you. Although at this point I can’t say I’m thrilled with Drake, Adam looks happy, so if that is his choice, so be it, I’m happy for him.

      • Cheryl, Love the 5th sentence, 1st paragraph. You do have a way with words my dear!
        Oh yeh, Adam has the world in his hands……… Decisions, decisions.

  4. Poor Adam! Where were the ‘few days time off”???? At Ford in Dearborn yesterday, back in LA, out to a concert, and now today, going to the recording studio!!

    • Yeh! he didn’t even have time to change clothes from Detriot concert to the Pink cnocert in LA!!

      • Tab, yeh, he’s doing his own things. ” Yeh I can the same outfit more than once in the same
        day to difference events. ” You go Adam…………… Remember the interview with Nancy
        from Access Hllywd? He’s gonna start a new trends.
        Love him!

      • Thats’ true, TAB, and then he was off to Denver on the Sunday! The guy needs a few days off but I guess his adrenalin is pumping with the anticipation of a fabulous album ready for Nov.

  5. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette, We can only HOPE!!!!

    • Lisette here..bonjour Cheryl..How ar yu feling?Missing yu here always plasur to see them! I have cold an toche of flu,chils malthroat..thenks to lovli brothre.His stay here intown has left me totale drained..Besoin a rescue tout suite to a tropical Island,or settle for ma home back agan.Brothre who is nerly 20 yers oldre sometemes feel Im his mama,leaving doors,alarm off an setting off in weeheures with his frends..Next trip wil give him some discounte to local hotel an limite days of stay with me.So escaping to Adam’s getaway place here al le maison of glambs,even for a brief teme feels some joie an relaxation! Take care an keep yur chin up regarde toi loss(I posted few threads back regards to famille)Oh an one on my own (last thread donorschoose)An how findinge Adam has been a rai of lit thru much sadness in losing luved ones.! Blessings always ma cheramie!
      Luv always Lisettexoxox..an luv to all Glambs gals,fellows..an for nous ange Adam..J’etaimexoxo

      • lisette… I hope you get better soon.. please take care of yourself.. hugs

        • Lisette,

          I hope you’re feeling much better soon!

          Lots of Love,

          Cindy in MS

        • Lisette here..bonmatin to all cher glambs..Aw merci an grande hugs back Admfan1 so sweet.Im taking repose here in ma boudoir away from othre side maison(thenkful is 3000 square feet so ther’s privacy.An visitors can go to ther wing on altre side of garage when they come in from late nite out(an thenkful now none of his frends here too…ah sigh).Have bit of fever,not as bad as yestreday..Taking meds usual dont beliv in,but only relief with lot of herbaltea/nhoney,fresh chicken fricasee soup,steame vegetables an desert…non appetite thets when I know am ill..nevre turn down sweets.Lucky I hid some of apple pie baked commence of week an chocolat truffle gateaux avec chambord(in freezer)part of frends Toniette’s birthday cake(I planned to av til flubug..lucky liquor wil preserve it!)
          An so here am I in dark candlelit so famille wil non know am awake..an feele like Im sneaking arounde as I use to in my college days when writing to an amour in wee heures so non to be disturbe).An p.s. regarde thes article here late.An surprise to see photo of Adam with Drake..from a concert?Gathre he was missing his beau..An agree abit with Cheryl post further down.Wel gathre he’s contente,still difficile to see them togethre..It’s longe teme now since apres American Idol ende.Adam looks contente an so we av to accept it.Whats difficile is thet Adam no mattre his preferences..still is estremely masculine,sensual an we’ll all adore an luv til ende of teme..non mattre who he’s with..Imagaine Adam wil always be photographed when with anyone be Drake au anothre beau..I still thinq someday he’ll entertain thout to av relationship with a gal..He’d be a wonderful fathre an can imagaine him having children..I recall an interview aftre Idol as well unsure nom of interviewer..he kept subject brief but reply yes oneday may like to av famille.
          Blessings for nous ange of musique an prince of heartes no mattre where his destiny leads,one thing certain Adam will av a longe an magnificente musique career adam izing,mersmerizing an toching within heartes here (le maison d’glambs)an people aronde l’monde! Luv to all always Lisettexoxoxo!!

          • Lisette (an always grande hugs for Cyndi regarde getwell wishes..lovli to be toi amie..an twittre chats too!!.Hope yur’e fine..see above post,long one)..Am going to feel bettre soon apres brothre leaves an can actual go nella cucina without seeing anything broken,picked over in refridge..an thet le chat is non feasting on any reminents of what brother has drop by her kitty dish..an thet he thout she’d enjoie(either ma fricasee au chocolat cookies baked..(morsels of them anyway!). Take care belleamie!Luv Lisettexoxx

          • Lisette, Blessings to you, feel better.

            • Lisette here…visiting here to feel bettre an always feel comforte an joie here with lovli frends on Adam’s lovli glambs tributepage..Aw thenks Mary C an blessings for yu too,very sweet to say thes..Hope yu’re fine today an enjoie reading yur posts always,as they bring a smile to ma face on all threads..Be nice someday to meet too al Adam’s solotours with many of our glambs gals in some central citie in US,given so many diffarante parts we al reside in!Take care an keep adoring Adam an feling swept into his moonlit an starlit..let him take yu to a place where noone can! Luv always Lisettexoxo!

              • Lisette, That would be awesome to someday meet in a central location. We would have the party
                going on, wouldnt we?? all this universal love for Adam….
                I would love for him to take me to a place where noone can, wondrous thought there my dear…

                • Lisette here..aw hugs Mary C. ma cheramie..yes would be lovli to meet someday an thinq all glambs can have an Adam pre party if only one specifique central meeting place,possible a central area for thos from westcoast,eastcoast,midwest..ah but where?Mabe al woulde luv to visite here in s.west Nevada..Lots to do reside nerby to a lovli resort town an we can all av a champagne toast in honor of our beau Adam..what do yu thinq?
                  Ah an agree Mary we’d adore a rendevous or mabe thet dinner he mentioning on an early interview..Saying I luv all ma fans,an be wonderful to meet an take each one to dinnre..Imagaine he’d av to have a banquet reception hall for al le glambs thet adore him from this beautful tribute page with glambs leaders,frends,gals an fellows too!!Lovli to have nice reves of thes yes! hugs an luv always Lisette in NV!xoxoxo

                  • Lisette agan..ah yes Mary C.,Lorrin,Cheryl,Ingrid,Cyndi,Emili,Sherry,
                    Alen(fellow too), othre gals thinq of this for sure. We can have nice dinner in one of hotels..an thet toast mabe by fontans of Bellagio(dreme on Lisette ah if only to see Adam there too..Okay know thes is ma fantasie as we all have..but we can stil have thet party before a soloconcert yes?!! hugs an luv to all here in maison of Glambs for Adam!! J’adore him xoxoxo

                    • Lisette, Now tht would totally be another dream come true for all of us! Its nice to dream and hope.

                      So u live in S Nevada? MY husband and I were in Las Vegas in January. Fountains of the
                      Bellagio, was spectular!

                    • Oh yeah!! ADAM + Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me IN! Can we start this party now????

                      Candace in MS

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE, Hello our little glambs angel! I am doing fine. But, you my little angel in pain have got to put your foot down on that brother!!!! No more taking advantage of you. You need to give your wild child brother some limits. Sounds like he might be going thru his 2nd childhood, and you are his ‘maid service’ for the time he’s “visiting” you.

        Oh, how I know how you feel, physically!!!! I had my 4 gr. kids and my son over Thurs. nit for dinner. Cooked several hours, fried a lb of bacon, just ‘right’, made a big stack of pancakes, made a 12 egg western omlet, iced the glasses for our iced tea that I brewed and ‘doctored’ up with lemon and splenda, ‘just right’, sliced and rinced strawberries, sliced bananas, had pecans for the pancakes, syrup w/o sugar, and I think that’s all. But had to have everything ready to be eaten by 5:15PM when they walked in the door. My son was taking my gr.son to football practice where my son is the coach. I used all special dinnerwear, etc. and made the table a bit of a surprise for them all. With all that food, my gr.daughter, Farrah, 2-1/2 yrs old ate one thing. I had made ‘baby pancakes’ also, and she ate one. Nothing on it. That and some of my Fushion V8 fruit juice. Then the two ‘men’ left for practice. I cleaned the kitchen, put everything away, and the practice was over. The two were back to pick up the girls. But, non of the kids EVER want to leave me. So, they were given permission to stay overnite. The 2 older girls and gr. son. We would all be staking out part of my queen size bed. All 4 of us!!! Thankfully, Farrah doesn’t know what she’s missing YET!

        My son was exhausted. He had worked at his office at the church. Gone to his college to ‘profess’, to teach, got home did some running, came over ate, coached a bunch of 5,6 and 7 yr olds, back to Mama, to take the kids home, and I talked him into going in my bed where it’s dark and cool and watch some tv, with my pillows under his knees, and relax. BUT, not before I gave him a good back massage. Then got him ‘tucked’ in, and brought him a special fotfudge sunday in bed. Makes ME feel good when he has some quiet time alone.

        eventually about an hour later, he and Farrah left for home. I had to make the 3 kids their ‘special’ sundaes, referee between 2 tvs and 1 computer. My gr. son watches ONLY sports on a constant binge, BUT he wants me to watch WITH him so that we can discuss EVERY play! Then, my 2 gr. daughters want me to see Selena Gomez sing and watch her series and Miley Cyrus’, that they have set up my DVR to record all the shows for both programs for the last 2 months. Then, it’s everyone’s time to take turns on my computer. Then, off to bed. Then the same distress over who gets to sleep next to ‘Grammy”, and whose foot or arm or finger or hair might be touching the other’s leg, foot, toe, finger,etc. NEXT comes my usual explanation of why I am letting them all 3 stay at the same time, and not just one at a time for each week in which case one of them would have 2 more weeks before it was their turn. Next I offer to sleep on the couch in the lilving room, ALONE. No, they don’t want that. Next I offer to be the one who has to sleep across the foot of the bed close to everyone’s feet. No, they don’t want that. Then I offer to just hang on the side of the bed so that they can all get the rest they need. No, guess Moriah will sleep across the foot, and Julia, Grant and I would sleep at the head of the bed. I then put on a news channel to bore them all to sleep. They are asleep within ten minutes. 2 hours later, I am still flipping thru stations, waitting to get sleepy enough to fall asleep.

        Morning!!!! Grammy, will you make us everything we had for dinner last nite, for breakfast this morning!!!! Oh!!! I just love that meal!!!!!! So, the day starts and after another 9 hrs of arts and crafts, chess, checkers, Sorry, cards, and exchanging email numbers, my son , his wife, and little Farrah get here to pick up the other 3. BUT first we all have to watch many performances of Adam!!! Many repeated 3-4 times, and Farrah in a trance like state. My son with an embarrassing smile on his face at Adam’s bravery and vocals. We all check out my new 8 x 10 pics of Adam taken by on of my Glamb friends which had been delivered that day. Then, they’re off. But not before they express their desire to live with me for 1 million days, or me live with them forever. Same sceniero they want to see happen each time they leave me.

        Next day, Sat. is Grant’s game at 11:00 AM. I wake up but cannot wlk. My back is so out of wack that I am unable to walk right now. So, back in bed, some vicodin for pain, pillows under the knees, and heaating pad, looking for some tennis on tv. Finally falling asleep and cannot get to the game. Eventually up and out to run errands. Feel like I have an IV drip of a drug that keeps me feeling ‘exhausted’ like you daid. Then, try the computer, and I’m almost asleep again. It’s the combination of the rheumatoid arth. and the fibromyalgia, and probable my 4 back surgeries with 2 long titanium rods which keep me from being able to bend that zap my energy. Som my little angel, I understand your pain and fatigue, and am sad that you have to go thru all of that. It’s just not fun at all. Plus, often keeps you from having fun. So, be strong, Lisette, do what you can when you can, and rest upo when yourbody tells you it needs it. I hope you’ll be feeling so much better very very soon. Lotsaluv and Lotsa angels sent to you, Cheryl

        • Wow, you deserve an award for “Super Grammy!”

        • CHERLY !!!!!! will you please adopt me !!!!! please !!!!


            • cheryl norman says:

              OH,,,,,,,YOU GUYS,,,,,,,,,I BLUSH…………stop it. Believe me if you think I’ma anice ‘grammy’, you should have been around when my 2 rug rats were having me running around and their friends, too, whom many thought I was their mother too! Even their parents thought I was their kid’s Mother! Haha!!! …..shucks, …..i don’t know what to say…………shucks again……………………but, do go on!

          • Lisette here..bonmati an grande hugs for lovli Cheryl aw cheramie .thenks for yur caring hearte.Im taking exdra care here promise..lot of teanhoney,juice(v-8 funny i av too an some blueberry fusion juice)made chicken fricasee,quiche an fresh vegetable italien style soup(,minestrone)lot of vitamin natural an seasoning avec lit plum tomatoe base.
            Chicken francese an mushroom,spinach’/artichoke quiche (for famille to av)..An like yu luckily prepare before actual feling so ill(several days ago).Fresh chickensoup additone to fricasee..an desert(chocolattruffle gateaux,lemon chiffoncake,cookies.(all tryin to hide..yes from brothre (oui his 2nd childhood)..so just few more day an he leaves!!
            Aw an yu too sounde like one of thos foodnetwork chefs either Paula Dean au barefoot contessa ever see..They take care of all famille,set banquet table with finest dinnerware,with al le trimmings for a grande continental breakfast..ah reminde me of ma mama too pancakes,french toast avec fruit compote d’framboise,fresh juice,omelets like yurs with italian biscotti,croissants,cafe aulait,an latte for le babe(ma brothre an cat sophia!)..use to be ma neice an nephews(now relocated to eastcoast..where brothre returne next week!!) Aw Id adore to av yu as ma grande sister..yur famille sounde very lucky an pampered..Grandchildren sounde sweet all comforts of grandmere’s bed,an tv,even computer..bless yu!..aw an seeing beau Adam’s videos..gathre they all luv him!Ma brothre once seeing screensaver just say Lisette are yu going thru yur teens agan(one of Adam’s Madworld with longcoat mist(from finale show)..I smile an say wel bettre then seeing yur playboy calender an grande poster of Pamela Lee(in his old bedrom!)
            Im going to make into guest room(an very feminine being Im paying home espense/’bills!).An place ma angel collection,needlecraft wallhangings,an aframe someday photo(of Adam from solotour.. be there for sure!) So cher Cheryl thinq yu need nice repose too..an have somone to give yu anice massage..I go for massage here in town al le Nevada schol ..coupons monthly..less then spa..helps fibromyalgia pain..Aw sorry regarde back surgery..wel needed pain meds too)Ma mama had rheumetoid an deteriate discs(befre her cancer) had minor surgery,was bleeder so doc gave her viox an steroid injection..later found out may cause cancer..an p.s she later develp nonhodgkin lymphoma decade later in her 70s..argh ldont wish to thinq of..I got on thet subject on Adam’s last thread(donorschoose..an shortly aftre I had a crying jag stil missing her..we were close more like sistres then mam an daughtre..Know’ she’s m’angel an beliv once in while can still smell her favorite parfum of shalimar/guerlain..an her healing stones by silk an real plants seem to be moved an often finde in her bedrom at foot of bed(where her tapestry storage trunk is?)Ah gathre I read lot of Sylvia Browne..ever here of her..She’s a spiritualiste an written many books on subject of aftrelife.Sorry to go on.If yu like (I have email..as I inquire to Lorrin re: twittre sayin yu dont av..ma email is bellini28@hotmail.com if yu wish to ever chat further.For I beliv othre glambs wil be bored re:ma health issues)Take care an whenevre bleu or illness gets yu down..a dose of Adam an glambs is wondrful natural an healing cure!!(smile)!!
            Blessings m’ange an amie Cheryl! Luv to all glambs an of course our angel an best vocaliste Adam..J’etaime always!xoxoxo

        • Cheryl, so sorry to hear you are laid up feeling bad. You gave your grandkids such a
          wonderful time with you and then you have to go feeling awful. Not fair , is it?
          Lotsaluv to you as well!
          While you’re flat on your back resting, having sweet sexy dreams of Adam that’ll help
          u recover.

        • Wow!!

          Cheryl, You sound like an amazing Super Woman character,

          Your family is unbelievably lucky to have you. I hope they all appreciate you. Please don’t tell me that you also make everyone’s clothes too!

          I envision you flitting around tucking this one one g/c in putting the finishing touches on a home made strawberry short cake while you have fresh bread baking in the oven, waxing the floor with your other hand, donning a facial mask, while you are previewing the latest Adam videos. No wonder everyone wants to be adopted by “Aunt Cheryl”

          Where do you get your boundless energy?, Can you send me some? I think it will work in a Jpeg, attachment , right? Lol

          Many Blessings,


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Cheryl norman, I’m with you!! watching ADAM every night, thrusting, twirling, grinding,humping on that tour, I totally forgot his sexual preference…. we were so entralled by his hotness, so entralled by our illusions of… oh well, I will stay there for a while… it is my comfort zone…my happy world!!!

  6. Here is another article I found on Adam’s upcoming music. It appears reliable and does not promise any release dates. It also mentions the classic rock ballad for the movie “2012” that has had a working title of “Time for Miracles.”


    None of it can come soon enough for me!


  7. I checked out the pics of Adam and Drake coming out of Pink’s concert….Adam looks SO HAPPY…..I’m glad he has a relationship with Drake….(just wish Drake would stop wearing those ugly strappy little T-shirts)….lol

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Yeah, what’s up with the wife-beater tank tops? Like, ALL the time? Adam has to give him some fashion tips. Clearly.

    • Drake is like any hot young thing, showing off a “great bod” on a date. Adam looks at him with such fondness and pride – ahhh…young love. He (Adam) seems to be having such a great time – good for him.

      • Yea, I am so happy that Adam and Drake, both look comfortable and at easy having their photos taken together, and that is how it should be. What a difference from when he originally announced that he is gay, he had to put up with a lot of idiots. Now they are just like any other couple on night out together, looking happy. But Adam, we still find you reallhy sexy, adorable, sensual, I could go on but I may get barred from the site.

  8. puteri abdul says:

    there’s also sort of a video of the shots taken of adam and drake at the concert …..


    sympathise that adam did not get much rest, but at the same time happy for him being busy because this means that he is a “hot item” in the entertainment scene ……

    • cheryl norman says:

      PUTERI, I HATE THOSE PICS AND THE BIG ONE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS THREAD!!!!!! DRAKE IS NOT FOR ADAM. Adam can just ‘use’ him for now, but Adam needs to get that boy away from him. I know Adam does not want to hurt Drake, I’m feeling that, but, hopefully Drake will get tired of ‘waitting’ around for Adam not to be too busy for him. Think Adam is thinking that way. He would not ever break up with Drake right now. Too insensitive. Just give him more time. But, paleeze lets try to keep these ugly pics off our nice threads. Sorry………….just sayin’…………………….love Adam. Not Drake. Drake should hook up with Cheeks. just sayin’…………………………………………..love Adam……………………………………Drake, not-so-much………………………………sorry……………………………………………..get my drift????!!!!!
      much love, cheryl

      • Cheryl,
        I repeat what I said above:

        My dear Cheryl,
        ha-ha, do you any have hope that Adam is still contemplating which way to go? LOL You remind me my friend Nadia. She is in the same boat with you. I wish he will choose different way… but I think it’s hopeless…. Though I kind of agree about Drake… Dress up, boy! But I;ve heard he is a very nice person… And Adam looks happy, so I am happy too!
        Love you, Cheryl!

        and continue:
        Why don’t you like Drake that much? Of course, Adam cannot USE him because he is not a USER… He cannot be a user. He is a perfection. But he is definitely not in love with him. He said it in a few interviews. I just would like to know your point of view? Why don’t you like Drake?

        • Gala, OUCH Hopeless, never say hopeless. To strong of a word.

          I loveeeee the word by CIRCUMSTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          VERA, hi there!!! You wonder why Idon’t like Drake. Well, it’s not that Ididlike him. I just would rat her see Adam with a more personable and hotter guy, if he’s going to be with a guy for now. I think Drake should take a close look at himself in the mirrow. He’s going out with the letting his ‘curiosity’ get to him. Actually, I think it already has, but he has to choose thay moment VERYman on earth. What should I wear? Hmmmm how about the white ‘wife beater’ t shirt, black suspenders, black pants and my scuffed up snakeskin boots. Yeah,, that would be hot…………………………………………………………………………………….NOT!

          Adam would not set out to ‘use’ anyone. Just saying, since he has to be around Draake for now, might as well enjoy the s-x, for now. Adam is far to sensitive to give Drake the boot, but, Drake must be smart enough to know Adam is just beginning to live, and thus, this relationship is temporary as best. That’s all. I just see Adam doing much more in the way of letting his curiosity take him ‘higher’! I hapopen to think he WANTS to be with a girl. IN a major way. Soon as he gets more self-esteem, and some encouraging from his friends, like Madonna, and Sting, and maybe Elton, Lady GAGA, etc. he’ll have a couple of drinks, and step up and do himself propud!!!!! You don’t have to agree with me, this is just MY thoughts and feelings. just sayin’………………………………….Love MYADAM!! GoGET-EM our little LOVE-Machine!!!

          • Cheryl, I have to say I agree with you. I know everyone can have their thoughts on
            this. Adam has himself thrown this curiosity out there on more than 1 occasion.
            Like setting the stage for what may happen in the future. His curiosity may get
            the best of him one night w/o the drinks, who knows. It’ll take that 1 special lady.
            He’s got more than enough self esteem as far as his entertaining goes. So we shall
            see where it takes him in the other departments.
            His idol “Bowie” made a big change in his personal life after a few years of being w/men.
            In the meantime, we LOOOOOOOOVVEEEEE ADAM, all of his hunk a hunk a
            hot burning self.

          • And speaking of the curiosity issue, Adam certainly does flirt with both of the sexes.
            Ohhh too cute!

            • i totally agree with you MARY C. a change is gonna come. and as to how drake looks like, it’s the heart that matters. (im not giving up the thought of aquamarine eyed kids)

              • perllee, wouldnt they be the most beautiful children?? Little Adams or
                Little Adamettes………….

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Cheryl, well you won’t like this clip then, it is Adam and Drake having lunch.


        a real invasion of their privacy really, but as it had already been filmed and posted I couldn’t help watching it.

        I agree with you in a way, I think Adam is way too good for Drake, there is just something about him that I don’t trust. If I am wrong well then I will accept it, after all I only want Adam to be happy, but I have a feeling that this guy Drake will end up breaking Adam’s heart and look out if he does, we will have to set you on to him Cheryl, I am too far away to be much use.

        • Diane, lets hope Adam will do the breaking first then. Then his heart wont be broken,
          huh? Somethin about him I dont trust either. Along for the Short ride right now
          with Adam. We all want our man Adam to be soooo happy.
          Time will tell, you know how he loves to keep us Guessing……………..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            As I said above, I’m not thrilled with Drake, but Adam is a big boy and is allowed to choose who he wants to be with! He looks happy, whether it’s for the short term or long term, he is happy right now and that’s what counts!

        • cheryl norman says:

          DIANNE HILL,, THANKS FOR THE FOREWARNINNG!!!! I may have already seen this. As far as Drake breaking Adam’s heart, well, I can’t see that happening. Cuz I just don’t think Adam is ‘that into him’ to begin with. Adam SAID he has had his heart broken once, by Cheeks. Actually Adam broke it off with Cheeks, so not sure what Adam meant exactly.

          Oh, I, too, want Adam to be as happy as he can be. If this character does it for him, then I’, as happy as can be. But, I only see Adam as being unhappy further down the road with his career, he will become more self-aware, and gain self-esteem, and Drake is just not one who can keep up, I don’t think. Look how he dresses-when he KNOWS the photogs are going to be out. Surely Drake doesn’t feel like a hot hunk in that outfit. If he does, than, NEED I SAY MORE???

          • I don’t think Adam is into Drake either. Hell he looked more into Allison than he did Drake……..and we know Allison is like a lil sister to him so…………..enuff said. 🙂

            • I believe Adam likes Drake but judging from some of his comments like “I am not in a relationship” … and re Drake “We’re dating” Adam has his focus on his blossoming career at this point. He will be busy and /or away a lot and whoever is in his life needs to adjust to this. It’s a matter of timing and it would be the same whether Adam dated a female or a male.

              Drake’s clothing is a ‘style’ adopted by certain gay men. There is a name for it but I won’t post it here, learned about it from the gay son of a friend of mine. I do not think Drake’s clothing is at issue here. WE want to be ‘attracted’ to Adam’s love interest, and it is really Adam’s taste which counts.

        • That is sick, someone filming them while they are eating their lunch. Give me a break.

      • Dear mom.. or Grandma, What ever you want me to call you, I will, now that you have adopted me.. he he he.. but, as far as Drake goes, I think it is safe to say that most of us here know that Drake is not a permanent partner to ” OUR ADAM ” but right now Adam needs Drake.. He needs to feel that love and lust from someone. He needs to feel that certain grounding that having someone in his life can bring. Right now that person is Drake. I’m sure during the natural process of Adam growing as a person and entertainer, life will bring Adam someone of greater value. I hope and feel that Adam is headed for a stronger and truer love than the puppy love that he has with Drake. None of us know Drake. He may be a very sweet person and he seems to make Adam smile for the time being. Lets not say bad things about Drake. He hasn’t done any harm or hurt to our boy. Adam would be very troubled by negitive remarks of Drake. Let’s give him the respect that he deserves and let Adam enjoy his boy toy ( whoops that was mean) until Mr Right comes along .. We’ve all made relationship mistakes in our lives, Right girls ???????

        P.S. Can’t wait for my pecan pancakes!!!!!!!!! love ya

        • by the way.. cheryl. the above note is for you.. lol grammy 🙂

        • Helen/Canada says:

          All this speculation about their relationship. We don’t know what is in Adam’s heart. If Drake turns out to be Adam’s lifelong choice that is his decision. Only he knows what is truly in his heart. I think we should all back off Drake. Again, we don’t know him personally. If Adam likes/loves him, I’m sure he’s a sweet guy. What matters is that Adam obviously thinks he’s a sweet guy. Is he my personal choice for Adam, NO – that would be ME! but obviously not my decision to make! Let’s trust that Adam knows what is good for him and what makes him happy.

        • cheryl norman says:

          adam fan 1,,,,,iF YOU have TO CALL ME SOMETHING ELSE, THEN YOU CAN CALL ME THE GREAT ONE! NO, THAT WON’T DO IT. Give me a chance to think it over, but, I must tell you that I didn’t say that I could adopt you my little sneakkkkky flower!!!

          You are 100% right in your post, up to the words……may be a very sweet lpersosn. Before that sentence we are in agreement!

          I wouldn’t want Drake hurt. There is no need for that. lBut, when he goes out with Adam, he better expect to be critiqued to the enth degree. So, he could just try to look more presentable. If you’re going out with Adam Lambert, don’t be surprised if people express many different opinions of you. Otherwise, the two could stay home and watch movies. But, I think Adam is just ‘itching’ to get out into the public with his newfound amazing career, and get some input from people on what’s happening to him. Drake should ‘dress the part’ or risk having people ‘diss’ a bit on him. It’s not MY fault people don’t care for Adam’s choice right now, but,we know it’s Adam’s choice, and his to change, too.

      • Cheryl,

        Please remember that some people here have met Drake in person and hung out with him and that he is a very sweet guy. Drake’s mom has also been on this site and is likewise a very nice person! So NO Drake bashing, please!

        Chief Butt Kicker

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          I think our friend Cheryl norman is reaching the passion’s dangerous zone: possesiveness!!! Shhhh! she might hear us!! LOL!!!

          • I have to agree with Jeaneatte,when I read someone post about how she and her mom met Drake,Drake is super nice guy.He didn’t have to answer anyone but he did!He spent time and treated all Adam fans nicely when they came to him.What he did wrong?Because he loves Adam?He loves Adam before Adam become a star!I think he loves Adam more than we all do…forget about the last sentence,I think we love him more,WELL HELL YEAH!!LOL!! But,he is nice guy, and I don’t like people bashing him just because we think nobody is good enough for him!Poor him!Adam is “THE ” Adam,of course nobody good enough for him but just too sad imagine Adam will be alone forever.Drake loves Adam and Adam loves him back,we have to deal with it! ~sigh~ It’s hard to say that,tougher than I thought!! But I want to see Adam happy! ~nodding~ Imma don’t want to bash Drake, I’ll save it to anyone else that thinking bashing Adam,but they better NOT!! ~peace to all~
            P/S;Adam already have the card that Jeanette gave him,he knows about this sites,don’t make him sad reading all that post bashing his baby!! Not cool!! 🙁 But Drake surely needs tips to pick cloth!Just saying,LOL!!

            • Adam will respect what people have to say, when he visits our site.
              Its all in love for Adam. Adam you are the man!!
              Rock On.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Mary, I know that Adam is gracious and open-minded and has a good heart, but I think it’s pushing it to say that he would respect peoples opinion of Drake when as I said, we don’t even know him. That’s a little too much to expect of anyone. Adam is human and has feelings, he can be hurt too by what people say. And just my opinion, I think he would be hurt by people saying negative things about someone he cares about.

                • cheryl norman says:

                  HELEN,,, Adam knows life goes on. He’s been more disappointed than he would be by a bunch of people on a website not agreeing with his choice,knowing that we don’t know either one. So, there are plenty of people blowing a horn for Drake. But no one has it both ways. Some will like , some won’t.

                  • thank you.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      I wasn’t being critical of your statement Mary, just happen to have a different opinion. Sorry, if it sounded that way, wasn’t my intent.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    We’re all free to say what we like. I personally don’t want to be a part of any negative thoughts about Adam or his choices in life. Let’s move on to happier discussions. Like Adam’s cd coming out soon–can’t wait!

                • Helen, I did not say Adam wouldnt be hurt, he respects what peoples
                  opinions are. He has his say and goes about his business.
                  Thats why he is so special.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    He certainly is a special guy, that’s part of why we love him so much along with all that sexiness!!!! Oh my!!

            • cheryl norman says:

              ADAMADDICT…..Now, little Emili, Adam has not said he loves Drake like that!!! Drake has said on Twitter that he loves Adam, Adam’s reply, Ninety-nite Lover.
              Just because Drake answeres someone’s wuestion, or talked to someone, does not make him THE one for Adam! C’mon, lit’s keep it in reality!!!! Let’s just wait and see. Okay, little miss peapod?

        • Evette #419 says:

          Thanks for your comments. I for one know nothing about Drake. Of course we all care about ADAM and don’t want to see him hurt by ANYONE: boyfriend, friend, fans, people in the industry ANYONE. But one thing I’ve learned from ADAM is to have an open heart (and mind). You can’t just look at a person and deceide they are not good enough for ADAM. What has Drake done to anyone? I don’t think anyone ADAM chooses will satisfy you GLAMBS. Be honest. I say leave Drake alone. Trust ADAM and hope for the best. I think this is one area we need not make judgments. ADAM is so unjudgmental maybe we should try to be the same. I think ADAM and Drake’s relationship should be private unless THEY choose otherwise.

          • “You can’t just look at a person and deceide they are not good enough for ADAM. ” So true!! A lot of people judged Adam by his looks,at the beginning!Eyeliner,nail polish! But then turn out that this eyeliner,nail polished guy is super kind and super talented! 🙂 BUT ADAM AND KATY PERRY WILL BE A CUTE COUPLE!! But Drake is fine too!LOL!!Sorry but come on,Drake eyelashes??!! Did anyone here noticed that?Dude,I’ll give anything for those curls eyelashes!!Screw this mascara,it”s all fake!!Urgh!!

          • Evette,
            I totally agree with you 100% regarding Drake. Adam’s private business and who he decides to be with, has nothing to do with his fans, and we should NOT cross that line in respect to Adam. To even discuss his private matters in not appropriate. It is all about his music, right? Let’s have some compassion. If we have learned anything from Adam regarding LOVE, we will find the lovely in Drake just as Adam has done.

          • Evette, Loveeeeee Trust Adam. thank You

        • cheryl norman says:

          OH, HEY, JEANETTE!!! My purpose is not to ‘bash’ Drake. I’m sure he IS very nice, or Adam wouldn’t like him. But, I’m not talking about Drake in that respect. I have a personal opinion about what I think of them as a couple. Just like Brad and Angellina. Don’t care for either set of people’s choicees, but i have no power to do anything about it. Wouldn’t want to have any power, either. Just speaking my mind. I don’t think I am or have been actually ‘bashing’ Drake. When he is with Adam, I think it is just fine to express my thoughts. Right now, I think Drake is what Adam needs. Someone who is familiar and trustworthy. Hopefully, that will stay that way, cuz Adam ddoes not like too much ‘drama’ and has a very, very soft heart. Just sayin’……………………………………….fon’t think Drake’s the permanent companion for Adam………………………………..life’s too short to settle for 2nd best.

          If Drake’s Mother reads anything on htis site, then she’ll probably see both sides of the issue. After all, this is the real world, and we’re all different and like different things. She better thicken her skin for the time being. I would not want to be in her shoes. Must tear a mother apart to have you child out with someone of such a high profile.

        • Dang it I READ that AFTER I already posted about Drake. OK, I won’t bash him. I wasn’t bashing me really, just wished he would dress different. But I will listen to Chief Butt Kicker…………….:(

      • Hi, Cheryl,

        FINALLY- Someone who thinks the same way that I do!! I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but there is something that I really don’t like about Drake – wish that Adam could find himself somebody who isn’t so insecure that they have to ham it up in front of the camera; not to mention someone needs to teach Drake how to dress. I don’t like to judge a book by its cover, and maybe Drake isn’t a bad guy, he just doesn’t look right with Adam; then again, maybe nobody really is good enough for Adam in our eyes. I just want him to end up with someonethat is truly worthy of Adam’s heart and love. He deserves that in his life so wholeheartedly.

  9. I’m not sure if this is kosher to do this, but I thought I would post this video, by Mika, which I LOVED when it came out several years ago. . . I remember he was being compared to Freddie Mercury (and this song sounds very much like Queen). . . I love him, though not as much as Adam of course! (I wonder if Adam is a fan). Barb Y. reminded me of him. . . so she gets all the credit! I can see Adam doing this kind of song. 🙂


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      AdamRocks, I like that video, first time I’ve seen, known about Mika. Nice voice… but not like Adam, Adam has the voice and the face to enjoy… good to the ears and easy on the eyes…oh…so yummy… can’t wait to see Adam’s music video….I just can see him winning the VMA award for next year,new artist and best video, why not huh!!

      • Oh, Adam definitely blows Mika away on EVERY LEVEL, doesn’t he???!!! But wasn’t that a fun song? I can’t stop singing it! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

  10. I don’t have anything personal against Drake, and it’s not my place to say anything about Adam’s taste in men, but there are two things I don’t like about Drake. First, he is not on an equal plane with Adam, and it is evident at first sight. Adam is a big, beautiful, physical, expansive man, and Drake is a sinewy and skimpy-looking man. Physically, they do not go together, nor do they complement each other. Drake looks like a ‘mis-match’ for Adam, rather than his perfect match. I imagine Adam’s perfect match to be a man almost of his own height, well-built, very handsome rather than pretty, and his equal in intelligence, perhaps even a trifle more sophisticated, not much, just a tiny bit. I can imagine them being a ‘power couple’ in a very nice way, very welcome everywhere because of their attractiveness as a couple, very beautiful to look at, but also extremely nice to know. Both eventually would move together easily in a public setting, complementing each other in every respect. For some reason, I imagine this other man to be about 28 to 32 years old, with medium to dark-brown hair, with blue eyes. Perhaps he would be affiliated with the music business or the arts in some way, having a career already entirely in his own right. Whatever the man did or who he was personally, he would have to be able to withstand the enormous magnetism generated by Adam Lambert as an emerging superstar. I believe that Adam needs this person in his life, perhaps meeting him somewhere after the first tour, or second album…Adam will need a strong, secure stabilizing relationship in his life, and a true, deep, lasting love. This is not, at least in my estimation, going to happen with Drake, (but stranger things have happened, so I remain open-minded about him, and again, Drake is Adam’s choice right now. He is a ‘cute’ little person, but not the caliber of an Adam Lambert. I think Adam will have to come to this realization at some point on his own, or at least, I hope it will be so.) The second reason I’m not fond of Drake is more subtle, yet it is very important: Drake does not conform to Adam, nor does he conform to any standard of good taste…of course, they’re both young, having a great time, none of that matters to young hot dudes out on the town and on the scene…..but very soon, it WILL matter to Adam, in fact, it will have to matter. He’s going to be meeting people that will make a difference in his life, and he’s going to need someone that will meet those people in LA and NY right along with him, that validates and upholds who Adam is in the world. I don’t think Drake gives a rip about any of that, nor is he going to change, or move over one iota for any of the norms, or ways of doing things in society. Eventually, I think the ‘shove it’ attitude that Drake exhudes will have to give way, from Adam’s point of view, to a more mature approach to life and the music business….let’s just say that a gauche little sleeveless white T-shirt over bad tatoos is not going ‘uptown’ with Adam, nor is a boyfriend who gives the world the finger while walking out on the town with his soon-to-be-superstar partner, going to be making any long-lasting impressions on anyone. (And yes, if you look closely at Drakes’ hand in the photo in People where they are both walking together down an LA street in Hawaiian shirts, you will see what I am talking about. Apparently, People missed the edit on that one. To me, it isn’t cute and it isn’t funny, in fact, it’s disrespectful of Adam, and I don’t want Adam’s image eroded, or him to be hurt in any way by being dragged down by anyone.) Anyway, those are my thoughts. I don’t dislike Drake as a person, he’s probably very nice and very sweet, in fact, I’m sure he is, or Adam wouldn’t be attracted to him. He just doesn’t strike me as being the kind of man Adam needs in the long haul of life when Adam is going to need a good, solid, capable, loving man to be with him. THAT man is still waiting in the wings a few years from now, perhaps. I truly pray something like this will come true for Adam one day. But as always, it is Adam’s call entirely. I would just like to see him eventually choose wisely and choose well..

    • Let’s all please respect Drake and Adam’s choice in Drake.

      • Hi Jeanette, I am with you on this matter, I think we should respect them both, we should respect Adam’s choice for whom he wants to be with and vice versa. It is their choice and what makes both of them happy, is is not upto us. I want Adam to be happy, and the same for Drake. Love you guys.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Lorrin, if you recall in an interview (can’t remember which one, maybe RS) Drake is exactly the “type” Adam likes. He goes for the cute, slight build, pretty boy type, eg., his crush on Kris and former boyfriend Cheeks. We all go through different stages in our lives and as we grow, our tastes, expectations, thinking, changes. I’ve been in relationships where I’ve “outgrown” the person I was with, going in different directions. Adam is still young enough that this could happen or maybe not, maybe he will always be attracted to this type of person. Whatever–the choice is his, and we do not have a say in this. All we can do is support him in any way we can throughout his career. We can only love him and hope that he will have a happy, fulfilling life in both his career and his personal life. I personally, would like his choice to be me, but alas, I can only dream!
          Peace and love.

    • My apologies, Jeanette, I did not see your request just above my post here about ‘no Drake bashing.’ I should not have been so candid about my thoughts. I usually don’t post anything so personal…if anyone is offended, I am deeply sorry..please remove the post if you can do that from your end of it.

      • The two guys DO look very cute coming out of the concert together in all those pics, thanks for posting those..

      • I just don’t want people bashing other people based on a photo when they don’t really know anything about them. This should go for anyone you meet in life – can’t judge a book by its cover and all that. But especially I don’t like to see people bashing Adam’s friends. What would Adam think if he read this thread???

        • I did think of that too,because you gave him your card! I started to like Drake since that girl told her story to us.Her experience with Drake!Can’t hate him,no reason to hate him!He didn’t hate Adam,he didn’t bash Adam so why we want to hate him or bash him! I like that dude before and still do now!

          • i really don’t believe that they are lovers the way adam talks about it. but if in case that is true, IF YOU LOVE ADAM, YOU REALLY LOVE ADAM.

        • Jeanette, Lorrin, I appreciate where you are with this. Lets all be respectful here.
          Love and let love.

          To lighten it up a bit: Lorrin, l want to thank you for describing me as the Perfect Match
          for Adam. A few mistakes though, I am not of equal height (I’m 5″6in) and a female.
          Adam and Mary C. the power couple………
          Ah yes and I’m a bit over the 28 to 32 age range. but not by much.
          Love and Kisses..

      • Dear Lorrin, I don’t think your post needs to be erased.. You were not bashing Drake. What you said rings true and it’s from your heart and how you feel.. Nothing bad about that. I have one comment to add to that though. Adams seems to like the smaller framed men. Maybe more the estrogen side of the relationship if you know what I mean.. When he was roomed with Kris during the start of idol , he has openly claimed that looking at kris, that he was his type.. small, petite.. Maybe Adam has more of the male hormones in him and nature leans him more to a softer male figure.. but I agree with the rest of what you said and you certainly expressed it better than I ever could.. Adam needs an emotionally well balanced partner… What the hell, we just want the best for him . We want him to be happy and stable as possible under the conditions that will face him in his future.


          • Make that two please Lorrin, one for me.

            • Make that 3,count me in,Lorrin! 🙂

              • Sherry,Toni, I’LL CHOOSE FIRST!! hahaha!!

                • Emili, go to bed so I can have all three.. 🙂

                • EH! I don’t think so AdamAddict, there is a cue here, I’ll have the one that is just like the Adam in the Syracuse, the one seivelling, thrusting those hips, hair swept back, horny, especially saying “sex with me and I will set you free”, well I am ready to be set free, so get back in line AdamAddict.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Hey Girls, do you think we could clone Adam. Wouldn’t that be amazing, we could each have one! Although I would hate to change anything about Adam because that’s what makes Adam, Adam, I guess we would have to change his sexual preference so that he could love each one of us and make mad passionate love all day and night! Oh, I’m getting hot just thinking about it!

            • oh toni, I was really hoping you were wishing TWO for ME !!!!!!!! I guess if she can find one for me, you can have one too…

              • WAIT !!!! MAKE THAT JUST 3 FOR ME ! LOL

                • P.S. we need spell check on here… I just realized I spelled described wrong.. lol won’t be the last time either.. spelling has gone to hell…

                  • Don’t worry, my spelling has gone out fo the window since I joined this site, looking at Adam and reading all the posts, spelling is the last thing on my mind*******

                    • Toni, that is funny. Way back on the older posts, is where we
                      started to blame our one and only Adam for all of our mis
                      spellings. He just gets us so excited we cant write straight.

              • OH, Admfan1, I can see a fight coming up here, you want all 3, AdamAddict wants firsy pick, NO, NO, ladies get back in line, anyway look at my post above, that is my choice, I am waiting with open arms.

                • Toni, lol ..you crack me up… but I did ask first and that has to count for something..

                  • Sherry,
                    You want threesome??!!Oh wait,count you in means foursome??!!Sherry,Sherry, you can’t handle all of them!Let me help with that,and Toni,care to join us??!!Hahaha,eeww,I feel dirty now!! LOL!!

                    BTW,do you guys know,I read somewhere that this girl ready to make love with someone that looks like Adam? She kinda like asking for guys photo and she will pick one! Because she wants to make her “dream” comes true,”sleeping” with “Adam” I’m not kidding!WTH?What for?That dude is still not Adam!Nobody can have that look,Adam looks is original,only one in market!LOL!! Can’t find anywhere.Hmm,Lorrin, forget about looking those guys for us,I don’t want to waste your time! So,Toni and Sherry,let’s forget about it & go to bed…different bed…different room! LOL!! 😛

          • I want a copy of ADam…………….not a man Adam would like………….I want a copy of the REAL DEAL! lol

        • Lisette here..bonmatin ma cher Lorrin..how ar yu,missed yu an hope yu’re feling bien too(if yu like ma email is above..regarde health issues as I av left for Cheryl too..I know yu suffre from fibromyalgia ..take care mabelle too!Aw agree yu’re post dont thinq was meant with any harm au malice.As yu espress sincere concernes regarde Adam..Thinq we all feele thes way Jeanette,an as I av say above post I respecte Adam’s choice ..if he’s contente then gathre we shold all be.Lorrin yu did mentione Drake is probable a sweet fellow,an if he gave paparazzi any mal fingres..perhaps he dosnon know how to handle being in public eye as beau Adam does always so gracious manners.I compris toi concerne for Adam an just wishe him to trove an amour who is sincere an wil nevre hurt him.An being thet we’re too all passionate aboute Adam,his superbe talente as a vocaliste with estraordinaire hansome looks..an he does know he appeals to us femmes.An we’ve all had our reves..an see on youtube people ar far more graphic an even use choice worde an profanitie.So ma cher Jeanette dont thinq ther’s any true bashing here of Drake.An no mattre what people/’gals sugestions are..Adam wil selete who he findes attractive an compatible..be Drake au somone else.An oui Lorrin we glambs al wish very best for Adam be it in amour,his career an nevre wishing any harm come his way.Blessings for yu cher Lorrin an for Adam nous angel d’musique..know we all adore yu an wish best thinges in toi vie..May angels continue to garde vous! J’adore Adam..always Lisettexoxo

          • Thank you dear Lisette, you are always the soul of kindness and graceful thoughts…peace to you in the wee hours from our valley..

            • Lisette here..grande hugs an yu’re welcome cher Lorrin..I know we’re on same page lot of temes..an I totale agree with yur post..For we all care for Adam an wish best things in life come his way..An take care plese email if yu like..So difficile on twittre,finde Im tweeting in brief notes in lieu of complete thouts..Blessings an luv am saying bonnuit in wee heures here in s.west Nevada..Sweet dremes ..may they be lovli always! Luv Lisettexoxo

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN,,,, Well, our FlamingGlambFingers. you’ve done it again. You written another lengthy staterment!!! hahahaha!!! No, really,,,,,,I hear ya girlfriend! You’re spot on re Drake and Adam, in my opinion. But, I just noticed JEANETTE is using her formal title AS CHIEF BUTTKICKER, and I think she likes it!!! Okay, JEANETTE, don’t hurt me!!! I’m too short and unhealthy, besides my grandbabies would cry. (think that should calm her for now) When Adam starts going to these red carpet event, Drake better dress appropriately or wear a bag over his head. Cuz if we’re so tough here, just wait till Joan Rivers gets ahold of him! Yikes!!!!! Could be ….nasty….aha!

      • Joan Rivers, ha funny

        • Helen/Canada says:

          OMG, Joan Rivers! He wouldn’t stand a chance!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Oh , pleeease!! I hope Adam just bring his mom to this red carpet thing, just like some big stars do…. nothing’s wrong with that. His mom is pretty anyway….

            • Good point there Iylene! Wonder is she is really gonna move to LA to be closer to Adam?
              Last interview he stated ” she was living in the Bay Area”
              I’ll go and be his assistant. That would be nice. I’ll move my family out there………………..

  11. My youngest son is gay- it took my awhile to figure out his choice of boyfriends. New to the gay world. My son is a alpha male-top-so his boyfriends were very femine males. Top seek out bottoms, find other tops as competition, sam eas in the staight world. Adam will move on when he finds someone more compatible. Be he will be a bottom, the female of the gay scene.

    • Sherry.. you really think so ????? for some reason I always felt that Adam more the male part. When he is with Drake, I see him ushering him along or allowing Drake into a door way first.. pretty much letting Drake ahead of him as a male figure would do in a male/female relationship.. I have seen this in earlier videos of them being filmed by tmz. Adam has teased that he likes to be on top… Am I way off in my thinking.. I have never thought of Adam as a famine type of Gay. By the way, I haven’t ever read you saying your son is gay before even though you may have disclosed that info on here before… I respect you for doing so.. and what better place than here to feel the support and acceptance.
      from the other sherry..

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I agree with you. I always thought of Adam as the male counterpart is his relationships, hence him seeking out the more slight body types in males. And as you pointed out his actions seem to indicate this also. What do I know though! Whoever Adam chooses, it’s his choice and I hope he will always be happy.

      • Adam is the male part of the relationship, I remember straight after he announced in Rolling Stone that he is gay, Adam and Drake were filmed coming out of a club, Adam opened the car door for Drake. I love them both.

      • And in no way did I meant to take away with what you said Sherry. My daughter is gay. I understand where your coming from. I just think of Adam as too masculine to be the bottom is all I meant. Maybe because I have an obession like everyone else about him. LOL

    • cheryl norman says:


    • Sherry, I just cant see Adam being the female of the side. Whoa Nellie, where are we going
      with this???? he defin.the leader of the pack! All MAN

      • Guys,
        Let’s just stop talking about it!!!! If you love Adam, STOP hurting him! I would be hurt if somebody talked about the person I care about…

        • cheryl norman says:

          GALA, Come on now, don’t get stressed. Just calm down a little. We have no control over anyone else. Nobody here is hurting Adam or Drake or anyone else. All’s well. Can’t be afraid of sharing your feelings here. That is what we do here. This is a ‘safe’ place. No one is going to jail, or get a ticket or be hanged. Just consider why you are reacting so nervously. There is no need for that. You and your feelings are all correct. No matter what they are. Know how I know that? Because they are YOUR thoughts and feelings. You own them. You need to apologize to no one for what and how you feel. Should you sincerely change your feelings, totally on your own grounds, then say so. But, everyone is totally entitled to give their feelings some words, without being scrutenized for it. That is also another form of judging someone. We aren’t here to judge, but rather to converse, an exchange of ideas. That’s it and that’s all. Nothing is written in stone. So, lighten up and relax. Why go to a website if you’re going to feeel pressure and pain when all you are doing is saying what YOU think about any situation. See? Without you being able to do that, your words would be meaningless. Speak from YOUR heart, and you will set yourself FREE TO BE WHO YOU ARE. That is what ADAM wants for everyone. ME TOO.

          • Yes, Cheryl.
            You are absolutely right. It’s a free country. You can talk whatever you want to talk about without being nervous… Do you think you still can be nervous than you are 50 yo. I don’t remember when I was nervous last time. Even when I met Adam I didn’t feel nervous just excitement and dazed after… No, no I remember, year ago when I met a guy, totally my type, everything about him was perfect. Oh, yes I waaaaaaaaas nervous!!!! Found out after a couple of dates he is married… LOL But it’s a different story…
            Well Cheryl, let’s get back to the subject…you expressed your feelings, now I am expressing mine.
            Adam is perfection, we agreed on that. Right? We found a lot adjectives to describe how beautiful he is inside and out. For me personally he is inspiration. To tell the truth when I started watching AI, I liked him immediately as all of us. Not only for his talent but his personality. But in my heart I still had doubt: he is pretending, he is here to win, he is just a good actor because he cannot be that nice. Nobody can. He cannot be that perfect.. Nobody can…. Something will come out….But I was wrong. Do you remember what other Idols said about him? Alison: he is the nicest guy… Kris: He is ridiculously nice person. Even Danny: Adam brings the best out of people!!!! BRING THE BEST OUT OF PEOPLE. I admire that! I should admit I have a tenancy to be judgmental… I don’t want to be, but it just happens. So Adam became the inspiration for me (sounds strange – 27yo is a role model for a 50 yo, should be vise a verse, but it is true..) I want to be like him… I try to be like him… I want to be perfect, who doesn’t? That is why saying stop talking about Drake…, I was trying not to be judgmental.
            But it is my choice and my feelings. I shared my own feelings with you. And everybody entitled to have their own. So we just exchanged our opinions. Right? No offense????
            Love you all,

            P.S. As for “nobody is hurting Adam’s or Drake’s (if you care about Drake, may be not…) feelings”. If you said nobody here wanted to hurt his feelings, would absolutely agree with you. We all love Adam. As for “not hurting”, I am not that sure.

            • cheryl norman says:

              HEY, GALA, No problem what soever. But, I’m wondering, is Adam youir first role model? Hasn’t anyone in your life encouraged you to be positive and accepting of other’s differences other than Adam? I am being truly sincere here.

              But, no Adam is NOT perfect in reality. When I say Adam is Perfection, I do not mean that literally. I mean he is perfect for all my intentional feelings. He is not perfect, lest he be Jesus Christ him/herself, or Moses or Budda or whatever. Adam is a 27 yr old young icon. He has SO MUCH to learn yet. He does NOT know all he should and he WILL be making mistakes. The older he gets, perhaps the more mistakes he will make by the fact that he’ll be taking more risks. Taking risks can assure you of making some big boo-boos. But, we can’t be so skerd of doing that that we stop really living honestly. Adam will lnot do that. He will do his own thing, and it’s nobody’s business. I never believed it was anyones’s business, whatever he or anyone else does. It’s NOT!

              So, you and I can disagree on anything. That does not mean either of us thinks poorly of the other. That could mean we wouldn’t be going to lunch often to discuss Adam and Drake, but we could discuss everything else, until we agree to not dicuss another subject!! hahaha!!! We live and learn, then we teach! Luv 2 U!

            • cheryl norman says:

              GALA, just a short note. Your ‘PS”. You said, ‘we all love adam. As for “not hurting”, I am not that sure.

              I am sssuming you are NOT talking about ME. If you think I would hurt Adam for any reason, please describe. If you are not talking about me, please advise.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Agree, agree,agree… Adam is the male, protector and dominant type. He even dont “flip” his finger and not annoying when off camera…you know what I mean…. there are some gays that acts and talks too gay… definitely, he is the male one.. that’s why he picks the petite, delicate looking creature, 🙂

    • I don’t agree. I think Adam will be the male part of his relationship. He is too masculine. When he first arrived in the top 36 I loved his look and you could not tell he was GAy. Not with that Satisfaction number.

      • Trish,
        Me too,me too! I didn’t know he’s gay at the beginning,I still don’t believe when I saw he kissed that dude!I thought it was crazy day with crazy friend kinda a thing,you know? Remember …I can’t remember his name,last year there was this kid that say “somebody didn’t like it”, the kid with attitude? He looks like one, I meant the way he moved,more like…girly (is it a strong word?) But you know what I mean,right? I can’t tell Adam is gay whatsoever.My sister didn’t watch A.I but she know who Adam is because i keep replaying him and she was shocked when I told her he is gay.She said she has no clue because doesn’t seems so.She said “I guess gay have 2 type, 1 more masculine and 1 more kinda feminine.To me,Adam is masculine one but what so special about him ,there’s a feminine side of him too!I dunno how to say it but hey whatever, the conclusion is Adam is awesome gay man!!LOL!!I love him to death and I wish him happy and succeed in his career and his love life…doesn’t matter who that lucky guy is,Drake or not Drake, just be happy! I like Drake tho! 🙂

        • I thought Adam might be gay right from the first audition. I think it was his voice and his speech mannerisms though he did play it down in dress and most mannerisms. If you have seen the video with the behind the scenes and the song Crawl thru Fire you will see how he was more flamboyant and feminine in his movements. Adam is astute enough to adapt to his environment. Remember he went through school as a basically ‘straight’ male.

          Funny thing is, when he sang Crazy at Ford day with Kris he reverted to the hand drop like he did last New Years Eve when he sang it at the Kat club. It was part of his body’s memory, but I found Adam became more ‘masculine’ as the Idol competition went along. Except for Ring of Fire which was obviously sexual with some homoerotic aspects to it.

          WE just had a big article in our local newspaper on Saturday about sexual identity and sexual gender of one’s body. The woman who did most of the interview said there is a whole continuum re. sexuality and orientation and there is also a continuum re. gender identifying qualities. (think of the S. African female? racer) I have seen many TV shows and read many books on this topic and think it is just making an inroad into North America’s consciousness. It is much more accepted in Europe.

          I believe we, on this site are attracted to Adam as a whole person and we also love his inner attractiveness, his heart, his personality, his humour, etc. His male/female aspects are just part of who this charming man is.

          I believe Adam is along that continuum somewhere and as he matures he will be more firm in his orientation though he seems quite sure already.

          • Phyllis Hoffman says:

            Adam is shedding new light on the relationship gay and straight men (Kradam) can establish. Kudos to Kris, too. I loved their sense of humor about the crush and how non threatening it was to both of them. Adam seems hoonestly surprised about the underwear thrown on stage. He commented that the openmindedness of his audience was so welcomed. Knowing his preference did not diminish his sex appeal to women of all ages.

            One more thing. I’ve tried to post my album title suggetions, but I don’t know if I’ve succeeded. i would really like feedback on the two I’ve suggested –

            EVERY INCH, ADAM (referring to zeppelin’s WWL)
            WALNUT BROWNIES (Adam’s favorite)

            • Phyllis, Love “Every Inch” We who have followed him thru the tour etc, know exactly what he
              means by that term. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
              HIS LOVE. Good suggestion.

  12. They look so cute and happy, that is enough.

  13. It was very interesting reading “your takes” on adams feelings for drake. I never gave it such
    depth and time. It should be interesting now to see how their relationship plays out.
    Im excited about the song “STRUT’. That sounds exciting. Thanks for your insights.

  14. Hi Jeanette!
    Could you or whoever is taking care of the technical issues with this site remove my remarks about Drake please? I did not say anything offensive I hope, but reading my posts back, I do think it is inappropriate and disrespectful towards Adam, Drake and other people who know and love them both. Sorry! You are absolutely right!

    • Everyone…I am not in favor of deleting posts. You guys are passionate and say what you think.

      However, we all need reminders sometimes to temper that passion. Some people in their comments above expressed my feelings better than I did – that Adam’s whole message is tolerance and accepting people for who they are and not what they look like. I think that if we agree with Adam’s message that we should strive to practice it ourselves.

      If you read Adam’s life story in the detailed 4-part interview, you can see that SO many people completely dismissed him based on how he looked IN SPITE of his great talent. Just imagine how hard it is for people who “look different” who DON’T have a special talent to make them stand out. Those people, whether they’re in the public eye or just somebody you meet casually, deserve respect until such time as they don’t deserve respect.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You are so right Jeanette. Thank you for your gentle reminders. As you said, we are all so passionate about our Adam and want the very best for him, we sometimes forget what his message is and what he is all about.

      • cheryl norman says:

        HEY, JEANETTE!!! You are such a great big softie when it comes to Adam and Drake. Great!!!

        You can void out my pov w/you pov. That takes care of that.

        I do not remember signing a contract that along with my unconditional love for Adam, will I let him or anyone wlse in life dictate to me how I’ll act or respond to any subject. I can only promise that my reactions or statements are MINE and only mine. I take full responsibility for them Jeanette is NOT responsible for my remarkd in any way. She just isn’t. She is only responsible for her words, and actions, as I and all glambs are responsible for each of ours.

        Yes, I agree that you shouldlln’t judge a book by it’s cover. Does that mean that no one will do that? Nope. Can I pass a law making it illegal to judge someone by their appearance? No. Would I if I could? No.

        I really don’t think Drake has been completely dismissed on how he looks. But, I do think we make our first impressions by how we ‘look’, as we have not yet spoken. So, that’s the risk we all take when we are out and knowing there will be pictures, that there will be discusssions on how we ‘looked’. Can’t hide from it and can’t change it. The world isn’t perfect, yet. This is not heaven where we’ll know no pain, etc. It is often, more often than not, an ugly place, and you either understqand what’s up, or take your chances. People will discuss your ‘appearance’. That is why I hate most pictures of myself!!! Hahaha!!! But, really I think it is true. There is no stopping people from making their own ‘judgments’ bases on this or that. We just have to make our own statement on how we feel about it, and go on with lilfe. Or, make no statement, and just ignore it. It is totally up to each one of us. Somethings I ignore, some I feel the need to make my own feelings heard by way of a statement. Where is the problem, and is it solveable?

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        AMEN TO THAT!!

  15. Al I can say is WELL SAID LORRIN!!

  16. JEANETTE …….Maybe you should just remove this whole page.. I think all of us would feel better if you would do that before it’s too late.. Please consider doing that.. !!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      adam fan1,,, We can’t start just remove threads!! This is a democracy, for God’s sake!!!! Girl,. bite your tongue!!! This site was not creatted to be pleasing and everyone go along with everyone else! How dull would that be? Adam is a living creature, we all feel invested in him and will surely agree and disagree at times on things all ADAM. Whould we just close up shop b/c we have a difference of opinion? Certainly not. Has anyone really been so far off into left field, that their credibility cannot be restored? No. Once you start running from controversity, you’re on you way of being non-essential in everything. We can speak, and be wron, or right,or neither. What we think and feel should not matter to the entire masses of people. When that happens, we have ‘communissm'(sp) That’s NOT the AMERICAN way!!! Don’t get skerd and run for cover when someone’s viewpoint is not like your own!!! We NEED that type in input. It can live or die on it’s own merits, but it should never be squashed from ever being heard.

      • I know Cheryl, I think I’m just afraid that what we said may hurt someones feelings.. I would never want to make Drake or any of those family members hurt by our words and that includes Adam.. I’m growing soft in my old age. Just don’t want anyone to feel any hurt or pain reading our opinions.. and beside, JEANETTE THE BUTT KICKER SKERD ME !!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMFAN1 I don’t ever WANT to hurt anyone’s feelings. Hopefully, everyone feels the same wy. But, life happens. How can anyone prevent anyone from getting their feelings hurt? Whose job is it to run around behind poples nd edit their words in case someone might get hurt? It’s an impossible situation to avoid. It should be not anyone’s focus, to hurt someone. But, in a truthful dialogue among people of all ages, gender, hair color, height, intelligence, shoe sizes, etc., Man, if you don’t expect with all types of people conversing on the same subject that no one will ever feel ‘dissed’, you’re not playing with reality. This is reality. This is life. It is what it is. Real.

      • lisette here..bonjour all..Cheryl read yur posts an othres here..ther’s no need to delete page..as Jeanette has mentione we can be mindful of Adam or his frend Drake’s famille visiting here too.But sorry Adam fan1 ther’s no neede to delete thes page..Only if somone used profanitie or truly made hurtful remarques for Drake..An as Cheryl says we reside in democracy..freedom of press,etc..Plus most here are very sincere an passionate of Adam’s well being an nevre wish him any malice,just opposite..Wish to be his guardian angels an nevre too know heartache..But gathre we all learne from passe esperiences in life..be it in amour,making choices,in selecte career paths an wishing to finde one’s soulmate also.An as none of us know Drake,Adam does..see’s beauty inward an non specifique outward..in Drake.Adam being an artiste may non permitte serieus connection presently.I only wish best too in life for our angel Adam.An if he needs to explore sexualitie too perhaps with a femme..when teme comes he’ll know.Blessings for him an know we all adore his musique,his hearte an his beauty inward et outward…J’etaime Adam ..May yu finde joie an true luv someday!xoxoxo Know we all here on glambs care deeply an will luv yu non mattre! bisous Lisettexoxox

        • cheryl norman says:

          LISETTE, Thanks, angel in flight!!! There hasn’t been any BAD things, I don’t think, written. If this is as bad as it will get for Drake or anybody, they can have a wonderful happy lfe! Youo’re right, too, that Adam has seen something in Drake, apparently, in this period of his life, and I hope all’s happy. Sending angels out keeping Adam focused on his way!

    • Yes, Jeanette! Please do it!
      I don’t want Adam to read it! It’s embarrassing… That is MY opinion….

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMFAN1 …………………..remember SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Don’t speak for me!!! Cuz little frosted cupcakes, you’d be sooooooooooooooooo WRONG-O!

  17. Will the first single be Strut? Was that confirmed?

  18. Sorry everyone – I just discovered that I totally miswrote the sentence about Adam. What I meant was when Adam finds or not, a new companion, that companion will be a slight (femine) male.
    So sorry about the confusion!!!! Adam is a very totally in control alpha male.

  19. This is a FAN site, I truly want to come and invite others here to be surrounded by fans with information and support. I have loved coming here to hear all of you adore Adam.not to take the meaning of a fan site and use it to criticize..easy enough to find another forum to do that. Adam’s choices may not be ours, but if we respect him, perhaps we should hold back negativity..not spread it. I trust he has a good heart and he can share it with whom he chooses with my total approval. I certainly wouldn’t want strangers to decide who my love should be shared with, or to criticze me for my choice. I do appreciate all the work that you have done on this site..Thanks

    • cheryl norman says:

      JUDYASTRID, I just KNOW Adam will be relieved to know that YOU have given him YOUR approval to date who he wants. I know it is very special to him and he can now die happy. Yeah, people whould only write what is “positive” here. BTW WHO DETERMINES WHAT IS POSITIVE???? Is it a universal law???? I trust have a good heart. I do. And I hope everyone in the wohoe wide world is ‘positive’ and has a good heart. I think that is realistic!

    • I am totally with you, Judy

  20. Whatever comes out, I will be joining the mad crowd to purchase Adam single and debut album. Gosh, how can you go wrong buying an Adam music. I’ll blow the dice and roll it Adam, it’s sure a winning dice. Yeah!

  21. Nice to see Adam spending time with his love one. You deserve to be loved baby! Great pic with Drake, what a lovely couple! WowZA!

  22. cheryl norman says:

    I am speaking once again, for myself. People come to this fansite in droves, me included, for what? B/C everyone here doesn’t have an opinion. B/C no one here can have their feelings respected and others still disagree with them? I would definately NOT be loving this fansite, enjoying everything that goes on here without the usual bumps, that are necessary to bring interest to an otherwise mundane series of etchings. Oh! I can’t say that someone MIGHT get hur feelings!!!! Oh, no, that would be the end of their world if ‘I’ said this or that. They may become so hurt that they can’t ever be happy again if god forbid, in writing on a ‘fansite’ page something tht I don’t like about whoever!!!! People, give me a friggin break! Really! I’d rather be outta her right NOW if I thought you all sincerely live your lives like this.!!!! Never have I encouraged or taken part in saying something for the full purpose of hurting anyone’s feelings!!!!!! It’s NOT ME!!!! But also, I am not STUPID enough to think that what I say about someones clothing on a fansite, one of many, with millions of people really trying to hurt Adam’s feelings, never do I feel in any way like I, personally, could do that. I am just NOT that IMPORTANT to anyone who would read my little post. I do NOT carry that kind of power!!!!! Do you all think you do???? Really????? Well, if any of you do, let me just say this, you’re diluting yourselves, and your egos have gotten the best of you. I am not going to argue that some kid can hear something that hurts him or changes the way he sees himself by hearing someone else ‘dis’ him That is NOT what is going on here. I’m in my 60’s some in their 70’s and younger. That should meand, I guess, that I am a little wiser, or something. Well call it wisdon, or call it shit, but, I have lived my life as Adam has. If you think just because we don’t HEAR Adam say Anything off color about someone, that he has never dissed anyone in his life, you are living in a fairy land. The times people say that Adam has never done this or that………is there a video of his every step or word spoken that tells you that??? Be real! He encourages people to be more ‘positive’ than ‘negative’, and he is not the first to do that. Elvis refused to ‘dis’ another entertainer. Did he really love them all? No., of course not. Well, really I just ccannot continue to type. It’s like I’m teaching a class on ‘life’! I cannot do that!! For I am not worthy. But it just surprises the hell out of me the adults here that act like ashamed little children b/c of Adam!!!! What is this????? I am truly at a loss for words. I love Adam with all I have. I don’t know him, but you all have heard my feelings about him. How do you like me now? Not so thrilled with me now, I’ll bet. I don’t even care. Cuz how much influence do you think you have over any person? Brother. Some of you amaze me, in a way that I wouldn’t be proud of if I were in that group. So, I will go on speaking truth like Adam likes, but not for that reason. B/C I did it BEFORE I ever heard of Adam. B/c that is who I an, I will aasways be as honest as I can be, Adam likes that too. But I don’t do it b/c of Adam, I was like that BEFORE ADam and I will be after ADAM. Would Adam let someone he doesn’t even know dictate his path? No, he never has. Does he want people to follow him blindly and not ask any question? Paleeze. He is his own person. I am my own person. That’s the kind of people I like, that’s the kind he likes. Do I do it FOR him? Never. I do it for me.
    peace-love-light-understanding-joy-happiness-friendship 4 Adam and for all Glambs

    • That is why I admire you Cheryl. People don’t have to like what you say, but can like how you say it. I may not be in the norm on some things, and that is ok. My whole life I was the ONE who always did what EVERYONE ELSE WANTED. Well I am not that person and nor will I ever try to be. My worst fault is I try to suger-coat the truth as I see it. I don’t think that is a good thing. Noone would know where I stood on things. You give me hope that while you can be civil about things, alway tell the truth. Thank you.

      Learning the hard way…….


      • cheryl norman says:

        TRISH, It took me many, many years to learn I had a right to my own thought and opinions. Many years.I was like you, only instead of sugar-coating the truth, I would stand mute. I just couldn’t agree b/c someone else wanted me to, so I just had ‘no comment’ and it eventually made me feel like I ended up feeling, non-essential, replacable, unnecessary, and empty inside. I try not to stir up controversy, but to encourage others to stand upright and speak for themselves. I believe either you stand for yourself, or become an unnecessary part of life. Like the song says’ if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’. It’s just our right to say what we think in the limitations of social rule. Nothing I said was out of bounds in my opinion, But then, who is the one who decides what is right and wrong? It had better be someone of great intellect and knowledge and wisdom to explain to me HOW I have crossed over the invisible line. This used to be the way that women’s lib used to talk about the plite of women. White men were our bosses. They and they alone decided whether we could speak on a subject and if so, how much, how long, and at times would decide no, shut up, sit down and be quiet, no one cares what You think around here. You’re not smart enough to join in on this conversation. Well this just boggles my mind. My grandmother was the first woman’s libber I ever knew. The phrase hadn’t even been penned yet. But she had her opinions,she was strong, truthful, honest, and would rather be hurt than to hurt anyone else, But she wasn’t so extreme about it that it made her fearful of expressing herself. I loved that strength in my grandmother. My Mother,may she RIP did not enjoy the benefits having a mindset like that. It caused her more trouble and hurt than you can imagine.

        Your note to me was very surprising. It’s hard to back the ‘right’ thing if the ‘wrong’ thing is more popular. So, I thank you for your bravery and compliment.

        Just alwlays be true to who YOU are. Not me. Not Adam. Not Drake. Not the next controversial topic. Controversy makes life more interesting and one cannot LEARN if everyone agrees on each issue. Controversy is an ESSENTIAL part of dialogue. Without it we are all just ‘following leader’. We all have to step up and say what we think when we feel the need to. Lord knows I don’t say what I think on every issue. But, the ones that I feel are worthy of my critique, I will or I’ll be damned. For I cannot live with myself anyother way. But MORE importantly, I never want to have to live that way ever again. peace-love-light-truth-honesty-joy-happiness 4 all.

    • Cheryl,

      Thank you. While we all have in common our admiration of and Attraction to Adam, no where is it written that everyone has to be in total agreement. On this web site, we all have an opportunity to express how we feel about Adam Lambert, his phenomenal talent, his gorgeous eyes , his captivating smile, his undulating hips his warmth etc. etc. however, we’re all individuals with our own personalities, perspectives, cultural backgrounds and values.

      Coming to this web site is like going to a never ending banquet filled with all sorts of appetizers, entrees, desserts and other edible stuff. We can graze, we can devour huge portions or just watch.

      Either way, there’s no right or wrong way We’re all just humans and that goes for Adam too.

      if we get too wrapped up in what analyzing everything, worrying about this that or the otherwe’re losing sight of this exciting adventure,

      I just know that b/c of Adam Lambert there are now “glamberts” and “Adam addicts” connecting all around the world and that is one cool phenomena !

      I enjoy the posts from so many of you and I love the diversity of opinions that are expressed.

      Thank G’D we’re not robots or mindless ninnies.

      I find your honesty and your insight refreshing.

      If we can’t be ourselves and have to have our finger on our pulse every minute then we aren’t living life.

      Thanks for keeping it real .

      One last comment, this is wild! As I was getting ready to end this post, all of a sudden, I heard Adam’s “Change is going to come” coming through my computer’s speakers. I was worried that my husband would wake up b/c I had the volume up high. Since I didn’t click on the song while I was typing I have no idea why the song started playing.Interesting, huh?

      (Many Blessings)


      • cheryl norman says:

        DEBRA, Thank you for your message. It is very inspirational! You are so right with what you say! We’re not mindless ninnies who needs a teacher standing over our heads with her ruler in hand in case we don’t believe as she wants us to believe. That is long ast nonsense. This is not a TEST but a ‘chat room’ in a way. If there are new rules,I would like to see them first before I’m criticized over them. But I didn’t see any rules, as yet, so I assume we are just trusted to be old enough and intelligent enough to go un-editted when we “SPEAK OUR MIND”.
        I don’t want to loose myself over loving Adam. He wouldn’t want that either. That shouldn’t happen to anyone. To lose onesself to try to please another, is like being ‘brainwashed’ or ‘slavery over our thoughts’. Not good. So Adam may feel he likes green hair, but I am not going out and dying my hair green just to prove to ‘others’ tha I am a loyal fan and love the man. Those are superficial deeds. I didn’t ‘check my brain in’ at the Adam Lambert fansite. This fansite has faced this same problem in different ways before. Getting thru it will only strengthen this site. It woill not be destroyed b/c people see something in one way and express their thinking, and another sees it another different way entirely and expresses it. This is NORMAL. Normal is not caving in to someone who doesn’t agree with you, so therefore, you hold bac your own feelings and pretend to hold the same view of anothers. Just for the sake of argument, of course! We all do do that all thru our lives, but it is up to EACH person to decide WHAT subject they will ignore for the sake of argument.
        peace-love-light-honesty-truth-joy-happiness 4 You and Adam and all glambs.

        • Cheryl,

          “Back at you” For a while there I was making some posts and not getting any responses and I thought to myself, is this some kind of huge click thing,

          I felt like I was in high school and a;; the popular kids were just ignoring me if you get my drift.

          Anyway, thanks so much your comments, Luckily, my Higher Self ( the wise woman ) who live sin all of us basically said ” get a grip Debra, when it’s time or right for someone to respond to what you have to say they will and if they don’t, that’s okay too.

          I am just in awe of the fact that here we are an international sisterhood ( I think we’re all female but who knows) expressing our admiration and electric attraction to this amazing new performer who has brought us all together,

          I also think we have to credit the role of technology which has allowed us to all embrace Adam in cyber space, pretty cool, huh?

          Love and many blessings all of you Glams


          • Debra, Blessings to you as well. No kidding about being in cyber space. We would be lost
            w/o all this communication going on and updates of Adams career.

            Thanks to Adam for bringing all of us together in our Glambshood!!
            Here’s to meeting in the future at a concert. Rock on

  23. Cheryl, Debra, and Trish, I have to say “speak up or forever hold your peace” Thats what I’m talkin
    about, you sure arent afraid of ruffling any feathers here! I find it refreshing as well that so
    many of us do keep it real. My problem all my life has been inserting the foot, one to many times.
    Sometimes ones voice, just has to say what the eyes see, or what the heart feels.
    I think we have the right to say what we say w/o an apology.

  24. GLAMBS, GLAMBS, GLAMBS!!!! WHEW! I scanned through the posts and he says, she says…..

    Here’s my take on the situation, for what it is worth!!!! I believe that no one, NO ONE deliberately posted a message to hurt Adam. This whole discussion does beg the question, “What does loving Adam mean????” I, myself, sometimes get carried away with the wonderful conversations that we have. Some of the comments that were expressed I BELIEVE were not posted to INTENTIONALLY hurt Adam. I have to say though, that if Adam loves Drake, derogatory comments about Drake are likely to hurt him. Wait… let me finish! These comments were mostly said in jest. The role of the glamb leaders is to ‘hold’ the conversation, which resulted in Jeanette intervening. This situation could possibly have been avoided if ‘WHAT IS COOL AND WHAT ISN’T COOL WAS CLARIFIED UPFRONT. We may be too far down the road for this????

    None of us is perfect and we all make mistakes, albeit unintentionally. At the same time no adult wants to feel like a child being reprimanded. This is the first real test for THIS FAMILY and there will be more. You all bring so much to our gathering here. I have learned about, strength of character, inner beauty, honesty and a host of other traits that all of YOU bring. I want to share one of my lessons in life and this lesson was only learned in recent years. It is okay to err, I am human and to forgive is divine – my challenge was forgiving myself, sometimes for an unintentional slip up. I don’t think apologies are necessary and I gathered from a few posts that some of you are really beating yourselves. We don’t want to stifle the freedom of expression but at the same time we need to think about what is cool and what isn’t cool when it comes to showing our love for Adam.

    I have developed some deep friendships on this site which I value. This is one of those times when I am saying what I really believe. Am I a good friend??? You damn right and that is why I AM HONEST WITH MY FRIENDS. Love you all and … please, can we move on???? Please??? Mmmmmmmmmmmwah

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN,,, Understand your point of view, here. But tell me who decides “what is cool and what is not cool”???
      What does loving Adam mean to each of us? Different things, so I don’t think it’s possible to generalize any group of adults on this quesstion
      If Adam loves Drake, or doesn’t , it is not anyone’s business. However, putting the question up for debate or speculation has happened and everyone can speak their minds. I don’t care about Drake at all. I do not. I don’t like his looks, his dress, his boots, his build or anything about him that I can SEE. Since I have not had a conversation with him, that’s what I’m left with. And if I’m going to decide to comment on him I will only use the things I can see. What else do I have to go on? Even if I knew him, which I don’t care to, I may not like him anyway.

      When my daughter got engaged the first 3 times I did not like any of those guys. Did I tell her? Yes, I did, and I told her why. What does she say now? Please ‘ mom, don’t remind me of him’! So, that worked out. It may not have. I did the same with my son. His first girlfriend, I forbid him to see her again after the prom as they were caought in a compromising situation. He was 19, she was 16. They were not going to be married as he had a huge career ahead of him and I was not chancing her getting pregnant, whether they liked it or not. What does he say, now? He says “I just want to be llike my mom who has a gifted sense of how much love and how much strength she should use, and balances it all out with love” This is what he has said in letters to me and even in the pulpit to his congregation.

      I don’t need to forgive anyone. No one has done anything to me. I don’t think I have done anything to anyone that I need to apologize for.

      If I don’t like Drake, then kill me, ignore me. Stop being friendly with me. Hate me. Whatever, I don’t care, it is NOT MY problem. It is whoever has the problem’s problem. I do not like Drake. Hear me loud and clear??? Does anyone wlse want to know, care about or anything else say anything to me about some little boy that is dating Adam for the time being???? Will I be left off the guests list? Probably. Will I change my feelings or thoughts about Adam? Absolutely NOT. Is this a fansite about Adam or whoever Adam decides to date forever? God forbid it is the latter. So, Lorrin, I can only say, we are all doing what we need to do for ourselves. If you had not emailed me with your concerns, I would not have intervened in what you saw as a big problem for you. This came about only as I defended your right to speak your heart. No other reason. I encourage everyone to feel emplowered, not by me, but by theirselves. I want women to keep their power. Drak is just not the problem in this discussion. He’s just a red herring. Who cares about DLB anyway???? If you all think this conversation is about him, you are dead wrong! It’s about yourselves!.

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, I looked at the post and saw Lorrin’s name. It was Ingrid. Ingrid, I would have to say something totally different to you who have not been around for awhile! So, ignore the above post. Lorrin,l this was meant for you, but only after I thought you said what Ingrid said, and it made not much sense to me, as it was not you but her!
        Sorry, Lorrin.
        Sorry, Ingrid.
        I amso Over typing about this, that I’m getting Glambs mixed up! Hard to keep track. I need a rest.
        Maybe we all need a rest. Only a Suggestion!!!! No one need feel ‘dissed’ here!

        • Hey, its cool! Let’s all go onto the patio for drinks!!!

          Mary C put on that sexy number, “Dance with me”! Ah, there’s Lorrin & Cheryl, AA, Mother Thereeesa, Toni, Debra, Adamfan1, Adam, Sherry, Alen, Helen of Troy, Ofra, … the whole shabang! Hello Jeanette, Sue, Dana … that’s right AA, shake it baby, … come Mary C, give it some stick. Hi Gala, you took your time getting here!


          Love ya all! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

          • Ingrid, I’m on the patio, waitin 4 drinks! Dance with me is onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

            Adam Baby we all LOVE YOU TO MUCH to not talk about everything that goes on in your
            Peace…..and Love…..

            • Mary C, have you seen Silvana, Lisette, Marisa … our European Glambs??? Probably still on their way to the party! Here, my sista, have a glass of champagne… be careful not to miss the strawberry at the bottom!

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Yeeeessssssssssss, Ingrid,

                I’mmmmmmmmmmmmm comming. Let’s Dance.

                Love you, mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

              • Oh Ingrid, I wont miss the strawberry, I’m saving that for Adam. You know
                what we can do with the strawberries??
                Havent heard from Silvan lately, where r u my dear.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Girl, put your records on…………..tell me your favourite song
                  You go ahead, let your hair down
                  Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
                  Just go ahead, let your hair down.

                  Girl, put your records on………

                  I’m there Ingrid……make mine a martini, shaken not stirred……..

                  • Helen, a martini coming up! Love that song, the only problem is everything seems to be going down – gravity’s a bitch!

                    Love ya all! Mmwah, Ingrid

          • Ingrid… Well I think your right.. lets have a damn party and just have fun.. I love you all here and I love this sight. kisses and hugs to all of my glamb sisters.. someone turn the music up a little louder and let dance !!! Emili !!!!!!! get the lamp shade off your head girl !!!!

            • Admfan1, Funny …….
              Love to you too..

              • We gotta a whole lotta loooooooooooooove, oooooooooooooooh!

                Now why do I always feel like I’m the peanut gallery?????

            • Yo Admfan!, how are you doing, my sista! There we go… shake it baby, … come give us a couple of hip thrust, … no not like that … Adam-style!

              Love you too, Babes! Mmmwah

    • Thank you Ingrid my dear. Well put. What is Cool , is myself after a cold shower of having
      lustful thoughts of Adam! What is not Cool, is Adam so to speak, because we all know he
      is sooooooooo HOT……………………. Every Inch of His Love……………

      I’m movin on sista, now lets get down and dirty, or ornery or whatever we used to get , while
      watching all those beautiful tour videos.

      “Dance with me and I’ll set you free”” “Sex with me and I’ll set you free” Shake it , Shake it, Baby………………………….

  25. cheryl norman says:








  26. I’d like to offer just a small insight from someone who, with great joy, shares the sign of Aquarius with Adam. After all, it may be the only thing I can claim to share with him! 😉 (Fellow Glambs, please don’t stop reading yet; I’m from some sort of new-age mystic. But, I do believe that our sign can confer us with certain traits and tendencies and that these can be blessings or curses depending on how we use them.)

    From personal experience both good and bad, I can say that we Aquarians do tend to be very loyal and trusting and manage to find the good and admirable in almost every person, however small or obscure. We delight in finding those kernels of beauty and synchronicity in others, and sometimes form an entire relationship based on those findings to the dismay and puzzlement of those around us. We might be feeling “look at the treasure I’ve found” while friends and family are scratching their heads wondering “WTF does s/he see in him/her??” At the moment of attachment, there is sometimes almost a rebellious defiance; the more others object and criticize, the tighter we hold onto the object of affection, almost as if we are declaring how we and our judgment and insight are above the petty prejudices and criticisms of others. We will stay loyal far beyond when emotions and intellect tell us it’s time to move on. Years later, we may look back on a failed relationship, in a more objective frame of mind, and realize that others were right and that the person may have not been truly “appropriate” for us, although there was no convincing us of that at the time.

    See where I’m going with this? This may or not be the case with Adam and Drake, but enough of us have had more or less the same (negative, to some degree) impression of him and have had our doubts about his being the soul mate for Adam. (And “soul mate” Adam does need, for without that in a relationship, his spirit will literally die on the vine.)

    Please trust that this relationship has to take it’s course, no matter how painful for us to watch from a distance. The insights into Drake have to be Adam’s and the decision has to be his. Many of you have made very astute observations about their relationship (many of which I share) and have done so from a place of love and concern for Adam. The Aquarian soul just seems to have to work these things out for itself and can really dig in it’s proverbial heels and become very stubborn when it perceives that others are trying to tell it what to do. Let’s trust that Adam’s “light” will prevail and that either he will eventually reveal to us what he sees in Drake or he will evolve beyond needing this particular relationship.

    I can tell you with certainty, for us, it’s really the case of “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” What we need and thrive on today is not necessarily what we need and thrive on a year from now. It seems to be all about finding the people and things and creative outlets that support that journey at that point in time.

    Sorry guys…..last “Age of Aquarius” lecture from me. I just wanted to bring up that possible dimension to Adam that we haven’t considered. My future posts will be broadcast from terra firma!!

    • Thank you so much, Cris!
      Beautifully said!!!
      Thank you.

      • Thanks Gala. And I did mean to say “…I’m FAR from some sort of new age mystic” — gotta watch those typos!!

    • Thanks for your insight Cris. What we say is all out of Love and Concern for Adam. Thats
      why we’re here to begin with. My mom was an Aquarian and she always found good in every
      person she ever met. I on the other hand am a Gemini, well we wont go there right now. For
      we know what Gemini’s are all about!
      Here’s hoping that Adams light will prevail onward… Personally though right now I dont think Adam needs to be tied down. He’s young and has his whole life ahead of him. This is just the beginning. Plenty of time for relationships. Why not have many many dates and enjoy and have
      fun????? Right Adam? Get out there and show us all of your sides.
      Love and Peace.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thank you Cris R. That was very interesting and enlightening. I love to hear anything about Adam’s personality. He’s such a complex soul, isn’t he? I just loved your post.

    • cheryl norman says:

      CRIS sORRY TO SAY THIS, BUT THERE IS NOTHING IN YOUR STATEMENT THAT HASN’T ALREADY BEEN SAID MANY, MANY TIMES WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE AQUARIAN side of things. I am a Taurean, the greatest sign of the zodiac!!!! kidding!!!!! But, honestly, if there is some inew info in your post, I’ve read and reread it, and see nothing new. But wonder who you are and why did you choose to post on this site at this time? Just curious, as I always am.

      My theory on life, is to treat people as you would like them to treat you. If one does that, how can you go wrong? Be honest, truthful, and straight-up with who you are, what you want to say, and say it with conviction. Use as few words as possible, and no hitting below the belt. Don’t ever assume you are smarter than the other. Cuz you never are. Maybe in our own minds. I don’t believe myself that Adam is gonna see my post and be so upset he can’t go on with life. I would be the most shocked person on the thread if he took what little prescious time he has to read any fansite. If someone knows something aboout this that I don’t let me in on the Big Secret.

      PS All Awuarians are not created equal. Same for all signs. Bringing up one’s zodiak sign is a turn off to me when trying to use it to put oneself above others. Just silly, to me.

      • I loved your “small insight” in our big discussion, as I’ve said … But I have the same question since I’ve read your post: Seriously Cris, who are you?? I’d love to know The Big Secret 🙂

        You sound very much like Adam…
        Even your “Fellow Glambs”- my fellow idols….
        Are you…???? 😉

      • Hi…Cheryl, Helen, Thesa……all of you who asked who I am. Yes, I am new to the site. I made my first post last week in the thread “You Know the Idol Tour is Over When” on 9/17 at 1:55PM, if you’d like to read that. I hope you will. I introduced myself there and said how much I had been enjoying all your comments and photos and videos and how much I had come to rely on checking this web site and the posts every day for many weeks. No mystery really: I adored Adam during American Idol and then a friend (equally addicted) and I saw him in Albany. We are both so totally in love with him and so full of admiration for what he’s done and how he’s conducted himself with poise and grace throughout……….and with total abandon on the stage during the tour. 🙂 It’s been so refreshing and validating to find a group of like-minded women who express yourselves so articulately and with such emotion.

        But, I’m truly sorry if I ruffled any feathers with my “Aquarian” post. I didn’t intend to sound pompous or superior in any way nor to imply that! You’re right Cheryl…the playing field is equal. And certainly, the zodiac is not some exact science. There are so many things that influence and shape us. It’s just interesting — and I’ve found this in my own life — that certain “tendencies” or inclinations can bring us happiness and success or unhappiness and frustration depending on how we use them. They can be strengths or weaknesses. My traits have brought me both in my nearly 60 years, sometimes more of the negative than the positive because of how I utilized them. This whole zodiac thing is really just a theory but sometimes you see interesting parallels in your own life to what is written about certain signs. I just threw it out there as a possibility for interpreting Adam’s relationship w/ Drake. I certainly didn’t want to start out on a negative foot here!

        That issue aside, I look forward to continuing to be part of your conversations. It’s been great fun being a passive reader, but I’d love to be more involved.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Welcome Cris. No feathers ruffled here. I thought your post brought some interesting interpretations to the very complex soul of Adam Lambert. I found it delightful to read. Loved your statement “so full of admiration for what he’s done and how he’s conducted himself with poise and grace throughout……….and with total abandon on the stage during the tour.” That is right on. You sound like a devoted fan just like all of us. I look forward to posting with you in the future.

    • HI there Cris, are you new? Or have I just missed your posts? You are right about Aquarian types, they are the ‘universal acceptors” the most tolerant of signs, accept peope’s differences etc. I have a couple of major Aq signs and Adam has two out of the big six. Not only is he accepting of all out there, he actually seems somewhat attracted to it. He loved travelling the world. One attraction to Drake might be the ‘differentness’ that Drake brings from the Cajun culture. I know myself, something like that would attract me.

      I know we are overanalysing their last date out, but I noticed, out of all the photos taken, in none is Adam holding Drake’s hand, like he did before. Hmmmm is this the new Adam taking care of his outer image or is he losing interest?

      Aquarian types move on if they are so inclined, and rarely look back. Notice I have said Aquarian ‘types’ as not every Aquarian is influenced to the same degree by their sign(s)

      Enough of this stuff!!

      Terry Vancouver

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey Terry
        Thanks for your input on the Aquarians. I don’t know a lot about that kind of stuff but I find it really interesting. I wish I knew more about it. I know Adam is really into it too. Regarding your statement about Adam not holding Drakes’ hand in the last photos, don’t know whether you’re going to like this or not, but just read on the web (can’t remember, I think it may have been People mag) that Adam was kissing Drake’s neck during the Pink concert. Also, he jumped up to dance during one of the numbers and pulled Drake up with him! Oh well, who cares, he’s having fun!!!!! and that’s the main thing. I’m glad he’s in a good place in his life right now and things are moving in a positive direction for him.

  27. Speaking of “strutting our stuff” I just added adamlambertidol and glambsfansite to a new tweeterwall voting contest…get those voting fingers limbered up!


    We are on the last page, and that just won’t do! We have to make a better showing than that!!

    Glamb #6

    • Dana,
      You are killing me!!! I thought voting is over!
      Never mind.. For Adam, I am ready to do it again!!!!!!!!!!LOL

      • LOL!

        Well, this is more for us…more of a fansite promotional thing. Although indirectly it is very much for Adam!


        • CatEyes, your a doll! I mentioned it before but that was it, I just mentioned it. Good to hear from you again and I’m in!!!!!!

    • Dana what name are we under? I checked the last three pages… why are individuals on there? I guess any one or group can go on

    • CatEyes, which one! shucks, I think I voted for the wrong one! Ouch!!!

      • Well, all you have to do to “get in the voting” is submit your own name. That is why such strange twitter accounts are mixed up in there. Sort of detracts from the legit ones…anyway…

        …both adamlambertidol and glambsfansite is on there now. But as the votes go up, the pages change. adamlambertidol goes along with this website, adamunofficial.com & glambsfansite goes along with the related website, glambs.org.

        Now, go find them and VOTE!!!

  28. cheryl norman says:

    GALA, DO YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS THREAD GOING AND GOING AND GOING? WHAT is your point???? Got to have the last word??? Someone’s always got to have the last word. Ok, my dear, keep trying to get in my face if it has become a challenge for you. You were wrong before and you are still wrong about anything I’ve said and what my intentions are and were. Still don’t like Drake. Have you changed me? Think you can? Have another crack at it along with everyone else who wants to continue with this line of bantering. Love to you all!!!


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      THHHHAAAAAAAAANK GOD IT’S OVER!!! Gonna take my valium now….. what a thread!!! Night, night everyone!!!!

    • Hey Cheryl,
      Here I am again… with my last word… LOL… Just wanted to say again that it was nice talking to you tonight (actually 15 minutes ago…) Sorry for dragging you out of the shower…
      Love you to pieces… Night, night!!! Hugs and kisses
      PS. We are cool! Right? (I am citing Adam again.. LOVE this expression! )
      Night, night Adam. Sweet dreams….

  29. Late to the party here regarding “Strut”. Wasn’t that the name of a song Sheena Easton did? Could this one be the same?

  30. WOW…..all of that was very interesting about how you all feel about Adam and Drake….my feeling is as long as Adam is HAPPY, that’s all that counts! He looks very happy with Drake…none of us what Drake is “really” like,especially in their relationship…..Adam needs someone in his life right now that makes him feel good and someone he can enjoy his “personal” life with….he will be very busy and probably stressed out in the months to come….how nice to have someone in his life that he can relax with. I too, think Adam is the “masculine” one in their relationship and that’s why he always chooses partners that are slightly built, small framed and more feminine. I think that’s also the appeal for us women….Adam is so masculine….I know, I don’t really think of him as “gay” when I watch him perform….especially when he’s singing with Allison….I love the way he looks at her and flirts with her….he’s adorable! We all wish we were her for a moment, I’m sure! I know I can’t get enough info about Adam….everything about him intrigues me….the more I know about him, the more I love him….an interesting side note from my perspective….I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been losing weight ever since I got involved with “everything” Adam….I feel excited, energized, I think my metabolism is changing…for the better….must be “in overdrive” over Adam…..wow….what a diet….

    • Dee, you’re so funny! What a diet indeed…..pretty painless, huh? I’ve been feeling the same way (excited & energized) and thinking that now is the time to lose those 10,20, ??? extra pounds BEFORE the solo tour starts. But, nothing has happened spontaneously for me; guess I’ll have to work at it as always. You’re not dancing every time you watch a tour video, are you? That might be the key!

      • I’m krumping everytime I watched Adam in youtube! My stmach didn’t flat but my back is hurt as hell! My back hurts from krumping,my butt hurts from voting! Who am I going to blame here??!! LOL!!
        And Cris R, what do you mean by you want to loose weight before the solo tour start? I’m a bit blur there but that is not Adam’s fault. Imma always blur! hahaha!! 🙂

    • OK, Dee!
      You should tell the secret! I am excited, I am energized, etc…………..but I am not loosing weight!……….. I want to loose weight!! What exactly are you doing???PLEEEZE tell me!!! LOL
      No, seriously? Just watching the Adam’s videos?

    • Dee, OMG, I have to say my metabolism has been working overtime. I exercise more than
      ever ( listening to Adams music of course) and am so happy and energized. We had so much
      sadness in our lives for the las 2 yrs because of our mom being ill. Adam came at the right
      time for me. My husband thinks I’m nuts at time, but then again I know he is thanking Adam.
      I have toned up things that haven’t been toned up for 10 yrs.
      See what he does for us…………… All good.

  31. This isn’t in reply to any of the above posts, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. I think Drake looks very cute and likeable. . . and from what I read on an earlier thread on this site, he IS a very kind, sweet gentleman. . . he definitely seems to make Adam happy, and that’s what’s important, in my book! That’s just me. . . I don’t feel a need to analyze this too much. . . they’re both young, out having fun, enjoying each other’s company, and if Adam’s happy, I’m happy! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Cindy
      Well said, totally agree. He’s young with the world at his feet. Let him enjoy!

  32. OK GIRLS….I’LL TELL YOU MY BIG SECRET…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..I wish I knew what it was too!!! lol

    I’m 60 years old and have been an Elvis fanatic all my life….but I was a kid way back then and didn’t have the means to go to concerts, buy Elvis stuff, etc….BUT NOW that I’m a happy, divorced woman of 20 years, with no commitments (I lost my job last Nov) and can’t find another one (my guess is no one wants a 60 year old), so I have plenty of time on my hands, and fortunately have learned early on to “save money for a rainy day” that I have the means to go to Adam’s concerts wherever they are….I’m a very happy woman!

    I just get so excited reading stuff about him, reading all of your posts (I find them very entertaining) and between watching and listening to Adam’s videos I DONT’ THINK ABOUT FOOD AND EATING….(I’m surprised myself since I love to cook)….all of my girlfriends are sick of me talking about Adam already (I can’t shut up about him), so at least I have you girls who “understand” how I feel….you know when you’re a young teenager and you have a crush on a boy, you get all giddy inside….well, that’s how I feel about Adam! I can feel the blood racing thru my veins, I get all excited thinking about what he will offer us next.

    I used to be a “skinny” thing, (now not so much), but thinking about going to HIS concert makes me want to look better, get dressed up in something black and sprinkle blue glitter all over…..geezzz…..I feel like I just lost 2 lbs talking about this…..OK, I’ll stop…..just thinking about Adam’s youthful and generous and positive spirit gives me hope for our future…..he is bringing all types of people together….what a wonderful legacy….and he’s gorgeous and talented to boot !!!

    • I’m with you, Dee, on this. Am also 60 (61 next mo. actually) & I feel as thrilled with Adam as I did when I first saw the Beatles (PAUL!!!) on Ed Sullivan’s TV Show. But, way back then I went to a snotty all-girls high school & it was very UN-cool to show too much “affection” for a movie or record idol. No screaming, fainting, or even going to concerts allowed around those prigs….soooo, I’d just have to play Beatle LPs (that I’d have to save up my allowance to buy) up in my room, crank up the old radio (mostly AM back then) in the car, clip pics from the fan mags & keep my little obsession to myself. I was too intimidated by bullies to be true to myself. I just led a secret life, putting on a false face everyday at school. I’d liked Elvis well enough, but it was the invasion on the Brits that really got to me. Lots of HARD ROCK has been a big part of my life ever since. (Lost all those old LPs in Hurricane Katrina).

      Now, in my mature years, I really don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks &, like you, I’ve got the time & the means to indulge my fantasies a bit. I can’t wait to see Adam on his solo tour. I want to look GOOD, too, in black jeans, glittery top, full eye make-up, special effects in my hair, nails done….And DANCE!!!I I can still shake it pretty good, tho I need to work on the krumping & body-roll moves…Adam’s music goes right to the heart of me & I find myself moving with him like a lover. Will I make a fool of myself…Probably! Hopefully!!!! Hey, with a little Wild Turkey in me…Who knows? I do know I’ll be LIVING again…& that’s just about the best thing about Adam Lambert…He is a Celebration of Life, Love, Light and he takes you right along with him…And I’ll blissfully go wherever he leads!

      • Hi LibraLamb7,

        I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks anymore either….I was painfully shy growing up (I’m an only child) and was always trying to please either my parents or others around me…thank God I am now a confident, outgoing, friendly woman with a mind of her own. You sound like a fun person too. I can’t wait for Adam’s solo tours too. Hopefully some of us will be able to get together to go to the concerts. I live in northern NJ now, but at some point I’m moving to Austin, TX (of all places) because my only son and daughter-in-law live there and I want to be close to them. It’s just so exciting to think about Adam and his solo tour….can you just imagine how over the top he’s going to be? I can hardly stand it. I feel like a 20-year old in a 60 year old body! And what a great feeling THAT is !!! And we have our dear sweet sexy Adam to thank for it! Have a great day….

      • LibraLamb love your name and it suits you, you liberated Adam’s lamb!

        My husband is quie a few years older than me (68 years ‘young’, in fact), but apart from Adam, he is the sexiest man I know with lots of Wild Turkey in him … thought you would enjoy that!

        When I was growing up 60 seemed old but times, they are a-changing. and I love this site as it negates the myth that 60 is old. Life BEGINS at 60. Love your posts!

        Dee, I love your posts too!

        Lotsaluv and it wouldn’t be me if I dont say mmmmmmmwah!

        • Hey, do y’all remember when our anthem was “Never trust anyone over 30!” (well, maybe right after “Everything in Excess!”)? Look at us all now! We didn’t want to ever get old & many of us have refused to go over that hill. I confess that, after losing my sweet husband last year to cancer, I did have those moments of “what’s the point?” & “my life is over”, but now…NO WAY!!! Life is GOOD…and every day is a precious gift. If Adam has helped return the spring in my step & the spark in my eye…GOOD for me. His music makes me happy. I don’t need another husband. I already had the BEST!…I’m independent & quite capable of entertaining my own little self.

          I’ve set myself a goal of seeing Adam LIVE, on stage in all his glorious sexy splendor, at least once (more if possible). Hopefully, it’ll be close by in New Orleans, but I can also get myself to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Memphis, Atlanta even, by car…Beyond that would probably fly. We Glambs need to keep in touch & be ready to meet up once his solo tour dates are announced. I’m SO excited about his album…Have already preordered it. (My “not-yet-an-Adam-lover” friends may find it under the Christmas tree this year, too.) Keep on rockin’ out!

    • Dee, you nailed it. That’s exactly why I said what I did about wanting to lose some weight. I don’t look bad but I could sure look better. Adam just makes us want to look our best, with a little glitz and glam, especially when we start going to his solo concerts. You know, he’ll see EVERY ONE OF US in the audience, right?? 😉 Hey Dee, I’m right across from you that big river in NY and I’ll be 60 soon. And, I have relatives in Austin although I’ve never visited them.

  33. Dee I loved reading your message and i have to disagree on one thing….There is men that do want 60 year old ladies…My friend just got engaged and she is 62 and the happiest I have ever seen her…I agree, also I have always been an avid Elvis fan and collected since 1955. But now Adam has come along and He has the “it” factor that makes us all happy. I have enjoyed all of the videos that has been put on you tube of Adams…and love slow ride.. I got to go to the Kansas City , Mo with 8 of my family and Adam is the best………My 13 and 10 year old granddaughters really love him….

    • Hi Peg,

      I think you misunderstood what I meant when I said “no one wants a 60 year old woman”….I was talking about employment….I was submitting my resume for positions I was well qualified for, but once I got a face-to-face interview I could tell they were looking for someone “younger”….too bad for them….they’re loss!

      On the other subject of “men”…..maybe because I’ve been single for almost 20 years now and have become so independent and happy, I don’t really need a man in my life. I prefer to do things when I want to, go places when I want to and just enjoy myself. The only man in my life now is “Adam”….he satisfies all the needs I have….lol !!!!